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The Vero Volley Consortium was officially set up on September 9, 2008, with a constitution act and a statute which convey a distinct juridical identity to the group. There were seven founding partners, sports associations that had already been cooperating in the district for several years : U.S. Pro Victoria Pallavolo Monza, Volley Milano, Pallavolo Avis Cernusco, Pallavolo Rondò Muggiò, Polisportiva Vedanese, Polisportiva Di Nova and Olimpia Segrate. In July 2009 U.S.D. Viscontini Volley Milano joined the group, so the current number of member companies is eight. The Statute establishes the members’ obligations and fulfilments to the Consortium, sets the areas of independent activity for each association and officially describes the Consortium institutional organs: Assembly, President, Board of Directors, Board of Auditors and the Consortium’s Judge. The general idea underlying the establishment of the Consortium is to support the single member sports associations, by working out strategies to motivate the community to do physical activity and socialize through sports, keeping an eye on young people. The Vero Volley Consortium is meant to be the point of reference, support and assistance for its member associations. Through a common educational policy the associations involved are designing and offering youth, amateur and professional sports activities for individuals and teams; activity will also be focussed on official competitions for different levels and divisions, so as to achieve success in sports and social integration. Everyday the Vero Volley Consortium backs up the volleyball associations in introducing young people to sports, improving their motion skills and highlighting both their human and technical skills, as sports experience always calls for a total involvement of the individual. There are different levels of action, according to the relevant aims: Athletes’ care, management and training, for any division, level and capacity Professional training and updating for Managers and coaches Annual managing and planning of common activities Support in the management of structures and sports facilities Research and development Communication tutoring (information technology) The broad diffusion of volleyball game The Vero Volley concept also stresses the importance of a continuous training and updating activity, so as to increase basic, transverse and specializing skills. Coaches are trained on technical, psychological, methodological aspects; trainers are taught the apt methodology for athletic training and injury-prevention; athletes and groups may be assisted with coaching and team building techniques; athletes may get psychological support; managers receive a specific training.

Presentazione sintetica Consorzio Vero Volley – 1 aprile 2011


To supply its member associations with the latest training instruments, the Vero Volley Consortium undertakes special projects in cooperation with University professors specializing in the concerned disciplines. Here below three of such ongoing projects: - Biomechanical studies as applied to volleyball, by Professor Alberto Minetti and his staff of the Physiology Institute of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Milan. - Lessons for coaches and trainers about the psychological aspects of adolescence, by Professor Silvia Ciairano of the Psychology Department, University of Turin. - Lessons for coaches and instructors on how to educate young people to group living in sports, by Professor Mariagrazia Contini, of the Faculty of Education sciences, University of Bologna. Within the relationship with academic institutions, Vero Volley Consortium has become an institutional partner of the Sport Business Academy, the prestigious post-graduate Sport Business Management school, founded in 2010 through the cooperation of “SDA Bocconi School of Management” and “RCS Sport”. Vero Volley’s President is also officially a member of the Academy Program Advisory Team. By means of such Consortium activities, the gym develops into a vehicle that transmits basic values, such as learning to respect each other, sticking to the rules, working with passion and behaving fairly and honestly; the gym is then a place where you feel well and test your motor skills in a “healthy competition”. The necessary conditions for a 100% correct volleyball are a peaceful and fruitful cooperation among all components.

Today the structure of the Vero Volley Consortium in the provinces of Monza Brianza and Milan is a “sports pyramid”,: Over 10,000 children, directly monitored in primary schools through so called “school projects”; Over 1,500 FIPAV athletes, i.e. members of the Italian Volleyball Federation; 70 competition teams, of young and adults (in the C and D regional divisions); Over 80 coaches; over 100 managers; 2 teams in the B leagues: women’s B1, Saugella Team Monza and men’s B2, Volley Milano; the first men’s team in the A2 league, CheBanca! Milano.

Every year the teams of member associations and the junior Vero Volley teams of choice and excellence are awarded titles and championships. Special attention deserve the first two Consortium teams which, starting in the D regional division– season after season – have climbed up to the men’s national A2 league under the name of CheBanca! Milano (group the Volley Milano association) and to the women’s B1 league under the name of Saugella Team Monza (group of the U.S. Pro Victoria Monza association).

Presentazione sintetica Consorzio Vero Volley – 1 aprile 2011


Last but not least, Vero Volley engages in promoting sports culture and “reciprocal influence” among technical, organizational and relational aspects of sports, by involving professionals and universities. Two events were organized so far. The first was a convention on gender differences and equal opportunities titled “Vero Volley for the other half of the sky”: an opportunity to share and think about about equal opportunities together, especially for girls from 12 years, that belong to different volleyball teams of the Consortium. The second convention was on sports culture, titled “Sportivamente”, (i.e. “sportively”, in Italian a combination of the words sports and mind) with the participation of political and sports authorities, along with seven university teachers, who described the different aspects of sports culture, with reference to their ongoing experience and cooperation with the Consortium.

On January 25th 2011, Vero Volley organized a 1 day workshop in cooperation with SDABocconi. During this event Vero Volley Consortium was presented to students of the prestigious Master FIFA (Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport) postgraduate course. During the course of the workshop, in addition to a better understanding of Vero Volley’s activities and cultural project, students were able to gain a deeper insight into the volleyball world thanks to the presentations from high caliber speakers, amongst whom was the Executive President of FIVB, Aleksandar Boricic.

Presentazione sintetica Consorzio Vero Volley – 1 aprile 2011



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