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Here and the Hereafter -Maulana Nabeel Khan Allah states in the Quran, “Nay, but you prefer the life of this world, while the hereafter is better and more enduring.” (87/16-17) It is a unique feature of the Quran that the shortest of verses despite being few in words have extreme depth in their meaning. The smallest verse is sufficient for the guidance of man throughout his life. We are told in the two short verses mentioned above that although we humans prefer this temporary life, the life of the hereafter is far better and permanent. Allah points out a flaw that is within man and this flaw that can ruin any aspect of man’s life. Allah has eloquently stated the problem and has given us the solution to this problem. All that was done in two short verses. The basic flaw within man is the preference of this life in all aspects and affairs over the afterlife. Man thinks in terms of the confined sphere of this life. He is constantly concerned with the improvement, success, and happiness of this life despite the fact that this life will terminate soon. Man should think this over for a while that his thoughts are bound within this world. He hopes to have a wonderful house, great wealth, prestige, honor, and status. He does not distinguish between that which is lawful and unlawful in pursuit of his worldly aspirations. He fights, and kills over these things, without the least bit of consideration as to just how long this life will last. He has no notion of how greater the next life will be compared to this life and how longer lasting it will be. Allah has said that the life of the hereafter is better which means it is the best and it is perfect. Everything associated to the afterlife is also perfect. Its luxuries, blessings, and happiness are perfect and eternal. They will never come to an end. Whatever is received will be with him forever. If someone were given something to eat in this world, they would eat until there was no room left in their stomach. Once they are full, they will not be able to eat that food any further even if they were offered a prize or reward to do so. The food will become detestable to that person. This is a result of his stomach being full. However, such a problem does not exist in the hereafter. The desire to eat will be perfect and everlasting. Neither the food will end, nor will one become completely satiated such that they are not able to eat any further. The cause for this flaw of man is the utter disregard for and the negligent attitude towards death. We assume that we are here to live forever. No one has ever claimed to live eternally. The staunchest of atheists attest to the certainty of death. All religions and philosophies differ with regards to many things, however death is seen as an undeniable reality to all. It is unanimously accepted that no one knows exactly their time and place of death. We have extensive preparations for an ordinary trip, however for the final journey, which we know will surely be undertaken and from which there is no return, we do not think about and plan ahead. We think how things will function in our absence. We think about the well being of our families and jobs. We attend so many funerals and lower our acquaintances and loved ones into their graves and somehow are unmindful of the fact that we too will have the same done unto us. The remembrance of death is vital for the compass of our lives to point in the correct direction. We know from incidents of our pious predecessors what attitude to adopt in regards to the hereafter. When the hereafter is firmly rooted in our minds, then our hands will not stretch to commit wrong. Our thoughts will be in line with Allah’s pleasure. Our actions will be those that earn the pleasure of Allah. Our lives will be according to the sunnah of His beloved messenger (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wa Sallam). We will live a good life. Many people live to eat, and they eat for enjoyment. Muslims eat to live, and they live for Allah. We will live here, but we will be earning for the hereafter.

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The Joy of Hardship -Br. Sa’ad Quadri The path that an individual takes towards Allah (subhanahu wa ta'alaa) will always be strewn with difficulties. That is the nature of this dunya. It is constricting, suffocating, and constantly causing difficulties. This is why the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) mentioned: Al-dunya sijnu al-mu'mini wa jannat al-kaafiri, "The world is a prison for the believers and heaven for the disbelievers." Since it is a prison, we are locked inside the cell and are looking out from behind the bars. We see people who are roaming around, free to do whatever we want. They are not "restricted" by the commands of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'alaa). Prayer does not come in the way of their enjoyment; beards and hijabs do not cause them to look different. For them seems to be enjoyment without any hindrance. In the meantime, we are unable to have any freedom. Everything we say and do is closely monitored by the wardens of our cells. But Allah (subhanahu wa ta'alaa) tells us in the Qur'an: la yaghurrannaka taqallubu aladheena kafaru fi al-bilaadi, mataa'un qaleelun, thumma ma'waahum jahnnam, wa bi'sa al-mihaad, "Do not let the strutting of those who disbelieve deceive you; their stay is short. Then they will arrive in the hell-fire, and what a horrible abode." This world was never made to be a place for us to rest. Difficulty is the path of the believer. In fact, when we look at our lives, difficulties and obstacles on our path should please us. The reason for this is because as believers, our role model is the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam). When we look at his life, what do we find other than difficulties? His father passed away while he was in the womb of his mother. He was raised in a poor environment. His chest was split open by the age of five. His mother passed away when he was six. His grandfather passed away when he was eight. He grew up living a simple and relatively impoverished life. Even though he married a wealthy woman, they spent their wealth on the needy to the extent that nothing remained at home for them to consume. He was promised victory when given the revelation, but all he saw were his closest friends tortured, his tribe boycotted, his wife and uncle pass away within the same year, all of his children except for one pass away before him, hunger pangs that were so sever that he had to tie two stones around his stomach, assassination attempts, his community expel him from his home town, and more. Thus, if we wish to be with the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam), we must know and accept the fact that this world will be difficult because his life was difficult. We will be tested because he was tested. We will be made fun of and called names because he was made fun of and called names. And we will at times second guess ourselves because at times he did as well. But there is reprieve in this as well, as Allah (subhanahu wa ta'alaa) mentions: fa inna ma'a al-'usri yusran, inna ma'a al-'usri yusran, "So indeed with hardship will come ease, indeed with hardship will come ease." There will, perhaps, be ease in this world, but the greatest ease and relaxation will be for the hereafter. Sometimes families will look at you and wonder why you took such steps and have put religion so high on your list. Take this opportunity to be patient and respectfully respond to them with kind words. This is the prophetic path and the prophetic way. Allah (subhanahu wa ta'alaa) asks us: a hasiba al-naas an yutraku an yaqulu aamannaa wa hum la yaftanuuna? wa laqad fatanna aladheena min qablihim, fala ya'lamanna Allahu aladhina sadaqu wa la ya'lamanna al-kaadhibeen, "Does mankind think they will be left alone on saying 'we believe' and they will not be tested? And verily we tested those who came before them so that Allah will know those who were truthful and He will know those who were deceitful." These tests that we experience is Allah (subhanahu wa ta'alaa) allowing you to put yourself in a category amongst those who were truthful to their belief in Allah (subhanahu wa ta'alaa) and were willing to withstand the difficulties of this world. No one will ever say this world is easy. It is not meant to be. For us we are fuqaraa, the poor, destitute ones. If we receive a penny, we are happy, and if we receive a beating, we know we are not above it. For us is a short stay in this world and an eternity of bliss. "A sign is sufficient for the wise."

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Awakened By: Anonymous From the moment I opened my eyes I realized where I was My state of confusion had turned to a state of surprise. Panic had stricken me and I was unable to move For I realized that from this I could not be rescued. I tried to move around but tight was the space I was stuck in a box six feet under in place. As my eyes roamed around, my heart drowned with fear It was all pitch black except for two figures approaching near. They asked me questions which I was unable to answer How could this be? For the questions, so easy they were. They asked about my God, my Prophet, and my religion When I tried to answer, my mouth would not open. From then I understood, this was the result of my own actions All the sins that I have committed, they have not gone unknown. I became frightened out of my mind As I saw something moving nearby There were worms and insects surrounding me The box I was trapped in was closing in on me. I started yelling and screaming, hoping someone would come by But I was sure that no one could hear my cries. I caught a glimpse of flames and I thought ‘this isn’t getting any better’ For I realized what I was looking at was the hell-fire. The state I was in was inexplicable I didn’t know what was going on at all. To my surprise, everything started fading away I opened my eyes and there in my bed I lay. I woke up from this nightmare burning hot and sweating Took a glass of water, started drinking and drinking. This was not real, I thought, it was just a dream But I couldn’t clear my mind, it felt so real. I thought to myself, if this were to really happen to me How unprepared I would be. If the angels took away my soul right now I honestly don’t know where I would go. After realizing this I rushed out of bed Made wudu and straight to prayer I head. I thanked my Lord for waking me up From this material world I was so full of. Who knows where I would be If this dream were my reality. So fortunate I am to have been awakened For I am the one responsible for where I end. 04//APR 2012

Vanished By: Adil Qaisar It was hidden inside his own mind Possessing something that you won’t find Living and admiring his own gold mine But real happiness was missing the whole time Nothing in his life that he was pushing towards Never made connections, living on cushioned floors And these were the moments that he called life Smiling in the day, and restless all night Left an echoing legacy that never did last Every accomplishment left in the past Because even an echo soon fades away Vanished, and even he couldn’t pay to stay

Ramadan By: Tabish Ansari Ramadan 30 days we starve No more food like Dave Chappelle it is gone Peaceful blessings upon the previous month, Assalam Alaikum Shaaban Time for the 12 hour period dedicated to Allah from the start of dawn Fresh new look like a clean cut lawn Letting our Deen shine better than the hair on a blonde Sacrificing our appetite for the lord, Sacrificing our Jaan He is our King and we are less than a pawn Tarawih prayers disciplining our nights, simultaneously stengthening our Imaan Gathering of fellow brothers and sisters, softening our hearts like the dough of the Naan Ameen for every Muslim, donate sweets for the Completion of the Quran Handcuffs on him, locked up is the Shaitan Fighting only our Inner Demon, That to must be a broken bond Unseal new beginnings like the Revelation of the Book Pregnancy of Faith, In a cave to Rasulallah is where the birth of Islam was took Burst of shining light, Angel Jibriel had the Prophet shook By: Rubina Hafeez No bookworm but the first word revealed was "Iqra" and than attachment occurred, beloved A place, far, far away, Muhammad was hooked Is the heaven our lord created Fast is what he tells you For his servants to live as they may, 30 day life span n' by the end you grew In which they are already fated. Warmed your Deen up better than grandma's stew A struggle and somewhat of a sickness Paradise is what His believer’s desire. And yet you learned so much from this Holy Flu It is their duty to fulfill his commands But to the Lord this is what we owe, And it is their objective to seek his redemption from the fire, 1/12 or 30/1 this is our blessed due In order to live in an everlasting bliss.


A place where endless lush green meadows exist, With beautiful plants and flowers we could never imagine, Where magnificent waterfalls cool us with their mist, Where there is no such thing as disease and famine. Only those on His special list Will be able to enjoy this heaven. Those who were once enemies will happily coexist And all will be reunited with their beloved kin.

05//APR 2012

Why are Muslims affected by the others? -Bilal Memon Human beings have been created in such a manner that they adapt to their environment and become immune to things they are exposed to given some time. For example, if one were to smoke the same amount of marijuana every day, the effect of the marijuana on this individual’s body would start to decrease the longer he or she continues the act. Another example would be if someone entered into a warm room from the cold weather, this individual’s body would start to heat up. However, a point would come where the individual would stop heating up due to the fact that his body temperature would equal that of the room. These are physical examples. From a spiritual standpoint, a person who stays in the company of another person for some time definitely acquires some of the latter’s qualities, but also gets affected by the purity or impurity of that individual’s heart. From these few examples, it can be seen that human beings are affected by their environments and grow or shrink in their spirituality based on the environment. The second point one must understand is that the stronger a human being is, the less he is affected by situations and conditions. Again, this is both spiritually as well as physically. For example, a person who has made effort and is able to lift 200 pounds would not get affected much if asked to lift a mere ten pound weight a couple of times. For a spiritual example, it can be seen that the pious people are very patient and tolerant even in the face of the most difficult of adversities. In the light of these two points, the Muslims must understand that there is nothing stronger than the Power of Allah. If after making some effort, an individual is able to reach a high level of iman in the powerlessness of the creation and the power of Allah, then this individual will not be affected by the creation. One should think how Khalid bin Waleed (R) drank the poison in the face of the opposing king to show the real power of iman. For examples of such cases, there are the stories of the Prophets (R) as well as that of the Sahabah (RA). Secondly, if an individual’s belief is strong upon the fact that Islam is the truth and that there is no other way of life to gain success than the lifestyle of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (S), than this individual will not be affected by the ways of others. Furthermore, the ways of others will be despised more than jumping into a fire. The Muslims today are affected by the current situations and conditions to such a degree that many people are leaving the iman totally. This is because there is no effort to correct the belief that is the soul of the deen and the strength of the individual. This is also the reason why our youngsters are behaving like the others. This is not only limited to the lifestyle of the others but has reached the extent of our youngsters thinking and believing like them also. This is a very unfortunate situation. The Muslims were sent to affect the mankind by the power of Allah alone. For those who follow the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad (S), Allah puts fear into the hearts of those who have hate for the truth and puts love into the hearts of those who have love for the truth. When the Muslims had a connection with Allah and were doing their job of inviting towards one Allah, then the whole mankind was listening to them. But when the Muslims lost their focus from Allah and the effort of inviting towards Allah, then there was no one to listen to them, but rather they became victims of ruthless tyrants and careless leaders. The only way to get back the dignity and to shine the light of Islam in these dark times is to again make an effort on the iman and to fix our connection with Allah. It has been reported by Abu Hurairah (Radhi allaho anho) that the Holy Prophet (SallalIaho alaihe wasaliam) said, `'When my Followers will begin to adore the worldly benefits, their hearts will be deprived of the dignity and importance of Islam; and when they-stop the enjoining good and forbidding evil, they will be deprived of the blessings of the Revelation, and when they will abuse each other, they will fall from the esteem of Allah, (Tirmizi). 06//APR 2012

"Rabbir ham huma kama rabbayani sagheera." -Ayesha Farouqui I’m not an Alima nor am I a scholar; thus, I cannot speak on behalf of the hereafter or give you a glimpse of what it’s going to be like. But, I can remind us all on how to speak, act, and better prepare ourselves for paradise. We all know that death is guaranteed upon all of us. Then, why are we so busy chasing life? What is so good about it? Is it the money, the fame, the popularity? FALSE! My fellow peers, we should not let this deceive us. We all have to go one day; thus, paradise is what we should be chasing after. Paradise is what we should LOVE! Paradise is where we should STRIVE to belong. A reminder of the most accessible avenues to enter Jannah is the unending obedience to your parents. Jannah lies under the feet of your mother, and your father is the key. Without one you cannot have the other. Most of us know the common Hadith in which the Prophet P.B.U.H replied that it is your mother who deserves honor and respect and then your father. Let us remember that the mother has been mentioned three times. I know that it has become extremely common in our society to disrespect our parents, constantly fight with them, and belittle them. I am guilty of this. Thus, I am going to share a personal story and hope that we all learn from my story, and not make the senseless mistake that I made. Indeed parents can be harsh with us, but as Muslims we are obligated to listen to them. “I don‘t want to eat the STUPID apple! NO! NO! NEVER! IT‘S NOT GOING TO GO DOWN MY THROAT!” My mother continues to ignore me, and carefully cuts the red apple into exactly four pieces- just the way I like it. Afterwards, she places it next to me. Desperately yearning to get out of eating the apple, I firmly stress once again. “I don‘t want it!” My mother responds, “Who will serve you after I die?” Emotional blackmail I think to myself, and abruptly reply, “I’m not going to miss that.” Absolute silence. I could not believe what had just came out of my mouth. I definitely did not mean it like that. What I meant to say was that I was not going to miss her stuffing me with food. Still, the rudeness, the disrespect, and the hurt was extremely prominent and eminent. I looked on as my mother slowly turned her face away from mine. I could not believe that I had caused her face to crumble like it did, to create a senseless problem, especially, over an apple. The pangs of guilt and frustration consumed me and I tried to explain to her, that I did not mean it like that. It was too late. Absolute silence. No answer. Nothing. I had hurt the woman who went through so much pain to bring me into this world, a woman who made countless sacrifices for me, and most importantly who helped raise a Muslim. A week later, the khutbah for Jummah prayer was about respecting your parents. The Khateeb stressed the importance of respecting your parents. He told us to reflect back to the sacrifices our parents made for us as immigrants. He recommended to just learn to deal with our parents being harsh with us, because they know what is best for us. He asked us to imagine how it would feel when our parents are gone from this world. How would we feel? We would do anything for our mother or father to slap us across our face one last time. How would we feel if OUR kids treated us the same way? A chill ran through my spine and goose bumps covered my arm. More guilt. I felt extremely disgusted for what I had said. The Khateeb, advised us that if we want to go to Jannah, the simplest thing to do is say “I love you” to our parents. I decided to try this. I went home, interrupted the conversation my mother and sister were having, and randomly blurted out, “I love you mummy.” Again, a moment of silence, but no response. She continued her conversation. She was still upset from my last weeks abhorrence. I felt as if nothing was working. Then again, the next week was a khutbah on repentance. The Khateeb reiterated the fact that Allah (swt) is the most merciful. He gave an example of how a man had killed 99 people and when he visited a righteous individual, this Sheikh had said there was no chance the man could enter Jannah, which made the man outraged and caused him to kill the sheikh. But, the man continued to feel guilty, and decided to talk to another righteous individual, and this individual advised the man to go to a holy place. On the way to the holy place the man died. Although the man was unable to reach his destination and repent, his intention was pure, and for this, Allah (swt) forgave all his sins and placed him in Jannah. Thus, I decided it was time that I raised my hands to the sky and sincerely repent. Until this day, I ask for forgiveness and patience. I ask Allah to give me sabr to deal with my parents, and to help me please them. Not only did I have to apologize to my mother, but I had to seek forgiveness from Allah (swt). Thus, if accidentally we do hurt our mothers, or our fathers, we should continue to please them and repent for our behavior. My relationship with my mother is much better than before. I have felt more at peace. I try to listen to her, massage her feet, and say “I love you” to her more often. No more absolute silence! Not only do I get an “I love you” back, but also a beautiful smile. Once while massaging my mother’s feet on Friday night, I explained to her “Mummy, I want to go to Jannah- at least the first level of Jannah.” My mother sweetly responds, “No, not just first level. InshAllah, the highest level.” SubhanAllah, I quietly whispered to myself. If my mother had said this out loud, then I pondered over the duas she makes for me quietly. Now, I’m not saying that I am a perfect daughter. I certainly am not; but, I have taken steps to realize the importance of a mother. Like everyone else, I want to enter Jannah and if pleasing my mother is one way, then I am definitely going to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, and I urge us all to take advantage of this opportunity as well. Thus, once again we can all meet each other in Paradise. Inshallah. "Rabbir ham huma kama rabbayani sagheera." 07//APR 2012

DAILY DEATH TWEETS Find Daily Death on Facebook and Follow Daily Death on twitter at: Daily_Death: Everyone writes a text book and a page everyday, which is your book of deeds. This is the most important book because this is the book that will determine your destiny. Our responsibility to ourselves is to edit our book of deeds every day. The mechanism to edit our book every day is=tawba - Shaykh Hussain Abdul Sattar @UICMSA Daily_Death: Your private life is an example of what your life will be in the grave @FarhanAAzeez #cz2012 Via Cz MSA Conference Daily_Death: "When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice." - Via @MustafaFar00qui Daily_Death: Those before us used to strive for akhirah & spend their extra efforts on dunya, we exhaust our efforts on dunya & spend nothing for akhirah via @MustafaFar00qui Daily_Death: Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophet (PBUH) said, "Remember frequently the thing that cuts off pleasures," i.e. death." [at-Tirmidhi] Daily_Death: Ibn 'Umar used to say, "In the evening, do not anticipate the morning, and in the morning do not anticipate the evening. Take from your health for your illness and from your life for your death." [al-Bukhari] Daily_Death: Shaykh Ahmed Ali- 'The Life of this world is a Deceiving Enjoyment. You can try to run from Death, but Death will take you no matter how fast you run' Daily_Death: Shaykh Ahmed Ali, "Be from the children of Akhirah; Don't be from the children of the Dunya." Daily_Death: "We have not been sent to this world to live a good life we have been sent to the world to die a good death." Shaykh Zulfiqar Daily_Death: "When dealing with God, have the adab (manners) of a dying person. Because we are all dying". — with Yasmin Mogahed Daily_Death: This Dunya is like a flower that grows from the ground, & after a short while it dies, as if it never existed in the 1st place- Boonaa Mohammed. Daily_Death: "Death is the door to the hereafter. Until we cross this threshold, we will never be able to enter into our final abode, either heaven/hell. So remembering death becomes a great tool against Shaytan."- Habeeb Quadri & Saad Quadri


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