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his is the year of great change. Whether it be big or small, it’s happening! I believe we are all in the position to accept that. Everything happens for a reason...and there is an enormous amount of excitement in the air. “Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations” Faith Baldwin. We at AEE and The New Fashion Series magazine are embracing the new changes that the last year has encompassed us with. The preparation for this year’s New Fashion Series 2013 Runway Event has moved us in a more creative direction than we could have imagined...thus...making plans for expansion, new services, exciting live photo shoots, home fashions and staging, all in the name of beauty. We are excited and invite you to take this journey with us. We are truly thankful for what God has in store.

To Your Fashionable Success!

Alba Henderson Editor-in-Chief

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Contents 3| Editors Note The New Fashion Series’ CEO Alba Henderson addresses plans of steering the company in a new direction. 7| The Enspire Magazine A young and emerging team with the drive to encourage and promote lifestyle changes for the better.

13| Via Lara Jewelry & Cosmetics In launching her second jewelry line she aims to spread beauty and confidence, and yes! A touch of Via Lara will do just that. 16| Accessories for Any Time of the Year Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall! Find out which accessories to rock all year long. Some pieces never go out of season.

9| Three Simple Steps for that Dissappearing Youthful Glow Finally a solution we all can benefit from to get back the beautiful glow we’ve had years ago and lost along the way.

17| The New Fashion Series Team Meet the people behind the magic. It took a large group of dedicated individuals to make this year’s event happen.

12| Fantasy Hairstylist Having teamed up with the Series for its second year, learn where it all began for fantasy hairstylist Christina LaToya.

19| About the Series See what the New Fashion Serious is all about. If you have a taste for textures or a sense for style, the NFS may be right for you.

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3 Simple Solutions For that disappearing youthful glow


igh. The silent expression given after looking over those fun, summer pictures taken of you in your twenties. Those were the days - sun, fun, laughter and beautiful skin happily displayed under shorts and sleeveless tops. “When did my youthful glow disappear?” As the body ages, cellular regeneration slows down, and skin begins to act differently, yielding dark spots, wrinkles, and rough, cracked skin. Thankfully, plenty of wholesome products from nature can help you maintain your beautiful skin, and this puts you on the winning side - allowing you to grow older gracefully. You truly are what you eat, therefore an adequate intake of water and nourishing foods work internally and the epidermis benefits from those positive effects. In addition to eating and drink-

ing mindfully, consistently use these three topical steps to keep your body’s largest organ conditioned & hydrated, and have you on your way to celebrating the reappearance of that youthful glow: First, cleanse the skin using soap or body wash with rich emollients, such as raw butters and plant/fruit oils. The hydration process begins when water comes in contact with the skin, and the wholesome emollients seal moisture into the skin. Forgo products with harsh surfactants, such as sodium lauryl sulfate. They strip the natural oils from the skin, and hinders the goal. Next, slough off dead skin cells using salt or sugar scrubs, clays, or a natural fiber sponge. Exfoliation is one of the most skipped steps in bath and body care, but is necessary for a radiant hue. Exfoliating the skin 2-3 times a week, softens rough skin, lightens hyper-pigmented spots, and al-

lows for better absorption of other bath and body care products. Lastly, apply moisturizers with liquid content and emollients (lotion/cream) to maintain skin hydration and soft skin throughout the day. Or use emollients (no water content) such as body butters and body balms for sealing in moisture after showering, softening rough skin, and protecting the skin. Petroleum jelly is an emollient, however, it does not allow the skin to breathe as well as plant/fruit-based emollients. Add these simple solutions to your bath and body care regimen, and you can expect that youthful glow to reappear. Say, “Goodbye” to sigh and hello to shorts, racerback tanks & short maxi dresses. By Itiel McVay President, Smell Good Spa


hristina LaToya first discovered that she knew how to braid on cornrows. This new talent open many door for Christina to practice, watch and learn from many places. She went to Monroe College for business and accounting but it wasn’t her dream. Then she decided to go to beauty school. She attended Empire Beauty School in Nov. 2009, which was the best 9 months of her life. After graduating, she worked at Destination Style beauty salon in which she assisted and was mentored by one of the greatest Beauty Surgeon, Dave Ray. Upon her traveling and working in the salon, she entered the Hydroveil hair competition in November of 2009. While working with Dave Ray Christina has travelled to Florida, Ohio, Alabama, and Atlanta marketing as well as creating fantasy hairstyles.


ara Williams is the CEO of Via Lara, Jewelry & Cosmetics. She will be launching her second fashion jewelry line, and continues to prove that with a touch of Via Lara, women can feel beautiful and confident. Lara was born in louisiana on December 31,1983 and raised from city to city in both Florida and Georgia. She is a former fashion model , and began modeling at the age of ten years old, from that moment on she feel in love with fashion. Lara has not only a passion for jewelry and fashion, but also for singing. At the young age of ten she appeared on the hit t.v. show Star Search. At the age of 20 years old, she gave her life to the Lord. Lara also came up with the idea to design jewelry...thus giving birth to Via Lara in 2012. She is also a great supporter of helping women feel beautiful and she also donates proceeds from her sales of Via Lara towards “Women’s Domestic Violence” organizations around the country.

Lara Ann Williams, CEO


Kaleidoscope Stretch Bracelet

Lara is currently working on her singing career. Stay tuned for more from Lara Williams.


Dusty Rose Stretch Bracelet

About the Series


he Fashion Lab Program is a fast-paced workshop offered to individuals who are interested in the fashion industry, including costume design. It is designed to provide beginning courses in the areas of fashion sketching, hand sewing, machine sewing, designing, pattern making, portfolio making and marketing. They also trained in the areas of pedagogy; research, written and verbal communication, history and presentation The course is also offered as follows: Online: A 6 week fast-paced workshop Requirements: Must know how to operate a sewing machine Community Partnership: The course

offered several days per week to Cicely Tyson Community School High School students only. The participants are encouraged to explore the various career choices in the beauty and fashion industry through research and hands on projects, to further their education and increase in knowledge. This year we program included makeup artistry, runway modeling and fashion show production. About the Event Alba’s Exclusive Events is a Special Events/PR company. The New Fashion Series is an annual event is produced as a 3-Day event to provide the participants of The Fashion Lab

Workshop a platform to showcase their fashion design pieces, an opportunity to meet and network with other industry experts. The event will transition into live photo shoots as of fall 2013 providing exposure to emerging and independent national and international designers, jewelry designers, hair and makeup experts, photographers, videographers, runway assistants, graphic designers and various artists in the art and performance industries. If you are interested in participating in the online workshop, please contact Alba Henderson, CEO, Creative Director, Alba’s Exclusive Events at 973-454-8858.


THE RUNWAY Photographer: Natalia Rondan Models: Alexis Smalley and Trennell