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covergirl: alyse perenti

it's hottt · volume: bigger is better · the fetishist · act natural faces of the world · elegant simplicity · style your destiny

is a quarterly publication from METRO MODELS Contributors and models:

from the editor


ith summer here in our First Lives, naturally the virtual fashion world is changing seasons as well, with apparel that’s sexy, comfortable, and designed for heating up your virtual life. This issue, we’re showing a bit of a sexier side, with beach-ready bikinis, kinky fetishwear, and sophisticated accessories. There is always a bit of something for everyone, though, and this issue is no exception. You’ll find some high fashion takes on volume, inspiration from nature, and a jewelry showcase on a true craftsman. I’m also pleased to bring you a three part series on inventory management and your appearance from Arabesque, a First Life image consultant. Lastly, I wanted to talk a little bit about the direction our virtual world is headed, with regards to content plagiarism and copyright infringement. We’re trying to stay as ethical a business as we can, and have steered clear of showcasing works with dubious origins. That being said, one of the features in the magazine showcases the Gen 4 Minnu Model skins. The series was photographed and approved before the controversy surrounding the skins began. Rather than pull a beautifully photographed editorial series, we’ve simply changed the focus from the skins to the accessories styling. With the numerous good quality skins on the market today, I’m sure you can achieve a similar look using other skins. As of the printing date of this magazine, Minnu Model Skins has not been found guilty of infringement, and it is up to you as the consumer to decide your purchasing habits. Alaska Metropolitan METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 4

Alaska Metropolitan Alyse Perenti Arabesque Baroque Dendre Benelli Fann Hyun Francesca Balogh Honey Bender Moisie Swindlehurst Mystique Suavage Raven Greenspan r0bin Helsinki Valena Glushenko Yenneffer DIelli Publication date: June 2008

Ad rates: First full spread (premium)* L$8,500 Back cover (premium)* L$5,000 Full page L$3,000 Ad size: 648 by 864 pixels *Only one ad of this kind per issue, on a first-come first-served basis Metro Virtual Fashion has the right to refuse ads, with payment refunded, that do not meet quality standards or the publication’s mandate. We offer design services. IM Arabesque Baroque to place an ad.


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it's hottt! Honey showcases some of Second Life's hottest swimwear fashion, from itsy bitsy retro bikinis to metallic swimsuits sure to dazzle. By Honey Bender volume: bigger is better A look at some of the grid's best, and biggest, fashion. With an emphasis on quality sculpted prim work, pattern, and colour, this series shows the best of virtual couture. Photography: Valena Glushenko


27 43

elegant simplicity Mystique's article reveals the detailed primwork and attention to detail of Jewelry by Alexander. by Mystique Suavage style your destiny (pt. 1) This three part article series gives advice on your appearance and item management from a First Life image consultant, sure to help you manage a swamped inventory! by Arabesque Baroque


the fetishist All too often, we ignore the role sexuality plays in fashion. This series takes a look at the kinkier side of things, with a focus on fetish fashion items. Photography: Alaska Metropolitan act natural Alyse and r0bin merge nature photography and some of Second Life's nature-inspired fashion in this unique photoshoot. Photography: r0bin Helsinki faces of the world Inspired by geographic locations, this beauty feature shows accessories, makeup and hair for lovely combinations from around the world. Photography: Dendre Benelli


covergirl alyse Alyse is both a successful print and runway model. In this brief interview, she talks about how she got her start in the virtual modelling world.

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 5

It’s hottt! By Honey Bender I love punchy colors for summer, they go so well with buffed beach bods and sexy tans. Team this summer’s hottest swimsuits and bikinis with chic eye wear, strappy sandals and cute little coverups and celebrate – whether you spend your summer months in the city, on the beach or in a tropical paradise. There’s seventies boho chic styles for Morocco, brights to set off your tan if you are lounging by the hotel pool or nautical for the Riviera. And gold – for those who like to be the belles of the beach!

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 9

“Rickie” polkadot retro bikini by artilleri

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 10

“Safari Sun” giraffe print monokini by Nicanor Millions METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 11

“Booty Call” swimsuit/ beachdress from Kitties Lair sunglasses by FNKY sandals by MINX

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 12

Nicky Ree’s “Spring Romance” white swimsuit white retro shades by FNKY METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 13

“Giselle” bronze bikini from OPIUM Everyday METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 14

eLDee’s “Atoll” yellow swimsuit and sequined coverup METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 15

“Baby Phat” gold swimsuit by Kitties Lair  METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 16

covergirl alyse Alyse Perenti was one of my first in-store models, and I used her for ads for some of the first OPIUM Everyday products. Alyse is one of those rare models who both photographs well and can flawlessly walk a runway... some of you may have seen her in the Fashion Expo show for Relay for Life. How did you get your start in modelling in Second Life? I actually got started doing live modeling for Opium Everyday. Wear pretty skin, hair & clothes and get paid for it? How could I resist... LOL. What’s been the best experience for you so far in SL’s fashion world? I think the fashion shows for a cause are one of my favorite things to do in SL. I modeled in the Shine Fashion Show at Christmas (for Doctors Without Borders) and recently at the Fashion Expo 2008 (for RFL). Any fashion show is fun, but the potential to help others makes these special. Do you have a favourite place to shop in SL? I do have my favorite shops, but I most enjoy being surprised... that new little shop around the corner where you find something totally different from anywhere else... or an established shop that reinvents itself with every new release. You have to search for them, but what a thrill when you find one! Do you have any advice for newer models or avatars who want to “break into” modelling in SL? Work hard, keep trying, and don’t be afraid to be different. There are all kinds of fashions in SL from Couture to Neko, Gothic to Punk Rock to the girl (or guy) next door. There’s room for every type. Aside from modelling, what sort of stuff are you usually up to in Second Life? As much as I love shopping, the pocketbook only goes so deep... so lately I’ve been working on trying to improve my photography and Photoshop skills. And I love to explore! There are so many talented and visionary people in SL; I love seeing what people come up with!  Alyse’s covershoot: Naughty Designs “Alina” skin in Creamy Beige, Naughty Designs “Crave” hair, eyes by Miriel, Celestial Studios lashes, SD Boutique “Rose Chiffon” dress, Maitreya “Grace” shoes METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 19

VOLUME: BIGGER IS BETTER Models: Valena Glushenko & Moisie Swindlehurst Photographer: Valena Glushenko

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 20


On Valena: Paper Couture Silk Gypsy sleeves, Bijou Fabulous swimsuit, Blowpop Tuesday skin, Juicy classic pumps, Paper Couture Birds and Wildflowers powdered wig, Paper Couture Hapsburg bag On Moisie: Paper Couture Princely powdered wig, Carolynn shirt by Last Call, Retro Frames by Fashionably Dead, Creamshop Gold Dot skirt, Armidi “Dalia” Pumps, Paper Couture Knights Honor earrings, Blowpop Tuesday skin

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 21

On Moisie: Big Booty Big Money Slope dress Albino Peacock wig by COIF Blowpop Tuesday skin On Valena (next page): Cachet Carrie outfit Blowpop Tuesday skin Paper Couture Baroque Braid hair

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 22

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 23

On Moisie: Aoharu Brilliant Fairy top and skirt, Bloom Ring from Fuse, Paper Couture Butterflies and Bouquet powdered wig, Blowpop Tuesday skin On Valena: Paper Couture Faded Escape, Maitreya Mishima Dawn shoes, Paper Couture Princely powdered wig, Bianca F Fata Ivory skin

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 24

On Moisie: Paper Couture Romantic Soliloquy, Crisis Pumps by Tekilah Elytis, Draconic Kiss Aveline wig, Blowpop Tuesday skin On Valena: Timberry Tres Poof, Paper Couture Spring in Paris hair, Blowpop Tuesday skin

î ˘

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 25

Elegant Simplicity by Mystique Suavage


ou can find By Alexander at Welsh Bay, a sim that features a gallery for other virtual artists as well. By Alexander is

Alexander Vargas’s work, a craftsman jeweler well worth checking out.

Styles from this designer range from

casual and fun, to bold and glamorous. While Alexander Vargas is one of the newer designers in Second Life, he quickly filled a niche of simple elegance. He uses no texture shortcuts on his jewelry… for the casual observer, this means all of his jewelry consists entirely of prims. The chains are actually chain links rather than flat textures. Fair warning, though, this isn’t for those that are prim conscious!

The attention to detail and the little

touches are what make Alexander’s jewelry art stand out. Pieces are sold individually as well as in sets, and unlike other designers he randomly pulls older styles out of his shop to make room for newer things.

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 27

Candy, one of his newer designs, is a fun colourful piece that can go with almost anything.

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 28

Era Moderno is bold and brash, a mix betwee

en the casual and the elegant.

Kiss of Glamour, a black diamond and silver necklace, doesn’t have the expected focus piece on the chest, but rather with a large ruby down the back. (shown on title page) METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 29

Twisted is another bold, yet fun, design with several pieces. Lust, available in gold and silver, started as a single choker. This style was so popular that Alexander added an arm cuff and earrings.

(on facing page) Pearls are another of his elegant materials, with the most spectacular being the Tahitian Pearl set. This necklace changes colour depending on the time of day. Another unique set is Morning Dew, a collar/choker in bold colors.

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 30

Jewelry by Alexander isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s for those that want to stand out and make a statement. Are you up for the challenge?  

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 31

Those that appreciate a darker side of sexuality and interaction also appreciate a darker side of fashion. Latex, spikes, masks... even rope and duct tape are accessories when entering the world of fetish fashion. Photography and styling: Alaska Metropolitan Models: Yenneffer Dielli and Raven Greenspan

On Yenneffer: Chai skin - Ginger - Vendette | The Abyss "Secret" hair in Blood | SiniStyle Posture Collar with Spikes On Raven: Nomine Tan Stilth skin | "Sabatoge" hair by Nuclear Boutique | D3 Spiked Collar METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 34

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 35

Dark Eden Shibari Black Nylon Set Shooz! Bitch Boots in Black

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 36

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 37

Chaospire Fangclad Body Suit Illusions Catwoman Fetish Mask D3 Leather Collar and Cuffs set

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 38

Shiny Girl Flame catsuit in Red Random Lifestyles whip in Red Tesla Athena boots in black

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 39

Draconic Kiss Ikebana Latex Kimono Cherry Tokyo's Pockuri Geta

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 40

Stellar Designs Vinyl Vamp Mistress's Queen Latexia Ballet Boots ď ś

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 41

style your destiny PART ONE by Arabesque Baroque In a 3-part article series, METRO is pleased to bring you advice on inventory management and style notes from a First Life image consultant and Second Life model, Arabesque. CRASH COURSE TO A MODEL INVENTORY

In my first life, I get a warped sense of pleasure from throwing stuff away. The Second Life manifestation of this is a sometimes dysfunctional preoccupation with inventory de-cluttering which I indulge in virtually every time I log on. It’s kind of cathartic especially when RL gets complex. When I heard Alaska Metropolitan refer to her inventory as a “black hole” recently, I realized that there may be others keen to learn some of my tricks.

Start by creating a couple of new folders in the Body Parts section of your inventory, as follows: 1) DEFAULT LOOK 2) ALTERNATIVE LOOKS Here’s what goes into these folders: YOUR SHAPE

With my real life background in Image Consulting it was, of course, inevitable that I would include elements of personal styling advice which I have purposely aimed at the aspiring SL model. The result will, I hope, provide a sound strategy for developing and managing your own signature style. PART 1 in this issue, deals with key aspects of

your appearance PART 2 will cover core closet strategies PART 3 will address finishing touches such as

poses and gadgets The key to inventory success is folders, folders and more folders, all helpfully labelled.

In Second Life it’s all too easy to achieve flawless skin, even features, a slender frame and long legs. A successful SL model needs a point of difference. Think Ana Lutetia’s freckles, Mariya Nesiote’s forehead and Valena Glushenko’s mouth. This can only be achieved by creating your own unique shape. I am on a personal crusade to rid SL of clones so please, please get creative!

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 43

"A successful SL model needs a poi A well-proportioned body that realistically reflects the human shape is roughly 7.5 head heights tall and divides in half around crotch level. In SL you may well wish to make your legs a little longer relative to your torso, however (see the diagram).

when wearing different skins. I recommend avoiding skin ranges that will change your look radically but most can be made to look “like you” with a little tweaking. I keep supplementary shapes in my ALTERNATIVE LOOKS folder within a subfolder SHAPES . I call them “Me 4 PXL”, “Me 4 D-skin” etc. MAKEUPS (SKINS)

When choosing a default skin range, think in terms of your preferred color palette. I say this from the perspective of a trained Colorist in RL. If you don’t give this some thought, you may end up with really unflattering effects such as a very orange-looking skin-tone whenever you put on that awesome platinum updo you simply had to have! Deciding on a personal palette will have you looking consistently glowing and save you money on your SL wardrobe.

Make a second version of your default shape for system skirts by adjusting the size of butt, hips and saddle bags. Keep only these 2 shapes in your DEFAULT LOOK folder. Definitely be prepared to slightly modify mouth shape, eye spacing and your nose

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 44


int of difference." example: naturals / classics / strong eyes / strong lips / dramatic (strong eyes & lips) / novelty. File any useful “bald scalps” / eyebrow shapes (that often come packaged with skin demos) in a folder called BROWS in your BODY PARTS section. They can be used to quickly add a new twist to a familiar skin. Keep your preferred brow shape in your DEFAULT LOOK folder. EYES

Choose an eye-color that fits with your palette, as follows: A MOSTLY NOT WARM COLOUR PALETTE

Essentially it’s a case of choosing between a tonal palette based on warm tones or one that largely avoids warm tones. WARM : Skins that are golden, tawny, tanned

or light but peachy and/or feature freckles NOT WARM : Skins that are milky, rosy pink-

cheeked or deep brown It’s best to stick to just one of these categories. Keeping to a complementary color palette will give you much better mix-and-match options with your range of hair and eyes, thus saving you Lindens. Choose one (or maybe two) default skins with versatile makeup for your DEFAULT LOOK folder. File the rest as follows: ALTERNATIVE LOOKS  MAKEUPS  A VARIETY OF SUB-FOLDERS TITLED for

WARM : hazel, green, blue-green, golden

brown NOT WARM : blue, gray, black-brown, purple

By all means buy an assortment of variations on your chosen eye theme, including different sizes if you wish. But select one set of eyes only for your DEFAULT LOOK folder, filing the rest under EYES within ALTERNATIVE LOOKS . Wear your brighter eyes with high contrast outfits and softer eyes with more muted, tonal outfits. HAIR

Decide on your default hair firstly in terms of color, ie: WARM : choose either golden brown, golden

blonde, caramel, auburn, ginger

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 45

NOT WARM : choose either black, white,

silver, beige blonde, mousy brown, platinum, gray (also any candy colour) Also decide on the length and texture of your hair. Now create a sub-folder HAIR within DEFAULT LOOK and start a collection of hairstyles based on your default hair. Collect any other type of hair you like and keep it in ALTERNATIVE LOOKS in a subfolder WIGS . To make life even easier, make more subcategories called, for example UPDOS , CROPS etc. If you keep within your colour palette of either “Warm” or “Not Warm” all your hairstyles should complement all your skins. I always rename copies of hair that I have modded or tinted to reflect the changes (eg. ETD Celia Tawny mod) and make them easier to find. I keep an original un-modded version in a completely separate folder until I’m confident I no longer need it. To save time when demoing hairstyles, consider your avi’s face shape. For example, longer slimmer faces look better with bangs, volume at the sides and not too much volume on top whereas rounder faces will benefit from straighter styles without bangs. Keep demos of styles that you like for a while and try them on regularly with different outfits before you commit to a purchase. Good luck! Next time – wardrobing. Please feel free to notecard me in-world for details of my personalised image services! 

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 46

Arabesque Baroque has been in Second Life for almost two years (if you include a previous incarnation *winks*). She spent time on the writing staff of Second Style magazine before deciding to focus on a role as Advertising Executive for METRO Virtual Fashion magazine. Arabesque recently launched her blog called "dreaming with alice" ( which focuses on fashion as well as the broader in-world experience. In her First Life, Arabesque is a consultant designer of market research with additional qualifications in Personal Image management. She is also heavily involved in the performance of classical music as a full-on hobby. Arabesque devotes some of her rather limited spare time to Second Life because of the opportunities for self-expression and the inspiration provided by the wealth of creativity. She loves meeting and talking to talented SL designers, builders and artists.

...that's crazy enough already from the Dutch: "Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg" Alyse and I present you a few crazy pictures: outfits based on nature, in natural locations around the world.

model: Alyse Perenti photographer: r0bin Helsinki

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 48

Once upon a time, in a land far away, near the famous temples at Nikko, I came upon geisha Alyse, meditating under a cherry tree.

She greeted me kindly and performed a traditional fan dance for me. METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 49

Meanwhile closer to home these concerned parents are wondering where their daughter is going this evening in such a short skirt and see-through blouse... METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 50

During a night dive on the house reef I came upon these lionfish. They were very graceful but rather shy. Fortunately one of them stayed to pose for me. METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 51

And in the fields behind our house, one evening at sunset I spied this fairy hiding in the petals... METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 52

On the other side of the ocean, Alyse was taken by surprise while posing on a rock...

Quick as a flash she threw off her wet clothes and plunged into the waves. ď ś METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 53

photo credits: Cherry Blossom Nikko, Japan Skin - Naughty Designs Alina - Glimmering Angel Pink Hair - Curl Up and Dye Geisha Eyes - Miriel Lashes - Celestial Studios Manicure - Skin Within Bebe Mameha's Fine Kimonos - Cherry Blossom Sweetness - RSH Thigh-High Stockings Rumination Kimonos - Nagaya Yukata Getas O Hanami - Dance Fan Wonder Blooming Pose(s) - [LAP] Geisha Kneel & Geisha Classic Stork Groenendaal Children's Farm, Heemstede, Holland Skin - Naughty Designs Alina - Creamy Beige Hair - Sinsation Snow Queen Eyes - Miriel Lashes - Celestial Studios Manicure - Nevermore Studios Purrfect Nails - Visionary Blouse - Last Call Desiree Lace Blouse (part of outfit) Skirt - PixelDolls Everything Skirt Stockings - Blaze Pantyhose (tinted) Shoes - Armidi Dalla Pump - Orange Necklace - Calla Knotted Pearl Wrap Necklace - Rust Pose - TSM Tsubura Pose 8 Lionfish Marsa Shagra, Egypt Skin - Naughty Designs Alina - Icy Coffee Hair - BP* Tripl Ice Dango Hair Eyes - Miriel Lashes - Celestial Studios Manicure - Nevermore Studios Purrfect Nails - Genteel Dress - SD Boutique Dot Print Dress Stockings - Blaze Pantyhose Shoes 0 Armidi Vidalia Pump - Dk Brown Croc Earrings - Junk Dirty Brass Bracelets - Earthtones Empress & Oakwood Pose - [LAP] Break it Down METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 54

Petals The Bulbfields, Hillegom, Holland Skin - Naughty Designs Alina - Deep Plum Hair - ETD Hermia Eyes - Miriel Lashes - Celestial Studios Manicure - Nevermore Studios Purrfect Nails - Dusty Rose Dress - X3D Apparel Petals Powder Pink Shoes - Maitreya ChiChi Velvet Lavender Blush Earrings - Muse Elle Bead Earrings Necklace - Muse Elle Orchid Necklace Bracelet - Ame True Full Circle Platinum Bracelet Pose - Reel Expression High Fashion 10 Waves Bonaire, Dutch Antilles Skin - Naughty Designs Alina - Icy Coffee Hair - Bewitched Elusive Eyes - Miriel Lashes - Celestial Studios Manicure - Sin Skins Glitter Manicure - Pearl Top - G.L.A.M. Loose Neck Tunic - Blanc Sleeves - Last Call Christina Puffed Sleeves (part of outfit) Top Extension - PixelDolls Demi Cami Vest - Elephant Outfitters Andi Denim Vest Sepia 2 (tinted) Pants - G.L.A.M. Denim White Wash Full Length (tinted) Shoes - Armidi Viniani Heel - Gray Jewelry - Earthtones - Kamoana Shell Necklace, Earrings & Bracelets - Blue/Silver Pose - [LAP] Sunflower Nicky Ree - Nadia Latex Maillot - Blue Pose - [LAP] Dayum

faces of the world models Fann Hyun Francesca Balogh Dendre Benelli

photographer Dendre Benelli

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 55

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 56

celtic dreams

milano glamour

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 57

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 58

nordic royale

hawaiian tropics

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 59

shanghai socialite

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 60

viennese waltz

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 61

photo credits: celtic dreams

hawaiian tropics

Hair: Aden windblown (Blond)

Skin: MMSSunTan-makeup4a

Skin: MMS G4 Pale Make Up 4 – Freckles Eyes: Lunacy Eyes – Ocean

Hair: Armidi – The Roxy – Smoked Mahogany

Lashes: MMS Photoshoot Eye Lashes

Necklace: ~Muse~ Kailena (Tan/Amber)

Dress: Aoharu BT FairyHeartful OP WhiteBlue

Bikini: ..::SioxieLegend::..Bikini_BtmHawaiian-Tradewinds

Necklace: Swallowtail Natural Stone in Turquoise

Hair Flower: Cake – Lilies

Flower: Swallowtail Turquoise Hairclip (L)

milano glamour Hair: Armidi Hair – The Glamorous I – True Black

Lashes: Celestial Studios

shanghai socialite Hair: Ingenue "Kitten with a whip" in natural black Hair clip: Swallowtail hair clip 4

Skin: MMS G4 Light DIVA – Makeup 8A

Skin: MMS pale makeup7a with freckles

Eyes: Dreaming Alice Real Glass in Gray

Eyes: Soda sparkle in liquid gold

Lashes: Cake Bedroom Lashes

Shirt: Gisaci Trend du Jour in Red

Dress: Bare Rose Wild Cat Gold (includes gloves)

Veil: Cachet wednesday veil

Sunglasses: Armidi Gisaci Fi Uomo – Black Tortoise/Brown Lens Earrings: Pit a Pat Wild Earrings - Leopard

Necklace: Knotted bead strand in ruby by Shiny Things Cigarette: FNKY! Cigarette II

Necklace: MiamMiam Luxe Retro Disc

viennese waltz

nordic royale

Hair: Armidi Scarlett in auburn

Skin: MMSPaleDIVA-Makeup8A

Necklace: Gisaci triple pearl in golden

Hair: MMS hair – Keira – Platinum

Skin: MMS sunkissed DIVA makeup8

Necklace & Earrings: ~Muse~ Celestine Snowflake

Eyes: Soda sparkle eyes in ethereal grey

Outfit: Fancy Fairy – Winter Faerie Queen Set Lashes: Cake – Deco

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 62

Hair clip: Artilleri rose hair flower in yellow

Top: Armidi limited – classic loose tank in yellow

on the blog:

a summary of the latest at Our blog has moved! We're now hosted on our own server, along with the brand-new Metro Models website at This updated and improved website lists our services and fees, model roster, events listings, and more, so be sure to check it out! First on the blog update, CronoCloud posted an in-depth look at the spring collection by the ever-artistic Lu sisters of Paper Couture. Next, Alaska took a look at the highly-detailed footwear of Stiletto Moody, by showing each pair with two different outfits (a club outfit, and something less clubby) to show its versatility. After the very successful Fashion at the Cove event, we showed some of our favourite stuff from the fashion show on the blog. This show featured 10 designers in a lovely seaside mall location.

Metro Models also did challenge to interpret "art", and had some photos submitted by our

a fashion the word stunning models.

Arabesque reviewed innovative scripted hair from new designer Asuka Martin of Dernier Cri. This hair features a colouring system that allows you to "lock" your previewed colour into the hair. You may have seen several of the Metro Models at the Fashion Expo 2008 fashion show for Relay for Life... 6 of us walked the catwalk for a great cause. We took photos of the great one-of-a-kind auction pieces from the show, and posted to the blog. Lastly, Arabesque posted with some lovely fashion photos at StrayLight and LeeZu Baxter's new Noir release.

METRO Virtual Fashion vol 2 issue 2 | 65

METRO Virtual Fashion | vol 2 issue 2  

A publication covering virtual fashion and beauty in the virtual world of Second Life... published by an in-world modelling agency and dedic...