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Win $100

Somewhere, hidden in this publication is a picture of a $100 bill.

Congratulations to our February $100 winner!

Angelica Uribe

(Hint: it is NOT the money in the Camper Valley RV ad.)

All you need to do is find the picture of the $100 Dollar Bill and tell us the ad and page number you found it on, along with your name, address and phone number.

(If you don’t give us your address and phone number we can’t send you the money!)

of Wasilla

We will then have a random drawing from your submissions on March 26, 2020

to pick ONE WINNER

Mail or bring all submissions to: GreatLander Publications 3110 Spenard Road Anchorage, AK 99503 – Please include your email address –

or email to: contest@greatlander.com The winner will be announced in the April Mat-Su GreatLander!

ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. One winner per month. Must be 18 years or older to play. Submissions must be received by GreatLander Publications no later than March 25, 2020 to be eligible to win. Employees of Anchorage Printing, Inc. are not eligible to play.

ts & Specialty Mea ls! e Dea Meat Packag shipout Available for to the bush!

558 (907) 414-0



asilla Hwy. East Palmer-W






7-9215 aonline.net (907) 35 mvmeat@mt t.com •


er Filler Jumbo Freez

Ground Beef 40 lb. Lean Roast 24 lb. Chuckn Broil 6 lb. Londo Steak 6 lb. Top SirloinSteak 6 lb. New York Anita Tri-tip 3 lb. Santa Ribs 3 lb. Maui Wowie Chops Pork lb. 20 Spareribs 14 lb. Pork Fryers Whole ts lb. 20 Chicken Breas 20 lb. Split 10 lb. Ham 6 lb. Bacon fast Sausage 6 lb. Pork Break Sausage 6 lb. Italian

t Pack

tmen Deluxe Assor

Ground Beef 20 lb. Lean 10 lb. Rib Steak Roast 10 lb. Chuck Steak 10 lb. Round 5 lb. Stew Meat ge 5 lb. Pork Sausa 5 lb. Bacon Chops 10 lb. Pork Steak 10 lb. Pork Fryers 20 lb. Whole n Thighs 10 lb. Chicke n Breasts 5 lb. Chicke 10 lb. Ham

Approx. 130

Approx. 190

lb. $599

Approx. 45 lb.

Approx. 20 lb.

lb. $839

line at

Approx. 80 lb.

om mvmeat.c our n up for

Beef Pack Ground Beef 15 lb. Lean n Broil 5 lb. Londo Steak 4 lb. T-Bone 4 lb. Rib Steak Roast 6 lb. Chuck Tip Roast Sirloin 3 lb. 5 lb. Ribs Steak 4 lb. New York 5 lb. Stew meat

Approx. 51 lb.

$349 All Steaks and

Fryer 10 lb. Whole Hens Breast 8 lb. Game ss Chicken 5 lb. Bnls Skinle n Thighs 5 lb. Chicke Drums n 5 lb. Chicke Wings n 5 lb. Chicke Turkey 20 lb. Whole

Happy Day! Valentine’s Bacon 3 lb. Shoulder Sausage 2 lb. Breakfast d Beef 8 lb. 93% Groun 2 lb. Shrimp Steak 5 lb. Beef Rib York Steak 3 lb. Beef New n 2 lb. Filet Migno Chops t 3 lb. Pork Chicken Breas 7 lb. Boneless Sausage 5 lb. Italian

Approx. 40 lb.

ed Packed. Prices

Roasts Vacuum

Approx. 58 lb.


are Subject to

Roast 5 lb. Chuckd Beef 5 lb. Groun Steak 5 lb. Round 5 lb. Pork Chopsry Style Ribs 5 lb. Pork Count ge 2 lb. Pork Sausa 3 lb. Bacon n Breast 5 lb. Chicke n Thighs 5 lb. Chicke n Drumsticks 5 lb. Chicke

Approx. 45 lb.

Change Without

Notice. Case

6175 East Palmer-Wasilla Hw

5 lb. Bacon Sausage 5 lb. Breakfast 8 lb. Pork Chops 8 lb. Pork Roast 4 lb. Pork Steak ribs 8 lb. Pork Spare Style Ribs 4 lb. Country 5 lb. Ham Ham Hocks ed 3 lb. Smok


Pricing and Case


Pork Pack

Budget Pack

Gourmet Pack


Poultry Pack

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Variety Pack

Ground Beef 16 lb. 93% Steak 4 lb. Rib Eye Steak 4 lb. T-Bone Roast 12 lb. RoundRibs 4 lb. Short Pork Chops 4 lb. Boneless 6 lb. Pork Roast Streak 5 lb. Ham Chicken 10 lb. Whole n Drumsticks 10 lb. Chicke Cold Cuts 5 lb. Assorted

Visit us on

Family Pack 2 lb. Bacon Sausage 2 lb. Breakfast d Beef Groun 10 lb. Lean Chicken 5 lb. Whole Roast 6 lb. Chuck Roast 3 lb. Sirloin Steak 2 lb. Sirloin Steak Round 2 lb. 5 lb. Pork Chops 3 lb. Ribs 3 lb. Pork Roast ge Sausa 2 lb. Italian

Steak Pack York Steak 4 lb. Beef New e Steak 4 lb. Beef T-Bon Steak 4 lb. Beef Rib Sirloin Steak 4 lb. Beef Top n Broil 4 lb. Beef Londo

For additional es, pricing on cas local beef and hogs, or other t visi es packag mvmeat.com

Approx. 50 lb.

(907) 357-9215 The $100 bill was hidden



Weights Are Approxi

February 2020


r Mat-Su


on Page 11 • mvme www.mvmeat.com in the Mat Valley Meats ad. Deluxe Assortment Pack

Home & Garden

20 lb. 10 lb. 10 lb. 10 lb. 5 lb. 5 lb. 5 lb. 10 lb. 10 lb. 20 lb. 10 lb. 5 lb. 10 lb.

Lean Ground Beef Rib Steak Chuck Roast Round Steak Stew Meat Pork Sausage Bacon Pork Chops Pork Steak Whole Fryers Chicken Thighs Chicken Breasts Ham

The power is OUT! Is food safe? Julie Cascio, UAF Cooperative Extension Service Oh no, the power is out! An earthquake, the wind blowing too strong, or the freezer unplugged accidentally can create problems with your food. So plan ahead and learn what to do with food that goes through power outage. Julie Cascio

to visit family or attend potlucks. They are also useful when cleaning the frig and freezer and dealing with power outage. Find out where dry ice and block ice can be purchased if needed.

Plan Ahead Start by having an appliance thermometer in the refrigerator and in the freezer. The frig temp should be 40°F or lower; the freezer at 0°F or lower. While your freezer may be full now with fish, moose and vegetables from this summer and fall, space happens as these foods are being enjoyed. Keep the freezer full. Fill empty spaces with frozen plastic jugs of water, bags of ice or gel packs. Have on hand insulated cooler and ice packs. These are useful when we take food


GreatLander Mat-Su

During a Power Outage When a power outage occurs, keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Refrigerator will keep food safe for up to 4 hours. If the power is off longer, transfer food to a cooler and fill with ice or frozen packs. There needs to be enough ice to keep food in the cooler at 40°F or lower. Add more ice to the cooler as it begins to melt. If power is out for more than four hours, from the refrigerator discard raw, cooked, or leftover meat, poultry, fish, eggs and egg substitutes; luncheon meats and hot dogs; casseroles, soups, stews, and pizza; mixed salads; gravy and stuffing; milk, cream, yogurt, sour cream and soft cheeses; cut fruits and vegetables; cooked vegetables, opened juices, creamy-based salad dressing, batters and doughs, custard, chiffon, or cheese pies, cream-filled pastries and garlic stored in oil. Freezer, that is full, will hold the temperature for about 48 hours. Food in the front,

March 2020

in the door, or in small, thin packages will defrost faster than large, thick items or food in the back or bottom of the unit. When snow sticks around outside, it is not a safe place to put perishable food. These days, outside temperatures vary and food can be exposed to unsafe conditions. Moose, bear, pets, etc. can also create problems. Instead, make ice. Fill buckets, empty milk containers, or cans with water and leave outside to freeze. Use the homemade ice in your refrigerator, freezer, or coolers to keep food in a cold, safe environment.

Approx. 130 lb. $599 Family Pack 2 lb. 2 lb. 10 lb. 5 lb. 6 lb. 3 lb. 2 lb. 2 lb. 5 lb. 3 lb. 3 lb. 2 lb.

Bacon Breakfast Sausage Lean Ground Beef Whole Chicken Chuck Roast Sirloin Roast Sirloin Steak Round Steak Pork Chops Ribs Pork Roast Italian Sausage

Approx. 45 lb.


Beef Pack 15 lb. Lean Ground Beef 5 lb. London Broil 4 lb. T-Bone Steak 4 lb. Rib Steak 6 lb. Chuck Roast 3 lb. Sirloin Tip Roast 5 lb. Ribs 4 lb. New York Steak Safety and 5 lb. Food Stew meat

After a Power Outage Never taste food to determine its safety. Evaluate each item separately. Frozen foods that are thawing but still contain ice crystals are considered safe according to USDA-

Jumbo Freezer

40 lb. 24 lb. 6 lb. 6 lb. 6 lb. 3 lb. 3 lb. 20 lb. 14 lb. 20 lb. 20 lb. 10 lb. 6 lb. 6 lb. 6 lb.

Lean Ground Be Chuck Roast London Broil Top Sirloin Steak New York Steak Santa Anita Tri-ti Maui Wowie Rib Pork Chops Pork Spareribs Whole Fryers Split Chicken Bre Ham Bacon Pork Breakfast S Italian Sausage

Approx. 190 lb.



to s we


Gourmet Pac

3 lb. Shoulder Bacon 2 lb. Breakfast Sausa 8 lb. 93% Ground Be 2 lb. Shrimp 5 lb. Beef Rib Steak 3 lb. Beef New York S 2 lb. Filet Mignon Sanitation. Foods that have 3 lb. Pork Chops 7 lb.may Boneless Chicke remained below 40°F or below be safe5 lb. Italian Sausage Approx. 51 lb. $349

ly refrozen; however, their quality may sufApprox. 40 lb. fer. For more details check out foodsafety. gov and fsis.usda.gov All Steaks and Roasts Vacuumed Packed. Prices a WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT!

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March 2020 Mat Su Valley Great Lander  

#snow, #campers #matsu #valley #palmer #wasilla #stpatricksday #driversed #mannys #coloringcontest #dairyqueen #campers #snow #fourleafclove...