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n Increased pipeline wall thickness: To withstand incidental bullet strikes from coastal subsistence hunters, we designed a pipeline with thicker walls in certain locations n Rounding of gravel pad corners: The gravel pads were designed with rounded corners to reduce profile and possible impact to caribou movement n Reduction of potential adverse visual effects: The Point Thomson pipeline and gathering lines are textured and coated to reduce sun glare and contrast. Additionally, Point Thomson permanent facilities are painted a pacific blue color to reduce off-site visual effects

Kaktovik Community Foundation

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ExxonMobil assisted Kaktovik in establishing the Kaktovik Community Foundation (KCF) to provide a mechanism for corporate giving that meets community needs in a sustainable way. The Foundation’s goals reflect those of the Kaktovik community—to promote Inupiaq interests and values, to build a strong community, and to encourage life-long learning. ExxonMobil contributed to KCF’s initial funding efforts with a seed donation, part of which was dedicated to the development of a community ice cellar.

Kaktovik and Barter Island Archaeology As part of its agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and in cooperation with local agencies, ExxonMobil partnered with residents of Kaktovik to assess cultural resources on Barter Island. With the help of local experts and a high school intern, and in cooperation with local agencies, the Point Thomson archaeology team employed sophisticated technologies to record artifacts and investigate heritage sites. Some of these technologies and excavating techniques were later taught to students in the Harold Kaveolook School through ExxonMobil’s Science Ambassador Program. Science Ambassador Program

ExxonMobil initiated the Science Ambassador Program in the Harold Kaveolook School in Kaktovik in 2009. This program involves ExxonMobil professional employee volunteers who teach science and/ or math lessons to students in the school. Through this program, the school is then eligible for grant money from ExxonMobil. Lessons presented in Kaktovik to-date include: archaeology, chemistry, drilling, refining, and geology. © Exxon Mobil Corporation


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Alaska Business Monthly March 2016  

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