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Top Executive

ACE Air Cargo 5901 Lockheed Ave. Anchorage, AK 99502 Phone: 907-334-5100 Fax: 907-245-0243

Mike Bergt, Pres.

Ace Delivery & Moving, Inc. PO Box 221389 Anchorage, AK 99522-1389 Phone: 907-522-6684 Fax: 907-349-4011

Hank Schaub, GM

Alaska Air Cargo 4700 Old Int'l Airport Rd. Anchorage, AK 99502 Phone: 800-225-2752 Fax: 907-266-7808

Marilyn Romano, Reg. VP Alaska

Alaska Air Forwarding 4000 W. 50th Ave., Suite 6 Anchorage, AK 99502 Phone: 907-248-4697 Fax: 907-248-9706

Jeff Dornes, Co-Owner

Alaska Air Taxi LLC 4501 Aircraft Dr. Anchorage, AK 99502 Phone: 907-243-3944 Fax: 907-248-2993

Jack Barber, Owner

Alaska Air Transit 2301 Merrill Field Dr. Anchorage, AK 99501 Phone: 907-276-5422 Fax: 907-276-5400

Daniel Owen, Pres./Owner/Operator

Alaska Airlines 4750 Old Int'l Airport Rd. Anchorage, AK 99502 Phone: 907-266-7200 Fax: 907-266-7229

Marilyn Romano, Reg. VP AK

Alaska Cargo Service PO Box 251 Dillingham, AK 99576-0251 Phone: 907-842-2400 Fax: 907-842-1540

Bo Darden, Owner

1976 1976

3 3

Arctic Prism Helicopters 1415 N. Local 302 Rd. Palmer, AK 99645 Phone: 907-745-5775 Fax: 907-745-5787

David King, Pres.

1998 1998

0-5 0-5

Helicopter charter.

Bald Mountain Air PO Box 3134 Homer, AK 99603 Phone: 907-235-7969 Fax: 907-235-6602

Gary Porter, VP

1993 1993

16 16

Single and multi-engine; 19 passenger, cargo, and fuel delivery; VFR and IFR capable; turbine fleet for reliability; off-airport and arctic operations; flight safety trained crews; services on wheels, floats, and skis; aerial scientific platforms; 100NM+ off shore survey capability.

Bering Air, Inc. PO Box 1650 Nome, AK 99762-1650 Phone: 907-443-5464 Fax: 907-443-5919

James Rowe, Pres.

1979 1979

150 150

Air transportation services for scheduled and nonscheduled passenger and cargo. Freight service daily to scheduled destinations. Heavy and oversized cargo charters to all destinations. Air ambulance services, helicopter charter and rental services.

Camai Enterprise LLC 5353 W. Rezanof Dr. Kodiak, AK 99615 Phone: 907-487-4926 Fax: 907-487-4931

Candace Ellison-Theis, CEO

2000 2000

2 2

Authorized agents for Alaska Central Express, Northern Air Cargo, Transnorthern Air Cargo, and Everts Air Cargo, with worldwide service.

Commodity Forwarders, Inc. 4000 W. 50th, Suite 1 Anchorage, AK 99502 Phone: 907-243-1144 Fax: 907-243-1149

PJ Cranmer, Reg. Ops Mgr. Pac. NW

2003 2003

375 14

Transporting perishable products worldwide. Provides logistical services for perishable products worldwide by providing transportation, documentation, warehouse and consulting services. Freezer storage in Anchorage.

Deadhorse Aviation Center PO Box 34006 Prudhoe Bay, AK 99734 Phone: 907-685-1700 Fax: 907-685-1798

Tim Cudney, Dir.

2012 2012

10 10

The DAC is Fairweather, LLC's multimodal aviation facility designed to meet the needs of onshore and offshore oil and gas development on the North Slope. The DAC has 2 large hangars, office space, terminal, full-service medical facility, bedrooms, and a full dining facility.

Desert Air Transport 4001 Old Int'l Airport Rd. Unit #9 Anchorage, AK 99502 Phone: 907-243-4700 Fax: 907-243-4705

Dennis Gladwin, Pres.

2000 2000

5 5

We transport cargo directly from Anchorage International Airport to more than 200 rural communities in Alaska.









1988 1988

104 104

On Demand passenger charters throughout the State of Alaska. Cargo transportation provider offering scheduled cargo service to 21 locations in Alaska. ACE Logistics freight-forwarding and logistics provider. ACE Air Services offers aviation groundhandling for commercial and private carriers.

1994 1994

11 11

Air cargo and express-package services, air courier services, arrangement of transportation of freight, freight-transportation services, local delivery services, local trucking with storage and third-party logistics. Residential and office moves. Hot shots, and white glove residential deliveries.

1932 1932

10,239 Goldstreak small package express, Petstreak animal express, priority and general air 500 freight services. Full ULD and charter services also available.

1969 1969

30 4

Air freight, trade shows, shipment consolidations, nationwide purchase order procurement service and international shipping.

1987 1987

8 8

Passenger & Cargo Air Charters - Direct charter flights to your community from Anchorage. We offer combination flights that move your crew and cargo at the same time saving you time and money! We provide support services for the oil & gas, mining, and fishing industries, as well as tourism.

1984 1984

16 16

Anchorage based air charters, serving Alaska, Canada, and the Lower 48. Aircraft include the fast, pressurized, increased weight capacity Pilatus PC-12/47, or our factory new Grand Caravan EX featuring increased power and an advanced ice protection system, and the proven workhorse Navajo Chieftain.

1932 1932

13,800 Alaska Airlines and its sister carrier, Horizon Air, together, provide passenger and cargo 1,750 service to more than 100 destinations in Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, and the Lower 48. Air cargo and express package services, air transportation nonscheduled, fuel available, local delivery services and air courier services.

June 2015 |

Alaska Business Monthly June 2015  

Ravn Alaska CEO Bob Hajdukovich on the tarmac in front of the company’s hangar at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. The company’s...

Alaska Business Monthly June 2015  

Ravn Alaska CEO Bob Hajdukovich on the tarmac in front of the company’s hangar at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. The company’s...