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Presentation It is our pleasure to present our company and to be able to serve you covering your needs. Our catalogue of services and products will surely be of interest. In our presentation we have some of the examples of our work with other companies, and we are sure that with your support and confidence we will be able to become your best supplier so we can win your confidence.

What is Mecatronix ? It is a company dedicated to the design , development, construction of automatic equipment, including making of mechanical pieces and automatic devices for example, sensors, poka yokes, hydraulic systems, pneumatic devices and equipment controlled by Computers and Programmable Logical Controllers PLC, integrating HMI , Vision and Robotics.

We have a vast experience in Vision systems as well as Robotic systems, integrating the best systems of Vision in the market selected by its versatility and efficiency.

What is the Mecatronics

The synergetic combination of • Mechanical Engineering, • Electronics, • Control Systems and • Computers all of them integrated through the process of design ---------------------------------------------

What do we do in Mecatronix We develop solutions that save resources and money for the company of our clients therefore we believe in the values of the Continuous Improvement as well as the know-how in regulatory nature to be competitive. Our potential goes beyond the solution, the innovation and the creativity, we are a supplier fully compromised with the values of our clients and we consider us as a part of its team. Our idea is to achieve a development where we both grow, fortify ourselves and win.

Luis Enrique Reyna Engineering and Development Manager

Maria C. Aranda Admnistration / RP

Eliseo Palacios Burguete Operative Manager

Luis E. Reyna M Estimator Gerardo Resendiz Project Manager

Leonardo Alaniz Electrical Engineer. Controls

Daniel Salinas Design Engineer

Luis Cornejo Design Engineer

TBD Commerce & Logistics Staff

German Aguilera MexSoluciones ITM Systems Staff Yanet Mechatronic Engineer Project Engineer

TBD Service and After Market Tech

TBD Spare Parts Manager Rogelio Barron TSU Electronics.. Programming

TBD Training

TBD TSU Electronics. Programming Edgar TSU Electronics. Electronics & Control

Mauricio Chairez TSU Electronics.. Electronics & Control

JosĂŠ Luis Perales TSU Electronics. Electronics & Control


TBD TSU Electronics Electronics & Controls


Juan C. Mendoza. Ind. Maintenance Assembly

Victor Ortega TSU Maintenance. Mechanical Maint.

Ugon Hernandez Designer

TBD Distribution and Warehouse

TBD TSU Commerce Corporate Sales

TBD Shipping/Delivery

Williams Gallegos Sales

Raymundo Monroy Quality assurance

TBD Sales

Maria C. Aranda Administration



Fernando Balderas Designer

Gerardo Gonzalez TSU Electronics.. Electronics & Contrls


Aaron Norato Parts Coordinator

TDB Administrative Assistant


Jorge Martinez Industrial Installations

TBD Quality

TBD Quality Document Control

Violeta HernĂĄndez Comptroller Staff

Martin Diaz Machinning

ITESM CAD Project Quality Training

ITESM CAD Project Quality Audits

Sra Dominga General Services

Human Resources For the continuous support on this program and in future programs Mecatronix Automation has available qualified personnel as follows: •Project Manager •Design Engineers •Controls Engineers •Mechatronics and electronics Technicians •Maintenance Technicians •Machining and manufacturing technicians •Welding and installation specialist. Our resources are controlled by Outsourcing giving us the flexibility to replace or hire the required resources to always be available to support any project. All the Mecatronix resources are legally enrolled in the Social Security Institute and up to date in their payments. All documentation is available to gain access to any particular facility. These resources are independent to the Administrative resources.

Other Resources Other Resources Available • • • • • • •

Controls computers with interface cables and Licensed Software available Maintenance and service Tooling carts and equipment Design computers with AutoCAD/Mechanical, Solid Works, Inventor and Catia. Mills and Lathe machining, CNC Outsourced available Welding Machines Vehicles for transportation Communication devices in several nation and international networks ( Telcel, Nextel, Unefon, Skype, Net2Phone, etc).

Who we are ? We are a team of Mechanical, Industrial, Electrical and Electronics Engineers working together to serve you. We integrate selected brands as Festo, SMC, Allen Bradley, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Balluff, Banner, DVT, PPT, Keyence, Turk, Sunks, Bosch, ABB, PHD, and many other brands depending your needs.

Mecatronix Philosophy

Our Passion is Design and Build Machines, Devices, Fixtures and Special Equipment; with the precision of our customers Specifications, committed with Ourselves to always meet and exceed Our customer's Expectations.

About Mecatronix •Based on Queretaro city we are in the middle of the economically active area of the country, giving the advantage to be able to support the north, center and south east. •Our company currently employs 19 Persons between Engineers, Technicians, Administrative and outsourced persons on 4,844 Sq Ft of Floor space with sales about 350,000 USD annually. •We have Design capabilities on Inventor, Solid Works, Catia, AutoCad, etc. as well as Machining equipment as Lathe and mills to manufacture our own designs.

Main Services Offered • Low cost Error/Mistake Proofing Systems (Poka Yokes) • Design and Development engineering to build new equipment and devices to answer Our Customer's needs. • Automatic and Manual Process Improvement proposals including Material Handling • Industrial Engineering studies, process times and Logistics • Advanced Vision Systems • Design, development and Integration of Robotic Equipment. • Machining Shop for the complete manufacturing of Fixtures and Equipment, Including the fabrication of Assembly Lines • Advanced Ergonomics Studies • Comply with ISO 9000 regulations (Mecatronix is not certified yet) • Electrical, Industrial Pneumatic and Mechanical installations • Controls Experts including PLC, HMI, Robotics, Bar Code and Vision. • Connections to equipment to Databases

Customers We can work with any kind of industries, we have the knowledge to comply with ISO 9000, ISO 14000 y QS9000. Our services and Equipment can be found in the following companies

Mecatronix Objectives • Increase the efficiently and quality of our customer's processes. • We build and create Best-in-Class equipment

• Exceed our customers´ expectations in Quality, Service and cost. • Mecatronix Automation would like to be a company committed to our customer's needs. • Work, Leadership, Respect, Integrity and Creativity are only few values to fulfill Mecatronix Objectives.

Quality Policy Mecatronix Automation we are working to be the system integration and Automation company most important and recognized by our customers in Our region and nationwide. This policy require the continuous improvement concepts in its processes though inspired people focused to the complete satisfaction of our customers improving the Cost, delivery, quality and safety.

Strategic Location in Mexico for Auto Industry



Company Location Design Offices and Machining Shop:

Cerro del Tezcaltzín No 10 Bis Col Las Américas C. P. 76121 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro. Visti us on the Web E-Mail:


Proyectos de Mecatronix Location


Cerro del Tezcaltzín # 10 BIS Col Las Americas, CP 76121 Querétaro, Querétaro Frente a la Seat de B Quintana antes del puente Peatonal Las Americas

presentacion de mecatronix  

presentacion acerca de la empresa mecatronix

presentacion de mecatronix  

presentacion acerca de la empresa mecatronix