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Marketing Plan

UNIVERSITY OF HUDDERSFIELD School of Art, Design and Architecture Department of Design Final Major Project Alana Mustill Major Project submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for BA (Hons) Fashion, Communication and Promotion. Module THD1101 Fashion Communication Promotion Major Project The candidate confirms that the work submitted is their own and that appropriate credit has been given where reference has been made to the work of others. The University of Huddersfield School of Art & Design Department of Design Huddersfield West Yorkshire ENGLAND (16th May 2014)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This marketing communications plan contains a marketing proposal for the beauty brand L’Occitane. It features a PR campaign which will create media and consumer awareness of the brands skin care products and will also position the brand correctly within the UK beauty industry. The campaign includes an advertising campaign and the opening of concession stores within the designer department store Selfridges. The campaign will run from October 2014 - October 2015 and aims to enable to brand to achieve the L’Occitane UK goals during this period which includes the brand becoming famous for its skin care products and creating more awareness of the brand and its position with publications. The advertising campaign consists of 4 advertisements where each feature a moisturising cream from the brands skin care ranges. The advertising campaign involves the advertisements featuring in 15 magazines to achieve maximum impact of the effect and impact of influencing the consumers purchasing behaviors. The concession store proposal includes opening concession stores within all 4 Selfridges department stores across the UK. The launch of the stores includes a media event which takes place in the Oxford Road concession as this is the premier of the concession stores. This will be followed up with all 4 stores hosting a public launch event. During the run up to the opening of the concession stores, a social media campaign will take place to create awareness, excitement and promotion of the opening stores and the products which the concessions stock. The campaign will increase awareness of the brand, position it correctly as a luxury skin care brand and will also help to increase the brands skin care sales as the campaign promotes L’Occitane for only its skin care products.


1.0 Introduction 7 2.0 Company Background 8 3.0 Brand Values 9 4.0 L’Occitane Foundation 10 5.0 Competitor Brands 11 6.0 SWOT Analysis of L’Occitane 13 7.0 Target Consumer 14 7.1 Divine Lady 15 7.2 Preserver 16 8.0 Campaign Aims and Objects 17 8.1 Aims 17 8.2 L’Occitane UK Goals 17 8.3 Objectives 17 9.0 Strategic Approach 18 9.1 AIDA Model 18 9.2 Print Advertisements 18 9.3 Concession Store 19 9.4 Social Media Campaign 20 10.0 Campaign Message 21 11.0 Promotional Tactics 22 11.1 Print Advertisement 22 11.2 Concession Store 28 11.3 Social Media Campaign 32 12.0 Achieving L’Occitane UK Goals 34 13.0 Campaign Timeline 36 14.0 Conclusion 38 15.0 Appendices 39 16.0 Figures 43 17.0 References 44



This document contains a marketing proposal for L’Occitane en Provence. It features a new PR campaign which will promote the brands skincare products within the UK’s high end beauty market. The campaign is developed to achieve L’Occitanes goals for the next financial year. It features a print advertising campaign to promote the brands skin care range, whilst creating awareness of the brand. The campaign also features the launch of 4 concession stores within Selfridges department store to position the brand as a luxury skin care brand. A social media campaign will run along side the concession openings to promote the brand and its products, as well as provide information and sneak previews of the concession store launches. The document contains aims and objectives of the campaigns and how the campaign will achieve the objectives. It also features a full campaign plan.



L’Occitane en Provence (also acknowledged as L’Occitane) is an international, natural beauty brand which specialises in skincare, body care and home products originating in the hills of Haute-Provence, Southern France. Founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussen, L’Occitane delivers Mediterranean traditions and lifestyles to all places across the world. L’Occitane is the 20th largest cosmetic brand worldwide and the UK market is L’Occitane’s 5th largest profit market. Last year L’Occitane UK made a profit of +8.5%.

Figure 1. Olivier Bauseen.

Up to date, L’Occitane has over 2,200 boutiques in over 90 countries as well as featuring in department stores internationally. L’Occitane also air their products on the shopping channel QVC. Many of the products at L’Occitane win numerous beauty awards such as The Natural Beauty Bibles best miracle cream.


3.0 BRAND VALUES L’Occitane believe in three key brand values in order to maintain the success and development of the brand; Authenticity, Sensoriality and Respect. Authenticity L’Occitane product ranges are inspired by traditional beauty recipes from the south of France. Each range has a story behind the product; the authentic tradition, the local traditional production methods, the natural ingredients and their traceability and sustainable development. The Unique merchandising in stores allows this experience to be experienced by every customer. Sensoriality L’Occitane values the stimulation of the senses. Each product has stimulating smells, product names, attractive packaging, range of textures and carefully choses descriptive words to stimulate all the senses and allow the customer to indulge in a moment of well-being and sensory delight. Respect L’Occitane value preserving and passion. The brand respects the environment by using ecological packaging for their products as well as using sustainable ingredients. The brand also respects alternative cultures and endeavors by launching a foundation to develop those in less economically developed countries. L’Occitane respects the customers by providing excellent customer service along the journey throughout the boutiques.


4.0 L’OCCITANE FOUNDATION The L’Occitane Foundation was founded in 2006. This is L’Occitanes very own charity. In Burkin Faso where L’Occitane sources the Shea Butter used in their products, L’Occitane have a fair trade agreement for over 30 years with the women who produce the Shea Butter; this is the Economic Emancipation of women. It means L’Occitane financially support the development and function of literacy centres and also encourage womens’ entrepreneurship in developing countries. As one of L’Occitane’s brand values is Sensoriality, the L’Occitane Foundation also gives help to those who are visually impaired. L’Occitane train up Opticians in France and then send them out to developing countries to provide eye care for those in need. L’Occitane produce soap and other products where 100% of the profits made, go towards the L’Occitane Foundation to help fund this cause.

Figure 2. L’Occitane Foundation Product. Figure 3. L’Occitane Foundation Product.

Last year L’Occitane raised £37,257 towards the charity and are currently under going new plans to feature in store sponsor events to raise more money.


5.0 COMPETITOR BRANDS The UK beauty market now supplies the consumers with many different skin care brands giving consumers a large variety of product choice; from organic to clinical brands, from designer to commercial. L’Occitane is a high end, natural beauty store, however it seems consumers are unaware of this and position the brand on the similar branch as brands such as Body Shop and Lush*. Even though these brands are considered as commercial brands, these are also L’Occitanes competitors as they offer alternative versions of products which L’Occitane have. This is why having L’Occitane positioned within a concession store will help remove the stigma of L’Occitane being a commercial beauty brand as it will feature in an environment with the correct competitors for the brand. The competitors which L’Occitane ultimately rival in skin care are Crème de la Mer, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Khiels, Origins, Ellemis, Elizabeth Arden, Clarins and Liz Earle. These brands are luxury skin care brands and are recognised amongst the UKs beauty market. L’Oreal is the worlds biggest cosmetic brand, followed by Estee Lauser.

*Refer to Appendix A.


5.0 COMPETITOR BRANDS Other brands which are considered as L’Occitanes’ competitors: Clinique Lab Series Shiseido Molton Brown Labello Caudalie Dr.Hauschka Shu Uemura Guerlain Dermalogica Bioderma Ren Chanel Eve Lom Nuxe Dior The Organic Pharmacy Biotherm Sisley Decleor Vichy DHC Laneige Yves Rocher Zirh Yves Saint Laurent Bliss

Figure 4. Skincare cosmestics user.

Korres Aveda


6.0 SWOT ANALYSIS OF L’OCCITANE Strengths - Luxury brand using only natural or organic products sourced from sustainable places - Award winning facial cream, awards from the Natural Beauty Bible, Marie Claire and Harpers Bazaar - Value repect as a company :- customer, enviroment, workers etc Weaknesses - Promotion of the products and brands - Use of social media sites - Not established as a luxury brand amongst the UK Market Opportunities - Opening concessions in designer department stores - Advertising ; - print, television, outdoor, online - Opening spas and treatment boutiques - Launching new skin care ranges and product designed for specific needs - Celebrity endorsement Threats - Competition brands have higher revenue in UK as they are already established, therefore the company does not have a large budget to implement the opportunities. - Ingredient shortages can reduce stock being formulated and products being discontinued - Medical threats in research of ingredients used in products - Disposable incomes being decreased due to high cost of living


7.0 TARGET CONSUMER 82% of L’Occitanes customers are female, with a higher than average household income and 26% of consumers are ages between 26-35. L’Occitane has a large range of products which all are aimed at a variety of consumers. L’Occitane is a high end brand and therefore the price points are high and initially the consumers have a large disposable income to spend on skincare. The brand has different skincare products to suit different skin types and therefore each L’Occitane consumer requires different needs as everyone’s skin is different. However, there are certain factors which all L’Occitane consumers have in common and that’s mainly an interest in natural produce. Today the public are more concerned about what goes into the products which they use due to factors such as health scares, animal cruelty and environmental issues, resulting in the use of more natural products*. As L’occitane is an omnichanel retailer, this enables consumers with a smaller budget to purchase products from the shopping chanel QVC as they have the option to pay in monthly payments making the products more affordable, making the brand accessible to those with less disposable income. *Refer to Appendix A.


7.0 TARGET CONSUMER 7.1 Divine Lady Divine Lady is a mature, married female aged 47. She is married to a local, successful business owner and lives in a 4 bedroom detached house in a rural area. Divine Lady has 3 children, 2 who live in their own places and a 19 year old daughter who lives at home with her parents. Divine Lady works at her husband’s business as a receptionist. Divine Lady describes herself as intelligent, wise, caring, fashionable and sociable. Divine Lady attends the gym 4 times a week and is a self-confessed health fanatic. In her free time, Divine Lady and her husband enjoy going for walks in the countryside with their pet dog. She plans to move to the countryside in 5 years’ time when her daughter moved out.

Figure 5. Divine Lady

Divine Lady values her health purchases only organic foods and uses natural products in her skincare and body care routine. Divine Lady values her looks as she was a model before she had her children and wants to preserve her beauty in the most natural form. Divine Lady is concerned about the aging process and is looking for a new anti-aging moisturiser. Divine Lady has a large disposable income and is able to purchase expensive face creams.


7.0 TARGET CONSUMER 7.2 Preventer Preventer is a woman aged 29, who has just had a promotion to a Marketing Assistant role, from a graduate job she has been in since she was 27. She lives in a town centre with her best friend in a 3 bedroom apartment. Preventer is currently single Preventer describes herself as a cultural, friendly, hardworking and easy going person who takes life in strides. During her free time Preventer enjoys going out to museums, attending dance classes, traveling and dining out. In 5 years’ time she plans to go traveling around Asia and Australia with friends. Preventer has just been using baby wipes as her skin care routine, due to having little disposable income. However, even though she graduated from University with a Masters in Advertising 3 years ago, Preventer has noticed that her student lifestyle has took its toll on her skin eventually as it is looking dry and dull. Preventers mother recommended her to purchase skincare from L’Occitane as she has a disposable income where she is able to invest in products now, which her mother does herself.

Figure 6. The Preventer

Preventer works long hours and doesn’t really have time for a long ritual skin care routine and is looking for products which will tackle her dull and dry skin.


8.0 CAMPAIGN AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 8.1 Aim To produce a successful PR campaign enabling L’Occitane to achieve the company UK goals by the end of the campaign run. 8.2 L’Occitane UK Goals 1. To become famous for their skin care ranges and increase skincare sales. 2. To increase brand awareness amongst customers, the beauty industry and within trade publications. 3. To grow the brands VIP listings. (Mailing system). 4. To continue the expansion of Boutiques. 8.3 Objectives 1. To Increase consumer awareness of L’Occitane by +30% in the UK after the end of the campaign. 2. The Campaign aims to position L’Occitane correctly within the UKs’ high end beauty market by opening 4 concession stores within Selfridges department stores during the period October 2014 - October 2015. 3. The Campaign aims to make L’Occitane more accredited for their skincare during the course of the campaign. 4. To increase the VIP creation for L’Occitane by +6% during the period of the campaign. 17

9.0 STRATEGIC APPROACH 9.1 AIDA Model In order to achieve the objectives the campaign will ensure that it abides by the AIDA model. Each promotional strategy and Online marketing strategy must fit with the AIDA model to guarantee the success of each element resulting in a successful PR campaign.

Figure 7. AIDA model.

9.2 Advertising Campaign The advertising campaign will apply to the whole of the AIDA model as it will grab the consumer’s attention with attractive graphics and imagery. To get the consumers interest the advert will contain positive and attractive terminology which consumers seek for when looking for skincare. The adverts will feature the unique benefits which the products have to offer and make the consumers’ desire towards the product. This ultimately results in the consumer purchasing the product. 18

8.0 STRATEGIC APPROACH The advertisements will only consist of skincare products as L’Occitane want to be recognised for their skin care products. Also the concession stores only stock skincare, and therefore all the products which feature in the advertisements are available at the concession stores. The Advertisements will feature in 15 different demographically suited magazines resulting in direct consumers being targeted for specific creams, potentially creating more VIPs for the brand. 9.3 Concession Stores The concession stores will also follow the AIDA model by the interior grabbing the consumers’ attention as it will follow a French theme within the stores to match the boutiques and stick to the Mediterranean traditions. The French themed concession stands out amongst other department store counters and will make the consumer interested in the concession as it’s different to what they are used to and will want to know more about the brand. The concession stores will feature the Natural Beauty Bible which consumers can read about the ‘Miracle Cream’ that L’Occitane produce, this results in the consumers desiring the benefits of the cream and wanting the award winning cream and leading to them purchasing from the concession. Placing the concession within Selfridges puts L’Occitane amongst the top beauty brands, meaning the brand is being positioned correctly within the market as L’Occitane is the 20th biggest cosmetics brands, 2 places up from the year before showing the company’s desire to grow.


9.0 STRATEGIC APPROACH 9.4 Social Media Campaign The social media campaign follows the AIDA model as it posts unexpected content and information to the consumer in the quickest and easiest way. The content then interests the consumer as it contains mystery about the concession stores launching, product information, stories of the products etc. The feeling of exclusivity which the social media users have creates a desire of wanting to know more and be involved with the new concessions and ultimately attending a launch event for the new concession stores. The social media campaign will involve the advertisements from the advertising campaign as this helps to promote the products which the concession store will be selling and also informing consumers L’Occitane are a luxury skin care brand. The social media campaign will portray different types of posts to receivers on a daily basis to create awareness of the brand and launches and to maintain the follows interest and not become repetitive.


10.0 CAMPAIGN MESSAGE The overall campaign message is that L’Occitane is a growing, natural, luxury skin care brand. This message is determined by the opening of the concession stores within a designer department store, which only supplies the brands skin care products and also has unique, traditional French visual merchandising. The advertisements express this message as they only promote the brands skin care ranges and will feature in high priced, lifestyle magazines which feature competitor brand advertisements.


11.0 PROMOTIONAL TACTICS 11.1 Print Advertisements Advertisements are a powerful and persuasive form of a marketing and promotion tool. L’Occitane will produce 4 A4 print advertisements which will guarantee exposure for the brand and create spin off benefits such as PR coverage and word of mouth. The cost of print advertising depends on the circulation of the magazines and the cost per page of the magazine. Taking cost into account, L’Occitane will produce 3 single spread advertisements and 1 double spread for their award winning anti-aging moisturising cream which is also the brands highest priced moisturiser. Print advertisements are easy to plan and implement and therefore are cost effective. It is proven that magazine advertisements improve sales as magazines influence the readers purchase decisions. As the reader has already established a relationship with the magazine, the readers automatically value the brands which feature in the magazines advertisements as they trust the magazines choice of brands. Print advertising is cost effective as it raises awareness of L’Occitane and this type of advertising offers the choice between saturation coverage and reading niche audiences. This means L’Occitane are able to choose which magazines to feature the advert in relation to their target consumers, reducing any expenses being wasted. Refer to the Advertising Campaign Proposal for more details.


11.0 PROMOTIONAL TACTICS L’Occitane want to be recognised for their skincare and therefore the advertisements will promote skincare products. As L’Occitane have a large amount of skincare, it would be too costly and impossible to promote all of the products, therefore the brand are wanting to promote the moisturisers within the skincare ranges; as this is a key step within a consumers skincare routine. The moisturisers which L’Occitane will advertise are the following: Angelica Hydration Cream Shea Ultra Rich Face Cream Precious Day & Night Cream Divine Cream These are the staple moisturisers from the skincare ranges which L’Occitane provide. The advertisements will feature in 15 different magazines in total as each moituriser is suitable for a different target consumer. This method of advertising allows L’Occitane to reach mass consumers in one advertisement. - Look -Harpers Bazaar -Glamour - HELLO! -Tatler - Elle - Grazia - Good Housekeeping - Cosmopolitan - Vogue - Woman & Home - InStyle - Red - Company - Marie Claire Refer to the Advertising Campaign Proposal for full details.


11.0 PROMOTIONAL TACTICS 11.2 Concession Stores Concession stores are a cost effective way of creating more potential consumers for a brand. Being located within a department store means that the brand will be in sight of consumers who may not usually use the brand or are unfamiliar with L’Occitane and therefore reach out further to the target market. L’Occitane will launch concession stores within Selfridges over the course of a year. L’Occitane already feature within department stores John Lewis and Debenhams however the brand only features on a small fixture and is usually difficult to locate. However last year wholesalers made a +5.7% profit, indicating that sitting in department stores does create profit, yet this is evidential that opening a store amongst luxury brands will bring the company a higher profit, along with more creations of VIP customers. Opening a concession within Selfridges will help to identify L’Occitane as a high end beauty brand as Selfridges is considered as one of the ultimate designer department stores. Consumers will see the concession store amongst the brands competitors and therefore link L’Occitane to the designer brands resulting in L’Occitane becoming a recognised high end beauty brand. Situating in Selfridges create opportunities for the brand to participate in exclusive Selfridges events, raising awareness of the brand as a luxury skin care brand. This creates the opportunity to advertise L’Occitane within the store windows. Creating awareness and interest in the brand. The opening of the concession stores will feature launch events which will be promoted by a social media campaign. Using social media as a marketing tool is a cheap and effective way for L’Occitane to create interaction amongst the brands consumers. Refer to the Concession Proposal for more details.


11.0 PROMOTIONAL TACTICS As L’Occitane want to be an established skin care brand, the Selfridges store will only stock skin care products to promote the products and create a sales increase on skin care. A media event will take place at the launch of the Selfridges, Oxfrod Road to position the brand correctly amongst the publications, create awareness of the brand as the event will generate press coverage and it will also create a excitement and interest over the up coming store launches. Selfridges Concession Store Launch Dates 9am - 9pm Thursday 20th November 2014 – Selfridges Oxford Road, London. 10am - 10pm Wednesday 25th February 2015 – Selfridges Trafford Centre, Manchester. 10am - 8pm Wednesday 27th May 2015 –Selfridges the Bullring, Birmingham. 10am - 8pm Thursday 20th August 2015 – Selfridges Exchange Square, Manchester.


11.0 PROMOTIONAL TACTICS A press pack will be sent to the publications which will be attending the event and publishing L’Occitane advertisements which contain press releases with information on the upcoming launch events which they can publish at the given send to press date. The media event will feature a L’Occitane skincare specialist, informing about the products and giving a speech on the brand. All of the concession launches, including the media event, will offer French entertainment and refreshments, along with a goody bag and exclusively to the public event 10% discount on purchases over £150. The concession stores will bring the Mediterranean to the UK. Each concession will have a French traditional interior design, similar to the design of the boutiques and also feature a sink where skin consultations will be carried out. A social media campaign will run alongside the opening of the concession stores to promote the concessions and raise awareness of L’Occitane as a skincare brand. The media campaign will use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest as these are the most popular forms of social media platforms and will allow L’Occitane to reach out to different demographics and a larger web and app target audience. Refer to the Press Pack for press release details. Refer to the Concession Store Proposal for details on the concessions and social media campaign. Refer to the Events Proposal for more details on the events.



11.0 PROMOTIONAL TACTICS 11.3 Social Media Campaign Social media is an extremely effective way of expanding a business and L’Occitane will use this method side by side with opening concession stores in order to try and expand the company further. Facebook and Twitter alone have over 1.5 billion users worldwide which means L’Occitane will be directly exposed to huge numbers of consumers who are not in a direct geographical contact with a L’occitane concession store. One of the benefits of using social media is the increased interaction that companies can have with their consumers and potential consumers, L’Occitane will be able to socialise with users over several platforms such as twitter and Instagram to talk in real time about their products and mission as a company, as well as getting feedback on how their customers feel about the business. Another benefit of using social media along side the opening of concession stores is that it is an extremely cost effective method of marketing. L’Occitane will be able to support the opening of their new stores highly effectively with a much smaller budget than using other platforms such as television advertisement. L’occitane will also be able to target specific customers using this method which means they will not be wasting time or money on promoting their new concession stores to people who are not interested in the company Refer to the Concession Store Proposal for details on the social media campaign.


L’Occitane UK

L’Occitane UK

12.0 ACHIEVING L’OCCITANE UK GOALS 12.1 Goal Number 1 To become famous for their skin care ranges and increase skincare sales. The campaign will achieve this goal as it includes an advertising campaign which consists of print advertisements for the brands top 4 face moisturisers. The advertisements will feature amongst 15 different magazines targeted at a varied and wide demographic consumer market, during a 1 year period. The campaign also involves opening 4 concession stores for the brand within Selfridges stores. This will achieve L’Occitane UKs number 1 goal as the concession stores will only stock skin care produce, identifying the brand as skin care specialist. 12.2 Goal Number 2 To increase brand awareness amongst customers, the beauty industry and within trade publications. The advertising campaign will achieve this goal as it will take place over a 1 year period, resulting in L’Occitane being featured in the UKs top selling magazines for a year making consumers aware of the brand name. Opening a concession within Selfridges will position L’Occitane correctly as a luxury skin care brand and make other companied within the luxury market be aware of brands increasing growth and success. The concession launches also involve a social media campaign to promote the events, this social media coverage will raise awareness of the launches and the brand.


12.0 ACHIEVING L’OCCITANE UK GOALS 12.3 Goal Number 3 To grow the brands VIP listings. A VIP is a consumer who is on the L’Occitane mailing list. They receive exclusive discounts and offers. The opening of the concession stores includes adding all attendees to the VIP list which increases the creation rate with immediate effect. However, adding new customers to the VIP system will produce word of mouth as customers discuss the benefits to other consumers resulting in future VIP creations. 12.4 Goal Number 4 To continue the expansion of Boutiques. The campaign involves the opening of 4 new concession stores. L’Occitane already features within wholesalers John Lewis, Debenhams, Marks and Spencers and Pharmacy store Llyods and created a revenue a profit of +5.75 against budget. Thus is evidential as to featuring in department creates profit. L’Occitane opening within the luxury department store creates a new platform of retail for the brand and achieves to grow the expansion of Boutique available in the UK


13.0 CAMPAIGN TIMELINE 1st July 2014 October 2014

- Send Print Advertisements to publications. In time to be published October 2014 - Send Press Pack to publications - Print Advertisements begin circulation - Press Release 1 published - Social Media begins October 2014 Posts

November 2014 - Press Release 2 published - Press Release 3 published - 6th November - Invites sent to VIPS & Guestlist for media event, As well as placing in Boutiques - Social Media focus on countdown to event and media and public launch event posts - 20th NOVEMBER - OXFORD ROAD CONCESSION OPENS - 19th November - Media Event - Launch Event December 2014

- Social Media focus on promotion of skin care products.

January 2015

- Social Media focus on January 2015 Posts

February 2015 - 11th FEBRUARY - Invites sent to VIPS & Boutiques - Press Release 4 published - Social Media focus on countdown to launch and launch event - 25th FEBRUARY - MANCHESTER TRAFFORD CONCESSION OPENS - Launch Event 36

13.0 CAMPAIGN TIMELINE March 2015 - Social media focus on promoting skincare April 2015 - Press Release 5 published - Social Media focus on concession countdown May 2015 - 13th MAY - Invites sent to VIPs and Boutiques - Social Media focus on concession countdown and launch event - 27th MAY - BIRMINGHAM CONCESSION OPEN - Launch Event June 2015

- Social Media focus on June promotion

July 2015 - Press Release 6 published - Social Media focus on concession countdown August 2015 - 6th AUGUST- Invites sent to VIPS and Boutiques - Social media focus on concession countdown and launch event - 20th AUGUST - MANCHESTER EXCHANGE CONCESSION OPEN - Launch Event September 2015 - Social Media focus on reflection of opening in Selfridges October 2015 - Last circulation of print advertisements - Analyse Campaign 37

14.0 CONCLUSION & ANALYSIS To conclude the campaign features marketing communication tools with the maximum impact which will achieve the brands goals. The advertising campaign creates awareness of the brand as a skin care company, as well are promoting the brand and positions the brand as the advertisements feature in magazines which promote other luxury cosmetic brands. The opening of concessions positions the brand as a luxury brand as L’Occitane is located in a designer department store featuring alongside its rival brands and also creates awareness of L’Occitane being a skin care brand as the concessions only feature skin care products. The store launches will generate VIP creation for the brand and will also create awareness outcomes include press coverage and social media promotion. The social media campaign promotes the events creating awareness of the concessions and brand but the campaign also includes raising awareness of the brand as a luxury skin care provider as it promotes the brands skin care products only. Skin care sales performances, VIP creation percentage increase and the amount of social media followers percentage increase will be analysed carefully during the campaign to assess the success of the campaign. If the campaign is successful the company will then focus on its 5 year plan for the brand to continue its growth amongst the UK beauty market. Please Refer to Appendices B for the company 5 Year Plan.


15.0 APPENDICES Appendix A, Survey Question; Generated by Survey Monkey.


15.0 APPENDICES -I’m allergic to a lot of the chemicals. -They will hopefully have a better effect on your skin and cause Less spots than chemicals may do. -Chemicals usually end up being dangerous -Due to the authenticity of the products,limits the level of reaction’s and usually means a better quality of product -Sensitive skon -I prefer to not have chemicals in my body - Not harsh on delicate parts of the skin - They are better for your skin and feel fresher. They are also kinder on the environment than chemical. Organic is a bit too expensive. -Because they’re better for my skin -i like cocobutter -Better for my skin -I prefer using products that have natural ingrediants as they are better for you skin and dont block up your pores and are also against animal testing. -I have sensitive skin & don’t like putting a lot of products if any on my skin but at the same time don’t want my skin to dry out & go wrinkly. -I prefer to know where my products come from, and feel that natural products are better for my skin. -Softer on the skin -Usually cheaper, and I’m not very fussy. -I have sensitive skin so can’t use chemicals -Can be better for the skin, and no that the products are from a reliable source -Because I prefer that they are natural :) -Sensitive skin -Less harsh on the skin and I usually react to skin care that has chemicals. -We’re told they’re better for our skin. -Because natural products are better for my skin and less likely to lead to a reaction. 40

15.0 APPENDICES -I have sensitive skin -I feel that natural ingredients are better for my skin. -Because they are pure and natural, not been tampered with -Believe it will be better for my skin -I feel that they are better products to put on your skin because they don’t dry your skin out as much as chemical products and will benefit your skin a lot more in the long run! -I use cocobutter because its what ASDA sell -More reasonably priced than organic skincare ranges and less abrasive on the skin than chemically aided products -Overall, better for the skin.


15.0 APPENDICES Appendix B. L’Occitane’s 5 Year Plan. (Actioned October 2015) Year 1 - Expand the skincare advertisements which feature in the 15 magazine publications. Year 2 - Convert concessions within Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and Debenhams into concession stores/counters. - To endorse the skin care ranges with celebrity endorsement. Year 3 - To Launch the first concession within Harvey Nichols. Year 4 - To Launch 5 L’Occitane Spas across the UK. - Continue expansion with Harvey Nichols. Year 5 - To Launch a concession within Harrods.


16.0 FIGURES Figure 1 : Edited Figure 2 & 3 : Photography courtesy of Alana Mustill. Figure 4: Figure 5: Figure 6: Figure 7: Print Advertisements designed by Chris Ledward, Graphic Designer. Concession Store designed by Chris Ledward, Graphic Designer. Social media images created on fake accounts : Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter. Images used courtesy of Alana Mustill. Front Cover Image : ( Edited).


17.0 REFERENCES Euromonitor International. (n.d.). L’Occitane International SA in Beauty and Personnel Care. Retrieved May, 2014, from L’Occitane. (n.d.). About L’Occitane Foundation. Retrieved May, 2014, from news,1,1,30,610.htm Nordstorm. (n.d.). About L’Occitane. Retrieved May, 2014, from Selfridges. (n.d.). Store Locations. Retrieved from


L'Occitane Marketing Plan  
L'Occitane Marketing Plan