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Why am I running? Because I care, because I can make change, because I believe in YFG, because I know I have the skills, talents and experience. Young Fine Gael can play a greater role in shaping our society, in shaping Fine Gael and in shaping the next Government. We have the skills, we have the members, we have the organisation to do great things, to make changes . If elected Vice-President, I will work closely with the President, build stronger links and awareness between the Parliamentary Party, Public Reps and the membership of YFG. I want to see YFG go back to its radical roots, not afraid to take on the controversial issues. I want to see a stronger Young Fine Gael.

Alan addressing the 2007 National Conference in Maynooth, where he was elected to the National Panel.

Who is Alan? Alan is 23 and hails from Knocklyon in Dublin South. After school he studied law. He took a year off after the first Lisbon Treaty Campaign and worked for Gay Mitchell MEP, before becoming his Campaign Manager. Alan is currently doing a Post-grad Diploma in Public Relations. Not being a true 100% “Dub”, he is proud to admit being half a Kerry man, particularly on the third Sunday of most Septembers!

Recruiting in UCC at the “Freshers Fest” with Hollie Dowling, former Munster Regional Organiser, and Stephen Behan, current Vice President

EXPERIENCE - Just some of the roles Alan has played in YFG/FG • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

2004 joined March, aged 16 YFG delegate to YEPP Summer School Cyprus YFG delegate YEPP Seminar Athens Member of the International Committee Member of Social Affairs Policy Committee Member of Northern Ireland Committee Vice Chair DRC 2007/08 PRO/Policy Officer DRC 2006/07 Chair Dublin South YFG 2007 (During General Election) Vice Chair Dublin South YFG (Current) Constituency Youth Officer Dublin South FG (2 terms including 2007 General Election) Constituency Organiser Dublin South FG (Currently) Lead the first YFG Lisbon campaign in Dublin Secretary Knocklyon Branch FG (2 terms, currently) National Secretary YFG2007 (Nov) – 2009 (Feb2008 (Jan) – 2009 (Jan) Campaign Manager for Cllr Neale Richmond Presidential Candidate YFG National Conference Feb 2009 Campaign Manager for Gay Mitchell MEP 2009 (Jan-June) (at the age of 21) Ran Gay Mitchell MEPs Lisbon 2 Campaign Chairman Dublin Regional Council 2009/2010

POLICY YFG needs to radically change the way policy is formed. This summer, the DRC worked on a document called Vision for Dublin. The structure was simple. Each member of DRC was given an area to come up with a few points of interest. Open DRC meetings were held were the topics where discussed by members in brainstorming sessions. A draft document was launched and discussed at Dublin Day after all the meetings feedback was included. This structure could be rolled out nationwide with meetings on various topics being hosted by branches. We have the members, we have the talent, we should use them and get YFG policy into the FG Manifesto.

Alan with Sen. Joe O’Reilly, Cllr Annette Larkin (New Ross), Cllr James O’Sullivan (Greystones) and Tom Broe (TCD YFG) at the March against Education Cut-Backs after last years Budget

Alan at the Dublin Regional Councils “No to Youth Emigration Campaign”. Alan, as Chairman of the DRC, lead this event which received huge media attention. Alan did interviews with 98FM, Q102FM and a live interview along with Damien English TD in studio with Matt Cooper on Today FM. The Irish Times also covered the event and RTÉ news did a special piece on Youth Emigration that night with footage of our event.

TRANSPARENCY The workings of the National Exec should become more open and accessible to the average member. Having been on the Exec previously I can see this issue from both sides. A second National Assembly (in line with the Constitution) will be held each Winter on a delegate basis. The summer school National Assembly is not enough due to the nature on its timing. All branch chairs and secretaries should also be given one weeks notice of Exec meetings. A monthly events list/report should be sent out along with the regular quarterly Informer.

CAMPAIGNS “We are a campaigning organisation, so lets campaign”. YFG has a proud history of campaigning, raising awareness of issues and making change happen. Be it on illegitimacy, jobs or getting a speed sign erected on a dangerous road, YFG should take the lead and ensure young peoples voices are heard. A campaign guidebook should be provided to all branches with guidelines on how to run a successful campaign from start to finish, with everything from draft press releases and photo calls, media contact lists, various ideas and details of past campaigns.

MEDIA RELATIONS YFG must make more use of the Media to raise awareness of issues affecting young people and to raise the profile of YFG itself. A media contacts Directory should be issued to all branches containing all the relevant details of local and national media outlets. The National Exec should produce generic press releases which Branches can tailor and use in local media. Media Training and Social Media Training should play key elements in all Branch Training events and guides.

Recruiting in Griffith College with the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Gerry Breen

ELECTIONS The possibility of a General, a Presidential, a Dublin Mayoral and 4 By-Elections all occurring in the next Exec’s term is very high. YFG needs an experienced team leading this effort. Having been Campaign Manager to both a Cllr and an MEP, and having lead the first YFG Lisbon Campaign in Dublin I know how to run a campaign. We must ensure that YFG candidates are supported and promoted. We must also look at the possible benefits to members. YFG should encourage an intern scheme be establish in FG Election HQ and Candidates Constituency Offices, providing much needed work experience for recently graduated members.

Launch of the Fine Gael Lisbon 2 Campaign

EXECUTIVE COUNCIL YFG will soon to have a third seat on the FG Exec Council, reflecting the value and role YFG has in FG. We need strong, experienced voices representing us and young candidates on the Exec Council. I have the senior party experience to do this. I have worked closely with senior Exec Council figures for years now, and was recently on a small committee with the current Chairman of the FG Exec Council.

Alan with Party Leader Enda Kenny and some of the new YFG Cllrs elected in 2009, Cllr Harris, Cllr McAdam, Cllr Lavelle and Cllr O’Kelly

“ALAN’S NO SPIN, BULLET POINT PLAN” ELECTIONS Supports for YFG Candidates Canvass and Tally Training days for Branches Graduate work placement scheme in Election HQ and Constituency Offices Assigning Members of the National Executive as liaisons with YFG candidates Appoint a YFG National Director of Elections Appoint YFG Directors of Elections for the 4 ByElections!

• • • • • •

EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Support YFG Candidates for General Election Candidate selection Defend and fight for YFG on relevant issues Raise awareness of the value and importance of YFG Fight for extra administrative support for YFG Look for implementation of a Schools Liaison Officer Fight to maintain YFG funding

• • • • • •


Internal YFG/FG communication directory with branch, Front Bench and YFG Public Reps contact Details Media Contact Directory with details of local and National Media Outlets Media and Social Media training as part of Branch Training Day

“ALAN’S NO SPIN, BULLET POINT PLAN” TRANSPARENCY A second, delegate based, National Assembly held each Winter, encouraging real accountability An email from National Secretary to all Chairs and Secretaries one week before all Exec meetings A monthly email from Communications Director to all branches with update from Exec

• • •

POLICY New structures Pick a policy area, break down into 5 topics. Go to branch meetings and debate. Branch writes draft policy Document. Go to another branch and repeat. 3 to 4 Large Policy Seminars a year on one policy area each, with guest speakers and Front Bench Representatives. Broken into different sessions – brainstorming, guest speakers, debate, and Policy creation. Get YFG policies into Fine Gael Election Manifesto

• •


Run 2 to 3 large scale campaigns in the Next Execs term Run a Regional Campaign in each of the four Regions Financial and administrative support for any Branch running a local campaign Campaign Guidebook to be distributed to all branches

“ALAN’S NO SPIN, BULLET POINT PLAN” NON-COLLEGE BRANCH Provide a fundraising guide In connection with College Branches have a “Get to know your college day” where members of Non-College Branches who are starting college can visit their chosen college with other YFGers starting college and get a tour, make friends and attend a welcome meeting hosted and run by YFG Build relations with neighbouring branches through joint campaigns/ debates/social events/canvassing

• •


To be carried out by non-college branches, Regional Councils and Public Reps Information packs for CPSE students on the Oireachtas, Council, European Parliament and Office of President etc, all YFG branded Branches to arrange speakers to schools, eg members or Public Reps Option of running a mock Dáil for CSPE/Transition Years in Schools or externally for more than one School Branches to offer to facilitate Dáil Trips 5th/6th year Information Packs including Garda Age card forms, Provisional License Forms, Voter Registration forms, Driving License forms, etc, in YFG branded folders Joint Public Meetings with Collins 22 Society inviting History students from local schools

“ALAN’S NO SPIN, BULLET POINT PLAN” RELATIONS WITH SENIOR PARTY A member of Exec to attend constituency meetings of the senior party and deliver a short presentation on YFG, the work we do and our achievements to date Invite the Party Leader to an Exec meeting A bi-monthly report on YFG activities to be sent to all Fine Gael Public Reps Encourage YFG Branches to host Public meetings with members of the Front Bench

• • •


Restructuring of Regional Councils More power and responsibilities to be given to Regional Councils Exec to mandate Regional Councils to carry out certain activities/ events/campaigns More of a role in policy production/promotion Annual Joint meeting with Regional Council and National Executive to discuss the Region



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