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GE Oil & Gas aligns strategy with

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T THE ANNUAL SPE ATCE held in access to more efficient and reliable Dubai on 26-28 September, GE Oil operations for better production capacity. & Gas announced the signing of a Even when we look at Saudi Electric multi-million-dollar contract with Company (SEC), its aim is to make sure it Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) for the can have power delivered in the most provision of progressive cavity pump (PCP) remote regions without any hindrance and equipment and related services commencing be able to manage its peak load in the in Q3 2016. summer. We believe that helping the This is aligned with PDO’s ‘In Country Kingdom develop the industrial cloud is one of Value’ initiative and marks the first contract the things that will enable the country to have awarded by PDO to GE, for providing PCP a strong foundation for the next generation. equipment and services. PDO’s ‘In Country Value’ strategy aims at In terms of process technology for oil and promoting localised sourcing, developing gas, how do you see the demand growing Local Community Contractors (LCCs) and in the Middle East region? And where do strengthening Omani talent development you think the trend will go from here? through training programmes. GE Oil & Gas RQ: What is happening in the industry today will sub-contract services to LCCs that will is challenging but it is also healthy also be trained on the various aspects of PCP competition. One of the things that this services. market dynamic brings in terms of A PDO spokesperson said: “The award of technology is to make sure that everyone the integrated PCP contract to GE for the focuses on having more reliable, more Nimr fields synergises and aligns with the efficient systems, thereby growing leaner – integrated RRP contract for the Nimr fields not only from an organisational perspective previously awarded to GE. ‘In Country Value’ but also from a decision-making one. So I was an important feature of the negotiations believe the region, based on what we have and this contract is further evidence of our seen over the last two years and what we commitment to secure long-term sustainable believe the next two years are going to Rami Qasem, president & CEO, GE Oil & Gas for Middle East, bring, is going to continue investing but economic benefits for the Sultanate.” Rami Qasem, president & CEO, GE Oil & North Africa and Turkey. more towards having efficient operations Gas for Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, from their existing assets while they are said: “The contract builds on our long-term partnership with PDO and looking into enhancing production as well. underlines our commitment to investing in Oman and supporting GE Oil & Gas will also continue investment in better technology to PDO to achieve its long-term goals. The provision of advanced make sure we partner with national oil companies (NOCs) to fulfil equipment and services will help in meeting and exceeding the their domestic strategies. average run-life of the PCP equipment, a critical component in PDO’s Another aspect of growth in the region is localisation. Everyone production operations.” wants to make sure that they have the right services locally, the right Speaking exclusively with Oil Review Middle East, Qasem also manufacturing capabilities and assets - something that can help have discussed similar plans about Saudi Arabia. more sustainable partnership and growth for many years to come. Oil Review Middle East: Can you tell us about GE’s activities in Saudi Arabia and what is GE Oil & Gas doing to promote localisation in the country? Rami Qasem (RQ): GE Oil & Gas is one of the first companies to be aligning its overall strategy with Saudi Vision 2030. We were given the opportunity from early days to work with all the stakeholders, be it Saudi Aramco, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Health, and others where we were able to put a solid plan together that will enable GE to fulfil the Kingdom's vision. We are actively promoting localisation here - talent development or technology transfers. How is GE Oil & Gas helping the Kingdom develop into a digital hub? RQ: With regards to oil and gas, Saudi Aramco is ensuring that it has


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What new technologies is GE bringing to the region? RQ: At the show we are demonstrating something we call the Field Vantage™. This technology is common in the healthcare and aerospace sectors. We are implementing this technology in the wells. Some of these capabilities that GE Oil & Gas employs today in Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have enabled E&P producers achieve improvement in oil production. How has SPE ATCE 2016 in Dubai been for GE Oil & Gas? RQ: An international event like this in the Middle East region is good to begin with. We were very pleased to see the level of engagement from the NOCs and from our colleagues in the industry. It is a very focused event. We are on a learning curve and so far this looks like a good start. n

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