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Latest pressure relief solutions to be demonstrated at ADIPEC RUPTURE DISCS AND Buckling Pin Relief Valves (BPRVs) are the two major primary relief devices used to protect a wide range of applications from potentially serious over pressurisation. According to ASME VIII Division I, either may be used as a primary pressure relief device, so dependent on the application, process conditions or customer preference, one solution may be selected over the other. With increased customer expectations on the performance of a pressure relief solution in relation to quality, efficiency, maintenance and the environment, it is not surprising that manufacturers have made significant technological advancements to these devices. Elfab Limited has led the industry with technically advanced pressure relief products for the past 80 years. Over the past 12 months since Elfab exhibited at ADIPEC in 2015, significant developments have been made in terms of new product developments, expanding Elfab’s pressure management range offering both BPRVs and rupture discs, enabling Elfab to better service its global customer base. Elfab understands there is a place for both BPRVs and rupture discs in the market, dependent on a particular design brief or application. However, it is apparent that while technology has advanced significantly over recent years, the benefits of such advances have not been fully adopted by industry. During ADIPEC 2016, Elfab will be emphasising the latest developments to pressure relief solutions and demonstrating how these can help make considerable process improvements for its customers.

activated. In terms of detection, Elfab are the first manufacturer to introduce the industry’s first WirelessHART™ burst detection system. Maintenance tools can also be provided, such as Elfab’s Test-Tel device to ensure a visible indication of rupture disc state without removing the disc from its holder. In terms of installation, Elfab offers disc aligment tags, installation locks and RFID detection for correct holder installation. As both rupture discs and buckling pin relief valves offer benefits that were not commonly understood, there is still the challenge of selecting the appropriate device for an application. Whether this is a rupture disc or BPRV, Elfab offers the most cost-effective and best performance solution, working with its customers to An example of Elfab’s Opti-GardTM range understand the application in detail. During ADIPEC 2016, Elfab will be on hand at stand 8321 to discuss further. Potential clients are encouraged to get in touch as soon as possible to set up a meeting with one of our technical experts at the premier oil and gas event – or alternatively, see the website for further information by visiting Stand: 8321

An example of Elfab’s pressure relief products

Common concerns Concerns over fatigue, corrosion, installation, notification of function and maintenance costs are all common concerns noted in the industry. Elfab will demonstrate how both BPRVs and rupture discs have developed to overcome such concerns with the latest designs. For example, customers worry that both solutions may fatigue over time. Firstly, Elfab’s buckling pins will not fatigue as they are not subject to process conditions and only buckle at set point. Traditional, forward-acting rupture discs were more susceptible to this problem, however, the latest reverseacting solutions outperform the original designs. Many reverse-acting discs have been tested to over one million life cycles and Elfab’s Opti-Gard™ range benefit from an industry leading tolerance of three per cent, meaning there is little risk of fatigue in even the harshest of operating conditions. Corrosion can also be a real concern. For buckling pins, the pressure relieving part – the pin – is external to the process conditions, meaning that it will never be in contact with the process media, ensuring low repurchase costs and confidence that the product will not be affected by this problem. Alternatively, rupture discs can be manufactured from a wide range of highly non-corrosive materials and all discs are fail-safe. Notification of function Burst detection systems are crucial in order to receive a notification that the product has functioned. For the BPRV, it is visually apparent once the pin has

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