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The oil supply unit continuously monitors the oil temperature, pressure and level. In the event of excessive oil loss or a loss of pressure, the system switches automatically into failsafe mode (Figure 5, bottom). In failsafe mode the system simply acts as a conventional vented pressure packing, with no power supply needed. The conventional packing rings (“1” in Figure 3) take over the job of gas sealing, and the oil supply line acts as a vent line. The buffer volume is at vent pressure, and the downstream oil seal ring (“3c” in Figure 3) works as a vent seal. In applications where a purge system would normally be used, this can be arranged to switch in when the system enters failsafe mode. The use of the buffer volume to reduce the necessary oil pressure does have one potential drawback if the compressor remains pressurised when it is stationary. Under these conditions, a leaking discharge valve could allow the buffer pressure to rise to the full discharge pressure, which is higher than that of the oil. The solution is straightforward: the oil Figure 4: The central oil supply supply unit oil pressure gets manually unit incorporates an oil pump, oil increased temporarily whenever the cooler, and functions for control, compressor is at a standstill. monitoring and safety

Figure 5: Normal operation (top) and failsafe mode (above). In failsafe mode the system operates as a conventional vented packing, with purge if required

Because the packing box itself is built up from individual components, the system is easy to retrofit and can be tailored for any compressor size.

Confirming real-world performance The new sealing system has been tested successfully at three plants handling natural gas (a natural gas gathering and treatment plant, a refinery application on a saturated gas unit (SGU) in India, and a large propane refrigeration compressor). In each case, XperSEAL was able to eliminate gas leakage, and the current seal profile now maintains oil consumption at or below its previous values. The new leak-free packing will not be necessary or appropriate for every reciprocating compressor, but it is surely of interest in cases in which low gas leakage has proved difficult to achieve, or where safety or environmental restrictions set stringent limits on acceptable leakage rates. n

Setting the standard for high pressure breathing air compressors BAUER COMPRESSORS, INC, a leader in high pressure breathing air compressor systems and components for more than 70 years, has introduced the UNICUS® 4i, an “all-in-one” compressor package which centralises all high pressure breathing air system components into one appliance-type package. Central to the compressor is an air-cooled compressor coupled to a high pressure breathing air purification system. UNICUS 4i incorporates touchscreen technology to the operations panel, providing immediate operator interphase with the unit for system operations and fault condition assessment. Operators can turn the compressor on, or off, from one touchscreen; control the processed air into or out of the onboard ASME air storage cylinders by the tap of a screen; or even fill the SCBA (selfcontained breathing apparatus) cylinders within a three-position NFPA compliant containment fill station, while at the same time controlling the function of individual fill pressures at each (SCBA) filling position. If obtaining an accurate air sample for analysis and locating a qualified lab has been a problem, BAUER’s Lab On Locale 2™ proprietary option takes the guesswork out of the equation. A specific hardware component is integrated into UNICUS 4i which, at a keystroke, provides immediate access to a qualified third party lab over the internet or via cellphone. As for data logging, the company’s optional RFID Technology utilises proprietary antennas to read SCBA tags to record all data in accordance with NFPA. The UNICUS® 4i compressor


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BAUER’s optional Gas-Tek™ sensor technology allows gas monitoring requirements to be tailored to the user’s specific needs. Included is a fault alarm with shutdown to prohibit it from processing contaminated air. All the key components within the UNICUS 4i system are manufactured by BAUER. Take it, or leave it – TCOM® mobile high pressure breathing air compressor system Have you ever responded to an incident and wished you had more full SCBA’s on-scene, rather than spending time shuttling cylinders back and forth? Or perhaps the ability to enter a confined space with tethered air, so you don’t have to tow a cascade system back to the station and fill the cylinders? One of the many unique features of the TCOM trailer package is BAUER’s proprietary dual drive system. At the fire station the united supplied shore power cable can be plugged into the station’s affixed electrical connection, while in the field, the compressor can be powered from a water-cooled diesel. Other amenities incorporated within the weather proof enclosure include storage for up to twelve SCBA cylinders; four ASME-type air storage cylinders; a two-position containment fill station (tested in accordance with the 2016 edition of NFPA 1901) which is housed behind an anodised aluminum roller shutter door, along with all the compressor and air management controls.

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