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Holi Festival © Tim Gainey / Alamy Stock Photo

Festivals The Goan calendar is filled with festivals and events helping to showcase the state’s vibrant culture. From live music and dance to colourful parades, the state comes to life with many religious and cultural celebrations. Why not time your trip to coincide with one of the many festivals taking place and experience Goa’s vibrant culture first hand. Here is a list of our top festivals. OCT / NOV | Diwali The Hindu festival of light is a five day event celebrating the triumph of good over evil. The festival features the lighting of lamps, hanging of paper lanterns and the giving and receiving of sweets. DEC | Feast of St Francis Xavier The biggest of all Christian Festivals in Goa is the Feast of St Francis Xavier, when thousands from across the world visit to participate in the morning mass in Old Goa. Held on the anniversary of his death, this festival celebrates the life of the Saint who brought Christianity to Goa.

FEB / MAR | Carnival The capital Panjim comes alive during this three day Goan Carnival, including colourful processions of floats, live bands and dancing inspired by the Brazilian Mardi Gras. MAR | Shigmo One of the most colourful festivals in Goa, Shigmo is celebrated by the Hindu majority with joyous festivities and elaborate parades. On the eve of Shigmo, a fiesta of colour and rich cultural heritage unfolds across the length and breadth of Goa. For a full diary of events and festival dates visit our website

DEC | Christmas Christmas is a magical time in Goa celebrated by both Hindus and Christians alike. The day is commemorated with feasting, fireworks and many festivities all over the state. FEB / MAR | Holi Holi Festival or the Festival of Colours is one of the most celebrated festivals in India and is the first in the Hindu calendar. Marking the arrival of spring, it commemorates fertility and good harvest with the throwing of colourful paint and water. The temples in the south of Goa celebrate Holi Festival with the most enthusiasm.


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