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THIS ISSUE 12 Sumptuous Sadhya

Traditional Onam Sadhya recipes from Ente Keralam

Learn more about the home of chicken 65 page 35

2 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Meen Pollichatu and more... page 40

20 Of Puff and Fluff

Versatile idlis can be tastier with these easy to make recipes


Chickpeas aka channa has profound nutritional benefits than one might know

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KITCHEN FRINGES 48 From Granny's


It’s time to stock up your kitchen shelves with these timeless utensils

IN THE KNOW 18 Ask Sabita

This culinary wizard answers all your queries on food and cooking. Now say goodbye to kitchen angst!

26 Ask Dharini

This nutrition expert solves all the diet and nutrition riddles which have been hogging your mind. Embrace them for a healthier living



A quick rendezvous with entrepreneur Nina Reddy

Managing Director Sujit Kumar

Unconventional Salads pg 26

CELEB FOODIE 30 Shwetha Mohan

Singer Shwetha Mohan declares her love for junk food and Indian Chinese

RESTAURANT ROUNDING 32 A Walk Down Memory Lane

These institutions have defined the culinary landscape of Madras that is Chennai

GOURMET SAFARI 40 God’s Own Flavours

Known for its seafood varieties, Kerala should be every foodie’s dream destination

Feast on a plethora of rich Sadhya dishes with chef, Jaya Prasad from Ente Keralam page 12

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4 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

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Mark your dates

The best of Chennai this month. If it’s out there, we’ll find it...

Celebrating our Independence Where: Main Street by New Residency Towers

In honour of our 65th year of Independence, Main Street at New Residency Towers is offering a great Independence special. From the 10th to the 19th of August, the Main Street team will be specializing in all-Indian cuisine from every one of the 8 regions that make up the Indian sub-continent. This offer can be availed of for both lunch and dinner. For more information, call 04442676000

Essentially Kerala Where: 601 by the Park

With the quintessential Kerala festival around the corner, the team at 601, The Park, is offering you the chance to enjoy your Onam sapaad in style! On August 29th, customers can sample some of the best of Kerala food like Puttu, Meen pollichathu, Malabar avial and Ada pradhaman. There are even Appam and Stew counters with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. For more information, call 044 28156363

Island Delights

Where: Kayal by Le Meridien

The Pacific islands are a source of some great flavors. At Kayal, at Le Meridien, you can experience some of the authentic island fare from the 16th to the 30th of August. A seafood specialty restaurant, Kayal’s latest food festival will feature foods from islands like Hawaii, Tahiti, etc – take a tour of the Pacific with your taste buds! For more information, call 044 22314343 6 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Packed Away

Where: Muffin Tree by Courtyard by Marriott

Muffin Tree, the Courtyard by Marriott’s deli and pastry shop, has introduced a new executive lunch, perfect for the discerning members of the work force. Under the helm of Executive Chef Girish, customers are offered the chance to buy hot packed lunches. These meals are inventive and healthy – the perfect combination for office goers. Stir Fried Tofu, Yasai Teppanyaki, Penne Arrabiata Sauce with Vegetables, Baked Corn and Spinach, Finger with Tartar Sauce, Grilled Chicken with Borolo Jus and Meen Kozhambu are a few of the meals that you can purchase. For more information, call 044 66764000

Nutrition Nibbles

Fiber Fabulous

From ancient Persian recipes to the more modern Channa Batura combination, chickpeas have been a part of the culinary tradition of several countries and cultures By Anjali Alappat 8 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Rumored to have first been spotted in Persia, Chickpeas or Garbanzo beans are extremely nutritious. These legumes were beloved in ancient Greek, Roman, Spanish and Portuguese cultures. In the 16th century, the tropical regions were introduced to chickpeas. Rich in fiber, folic acid and manganese, chickpeas are also a great source of molybdenum, an essential element. Chickpeas also have a lot of macro nutrients and are a wonderful source of protein, containing nearly double the amount of protein found in cereal grains. Minerals like iron, copper, zinc and magnesium can also be found in chickpeas.

Fundamental Fibers

Garbanzo beans are famous for their unique fiber levels. If you eat two cups of chickpeas a day, you will have satisfied your daily fiber needs. Studies have proven that the fiber content in chickpeas also has other benefits like lowering the levels of bad cholesterol and regulating the fat levels in the blood. For dieters, chickpeas are a great addition to your diet. Studies have indicated that they can be eaten in large amounts daily and that when garbanzo beans are added to a diet, consumers tended to decrease their junk food intake. Because chickpeas are so filling, their addition to a diet is likely to reduce a person's overall food intake. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 9

Amazing Antioxidants

Several of the systems in our body are susceptible to damage from oxidative stress and reactive oxygen molecules. Some of these systems are: the lungs, the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. Antioxidants are critical for the smooth functioning of these systems. Chickpeas contain some generic antioxidants like vitamin C, E and betacartotene. They also contain the more unusual antioxidant phytonutrients such as kaempferol, flavonoids quercetin and myricetin. Studies in both animals and humans have shown that garbanzo beans reduce the likeliness of heart disease, a fact that is largely contributed to its large antioxidant make-up.

Sweet as Sugar

The dietary fiber that is found in chickpeas plays an active role in the controlling and balancing of the glucose levels in the blood. After we eat a meal, the levels of glucose in the blood spike. If we persist in selecting foods that constantly incur these spikes, we are increasing the likelihood of our bodies developing problems such as diabetes. It can also lead to excessive weight gain. Dietary fibers are known for balancing out the glucose levels in blood and helping in the reduction of the spikes.

The fiber intake slows down the gastric emptying and also increases the sensitivity of the body to insulin, allowing for proper absorption. 10 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Dedicated to Digestion

Fiber might be the chickpeas claim to fame but there are some lesser known and equally nutritious benefits to consuming them. They are also extremely useful to improving the functions of the digestive tract.

Chickpeas are not only rich in fiber but also are largely insoluble. This is important as insoluble fiber generally remains unchanged as it passes through the digestive system, until it reaches the colon. The bacteria present in the colon break down the fiber and turn it into short chain fatty acids or SCFAs. Some of these fatty acids are extremely beneficial such as acetic acid, butyric acid and propionic acid. These SCFAs also provide large amounts of energy which aids in keeping the colon cells active and healthy, preventing problems with the colon. It is also considered a good way to limit the risk of colon cancer.

Punjabi Chole

Serve hot with puris, parathas, chapatis or rice INGREDIENTS

2 cups Kabuli chana 2 tomatoes (chopped) 1 cup tomato puree or paste 3 medium Onions (finely chopped) 2 cloves minced garlic 1 tbsp ginger paste 2 green chillies chopped Salt to taste ¼ tsp turmeric powder 1½ tsp red chili powder 1 tsp coriander powder 4 tsp vegetable oil ¼ tsp garam masala powder 3 tsp of chana masala powder ¼ tsp cumin seeds For garnishing

Coriander leaves 2 small Onions 1 tomato (sliced in Rings)


Soak the chana overnight in lukewarm salted water with two tea bags, so that the chana will turn black. Boil the chana along with the tea bags in the pressure cooker next day. On medium-low heat, add some oil, throw in the cumin seeds and as they start to splutter, add the minced garlic and ginger paste. Now, add the chopped onions and a pinch of salt. Sauté until they turn brown, then add the coriander powder. Continue to sauté and then add the turmeric and chili powder, and salt. Tip in the garam masala and chana masala and pour in the tomato puree and stir blend the mixture well till the oil starts to separate itself from the sides. Add the chopped green chilies. Now, take the tea bags out from the cooked chana and add them (without the water) to the spice gravy mixture. Cook the chana in the gravy for 8-12 minutes until the gravy thickens. Garnish with coriander leaves, onion and tomato rings. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 11



Photography: Abhay Kumar 12 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

They say ‘Kaanam Vittum Onam Unnanam’ which means men go to the extent of even selling their possessions for an Onam Sadhya. The best part about any Indian festival is the elaborate feast that is cooked at home. With Onam round the corner, f lets us in on a few traditional Onam recipes.


Potpourri of vegetables cooked along with coconut oil and yoghurt • 300 gms yam • 100 gms long beans • 300 gms white pumpkin • 100 gms drumstick • 2 green chilli • 2 gms curry leaves • 150 gms carrots • 70 gms karamani (Long yard beans) • 1 nendran banana • 1 coconut • 10 tbsp coconut oil • Salt to taste • ½ tsp turmeric powder • ¼ tsp chilli powder • 1 gm jeera powder • 50 gms raw mango • 2 tbsp curd • 350 ml water 1. Cut all the

vegetables into long pieces and boil them.

2. Add ½ tsp of

turmeric powder and chilli powder to the boiling vegetables. 3. When the vegetables are half boiled, add cut pieces of the raw mango. 4. Grind the whole coconut in a mixer and make it into a paste. Add ½ tsp of turmeric powder and ½ tsp of jeera powder to the paste. 5. Add this paste to the boiled vegetables. 6. Now add the coconut oil and curry leaves to the vegetables and mix well. 7. Add 2 tbsp of curd in the end. Serve hot. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 13


Traditional yellow curry with a spicy and sweet taste • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

200 gms potato 250 gms yam 150 gms carrot 1 nendran banana 100 gms drumstick 1 coconut (grated) ½ tsp chilli powder ½ tsp pepper powder ¼ tsp turmeric powder ½ tsp coriander powder Salt to taste 2 tbsp coconut oil 2 tsp mustard seeds 2 tsp moong dal

1. Cut all the

vegetables into small pieces and keep aside. 2. Take a vessel and pour 400 ml of water. Add ¼ tsp turmeric powder, ½ tsp coriander powder, ½ tsp pepper powder, ¼ tsp chilli powder, required salt and boil the vegetables in it. 3. Grate the coconut and add half of it to the vegetables. 4. Heat 2 tbsp of coconut oil and sauté the mustard seeds and moong dal until they turn golden brown. Add rest of the grated coconut and fry. 5. Add the vegetables into the fried coconut. 6. Serve hot with brown rice. 14 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012


A nutritious pumpkin and yam preparation • 350 gms yellow pumpkin • 350 gms yam (Chena) • 75 gms red karamani seeds • ½ tsp red chilli powder • ¼ tsp turmeric powder • Salt to taste • 1 coconut (grated) • 50 gms coconut oil • 2 gms curry leaves • ½ tsp mustard seeds • 2 nos red chilli • Water as required 1. Soak the karamani

seeds in water for four hours so that it becomes tender. 2. Cut the vegetables into pieces. 3. Boil the soaked seeds for five minutes and add the vegetables and the spices including salt. 4. Boil this mixture to a mash consistency by adding water. Add half of the grated coconut to this mash. 5. Heat 1 ½ tbsp of coconut oil in a wok and add mustard seeds, curry leaves and red chillies. Fry till golden brown. 6. Add rest of the grated coconut to this mixture. 7. Now, add the prepared mash to this. Serve hot. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 15


A traditional dish that is prepared with yellow and white pumpkins

• 250 gms yellow pumpkin • 250 gms white pumpkin • 3 gms curry leaves • 1 green chilli • 75 karamani (optional) • 400 ml water • 200 ml coconut milk 1. Cut the yellow and

white pumpkin into small, square pieces. 2. Boil the pumpkin with green chilli and curry leaves in 400 ml of water. Also, boil the karamani and keep it aside. 3. Add the boiled karamani, turmeric powder and 200 ml of thick coconut milk to the vegetables. 4. Serve hot with rice. 16 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012


A traditional sweet dish preparation • • • • • • • • • •

200 gms moong dal 400 gms jaggery 1 ½ tbsp ghee 2 lt coconut milk 5 cardamom 1 pinch dry ginger 15 gms cashew nut 15 gms dry raisins 20 gms dry coconut Water as required

1. Fry the moong

dal in a pan till its golden brown. 2. Add 1 litre of water to it and allow it to boil. 3. Melt the jaggery and add to the boiling water and keep stirring this mixture till it becomes dry. 4. Add 1 litre of coconut milk to this mixture and stir till it reduces to 1/4th quantity. 5. Add cardamom and the dry ginger paste. 6. Add 1 litre of coconut milk and cook for two minutes. 7. In a separate pan, heat ghee and fry the cashew nuts and raisins. Add this to the payasam. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 17

In the Know

Ask Sabita

Sabita Radhakrishna is a well known food columnist and cookbook author. Our readers can find answers to all their cooking related queries here. Mail in your queries to

I have heard people talk about kaccha biryani. How is it possible for the meat and rice to cook together and yet be tender?

The secret is that you marinate the meat the previous night with masala and beaten curds. Some use mashed raw papaya which is a wonderful tenderizer. The rice and meat are layered with the masala and finally crisply fried and sliced onions are sprinkled on top. The taste is something unbeatable and once you get the hang of it, you will not hesitate to make it often. What is galangal and how do you use it?

Galangal is from the ginger family and it is rhizome that resembles ginger. Its origin can be traced back to India and the Far East. It has a stronger flavour than ginger and is more aromatic. It is commercially available as dry pieces. These have to be pounded and used sparingly, as an overdose spoils the taste of the dish. It is an essential ingredient of Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian cooking.

18 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012


While cooking, when do you boil a liquid and when do you simmer it?

Boiling is bringing the liquid to a point when bubbles start breaking out on the surface. Essentially, boiling is done to reduce the quantity of a liquid. Some recipes call for rapid boiling where you place the ingredients in the boiling water to reduce the heat and simmer. When the liquid starts boiling and you add chopped vegetables to them, it seals all the nutrition such that the nutrition doesn’t seep into the water. When you plop the vegetables in cold water and then boil the liquid, the nutrition spreads to the water; in this case you must use the water and not throw it away like you would in a soup. Simmering is cooking the food slowly and steadily in a liquid or sauce below boiling point, on low heat, so that the surface of the liquid bubbles occasionally. This sort of slow cooking is excellent for sauces and soups. Quick cooking for these recipes mars the taste.

In curries, the simmering helps blend the ingredients and spices till the oil rises to the top.

Are Kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass also used in Thai cooking?

When fresh kaffir lime leaves are not available, you can use leaves from the lime tree but it is not quite the same. In Chennai, kaffir lime leaves are available commercially in a dry form. You can store them in the freezer. Lemon grass is easily grown in pots and flourishes easily. The leaves are long and spiky and when squeezed, they smell of lime. The roots should be removed and the edges are cut into thin strips or ground as the recipe demands. It has a subtle and enhances the flavour of Thai dishes. You can add it while making tea or in boiling water when you are making rice. What is a gnocchi?

Gnocchi are small dumplings made from flour, fine semolina flour and potatoes. They are poached or cooked au gratin in the oven. It is classified as pasta and is Italian in origin. Gnocchi means “lumps” and Italian gnocchi are made with semolina, egg and cheese.


Could you suggest some sauces which are served with poultry, meat and fish?

These are sauces which are not commonly made for poultry, meat and fish dishes:

Onion Sauce: Cook hundred grams of chopped onion in 1¼ cups of milk seasoned with salt, pepper and grated nutmeg. Once the onion is cooked, strain the milk and make white sauce with it using 1½ tablespoons of butter and 2 tablespoons of milk. As the milk sauce starts to boil, add the onions and cook on low heat till it thickens. The sauce can be use in mutton, chicken or game dishes and can also be used on grilled vegetables, mushroom, corn, etc. Butter Sauce: Heat 2 tablespoons of butter and add ¼ a cup of maida to it. Add a cup of salted boiling water and start whisking the mixture vigorously. Season it with pepper and stir in ½ a cup of chopped pieces of butter to it. Mustard Sauce: Add a tablespoon of powdered or prepared mustard to 200 ml of butter sauce. Serve mustard sauce with grilled fish or boiled eggs. Parsley Sauce: To 250 ml of butter sauce, add one tablespoon of chopped parsley and juice of half a lime or more if you like more tanginess. Parsley sauce goes will with pork chops, lamb or beef.

Please note that vegetarians can enjoy all theses sauces as accompaniments. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 19

Of Puff

& fluff

20 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

The ubiquitous idli has found a place in everyone’s palate world over and has given birth to many variants

A humble man’s breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner, the origin of idlis is one that is debatable till date. History has it that idli was first mentioned as iddaligein, a Kannada work of 920 AD, which was essentially made from urad dal batter alone. The dish apparently figured much later in Tamil as italiin in the 17th century. Some say that the making of idlis is an influence of the Indonesian cuisine, which has a tradition of fermentation in many of its dishes such as tempeh and kedli, which in fact is very similar to idli. Whether imported from Indonesia or invented in India, idlis are known for its simplicity, nutrition and inexpensiveness. A fundamental dish in most households, there are many variations to idlis, which are as easy to make without much struggle in the kitchen.

IDLI MANCHURIAN 6-8 left over idlis (quartered into pieces) 2 tbsp maida 1 tbsp corn flour 1 tsp ginger-garlic paste 1 tsp green chilli paste Less than ½ cup warm water Salt to taste For the sauce: ¼ cup spring onions (finely chopped) ½ capsicum (finely sliced) 1 tbsp finely minced garlic ¼ tsp finely minced ginger 1-2 finely chopped green chilies ¼ tsp red chilli powder (preferably Kashmiri) ½ tsp soya sauce ¼ tbsp chilli sauce 1 tsp vinegar 1½ tbsp tomato sauce ½ tsp brown sugar (optional) Salt as required 1½ tbsp sesame oil 1 tbsp finely chopped coriander leaves (replaceable with spring onions)

1. In a heavy bottomed

kadai, heat some oil. 2. In a bowl, mix maida, corn flour, salt, ginger-garlic and chilli paste and water to make a thick paste. Dip the idli pieces into the batter until they are well coated. 3. Drop the idli pieces into the hot oil and make sure you don’t crowd the kadai with idli pieces. 4. Reduce the flame and deep fry the idli pieces until they turn light brown. Towards the end, increase the flame and continue to fry them till they turn golden brown. 5. Remove the pieces and place them on a paper napkin. 6. Now, heat some oil in a large kadai and add the chopped garlic once the oil is hot. Sauté the garlic for a bit and then add the green chilli and

ginger and continue to sauté. 7. Add the whites of the spring onions and sauté on high flame for 3-4 minutes, tossing them continuously. Now, add the sliced capsicum and sauté for another 3 minutes. 8. Reduce the heat to medium and add brown sugar, soya sauce, tomato ketchup, chili sauce and vinegar. Blend the ingredients together and sauté for 2 more minutes. 9. Now, add 4-5 tablespoons of water and allow it to cook for 2 minutes. 10. Finally, add the deep fried idli pieces to the mixture and toss on high flame for 1-2 minutes. 11. Garnish with chopped spring onion greens or coriander leaves.

À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 21

STUFFED POTATO IDLIS Idli batter 2-3 boiled potatoes (mashed and peeled) 1 onion (finely chopped) 10 cashews 2 green chilies (finely chopped) Handful of peas Coriander leaves (finely chopped) Pinch of asafoetida Oil to sauté Pinch of turmeric powder

22 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

1. Heat some oil in

3. Grease the idli stand

a kadai and add the onions. Sauté for a while and then add the green chilies, cashews, turmeric powder and Asafoetida. 2. Now, add the mashed potato to this mixture and sauté until the ingredients are well combined. Add salt to taste. Add the chopped coriander as garnish and set aside.

with some oil and plop a spoon full of idli batter into each section. Place a tablespoon of the potato mixture and top if off with another spoon of idli batter. Repeat the process until the batter and the potato mixture are done. 4. Steam the idlis until they are well cooked. 5. Serve hot with mint or coconut chutney.

GREEN GRAM IDLI 1 cup green gram 1 handful urad dal Salt to taste Green chilli to taste 1 tsp soda bicarbonate (to be added while making the idli if you want to make the idlis

immediately without fermentation) 1. Soak the green

gram and urad dal together over night. 2. Grind it to a coarse consistency with salt

and green chillis. 3. Pour the batter in the idli mould and steam for 8 minutes. 4. Serve with ginger or garlic chutney.

À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 23

JACKFRUIT IDLI 2 cups rice 2 cups jackfruit (cut into small pieces) ½ cup grated coconut ½-¾ cup jaggery ¼ tsp cardamom Powder ¼ tsp cooking Soda ½ tsp salt

24 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

1. Soak rice in water

for couple of hours or overnight. 2. Grind the rice with freshly grated coconut, salt, cooking soda and jaggery to a smooth consistency (dosai batter consistency). 3. To this add chopped

jackfruit and cardamom powder and mix well. 4. Grease the idli plate with ghee and pour a ladle full of batter and steam cook them in pressure cooker for 1015 minutes. 5. Serve them hot with a spicy mango chutney.

In the Know

Ask Dharini

Dr. Dharini Krishnan, a renowned Consultant Dietician answers your questions on basic nutrition and how it can make a difference to our body and health. Mail in your queries to

Why should I include Indian herbs and spices to my diet?

Youngsters have now moved away from traditional foods and they are now into Continental cuisine. Hence, they miss out on dals, spices such as coriander seeds, turmeric, pepper, cumin, ginger, green chili and curry leaves. Every one of these ingredients helps us in building immunity and protects us from cancer, aids in digestion and lends us the right microbial flora (which guarantees B12). They help prevent memory loss, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, etc.

The right combination of spices and herbs works wonders for our body.


What is a healthy alternative when I go to a food court?

A fruit platter or a salad is the answer. Fruits are rich in vitamin C and they also are high in potassium, anti-cancer properties, phytonutrients and flavonoids. Choose citrus fruits like orange and sweet lime, papaya and seasonal fruits like watermelon, musk melon and pear. Spice these fruits up for a touch of flavour with black salt or kala namak, oregano, lemon juice or pepper. Avoid fruits such as mango, jackfruit and avocado. Some fruit combinations work very well in terms of nutrients and taste. Mix papaya, apple and pomegranate, kiwi, papaya and plantain, and orange, papaya and grapes. Salads usually have a huge variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheeses and sauces. You could blanch vegetables like cauliflower, peas, beans and carrot. Always go for cheeses that are low in fat and use very little for an added flavour. When it comes to the dressing, go for sauces like mustard and tahini (made from sesame paste) and avoid heavy sauces like mayonnaise. Use almonds, walnuts and pistachios and vegetables such as celery, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and capsicum, all of which can be had raw.

26 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

What is the importance of green leafy vegetables?

India has an enormous variety of green leafy vegetables. We can prepare just a bland, boiled version or spicy gravy or a mix of dal, vegetables and spinach or in soups as adapted from the western world. We can also make mixed rice, stuffed parathas or dal pancakes (adai) stuffed with green leafy vegetables. Using green leafy vegetables two times a week will take care of our calcium, iron, fiber and vitamin needs. You can make plenty of tasty dishes using spinach like the South Indian keerai masiyal, ravioli with spinach or even palak paneer. Always remember that when we make a dish by stuffing the greens inside, the quantity of greens used is always lesser as compared to a dish prepared with spinach itself.



1 bunch spinach (any variety) 1 red chili 1 tsp mustard seeds 1/2 tsp oil 8-10 garlic pods 1/4 cup water Salt as needed Rinse the spinach thoroughly and chop them finely. Pressure cook the spinach with garlic, salt and chili, until it is cooked. Once the spinach is cooked along with garlic and chili, grind it into a fine paste in a blender. In a pan, heat some oil and temper the red chili and mustards in it. Add the tempering to the spinach mixture. Serve with plain rice.

À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 27

Expert on the Block

Empress of From being an interior decorator to running Savera Hotel and the restaurant centered Nivi Group, Nina Reddy’s journey has been an interesting one, to say the least. She discusses the art of managing a hotel, and how important good food is with Anjali Alappat Nina Reddy is a name that carries weight in the restaurant and hotel management community in Chennai. Whether it is her skillful managing of the Savera Hotel on Radhakrishna Salai, or her hard work with the Nivi Group – a company that has opened several restaurants along the East Coast Road, she is indubitably a force to be reckoned with. Where it all began

An Interior decorator stepping into her father-in-law’s shoes and taking on an empire is a story worth telling. “It happened 16-17 years ago”, Nina reminisces, “it’s always been a family business and at that point, my father-inlaw was handling it alone, so I stepped in”. But the years prior to heading up Savera had been anything but dull. “My kids were still growing up, so I dabbled in a lot of things. Clothes were one of those things, pottery was another. I 28 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

did a course in interior design and did the interiors for friends”. But taking the reins of a hotel like Savera, regarded as an institution in Chennai, was not an easy task. Nina made several changes. “I didn’t have any experience in the hotel industry. At the most, I was involved in conversations within the family regarding the business. But I felt that they needed a woman’s presence, to lend it a more contemporary feel. I just wanted to bring in more women (employees and customers)”. Women on top

Today, Savera’s loyal customer base consists of several women. Many of whom are Nina’s personal friends. They flock to the fabulous salon, they sip cocktails at the all new Bay 146, and they even work out at the hotel’s top notch gym. “15 years ago, I felt that we were really lacking a 4 star salon. The hotel just wasn’t all that women friendly”. Her rationale for including a gym was simple - Nina herself is a fitness freak and knows how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Essentially Savera

And what sets Savera apart from all the other hotels cropping up on Chennai’s ever widening hospitality landscape? “Our reputation and location”, Nina says, promptly. “This is a prime property. It’s near everything – temples, the music academy, movie theatres, the shopping malls, etc”. Customer loyalty and employee loyalty has also played a large role in shaping Savera’s success. “The older generation holds some good memories of the hotel. As do our employees who work here. But we don’t rest on our loyalties; we’re always trying to bring new people in too”. Indeed, Nina makes special mention of loyalty, a matter that is clearly close to her heart, “the loyalty of all our employees is a major plus point. Each one of them takes it on like it’s a family business. I really have to acknowledge that about my teams”. And what about glances in the rearview mirror – did she ever look back? She says, simply, “I don’t think we can do anything else, it runs in our blood. That looks of seeing a customer satisfied – that’s instant gratification”.

Words of Wisdom “When people ask for my opinion, I always say - I think if you have the passion, you can definitely do it. The market is definitely open, there’s scope for so much more. People are traveling so much and exploring out new cuisines. All I can say is - serve well, smile and cook food with love”. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 29

Celeb Foodie

Being a lover of Oriental food, I love Benjarong. Every time guests come down, we take them there. They never let us down.

SHWETHA MOHAN They say ‘It’s all in the genes’. True to that statement, Shwetha Mohan, daughter of veteran playback singer Sujatha Mohan is making waves in all the four southern states with her playback singing. Shwetha has given hit after hits from Nee Partha Vizhigal to Amali Thumali, Oh Maha Zeeya and many others. Anitha Ramachandran got talking to her about her eternal love for food. Cuisine I love

I am not really a foodie, but I simply love Indian Chinese mainly because of its flavours and the freshness. My favourite dish would be sweet and sour chicken and crispy chicken. I prefer starters to main courses though. I also have a craving for mousses and puddings and love Rasmalai when it comes to Indian sweets. Favourite dish in Onam Sadya

Undoubtedly, Pal Ada Pradhaman! That’s the best part about the Sadya. I also tasted the best payasam in Kochi at Vinayaga Caterers. A bad food experience

I hate dry prawns! When I went to Singapore and asked for Veg Noodles, they sprinkled these dry prawns in spite of me asking them not to.

I begin my day with

A glass of Bournvita and a bowl of oats. A travel and food experience

Since I keep travelling for music concerts in Europe and the Middle East, I see to it that I taste their local food. That way, I love the Shawarma in Dubai and the Pastas and Grilled Chicken in Europe. People abroad think that Indians visiting them love only Indian food. That’s a misconception! A romantic meal

When I was honeymooning with Ashwin in Bali, we went to this restaurant by the sea which was open air. I remember the storm being heavy and the sea being rough. It was both fun and romantic at the same time. Ashwin and I enjoy eating out a lot. My childhood memory of food is

The chef in me

Lasagne would be my signature dish. My husband is my biggest critic in both singing and cooking. He simply loves this Italian dish that I make. 30 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

I was a scrawny kid. I never cared much for food. But I simply loved junk food of which Corn Puff was my favourite.

At the end of the day, my heart lies with South Indian food. I can binge on dosais anytime, anyday! À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 31

Restaurant Rounding


Memory In Madras and Chennai alike, food is an intrinsic part of our cultural make up. From the traditional idli, vada, dosai fare to delicately made Jaiponese cakes, Madras foodie culture spans a wide gamut through the years and is a journey definitely worth documenting. By Vijetha Rangabashyam and Anjali Alappat

32 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012


hen it comes to Chennai, good food and hospitability go hand in hand. From unstinting portions of meals served at weddings till the diner says enough, to the mess tradition where people were served sumptuous tiffin and meals for a meagre amount, food reflected generosity and affection. In a time when fine dining and fast food culture is spreading like fire in the city, these longstanding restaurants remind us of Madras and its food culture back in the day where money was secondary to both quality and quantity and the only priority was the customer, perhaps why they still continue to rule the roost. No new restaurant today understands the actual meaning of Virundhombal, a trait exclusive to the South of India, as these institutions did.

Reinventing Udipi For many, the New Woodlands Hotel holds fond memories; at one time it was one of the finest vegetarian dining experiences in the city. With the influx of cosmopolitan culture, Madras-that-was is now home to a vast variety of dining experiences. Thankfully, that doesn’t render the old reliables obsolete. From idlis and dosas to cauliflower Manchurian and naan, New Woodlands Hotel has come a long way from the days of the tiffin carrier meal. But despite all the new additions to the menu and the more up market appearance – the essential charm is still very much in place. Begun by Kadandale Krishna Rao in 1938, more than 50 years ago, New Woodlands Hotel is a Madras institution. Between the corporate executives who litter the booths, tucking in to their vegetarian thalis with gusto and the elderly couples revelling in good dosais that they didn’t have to make themselves - it’s clear that though nostalgia has its place, this is hub of today as well. The hotel offers customers a choice between their newer multi-cuisine restaurant, ‘Vrindavan’ and their more traditional south Indian fare at ‘Krishna’. If you want an uncomplicated, no nonsense udipi style meal, this is the place for you. From their legendary channa baturas to their beloved cassata ice cream, New Woodlands Hotel is a great walk down memory lane, especially since the hotel is well maintained and service prompt. The precursors to New Woodlands, were old Woodlands Hotel next to Woodlands theatre which shutdown many years ago and of course the legendary Woodlands drive-in that was evacuated a couple of years ago to accommodate the newly built Semmozhi Poonga. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 33

Triplicane’s Tavern In the 50’s, Triplicane had a fair share of some of the best cafes in the city. People would take a stroll on streets in the evening, have a plate of cushiony idlis bathed in sambar along with a cup of steaming filter coffee, a tradition lost with our grandfathers’ generation. One such institution that attracted heavy crowds from all over the city was Ratna Café. Situated on Triplicane High Road, at its junction with the Pycrofts Road, the café is known for its delicious breakfast menu - one could get a plate of soft idlis for two an anna, melt-in-mouth dosai for one and a half annas and frothy filter coffee, a little expensive, at two annas again. The place has been around for 6 decades now and a visit to Sri Parthasarathy Swamy temple was never complete without a cup of coffee from Ratna Café. It started in 1948 by Triloknath Gupta, a native of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. He hired the local chefs and began to sell food that reminded patrons of homemade food, which attracted the conservative habitants of Triplicane. Triplicane being a home to many bachelors, Ratna Café was haunted by young men who wanted to taste food that reminded them of their homes. Due to poor health conditions, Ratna Café 34 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

The ambiance of the place hasn’t changed much with time; patrons still prefer the wooden tables and chairs. The success behind Ratna Café is none other than the fact that all customers were treated equally and VIP treatment is not something of importance to this legendary eatery. was sold to Rajendra Gupta, the owner of Picnic Hotel near Central Station in 2002. With Rajendra Gupta at the helm, the group has been expanded to six branches. Ratna Café’s speciality sambar has not changed colour or taste till date – there are very few places that add small onions to sambar and Ratna Café is known for not using garlic in its sambar to appease the Brahmin community and the dhania powder used in the sambar is exclusively brought down from Rajasthan. The ambiance of the place hasn’t changed much with time; patrons still prefer the wooden tables and chairs. The success behind Ratna Café is none other than the fact that all customers were treated equally and VIP treatment is not something of importance to this legendary eatery.

Best of Biryani Buhari Hotel was started back in 1951 and is still known for its rendition of the much beloved Biryani – the credit of the dish becoming famous among the locals of Madras goes to Buhari Hotel. However, even before setting foot in Chennai, Buhari Hotel first started its branch in Colombo in the 40’s – a traditional dish for the Muslims, the Singhalese loved the dish and called it ‘Buhari’ instead of Biryani. The hotel shifted its base to Madras and started its first branch on Mount Road. Biryani served in Buhari is distinctly different from the Ambur or the Hyderabadi styles considering the taste was

tweaked to suit the Madras palate. Also, unlike how the Biryanis used to be served on banana leaves at Muslim weddings, Buhari used to serve it in the conventional restaurant format. One of the signature practices at Buhari is how they placed a boiled egg atop a mutton or chicken biryani back in the day and the custom is still followed. In the 80’s, anybody who would visit Madras on a holiday or for work would be asked ‘did you have the Biryani from Buhari?’. Buhari hotel has been a part of popular culture and many celebrities and patrons still visit the place to get a slice of its great biryani experience.

Chicken 65, the ever famous bar snack and side dish is supposed to have been invented at Buhari by its founder A.M.Buhari, a pioneer in the South Indian food industry. The significance behind the number 65 is yet to be decided but it is believed that it takes 65 days to prepare the marinade for the dish. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 35

House of Bread & Cakes When cutting edge baking equipment was non-existent and Chennai wasn’t dotted with gourmet bakeries back when it was Madras, baking was still an art form, a colonial remnant that was skilfully practiced in the city. Among an array of bakeries that began its venture in the 40’s is the famous Bosotto Bros Bakery which was in the heart of Mount Road in the Thousand Lights area. The bakery was well known for its Japonaise cakes filled with butter ice cream and traditional plum cakes. Back in 1900s, European women in their flowing gowns and feather hats used to flock the Hotel D'Angelis, what is now the Bata building. The hotel was run by a Corsican confectioner Giacomo D'Angelis who provided confectionary to the Governor of Madras, Lord Ampthill who was fond of his cakes. In 1930, the hotel was sold to an Italian confectioner Bosotto who renamed the place to Hotel Bosotto Brothers. The hotel got its dairy ingredients from the erstwhile Champion Dairy owned by B. Muslapa Chowdhry. Post World War II, Bosotto returned to Italy selling the hotel to Chowdhry for all of Rs 15000. Muslapa bought over a neighbouring building and began the Bosotto Brothers Bakery. The bakery is now run by K. Rajkumar – a third generation owner. Sadly, the bakery has been asked to move out of the premises by its owner on account of building a new commercial complex. 36 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

During Kamaraj’s reign as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Queen Elizabeth paid a visit to Madras and on hearing that it was Prince Andrew’s first birthday, the CM called Mr Subramaniam (uncle of Rajkumar, present owner, grandson of Muslapa) and ordered a birthday cake. A vintage picture of the Queen cutting the cake in the presence of former CM Kamaraj still adorns the wall of the bakery.

Malabar Musings ‘Samco’ is a rather unique name; most visitors to the restaurant presume that it has anglicised origins. Nothing could be further from the truth. Samco was the brainchild of three friends – Soopy, Aboobacker and Mohammed. That’s right – the first letters of each of their names was used to form ‘SAM & Co’, back in 1962. Though the restaurant had humble beginnings, starting out as not much more than a small tea kadai, has since been revamped twice, each new avatar fancier than the other but in essence, its menu offerings remain the same. The addition of Indo-Chinese dishes to the menu hasn’t taken the focus away from the real crowd pullers – the delectable biriyani dishes and the savoury parathas, payas and Malabar style curries. Samco offers all the classic dhaba fare as well, with great naan, tandoor and pulao style options. The Mughalai dishes are also well represented with shawarmas, biriyanis and several other Murgh dishes listed. Despite its new, upmarket look, Samco remains a favourite with Chennai-ites purely for its excellent food.

This is the place where film producers and directors would discuss their scripts and where auto drivers would silently talk to their parotas – the eternal love affair iconic star Kamal Hassan has with Samco dates back to its days of inception. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 37

Gazing upon Grandeur Taj is a brand that has long been associated with luxury. The Taj Group owns some of the finest hotels in the country and in Chennai, and Vivanta by Taj-Connemara is the widely known as the oldest and one of the most famous hotels in the city. In 1854, the Imperial Hotel (as it was once called) opened for business under the helm of Triplicane Ruthnavaloo Moodelliar. Located in the heart of Chennai's business district, the Connemara is flanked by Spencer's Plaza, another commercial hub which houses a multitude of stores. Also in the locality are Ethiraj College for Women, the Rani Meyammai Hall and Taj Mount Road – cementing the Connemara's USP as one of the best located hotels in Chennai. The Connemara was so-named after the Governor of Madras in 1881 – Robert Bourke. Bourke was a peer who carried the Irish title of Baron of Connemara. The Taj group acquired the hotel in 1984 and it has since become one of their heritage hotels. Today, visitors to the Taj Connemara can wine and dine at The 38 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Over 154 years old, it has seen decades of beauty, glamour and withstood the shifting sands of time, culture and has found a niche for itself in Chennai-that-is. Verandah, a coffee shop style restaurant that is open all day and night. Foodies will definitely have their pick of fare, with a menu that offers several choices in Indian, Thai, Continental and Chinese fare. The Italian options – especially the antipasti and the pasta dishes are should be noted are especially good, as are the desserts and surprisingly – the good old fashioned south Indian filter coffee. Other must try restaurants within the premises are The Raintree – an authentic Chettinad restaurant that combines open-air elegance with fascinating cultural performances to scintillate your mind just as much as your taste buds. Hip Asia, an exclusive Asian fusion restaurant boasts of one of the best menus for South East Asian cuisines in the city. The Taj Connemara is a fusion of the past and the present.

Chinese Whispers Liu's Waldorf is a Chennai-chinese institution. Walking into the small, family owned restaurant, you are immediately inundated by smiling, obliging waiters, the undulating buzz of families out for a dining adventure and the smell of spices that indicate that this is the home to good oldfashioned Indian-Chinese fare. Nestled between Ramco Systems, a huge block of residential apartments and the IIT Madras campus, it's easy to overlook Waldorf. Its unassuming exterior is a relic of times past, when enthusiastic IIT-ians made it almost exclusively theirs. With its small car park, and cosy, typical pseudo-oriental decor, it's easy to underestimate Liu's. After all, there are plenty of run of the mill options in Chennai, thriving on

the hungry enthusiasm of the masses. What sets Liu's apart? A number of things – enormous (for the price) portions, cheerful and prompt service, the comfortable fusion of nostalgic daydreams – combining food and good memories. The menu includes all the classics – from Tomiyum soup to Chili Chicken and Schezwan Prawns. We even spotted good old chicken lollypop – what a blast from the past! Though there are some vegetarian dishes, the extensive pork, beef, seafood and poultry options make it clear that carnivores haunt the place. Though prices have risen over the years, Waldorf's is still good value for money with dishes ranging from 100 to 200 rupees.

Unlike the Noodle bars of today, Waldorf is a slice of history. Some of the customers have been eating there for over 25 years, savouring their big bowls of fried rice, noodles and soups. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 39

Gourmet’s Safari

God's own

Flavours By Preethi Shanker

40 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Think Kerala, and images of coconut tree dotting the lines of backwaters and long coastlines instantly pop in your mind. It is no wonder that both the coconuts and the strong fishing industry play a crucial role in cuisine that is traditionally Keralan. As opposed to other states in India, food in Kerala is primarily cooked in coconut oil. This is always very evident in the fragrance of traditional dishes and the taste varies vastly from dishes cooked in vegetable and refined oil.

À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 41


Batter made from fermented rice flour makes Paal-appam, a soft, round and fluffy pancake with crispy edges that is usually served with a chicken, mutton or vegetable stew. Nool-appam or idi-appam is also commonly served with the same stew. Of course the Tamil influence is also high in Kerala giving rise to idli, dosa, sambhar and chutney (called chamandhi in Kerala), which is available everywhere. The piping hot and equally delicious pazhampuzhingiyathu or steamed nenthrampazham (plantain) is also a common sight at many households.

Puttu, which is a steamed cake made from fried rice powder and grated coconut and kadala, a curry made from black channa dhal is another hot favourite combination among Malayalees when it comes to breakfast. Idiappam


Puttu & Kadala 42 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Kadala Curry

Lunch and Dinner

A home-style lunch, like all other South Indian states features rice. The rice used in Kerala however is parboiled or rosematta or Kerala red rice that is rich in fiber and nutrition. Eating red rice for lunch surprisingly leaves you feeling less heavy as opposed to having white rice. Nonetheless, if you prefer to stick to your comfort zone, you can always request for white rice. More often than not, you always have the choice. Kanjee,

Biriyani in Kerala differs vastly from Biriyanis in other parts of the country. The meat is cooked tender, the rice flaky and delicately spiced with the right portions of condiments, to leave the taste lingering for long. That is the special brand of Malabari Moppila Biriyani. Biriyani - whether mutton, chicken, fish or prawn - is the USP of Malabar cuisine.

Egg Biriyani

a type of porridge made of boiled rice is also very popular. Another core ingredient in Kerala cuisine is kappa or tapioca, mainly because it is inexpensive and widely available. Kappa is something that is not meal – centric and can be enjoyed for breakfast, an evening snack or dinner. A variety of delicacies can be prepared from fresh tapioca but the most popular one is the steamed version called Kappa Kuzhachathu eaten with fish curry. Malabar or Kerala Parottas are a common sight in most of India. Just walk through the streets of any place in Kerala during dusk and numerous thatukadas spring up plating up handmade parottas with chicken, beef or egg (often a combination of two). Pathiri, a pancake made with rice flour is a very popular dish among the Muslims in Kerala. It is usually prepared for dinner and served with meat or fish. In some regions, pathiri is regularly served during Iftar in the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

Fish with Rice À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 43

If rice is staple so is some form of fish. Kerala fish curry can either be moolakuchaar (a red spicy gravy) or fish molee (a yellow fish curry with thick coconut milk as the main ingredient) and both are equally relished. Karimeen or pearl spot is a fish that is widely known throughout the state of Kerala and is a hot favourite in several hotels where they serve you the whole fish cooked to your liking and charge you by weight of the fish. Meenporichathu (fry) and Meenpollichathu (spicy fish wrapped in banana leaf and steamed) are the most famous preparations of whole fish. Kozhuva / Netholivaruthathu is a Kerala style dry Anchovy fry with heaps of curry leaves which goes perfectly with a chilled bear or even a glass of kallu or toddy. Apart from fish other non-vegetarian dishes include nadankoonthal (spicy squid), konjuvaruthathu (prawn fry) and nadan chicken and duck roasts.Beef is yet another much – loved dish with beef ularthiyathu, a dry beef fry with coconut cuts taking the top ranking. It is the perfect combination for Kerala parottas as well.


If you are in the mood for some genuine Kerala arrack, head to one of the innumerable kallukada or toddy stalls spread across the roads. Toddy in Kerala, is sold under a license issued by the excise department and it is an industry having more than 50,000 employees with a welfare board under the labour department.

Made from sap of coconut palms, kallu is an alcoholic beverage savoured by everyone. 44 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012


If it isn’t non-veg on your plate, then the focus shifts to Netholi Fry pullissery, which is a spiced yoghurt gravy made with anything from pumpkins and beetroot to pineapple. Like Tamil Nadu, Kerala also features parippu and sambhar in their lunches, with the sambhar often featuring ladies finger. Accompaniments include vegetable thoran (dry braised vegetables) and vegetable mezhukkuparatti(fried vegetables), which are both colloquially referred to as upperis.

The Sadya

A traditional Kerala sadya served on banana leaves is something that is synonymous with Kerala across the world. Traditionally speaking a sadya is a banquet served on auspicious days like Onam and Vishu and is always only vegetarian. Three courses of rice are served with different curries, usually sambhar, pullissery, rasam and moru (buttermilk). The side dishes are the highlight of a sadya. Avial, a traditional Kerala dish made with different vegetables and coconut is always served. Apart from this, Kaalan, a sour dish made with yoghurt and a vegetable, Olan, made with white pumpkin and coconut milk and Thoran made with any vegetable mixed with mustard seeds and grated coconut are fundamental in a sadya. With all this there is also yoghurt, papadam and if that isn’t enough pickles too. The sadya culminates with a payasam, a sweet dessert native of Kerala. A preparation of milk, coconut extract, sugar, cashews etc., payasam can be made with many base components like paripupayasam as the name suggests is made from dhal, paalpayasam made from rice and the most popular variant – the adapayasam made from broken strips of baked starch or ada. Jaggery and molasses are commonly used as sweetening agents as well.


Sambaram, a diluted buttermilk often flavoured with ginger, lime leaves, green chilies is a very refreshing drink during hot and humid days and is sometimes served after a sadya.


Sadya À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 45

Snack Time

Chai or tea is indispensable to every Malayalee. Though the South Indian favourites of UlunnuVada and ParipuVada are available in every chai kada around the block, Kerala’s specialty is the Pazham Pori also called the Ethekyappam. These fried banana fritters made with ripe bananas make for a perfect teatime snack. When in Kerala you come across a myriad of bakeries serving up fresh baked goodies. But apart from the cakes and breads, all local bakeries offer authentic Keralite snacks that are indispensable in Kerala Christian households.Pazham or banana chips and chacka or jackfruit chips from all over the state are famous throughout the country. Some of the more authentic snacks include the Kuzhalappam - a deep fried delicacy made from rice flour, sesame seeds, shallots and coconut at times dusted with sugar or slightly coated with sugar syrup, the Kalathappam – a baked cake – like dish made with flour, jiggery, coconut, shallot and spices and the Kinathappam which uses the same ingredients but gets cooked similar to a pancake. Thin flour sheets with sweetened rice filling dipped in sugar syrup called Churuttu and deep fried snacks made with flower-shaped molds called Achappams are perfect for quick nibbles. Chemeenpodi, a powdered form of dry shrimp and chamandhipodi, a fine medley of roasted coconut and spices

Chemeen Chamandhi Podi


Banana Chips

are a common preserve in Keralite homes. Both go very well when eaten with rice, idlis, dosas etc. Achar or pickles made with shrimp, beef etc. have a permanent place in any Kerala pantry, as do jams. Pazham jam made from a special variety of bananas called Palayankodan, is a smooth and watery jam with a purplish colour and has a sweet yet tarty flavour and is very famous in the estate regions of the state.

If it is not the vegetarian Sadya you enjoy, there are any number of Mallu combinations like puttu and kadala, appam and stew, parotta and beef fry, rice and fish curry, kanji and payar, kappa and meen curry that can make your meal. With that in mind, this culinary journey ends hoping to have left you with a yearning for a taste of Kerala… may be even some drool. Happy exploring! 46 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Kitchen Fringes

From Granny’s Kitchen

There was a time when microwaves were nonexistent and girls would be given an array of these traditional patharams as part of their wedding trousseau. From the inventive coffee filter to the mud pots and cast iron tawas, a kitchen is no kitchen at all without these quintessential cooking vessels.

Sambars and rasams don’t taste half as good without these utensils.

Traditional Mortar & Pestle Brass pot for storing water Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan Copper Bottom Urli Murukku Maker

South Indian Solid Wood Rice Measure

Idli Maker South Indian Coffee Filter 48 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012


Info at your fingertips


Steamed Chicken Siu Mai


Chocolate Eclair


Desserts & Bakers


Mango Kulfi

North Indian

Feast on this Chocolate Eclair P54 Planning a birthday bash? Choose from a comprehensive list of bakers across the city Desserts, Bakers and Ice Cream P54 Want your restaurant to be listed? Give us a call.

À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 49

This month’s pick Lasagne

Creamy lasagne, the perfect blend of cheese, meat and pasta is a perennial favorite with Italian cuisine connoisseurs. Rhapsody Courtyard Marriott 564 Anna Salai, Teynampet 66764000, 66764488 Focaccia Hyatt Regency 365 Anna Salai, Mount Road. 61001234 Bello Ciao 140 Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam 24511130 ECR 24511130 50 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Little Italy Eldorado Building, 1/2 Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam. 42601234, 66246178 Tuscana Pizzeria No.19 3rd Street, Wallace Garden, Nungambakkam 45038008 Prego Taj Coromandel 37 MG Road, Nungambakkam 66002827


asagne, though an Italian specialty, was derived from the Greek word ‘lasagnum’ which means bowl or dish. These dishes were later adopted by the Romans and used to bake layers of pasta, with different fillings and topped by a layer of cheese. Common ingredients in lasagne are mozzarella, ricotta, béchamel and parmesan. The fillings are usually meats like lamb and beef, though chicken and even vegetarian lasagne has become popular worldwide.

Bars & Restobars Bars & Restobars Zara Tapas 74 Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram. 28111462 Anna International Airport, Meenambakkam. 22560779 Geoffreys 171 J N Salai, AnnaiSathya Nagar, Arumbakkam. 66778899 Opium Bar Hotel Royal Plaza 3E Road, Koyambedu. 23790066 10 Downing Street Kences Inn Boutique Hotel 50 North Boag Road, T Nagar. 28152152 Bike & Barrel The Residency Towers 115 Sir Thyagaraya Road, T Nagar. 28156363 Black & White The Residency 49 GN Chetty Road, T Nagar. 28253434

Chipstead Taj Coromandel 37 MG Road, Nungambakkam. 66002827

Havana The RainTree Hotel 120 St Mary’s Road, Alwarpet. 42252525

Crystal Bar Ranjith Hotel 15 Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam. 28270521

High Time GRT Grand 120 Sir Thyagaraya Road, T Nagar. 28150500

Distil Taj Connemara 2 Binny Road, Anna Salai. 66000000

Le Pub Liberty Park Hotel United India Colony, 1st Main Road, Kodambakkam. 24725950

Dublin The Welcome pub Park Sheraton 132 TTK Road, Alwarpet. 24994101 Gallop Radisson GRT Hotel St Thomas Mount, 531 GST Road, Anna Salai. 22310101 H20 Harrisons Hotel 315 Valluvar Kottam High Road, Nungambakkam. 42222777

Pasha The Park 601 Nungambakkam Main Road, Nungambakkam. 42676000 Bay 146 Savera Hotel 146 Dr Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore. 28144700 Rhapsody Courtyard Marriott 564 Anna Salai, Teynampet. 66764000

Regal Resto Bar Raj Park 180 TTK Road, Alwarpet. 42257777 The Leather Bar The Park 601, Nungambakkam Main Road, Nungambakkam. 42676000 Blend Taj Mount Road 2 Club House Road, Mount Road. 66313131

Cosmopolitan Want your restaurant to be listed? Give us a call. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 51

Bars & Restobars 365 A.S. Hyatt Regency 365 Anna Salai, Mount Road. 61001234 Flame, Le Club Le Royal Meridien 1 GST Road, St Thomas Mount. 22314343 Madera The RainTree Anna Salai 636 Anna Salai, Teynampet. 28309999 The Pirate’s Esthell Continental Hotels & Resorts Royal Enclave, 1 Besant Avenue, Adyar. 24466240

Tequila Sunrise The Society Bar The Ambassador Pallava, 30 Montieth Road, Egmore. 28554476

Xzubarence Bar Raj Park 180 TTK Road, Alwarpet. 42257777

Poker Bar Hotel Shelter 19 20 21 Venkatesa Agraharam Street, Mylapore. 24951919

Zodiac The Accord Metropolitan 35 GN Chetty Road, T Nagar. 28161000

Transque Bar Hotel Abu Palace 926 Poonamalle High Road, Egmore. 26412222

Trantor Bar Breeze Hotel 850 Poonamallee High Road, Poonamallee. 26413334

Tropicana Bar New Victoria Hotel 3 Kennet Lane, Egmore. 28193638

Anchor Bar Taj Fisherman’s Cove Covelong Beach, Kancheepuram. 67413333

Degree Pub Quality Inn Sabari IT Tech Park, 33 Omar Road, Navalur. 27435030

Arcot Bar The Trident Hilton 1/24 GST Road, Meenambakkam. 22344747

52 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Q Bar Hilton 124/1 J.N. Salai, Ekkaduthangal. 22255555 Vintage Bank Hilton 124/1 J.N.Salai, Ekkaduthangal 22255555 Mustang Bar Green Park Hotel NSK Salai, Arcot Road, Vadapalani. 66515151 Upperdeck Comfort Inn Marina Towers 2A Pooniamman Koil St, Egmore 28585454 The B Bar Lifestyle Bar 94 Sathyadev Avenue Next to Chettinad Vidyasharam School MRC Nagar 49001010

Bars & Restobars · Food Chains Choolaimedu 23744041 T Nagar 42121170 Parrys 25341745 Adyar 24426554

Winchester Bar Radisson Blue Hotel 2, Ethiraj Salai, C-in-C Road, Egmore 30404444

Subway For delivery call 45600600 Located at Nungambakkam, Egmore, RMZ Millenia Tech Park, Express Avenue, Spencer Plaza, Citi Center, Besant Nagar

Food chains Mc Donald’s 106 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar 9566022866 Taramani 45556008 Adyar Ananda Bhavan 70/241 Ramakrishna Mutt Road, Mylapore 23453031 Nungambakkam 23453037 Anna Nagar 23453048 Koyambedu 23790403 Mogappair 42845074 Pondy Bazaar 23453041 Vadapalani 42013008 Parrys 23453044 Tambaram 42034949 Hotel Saravana Bhavan Spencer Plaza, 769 Mount Road, Anna Salai 28495577 Egmore 28192055 R.K Salai 28115977 Mylapore 24611177 Purasawalkam 26616699 Anna Nagar 26269721 Ashok Nagar 24892466 KK Nagar 24745577 T Nagar 24345577 Vadapalani 24817866

Pizza Corner 64 CP Ramaswamy Road, Abhiramapuram 43009502 Nandanam 42131333 Nungambakkam 42139566 Anna Nagar 42172300 Meenambakkam 42064151 Tambaram 22390647 Adyar 42187666 Velachery 22552172 Domino’s pizza Spencer Plaza, 769 Mount Road, Anna Salai 28494444 Mylapore 28474444 Purasawalkam 25322333 Teynampet 24355890 Anna Nagar 42014444 Ashok Nagar 24714555 Mogappair 26536455 Perambur 25518888 Adyar 24424444 Tidel Park 22540221 Velachery 22431777

PitStop 365, Mount Road, Teynampet 42030799 Rajeev Gandhi Salai (OMR) 24501499 / 1699 Express Avenue, Mount Road 28464199 ECR 24531999 US Pizza 152 Abirami Mega Mall, Purusaiwalkam 42371111 Pizza Hut Spencer Plaza, 769 Mount Road 39883988 KFC Spencer Plaza, 769 Mount Road, Anna Salai 45514447 T. Nagar 43042222 Taramani 42666061 Nungambakkam 43562222 Anna Nagar 42612222 Marrybrown 133 Pondy Bazaar, T Nagar 42023704 Anna Salai 42116777 Mylapore 45535362 Nungambakkam 42032923 Anna Nagar 46218777 Koyambedu 421790372 Kodambakkam 42135553 Shenoy Nagar 43532721

Vasant Bhavan 10 Gandhi Irwin Road, Egmore 4281 Mount Road 28418693 Mylapore 24936666 Nungambakkam 28222233 Tambaram 22264441 Sangeetha Restaurant 24/2 South Mada Street, Mylapore 24643898 Nungambakkam 42137300 Greams Road 28294081

Garden Fresh Veggie Pizza

Want your restaurant to be listed? Give us a call. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 53

Desserts, Bakers and Ice Cream Fresco For queries call 456000600 Located at Nungambakkam, Egmore, Express Avenue, Citi Center, Besant Nagar Delicatessen @ Chamiers 45000008 Tuscana Delicatessen Located in Tuscana on Chamiers 89 Chamiers Road, Alwarpet, Diagonally opp. Park Sheraton IN GATE 45000008 Muffin Tree Courtyard Marriott 564 Anna Salai, Teynampet. 66764000 Baskin Robbins 37 1st Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar 42115900 Velachery 42325234 ECR 42300911 Milkyway 24 G7 Wellington Estate, Ethiraj Road, Egmore. 28251194

Blueberry Muffins Desserts, Bakers and Ice Cream

Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory 14 1st Cross Road, Off Greenways Road, R.A Puram.42303852 Nungambakkam 42134000 Emilios Gelateria 22/1 2nd Main Road, 5th Cross Cit Colony, Mylapore 43535544 Neelankarai 24495010 Anna Nagar 43016680 Besant Nagar 45511226 Freeze Zone 33 TTK Road, Alwarpet. 24661839 54 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Hot Breads 74 Cathedral Road Gopalapuram 28110345 Mylapore 28112760 Kilpauk 26444212 T Nagar 28153998 Thiruvanmiyur 24485080 Saidapet 22200850

La Boulangerie 21 Arundale Beach Road, Kalakshetra, Besant Nagar 9566099917 Valluvar Kottam 42222777

Snow Field Dessert Pub 1 Cathedral Road, Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram. 28116416

French Loaf T46 A 7th Avenue, Anna Colony, Besant Nagar 32216628 Chetpet 32216618 Mahalingapuram 32216627 R.A Puram 32216625 Spencer Plaza, Anna Salai 32210936

Baker’s Basket Savera 146 Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore. 28114700

Ecstasy 8, Sathyam Cinemas, Thiru-Vi-Ka Road, Royapettah. 43920444

Desserts, Bakers and Ice Cream Cake Walk 10, Montieth Road Egmore 28553811 Besant Nagar 24917022 MC Renett A9 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar 64551011 Kodambakkam 64551012 Mandaveli 64551022 Teynampet 64551027 Nungambakkam 64551028 Parrys 64551036 Purasawalkam 64551014 T.Nagar 64551019 Parfait 3 16 Manikeshwari Road, Kilpauk 25321601 Velachery 22432022 Valmiki Nagar 24405588 Anna Nagar 26288822

Strawberry Smoothie

Creamy Inn W396 School Road, Anna Nagar West Extn. 26150080 Anna Nagar 26220080 Chetpet 28362255 K.K Nagar 23663939

Cakes N Bakes 70/32 Nungambakkam High Road, 28277075, 28205554 Thoraipakkam 24580809 Velachery 65610502

La Patisserie Taj Coromandel 37 MG Road, Nungambakkam. 66002827 Baker’s Cottage 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar. 9884532326 Maple Leaf Chocolate Lounge 9 Harrington Road, Chetpet. 43561666, 43561333 Jelly Belly E37 2nd Avenue, Besant Nagar. 24460777 Brio - The Cafe Shoppers Stop Chetpet 42664471 T. Nagar 42024415

Banana Split Sundae

The Baker’s Code Kebab Court Complex, Velachery. 22591275 Want your restaurant to be listed? Give us a call. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 55

Desserts, Bakers and Ice Cream · South Indian · Kerela Fruit Shop on Greams Road Greams Rd, Thousand Lights 23450871 Besant Nagar 23450876 Anna Nagar 23450872 Kilpauk 23450877 Spencer Plaza 28490083 Cathedral Road 23460986


Southern Spices Taj Coromandel 37 MG Road, Nungambakkam. 66002827 Vrindavan Restaurant New Woodlands Hotel 72-75 Dr Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore. 28113111 Amaravathi Restaurant No.1, Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram 28116416

Malgudi Savera Hotel 146 Dr Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore. 28114700 Anjappar 7/2 JP Tower, NH Road, Nungambakkam. 28256662 Rasam 25 Raja Annamalai Road, Purasawalkam. 9789062857 Maya 32 Platinum Building, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam. 42137774 Southern Aromas The Residency Towers 115 Sir Thyagaraya Road, T Nagar. 28156363

Chennai Woodlands 20 2nd Lane Beach, Parrys. 25214343 Annalakshmi Restaurant 804 Mount Road, Anna Salai. 28525109 Dakshin Park Sheraton 132 TTK Road, Alwarpet. 24994101

Kerala Thalassery W77 4th Street, AnnaNagar 26207853 Kumarakom 27/28 Vijayanagar Ext, Velachery Main Road, Velachery 42022277 Nungambakkam 42605677 Anna Nagar 42172217

Madras The Kitchen The RainTree Anna Salai 636 Anna Salai, Teynampet. 28309999 Ponnuswamy 24 Ethiraj Salai Egmore 28270784 Curry Leaf The Chariot 4 Tirumalai Road, T Nagar. 28341212 Navaratna Le Royal Meriden 1 GST Road, St Thomas Mount. 22314343 The Raintree Taj Connemara 2 Binny Road, Anna Salai. 66000000 56 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Semiya with Madras Fish Curry

Kerala · North West Frontier Moti Mahal 7 Jaganathan Road Nungambakkam 42137539 Kabul 1/200 Dr Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore 24996761 Palki 1, Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram. 28111794


La Shaakahari 20 Pycrofts Garden Road, Nungambakkam. 28265000

Sigree Hotel Aruna Annexe 144-145 Sterling Road, Nungambakkam. 42664222

Peshawri Chola Sheraton 10 Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram. 28110101

Barbecue Nation Shri Devi Park Hotel 1 Hanumantha Road, North Usman Road,T.Nagar 60600000, 64530160,

Minar Savera 146 Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore. 28114700

Chemmen Roast Adyar 42034203 Ramapuram 22496109

North West Frontier

Coconut Lagoon 1 Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram. 42020428 Tharavad 6 Bay View Drive, Kottivakkam, ECR. 9840075355 Ente Keralam Kasturi Estate, Poes Garden, 1st Street, Alwarpet. 42328585 Kottaram 9/2 Taramani-Perungudi Link Road, Perungudi. 24540660 Nawaab’s Express Avenue Mall, 49 Whites Road, Thousand Lights. 28464255 Meenam Harrisons 315 Valluvar Kottam High Road, Nungambakkam. 42222777

Hyderabadi Pulao

Want your restaurant to be listed? Give us a call. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 57

North West Frontier · Pan Asian · Thai Mouthful 12/20 Raghaviah Road, T.Nagar. 42124260 Mast Kalandar 17 2nd Sashtri Nagar, MG Road, Adyar. 42018382


Hip Asia Taj Connemara 2 Binny Road, Anna Salai. 66000000

Barbecue Chicken Navaratna Le Royal Meridien 1 GST Road, St Thomas Mount. 22314343

The Great Kebab Radisson Blue Hotel 2 Ethiraj Salai, C-in-C Road, Egmore 30404444

Olives Hotel Deccan Plaza 36 Royapettah High Road, Royapettah. 66773333

Tandoor Aruna Hotel Annexe 144-145 Sterling Road, Nungambakkam. 28262626

Up North The Raintree Hotel 636, Anna Salai,Teynampet 28309999

Copper Chimney 74 Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram. 24980819


Lotus The Park 601 Anna Salai Nungambakkam. 42676000 Benjarong 146 TTK Road, Alwarpet. 24322640, 43009161 Silk Asiana Hotel 1/238 Old Mahabalipuram Road, Semmencherry 67411000

Mughals Zaika Restaurant 8 Rajarathinam Street, Kilpauk. 42858901 Rajdhani Shop No.5, Express Avenue Mall, 49 Whites Road, Royapettah. 28464422 Beyond Indus Taj Mount Road 2 Club House Road, Mount Road. 66313131 58 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Grilled Mutton Kebab Skewers

Thai · Chinese · Malaysian Baan Thai 10 Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam. 28332611, 28332612

Chinese The Cascade 32 Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam. 28333836, 42137767 Besant Nagar 42019372, 24461625

Mainland China Hotel Aruna Annexe 144-145 Sterling Road, Nungambakkam 28238345 Teynampet 45000236

Golden Dragon Taj Coromandel 37 MG Road, Nungambakkam. 66002827

Chin Chin The Residency 49 GN Chetty Road, T Nagar. 28253434

Dynasty Restaurant Firm Tower, W121 3rd Avenue, Anna Nagar. 26212699, 42026609

Lemon Grass The Rain Tree 120 St Mary’s Road, Alwarpet. 42252525

3 Kingdoms 3rd Floor, 20B Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam 28333388, 28333390 Rangis Continental Chambers 142 Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam. 42144933

The Canton Kaveri Complex, 96 Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam. 28272197, 28214445

Oriental Blossom Radha Regent 171 Jawaharlal Nehru Salai, Arumbakkam. 24757788

Malaysian Pelita Nasi Kandar 16 17 18 Appaswamy Towers, Sir Thyagaraya Road, T Nagar. 24335759

Mandarin 19 Thiruvedian Street, Gopalapuram. 28117431 Stix Hyatt Regency 365 Anna Salai, Mount Road 61001234 Wonton 39 4th Street, Alwarpet 32513335, 43009700 Nungambakkam 28332002 Anna Nagar 26264633 Adyar 42116364 China Town 74 Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram. 28112246 Flower Drum Prince Plaza, 46 Pantheon Road, Egmore. 30228822

Crispy Sesame Chicken with Gingered Beans

Want your restaurant to be listed? Give us a call. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 59

Japanese · Korean · Continental · Italian Bee’s Kopitiam Express Avenue Mall 49 Whites Road, Thousand Lights. 28464088

Japanese Teppan at Benjarong 146 TTK Road, Alwarpet. 24322640, 43009161 Dahlia Kauvery Complex, 93 Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam. 28265240 Akasaka 128, Grd Floor Lattice Bridge Road, Thiruvanmiyur. 24453424

Korean In Seoul 530 TTK Road, RA Puram 42081998 Kyung Bok Gong 10 Chamiers Road, Nandanam. 42113346/7

Giorgio T29 7th Avenue, Besant Nagar. 24461828 Kipling Cafe 14 L. Jey Avenue, Akkarai, Sholinganallur, ECR. 24530040 Eden Harrisons Hotel 315 Valluvar Kottam High Road, Nungambakkam. 42222777 Anna Nagar 26221010 Mexican Don Pepe 73 Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram. 28110413

Italian Fresca Pizza by Sandys 32 Platinum Building, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam 42068484 Smoking Joe’s 31, Burkit Road, T.Nagar 24350505

Continental Ox and Tomato 145 St.Mary’s Road, Alwarpet 43060009 Above Sea Level The RainTree Hotel 120 St Mary’s Road, Alwarpet. 422525252 Yoko Sizzlers 20B 2nd Floor, Khader Nawaz Khan Road 42180888, 9043043090 60 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Hummus with Pita Bread

Rhapsody Courtyard Marriott 564 Anna Salai, Teynampet 66764000, 66764488 Focaccia Hyatt Regency 365 Anna Salai, Mount Road. 61001234 Papa John’s Pizzeria 29 Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam 42075656 Bello Ciao 140 Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam 24511130 ECR 24511130 Prego Taj Coromandel 37 MG Road, Nungambakkam 66002827 Little Italy Eldorado Building, 1/2 Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam. 42601234, 66246178

Italian · Mediterranean · Sweets · Coffee Pubs Gangotree 42 Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram 28111664 Adyar 24452422 The Grand Sweets 2nd Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar 42054466 Besant Nagar 45006464 Anna Nagar 42634422 T.Nagar 42124466

Rava Khoya Laddoo Tuscana Pizzeria No.19 3rd Street, Wallace Garden, Nungambakkam 45038008

Azzuri Bay 13 First Crescent Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar. 42115253

Casa Piccola 7, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam 64500500

5 Senses Oyster, 9, Khader Nawaz Khan Road Nungambakkam 30062010

Mediterranean Aqua The Park 601 Nungambakkam Main Road, Nungambakkam. 42676000 Azulia GRT Grand 120 Sir Thyagaraja Road, T Nagar. 28150500 Estia Aloft Hotel 102 Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Sholinganallur, Old Mahabalipuram Road. 45925500 Kefi Taj Mount Road 2 Club House Road, Mount Road. 66313131

The Upper Deck Taj Fisherman’s Cove Covelong Beach, Kancheepuram. 67413333 The Crown The Residency Towers Sir Thyagaraja Road, T Nagar. 28156363 Kryptos by Willi 24 Yafa Tower Khadar Nawaz Khan Road Nungambakkam 45038001

Sweets Adyar Anandha Bhavan 9 Lattice Bridge Road, Adyar 23453045 Anna Nagar 23453043 Nungambakkam 23453037

Sri Krishna Sweets Soundarajan Street, CIT Nagar, Theyagaraya Nagar 42616161 Adyar 24413805 Anna Nagar 26191222 Ashok Nagar 24850808 Mylapore 28112827 Nanganallur 9789062861 Purusawalkam 26616667 West Mambalam 9789062860 Shree Mithai 18 Dr TV Road, Chetpet 42809999 Spencer Plaza 42134455 Mishtee 112 Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam. 43084984

Coffee Pubs Amethyst Whites Rd, Royapettah Entrance next to Corporation Bank 4599 1630 Robustaa 24/67 Halls Road, Kilpauk. 42858412 Anokhi 106 Chamiers Road, Opposite Oryza 24311495

Want your restaurant to be listed? Give us a call. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 61

Coffee Pubs · 24 Hour Dining Cafe Chokolade 10/1A3 Montieth road Egmore 42126461 T.Nagar 42606532 Barista 4 Khader Nawaz Khan Road Nungambakkam 42138567 Besant Nagar 42019455 Tea Lounge Radisson Blue Hotel 2 Ethiraj Salai, C-in-C Road, Egmore 30404444 Café Coffee Day Montieth Road, Egmore 28546981 Kilpauk 42175621 Ispahani Centre Nungambakkam 64627082, 43577231 Café Zha 25 2nd Main Street, Kamarajar Avenue, Adyar. 42116027 Coffee World Abhiramapuram, 64 CP Ramaswamy Road, Alwarpet. 43009499

High on Caffeine Mitsubishi Showroom, LB Road, Adyar. 42116482, 9003034049

Main Street The Residency Towers Sir Thayagaraya Road T Nagar. 28156363

24 Hour Dining

Water’s Edge Café GRT Temple Bay Mahabalipuram. 27442251, 27443636

Est Hilton 124/1 J.N. Salai, Ekkaduthangal. 22255555 Anytime GRT Grand 120 Sir Thyagaraya Road, T Nagar. 28150500 Garden Café Radisson Blu Hotel 531 GST Road, St Thomas Mount. 22310101

Club House Taj Mount Road 2 Club House Road, Mount Road. 66313131

Paprika Mariott Courtyard 564 Anna Salai, Teynampet. 66764000

The Kitchen The Raintree Anna Salai 636 Anna Salai,Teynampet. 28309999

Café Pascucchi Express Avenue Mall 49 Whites Rd, Thousand Lights. 09840922895

62 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Rainbow The Raintree Hotel 120 St Mary’s Road, Alwarpet. 42252525

Verandah Taj Connemara 2 Binny Road, Anna Salai. 66000000

Coffee Central 11 Dr B Narasimhan Road, Opp GN Chetty Road, T Nagar. 28152045, 9840111298

Café tapas 47B Ground Floor, Ramana Nursing Home Complex Velachery Main Road, Velachery. 42325165

Caramel Asiana Hotel 1/238 Old Mahabalipuram Road. Semmencherry. 67411000


24 Hour Dining · Seafood · Multicuisine Coast to Coast Radisson Blue Hotel 2 Ethiraj Salai, Egmore 30404444 Fisherman’s Fare Casa Major Road, Egmore. 28194840 Sea Shell Greams Rd, Thousand Lights 28295789 Wharf GRT Temple Bay Mahabalipuram. 27443636

Multicuisine Fusion 9 Aruna Centre 145 Sterling Road, Nungambakkam 42664299

Mixed Vegetable Broth Anise Taj Coromandel 37 MG Road, Nungambakkam. 66002827 601 The Park 601 Nungambakkam Main Road, Nungambakkam. 42676000


My Cafe Chola Sheraton 10 Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram. 28110101 Bay View Point Taj Fisherman’s Cove Covelong Beach, Kancheepuram. 67413333

Seagull Taj Fisherman’s Cove Covelong Beach, Kancheepuram. 67413333

Samudra Trident 1/24 GST Road, St Thomas Mount. 22344747

Cilantro Le Royal Meridien 1 GST Road, St Thomas Mount. 22314343

Kayal Le Royal Meridien 1 GST Road, St Thomas Mount. 22314343

The Right Place The Residency 49 GN Chetty Road, T.Nagar 28253434 Cilantro Le Royal Méridien 1 GST Road, St. Thomas Mount, 43534545 Cream Centre 55 2nd Main Road, RA Puram 42815777 Nungambakkam 43561777 Ashvita 11 2nd Street, Dr R K Salai, Mylapore. 28476063 Rain Forest Gandhi Nagar 1st Main Road, Adyar. 42187777

Want your restaurant to be listed? Give us a call. À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012 • 63

Multicuisine · Health Food · Arabian Duchess 1/200, Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai Road, Mylapore 24996762 Oasis Radisson Blue Hotel 2, Ethiraj Salai, C-in-C Road, Egmore 30404444 Mash, The Grill House 3/2 Haddows Road, 2nd Street 2821 1555 Crimson Chakra 13 First Crescent, Gandhi Nagar Adyar 09677277900 Nungambakkam 64500 500, 97866 55845 Piano Hotel Savera 146 Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai,Mylapore 28144700 Vasco’s Hilton 124/1, J.N.Salai, Ekkaduthangal 22255555

Seven Comfort Inn Marina Towers 2A Pooniamman Koil St, Egmore 28585454


Ayna Hilton 124/1, J.N.Salai, Ekkaduthangal 22255555

Zaitoon No.1, Vintage Plaza, L B Road, Adyar, 24527778, 24527779

Burgundy’s Somerset Greenways Serviced Residence 94 Satyadev Avenue, MRC Nagar. 49001000

Health Food Cholayil Sanjeevanam 97/45 Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam. 64508427 Mahamudra 117 Luz Church Road, Mylapore. 43535555

La Shaakahari 20, Pycrofts Garden road, Nungambakkam 9940415747 Dewberry’s The Resto-Café 6/29 Rajasekaren Street, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore 28473439 Five Senses Oyster, No. 9, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam 30062010 Drizzle No. 1, Sultan Ahmed Street, Neelankarai, ECR. 32219966 64 • À LA CARTE • AUGUST 2012

Chicken Shawarma

Escapade 361 Shakti Garden Road, Okyampettai, Thoraipakkam. 9884051456

YallaYalla Radisson GRT Hotel St Thomas Mount, 531 GST Road, Anna Salai. 22310101 Al Arab 131 Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore. 45130000 Arabian Delights A46 3rd Avenue, Anna Nagar East. 42172047 Palmshore Foreshore Estate, 111/108 Santhome High Road. 42102244

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ALC - Aug'12 celebrates Onam and Madras day in the same spirit. Take a trip down memory lane with Chennai's historic eat outs. Also discove...

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