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Bayside High School Key Club Newsletter

November 2018 Edition

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Events Attended November 1. Ronald McDonald House 2. Holiday Lights Display for Juvenile Diabetes 3. Kidney Walk 4. Decorate the Castle for Holidays 5. Fall Rally


With a few other key club members and the Vice President, Amanda Santiago, we went to the Ronald McDonald House event on Saturday November 3 and made breakfast for patients at a nearby hospital. Although I had to wake up extra early, it was all worth it because this event allowed me to help my community and make new connections with new individuals. I can definitely say that I had lots of fun cooking and cleaning up with everyone. We even baked muffins and brownies! After we were done, an employee took us on a tour around the house and we learned more about their purpose and their goals for the future such as providing a place like home to the many families that go to Ronald McDonald’s. This event was a new experience that I will cherish. With that said, I do recommend this event to anybody who wants to help their community. -Michelle Shi, member


Holiday Lights Display for Juvenile Diabetes I had the great honor and privilege to go with the Bayside High School Key Club, which I call my “family�, to the Display the Holiday Lights event. There were a few of us from bayside going with our Key Club President Kelly Yang to Far Rockaway to display the juvenile diabetes holiday lights. We got there by taking MTA transportation. The Far Rockaway community and community colleges were all gathered together. Even though it was freezing outside, I did not expect so many people to attend this event. I personally loved watching people working together as a community to put the lights up for the holidays. It touched my heart that working together as a community can make a positive impact on our society. -Khatijah Khan, member


The Kidney Walk was an extremely fun experience. Although it was cold outside, it was amazing to see everyone come together to walk for such a great cause. Everyone had took the initiative to take time out of their day to do something kind and supportive for others. That’s why it’s always great to go to walks. They allow for all people to do something even if it’s the smallest task. Children participating with their families or just regular people who decided to join in, are all part of a greater scheme to help those who are desperately in need. And being part of that experience is a beautiful memory. -Grace Shi, member


Decorate the Castle for Holidays At the Decorate the Castle for Holidays event, we traveled to Fort Totten. We decorated a Christmas tree and the inside of the building there. It was very fun and there was food provided for us, such as cookies. I thought the event was very fun and festive. I enjoyed decorating the tree and would consider doing it again next year. -Rachel Lin, member


Fall Rally Fall Rally was an event that consisted of workshops led by the Lieutenant Governor and other office higher-ups. They went over topics on their agenda and everyone got to choose their own sessions. I went to the first and second session with my friends. The last session, we were all separated, since we were all interested in different things. We were given a schedule to follow in order to keep everything organized. I’m still surprised that the people who were a bit older than us freshmen managed to keep everything running smoothly in a professional manner. The thought of people in charge of this event were only a few years older was kind of weird, but seeing the way the event ran so well made it feel as if adults were running the event. The session I went to was “How to Brand Yourself” because I wanted to know how to “brand myself” so that in the future I will we able to expand a business to be bigger. I think the best moment in the day was the final event. The speech about Swaziland was very inspiring and I found out that we are truly doing service for the larger cause and the more people that are who are in this club are helping to contribute to the greater cause accomplishing the greatest goals the club has as each person contributes to slowly help fulfill this goal the club has set for the members in it. -Tiffany Cao, member



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Bayside High School Key Club Newsletter (November 2018 Edition)  
Bayside High School Key Club Newsletter (November 2018 Edition)