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extremely helpful in getting all the required documents necessary for the construction and the move in record time. It was a very positive experience. The region suffered greatly due to a departure of a company that used to employ 1,200 people there. UR: We feel that they are very proud. They feel that life has returned to Črnomelj and Bela Krajina. The worst thing is to arrive to a city and see empty, overgrown halls. The mayor recently told me how nice it was to see the parking lot full again. Why does Akrapovič have such a successful image? A metal tube, the basic material, is available to all. You managed to create a

2014 Sound engineering

engineering with spectral analysis and sound presentations on 3D graphs become an important part of the modern exhaust system development. State-of-the-art sound chambers and high-tech measurement instruments allow for precision development of exhaust systems that meet even the most stringent noise regulations while delivering the unmistakable sound of an Akrapovič exhaust.

product that seems to be a must have for

How do you manage in manufacturing to


make the entire product look beautiful,

IA: It must be because of our aim and leaning to perfecting our products. And because of investing into our brand, into everything that surrounds it. Who set the height of the bar?

IA: That would be me. As an active competitor I wanted to have the best. And it is obvious that I want that for our clients as well. I want to offer something that is technologically perfected, that has a quality sound, excellent durability and also looks good. We are aware that satisfied clients bring a lot. And that unsatisfied clients take away a lot more.

2015 Active X-connection


The company completes its move of the production to a new factory in Črnomelj, bringing the complete manufacturing process, including the composites, under one roof. Akrapovič employs additional workforce and invests in new machines and technology.

even in places that are not visible?

IA: We train employees. And we design our product so that it must be produced in a specifically determined manner. As well as the tools, so that everything fits. We naturally have standards for how the end product must look. The weld and the tube, how is it bent and all the rest. This is a set of numerous factors that all combine in a perfect end product. UR: I think that it is exactly this logic, if we are talking about exhausts, which got transferred from motorbikes to cars. It opened up an entirely new area in cars, something that did not exist before, because car exhausts were basically

2015 New factory


Akrapovič presents at that time the worlds first ultra-light EC-/ECE-type approved exhaust system for the Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupé, which includes an active X-connection in the link pipes.

Akrapovič Magazine vol. 20  
Akrapovič Magazine vol. 20