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Manjit’s Kitchen is an awarding winning vegetarian street food vendor and fast becoming the talk of the town. Manjit’s kitchen uses only locally sourced ingredients to tickle anybody’s tastebuds with real authentic Punjabi recipes passed down first hand by her grandmother. Manjit’s Kitchen has become a thriving, colourful and successful street food vendor. 2009 was the year Manjit’s Kitchen was created and ever since has been climbing the ladder to become the best street food vendor in Leeds. Manjit’s Kitchen was a finalist for the Street Food Awards and her ‘Masala Chai’ was awarded winner of Best Hot Drink. Using social networks Manjit’s Kitchen has large growing fan base. The food industry is very competitive, unlike other curry stalls and takeaways, Manjit’s Kitchen does not need to flood your letter boxes with tacky menus and your mouth with false flavorings, offering 100% homemade, tasteful, vegetarian Punjabi food enough to convert any carnivore. Setting up stall in the new Trinity Shopping Centre, Leeds, West Yorkshire, Manjits kitchen is serving up Chilli Paneer Wraps, Bhel Puri and if you’re feeling adventurous then the Chillie Tequila Brownies are a must! BY AJAY KUMAR



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