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We believe we have a responsibility to ensure that the school enrolment, resources, and capacity are aligned. As such, we adhere to a sustainable and transparent financial plan. We commit to having a long term financial plan in place as well as a facilities master plan for both campuses and a long term facilities maintenance plan. Measures/benchmarks could include: - At least 3.5% of annual expenses will be committed to providing resources for teaching and learning - 0.25% of annual expenses (up to a cumulative reserve amount of ^2 million Rand) will be committed to a strategic program development fund, devoted to new initiatives - AISJ's reserve and investment policies will secure the long term sustainability of the school and meet acceptable country risk - AISJ will fully fund a long term facilities maintenance plan - AISJ’s long term financial plan will be reviewed annually - AISJ will maintain a five year facilities master plan for both campuses - AISJ will maintain an environmental awareness/impact plan

2015-16 Annual Report  
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