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The School Year


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How Close Are We?


What We Offer AISB 3

The AISB learning experience is a continuous journey of self-development from Early Childhood to High School graduation... and life beyond.

"We are greatly missing AISB and Budapest and feel eternally grateful that we had the opportunity to go to such a fantastic school. The impact of the experience will forever be felt by us all. We miss our AISB family dearly." Former AISB Parent

MISSION The American International School of Budapest prepares its students to be responsible global citizens and inspires in each a passion for knowledge and lifelong learning. We are a nurturing and diverse community that instills respect for self and others, develops the whole child, and strives for academic excellence.

VISION AISB is a leader among the international schools of Europe, recognized for its outstanding students, dedicated faculty, excellent facilities, rich and challenging programs for students and the community.

VALUES We are an inclusive and involved community of students, teachers, and parents. We appreciate each member of our community as an individual with unique talents and abilities. We embrace the American philosophy of education and its approach to teaching that emphasizes critical thinking skills, creativity and inquiry-based learning. We deliver an internationally focused curriculum that encourages open-mindedness, tolerance and cross-cultural understanding. We respect our host country’s culture, traditions and environment. We require personal integrity and ethical behavior. AISB 5

SCHOOL PROFILE AISB is a private and independent co-educational day school governed by a Board of Trustees. AISB currently serves the needs of a diverse international population, including families of the local and expatriate business and diplomatic communities, as well as host-country nationals. AISB offers an international curriculum from Multiage 3 through Grade 12, informed by current best teaching practices. At the high school level, we offer the full International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program. Our student body is currently comprised of over 900 students representing more than 60 nationalities.


Campus size:

13.3 ha Faculty members:

114 73

Percentage of Faculty with Advanced Degrees

48% of faculty is American 13% Canadian, 11% British, 28% is from fourteen other countries Average IB score:

34 points Languages spoken by students:



OUR CAMPUS Our state-of-the-art campus is a magnificent setting for an engaging and stimulating learning environment. AISB operates three divisions on the 33-acre Nagykovácsi campus. We are close to the leafy residential suburbs of Budapest and within easy reach of central Budapest's beautiful business, commerce, and tourist districts.

We have frequently been referred to as the

"most beautiful school campus in the world" AISB 8


Middle and High School Building 51 classrooms Library Cafeteria Computer rooms Double-sized gymnasium Single-sized gymnasium 25-meter swimming pool 350-seat theatre Performing, Media and Visual Arts facilities Innovative Maker Space

Elementary School Building 27 classrooms Library Cafeteria Computer rooms Double-size gymnasium Performing and Visual Arts facilities Maker Space S.T.E.A.M lab (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) E.P.I.C room (Every Person Inspired to Create) Multi-Purpose Room - Assembly and event space Multiple Outdoor Learning and Play Areas

the grounds 3 Soccer Fields Athletics Track with lights and sound system 4 Tennis Courts Basketball Court Playgrounds Clubhouse with Weather Station National Park surrounding the campus Parking lot for approximately 200 cars

SECURITY Our Security Systems were updated in 2017 and comply with the latest security recommendations from the US Regional Security Office.



e r a h s o t t i a w t ' n ! a u c o y We h t i w c i g a m r u o

The AISB curriculum is based on an American educational model within an international approach and context. From the Early Childhood Program to the IB Diploma Program, our teachers employ engaging, research-based methodologies that highlight critical thinking, inquiry, and creativity. These methodologies give our students the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will enable them to take their places as leaders in the 21st century. Our curriculum is developed using an Understanding by Design framework and organized around Essential Questions and Enduring Understandings. We provide tailored English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Learning Resource (LRC) specialists to differentiate learning and allow each student to fulfill his or her academic and social potential.

Standards-Based Curriculum The AISB curriculum is standards based; it emphasizes critical thinking skills and creativity through an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. Students are assessed on internationally-benchmarked standards in each discipline.

Standards-Based Grading and Reporting All divisions in the school use a Standards-Based Grading (SBG) and reporting approach. The goal of SBG is to improve student learning by better communicating what each student knows and can do in relation to the topic-specific standards. The feedback that students and parents receive relative to these standards is specific, current, and meaningful. It paints a more accurate picture of student progress than traditional grading and reporting.

our accreditation


"Everyone in the AISB community is tolerant and respectful. We are all equal and joined together like a family."

Grade 12 student AISBÂ 11

the school year The Student Calendar for the 2018-2019 School Year contains 176 ‘Total Student Days’. This includes 2 ParentStudent Conference days for High School and Middle School and 3 for Elementary School. There are 185 ‘Teacher Days’, including 4 pre-service days in August and 5 Faculty Professional Development days during the school year.

THE school day School hours for all students are 8:30 am - 3:30 pm. After-School Activities are offered between 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm. Full-time faculty are expected to be at school and ready for students from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm each day, unless the individual contract states otherwise.

"Everyone here is different by origin, culture and personality. AISB connects all of us. Regardless of who you communicate with, there is always a topic to talk about."

Grade 7 Student


"AISB has an outstanding campus and facility. It is amongst the top schools in the world and students are lucky to have the opportunity to attend here." Visiting Educational Expert AISBÂ 13



? h c t a m d o o g a e ew

AISB is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and offers the IB Diploma Program in addition to the American High School Diploma. AISB’s offers an international education through an American pedagogical approach that highlights critical thinking skills, creativity and inquiry-based learning. We are a member of Central and Eastern European School Association (CEESA), Sports Council of International Schools (SCIS), International Baccalaureate (IB), International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA), Danube Valley Athletic Conference (DVAC), European League for Middle Level Education (ELMLE), Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS), and the Principals Training Center (PTC). We look for qualified, experienced, and inspirational teachers who will help take the school to the next level of its development, help deliver our Strategic Plan and, above all, ensure that all our students reach the highest level of their potential.

Professional Development The aim of professional growth and evaluation is for faculty to improve student learning. We seek to improve our instruction in order to meet the needs of students. To achieve this aim, we engage in substantive and reflective dialogue about teaching and learning. This focus on improvement is what we ask of our students; we can expect nothing less from ourselves. AISB budgets $1,000 per teacher per year for professional development in addition to other group funds which teachers can apply for.



"The opportunity to meet new people at AISB is truly amazing. The diversity here is unique!" Grade 11 student AISBÂ 15

THE DISPOSITIONS OF A SUCCESSFUL AISB TEACHER We are inquirers AISB teachers are curious. They are passionate about learning, embracing inquiry, and making authentic connections.

We are THINKERS AISB teachers have problem-solving mindsets. They think creatively and reflectively, selecting from appropriate strategies to bring out the best in their students. Our teachers have open minds and are always ready to consider multiple perspectives.

We are communicators AISB teachers exchange ideas effectively and confidently: they gather information, listen actively, communicate clearly, and seek understanding.

We are contributors AISB teachers contribute positively to our professional learning community. They model global citizenship by showing respect and care for themselves, others, and the environment.

We are agents of our learning


AISB teachers are proactive, setting goals and managing time to fulfill their responsibilities and commitments. They take risks, persevere, and learn from their mistakes.

CANDIDATE QUALIFICATIONS AND ATTRIBUTES Relevant degrees, certifications, and experience Intercultural experience Commitment to the diversity of the school Strong IT literacy skills Ability to contribute to co-curricular programs Experience teaching ELL students Experience implementing differentiation techniques, both for those students who excel and those who need additional support, including English language learners Strong organizational and time-management skills Initiative, flexibility, and a positive attitude High Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Cooperative and collaborative working relationships with staff, students, and parents Highly effective communication in English, both orally and in writing Ability to accept and manage change effectively Ability to collaborate effectively in order to nurture student growth Acceptance of multiple perspectives Contribution to a positive school climate


WHAT WE OFFER A truly world-class campus, surroundings, and environment A professional and dynamic team, selected from the best teachers worldwide A highly competitive reimbursement package Home leave benefit for overseas hired faculty members Housing allowance (increased for 2019-2020 following Board review) Assistant Teachers, 1 per class in Lower ES, 1 per grade level in Upper ES, 1 per division in MS and HS A Macbook for your time with us A diverse, nurturing community of students, parents, faculty, and staff Free tuition for up to 2 children of teachers (who meet the admission criteria) A large number of holidays, 185 duty days per academic year A high-quality life in Budapest A school culture that promotes inquiry, innovation and reflection Opportunity to learn from widely acclaimed visiting experts Access to state-of-the art resources to support learning Opportunities for collaboration within and across subject areas AISB 18

AN AISB TEACHER ENJOYS... A school facility and surrounding accessible nature that is second to none! Personal growth amongst the world's top education professionals Dedicated Directors of Teaching and Learning supporting personalised professional development with a variety of offerings from leading expertise Designing rich experiential learning opportunities Engaging students in meaningful, inquiry-driven conversation Inspiring students to embrace respect in their thoughts, words, and actions Modelling responsible stewardship of our environmental, material, and cultural resources Becoming part of a rich, diverse and supportive community of peers - the trademark of AISB!


If you fulfill most of the criteria and are interested in working at a vibrant school in a beautiful central European city, have a closer look at our website. If you think that there’s a possibility of a good match between you and AISB, please apply.


Best of luck in your job search!

Process for securing an interview at a Recruiting Fair (except for Skype interviews) Current faculty have until the end of November to return contracts for the next year. After this date, the school has a definite list of positions vacant; these will be posted on our website as well as forwarded to recruitment agencies.


Vacancies are posted from mid-November onwards.


3 Initial interviews will be conducted individually by the Principal.

Principals of each division screen résumés



Principals make recommendations to Director

Director interviews all finalists

The Director will normally interview all finalists, but may delegate the final interviewing where necessary or appropriate. Telephone or in-person references will be sought during the course of the fair.

Offers are made upon successful reference checks. The Director will make all financial and contractual arrangements with the chosen candidate.

Degrees and qualifications


Intercultural experience

All appointees are expected to have a Master’s degree and the appropriate/accepted teacher certification from their country of origin. However, the school will also look favorably at candidates with a Bachelor’s Degree and an array of suitably targeted professional development courses.

We seek candidates who have two years or more of teaching experience in the same subject as the open position or at a similar grade level. Overseas experience is particularly valuable.

AISB is interested in candidates who have lived outside their country for some length of time, or who have traveled widely. The ideal candidate for our programs will also have lived (studied or worked) in an Englishspeaking country.


"AISB's personal engagement and support have been outstanding. The focus on social, emotional, and academic needs to help reach our child’s potential is really appreciated, as well as the professionalism, care, and listening."

High School Parent AISBÂ 21


i o n a ls s s e f o r p e c i v ser Our team of ur o y e t a g i v a n h e lp s y o u ss. e c o r p g n i d r on-boa

In usual cases, we offer a 2-year contract to start your time with us. In the event that AISB elects to offer the Employee an extension of the initial term of employment, then AISB shall provide a written contract offer with the details of such extension no later than the last day of school before the Winter Break of the afore-mentioned academic year. Salary will be paid in United States currency in twelve equal installments on the last working day of the month throughout the academic year. Salaries for June and July will be paid on the last working day of the academic year.

retirement allowance

Grade 12 student AISB can contribute to a retirement program an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the Salary paid in the first year of this Employment Agreement, and will allow one half percent (0.5%) increase each year of consecutive employment with AISB with a maximum matching contribution of ten percent (10%) of the Salary during the Employee's eleventh (11th) and subsequent years of employment with AISB. The Employee will unless otherwise agreed, receive the funds directly, as with the monthly salary.

leave 185 Teacher work days per academic year 12 days of paid sick leave per academic year 2 days of paid personal leave each academic year Maternity/ Paternity leave Emergency leave

insurance Clinical and emergency care is readily available AISB teachers (and family members) can participate in the group medical and dental plan selected and paid for by AISB Disability insurance plan Our teachers are covered by a Group Life Insurance policy while employed with AISB AISB 22


Castle District 25 mins to AISB

Buda Pest

City Centre

35 mins to AISB

Danube River "It's one of the best values around the world in terms of cost of living in relation to the quality of living." BBC Travel Living AISB will provide you a housing and utility allowance during employment. The school also provides housing for you for 10 nights during the transitional period between your arrival in Budapest and the time when you rent a place and move into your new home. On average, this does not take longer than 10-14 days. You will be housed in a hotel or pension. On your arrival in Budapest, you will be met at the airport by someone acting on behalf of AISB. It may be a taxi driver or an AISB employee, and the person will take you to your temporary housing, so you do not need to arrange a transfer or accommodation for yourself. Downtown Budapest is more popular with young and childless teachers, singles or couples, while the nearby villages and outer parts of Budapest are more popular with families.

visas and Residential permits Foreign citizens who are not required to have a visa to enter Hungary (American, Australian and Canadian citizens) are allowed to apply for the Hungarian Residence Permit at the Immigration Office in Budapest after their arrival to Hungary, within 60 days from their date of arrival to Hungary. It will take 3-4 weeks to process your Residence Permit and Address Card. Our Business Office team manages this process for you and accompanies you to the necessary appointments. AISB 23


"It's one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but Budapest can also make a claim to be one of the most relaxing, thanks to a secret buried beneath its beautiful architecture."

CNN Travel


Budapest the Pearl of the Danube Located in the heart of Europe, Budapest has it all: dazzling city life and National Parks to hike, from Michelin-starred restaurants to unique ruin bars, world-famous Turkish baths, a rich cultural life, fairytale architecture and historical importance. Pest is the commercial and nightlife hub with an energetic, vibrant tempo. There are record numbers of eclectic bars, nightlife districts, restaurants and meeting points. Most companies have their offices on the Pest side of the river. Buda is the lifestyle side, with a calmer pace, surrounded by beautiful hills. There are countless green spaces, playgrounds, hiking trails, and even a chair lift for winter skiing. The Buda air is fresher, too. Some Budapest-living tips from AISB parents: "Budapest may be unfamiliar at first, but it won't take you long to learn how to get around. Budapest has one of the richest public transportation systems of all European capitals. Buses, trams, and the Metro take you around the city. They are very easy to use once you know the system." "Wherever you live in Budapest within a short distance, there are small shops open early 'til late (even on holidays) and not far away, there are several bigger malls as well." "Most everything you and your family need is here in Budapest. It may not exactly be what you had at home, and you may not find the specific brand you're used to, but what you need to live comfortably, safely and well is here: similar food, health care, friends, and fun." There are many people at AISB with a wealth of knowledge about the city and country, and they genuinely desire to help you transition as quickly and easily as possible. Our depth of community support helps make AISB special. To provide helpful information about life as an expat here, please visit our "Welcome Guide to Budapest" from our AISB community, available online at :


CULTURAL LIFE "One of the largest cities in Europe, Budapest is a regional powerhouse in terms of art, design and cuisine, home to a dynamic fashion scene and more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in the former Eastern Bloc." The New York Times AISBÂ 26


Festivals are a great part of life in Hungary! There is always a festival happening in some part of Budapest or Hungary celebrating a particular part of life. Typically they highlight a holiday or some aspect of life (folk arts, chocolate, wine) and have booths that feature activities of products relating to the theme. But they also feature a wide variety of local crafts and food. Frequently called “Europe’s answer to Burning Man”, Sziget Festival is one of Europe’s top festivals.



Budapest boasts a wide range of restaurant styles and prices. You will find excellent culinary options here.

"The 19th-century New York CafÊ bills itself as the most beautiful coffeehouse in the world, and it’s hard to argue." The National Geographic



"Budapest’s ruin bars are unique to the city. These have become the city’s social hubs, where dilapidated buildings have been reinvented into quirky watering holes where furniture picked off the street is mixed up with modern pieces from local artists."

The Guardian AISB 29


Budapest sits on a wealth of mineral resources and houses numerous world-famous thermal bath and spas. Many were established during the Turkish occupation of Hungary in the 16th century and are still in operation after 500 years! AISBÂ 30


BEYOND BUDAPEST Beyond beautiful Budapest, there is so much more of Hungary to explore. The Danube bend pictured here sits just outside the capital and contains some awe-inspiring hiking and cycling trails. The Danube cycle route can follow the Danube back through 3 countries to its source at Donaueschingen, Germany. The low-lying Great Plain, the hills to the north and northeast, and the picturesque towns and villages are all very popular. Hungary also has well over 1000 lakes, of which the largest and most famous is Balaton. AISB 32


BALATON REGION Whether you are interested in beaches, beautiful hikes, or wine tasting, visit the magical Lake Balaton. It is the biggest lake in Central Europe and is often referred to as the Hungarian Sea.


VINEYARDS OF HUNGARY You'll be pleasantly surprised by the wide range and high quality of Hungarian wine. We have 100 varieties and 22 wine-growing regions. There are many opportunities to become a wine expert and connoisseur of these delicious grapes.


HOLLOKO THE LIVING VILLAGE Holloko is a rare example of an originally preserved village from the 17th-18th century and a Unesco World Heritage site. "A living community that provides an exceptional and maybe unique example of voluntary conservation of a traditional village." UNESCO


DID YOU KNOW? Budapest has continental Europe's oldest metro and second oldest electrically operated underground railway in the world. The iconic Line 1 was completed in 1896.

The helicopter, the ballpoint pen, and the Rubik’s cube are all Hungarian inventions. Budapest has the second largest synagogue in the world with seats for 3000. It's an Unesco World Heritage site as well.

Hungary was founded in 896, which makes it one of the oldest countries in Europe.

The Hungarian parliament is the third largest parliamentary building in the world.

The Hungarian water polo team is the best in the history of the sport. The proof is their 15 Olympics medals. Hungary is home to the world’s first official wine region! In the 14th century, King Karoly made the Tokaj area the official wine region of Hungary. Wine has been produced there since the 5th century.


London Copenhagen

Helsinki Amsterdam



2.20 h

1.50 h

2.10 h

Madrid 3.15 h

2.20 h

3.45 h

Prague 5h


2.5 h

Italy 5h

Slovenia 4h


Croatia 4h

2.10 h

New York 10.15 h

HOW CLOSE ARE WE? If you’d like to ski in the Alps or swim in the sea, you are within a half-day drive from Budapest. The central European location of this stunning capital gives numerous possibilities for weekend breaks from the city.


2094 Nagykovácsi, Nagykovácsi út 12. Hungary


+36 26 556 056