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Lydia Loveless

Living on the Bleeding Edge By Rich Mahan


ydia Loveless’ new album, “Somewhere Else” is aptly titled. This, her third release, expands on her past recorded success with her most straightforward and honest writing to date. “Somewhere Else” is receiving welldeserved praise from reviewers and critics and drawing comparisons to early Lucinda Williams thanks to its honest, direct, and revealing lyrical approach. We spoke with Lydia from her home in Columbus, OH about “Somewhere Else”. Rich Mahan (RM): Congratulations on the new record, it sounds really good. Lydia Loveless (LL): Thank you RM: I’ve been drawn in listening to it, and I know it’s sticking with me cause I’ll find myself making a sandwich and one of your songs pops into my head. Your new record “Somewhere Else” sounds like you’ve made a quantum leap forward since your last release, how does it feel to you compared to your last 2 releases? LL: Um, I mean, my thing is usu-

ally once I’m done with something I almost can’t even remember it. My last two albums, they just seem so far away creatively for me, um, not that I think they like suck or anything, this one just feels so much better. I feel like I’ve finally found my sound. I was 19 when I recorded “Indestructible”, so this one’s a lot more mature, I was a little more willing to experiment this time around and less afraid of taking suggestions. I just feel like it’s more me because I was more relaxed instead of trying to go for some kind of genre, I just feel a lot better about it. RM: It feels really natural, that’s the thing that grabs me. It’s not like somebody wrote a song to try and sound like anything, it sounds like water running or it sounds like the rhythm of a horse galloping. LL: Ha ha ha! That’s awesome! RM: Before you wrote and recorded “Something Else”, I heard you had a full albums’ worth of other material written already. LL: Yeah… I kind of had a crisis.

I had a rented a studio all to myself so I could be alone and write and think. I’ve been calling it spring cleaning on my brain, cause I just got so freaked out after “Indestructible Machine” was getting good reviews and I felt like I had this standard of Alt-Country to live up to and I was kind of going for a sound, and I realized it wasn’t working. I kind of scrapped all those songs. I decided to relax, went out on one more tour, and I don’t know what happened, but my brain just exploded and I started writing again. RM: Wow… so you can’t really pinpoint any one thing that maybe was a catalyst for the change? LL: Um, maybe a nervous breakdown… ha ha ha ha ha! I think it was really just letting go of fear. RM: Man, that is so huge. I think making fear based decisions is one of the worst things you can do. So for you to be able to drop that, I mean hats off, most people just white knuckle it until they crash into the ground. For you to let go and take

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The Direct Buzz March Issue 2014  

the Direct Buzz January 2014 issue. Our mission is to entertain, enlighten and inform.

The Direct Buzz March Issue 2014  

the Direct Buzz January 2014 issue. Our mission is to entertain, enlighten and inform.