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I can report on them to my clients as well as my friends. So I learned to type on a manual IBM Selectric with carbon copies and now I’m figuring out portal problems and work-arounds on the internet. Even I’m amazed. tDB: I am quite sure you have many amazing stories from your history in the business. Please share two of those fond memories with our readers. JL: I think probably my fondest memory is when I took the train from LA to Eugene, Oregon for the 2011 FAR-West conference and found a place that I could move into in order to go full time as Mother Hen Promotions. It had all the ingredients I had been looking for up till then: rent a third of what I was paying in Los Angeles, a small(ish) walkable college town, friendly people, lots of activities that I could actually attend without being caught in traffic for hours. There was healthy food, clean

air, trains and busses within walking distance, and plenty of bike paths, plus the River nearby. While I was in Los Angeles, I didn’t really have the time to do a lot other than work to stay afloat. I was working nights at a retail drugstore, and days as Mom Hen. My one week off a year was at the FARWest conference. So the biggest deal was being able to finally move and be Mom Hen full time. I’m still figuring out the rest…

The Direct Buzz March Issue 2014  

the Direct Buzz January 2014 issue. Our mission is to entertain, enlighten and inform.

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