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I guess I switch up the lyrics live sometimes, but for the most part we stick with the way it sounds on the recording. RM: When you tour in support of “Somewhere Else” are you sticking to your four-piece lineup, or will you be augmenting your lineup with additional players? LL: I think it will just be the four of us, it’s going to be everyone who played on the record except Jay Gaspar the steel player who can’t really do much touring. RM: What’s your live gear setup these days? LL: I play an American Telecaster through a Fender Blues Junior generally, and I also have a Rickenbacker. RM: I really like those Blues junior Amps; besides being small they have a great tone to them. LL: Yeah, I love small amps; I like to hear that crunch. RM: Small amps give up the goods. LL: Yeah, that’s definitely my preference, I have a Kalamazoo, I don’t know if you know what that is, it’s like an old Gibson Amp. It’s so small people are like, what is this? (Laughs) RM: You are out on the road a ton… do you have any favorite places to visit and play? LL: Um, when we play on the West coast, we usually do real well in San Francisco, LA and Portland, Chicago’s a really great place for us, those are probably my favorite places. RM: Any places that you haven’t played yet that you’d like to? LL: I haven’t played in Chapel Hill, and I’ve heard I really need to go there. RM: MMMMHMMM… well that’s kind of Ryan Adams’ old stomping grounds, and I hear a little Ryan Adams in the new record. Are you a fan? LL: Oh definitely RM: I hear a little of the same

vibe from his Rock and Roll record on Something Else, I hear some of that urgency, and the rawness, which seems really genuine. LL: Thank you RM: Let’s talk a little bit about your label, Bloodshot Records. They work with AirPlay Direct to get the music out to radio, and it must be great to be with a label that works with artists the way that Bloodshot is working with you. LL: Yeah, they’re great, and obviously very respected. It’s nice to have that tight knit family that Bloodshot is instead of having to call someone who calls someone who calls someone to get the news or have a conversation with someone at my label. RM: It’s refreshing to see a label do any kind of artist development these days and it seems they are really behind you that way. LL: Totally, I appreciate the creative freedom I get too. RM: On AirPlay Direct right now (At the time of this interview) you have 7 of the top 8 downloaded

singles for Americana/AAA, you are obviously resonating with radio programmers and I expect the same thing to happen with the fans once they get a hold of this record. It has to be a very gratifying feeling to see these reactions roll in. LL: Yeah it’s great! A lot of people are like “A lot of people are finally paying attention to you” I think its great that it takes a while, I’m grateful that things have had time to build and I’ve had time to actually mature and write better songs and now there’s attention on me when I feel good and confident about it. RM: Is there anybody you want to go out and tour with this year? LL: Oooh, good question. I love Jason Isbell, I think that would be great, I love Elisabeth Cook, that would be great to do some shows with her, and we are touring with Old 97’s for a bit so that will be really fun. RM: Well, its been great talking to you, best of luck and thanks! LL: Thank you!

The Direct Buzz March Issue 2014  

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