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e, as humans and Albertans, typically wear many layers of clothing in the ever-changing winter months. As you know, the standard advice given to anyone who doesn’t like the current weather conditions is: “Wait 15 minutes!” This recommendation remains true for our homes. By using our sense of style, personality, practicality, functionality and colour we create a ‘layering’ of these elements, forming the foundation of our living spaces.

Here are the top three latest home interior decorating tips for this winter season: Gadgets, gadgets and more…. The list is almost endless on how to incorporate the new technology: smart home automation, home security systems, camera monitoring devices to track family members, home theatres (literally), wireless router vases (seriously?), portable light switches, clean air filtration units and more accessible solar-powered technology. To boldly go…. The primary colours aren’t just for the kindergarten class anymore. Adding a small splash of red, yellow or blue can heighten an otherwise neutral mood in any room. All that glitters…. Metallic finishes found in furniture, accessories, cabinet hardware, light fixtures, appliances and artwork are especially attractive when juxtaposed with wood and other natural elements. Chrome, iron and burnished bronze feature prominently. “Consumers are becoming increasingly colour savvy and colour aware,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “With consumers seeking distinctive styling and considerable substance more than ever before, it is critical that retailers and designers be aware of future colour trends. To successfully entice consumers, colours and colour combinations must be appealing, evocative, transformative and most importantly, on target.” That said, you as the consumer have all the power to ultimately decide what trends you will accept, reject or embrace into your home. Always remember to maintain and reflect the integrity of the design, consider the scale of the room and what pieces will ‘fit,’ and keep focused on how you can best express your unique personality. life

– Tina McMillan (a.k.a. the Decorating Diva) is a local interior designer, a mother of two and a wife of one

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