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About Us You've taken the time to build up your products and services. Who's taking the time to keep a close eye on your business premises, personnel and stock? TSG is a professional, client friendly and flexible security company with a wealth of experience in the industry. Our business is protecting your business and your assets, enabling you to do what you do best. TSG has grown over the years in response to regional and national demands, and dedicated itself to providing high-quality, cost-effective security solutions. We are based in the West Midlands with satellite offices nationwide and our current clients include bluechip companies, corporations, high street retailers, hoteliers, developers, public sector clients, the leisure industries and major event organisers. Our venues coverage includes offices, stadiums, hospitals, bingos, casinos, race- tracks, bars, and night clubs throughout the UK. TSG is committed to quality and customer satisfaction and we continuously invest in our future by recruiting the right staff, implementing state-of-the-art technologies, and by offering the training and development incentives necessary to empower us to serve you. For your assurance we are recognised by the appropriate professional bodies and take pride in being one of the few security companies to have achieved the high standards required by the industry. Our vision is high-quality service in a unique and timeless manner 24 hours a day, 365 days every year.


Manned Services Security is not just a matter of keeping things in and other elements out. It's about a holistic approach to service provision, management and support. The security you employ has to protect your business ensuring that you, your staff and customers remain safe and secure; and that you remain operational. Furthermore, it has to complement your image, projecting and upholding your standards, and it must be manageable and flexible to meet your demands; whilst remaining cost-effective. You also need to be confident that the security staff you employ are trained and equipped for their roles, and that you receive the help you need when you want. TSG offers you a range of services which are tailor made to meet your needs. Helping to enhance performance, reducing costs and allowing you the client to focus elsewhere; knowing the security of your business is being handled professionally and up to the highest standard.


Static Security Time Security Group has many years of experience in supplying professional static guards and can offer your business the best level of protection with world class static guarding services; which can be tailored to meet your specialised security needs. Time Security Group has proven expertise in effectively guarding companies and businesses from all types of threats. Our standards of professionalism are unmatched in the security industry. Static guards from Time Security Group are courageous, courteous, and thoroughly committed to their business of guarding. All our static guards are accredited to set SIA standards and fully trained with skills to handle any incident effectively. They are ever vigilant, dependable, disciplined, and well prepared. And they will respond quickly with the correct security solution in any situation. Every time you can count on them.

Reception Security The external image of your company is just as important as the internal mechanisms that drive it. Presentation is a key for us as well and Time Security Group officers are carefully chosen to fit into the environment they work in. Each officer is screened and trained to BS7858 to ensure that your customers are received with the utmost respect and courteousness they deserve; and simultaneously to make sure your business is secure. These Specialist Officers perform a dual role, one as a security presence and the other as a business support function by answering telephones, signing in guests and maintaining control of access to the building. All this done from your reception area. Time Security Group officers are carefully chosen to fit into the environment they work in. 5

Construction Security Time Security Group can ensure that your site will remain protected. We use only fully accredited SIA staff to provide you with the best security solutions. Security for construction sites is vitally important; with valuable assets on site, it is important the security system in place is high quality. At Time Security Group we operate a rigorous vetting system which means that we only utilise professional training and recruitment procedures, for all construction site guards on your site. We provide highly trained staff to identify safety hazards and address them with the appropriate site supervisors.

Car Park Management We can provide a flexible presence at our customers’ business premises car park, or at any corporate events. This presence can be high or low is dependent on the needs of our customers. Our car park security can also vet all visitors before allowing them to park their vehicle. This will deter people from attempting to steal or vandalise vehicles. We at Time Security Group can offer on-site or mobile Parking Officers to patrol your car park(s) at set or random times to assess whether unauthorised parking is taking place.


Close Protection Our personnel protection services have a proud and successful history for providing confidential and close protection to high profile VIP's from the media world of pop music, sport and politics; through to leading figures from business & industry.We specialise in the protection of our VIP & Celebrity clients, where our service is second to none. We also pride ourselves on being professional and confidential. Some clients continuously hire "Standard" security companies to provide the protection to their key people. This is done due to keeping costs down and NOT looked upon the actual safety of the individual. In this situation costs should NEVER be an issue; the safety of the VIP should be.Our industry is extremely dangerous due the fact that VIP's are always in contact with the unknown public; in which Standard Security guards have no experience or training in the psychological assessing and identifying of potential threats.

Patrol Dogs Time Security Group Dog Patrol Headquarters are based in Essex, but can operate UK wide with a source of local dog handlers. Our dog handlers are SIA licensed, fully insured and vetted to BS 7858 standards and receive additional training to insure that they are operating at effectively and are aware of all current legislation. We operate under all current guidelines on the use of, and transport of dogs. Time Security Group can supply security dog(s) and handlers at short notice or on a contract basis, our dogs cover all types of security assignments. A well trained security dog team can be the ultimate deterrent and most cost effective approach; and can often replace several static officers, or compliment your existing team. All dog handlers are fully conversant and compliant with both the 1975 Guard Dogs Act and the Revised 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act. 7

Key Holding Responding to alarm activations in the middle of the night or at inconvenient moments is annoying as well as disruptive. With Time Security Group as key holders to your premises, you can be assured that there will always be someone to respond promptly to any alarms, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Time Security Group personnel will attend to your premises in accordance with The Association of Chief Police Officers regulations; within 20 minutes of an alarm being activated.

Mobile Patrols We at Time Security Group understand that visibility is paramount, so when our mobile security supervisor arrives on-site each day they will be fully uniformed and in a marked patrol vehicle. Understanding that potential intruders often take advantage of larger areas, with this package Time Security Group officers can provide coverage for greater areas at excellent value for money. Covering restricted views such as warehouses to open areas like parks and school; through to those considered too risky to monitor on foot, no task is too much for Time Security Group. Our flexible approach and expertise in this industry ensures we can deliver extensively planned services to meet your needs. Experienced, SIA Licensed security officers will strategically patrol your premises throughout the day and night in a high visibility security vehicle. All patrols are logged and monitored by a 24 hour control room containing the latest electronic devices at all sites; which gives you peace of mind that your property is in safe hands.


Retail Security Time Security Group is fine tuned to match your Retail Security needs. We ensure our Security Officers are perfectly suited to the environment they are protecting and fit seamlessly within it to provide a presence that is strong and complementary to the imagine you portray. Time Security Group are flexible in the retail security services we provide. From regular security checks to the monitoring of CCTV systems. In addition our Retail Security Officers can take responsibility for opening and closing property at the start and end of each working day, whilst ensuring they provide a safe and dependable presence that brings peace of mind to you and your staff. All of our officers are trained to SIA standards in Retail Security, and have also completed Conflict Management training.

Store Detectives Store Detectives are top of the pile when it comes to retail security. The Store Detective works actively together with the Store Manager to prevent theft from customers and also from staff. Not all shoplifters when approached will respond positively and return to the store. Therefore, we believe our store detectives will provide you with the service you require; as they are trained in conflict management and incident reporting (logs, time/date etc) We can provide instant assistance and response should any such worker find themselves in a situation where they need help. This is in compliance with the Health and Safety Act of 1974 where we as employers have a ‘duty of care’ to our employees.


Event Security TSG Security has experience in a broad range of Event Management, training and operations. This ranges from world boxing events to concerts; and from festivals to horse racing events. Furthermore, we have experience in providing stewards who are trained to the highest standard in crowd control for Stadium and Arena events; such as football matches and concerts.

We provide: Crisis & Incident Management for senior personnel | Co-ordination of all venue staff & security staff | Communication skills | Complete briefing and debriefing | Conflict Management and Security Awareness | Security & search procedure | Improvised explosive device recognition & standard procedures for suspicious packages/bombs etc. | First aid & fully trained medics

Door Supervisors In relation to Night Clubs and Public Houses, Time Security Group supports their customer’s views in distancing themselves from the “Bouncer Image” and as a result has protected its image through good practice and attention to detail. You will find our staff are professionally trained and are always smartly dressed, clean, tidy, courteous and helpful to all members of the public so they are also seen to be approachable. We also work on the principal that our staff are ambassadors for their customers hence professionalism is of our upmost importance. Every aspect of our team’s performance is monitored, as well as keeping an ongoing record of all incidents, risk assessments and who is working with the venues and on which shifts.

Site Security Time Security Group has many years of experience in supplying professional static officers and can offer your business the best level of protection with world class static officering services. These can be tailored to meet your specialised security needs. We have proven expertise in effectively protecting companies and businesses from all types of threats. Our standards of professionalism are unmatched in the security industry. Static officers from Time Security Group are courageous, courteous and thoroughly committed to their roles. You will find them professional, pro-active and thorough in their approach.



No matter where you are living or working, we can supply you with whatever you need to keep your home or shop safe and secure. Covering the whole of the United Kingdom, we offer more than just complete CCTV systems to our clients. We also provide extras such as burglar alarms, combination safes, monitors and digital recorders. If you are interested in protecting your premises then we are the choice for you.



CCTV CCTV is a must for many modern businesses with the need to protect premises from theft and damage essential. We design, install, monitor and maintain CCTV systems throughout the UK. We employ the latest in digital, wireless and internet linked technology to satisfy our customers’ needs; irrespective of power supply, access or coverage. This all-inclusive capability ensures we are able to respond within hours to any requirements, large or small, short or long term, planned or unplanned and to deliver quality service to meet our customers’ needs. We have a network of CCTV Installers with years of experience in the industry and can guarantee you will receive all the advice you need, before and after any service we provide.

We provide the following range of CCTV equipment • Analog or Digital IP Security Cameras • Fixed or Point Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) Security Cameras • Indoor or Outdoor Security Cameras • Day and Night Security Cameras - (Low Light Cameras) • Infrared Security Cameras • Vandal Resistant Security Cameras • Dome, Bullet, Box, Corner and Pinhole Security Cameras • Digital Video Recorders (DVR) • Security Monitors


Access Control How can people have freedom to come and go without compromising the security of an area? Access management and control answers this question by letting you determine who can enter and exit an area, and what level of access they will have inside. Advanced access control systems like keypad alarm systems and biometric readers bring many advantages over traditional locks and keys.

These newer systems allow a manager to lock and unlock doors automatically, for example, and to track and document which individuals went where, and when. That information is highly valuable if the need arises to review and investigate a security incident. Access control systems (ACS) can be integrated into a comprehensive security plan that involves aspects of physical layout like heating and cooling systems, electronic locks, closed circuit television, and security surveillance. Ecam offers state-of-the-art access control systems and components including turnstiles, keypad alarm systems, biometrics, and card access. Which system you choose depends on what the purpose will be.

Access Control Solutions: • Biometrics • Card Access • Keypad Access • Turnstiles


Maintenance Telephone support and Remote access Emergency call out No hidden costs Ecam offer a wide range of maintenance contracts for all types of CCTV Systems, from 2 Cameras to 2000; we can provide you with an agreement that works around you. Keeping up the maintenance on a CCTV system is very important, although the modern digital recorders and servers require less maintenance than the old traditional VCR's, your system should still be periodically inspected. This will maximise your investment and enable your system to provide a faultless continued service .

Fire Alarms At Ecam we ensure that staff are fully trained to allow us the ability of commissioning, designing and installing quality fire detection systems. We have quality suppliers working with us to offer our clients the fire detection systems which best fit their needs. We are flexible in which systems we can offer to our clients. For example a conventional fire detection system can be used for smaller sites; as it offers a basic form of detection through heat, manual detection and smoke. These systems are widely used in homes and small businesses as they offer a basic form of protection at an affordable price for their users.


While more detailed fire systems are available which provide a more thorough insight into the state of a clients' site. With details showing the location of an activation and the staging of the evacuation process needed for safety. While these systems use the same heat, manual and smoke detection; they offer a broader picture to the client; allowing for quicker response times to overcome any issues. These tend to be used for larger sites. However, we cater for our clients with whichever system they prefer at a cost effective price. With the use of modern technology, we can also provide our clients with a fast response from the emergency services in case of a fire. This is done through the use of radio pagers and red care signalling, which alert the fire service or our keyholders of an event.

System Upgrades - A fire alarm upgrade can improve areas of detection, notification and monitoring. Older fire alarm systems are much more prone to incidents involving poor detection, false alarms and maintenance costs. Our staff are fully trained on many different manufacturer's models and we stock many different system components to make any upgrade a relatively simple one. We provide : Fire extinguishers Annual service Fire alarm service Emergency lighting Safety signs Specialist kitchen equipment Training Risk assessment

       

All with :  Low prices guaranteed  Fixed clear prices  Free quotations  Free fitting  Free training  Free survey  Fixed maintenance costs




Keytime Monitoring, a division of TSG PLC

Company security is essential to the success of a business. Regular break ins, theft and damage will not just be financially damaging but also externally; in terms of the public image. Hence, the need for a quality security system is a must. Our Remote Monitoring protection is tailored to the needs of our clients through bespoke packages. Specifically, with services provided for the hours our clients desire. With immediate responses available to security incidents; you can rest assure your premises will be protected.


Remote Monitoring Keytime Monitoring provides surveillance services to businesses. Providing state of the art remote monitoring equipment combined with eagle eyed professional staff; who are poised for immediate response should standards slip. We operate throughout the United Kingdom from our headquarters in the heart of Birmingham to our regional offices across the UK. Keytime Monitoring operates in a variety of different sectors and businesses.Keytime’s primary objective is to provide our clients cost effective and fully functional electronic security solutions. Therefore, ensuring the safety of staff, premises and visitors; whilst also protecting customers’ hard won fiscal assets. All our surveillance operatives are fully accredited in respect of the operation to be monitored and all contracts are fully data protection compliant.

The Stages of Remote Monitoring: 1) Installation or utilising our clients’ current systems. 2) Monitoring of the site in question. 3) Detection of emergency situation. 4) Response and resolution of situation.

The Benefits       

Bespoke packages. Creation of an anti-crime culture in the workplace. Cost savings. Evidence of potential incidents (images/recordings) Live intervention via two way communication. Peace of mind. Professional staff who are accredited to set standards; with security experts on hand to offer pre and post incident advice.


How it works? Live Video Surveillance Our surveillance personnel monitor your site utilising our state of the art surveillance equipment, which can be fully integrated with our clients’ CCTV systems; up to 24 hours a day 365 a year.Should a site perimeter be breached, live video footage of the event is transmitted to our fully secured remote monitoring station.

Live Audio Warnings Our fully trained licensed CCTV surveillance operators immediately challenge the intruder to leave the site via two way communications. Whilst this is happening the incident is recorded using live video and audio links.

Live Responses Should the intruder persist, our staff implement a number of strategies to protect your site. These include the immediate dispatch of a security patrol to your site and police assistance. With incident details transmitted in live time. In our experience the shock experienced by an intruder being warned remotely to leave the site; in almost every case works.



SHUTTERS Tiger Doors Ltd, a division of TSG PLC

At Tiger Doors Ltd, we provide the latest in gates and shutters for our customers. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio, the design of which is particularly tailored to provide maximum flexibility and adaptability to provide solutions to our customers. The market place today demands a competitively priced product, which satisfies a requirement for high standards of quality, reliability of performance, pleasing appearance, longevity of life, with low life-cycle maintenance costs. All of which can be provided by us through Tiger Doors Ltd.



Gates and Shutters Tiger Doors Ltd is one of the leading Industrial Roller Shutter Manufactures trading in the UK today. We have gone from strength to strength within the Industrial Roller Shutter and shop fronts industry. Having worked with some of the largest and most prestigious retail outlets on the High Street, we offer the reassurance of knowledge gained from over fifty years of experience with some of the finest craftsmen around. Any size of contract can be achieved. We offer complete design, manufacture, installation and repair packages tailor made to suit your businesses requirements. The Company has completed many projects for a wide range of businesses. At Tiger Doors Ltd we specialise in industrial roller shutters, fire rated roller shutters, twin skin insulated roller shutters, rapid roll industrial doors, emergency exits doors, industrial insulated doors, steel fire exit doors, security doors, ram posts, grills, retractable gates for commercial and residential use.

Gates Tiger Doors Ltd gate & barrier services can supply and install high security rated, quality and cost effective Sliding, Swinging or Folding Gates for your site. We offer bespoke designs to bolster your corporate identity in any RAL colour. All our gates are manufactured (RHS) using the triple coating method and can be relied upon for their lack of corrosion and high strength to weight ratio. Tiger Doors Ltd also offers replacement drives to existing gates; automation of manual gates, both vehicle and pedestrian. Sourced from a number of manufacturers, these, together with our logic controller range, provide the cost effective solution for upgrading to power operation.

Gate Safety If you’re Personnel and vehicle control equipment is automated then it requires safety equipment.We have been the leader in gate safety since the gate safety regulations in 1999. We offer a range of measures to ensure true compliance with the latest HSE and EC safety Regulations. 23

Industrial Shutters We offer a wide range of Roller Shutters that are not only affordable but offer a high security deterrent and protect against vandalism, burglary and property damage. A high gloss finish is normally suited to shopping malls, it is a much more flexible high quality design of a roller shutter and can be tailored to individual requirement: with a variety or locking bolts and security systems. A standard unfinished roller shutter can be mounted internally or externally preventing unauthorised access and vandalism.

Features: High security - wall to wall protection. Available for industries & properties. Made from galvanized steel. Weather and rust proof. Shutters custom made to fit perfectly. Protects doors, windows and open spaces.

Domestic Shutters Our manual or electric roller shutter garage doors not only provide secure protection but save space inside the garage and more space when fully open. You can park inches from the door yet still allow it to be opened safely. All our roller doors are made to suite your measurements and are insulated against the weather as standard. With our electric garage roller doors we supply two remote controls, using rolling code technology, and an internal manual override in the case of a power failure as standard. These roller doors open at the push of a button from the warmth and safety of your car. They can be fitted internally or externally, allowing great flexibility in the design.

Benefits:     

75 mm interlocking steel door sections give exceptional security against intruders. Steel side track system for excellent strength. Motor drive unit comes complete with manual over-ride in case of power failure. Remote control unit with high security code system. Available in a wide range of colours. 24

TRAINING & CONSULTANCY TIME5 Training and Consultancy, a division of TSG PLC

At Time5 we place great attention on people; be it staff or customers. We aim to train individuals to set industry standards, who in turn help to protect our customers’ premises and their staff. We strive to use our understanding of the security sector to enhance our customers’ knowledge of the world of security; and to help provide provisions to protect their premises and staff. All in all, you can be guaranteed that Time Security Group will endeavor to ensure you continue to provide your services with peace of mind.



Consultancy Time 5 has grown in experience over the years and offers risk consultancy services to assist clients to provide safe and secure environments for their people, property and fiscal assets. Time5 has the experience to advise security products and can, therefore, be objective when assessing requirements and budgets on behalf of their clients: providing them with impartial unbiased advice that allows them to make the right decision for their business. An effective security policy starts with understanding the level of risk your organisation faces. Safeguarding your organisation is only possible once you fully understand the types and levels of risk your business faces. Our corporate risk assessment will identify all your security issues for you. All organisations face some degree of security risk. Failing to recognise and manage these risks could seriously jeopardise even the most successful business, leaving it vulnerable to costly interruption of operations or even more serious hazards.

Our risk assessment program is designed to:    

Evaluate any part of your business, or your entire organisation for risk Analyse potential risks for new website or expansions Identify any weaknesses in your current security systems and procedures Provide a detailed set of practical recommendations Advise on system, performance and coverage both on macro & micro sale


Training We offer a range of training courses which are tailored to meet the needs of the individual client or our corporate clients, both large and small. We offer courses with qualifications that are nationally or internationally recognised within the specific sector. We offer the facility to run in house courses at our client’s premises and we also run public training courses at centralised locations. Our flexible approach means that we are happy to offer out of house courses and courses can be tailor made to suit the needs of customers.

We are also able to customise training to suit any situation and are happy to overcome language barriers, using pictures and translated resources. Whether you are an individual looking to book your course, small business or a large scale organisation, we are committed in providing each of you excellent customer satisfaction. Our customers and clients keep returning to us due to our 100% pass rate, commitment and support. Besides being extremely competitive with our prices, we pride ourselves with positive feedback and a track record in winning new business. Unlike other training companies, our aim is to ensure that the training we provide is the best on offer, tailored to the participants and always relevant to the current environment. We work closely with you to archive the best learning and training experience and that the training allows you to achieve your career aims. We take extreme pride in our training team. They are not only trainers who have extensive experience within their chosen field, but they are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about training and enhancing the participant’s skills. We have some trainers who are multi lingual, which gives us the added advantage of ensuring some of our participants will understand the subject matter clearly if there is any confusion.


Management and Support Services At Time Security Group we place extra emphasis on managing our staff and affairs and supporting our customers. Our managerial team is dedicated and proactive, working hard to cater for you, and our support staff are at hand so that at any given time you will always be able to access a supervisor or manager to address your needs. Our aim is to be accessible and accountable so that you can be confident of reaching somebody promptly if and when the need arises.

ITS TIME TO CHANGE Choosing the right security provider the right service can be a challenge. At Time Security Group we want to make this easier for you. We provide free, no obligation consultations where we can discuss your needs and our services. We aim to give you the service you want tailored to your exact security need. Contact us to see can help you overcome you security concerns.


Time Security Group Summary Points • More than 20 years security experience • Centrally located in the UK with offices throughout ensures we can reach you wherever you are. • Customer friendly, one-to-one, clear, concise consultations at your facility putting your needs first. • Tailor made services, giving you exactly what you need, no less, no more ensures competitive prices to meet your budget requirements. • Free no obligation Risk Assessments. • Post Crisis Assessments following break-ins, alarm failures or other breaches of security offering you practical advice to improve all round security.

Improvement Plans. • State-of-the art technologies enabling rapid and efficient service. • All staff extensively vetted and trained to the Security Industry Training Organisation's (SIA) approved guidelines and accreditation. • All staff undergo regular monitoring, assessment and additional training as required per client giving you peace of mind that staff, policies and procedure are up-to-date and adequate.



Brochure of the wide spectrum of services offered by Time Security Group PLC.


Brochure of the wide spectrum of services offered by Time Security Group PLC.