Synapse Magazine - The Voice of Artificial Intelligence in Africa - Q4 2019

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4IRI (Fourth Industrial Revolution Incubator) is a business Incubator which has supportive Mini-Hubs within Gauteng and Western Cape. Our model is strategically designed to enable the creation of Small and Medium Sized businesses through incubation, offering continued entrepreneurial support. 4IRI creates and enables start-up businesses in key industries that will power the 4th industrial revolution.

The WHY… Across the globe disruptive technologies such as advanced robotics, the ‘internet of things’, Artificia Intelligence, cloud technology, nanotechnology, big data, virtual reality and increased concerns around cyber security have catapulted us into the 4th Industrial Revolution aptly called Industry 4.0 (I.4.0). Unfortunately, South Africa is experiencing a technical recession, with massive skills shortages in critical areas of the economy which support new growth, such as technology and innovation. The dire need for skills will only worsen in the medium and long term. For the NDP 2030 to meet its’s objectives, it is imperative that we

equip South African youth with the new skills required to participate in the workforce. This can only be achieved by significant and sustained investment in education training and capacity building. The MISSION… We strive to create an ecosystem that develops future talented SME’s to tackle an ever-disruptive future. Fourth Industrial Revolution Incubator directly meets the objectives of the National Development Plan 2030 “by drawing on the energies of its people, growing an inclusive economy, building capabilities, enhancing the capacity of the state, and