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Where are we? n n n n

Greece is situated in the southeast Europe It is located at the south point of Balkan peninsula. Also it is one of the Mediterranean countries It is separated in ten geographical departments.

Where are we? n


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Macedonia is one of the ten geographical departments of the country. It is situated in the north part of the country. It is separated in 13 prefectures. One of them is the prefecture of Thessaloniki

Where are we?

The capital of the prefecture is Thessaloniki city n Menemeni is a suburb of Thessaloniki city n

Where are we?

Menemeni Menemeni is located in the northwest side of Thessaloniki city n It has a population of about 15500 residents. n The first habitants were Greeks who came from Smyrna and other areas of modern Turkey in 1922 .After the Asia Minor Catastrophe they arrived at Menemeni and other suburbs of Thessaloniki and brought with them their original national character. n

Our school Our school is an upper high school It has three classes: 1st,2nd,3rd grade. 2nd and 3rd grades are divided into three sections, according to the student’s preference n According to the results of the national exams they take at the end the 3rd grade , students go to the University. n The school is open from 8.00 am to 2.30 pm from Monday to Friday. n Furthermore supportive lessons take place at school every afternoon n n n

Our school The school year begins on 11th September and ends when exams are over on about 20th June. n The school year is divided into two terms of four months each. n At the end of the school year the students take exams on every subject they were taught throughout the school year. n Our holidays are: -from 23rd December to 7th January -2 weeks in April or May for Easter n

Our school Our school participates in the following programs and competition: -Environmental education -Equality in between the two sexes -Drama performances -MUN (Model United Nations) -Health education -e-twinning -Food4u -Global student festival San Remo


Developing digital skills at school We have been involved for 2 years in the European program Socrates-Socrates project Comenius for school development entitled: Developing digital skills at school


1st Menemeni’s Upper High School Koundouriotou 29 561 22 Menemeni Thessaloniki--Greece Thessaloniki Headmaster :Zafiriou Michael mail@1lyk http://1lyk http://1st--lyceumhttp://1st

Contact person: Karakonstantaki Ekaterini

1st GEL Menemenis  

presentation of our school

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