AIIP July 2019

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THE PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA TEMPLE The Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is sited on Logan Circle in the heart of this historic city, the birthplace of America. The design conforms to the demands of several overlapping historic and neighbourhood districts, each with its own set of criteria. The four-story building is clad in cut stone and highly detailed in the classical revival style of American Georgian architecture with carefully proportioned and detailed Corinthian pilasters with carved capitals, entablature and cornice. The design of the building is based on careful research of classical styles and a study of the existing fabric of the city and its many stone buildings. Classical architectural orders emphasize the patron’s journey through the temple. Upon entry, the detail is simple Doric. As patrons travel through the second and third floors, trims and columns become more embellished in the Ionic order. The colours and ornament of the Corinthian order are reserved for the most reverent spaces. Traditional artisans hand crafted decorative ornament, bronze door hardware, handmade rugs, while two murals and eight paintings are hand painted originals. July - September 2019

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