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Where to Go in 2017

The experts at G Adventures give us their hottest destinations for next year.

COMO The Halkin

Begravia’s private palace, offering its clientele a truly incredible stay.

November 2016

The Indulgent Way to Spend the New Year For those looking to relax and unwind following a hectic festive season there is no better place than Eckington Manor, a stunning rural retreat nestled in the Avon valleys on the border of the picturesque Cotswolds. Home of exquisite food, beautiful natural surroundings and unrivalled hospitality, this glorious rustic hotel is the perfect place to escape to after Christmas and ring in the new year. We take a closer look...

Jumeirah Emirates Tower

A truly iconic hospitality name with a keen appetite for exclusive locations.

Palazzo Marzoli Resort An idyllic existence, perched between modernity and serene charm.

WINDLESTRAW HOTEL Five-star romance and rusticism in the Scottish Borders.


Contents Welcome to the November issue of LUX Magazine. A few precious weeks remain before Christmas. In that time, much remains to be done, in the way of dreaming up that perfect gift to present to your loved ones. Or maybe that’s just me, being unprepared again. Regardless, over this last month, we at LUX have been charmed by the lavish displays of exuberant festivity, from the lights on the high street to the first hints of snow in ski resorts across the world, to the incredible generosity of getaways and retreats in the most magical places in the world, as they throw open their doors to invite guests in to share in their table. With the global luxury market growing as a whole by four per cent this year, there is certainly plenty to talk about when it comes to exclusive products, services, and establishments catered towards a discerning clientele. Luxury consumers are increasingly redirecting their spending towards new, more personal high-end experiences; this opens up opportunities to make this year’s Christmas season one of generous spending and investment – from Ian Harris of N.Bloom & Son’s unusual, carefully selected fine jewellery, to the exceptionally crafted wooden-frame structures crafted by the Classic Barn Company. Elsewhere, hotels across the world are preparing for a new influx of visitors, only a few short months after the end of the summer. Herein, we visit such desirable locations as the peaceful Scottish Borders to the private palaces in the heart of London, and thence to the shimmering Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy. A new pattern is certainly starting to emerge in luxury markets, as brands increasingly seek to adopt individual strategies, rather than simply settling for mass appeal. This newfound maturity in the luxury market gives us at LUX tremendous hope for the future of the industry, and wherever there is a new luxury item demanding your attention, or a hotel with romance abound, we want to be your eyes and ears. ‘Tis not quite yet the season to be jolly, but that should not detract from any sense of joy and wonder as to what LUX Magazine’s newest magazine can offer up. We hope that you enjoy this latest issue, and we will see you all again very soon in the immediate run-up to Christmas. Contact the Editor George Millar +44 (0) 203 725 6842

2 LUX - November 2016


4. The First Global Online Course on Asian Antiques 6. Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre and Luxury Manuscript Editions 8. Mozart 225th Anniversary – Monumental New 200-CD Box Set of All His Works

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12. Brand New Peugeot 3008 DKR Ready for Dakar Challenge

16. Corinthia Hotels – Our Portfolio 18. Where to Go in 2017 – Hottest Adventure Destinations Revealed 20. Jumeirah: A Truly Iconic Hospitality Name

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26. N. Bloom & Son 28. The Go-To Treasure Trove for Fine, Handmade Jewellery

32. Introducing Novel Beauty for Men and Women

36. The Classic Barn Company – Secrets Within the Detail

40. COMO The Halkin: Begravia’s Private Palace 42. Romance and Rusticism in the Scottish Borders 44. Palazzo Marzoli charme Resort 46. Eckington Manor: The Indulgent Way to Spend the New Year

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50. Sub-Zero & Wolf – A First-Choice Partner for Iconic Luxury Developments

54. Cuisine Royale at La Réserve Brasserie 56. The George - Original East-Ender Gets a New Lease of Life

60. The Global Personal Luxury Goods Market Holds Steady At €249 Billion Amid Geopolitical Uncertainty 62. Wattbike Welcome New Digital Innovations


66. Chivas Regal Ultis 68. The Perfect Christmas with Le Petit Ballon & Jean-Michel


Art LUX - November 2016 3


The First Global Online Course on Asian Antiques Award winning Internet company, MyAntiqueSchool, has teamed up with Toma Clark Haines (below), CEO of the world’s most acclaimed Antiques Touring company, The Antiques Diva & Co and Angela Somwaiya (right), owner of Paul’s Antiques, Thailand who is one of Asia’s most knowledgeable antiques dealers and is the head Antiques Diva Guide for Southeast Asia.

4 LUX - November 2016

lux The collaboration is intended to give enthusiasts, collectors and designers unprecedented access to experts on buying Asian Antiques for the first time. Now, wherever one lives in the world, they can get access to Asian Antiques Diva Expert, Angela Somwaiya, through the MyAntiqueSchool online classroom, and receive personal tutoring in a vibrant community with other enthusiasts.

Other specialist antiques courses with expert tutors that are available on MyAntiqueSchool include Understanding Ceramics, Fine Jewellery, Upcycling, and Art Deco, with more courses and tutors coming each month. A number of prolific expert antiques advisors are already involved in the initiative to become the world’s first online education hub for learning about antiques and collectables.

During the unique and collaborative online Asian Antiques course, Angela Somwaiya and Toma Clark Haines of The Antiques Diva take participants on a journey through South East Asian antiques using on-location video lectures filmed at Paul’s Antiques and other exclusive locations in Bangkok. The subjects are then discussed and debated in the online classroom, with weekly assignments marked personally by Angela. Subjects covered include colonial era furniture, Burmese teak, lacquerware, hilltribe furniture, hilltribe baskets, temple relics, architectural items and Buddha statues.

Toma Clark Haines, CEO of The Antiques Diva & Co explained, “Our mission is to make European and Asian antiques accessible. Working with a team of 24 locally-based guides The Antiques Diva™ & Co takes clients on one on one customized antique buying tours in 14 countries in Europe and Asia. We translate, negotiate and ship antiques helping clients navigate the international waters when it comes to global sourcing. We are the leading resource for helping newcomers to Asia source antique abroad. In this course, we examine what to buy and why in South East Asia.”

The popularity of using Buddha statues in interior design is increasing to such an extent that the team has dedicated the whole of lesson two to Buddha statues and their varied mudras (hand positions). Angela discusses various Buddha postures (and which ones are rare), how to display Buddha statues in their new homes to show respect for their heritage and spirituality (e.g., when brought back for interior design purposes). Critically Angela also shares correct legal and culturally acceptable practices for exporting Buddha statues from Southeast Asia to Europe or the US. Finally, Angela goes on to reveal the best kept secrets on how to identify which region certain Buddha statues are from, and key characteristics which denote different style periods. The Antiques Diva™ team gives you insights into other Southeast Asian statues including the pantheon of Nats, various Disciples, Attendants and Angels, as well as their meanings, positions, history and values. This lesson also touches on mythical beasts, Hindu gods and goddesses, statuettes and folk characters. In the final and fourth lecture, Toma Clark Haines and Angela Somwaiya cover the all-important value of Southeast Asian antiques and how to price them. Elspeth Briscoe, CEO and Founder of MyAntiqueSchool, commented, “the MyAntiqueSchool philosophy is that knowledge and history of antiques and collectables in some areas will be lost, as future generations read fewer books, and crafting of materials isn’t always passed through to the next generation.

MyAntiqueSchool Elspeth Briscoe +447884267306

The First Global Online Course on Asian Antiques

Paul’s Antiques Owner, Antiques Diva Guide and Asian Antiques Expert Angela Somwaiya, said, “I’m thrilled to be sharing my knowledge and expertise, gathered over 24 years of living in Asia, with others in this dynamic format. It has always been my desire to increase cross-cultural understanding through the sharing of knowledge, and I believe that the future lies in the combination of cutting edge technology and the understanding and application of ancient wisdom. MyAntiqueSchool makes this combination possible and I’m so excited to be a part of it.” Toma Clark Haines continues, “our job is to be a cultural liaison – to be diplomats of the antiques trade, giving our clients and students unprecedented access into the local antiques scene in each of our 14 tour countries in Europe and Asia.” The benefit of being able to learn online is that students get access to some of the most knowledgeable experts in the world, which otherwise they would be unable to meet. MyAntiqueSchool students receive weekly video lectures and are set optional assignments, on which tutors give personal feedback. They also have a downloadable guide, which can be printed off and kept, and access to the video tutorials for a year after the course has ended. Students interact in an easyto-use online classroom where they can chat with other students from around the world who share the same passion they do. Course prices range from £100 for a taster course, to over £1,000 for longer, more in-depth courses.

“MyAntiqueSchool is a perfect digital vehicle to ensure that we preserve this knowledge, and connect people with true experts to keep our history, skills and craftsmanship alive. Asian Antiques is a popular market, with a clear need for access to experts worldwide – especially for the enthusiast and designer markets.” MyAntiqueSchool has teamed up with world experts in the antiques and collectibles community so that enthusiasts, collectors and professionals, wherever they are, get the opportunity to learn from the best, including board advisor and investor, Joanna Hardy, known as Antiques Roadshow expert and lecturer at Christie’s in London.

LUX - November 2016 5


Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre and Luxury Manuscript Editions

6 LUX - November 2016


Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre and Luxury Manuscript Editions

Is there a growing market for manuscript editions? The value of these documents is certainly growing, because authors are writing less and less with pen and paper. These handwritten documents are important vestiges of hesitation, of inspiration, of self-editing and of self-doubt, that allow the reader behindthe-scenes of the author’s creation. What the London-based Flint group are sure of, given the nature of this increasingly dematerialized and digitized world, is the growing market for beautiful objects, both as artistic and artisanal products – this is typified by their newly-released manuscript edition of Charlotte Brontë’s much-celebrated Jane Eyre.

Éditions des Saints Pères meets this demand for beautiful things. We publish limited editions that are created using the best quality materials and finished by hand. We believe in the worth of these editions as physical objects, as well as pieces of cultural history. Our publishing company functions quite differently than most - we sell our editions directly from our own website. We believe that this has allowed us to truly invest in the quality of our product. That said, we ensure our prices remain reasonable to make sure the manuscripts are accessible to people who are passionate about literature, admire a particular work, or are academics who, thanks to our work, finally have access to the novels that they study and research. We have a new approach to manuscript editions. We offer manuscripts in their entirety, not just certain passages or excerpts. The Jane Eyre manuscript, one of the British Library’s treasures, is an example of a novel that had never been offered to the public in its totality. With our edition, we hope to allow the reader’s immersion into Charlotte Brontë’s universe. We want our readers to lose themselves within it, and to experience a moment of intimacy with the author. Certain manuscripts, for example The Mystery of Jean the Birdcatcher -- a series of sublime portraits and aphorisms by Jean Cocteau – require some decoding for the reader (including translating the text and accompanying analysis into English). But what we are interested in, above all, is emotion. A total immersion. A bridge to the author. An exclusive relationship between the reader and the text. With this in mind, we also restore images contained within the manuscript, so as to offer the reader an object that feels like the author’s personal notebook – a barely finished draft that the author is entrusting to the reader. We believe that this is what sets our works apart. The work that we are doing to restore and publish these manuscripts remains unprecedented. We have developed our own particular set of techniques, which allow us to achieve a beautifully rendered version of the manuscripts. These techniques are proof that tradition and modernity can complement each other wonderfully.

Through our manuscripts, readers are able to discover a whole new side to their favourite authors and works. Take for example Journey to the End of the Night, a novel that was quite stylistically shocking when it was published in 1932. Only when looking at his manuscript does one see Céline’s state of frenzy, his laborious syntax revisions and his unique colloquial phrasing. His typist actually annotated his manuscript, underlining in red, like a schoolteacher words that she didn’t understand, or expressions that she deemed too vulgar! Whilst working on Jane Eyre, it was very moving to be able to compare the 750-page manuscript that Brontë sent to her publishers in 1847 with the first published edition of the novel. One can imagine Charlotte’s hopeful and impatient state of mind during the three days when she made her meticulous final touches to the novel. The manuscript was originally written as a single volume, with the folios and chapters numbered consecutively throughout. It reveals Brontë’s small revisions: choosing a more precise word, improving the style, changing the sound or the rhythm of a sentence, deleting longer passages or adding new content in moments of importance. In this way, our editions offer a new experience -- an opportunity for the reader to encounter the innerworkings of some of the world’s greatest writers. This new way of reading has been fondly embraced by the French public already, and we fully expect English audiences to also revel in this unique experience. Jane Eyre is published by Éditions des Saints Pères on Friday 2nd December and is available for preorder here.

Flint 2 Newburgh Street, London, W1F 7RD 0203 463 2085

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Mozart 225th Anniversary – Monumental New 200-CD Box Set of All His Works To mark the 225th anniversary of Mozart’s death, Decca and Deutsche Grammophon are releasing the most authoritative, complete and scholarly box set ever devoted to the work of a single composer. The 200-CD Complete Edition was created in partnership with the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation and Mozart expert Professor Cliff Eisen of King’s College London, and was released worldwide on 28 October 2016.

8 LUX - November 2016


Mozart 225th Anniversary – Monumental New 200-CD Box Set of All His Works

Entitled ‘Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition’, the set is the fruit of years of painstaking scholarship, 18 months of planning and curation, and presents every single work by Mozart – right up to a new song discovered only last year – in a ground-breaking multimedia package. The set features 600 world-class soloists and 60 orchestras across 200 CDs (ordered chronologically within genre), including 30 CDs of alternative interpretations of the best-known works providing a choice between traditional and period instruments. There are also two major and lavishly illustrated hardback books including a radical new full-length biography by Cliff Eisen plus a work-by-work commentary from Mozart experts worldwide. Amongst its 240 hours of music, Mozart 225 features over 5 hours of newly recorded material, including: • the world premiere recording of a recently discovered lost song (K477a) written in friendly competition with Antonio Salieri • the first recording of Sonata K331 with the Rondo “alla turca” from the recently discovered autograph manuscript, played by Francesco Piemontesi • a brand new disc from Accademia Bizantina and Ottavio Dantone • over 2 hours of new recordings on Mozart’s own instruments In addition to all of Mozart’s completed works, for the first time on disc all the recorded fragments are brought together, many works completed by others as well as his arrangements of Handel and Bach. Each copy of this 15,000 Limited Edition is individually numbered and contains access to an innovative Mozart 225 Libretto App (offering sung texts in original language and parallel translation of choice - English, French or German) plus links to the authoritative urtext scores of the online edition of the Neue Mozart-Ausgabe. The recordings have been newly selected from the archives of Decca and Deutsche Grammophon as well as 18 other labels, with an artist list which encapsulates Mozartian excellence past and present: Abbado, Ashkenazy, Auger, Barenboim, Bartoli, Bilson, Böhm, Brendel, Brüggen, Curzon, Damrau, DiDonato, Fleming, Gardiner, Gilels, Gulda, Haskil, Hogwood, Janowitz, Kozena, Levin, Mackerras, Marriner, Mutter, Nézet-Séguin, Pinnock, Pires, Popp, Rattle, Schiff, Simoneau, Solti, Te Kanawa, Terfel, Uchida, Villazón, Wunderlich and hundreds more. The innovative layout of Mozart 225 presents the works chronologically within genre, thus offering listeners the chance to explore the composer in a new context – e.g. by juxtaposing a horn concerto with a piano concerto from the same period. Underscoring this approach, a new biography by leading Mozart scholar Professor Cliff Eisen reappraises the traditional Mozart narrative and by returning to the sources describes a life both professionally and personally successful, not the still-common Romantic narrative, laden with pathos, characteristic of Mozart biography over more than two centuries.

Further scholarship is provided by a second hardback book of work-by-work commentary from 30 renowned experts plus a separate new “K book”, exclusive to Mozart 225, presenting the numbering of the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation’s forthcoming new Edition of the Köchel catalogue of Mozart’s works. Each set also contains 5 high-quality collector’s prints of Mozart autograph scores, the lastknown portrait and a famous letter to his father from the treasures of the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation. “The time is surely right to take a fresh look at one of the world’s most sublime artistic achievements” says Paul Moseley, Universal Music Group’s Director of Mozart 225. “We have started from first principles, reassessing new thinking in performance practice and scholarship to produce something that we hope will be an item of desire and reference for general music lovers but also a first port of call for places of study. Our aim with this Mozart 225 campaign is to promote pleasure, wonder, debate and discovery for both existing and new audiences all over the world.” “For 175 years, the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation has been devoted to fostering tradition as well as embracing new approaches when encountering the works of Mozart”, says Dr Johannes HonsigErlenburg, President of the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation. “It is a great pleasure to see that the Neue Mozart-Ausgabe, the Foundation’s ambitious editorial project begun in 1954, has greatly influenced performance of Mozart in our time. This Mozart 225 recorded Edition is a special opportunity to make this achievement audible to the entire musical world.” Mozart 225 – The New Complete Edition launched at the Mozart Wohnhaus in Salzburg on 25th August, and went on sale on October 28th. The flagship Edition is accompanied by a suite of further Mozart 225 products including a unique 33 DVD set of all 22 Mozart operas; a starter 3CD collection of Mozart ‘Singles’; digital download bundles, streaming albums and newly themed playlists, all aimed at achieving the widest possible awareness, adoption and engagement with classical music’s greatest genius. The box set is the most authoritative, complete and scholarly box set ever devoted to the work of a single composer and is a perfect high-end Christmas gift idea for any classical music aficionado. It is available to order from +44 (0) 20 7471 5677

LUX - November 2016 9

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Sports and Super Car Rental Rent the Lamborghini Huracán across Europe From €1,600 per day! Available in Italy, Germany, Austria, France and Spain

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Brand New Peugeot 3008 DKR Ready for Dakar Challenge Coming off the back of a successful Dakar and Silk Way Rally campaign with the Peugeot 2008 DKR this year, Team Peugeot Total and Red Bull have revealed the new Peugeot 3008 DKR. This is the all-new successor to the famous machine with which StĂŠphane Peterhansel claimed his resounding 12th victory on the Dakar back in January, and Cyril Despres clinched his first win on four wheels on the Silk Way Rally in July.

12 LUX - November 2016

lux A Technical Challenge & Designer Dream The all-new Dakar challenger is based on an entirely new model of Peugeot SUV, following eight months of intensive work in Velizy, France, since the Dakar finish ramp in Rosario. The new Peugeot 3008 SUV forms the inspiration for the latest evolution, following the company’s return to Dakar after 25 years in 2015. The new Peugeot 3008 DKR also remains loyal to Peugeot’s two-wheel drive philosophy, with the first Dakar win for a twowheel drive car in 15 years nine months ago proving that you don’t necessarily need four wheel drive to conquer the toughest landscapes in the world. “The new 3008 symbolises the next step,” said team director Bruno Famin. “Our goal with this car was to take the weaker points of the existing car and make them stronger, while capitalising on all the existing strengths to improve them still further. There are also some new regulations, which we obviously needed to comply with.” Sebastien Criquet is Peugeot’s senior exterior designer, responsible for the aggressive lines of the both the new Peugeot 3008 DKR and the corresponding road car. The Dakar car’s dimensions and features are governed by technical rules laid down by the sport’s governing body, but its inspiration is still very clear through a number of unique design cues. “Our new Dakar car is the most extreme expression of Peugeot’s latest SUV,” added Criquet. “It keeps the distinctive design language of the road car, but transports it into a rally context. And that’s the dream job for any designer: when you create a car, you always have a competition version at the back of your mind.” The new Peugeot 3008 DKR improves on its illustrious predecessor in four main areas. Reliability: While the previous car was durable enough to win the Dakar this year and claim nine stages (including seven one-twos), in any competition machine there is always room to improve on reliability. Peugeot Sport’s engineers went through every aspect of the car in fine detail in order to refine the package still further, focussing both on mechanical strength and also complex electronic processes, such as engine management. The Dakar is the toughest race in the world, taking in 10,000 kilometres at high speeds and altitudes, which makes it the ultimate test of reliability for any machine. Driveability: Huge steps were made forward in this area from the 2015 debut to 2016, but Peugeot Sport has now ensured that the car’s 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbodiesel engine is even more driveable for next year’s Dakar, delivering greater torque at lower revs. Adding to the challenge for the engineers is the fact that the latest Dakar regulations have imposed a smaller restrictor on the engine (38mm as opposed to 39mm last year) with a net loss of around 20 horsepower. However, this power is now accessible from further down the rev range, meaning that the car is easier to drive and potentially even faster.

Brand New Peugeot 3008 DKR Ready for Dakar Challenge

Suspension: This is one of the key elements to success on the Dakar, as it governs just how quickly the car can cover the ever-changing untrammelled terrain that is the hallmark of the Dakar, ranging from salt flats, to WRCstyle gravel roads, to sand dunes. The suspension was already one of the most impressive aspects of the Peugeot 2008 DKR for the drivers, but for the new 3008 DKR further work has been done on the geometry and dampers. The test programme up to now, which has included the 15-day long Silk Way Rally – featuring quite similar terrain to the Dakar – was instrumental in furthering these important improvements. Air conditioning: It’s something we all take for granted on our road cars, but the air conditioning that was introduced on the Peugeot 2008 DKR in Asia this summer has been made even more effective for Peugeot Sport’s latest creation. With crews spending up to 12 hours a day inside the cars, subject to cockpit temperatures in excess of 60 degrees centigrade, the effect of air conditioning on human performance cannot be underestimated. Even though the drivers are super-fit athletes, the improved air conditioning should help them to perform at a higher level and get more out of the car. Team Peugeot Total, Ready to Tackle New Challenges Peugeot Sport will be aiming now for the sixth Dakar win in its illustrious history, with last year’s triumph – in which a Peugeot led every proper stage – coming on top of four wins on the Dakar in Africa between 1987 and 1990. The Peugeot crews have 18 Dakar wins between them and the latest in cutting-edge technology with the new Peugeot 3008 DKR but the task ahead is still far from easy with an all-new route this year through Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay, as well as strong opposition. Before the Dakar itself, Carlos Sainz will test the new Peugeot 3008 DKR in race mode against other Dakar competitors and Cyril Despres in the Peugeot 2008 DKR, during Morocco’s Rally in October (from 3rd to 7th October). The potent combination of Peugeot, Red Bull, Total, Sparco, BF Goodrich and the most successful Dakar driver line-up in the world: Stéphane Peterhansel, Carlos Sainz, Sébastien Loeb and Cyril Despres, is well and truly back. Look out for the first videos of the new car in action, coming soon

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Explore LUX - November 2016 15


Corinthia Hotels – Our Portfolio

St Petersburg


16 LUX - November 2016



Corinthia Hotels – Our Portfolio

Corinthia is a global collection of luxury five-star hotels founded by the Pisani family of Malta in 1962. The ‘Spirit of Corinthia’ story goes back to 1959, when 22-year-old Alfred Pisani (still Chairman of Corinthia Hotels today) and his siblings converted a palatial villa into a wedding venue after the sudden death of their father, who had bought the property as a gift for their mother just months before he passed away. After enjoying considerable success with their venture, the Pisani family turned the property into one of the island’s first upmarket restaurants in December 1962 – fittingly naming it, at their mother’s suggestion, the Corinthia Palace Restaurant, after its iconic Corinthian columns. Today Corinthia is a family of 2,500 colleagues, and has its sights firmly set on becoming a global luxury brand over the coming years. Yet it will continue to use the approach that has served it so well over the past five decades: pursuing its objective with humility and determination, and above all by always remaining true to the values that made the brand stand out in a world of uniformity. Corinthia Hotel London Housed within a Victorian building, Corinthia Hotel London features 294 rooms, including 40 suites and seven penthouses, offering sweeping views across London’s most popular landmarks. Corinthia London, opened in 2011, provides unrivalled world-class luxury with superb ground floor offerings, including The Northall restaurant, serving the best in British produce throughout the day; modern Italian cuisine at Massimo Restaurant & Bar; and the musicallyinspired Bassoon Bar. The new Garden Lounge offers all-day dining options in an al fresco David Collins Studio-designed garden landscape, and a comprehensive cigar and spirits menu for late night entertaining. Corinthia London is also home to the flagship ESPA Life at Corinthia, a next-generation spa housed across four floors, together with a hair salon by Daniel Galvin. The hotel boasts the largest standard bedrooms in London, original restored Victorian columns and tall windows that let in swathes of natural light. Cutting-edge technology in rooms and meeting rooms allow for recording, mixing and broadcasting from dedicated media rooms. Corinthia Hotel Budapest First opened in 1896 as the Grand Hotel Royal, Corinthia Hotel Budapest remains one of the grandest hotels in the city. This impressive landmark, with an imposing Neo-classical façade and soaring six-storey glass atrium, was meticulously renovated in 2003 following its acquisition by Corinthia Hotels. It houses 439 luxurious rooms, including 31 suites and 26 apartments. Through its architecture and interior design, the hotel offers glimpses of a bygone age, and the building’s rich history seamlessly blends with state-of-the-art facilities and modern technology. The hotel’s original 19th-century Spa has been restored to reflect its former grandeur, while simultaneously offering ESPA’s cutting-edge treatments and technologies. Corinthia Budapest boasts the largest conference facilities of any of Hungary’s five-star hotels. From authentic Far Eastern cuisine at the Rickshaw Restaurant, to traditional sweet Hungarian cakes and pastries, or a delicate selection of delicious Spanish tapas, every palate is catered for at the hotel’s four elegant eateries and two destination bars.

Corinthia Hotel Lisbon The five-star Corinthia Hotel Lisbon offers 518 rooms, including 24 Executive Suites, one Ambassador Suite and one Presidential Suite, and state-ofthe-art facilities. Boasting stunning views over the 18th-century Aqueduct and the beautiful Monsanto Natural Park, Corinthia Lisbon exudes the Portuguese Spirit of Discovery. The hotel’s Sete Colinas and Típico restaurants offer a fusion of innovative Portuguese, contemporary Mediterranean and International cuisines, and the Terrace Lounge offers al fresco dining and lounging. The Spa and Wellness Club is lavishly spread over 3,500 square metres of sophisticated and exclusive facilities, including face-and-body-ritual luxury suites, state-of-the-art Acqua area, heated indoor swimming pool, natural solarium, fully equipped gym, and a spacious Pilates studio. The hotel’s Executive Lounge boasts commanding views over the city, and the Conference Centre offers unparalleled levels of elegance, connectivity and intuitive service, with a capacity for up to 1,400 delegates. Corinthia Lisbon, opened in 2004, is a 21st-century upscale hotel located seven kilometres from the airport and only a short distance from the historic city centre, with excellent public transportation links. Corinthia Hotel St Petersburg Corinthia Hotel St Petersburg, an award-winning renovation of two majestic 19th-century buildings, boasts an opulent interior showcasing art and modern luxury. Located at the heart of Nevsky Prospect, the city’s main thoroughfare, Corinthia St Petersburg houses 388 elegant rooms and suites, including 95 executive rooms. Refined hospitality, superior service and inspired luxury are at the core of this hotel. From luxurious caviar and blinis to humbler dishes, all complemented by finely selected drinks lists, the hotel’s restaurants and bars offer outstanding cuisine. With a 1,000-guest capacity and 17 meeting rooms, the hotel further boasts the largest five-star conference and meeting facility in in the city and is the only St Petersburg hotel with a Memorial Museum at its core. Corinthia St Petersburg was acquired by Corinthia Hotels in 2002 and underwent major renovation and expansion in 2009.

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Where to Go in 2017 – Hottest Adventure Destinations Revealed When it comes to knowing what’s on the radar for travellers looking for a new and culturally adventurous trip, the experts at G Adventures have their fingers firmly on the global pulse. Here they identify the top 10 destinations for travellers in 2017, based on G Adventures’ sales trends and world events. Offering the widest selection of affordable small group tours, safaris and expeditions to more than 100 countries on all continents, regardless of age, interest, ability or budget, G Adventures has a genuine life-changing experience in store. 18 LUX - November 2016


Where to Go in 2017 – Hottest Adventure Destinations Revealed

BHUTAN 2017 has been designated by the UN as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, so where better to visit than the world’s eco-friendliest country and – as of this year – the world’s first carbon negative country? This is a particularly huge achievement for a place that bases its political decisions on the happiness of its people, and which declared environmental protection to be integral to GNP (Gross National Happiness).

helping improve infrastructure. In late 2015, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation and the International Trade Centre partnered with Madagascar’s Ministry of Tourism on a four-year project aimed to increase sustainable tourism and boost economic growth in Madagascar. G Adventures has launched a new trip for 2017, the Baobab and Tsingy Explorer.

A 10-day Bhutan Adventure is priced from £1,999pp.

GREENLAND As well as being able to see the northern lights, the discovery of a 372-year-old shark this year will have nature lovers in a frenzy for Greenland, which could become the new Iceland; travellers are, of course, always looking for places less travelled. It remains an expensive destination to travel on land, so an ideal way to get there is by expedition vessel.

CANADA 2017 is a year of celebration for the Great White North, with the 150th anniversary of Confederation taking place, and the country opening up its national parks free of charge for the year. Canada’s profile has been raised by the recent visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and its charismatic prime minister Justin Trudeau, who recently appeared shirtless on a family hike in Quebec’s Gatineau Park. The all new for 2017 National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures Canadian Polar Bear Experience is six days and priced from £4,379pp. MONTENEGRO This Balkan beauty has become a hotspot for celebrity visits, with Harrison Ford and Rita Ora both spending time there in 2016. At a time when travellers are looking for affordable and accessible Europe, Easyjet obliged by launching flights from London to Tivat this summer. In 2017, G Adventures becomes the first operator to offer small group sailing around Montenegro’s coast. An eight-day Montenegro Sailing trip from Dubrovnik return is priced from £899pp. IRAN Iran officially secured its title of the “it” destination when British Airways launched a direct flight from London to Tehran in September. G Adventures’ sales have doubled in the past year, and that trend is set to continue with the reopening of the Iranian consulate in London and dramatically increased investment in tourism infrastructure in the country. A 14-day Iran – Discover Persia trip is priced from £1,999pp. EGYPT Travellers are starting to return to Egypt (G Adventures reports a 16 per cent increase in travellers from the UK year-on-year), but numbers aren’t yet what they were pre-revolution, so it’s a great time to visit to see some of the world’s most historic monuments ahead of the crowds. Egyptair reinstated its flights to Luxor this month, and G Adventures CEO (chief experience officer) SemSem Saied just won the Gold prize at the Wanderlust World Guide Awards.

Casey Mead +44 20 7243 9872

An eight-day trip is priced from £999pp.

A 15-day Arctic Highlights trip on board the G Expedition is priced from £3,499pp. CAMBODIA Cambodia has been in the spotlight recently for reasons old and new. 2016 saw the well-publicised discovery of an ancient city below Angkor Wat. There have also been on-set pictures circulating of the film version First They Killed My Father, a biography about the Cambodian genocide. This will be released as a Netflix Original at the end of 2016, having been directed by Angelina Jolie and cast entirely with local talent. A nine-day Cambodia Experience trip is priced from £689pp. UNITED STATES August 21 sees a total eclipse of the sun take place in the United States for the first time in 26 years. It will be best seen in the Western States. G Adventures’ National Parks of the Northwest US trip departing August 12 will be in the region on August 21, 2017 and is priced from £2,349pp for a 15-day trip. SOUTH KOREA So-Ko might having a fashion and beauty moment, but there are plenty of other reasons to check it out in 2017. South Korean novel The Vegetarian just won the 2016 Man Booker International Prize, and attention will be turning to the country in the build-up to the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics. The Korean Tourist Board has also just joined forces with Japan and China to create the new ‘Visit East Asia’ partnership, encouraging travel to all three countries. A 10-day Best of South Korea trip is priced from £1,999pp. For more information or to book, please call 0344 272 2040 or visit

A 14-day Highlights of Egypt trip is priced from £1,099pp. MADAGASCAR G Adventures’ sales to Madagascar are up 25 per cent year-on-year, and the country is experiencing a comeback from recent years of diplomatic and financial isolation, with foreign investment

LUX - November 2016 19


20 LUX - November 2016


Jumeirah: A Truly Iconic Hospitality Name

Jumeirah: A Truly Iconic Hospitality Name The global luxury hotel company and member of Dubai Holding, Jumeirah, operates a world-class portfolio of hotels and resorts. Based around their iconic flagship Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the Hotels & Resorts manager provides properties across the world, from Kuwait in the Middle East, to Baku and Bodrum, and from there to the discerning markets of Europe, with establishments in Frankfurt, Istanbul, London and Mallorca (Spain). The Maldives and Shanghai in Asia have also felt Jumeirah’s keen appetite for exclusive locations and first-rate services, with the former anticipating the opening of the new 3,500-square-metre Royal Residence resort in 2017. Perhaps the most striking of these properties, however, can be found within the same city as the Burj Al Arab: the Jumeirah Emirates Tower.

Located 16 kilometres to the northeast of Jumeirah’s main establishment on the serene coastline, the Jumeirah Emirates Tower is an altogether different creation. While the former is dominated by its gently-accumulating curves and sweeping contours, sticking out like a beacon at sea, its neighbour is immediately striking for the daunting, angular profile of its two towers. Set against a garden of palm trees and pleasant grass, the sight of these shimmering spikes rising from the ground comes across as almost other-worldly. While they seem at odds with the Burj Al Arab, though, they are by no means unsightly – rather, their bold thrusts into the clear Dubai sky allows them to dominate their surroundings through unbeatable views and a service that typifies that which can be expected from such a prestigious location, at the heart of Dubai.

incubator for futuristic innovations and designs. While it is still undergoing development, it is fairly evident that it certainly will not fail. The plans for this area are audacious to say the least, with the intention of it becoming a major tourist destination as well as a site for advanced courses, specialised workshops and public talks and events. It is intended to offer a platform to demonstrate and test the latest inventions and prototypes from up-and-coming start-ups, as well as the world’s technology giants, on one magnificent playing field, beneath the shade of one of the city’s greatest architectural achievements. The very nearby presence of Jumeirah Emirates Tower is testimony to the fact that Dubai is certainly capable of realising the Museum’s design purpose, and it shall doubtless prove itself a mainstay for all guests of Emirates Tower when it opens to the public.

Being situated just off of the bustling Sheikh Zayed Road, Jumeirah Emirates Tower is just minutes away from the shopping centre-cum-small city that is Dubai Mall.

As an additional perk, Jumeirah Emirates Tower provides its guests with complimentary shuttle transport and unlimited access to Wild Wadi Waterpark, as well as the private beach on the seafront. A stay here, then, offers the two extremes of Dubai hospitality: immense city views partnered with central access, and exclusive seafront access.

Closer to the hotel, meanwhile, an ideal first stop to discover the character of Dubai is within a stone’s throw. The Museum of the Future, perched between the hotel and the Sheikh Zayed Road, has been recently founded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, with the express purpose of becoming a unique

It might not seem like it at first glance, but Jumeirah Emirates Tower also offers guests the best value for money out of all other competing properties in the city of Dubai. Considering the bountiful opportunities in store for guests, from the shopping district to the

LUX - November 2016 21


22 LUX - November 2016

lux presence of popular nearby brands, to the arresting options for relaxing treatment in store at the hotel itself, this is a bold claim by Jumeirah, but one that is not at all implausible. Indeed, from the unique culinary experiences to the elegant furnishings of the rooms and seating areas, Jumeirah Emirates Tower deserves every bit of its testimonials and previous recognition. It is certainly true that no other hotel in Dubai can afford guests such contemporary style and relaxed elegance in its services – except, maybe for the flagship property just a short way down the way. The sheer magnificence on display here at Jumeirah Emirates Tower in Dubai comes to typify that which can be expected from a Jumeirah Group property. This season in particular, Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts’ three London properties are inviting guests to get into the festive spirit with a series of yuletide offerings to enhance any winter visit to the capital. Grosvenor House Suites by Jumeirah Living in Mayfair, Jumeirah Carlton Tower in Knightsbridge and Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel in Belgravia will be decking the halls and warming the mince pies with a range of options available for staying, eating, drinking and making merry at the properties. For visitors or Londoners looking to indulge in a Christmas treat or simply escape from the festive frenzy, Jumeirah Carlton Tower will be serving up a Festive Afternoon Tea in its relaxing Chinoiserie lounge from 20th November to 31st December with live music from the hotel’s resident harpist. Served daily from 3pm to 6pm, the tea features seasonal savouries, scones and pastries, including Santa Claus is Coming to Town – a white chocolate and cinnamon Santa’s hat; Frosty the Snowman – coconut financier and meringue snowman; and Glitter and Gold – glazed mandarin tart with blood orange curd. At Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel, guests can indulge in a Winter Sparkler cocktail of Prosecco, reduced mulled wine and winter berries or learn how to mix their own festive tipple and kick start their Christmas revelry with a private mixology class. Guided by the Lowndes Bar & Kitchen’s expert team, classes cost from £35 per person and include four cocktails. For a Celtic-inspired evening out with friends or colleagues, guests should hasten to Jumeirah Carlton Tower for the Scottish Winter Terrace. From 20 November to 25 January, The Rib Room Bar and Terrace, in partnership with William Grant & Sons UK brands Glenfiddich and The Balvenie, is set to be transformed into a cosy Scottish retreat. Featuring carefully crafted cocktails and inventive bar bites, alongside events including tastings, masterclasses and live music, the Scottish Winter Terrace will bring some warm Caledonian spirit to Knightsbridge. Seasonal accommodation packages include the Knightsbridge Shopping in Style package at Jumeirah Carlton Tower, complete with complimentary car pickup from any Knightsbridge store in the hotel’s brand new fleet of cars.

Jumeirah: A Truly Iconic Hospitality Name

Festive Afternoon Tea for two, cocktails and bar snacks for two at the Scottish Winter Terrace or a Deborah Lippmann Steppin’ Out Pedicure. Jumeirah Carlton Tower, situated in the heart of Knightsbridge, is a landmark hotel acknowledged as one of London’s finest. The hotel is noted for its fine dining, exclusive Peak Health Club & Spa and enviable location off Sloane Street – the capital’s most fashionable shopping area. Jumeirah Carlton Tower offers 216 rooms and suites, individually styled with a calm and contemporary feel, together with worldclass dining in The Rib Room Bar & Restaurant, Chinoiserie and The Club Room. Meanwhile, at Grosvenor House Suites by Jumeirah Living, the youngest members of the family can take control of the holiday season agenda with a festive spin on the Children in Charge package. Kids will love the complimentary Jumeirah teddy bear, Christmas cookies and milk and selection of classic children’s Christmas movies, whilst adults will enjoy the VIP shopping passes to nearby Selfridges. With rates starting from £834 per night, including VAT, the package also includes complimentary accommodation for children when booking a One Bedroom Deluxe to Three Bedroom Suite, daily English breakfast for two adults, daily children’s breakfast and a complimentary bottle of Champagne for the grown-ups. Their palatial hotels aside, the Jumeirah brand further extends into numerous facets of the high-flying lifestyle; the new contemporary lifestyle hotel brand VenuTM is only the start of it the wellness brand TaliseTM. Jumeirah Restaurant Group DubaiTM, Wild Wadi WaterparkTM, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality ManagementTM, and Jumeirah SiriusTM, and a global loyalty programme... Jumeirah Towers stands as the hub on an ever-turning wheel, covering new ground with every new innovation and dedicated means of offering superior accommodation and service to distinguished guests. Future openings that Jumeirah are anticipating include luxury and lifestyle hotels in China, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Mauritius, Oman, Russia and the UAE.

Sarah Zezulka Cadogan Place, London SW1X 9PY, United Kingdom +44 (0)20 7235 1234 / +44 (0)20 7858 7160

With double Deluxe Rooms starting from £516 per night, including taxes, the package also includes English breakfast for two in The Rib Room Bar & Restaurant, access to the award-winning Peak Health Club & Spa and complimentary shopping delivery to your room by the shopping butler, as well as either

LUX - November 2016 23

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Copperstone Capital is an investment management firm founded in 2009 with offices in Moscow, Russia and London, United Kingdom. We manage wealth for high net worth individuals and institutions through various hedge fund strategies. 16 Sadovnicheskaya Street, Moscow, 115035, Russia T +7 495 988 0010 F +7 495 951 1410

HEDGEfund awards2015 Best Russian Fund (Since Inception)





Jewels LUX - November 2016 25


26 LUX - November 2016



N. Bloom & Son Company name: N.Bloom & Son Contact: Ian Harris Email: Website: Phone: 020 7629 5060

N. Bloom & Son

N.Bloom & Son was established by my maternal grandfather Nathan Bloom in 1912. Now I am semi-retired and I concentrate on finding and selling interesting and unusual pieces of antique or estate jewellery, ranging from Roman, nearly two thousand years old, to a few new items-but mainly 20th century-Art Nouveau, Belle Epoque, Deco, Retro and so on. I can also help if you have jewellery to sell, as I can usually get a better and quicker offer than you will finish up with after auction. I’m pleased to advise on anything to do with old jewellery. What does your client base look like? Mainly professional people who want to buy for themselves or their partners jewellery that is unusual, good value and not what’s found on the High Street. What specific factors set your firm apart from others in the field? I individually select every piece for its interest, design, quality and condition. I have a somewhat quirky taste, and I think I get the clients that like my style. You might also add my personal expertise: J was for 32 years an ‘expert’ on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, both on jewellery and silver; I am a freeman of the Goldsmiths Company, and of the City of London, I am head of vetting at several antiques fairs including Olympia and Lapada, have had two books on silver published, and lecture on jewellery. I can modestly say I know my stuff. What are the most significant challenge facing your firm at present? Getting more people to look at my website with currently around 250 items. As a fairly small dealer, it’s difficult to achieve, but I believe that once people find me, they’ll buy from me, because of the things I sell, and the service that I offer. I ship all over the world by FedEx at no extra cost. What are the main objectives for your business? To please and satisfy my customers. I’m semi-retired, and I no longer need to do this for a living, but I really enjoy finding nice things, and passing them on for my customers to enjoy. What business or business person do you most admire and why? There are many long-established and highly professional dealers and retailers; we all sell unique items and form unique relationships of trust with our clients.

LUX - November 2016 27


28 LUX - November 2016


The Go-To Treasure Trove for Fine, Handmade Jewellery

The Go-To Treasure Trove for Fine, Handmade Jewellery Autumnal style shines through with Sparkling Jewellery’s new Equestrian collection for Autumn/Winter. Launched Friday 23rd September 2016, the new range features a range of gold, silver and rose gold pieces throughout the collection – perfect to mix and match or incorporate with items already in your wardrobe! This season is all about delicate, unusual and quirky accessories with simplified charms and a stunning mix of styles and shapes. And with Sparkling Jewellery’s new collection, you’re set to be on trend.

The “go to” jewellery brand offering the most beautiful must-have pieces – and worn by leading celebrities and TV stars – Sparkling Jewellery’s diverse range suits all tastes and requirements; whilst continuing to exceed expectations with their new collection that could pass for designer but at a fraction of the price. Ideal for nature lovers who love to reflect their hobbies or countryside living through their style, Sparkling Jewellery’s innovative collection combines an extensive range of gorgeous equestrian designs as well as their trademark feathers, Hoxton arrows and kismet bangles. With party season just around the corner, Sparkling Jewellery’s new pieces are perfect to “amp up” a simple LBD or take casual jeans and tee look into off-duty cool territory. Offering a variety of pieces including necklaces, earrings and rings; Sparkling Jewellery’s new seasonal collection is just what you need to transition your accessories from summer to autumn. The new autumn range from Sparkling Jewellery is not only distinctive and eye-catching, but also perfect for everyone – those looking to splurge on something you won’t find anywhere else or if you’re on a budget and looking for the latest additions to compliment your wardrobe. In addition to Sparkling Jewellery’s unique “ICOINIC” collection and other on trend pieces, they also offer a high end bespoke jewellery design service! Sparkling Jewellery can make any item in any metal and can cater for any budget; creating any jewellery design with ease and exactly to the client’s specifications.

Sparkling Jewellery, even from a simple idea or inspiration taken from a photograph. Working with sterling silver and titanium through to the finest quality platinum and coloured golds; it’s no wonder celebrity fans Kellie Acreman, Zara Holland, Alex Jones and Holly Willoughby, Michelle Keegan are coming back for more – and you can steal their style! Speaking of Sparkling Jewellery’s newest launch, Director and Founder Sappho Brammer comments; “Sparkling Jewellery’s Autumn 2016 collection is Equestrian inspired after the success of Team GB in Rio. I aptly named the collection after Charlotte Dujardin’s beautiful horse Valgero. From horse hoofs, to stirrups and clover meadows our classic jewellery is a must for any capsule wardrobe. Each item can be worn on its own, or layered with the rest of our collections to go from season to season. Costume jewellery should last more than just one season.”

Lucy Dartford 020 3370 4910

From christenings and baptism gifts, to special keepsakes for landmark birthdays and wedding anniversaries; any idea can be developed with

LUX - November 2016 29


Pampering LUX - November 2016 31


Introducing Novel Beauty for Men and Women

32 LUX - November 2016


Introducing Novel Beauty for Men and Women

Novel Beauty is all about naturally clever skincare. This is a luxury concept brand of skincare for men and women who believe the body is a book that can be read. Novel Beauty offers a distinctive range of bodycare products, housed in beautifully tactile and refillable books. These books are designed to be replenished with generous jars, Refill Chapters, made of powerful and heady natural ingredients and pure essential oils. Novel Beauty links the mind and body through the skin.

Founder Nneka Fleming says, “we are interested in the ways personal care affects us all, from the role it plays in how we start our day and the way we feel about ourselves, to the effects it has on our skin and the environment. We are creating skincare and beauty products with this in mind. “Novel Beauty wants to be part of a culture that thinks about the ordinary differently. We promise to empower beauty from the inside out. We use highquality natural ingredients that enhance your skin, not hide your story. To look beneath the surface is at the heart of our products, our brand, our designs and our ingredients. We create unisex natural skincare products that make this connection in our daily lives. “We incorporate naturally effective essential oils and skin care products prepared with specially selected natural active ingredients that are compatible with the skin to work in unison with the skin’s natural composition.

A “ book never looks out of place. Books don’t clash. The form offers simplicity in an often-complicated space.” “Invigorating, uplifting and soothing high-quality oils are incorporated into each special formulation. These therapeutic plant extracts contain natural antioxidants, moisturizing essential fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory properties. “This blend helps to enhance and moisturise your skin while restoring and boosting the skin’s natural balance and radiance leaving your skin revitalised and hydrated. Our essential oils stimulate the mind and can help uplift, relax and revive you. “Our products do not contain any animal bi-product, parabens, sodium laurel sulphate, artificial colours or chemicals. All our jars are made from recyclable material. All our refill chapters are made in the UK.” Launching this October exclusively on www. with three products that are sure to inspire its users to release their story:

feelings that pass through the mind daily. It is a sensuously aromatic blend, which polishes and conditions the skin with the dark earthiness of raw cane sugar and Shea butter, whilst also playing on your senses with papaya fruit and grape seed oil, and Platonic Dialogue, a daylight cream that inspires you to find yourself through your own reasoning with an abundance of vitamins from Aloe Vera, seaweed, sesame, apricot and geranium rose oil. Travel Stories – £45, 2 x 100ml Imaginary Voyage, an enriched raw sea salt scrub that reminds you a voyage of discovery, starts within your mind. This natural exfoliant helps balance the skin, improve hydration, and strengthen the protective barrier of the skin with minerals. Ginger root oil also warms the system and tangerine oil relieves your mind. And Irony, a deeply moisturising Shea butter which suggests what appears on the surface, to be the case, can differ radically from what is actually the case. This is a rich moisturiser which repairs and regenerates your skin with Shea butter, rosehip, avocado and sweet almond oil. Novel Beauty also presents Autobiography, a ceramic & marbled cork candleholder book, handmade by RCA award-winning ceramic artist Solomia Zoumaras in Shoreditch, East London. Made from Parian ware, a type of bisque porcelain similar to marble & finished with a bisque tone marbled cork cover which is beautifully fastened with two black copper hinges. Each book includes two hand poured scented travel candles made from soy and vegetable wax, and an essential oil blend. Each candle has two natural fibre wicks giving a clean & even burn for up to 16 hours each. Choose from: • La Vie en Rose – a fruit and floral scent • Precious Woods – a warming earthy fragrance

Kathryn Rivans 07788 272 009

Poor Man’s Rose – £43, 2 x 100ml The perfect gift for the rich of heart. It includes the chapters Stream of Consciousness - a raw sugar scrub for the one thousand and one thoughts and

LUX - November 2016 33


Real Estate


36 LUX - November 2016


The Classic Barn Company – Secrets Within the Detail

The Classic Barn Company – Secrets Within the Detail All of The Classic Barn Company’s oak garages are crafted from high quality oak selected specifically for its purpose. A very strong and reliable timber used over many centuries, it now takes pride of place within the detailed frames that we have created. We offer a large selection of traditional oak garages for our clients, including our unique Extrawide™ range, which provides exceptional width across each bay; all of these beautiful frames are carefully crafted with the utmost care and devotion to the craft; the end results are breath-taking, time after time. What products and services does your company provide? We specialise in standalone oak framed outbuildings. With our head office based in the heart of Hampshire and our secondary office in Sussex, we are within easy reach of the local surrounding counties throughout these regions of the UK. What does the firm’s client base look like? Due to the nature of our product, our client base is mostly based around private households in affluent rural areas.

this, and at the same time to expand the scope of works into other areas of the UK. We are presently considering franchising, or some and other forms of collaboration. What individual in your industry and beyond do you admire the most and why? I have always admired the three or four biggest national oak framing companies; as we get larger ourselves, I am well aware of what’s involved in getting to be something sizable, and this takes an indescribable volume of hard work, which I admire.

What sets your firm apart from others in the field? In short, ‘the detail and our service’ – easy to say, certainly, but not so easy to put into practise. We pride ourselves on providing a frame that has more oak with more traditional joints than others in the marketplace; we do this at a price that represents tremendous value for the client. Also, as members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen, we pride ourselves on the client service. In fact, each client has a designated Projects Manager to run their project from start to finish, and we run several feedback schemes to ensure the client is completely satisfied with the product and service as possible. We have won awards in our sector which is something we are very proud of.

Name: Andrew Guppy, Director Company: The Classic Barn Company Email: Website: Address: ‘Oaklands’, Allbrook Village, Hampshire SO50 4BY Phone: 0844 800 0708

What are the main challenges facing your business at present? Without a doubt, the main challenge is to maintain the quality whilst also coping with the increase in demand for our services. What are the key objectives for your business in the months and years ahead? We have already started expanding our range and scope of service – our objective is to continue

LUX - November 2016 37

WIN UP TO $15,000 IN CASH AND PRIZES Poker Afloat gives you the chance to win our big prize!! Cruise inclusions for only $99.00 per person: • 4 hour cruise on a twin level luxury catamaran • Beer, wine & soft drinks served to tables throughout entire cruise • Finger food served to tables throughout entire cruise • Lingerie waitresses help in servicing your every need! • Entry into TEXAS HOLD’EM poker tournament • 3000 start stack of playing chips in main event • Guaranteed $9,500 cash & prizes on every cruise • Guaranteed $3,500 cash prize for main event winner • Win minimum 3 x 8 days Balinese Holiday packages on every cruise • $50 re-buys & add-ons first 75mins only (optional and not included in ticket price) • Top Ten players guaranteed prizes (minimum value $250) • $25 secondary event (optional & not included in ticket price)


Retreats LUX - November 2016 39


COMO The Halkin:

Begravia’s Private Palace COMO The Halkin offers its clientele a truly incredible stay. This 5-star luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Belgravia assures its guests receive nothing but the best of service, beautiful food and in the perfect surroundings.

40 LUX - November 2016

lux Located in the heart of London’s most stylish district, Belgravia, COMO The Halkin offers 41 rooms and suites that allow for both easy downtime and efficient work. The relaxed aesthetic of the cossetting, light-filled spaces instils a calm, cool, contemporary atmosphere to this original London boutique hotel. Guests are greeted at the entrance by a team of staff who are dedicated to ensuring that every guest receives a phenomenal experience, with drinks provided for adults and soft toys and entertainment designed to keep any children happy. With a Georgian-style exterior of brick, Portland stone and arching windows, COMO The Halkin boasts a powerful and surprisingly serene sense of modern simplicity and light throughout its interiors, as well as in a quiet garden to its rear to ensure a tranquil and relaxing break for all guests. Guests can choose a room facing either the stunning natural beauty of the garden or the cultivated simplicity of the city, as well as a range of suites designed to add an extra frisson of indulgence to any stay, whether it is for business, pleasure or a combination of the two. All rooms and suites are spacious and well-furnished, combining modern styles and clean, fresh colour schemes with natural materials such as wood and marble to provide a classic aesthetic which is appealing to everyone. Service at the hotel is unrivalled, with staff working diligently to ensure that guests have an unforgettable experience at the Halkin. Alongside general amenities and room service, staff are able to offer perfectly curated experiences to meet guests needs, from orchestrating a customised shopping trip, planning dinner at the hotel’s acclaimed restaurant or securing tickets to any number of London’s best concerts, exhibitions and West End shows. Complimentary WIFI is offered as standard throughout the hotel, and guests can also enjoy other amenities such as valet parking, foreign exchange and around the clock room service ensuring that guests want for nothing. Children are also well taken care of, with numerous games consoles available for them to use, an age appropriate gift provided on arrival and cookies and milk offered as a snack before bedtime. The hotel is operated by parent company COMO Hotels and Resorts, which offers personalised luxury travel experiences in its urban hotels, island resorts, adventure retreats and wellness resorts. The focus is always on service, design, wellness and cuisine while trying to uphold a strong, sustainable approach towards the people and places where we operate. Founded by Christina Ong, the company provides properties which are hand-picked and individually curated, and COMO The Halkin is an excellent example of the group’s dedication to excellence. In addition, COMO also offers a unique and invigorating signature scent which is the ideal way to take a piece of this gorgeous hotel away with you. Invigorate utilises elevating eucalyptus and peppermint as mood enhancers, complemented by the softness of lavender and geranium to create a fragrance which is soothing to both body and soul.

COMO The Halkin: Begravia’s Private Palace

As a vital part of the experience the hotel offers a range of dining options, including the Michelin Star Ametsa with Arzak Instruction Basque restaurant where the service is equally outstanding. Meals can be prepared specifically to meet dietary requirements or cater to discerning children, or guests can enjoy the establishment’s taster menu, which is designed to showcase the very best the kitchen’s expert team has to offer. Ametsa with Arzak Instruction is a unique collaboration between award winning chef Elena Arzak, her father Juan Mari Arzak, Mikel Sorazu, Igor Zalakain and Xabier Gutierrez. This vast array of talent does not disappoint, providing innovative menus which change to reflect the seasons as they pass, whilst retaining a food philosophy that pairs the rustic, earthy flavours of Spain’s Basque region with modern, surprising twists. The restaurant’s interior was designed by Londonbased Ab Rogers Design, who took inspiration from the raw aesthetic of the original Arzak restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain, which holds three Michelin-stars. What really catches the eye is the restaurant’s focal point: a wave-like ceiling, created from 7,000 glass receptacles filled with spices. Other highlights include an oak floor laid at a 30-degree angle and lacquered walls that create a calm, light-filled interior, all of which allow guests to relax and unwind, enjoying the sumptuous food and quality service on offer. Ametsa also has a Private Dining Room that can be reserved separately for an intimate gathering of up to 30 guests or in conjunction with the restaurant for a larger function accommodating up to 68. This compliments the hotel’s additional function facilities, which allow the establishment to offer a range of events including weddings, business meetings and celebrations. From cocktail parties to private dining, press days to wedding celebrations, special events at The Halkin always combine award-winning cuisine with acclaimed design and seamless service, incorporating a uniquely personal approach to event planning, a philosophy that is rare even among the best conference venues in central London. For guests seeking a less formal experience, the Halkin Bar provides an afternoon tea menu, a tapas menu as well as refreshing cocktails. The intimate space also offers a relaxed, all-day dining menu featuring Western classics and impeccably crafted comfort food including pasta, steak, salads and sandwiches, making it ideal for a laid-back meeting or a thrilling encounter. To round off a truly decedent and relaxing break, guests can enjoy a range of spa and wellness treatments, including a crisp gym, personal training, yoga instruction and jogging access to Hyde Park, and in-room COMO Shambhala spa treatments which can be easily arranged to ensure guests are fully refreshed and ready to return to their lives when they leave the paradise that is The Halkin. Therefore, with its prime city centre location, top quality service and chic style, COMO The Halkin is the ideal hotel for a relaxing, decedent London experience. To find out more about this stylish luxury hotel or to make a reservation visit thehalkin/ or call +44 (0) 20 7333 1000

LUX - November 2016 41



Romance and Rusticism in the Scottish Borders Windlestraw is a five-star establishment, with six guest bedrooms and a fine dining restaurant to its name, which occupies a prestigious spot listed on the Scottish Tourist Board. Having returned from 15 years in Dubai, where they both worked in Hospitality Corporate Finance, John and Sylvia Matthews took ownership of Windlestraw in March 2016 and opened it to guests just two months later. Their ambition was – and remains – to offer high-end accommodation exceeding the standards set by a traditional family run hotel, but without the stifling formality of such a large property. The end results are a testimony to that vision.

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Best Historic Hotel 2016 – Peebleshire & LUX Location Award: Best for Romantic Getaway

The house was first built in 1906 by the mill owner John King Ballantyme as a wedding present for his Austrian wife; indeed, it is situated in two acres of landscaped grounds overlooking the river Tweed at Walkerburn – a romantic beauty spot if ever there was one. The Ballantynes founded the town of Walkerburn and the mill, which in its days employed thousands of workers. In addition, Walkerburn has a claim to fame as the first ‘purpose-built’ village in Scotland, with the mill being one of the earliest producers of the woolen cloth known as Scottish Tweed. The house is therefore of historic value and is listed as a Grade-II building. The house retains many of the original features from its foundation under the Ballantymes, such as open fires, wood-paneled walls, and a staircase adorned with wooden carvings. John and Sylvia have invested and upgraded the house so that it offers guests all-new modern creature comforts worthy of five-star accommodation, but without compromising on any of its Edwardian authenticity – this includes the original 1906 gravity-fed bath. Windlestraw offers a very personal experience without compromising on quality. In John’s view, drawn from years of experience in the industry in Dubai, the word boutique is somewhat overused these days, and often refers to a chain hotel with 50 plus rooms. In the matter of his new establishment, however, “we believe that Windlestraw offers an original stylish and personal experience that is both unique and genuine, and our guests seem to agree.” Having only six rooms, the hotel’s maximum occupancy is twelve guests; this allows John and Sylvia to offer a very personalized service, and they have received comments from their guests that lend significant weight to this level of service, which the couple see as lacking in many larger establishments, as John expands upon. “In small hotels, there is often a compromise on standards due to resource constraints or experience. We are attempting to provide the pampering of a luxury experience with the comfort and warmth of familiarity.

Company Name: Windlestraw Name: John & Sylvia Matthews Email: Website: Phone: 01896 870636 Address: Galashiels Road, Walkerburn, Scotland, EH43 6AA, UK

“Windlestraw is our home, but we make every effort to make it a very special home to our guests. Our rooms offer the most modern facilities and amenities to be found in any five-star hotel, with extras such as espresso machines being made available as standard.” Windlestraw has only recently officially gained its five-star rating, and yet it is the first and only such establishment to have done so in the Scottish Borders – John puts this down to the focus on sumptuous cuisine, which is very much part of the Windlestraw experience. “We offer a daily-changing five-course menu of modern Scottish cuisine, and our ambition is for all of our food to be served using 100 per cent Scottish produce. We have already achieved a Scottish ‘Taste our Best’ accreditation for our support of local producers and sustainability.

Romance and Rusticism in the Scottish Borders

grow vegetables, and we make use of any produce arising.” Of course, the mission of Windlestraw to remain true to historical authenticity whilst offering modern delights means that John and Sylvia’s priorities are to restore the original Edwardian kitchen gardens and hopefully most if not all our fruit and vegetables will come from our own gardens. Whilst the Scottish Borders is not particularly known as a destination for fine dining, Windlestraw heralds the beginning of a new trend towards such catering, and John and Sylvia’s ambitions are the catalyst for bringing about this change. “Prior to our five-star listing, we received an eight out of ten ration from the Telegraph for our cuisine, and we intend to continue to increase standards and push boundaries,” John states. Windlestraw’s guests come from near and far, John says. They include travelers from the south of England heading for the Highlands and Islands, choosing to take a break from their journey, as well as young professionals taking a break from Edinburgh and Lothian. The more common occurrence, meanwhile, are ‘foodies’ making the journey specifically to experience John and Sylvia’s cuisine and hospitality. “We have a very small team – just four of us including our chef Stu and a housekeeper,” John says. “As a small property, we have to invest a great deal of time and energy to maintain and indeed increasing standards. We have witnessed in many hotels in our area, in response to a challenging market place, a trend to invest less in the standards of accommodation, service and cuisine.” Being knowledgeable about the area, John knows that while many travel the Borders to fish the tweed or shoot on the moors, the perception is that they are not seeking or willing to pay for quality accommodation or cuisine. “We disagree with that view,” John says. “We see the Borders as a region of enormous potential, and we are willing to invest to prove our point. “We are proactive advocates of investment in quality over quantity. Our guests have clearly responded to a lack of quality accommodation and service, and are happy to pay a higher rate if it means a great experience. Windlestraw, under John and Sylvia Matthews, is only just entering its second season as a new establishment in a challenging cuisine market, and the small team has a long way to go on their journey. However, John is eager to stress that the signs for the future are encouraging. “The experience we offer in the Borders is unique, and there is obviously a demand. We intend to continue to invest in this fine historical house, in our facilities, and the guest experience. Hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, the Scottish Borders will be a destination of choice for any traveler seeking a fine luxury experience.”

“A great deal of the food on our plate is foraged along the banks of the River Tweed by our local chef Stu Waterston – from damsons to apples and berries, the ingredients for our home-made Jams and Chutneys don’t have any carbon foot-print. We support local initiatives such as Community Action in the Tweed Valley to teach children to maintain allotments and

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Palazzo Marzoli charme Resort

Outside of the thrum of life in its major cities, the Italian countryside settles into an idyllic existence, perched between modernity and serene charm. There are very few places in this ‘other’ Italy that capture the imagination and the heart quite like the Amalfi Coast. Unesco describe this stretch of land to be an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape – a beguiling environment with history and mysticism abound, by villages that take full advantage of the stunning scenery, such as cliff-side, beach-fronted village of Positano. It is here where the Palazzo Marzoli Resort makes its mark on this intoxicating country. Positano itself is a miracle of the human endeavour to master the environment, being perched along a vertiginous cliff, with houses tumbling down towards to the sea, all shades of pink, peach and terracotta. Wisteria, fashionable boutiques and gelato stands make for welcome reminders of the Italian clime, while the steep cobble-stoned streets offer visitors a chance to uncover secrets tucked away in this idyllic Mediterranean retreat.

blessed with a sea view. A solarium terrace outfitted with sunbeds and a romantic Jacuzzi tub are on offer for the moments when complacency takes hold and soothing comfort overtakes all else. Taking in the bright and airy spaces, the candid walls, fine linens, the supple furnishings, to the terraces and balconies of the rooms, with domineering vistas of the resort of Positano, visitors to the Palazzo can revel in the picturesque panorama dominated by cliffs that fall steeply into the sea.

The Palazzo Marzoli Resort is not so suggestively hidden, being situated along the Via G. Marconi, the winding main thoroughfare that snakes its way along the mountain with Positano hemmed in along the bay below. Anybody journey south from Naples and Sorrenton, or coming north from Vietri sul Mare, will make their way past the Palazzo, and they may indeed view it as a much-needed pit-stop. For others, it is simply a retreat, an ideal place from which to spend hours in dreamy luxury.

To create elegant atmospheres in the rooms, a playful display of colours shows a reinvigoration of the comfortable hotel abode. Wresting attention away from the sea view, as vital an element for the Amalfi Coast lifestyle as any, the dominant white and blue majolica and the Murano chandeliers compliment the headboards of the beds, hand-painted and depicting images of anchors, fish and other elements of Positano’s seafaring traditions.

From this advantageous position towards the literal top of the town, this is a charming and engorging alternative to the classic hotels that dominate Positano. Doing away with such grandeur as would have once been enjoyed, many centuries ago, by Roman plutocrats and Lombard aristocracy, the Palazzo Marzoli instead offers its guests a chance to enjoy ample, bright spaces made comfortable a combination of modern technology and luxurious refinement, all within a building that has stood here since the late 17th Century.

Company: Palazzo Marzoli Resort Email: Website: Address: Via G, Marconi 334, Positano, 84017, Italy Phone: (+39) 089 875 586

Being in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, there is a certain obligation to respect the timeless qualities of this landscape. As such, the building in which the hotel is situated today is completely renovated, though it would be hard to tell exactly where the new and the old begin – such is the attention afforded to respected the original architecture that the capitals of the façade still remain, alongside the old portal. As ferries and hydrofoils coast by in the distance, on their way north to Naples and the Island of Capri, the Palazzo settles lazily into the surroundings, the whiteness of its walls and the striking blue of the Vietri ceramics making it no more ostentatious than the other buildings in its vicinity. It is, quintessentially, superbly, Italian. Beyond the hotel’s architecture alone, the Palazzo does so much more than create an illusion. Its layout, its services, its furnishings, are all parts of a carefullycrafted goal to induce a state of total relaxation among the hotel’s guests. This takes many forms, some more discreet than others. All of the rooms, for a start, are

The rooms and suites of the resort, among the most exclusive hotels in Positano and Amalfi Coast, communicate glamor and charm and offer all the modern comforts: soundproof walls, air conditioned rooms, bathrooms with bath or shower, LCD TV, LED 32 , 42 and 3D 55-inch satellite TV, Internet access, telephone and mini bar. For guests of the rooms of Palazzo Marzoli resort, the sights become intermingled with the rich tastes. The sumptuous breakfasts carry with them the offer of being served in the room and on the terraces, furnished with table, chairs and sun loungers. For those that want to spend a holiday enjoying nature, choosing from marine routes or hiking in the mountains on the Amalfi Coast or in the Sorrento Peninsula, the resort of Palazzo Marzoli is able to provide a service for such excursions that goes beyond mere efficiency – with Wi-Fi accessible throughout, the options of requesting beauty treatments and massages delivered straight to the room, and a backdrop as gorgeous as Positano, competition is hard to come by. John Steinbeck, when he visited Positano in 1953, recorded it in Harper’s Bazaar as such: “Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quire real when you are there, and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.” In this light, the Palazzo Marzoli, with its own homely flavours and enticing embrace, intermingles its character with that of the village effortlessly.

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Eckington Manor: The Indulgent Way to Spend the New Year

Eckington Manor:

The Indulgent Way to Spend the New Year For those looking to relax and unwind following a hectic festive season there is no better place than Eckington Manor, a stunning rural retreat nestled in the Avon valleys on the border of the picturesque Cotswolds. Home of exquisite food, beautiful natural surroundings and unrivalled hospitality, this glorious rustic hotel is the perfect place to escape to after Christmas and ring in the New Year. Run by former entrepreneur Judy Gardner, who purchased the property in 2004 with the aim of sharing her vision of modern entertaining with everyone, Eckington Manor boasts a flourishing restaurant, boutique accommodation and a vibrant cookery school, making it the perfect setting for a rejuvenating break. Guests that have spent Christmas slaving over a hot stove can rest easy, as their gastronomic pleasures will be in the safe hands of the hotel’s expert Head Chefs, MasterChef, The Professionals winner Mark and his wife Sue Stinchcombe. With much of the food grown and reared at the Manor, which is also a working farm boasting award winning heard of majestic Aberdeen Angus and the shaggy Highland cows. These specimens in particular form the sumptuous braised shins of beef that are a favourite dish in the restaurant; they come served alongside caramelised onion, wild mushroom and a rich red wine jus. The farm is also home to Lleyn Sheep and Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, which serves as the basis of the succulent pork belly served with prune, sweet potato and an unusual spiced granola, another highly appraised dish in the hotel’s restaurant. As part of the hotel’s New Year’s celebrations, the restaurant is offering an indulgent seven-course tasting menu served in the Grain Barn, followed by overnight accommodation in one of the Manor’s beautiful boutique bedrooms, with a New Year’s Day brunch served the next morning. There is perhaps no better place to indulge in such an experience, as the Manor’s stunning bedrooms, each of which is uniquely decorated to showcase Judy’s eclectic, rustic style, makes spending New Year’s at Eckington Manor a truly unforgettable experience. For those seeking the perfect setting for a celebratory drink over New Year’s Lower End House, the rustic Tudor façade greets guests upon arrival, and also offers an idyllic space in which to relax and unwind;

there is a 24-hour Honesty Bar located in the front room to allow guests to select from a range of wines, beers and spirits and of course, the Manor’s own cider. With convenience as a forethought, guests are allowed pay for these beverages by simply writing down their room number and selection. The bar is perfect for those looking for a secluded setting to ring in the New Year of 2017, as well as those who want to relax in the natural splendour of the hotel’s courtyard, which features a magnificent statue of Judy’s depiction of the Greek God of shepherds and flocks, a being known as Pan. The 2.5-metre statue gives the hotel an identity – Judy commissioned it specifically, bringing the god up to date by omitting the cloven hooves and instead focusing on his cornucopia, which is depicted as overflowing with fish, as well as horns to represent animals, and fruits and vegetables. The statue’s depiction of this fresh produce reflects Eckington Manor’s focus on providing beautiful, natural food for guests, as well as helping them to produce this through its dedicated cookery school, which is fully equipped and designed to cater for any need, with five agas and five range cookers, so that people from all culinary backgrounds and any level of ability can feel right at home. Later on, in 2017 the school will put this equipment to good use through a number of courses, including a course on creating warming winter dishes in your aga, as well as courses on Indian cookery and how to cook, prepare and serve fish and shellfish. Vouchers for these prestigious courses make great Christmas presents for those stuck for a gift, as the festive season fast approaches. Eckington Manor offers itself as the perfect escape all year round, but as the New Year rolls in the hotel’s hospitality is most appreciated as guests flock to experience the excellent service, exquisite food and breath taking views which make this establishment truly special.

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Sub -Zero & Wolf

Sub-Zero & Wolf – A First-Choice Partner for Iconic Luxury Developments

Luxury kitchen appliance brands Sub-Zero & Wolf are becoming firmly established as the partner of choice for the luxury, premium development sector, within Central London, the Home Counties and across Europe. Encompassing refrigeration, wine and cooking appliances, Sub-Zero & Wolf were recently chosen as the sole kitchen appliance brands for five, high profile, Central London developments; soon to be announced, throughout a mix of apartments, penthouses, townhouses and standalone houses. After thoroughly exploring the market place and fully researching Sub-Zero & Wolf, the decision was made by the developers that these luxury appliances were the only choice for their iconic builds. Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Madison, Wis., Sub-Zero, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of American-made luxury refrigeration, freezer and wine storage products. Specializing in food preservation, Sub-Zero pioneered the concept of dual refrigeration and prides itself on being the first company to store frozen foods at ultralow, “sub-zero” temperatures. In 2000, Wolf Appliance, Inc., the premier maker of ranges, ovens, cooktops and grills, was acquired by Sub-Zero, establishing the brands as corporate companions and kitchen soul mates. In its third generation of family ownership, the privately held company also operates manufacturing facilities in Fitchburg, Wis., and Goodyear, Ariz. Both brands are continually recognized for the highest achievements in refrigeration and cooking innovation and customer satisfaction. Sub-Zero & Wolf are proud to have been working with award winning luxury house builders, Millgate Homes for over eight years. Jonathan Cranley, Sales and Marketing Director for Millgate comments: “We are delighted to work closely with Sub Zero & Wolf in many of our homes. As with all our Millgate homes, luxury, style and quality is paramount and Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances certainly provide this. Our aim is to design properties which fit in with modern, luxurious lifestyles; these high specification appliances suit these needs excellently”. Oakeve, the multi award winning construction company based in Buckinghamshire have included Wolf built-in ovens and Sub-Zero Built-in refrigeration in five of their luxury homes this year, which market between £2.5M and £5M, helping them achieve the highest sale per square foot in Beaconsfield in 2016. A further £6M property is due for release early 2017, in Beaconsfield’s ‘Golden Triangle’.

Sub-Zero and Wolf 0208 418 3877

Iona Newton, Director at Oakeve says, ‘Clients enthused over the Kitchen/ Family Room space at Headley Grange. It was a real talking point and undoubtedly helped sell the house. The contrast of the Sub Zero stainless steel clad appliances with the lacquered Sycamore wood cabinetry was stunning, and clients appreciated the quality and purposefulness of the extra wide Wolf ovens and coffee machine.

“They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home – well, in this case, the kitchen was right at the heart of the sale, helping the property to achieve the highest sale price per square foot in Beaconsfield this year! “We are looking forward to installing the new range of Sub Zero/Wolf appliances in our forthcoming developments, and are hoping they create the same reaction, resulting in a similar outcome.’ Chris Bovingdon, selling agent of Knight Frank stated, “at the top end of the market, at £620 per square foot, Headley Grange has achieved the highest pounds per square foot record in Beaconsfield and most likely in Bucks.” Further afield in Europe, Sub-Zero & Wolf have been included in The Keys, an iconic development of villas and apartments in Quinta do Lago, Portugal, one of the world’s top golfing destinations. While in France, the aspirational brands have been included in five of the most prestigious, luxury hotels in the world, plus talks continue for further projects into and beyond 2017. As a final feather in their cap, Wolf have just launched their new compact 60cm E Series Built-in ovens; a big step for the luxury cooking specialists previously known more for their larger range cookers and roomy 76cm built-in ovens. This is good news for both consumers looking for cooking appliances to fit into standard European sized cabinetry, as well as property developers, who may favour a more compact product. Available in both 45cm and 60cm depths, this new width of built-in oven also co-ordinates with other Wolf 60cm products, including Convection Steam oven, Coffee system and Dropdown door microwave to create custom banks of appliances, currently on trend across the UK and Europe. With plenty of future projects on the table and in the pipeline, Sub-Zero & Wolf are set to be the appliance of choice for high profile, luxury developments across the UK and Europe offering a point of difference that the top end of the market now demands. With prestigious showrooms in both London’s Brompton Design District, Knightsbridge and Canne’s superb Rue D’Antibe Design District, Sub-Zero & Wolf are perfectly positioned to showcase their luxury

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Cuisine Royale at La Réserve Brasserie

Cuisine Royale at La Réserve Brasserie La Réserve Brasserie, situated in the south Dublin suburb Ranelagh, is an intimate and lively French brasserie. Predominantly serving a modern take on French classics, our menu also shows influences from international cuisine. Our focus is on simple, yet high quality dishes, prepared and presented with precision and faithful to true flavours. Chef proprietor Jérôme Fernandes and his team are dedicated to providing a friendly and relaxed dining experience.

Jérôme Fernandes, hailing from the east-central French province of Burgundy, was influenced at an early age by his grandmother from Brittany, who had a natural flair for classical French cuisine. He graduated from culinary school in Dijon, and trained under the renowned two-star Michelin chef JeanMarc Delacourt, formerly of Domaine de Divonne les Bains, and chef René Bérard of Hostellerie Bérard. Jérôme went on to work at other prestigious establishments throughout France and Switzerland, before relocating to Ireland in 1997. In Dublin, Jérôme worked in Peacock Alley and the Conrad International Hotel, amongst other fine establishments, before being offered the opportunity to work with Ritz Carlton hotels in the United States at an executive level. His talent was instantly noted and Jérôme was asked to take on the responsibility for new openings for the group in the United States and the Caribbean.

champignon, solidify the continental, homely nature of the food here, while the rosemary and garlicinfused loin of lamb, along with its potato gateau, is a true delight. What is more, the braised coq au vin is another simple yet mouthwatering delicacy, and a surefast favourite. Whether its guests are in search of a quick snack, a light lunch or an exciting evening meal, La Réserve Brasserie’s expert staff know that these patrons will find something to suit their discerning pallets. Tempt yourself with a look at our sample menus. We look forward to welcoming you to share the love of France in the heart of Ranelagh.

In spite of this international attention and acclaim that he was accruing, it had always remained Jérôme’s aspiration to open his own restaurant. Today, having returned to his beloved Dublin, he is delighted to be able to share his love for good food at affordable prices from his quaint establishment in Ranelagh, a place in which he has now settled, after a long career spent jet-setting across the world. Jérôme remains inspired by authentic and exceptional flavours, and his cuisine brings pride to seasonal produce.

LUX Fine Dining Guide 2016

No expense is spared when it comes to replicating the kind of traditional haute cuisine that Jérôme grew accustomed to whilst growing up with his grandmother’s cooking. Simple yet elegant starters like the French onion soup, organic smoked salmon and tiger prawns are but gentle smatterings, barely flexing the culinary muscles on display. Clams and mussels in linguini pasta, as well as risotto au

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The George - Original East-Ender Gets a New Lease of Life

The George

- Original East-Ender Gets a New Lease of Life Since its inception only a year ago, Hippo Inns have made it their mission to protect British pubs, breathing new life and sensitively restoring them. With pubs closing at a rate of 27 a week, and the number of pubs in the UK falling to their lowest level for a decade this year, Hippo are determined to save many from certain closure. Nowhere is that more apparent than at The George, which first opened its doors in 1865 and is one of the last great traditional East End pubs of its kind.

Located on the Isle of Dogs, within easy reach of Canary Wharf and Docklands, The George was rebuilt in 1932 and is one of the few remaining pubs on the island, providing a real hub for the community. A whole series of East End knees ups events regularly take place with quiz nights, tribute acts and oneoff special events. Guests can enjoy a selection of modern British food with pub classics skilfully updated, alongside an excellent and well-priced selection of craft beer, wines and cocktails.

away from home for locals and destination customers alike, where food, drink and service is exceptional. The name Hippo Inns has come about as a result of Hippo Inns founder, Rupert Clevely’s three daughters saying, “Dad, you’ve been wallowing around doing nothing for far too long.” Rupert and his interior designer wife Jo were founders of Geronimo Inns, which they sold to Young’s in 2010. Hippo Inns have strong family values and are dedicated to delivering great food and drink at a sensible price in glorious surroundings.

The cosy and welcoming venue features an open bar area and upstairs dining area available for hire for up to 20 covers. Traditional features including inviting leather banquettes, gilt mirrors and wood panelling, are combined with contemporary touches such as a stylish conservatory with colourful mosaic floor and eye-catching light fixtures. A charming outdoor garden is the perfect spot to while away the hours surrounded by lush foliage and vines.

The George 114 Glengall Grove, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3ND 020 3637 5993

The George offers a refreshing take on pub food focusing on simple, good quality ingredients. Small plates include Billingsgate Fishcakes with Lemon Mayonnaise, Puy Lentils and Truffle Oil Pâté and Gruyere Soufflé with Rocket Sauce. Lunch embraces The George’s East End heritage with a ‘Full English’ Breakfast, Shepherd’s Pie and Haddock and Chips, whilst dinner combines both the traditional and modern with delicious dishes such as Braised Pork Belly, Maple Glaze, Roast Garlic Mash and Apple Crisp, Grilled Candy Beetroot Burger, Tomato Chutney and Skinny Chips and Slow Roasted Gressingham Duck Leg with Rosti Potato and Braised Red Cabbage. Hippo Inns believe and want to ensure, that their pubs are the best and one of a kind within the neighbourhood each venue is set in. Their pubs are seen as the centre of the local community, a home

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Macdonald Bear Hotel is one of the finest Four-Star hotels in Oxfordshire. Set in Woodstock, in what was once a 13th century coaching inn, our hotel offers the best of breathtaking scenery and fine facilities. With direct access to the historic city of Oxford, our hotel is a popular choice for family holidays, business and weddings.

• Historic country house charm • Majestic 13th century coaching inn • Picturesque village location • 54 individually-styled bedrooms • Golf courses nearby • Meeting and conference facilities • Free Wifi Powered by The Cloud • Luxury wedding packages • Award-winning restaurant onsite

Park Street, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, OX20 ISZ Tel: 0344 879 9143


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The Global Personal Luxury Goods Market Holds Steady At €249 Billion Amid Geopolitical Uncertainty

60 LUX - November 2016

lux The global luxury market is collectively growing at four per cent to an estimated €1.08 trillion in 2016. Sales of luxury cars (up eight per cent) helped steer that growth. There is also evidence that luxury consumers are redirecting their spending toward new and more personal high-end experiences, such as luxury travel, food and wine, and even fine art. Meanwhile, the personal luxury goods industry managed to hold steady amid global geopolitical uncertainty. Despite China’s re-emergence after three years of stagnation, the U.S. decline prevailed as the stronger force, dragging down worldwide performance to €249 billion (-1 per cent at current rates, stable at constant exchange rates). These are the top-line findings from the 15th Edition of the ‘Bain & Company Luxury Study’ released today in Milan in collaboration with Fondazione Altagamma, the Italian luxury goods manufacturers’ industry foundation.

The Global Personal Luxury Goods Market Holds Steady At €249 Billion Amid Geopolitical Uncertainty

Bain & Company is the management consulting firm that the world’s business leaders come to when they want results. Bain advises clients on strategy, operations, technology, organization, private equity and mergers and acquisition, developing practical insights that clients act on and transferring skills that make change stick. “The luxury market has reached a maturation point. Brands can no longer rely on low-hanging fruit. Instead, they really need to implement differentiating strategies to succeed going forward,” said Claudia D’Arpizio, a Bain partner in Milan and lead author of the study. “We are already starting to see clear polarization when it comes to performance with winners and losers emerging across product categories and segments.” Luxury Around the World As the global luxury market settles into this new pattern, selected currency movements are affecting consumption in 2016. Brexit, the U.S. presidential election and European terrorism all impacted consumer confidence and touristic flows. Mainland China is increasingly outperforming the market as Chinese consumption at home increases. However, the rise in local spending does not offset decreased purchases among Chinese tourists, especially in Europe. For the first time in history, Chinese consumers have decreased their contribution to the total luxury market from 31 per cent in 2015 to 30 per cent in 2016. Local factors such as price differentials, lower levels of service, and overall incomparable shopping experiences are driving down volumes and average ticket sales at home compared to Chinese consumers’ purchases overseas. Over the longer-term, Chinese luxury spending and the country’s contribution to total personal luxury goods consumption are expected to trend upward, due in large part to a growing middle class with more disposable income to spend on luxury purchases. While luxury spending among tourists contracted across Europe, local spending rebounded to rescue personal luxury goods performance across the continent, up one per cent at constant rates (-1 per cent at current): • Depreciation of the pound drove touristic shopping growth in the U.K. – a bright spot in an otherwise depressed pan-European market. • On the other hand, Germany and France were negatively impacted by terrorism. Spain and Northern Europe fared better, due to a perceived lower threat risk. The Americas turned in an uneven performance, down two per cent at constant exchange rates (-3 per cent at current): • Luxury brands in the U.S. continue to struggle due to the decline of tourism as a result of a strong dollar and weak local spending. • In Latin America, luxury shoppers are focused on local spending, which is helping to turn the tide in Brazil and maintain last year’s positive trend in Mexico. • Luxury spending in Canada remained steady. Across Asia: • Hong Kong and Macau continue to decline, down 15 per cent at constant (-16 per cent at current).

Chinese flows have returned to South Korea, following MERS concerns last year, up 13 per cent at constant (nine per cent at current). Southeast Asia has been positive overall, up three per cent at constant (one per cent at current). Singapore is attracting spending from China’s Tier Two and Three cities. Chinese spending is also boosting Thailand and Malaysia’s performance.

Among the other findings from the report: • E-commerce leads among luxury shopping channels - Around the world, retail, which continued to gain share as recently as last year, drastically slowed with the first footprints of rationalization in the market. E-commerce is the leading channel in terms of growth, reaching 7 per cent penetration in 2016, which makes it the third largest luxury ‘market’ globally after the U.S. and Japan and a key driver in luxury’s digital revolution. • The Discounted Market: growing, yet increasingly under brands’ control – Today, discounted luxury goods represent more than 35 per cent of the personal luxury goods market, versus full-price; off-price stores comprise more than 30 per cent of the market. These numbers are expected to increase as consumers continue to push for value for money. Luxury brands that can strategically, rather than tactically, manage the outlet channel while reducing discounts in stores will reap the rewards. • “Accessorization” and Polarization are prevailing market trends – Soft accessories and jewellery continue to be consistent outperformers, surpassed only by beauty, despite variable trends from brand to brand. The ongoing polarization trend (i.e., outperformance of Absolute and Accessible segments) is also blurring, with a wide dispersion of performance in each segment. Unlike in previous years, where luxury market growth was merely an index and brand performance was largely even among the major players, the current era more clearly reveals brands with a strong lead and those that are falling behind. 2016: A year of discontinuity and new opportunities (for those able to seize them) Digital continues be a democratizing force on the global luxury market. Previously high barriers to entry have all but been destroyed, enabling emerging brands to compete directly with more established players. “Naturally, an influx of new market entrants is concerning to incumbents, who are worried about losing market share,” said Federica Levato, a Bain partner based in Milan and co-author of the study. “But, we anticipate big opportunities for the brands that are willing to think and act more like their upand-coming counterparts.” Looking ahead, D’Arpizio anticipates the personal luxury market will reach €280-5 billion by 2020 (compound annual growth revenue of three to four per cent, beginning in 2017), but cautions that it will not be an easy road. “Luxury brands need to adjust their expectations and their strategies as we enter an era in which growth is no longer a given,” she said. “We’re now on a level playing field. Brands that adapt their business and take an omni-channel, customer-centric approach will rise to the top. Those that lag behind are sure to lose market share.” LUX - November 2016 61


Wattbike Welcome New Digital Innovations 62 LUX - November 2016

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Wattbike Welcome New Digital Innovations

Technology innovations are increasingly shaping the direction of the fitness and leisure industry, with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) having recently named wearable technology as the number one fitness trend for 2016 in its annual foresight report. Recognising this trend, and eager to jump ahead of the curve in anticipation of a newfound demand for such creativity, Wattbike, the creators of the world’s most advanced indoor bike, has released the Wattbike Hub, an app that provides everything a fitness consumer now demands: tests, workouts and plans, as well as feedback and workout analysis, are all plotted through the app in a manner of detail that is at once mind-boggling and satiating. The Wattbike is quickly establishing itself as the indoor bike of choice for elite athletes, the health and fitness sector and the home fitness market. It has already received prestigious endorsement by England Rugby, and was chosen by the UCI World Cycling Centre as the testing and education bike for its base and satellite centres around the world. The Wattbike’s Performance Computer, very much the cherry on the proverbial icing, enables the accurate measurement of over 40 performance parameters. Combined with a fully customisable ride setup and the feel of riding a real bike, it provides the user with a highly effective and efficient power-based training solution. Today, the Wattbike is used by the world’s top cycling federations including Great Britain, Australia, United States and France, in addition to professional teams and elite athletes in all cycling and triathlon disciplines. Other sports have also adopted the Wattbike as a cross-training tool and is used by many Premiership football clubs, Premiership Rugby, Rugby Football Union, Rugby Football League, Formula One drivers, England Hockey, GB Rowing, British Sailing, English Institute of Sport and UK Sport. Ultimately, this app is designed to act as a portable personal trainer – as such, it has been developed so that users can easily take it with them wherever they go, regardless of whether they’re training at home, in their gym, or abroad. Through initial testing of the app, such as the Wattbike 3-minute or 20-minute sets, tests calculate users’ Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and Maximum Minute Power (MMP) Scores, as well as their personal training zones. After analysing this data, the app demonstrates its sophistication by suggesting suitable workouts, plans and targets, which also work to chart progressions over time – all of which are matched specifically to the user. The new Workouts are standalone sessions which the user can select and ride against, based on the results from the Tests performed on the Wattbike, and using motivational ‘traffic light’ colour-coded dials to show whether the user is hitting their targets, or if they need to push themselves harder. From the tests and workouts, the plans are created. These are multi-week training programmes that provide long term training goals for the user. This makes it absolutely ideal for those that have specific goals or planned categories relating to sport specific training, set durations such as winter training or pre-season

programmes or even performance- and outcome-related goals. After signing up, and beginning on a plan, daily emails will be sent directly to devices carrying the app; contained within are breakdowns of the ‘Workout of the Day’, which the user can load and ride against. Drawing their strong standing in elite sport technology, Wattbike will also be able to present workouts created by elite athletes; perfect for those with a competitive nature. Whether the user wants to train to challenge Joanna Roswell’s 10-mile time trial, match the phenomenal power output that world class rugby players can generate, take tips from some of the world’s leading coaches, or simply wants to push themselves to break their own personal best, the app offers a holistic package in which to deliver these elements. It highlights a remarkable step forward in the way that technology can enhance people’s efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Commenting on the new launches, Richard Baker, Commercial Director at Wattbike, commented on the app’s potential within the market aimed at sporting and fitness enthusiasts, which can be a crowded and difficult one at the best of times. “There has been a rapid shift in the industry as the value of technology has been recognised. Users are increasingly using technology to monitor performance and goals. Consumers are now savvier than ever before about what they want from their fitness and trackable data. Our updated app provides a service that the consumers now demand; full tests, workouts and programmes to assess, plan and track fitness all in one place – the palm of their hand.” “These unique digital training solutions will significantly enhance the experience of any rider of any ability. By transferring data seamlessly through the app, riders can not only analyse their session but carry all their data with them wherever they go as well as share results through social media channels helping riders build a training community – and healthy competition!” The app also introduces a library feature where the user can see recently started workouts and tests, as well as save their favourites, which can then be loaded instantly on the next workout. As consumers are now information hungry for trackable data, a new History section is included to give a more detailed breakdown of the sessions, workouts and tests that have been performed. The app is free to purchase, and now available on iOS and Android. For more information visit www. LUX - November 2016 63


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Distributed group-wide to a combined subscriber base of 238,000, LUX is a premium lifestyle publication with a truly global reach. Targeted firmly at those who appreciate the finer things in life and have the money to pay for them - LUX features everything from luxury travel and hotels, motoring and technology to jewellery, beauty products, food and fashion. The global LUX readership, spanning over 170 countries, comprises 20% high net worth individuals and 80% professionals earning over ÂŁ100k per year, giving combined yearly earnings of ÂŁ42m. LUX provides high end and exclusive firms the perfect media platform to get their products and services seen by a discerning, highly targeted, and, most importantly, big spending audience that other publications simply cannot reach.


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Chivas Regal Ultis

Chivas Regal Ultis

Chivas Regal Ultis, the first blended malt Scotch whisky from the House of Chivas, is an uncompromising and visionary expression of Chivas’ inimitable style; the ideal drink for the discerning gent. Recently launched in the UK, in tribute to the passion and dedication of five generations of Master Blenders, Chivas Regal Ultis uses only five of the most precious, signature single malts from Speyside, Scotland, to create a luxury whisky with complex flavours, a glorious golden hue and a commanding, rich aroma.

From millions of casks in the Chivas Brothers inventory, less than 1% has been hand-selected by the expert blending team to create Chivas Regal Ultis. This traditional method of individually nosing each cask ensures the superior quality of Chivas Regal Ultis.

Have You Ever Dreamed of Making Your Own Whisky? Chivas Regal, the world’s first luxury Scotch whisky today officially opens The Blend, a unique space at the Truman Brewery, London, where attendees can delve into the fascinating world of whisky and discover the ‘Art of Blending’.

Distilled exclusively in copper pot stills, Chivas Regal Ultis captures the essence of the smooth and generous character of Chivas Regal’s signature style.

Aspiring whisky aficionados will learn to create their very own blended whisky under the guidance of experts in an intimate, captivating setting in East London. During a one-hour ‘Art of Blending’ session hosted by Chivas Regal, guests will discover the origins and history of grain whisky and single malts from The Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside and Islay.

Overall Tasting Profile The five single Malts that have been selected for Chivas Ultis are at the heart of Chivas Regal. The Strathisla, Longmorn, Tormore, Allt A’Bhainne and Braeval Malts are the signature malts of the Chivas house style sharing a smooth and generous character. •

Nose: The aroma presents ripe peach and red apples with accompanying cinnamon, fudge and honey infusions. Taste: Tasting reveals a smooth vanilla texture, brimming with clementine and apricots, before giving way to a background of soft caramel, spicy cloves and ginger. Finish: A bold finish is long with a warm hint of heather, leaving a satisfyingly full experience.

How Does This Brand Cater to A Clientele of Whisky Aficionados? Launched in 1909, Chivas Regal is the world’s first luxury whisky and is considered to be a timeless classic, renowned for its benchmark quality and taste, style, substance and exclusivity. A truly global brand, Chivas Regal has been integral to the growth of the Scotch whisky category worldwide and today sells four and a half million nine-litre cases annually in more than 150 countries across the globe. With generosity, entrepreneurship and integrity at the heart of Chivas Regal, the brand launched its successful Win the Right Way campaign in 2014, which aims to inspire a new generation whilst making a positive impact on the lives of others. The Chivas Regal range includes Chivas 12, Chivas Extra, Chivas 18, Chivas 25, the pinnacle of the range ultra-prestige blend, Chivas Regal the Icon and the Global Travel Retail exclusive, Chivas Brothers Blend. Launched in October 2016, Chivas Regal Ultis is the first blended malt Scotch whisky from the House of Chivas and represents the true Essence of Chivas Regal.

After sampling each of the whiskies, guests will then be tutored on preserving the subtle individual tasting notes while making their own unique blend to take home and enjoy. Colin Scott, Chivas Regal’s custodian master blender said, “The art of the Master Blender, in understanding the many different flavours in Scotch whisky, is like the work of a composer. Not only do you need to understand the musical characteristics of every instrument, you must also understand how to combine them to build an unforgettable symphony.” At the Blend, we’ll give drink connoisseurs and enthusiasts an insight into this process, whilst being able to make their own bespoke whisky. The Blend will also host ‘The Blend Sessions’, a forthcoming series of live conversations bringing together cultural figures that celebrate the blend of skills and the collaborative spirit needed to be successful in the modern world. These cultural figures will also create and leave behind their own unique blend of whisky that will be displayed in The Blend, with drams available to purchase while stocks last. The first ‘Blend Session’ was launched on 5th October by award-winning BBC filmmaker Reggie Yates, who was joined by acclaimed author Dan Davies for ‘The Culture Blend: TV & Literature’, where they discussed the new rules for success in investigative storytelling. To book an ‘Art of Blending’ experience, go to www. Tickets are £15 and will be available until 4th December. To get involved in the conversation, head to Facebook or Instagram and use #MyChivasBlend.

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The Perfect Christmas with Le Petit Ballon & Jean-Michel

The Perfect Christmas with Le Petit Ballon & Jean-Michel Le Petit is the French wine subscription company that takes wine straight from the cellar and brings it to your door. First launched in France in 2009 the brand has recently taken over the UK and have been welcomed with raving reviews. With a team of wine experts behind it, the thought and enthusiasm within the brand can be seen shining through the exquisite range of wines which have all be hand selected by the Master Sommelier Jean-Michel, the ex-Head Sommelier of the Ritz in Paris, tries every single one of Le Petit Ballon’s wines to ensure that they are at the highest quality.

Le Petit Ballon

What is more, each wine that is delivered is hand selected to suit an individual palate, with a quick, fun questionnaire that is taken as soon as you subscribe, it works out exactly what is right for you. But, it isn’t just the wines that you receive when you subscribe to Le Petit Ballon, every month subscribers also receive handy tasting notes for their wines and also The Gazette, which offers features on regions, how to ensure you get the most of your wine, interviews and recipes as well as top tips from JeanMichel himself.

Jean-Michel says, “I’m not just a Sommelier, I love cooking as well! “Here are some of my favourite dishes for Christmas with some culinary secrets.”

In addition to the standard subscription gift, throughout the festive season Le Petit Ballon will also deliver an exclusive Christmas present with every gift card: recipients will receive either a bottle of wine or a tasting kit which includes two wine glasses, a Le Petit Ballon bottle opener and handy tasting notes. To enjoy on Christmas Day while they choose their first box of wine from the website.

Peking Capon with Honey With a rich, delicious dish like this with some sweet flavours, you either need a great white wine or a very different style of red, something round and soft like this wonderful wine from Château de Jau. Wine pairing: Château de Jau - Jau Jau Ier 2013 Wine family: Radiant £16,50

Ideal for last minute Christmas shoppers and those with friends who have everything, Le Petit Ballon’s subscription gift is a unique spin on a gift voucher with a tailor-made, personal touch.

Lamb Chops Cooked in A ‘Game-Style’ Slightly less powerful than game but just as tasty, this dish is crying out for a beautiful wine from the SouthWest like this delicious Cahors. Wine pairing: Clos Triguedina - Classique 2011 Wine family: Robust £16.90

This month, the Master Sommelier gives his tips on how to have the best Christmas, not only with great food, but with the perfectly paired wine too!

Shrimp with Orange Butter Seafood with citrus is a great match with a full-bodied white wine, but you need a vintage Champagne to really rock a shrimp dish! Wine pairing: Champagne MUMM - Brut Selection Wine family: Chic £34.90

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