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Latin America Enterprise Awards 2017

Welcome to the Worldwide Business Review Latin American Enterprise Awards 2017. Every day small and large enterprises of Latin America strive to achieve an impeccable standard of service across a wealth of industries. In a period where new markets, new technologies and new products and services are creating a highly dynamic and constantly changing business environment, the Latin American Business Awards 2017 are designed to celebrate the talent that has provided some of the best products and services across the region. These awards are an opportunity to celebrate the very best that the Latin American business market has to offer, and to recognise the individuals responsible for their thriving industry.

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2 WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / Latin America Enterprise 2017

, Contents 4.

Mercedes-Benz Desarrollo de Mercados, S. de R.L. de C.V.: Best Automotive Production Company Mexico


Aa2000: Best Airport Management Company 2017 - Argentina & Airline Infrastructure Director of the Year 2017 - Argentina


10. Up Pharma: Best Pharmaceutical Marketing Specialists - Mexico 11. iDerma: Dermatological Surgeon of the Year 2017 12. Wormhole IT: Best Online Training Technology Provider 2017 & Best Learning Management System: Wormhole Campus 13. Hotel Kupuri: Best Coastal Luxury Hotel 2017 Nayarit

WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / Latin America Enterprise 2017 3

Best Automotive Production Company - Mexico


4 WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / Latin America Enterprise 2017


Best Automotive Production Company - Mexico Mercedes-Benz are one of the biggest producers of premium cars and the world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles with a global reach. We spoke to Raul García to find out more about this extraordinary firm and the range of services it offers. Drawing on a vast history of excellence, Mercedes-Benz provide financing, leasing, fleet management, insurance and innovative mobility services. Raul outlines the firm’s service offering and how it strive for success across all areas of its business. “Here at Mercedes-Benz, our mission is to be the market leader in the bus business, acting as a reference in the market for quality, sustainability, profitability and value added; also, to shape the future of mobility. To achieve this, this year we are reaching 20 consecutive years of market leadership in Mexico. We also provide the widest product portfolio of products, all of them with Euro 5 engines. Also, our processes are standardized within the Daimler group by the implementation of the BOS (Bus Operating System) guidelines.

associates, society, we always think in the impact of our actions and decisions in them; Integrity, nobody do business as we do; and finally, discipline, everything is done in time and at the right place.” Based in the Mexico office, Raul believes that the region has a very wide and experienced base of vendors covering almost all commodities. Also, there are well trained and available technicians that learn easily and adapt to new technologies. The base of universities and technical institutes is also a support to the

industries for the training and preparation of the employees. Market openness and multiple free trade agreements of Mexico is another key factor which drives investment in the region and supports Mercedes- Benz’s growth. As such, looking ahead, Raul foresees many great opportunities for him firm as it seeks to build upon its current success. “Fundamentally, our vision at Mercedes-Benz is spread out through all our teams enhancing upon them the commitment with the brand and with our

customers. It is focused to inspire our customers; the BOS and E2E principles provide the guidelines to implement specific actions to ensure the accomplishment of our vision. “To achieve this, innovation is in our DNA; we are constantly creating new products and processes. Nowadays, we have just finished introducing the full portfolio of products with Euro 5 engines and we have already begun the road to the Euro 6. In the operation environment, we are implementing a supply chain to end projects in order to

“Overall, what truly sets us apart from our competitors is the attachment we have to our core values. These are passion, as we are passionate about the buses and mobility, continuously demonstrating it through all the steps of the operation and services; respect, we respect our customers, environment,

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Best Automotive Production Company - Mexico


Company: Daimler Vehículos Comerciales México. Contact: Erika Williams Pellico Contact Email: Address: Av. Paseo de los Tamarindo 90 piso 15., Bosques de las Lomas, 5120, Mexico Phone: 0052 55 4155 2656

6 WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / Latin America Enterprise 2017

improve our productivity through all the supply chain, starting from the vendors up until the final product distribution.” In the industry, expanding global trends will drive significant

developments for MercedesBenz, as Raul concludes. “Within the wider market, more important will be the adaptation to new emission standards, in which we are already working. Another topic will be to increase the automotive production in Mexico.

It is forecasted to rise from 3 Mio in 2016 to 5 Mio vehicles in 2020. This will be a challenge for the material supply and personnel availability. In these areas, we are strengthen our relationship with vendors and developing strategies for the development of our people and its retention.”

WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / Latin America Enterprise 2017 7

Best Airport Management Company 2017 – Argentina & Airline Infrastructure Director of the Year 2017 - Argentina

Company: Aa2000 Contact: Florencia Perez Arevalo Contact Email: Address: Honduras 5663 (C1414BNE) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina Phone: 541148526521

8 WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / Latin America Enterprise 2017



Best Airport Management Company 2017 – Argentina & Airline Infrastructure Director of the Year 2017 - Argentina Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 (Aa2000) is the leading Latin American company in the administration and integral operation of a complete airport system that connects the main destinations of Argentina with the rest of the world through regional hubs and manages 90% of the country’s air traffic. Aa2000 is defined as a passengeroriented company and the airport user, its customers, for which it is proposed to constantly improve the quality of its service. The airport values will be enriched with the development and application of techniques to achieve customer satisfaction and the objectives of the interested parties; the state and its involved organisations, international organizations, airlines, providers, unions, the company itself, its staff and national heritage. The achievements of the company extend to the world that observes and controls, increasing its prestige and contributing to permanent international improvement and sustained development. Drawing on its history of excellence, Aa200 works to

ensure that clients receive the very highest standard of support in this vital market, as Florencia outlines. “Here at Aa2000, our aim is to contribute to the safe operation of airports, understanding it as derived from current, national and international legislation and the application of ACI, ICAO and IATA standards, all within the local environment variables. “As a firm we strive, as a basic principle, to take all measures within its reach to provide the customer with a service in accordance with the uses of the world market and local characteristics. Generate the highest financial return compatible with local and global economic conditions. That the client, together with the commercial and official entities that use the

airports, satisfactorily use the services that we offer.” Within the airport market currently there are many developments, such as the trend to put the focus on passenger experience and systems integration to make processes within airports more efficient in less time. In this sense, self-check in, self-bag drop, fast pass in migrations, police and customs scanners along with the articulation of computer systems aim to optimize the passenger experience from arriving at the airport until boarding the plane. To ensure it continues to offer the very highest standards of support and service which meet its clients’ ever evolving needs, the firm is constantly seeking to adapt and develop, as Florencia concludes.

modernization works through meticulous projects that take into account the sustained growth of the market and the needs of passengers and those who transit through the airports. Proof of this are the recent inaugurations of the works of the International Airports Córdoba and Mendoza, two of the most important of the country, as well as the total renovation of the Ezeiza International Airport, the main gateway to the country. It also highlights the work done at the Aeroparque in the city of Buenos Aires, which is strengthened as a regional hub. These works required the experience and commitment of the management team of Infrastructure of our firm.”

“Looking ahead, Aa2000 is constantly developing

WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / Latin America Enterprise 2017 9

Best Pharmaceutical Marketing Specialists - Mexico Up Pharma offer market entry services and market expansion services to pharmaceutical manufacturers who want to enter the Mexican market. We invited Gabriela Bรกez Curiel to tell us more.

10 WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / Latin America Enterprise 2017

, in class execution with standard processes, allowing for speed to market, efficiency and sustainability. In addition, our success has been always based on delivering the results of the agreed key performance indicators which we establish with our clients for each project, and our capacity of implementing the defined sales strategy faster than the market. Our core business model revolves around this commitment to delivering excellent service to our clients, resulting in long lasting relationship with everyone we work with.” Overall, UpPharma has a long history of incubating specialized pharmaceutical companies and brands in Mexico, and will be seeking to build upon this success as it looks towards a bright and prosperous future, as Gabriela concludes.

Up Pharma is committed to help companies that pursue penetrating the Mexican Market without establishing local operation. The firm provides Market Entry Services (ES) and Market expansion services (MES) to generate product sustainable demand cost-effectively by carefully maintaining efficiencies in its operations. Gabriela comments on the secrets behind the firm’s success so far. “Here at Up Pharma, we provide pharmaceutical companies with commercial solutions to penetrate and develop the Mexican market with the brand owner maintaining strategic control, reducing investment and minimizing risk.” “The key to our success is our leadership in designing winning commercial strategies and best

“Moving forward, the main focus of UpPharma Market Expansion Services is the sustainable growth of the client-partner’s business in Mexico, through strategic support and operational execution in market entry and portfolio development with global best practices applied to Mexico. We are keen to continue strengthening our long-standing relationships with our clients through outstanding results and excellent service delivery, offering innovative solutions which help to increase their commercial efficiency in Mexico.”

Contact: Gabriela Báez Curiel Contact Email: Address: Insurgentes Sur 670 piso 6, Col. del Valle, *03100, CDMX, Mexico Phone: +52 55 36 40 20 00 Web Address:

Dermatological Surgeon of the Year 2017 iDerma is the private institution of dermatology and cosmetic surgery with the highest number and quality of laser treatments and medical technology in Latin America. We spoke to Dr. Hector Leal from the firm to learn more. iDerma provide state of the art invasive and non-invasive procedures, and the best available products to assist its patients to achieve their cosmetic and dermatologic goals or solve their clinical conditions. Hector outlines the firm’s mission and the steps it takes to achieve this. “Here at iDerma, our Mission is to solve with integrity all dermatological need of our beneficiaries. We integrate five expert physicians and more than 40 high-tech medical equipment for treatment and medical diagnosis of skin and aesthetic problems, always up-to-date in search of new technologies. “What truly sets us apart and marks us out as the best possible option for our clients is the variety of technologies we use to diagnose and treat skin conditions. We are able to present our patients with a completely customized and personalized treatment offer for their particular needs.” Alongside this variety of solutions, Hector is keen to emphasise the firm’s focus on research and how this helps it to ensure that clients always receive the most cutting edge service and treatments possible. “Being up-to-date on new trends in Aesthetics and Clinical Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery can only be sustained through Continues Medical Education and Research. As a research facility in Medical and Laser devices with our own Institutional

Review Board (IRB), working in joint venture with the University of Monterrey, we cannot ease our pace in constant innovation and education.” Looking to the future, the plan is to grow iDerma even further and build upon its current success, as Hector concludes. “As we look towards the future our plans are to open a medical spa and a special area of aesthetic treatments for male patients in around six months. We just started the remodeling process of our surgical facility, a full renovation that will include all the newest and up-to-date innovations in ambulatory surgical care.”

Company: iDerma Contact: Dr. Hector Leal Contact Email: Address: Belisario Domínguez, Col Obispado, Monterrey, 2309, Mexico Phone: +52 81 8333 3308

WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / Latin America Enterprise 2017 11


Best learning Management System 2017 and Online Training Technology Provider: Wormhole Live Learning Platform Wormhole is the founders of the first “Live Learning” platform in the market; the simplest and most effective solution to offer online courses and training. We profile the firm to learn more about the innovative solutions it offers. Established in 2007, today more than 1.500 companies, academic institutions and professional associations in over 10 countries use Wormhole’s platform to create their Online Virtual Campuses to train their employees, partners, sales channels and customers, saving time and money while increasing their reach. Wormhole’s mission is to make education accessible to anyone by using technology to increase educational quality, accelerate the time to implement and execute programs and reduce their delivery costs. That is why the firm created Wormhole Live Learning Platform, a technology platform that enhances the best teaching methodologies in the delivery of quality content, and provides a way to transform

information into actionable and portable knowledge. This is a new concept in online education, which Wormhole calls “Live Learning”. In contrast with traditional e-learning solutions, its Live-Learning platform harness the best of social networking, real-time and mobile technologies to create a learning experience that not only focus on the content, but also on people and their interactions. Wormhole Live Learning Platform has been developed with the following characteristics: Live Learning to increase engagement (eLearning is boring!), Ease of use (Wormhole knows not everyone is a Tech savvy!), extremely low use of bandwidth even while broadcasting live classes (Wormhole knows not all nations have great Internet or Data connection!), Fully Mobile

“Wormhole works hard to improve every day, because they like to learn and teach.”

and monitor the online training program. Overall, Wormhole works hard to improve every day, because they like to learn and teach. This passion allows the firm to offer solutions for more than 20 countries, where education, training and proximity move at the service of regional economy, and moving forward the firm’s ongoing focus will be on continuing to provide the very highest standards of solutions and service to its clients.

(that is where all is happening now… on the go). Wormhole knows that to deliver and online course can be a challenge specially for companies that are doing it for the first time and therefore includes as part of the solution a Live Learning Specialist to assist the client to conceptualize, create, execute

12 WORLDWIDE BUSINESS REVIEW / Latin America Enterprise 2017

Company: Wormhole IT Contact: Bruno Interlandi Contact Email: Address: Montevideo 825, Cdad. Autónoma de, Buenos Aires, 825, Argentina Phone: +54 11 5254-0115 Website:


Best Coastal Luxury Hotel 2017 - Nayarit Hotel Kupuri is a small hotel boutique located in the heart of Sayulita, offering the ideal location for any form of break. We invited Manager Adriana Guerra to tell us more about this stunning establishment and how it aims to offer guests the very highest standards of service. Hotel Kupuri is now six years old, and was created with the intention of giving people comfort and luxury at the same time. Adriana outlines the luxury her firm provides to guests and how this ensures that they always enjoy their stay. “Here at Hotel Kupuri, our rooms are for two, four and 7 people, we have a nice and clean pool located right in the center of the hotel, a beautiful palapa where we serve continental breakfast and a nice, fresh terrace with an amazing view. All the rooms have television, air conditioner, fan, safe box and continental breakfast is included as a courtesy. One of our most popular rooms is the Master Suite, this is an apartment for 7 people, it has 3 rooms, kitchen, living room and dining room, and also has a small terrace where you can enjoy the view from town. We provide our entire guest with the whole information about the hotel and the different activities they can do while their staying in Sayulita, such as surf lessons, sunset horse riding, ATV, tours to Marieta’s Islands or tours to Yelapa or different places they can reach. On Sundays, we have the street market that takes location right outside the Hotel, where they can find food, crafts and different things that are typical from the region. “Fundamentally, we care a lot

about our guests and we always want to know the impression we leave to them, so winning this awards give us a hint of what they think of us. It is such a pleasure to read all the comments they leave on our different social media. One of the most common things people talk about is the nice in clean rooms, the nice treat and service we gave to them. We believe that Hotel Kupuri is the second home away from home from our guests.” Thanks to the hotel Savulita, the region in which it is based, has seen a boom in visitors over the years, as Adriana explains. “Sayulita is now a key destination for tourists and people from all around the world is coming to visit and to experience the nice warm weather, the coolest bars and places and the entire beaches or architectural places that Nayarit has to offer. For example, tequila and mezcal tasting, our great variety of food, or visit places like Marieta’s Islands, take a whale watching trip, visit the amazing Coral Island in Guayabitos and those are just a few places to mention. People come to Sayulita for surf and paddleboard lessons and those two are the most important sports to practice here.” Looking ahead, Hotel Kupuri is keen to build upon its current success and grow even further to support a wider range of clients.

Company: Hotel Kupuri Contact: Adriana Guerra Contact Email: Address: Calle Gaviotas No. 12, Centro, 63732 Sayulita, Nay, Mexico Phone: 0052 329 291 32 18

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