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Best Inclusive Design & Access Consultants - UK Company: Nationwide Access Consultants Limited Phone: 01873 852 109 Email: Website:

Nationwide Access Consultants are a designated access and construction consultancy specialising in the creation and adaption of spaces to be totally inclusive and easy to use. We invited Daniel Paul Biddle to tell us more.

Nationwide Access Consultants offer a full range of consultancy services particularly accessible audits and design reviews and feasibility studies as well as legislation reviews and reporting for its clients. Daniel, who worked as a Construction Project Manager for 10 years before founding the firm, outlines the company’s service offering in more detail, discussing how the firm aims to ensure that clients receive the very highest standard of service possible. “Here at Nationwide Access Consultants we specialise in the creation and adaption of spaces to be totally inclusive and easy to use, as well as performing full on site access audits, listed building audits, policy and procedure reviews, and running various training courses for inclusive customer service. We also undertake design and build projects as well as project management works across the UK. We work with large organisations wishing to be more accessible the likes of Asda, Sainsbury’s, Hilton Hotels Worldwide, Gwent Police, and City Bridge Trust.

“Fundamentally our success is based on a drive and a passion to make the built environment more accessible for everyone regardless of ability, through a personal tragedy it became very clear just how inaccessible the built environment is for a large number of disabled people, and after studying and working in the construction industry for a number of years I felt I had the knowledge and experience to drive a process of change. In order to provide the very highest possible standards of service we ensure that our training and knowledge base is second to none to make sure our clients are delivered excellence at every level.” Ultimately, Nationwide Access Consultants are committed to help businesses create environments and opportunities without boundaries, and this commitment to excellence is central to its ongoing strategy, as Daniel concludes. “Currently we are working on creating a nationwide access guide on line for people to be able to look up a venue, restaurant, theatre or hotel and know exactly what it has to ensure it meets their very personal needs; this will revolutionise how disabled people go out and about and we look forward to completing this innovative project and showcasing it sometime in the future.”

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