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In This Issue... A Record of Success Geo-Environmental Services Ltd Fuelling Success Naughton Energy Corporation Unmatched Commercial Roofing Services New Britain Roofing Co., Inc

The Benefits of Commissioning M3T Cx Authorities LLC provide commissioning excellence, by developing custom-tailored, customer-oriented commissioning (Cx) programmes, with the added value of construction team building, job safety, proactive and progressive problem solving to bring the customer the best possible quality service. As winner of the 2017 US Small Business Awards - Best Small Business in Texas category, we interviewed the company’s managing owners, CEO Monica Mathis-Mack and COO Tarik Mack to discover more.


Welcome to the Q1 edition of BUILD Magazine, your source for the up-to-date news and features from global construction and property industries. In this edition, we discover more about Vectorworks, Inc. who develop a line of design and BIM software solutions for both Mac and Windows that allow professionals to produce 3D models and generate 2D drawings for a variety of industries. The team at Vectorworks provide us with an in-depth overview of the company and the services which contribute to its success. On the topic of success, young, vibrant company, Lewis Visuals offers clients with an integrated approach to architectural design, that combines all the elements required to produce a successful project. We profile the firm and invite Genevieve Wells to go in to detail and her and the firm’s success. Also in the month’s issue, we learn more about CK Direct, a company which has established itself as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of kitchen ventilation and extraction systems to the catering industry. We profile the firm and speak to Tony Ricciardi and Carlo Cataldo as we look to find out more about the upcoming and ambitious company. Lastly, Chalkline, Inc. is the developer of VisiSpecsTM, a successful and innovative product. We profile the firm and its successful, innovative product, as we look to explore what makes them visionaries in technology. Here at BUILD Magazine, we hope that you enjoy reading this edition and look forward to hearing from you. Jess Daykin, Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 725 6842 Email: Website:

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Contents 4. News 6. The Benefits of Commissioning M3T Cx Authorities LLC 10. A Record of Success Geo-Environmental Services Ltd 14. Looking to Transform the World Vectorworks 16. Detailed Design Barnes Walker Ltd 18. Fueling Success Naughton Energy Corporation 20. Unmatched Commercial Roofing Services New Britain Roofing Co., Inc 24. Best Approved Inspector for the UK – 2017 Wilkinson Construction Consultants 26. Transforming Lives Through Design Lewis Visuals 28. Helping You Get There Ltd 30. Digital Infrastructure: Investing in the next generation Waldeck 32. New Directions in Design Practice V3 Studio Berzunza 34. Visionaries in Technology Chalkline, Inc. 36. Commercial Kitchen Ventilation & Stainless Steel Catering Fabrications CK Direct 38. Providing Present-Day Solutions for Tomorrow’s Challenges Rondo-Pak 40 Providing Unique Services CM3 Building Solutions 42. Giving Heritage a Helping Hand Pablo Millan Architects 44. Global Excellence Awards Winners

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4 Reports Over $623 Million In Equipment Sold In 2017 brought a new all-time record in gross auction proceeds for 2017, selling more than $623 million in equipment (over 76,300 individual assets) from more than 2,600 sellers in total for the year. aunched in 2010, the online-only platform, focuses primarily on construction and agriculture equipment, commercial trucks, and trailers. The platform is a product of Sandhills Publishing—the Nebraska-based company behind Machinery Trader, TractorHouse, Truck Paper, RentalYard, and numerous other brands.


Qualified sellers list equipment on, including detailed descriptions, photos, and videos. Registered bidders browse upcoming auctions in the weeks ahead of the sale date, contacting sellers directly for more information and to inspect equipment in person as needed. Listings are also advertised online through Sandhills’ retail websites (,, and and in print in regional weekly editions of the AuctionTime print magazine for up to four weeks ahead of the auction. Online auctions are held every Wednesday with no buyer fees and no hidden reserves; bidding opens on Tuesdays to hundreds of thousands of registered bidders worldwide. In addition to flexible access to its weekly auction platform, AuctionTime also provides sellers with a suite of cloud-hosted business apps for everything, from customer and inventory management to asset valuations and automatic invoicing after the sale.

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Since its launch in 2010, AuctionTime has seen an exponential increase in the volume of equipment moving through the website in its weekly timed auctions. In December of 2017 alone, the platform sold over $109 million (GAP) in equipment over four straight multi-day sales to cap a record-breaking year. “The 2018 forecast for AuctionTime shows even more opportunity for both small- and large-scale auctioneers, especially in the way of consignments,” explains Sandhills’ Director of New Products Evan Welch. “As the number of buyers and sellers participating in our weekly auctions continues to rise, we’ve seen a substantial increase in demand among dealers, manufacturers, and end users looking to consign equipment through With the high rate of growth, we are in search of more quality auctioneers who are eager to leverage the reach and utility of this powerful platform to sell equipment worldwide in the year ahead.” Auctioneers looking to capitalize on the strong outlook for machinery auctions in the construction, agriculture, and commercial trucking industries can contact AuctionTime directly to learn more.


Axalta Offers New Fast-Drying Aerosol Topcoats to the Industrial Market Axalta is a leading global company focused solely on coatings and providing customers with innovative, colourful, beautiful and sustainable solutions. Recently, the company introduced aerosol polyurethane and acrylic topcoats to its portfolio of coating solutions for the industrial, agricultural, and construction equipment markets. xalta Coating Systems is pleased to introduce aerosol polyurethane and acrylic topcoats to its portfolio of coating solutions for the industrial, agricultural, and construction equipment markets. With formulas ranging from high performance to economy, the aerosol topcoats provide the industry with a versatile, ready-to-use, spray application for quick touch ups and spot repairs on damaged surfaces.


“Our aerosol spray topcoats offer a quick and convenient way for customers to easily perform spot repairs on surfaces such as construction equipment or trailers,” said Eric Kwasnicka, Product Manager, Industrial Coatings. “With one- and two-component qualities and thousands of colour options to choose from, these topcoats are another innovative way Axalta adds value and offers high quality solutions to the industrial segment.” Designed as fast-drying spray applications, Axalta’s three new aerosol topcoats come in a wide variety of solid, metallic, and custom hues that deliver beautiful finishes and superior corrosion protection to damaged machinery and equipment. Surfaces damaged by chips, scratches, or other minor scuffs may be restored to its original quality and shine when Axalta’s aerosol topcoats are applied. The Tufcote™ TCP-1600 polyurethane topcoat delivers good appearance with lead- and chrome–free colour options while Imron® EX-1700 allows painters to achieve a premium appearance repair. Axalta IE-1500 is an acrylic topcoat that serves as the economical choice for quick spot repairs. The hermetically sealed structure of the aerosol cans helps prevent contamination to improve the overall topcoat performance and corrosion resistance.

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The Benefits of Commissioning M3T Cx Authorities LLC provides commissioning excellence, by developing custom-tailored, customeroriented commissioning (Cx) programmes, with the added value of construction team building, job safety, proactive and progressive problem solving to bring the customer the best possible quality service. As winner of the 2017 US Small Business Awards - Best Small Business in Texas category, we interviewed the company’s, managing owners, CEO Monica Mathis - Mack and COO Tarik Mack to discover more. 3T Cx Authorities LLC develop custom-tailored, customer-oriented commissioning (Cx) programmes. Common use of the term ‘commissioning’, refers to the process of qualifying design intent in the construction. Monica Mathis-Mack starts the interview by telling us more about the company’s commissioning programmes and something of their background in this vein.


“Not many people in the commissioning industry realise, this term is a naval coined term, referring to the study, testing, training and qualifying of new military technology and the organised and systematic process in which this vetting is completed. “Our commissioning programmes provide the added value of positive construction team building, job safety, proactive/progressive problem solving to bring the customer the best quality service. We like to build relationships with the client to understand the nuances, and consideration that are important to them. We want to know the expectation of clients, so we can set the standard.

“We founded this company about 4 years ago, so we’re still new to the industry. However, I have over 10 years of direct commissioning experience across industries and have worked for military, government, healthcare, mission critical, industrial and commercial organisations.” In terms of what sets M3T Cx Authorities LLC apart from other companies in the industry, this can be summed up by the following points: • Their primary business and central focus is 3rd party commissioning. It is their mission to provide their clients with dutiful attention, exemplary expertise and the best possible end-results. • The company has over 10 years of experience in the testing and commissioning field, with formal accredited engineering and US Navy military-trained commissioning education. • They specialise in the total building commissioning of highly technical, complex and specialty facilities. • They understand the nuisances of healthcare, laboratory, industrial (oil and gas) and mission critical commissioning projects. • They provide risk management to clients through concise documentation of job site conditions, clear communication of construction progress and design functionality and systematic reporting of compliance of project goals. Monica explains her positive thoughts on the company winning the 2017 US Small Business Awards - Best Small Business in Texas category and some of the wider industry issues. “We are truly appreciative and excited just to be considered. It’s a wonderful feeling to be recognised for doing something you love. I am excited about the exposure this award gives us for the wider industry. However, we will use this opportunity to attract additional clientele, grow the firm’s relationships with great existing clients, educate on the benefits of this services, as well as, develop our growing business internally. “In terms of wider industry challenges, I believe that our biggest market inhibitor is lack of familiarity and education about the commissioning industry in general. Features like this help to create awareness and highlight the need for commissioning in construction to aid in risk management, to prove functionality of design, to test operations of installations and to confirm integration within an infrastructure in the design and construction industry. “M3T works hard to educate on the principles of building commissioning and how the industry can be used to help protect commercial real estate investment. We also teach clients about the commissioning process specific to the jobsite.”

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Company: M3T Cx Authorities LLC Monica Mathis - Mack, CEO - Tarik Mack, COO - Web Address: Address: 2700 Lake Olympia Pkwy, Suite E, Missouri City, TX 77459 Telephone: +1 713 239 9349

Photo taken by Anna Bonnett Photography

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COO, Tarik Mack then outlines the company’s overall aims and what strategies they employ to achieve these, plus how they create innovative solutions to maintain success. “Our goal is to educate others about this industry by speaking, lecturing and writing about it. We approach each project with care, taking special consideration to identify operational challenges. As a technical commissioning provider, we work closely with the entire project team to ensure that the project goals are understood from conception through the completion of a project. “Communication and more specific listening will help us maintain success. Listening to the clients, to the manufacturers, designer, architects and trades is key. It helps us to understand our projects and client, so we better fulfil their expectations. “Additionally, education, marketing and brand awareness are essential to success in this industry. It’s important for business owners to give lectures, have conversations, and author articles highlighting the benefits of commissioning services. It’s also important to provide the best possible services to all clients, and secure referrals after projects.” While the company is proud of all their projects, Monica shares one of their most successful business relationships to date. “We are proud of all the company’s projects. We measure success by repeat business, so we aim to foster ongoing relationships with clients. Referrals from our long-standing clients, after a job well done, has been a blessing. All the company’s business, thus far, has been through referrals. “One of the most successful business relationships we have is with a large industrial client. After completing multiple projects for them our first year in business, we entered a long-term IDIQ (indefinite date/indefinite quantity) contract. That contract has been instrumental in helping us to develop and emerge as a small business in our infancy. “We’re always working on new ideas to help grow our business and bring awareness to the industry. You’ll be hearing from us in the future.” In closing, Monica reveals her insights into what the future has in store for the industry and the company. “There are great strides being made in awareness and education in the commissioning industry by companies and individuals. There is a low rumble in the background. “We are an emerging small business in the development phase, so we are looking to foster new business relationships and to add new projects/ clients to our roster. We will also continue to grow our relationships with existing clientele. “As the commissioning market grows globally, we want to continue to do our part to educate on the benefits of commissioning, as well as take on new commissioning projects around the world.” Commissioning Excellence Photo taken by Anna Bonnett Photography

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A Record of Success In its 21st Year, Geo-Environmental Services Limited offers a comprehensive range of services for a range of developments. Glyn Evans, Managing Director, gives us an in-depth insight into the inner workings of the company.

eo-Environmental is a fast growing consultancy firm providing a variety of services, varying from desk studies, through to on-site intrusive investigations, which are used to provide ground models for contaminated land assessments, foundation and pavement, road and drainage designs. In addition, the firm undertake slope stability analysis and design, basement impact assessments, building damage assessments, contamination remediation strategies and validation reports, together with earthworks specifications and material management plans.


To date, the firm has undertaken investigations for a wide range of projects including; investigations of former gas works, petrol stations, landfills, chemical works, government sites, airports and railways, as well as schools, hospitals and green field sites. Glyn tells us what differentiates the firm from its competitors, demonstrating a strong understanding of what is needed to succeed in the build industry. “At a time when the industry was still very traditional, it was our belief that IT would start to play an increasingly important part in our business. Subsequently, we commenced a programme of upgrading and expanding the capability of IT hardware and scoured the market for software packages that would improve our analytical capabilities, the presentation of our reports, our interconnectivity with other systems and the productivity of our work. “Essentially, we underpinned this by employing an IT managed service company to manage and maintain the systems, which reduced the amount of time lost from IT issues and allowed us to concentrate on our core business. As a result of these improvements, when challenges such as BIM came along, we already had a system in place that could meet them. In parallel with this, we have invested heavily in ensuring that as an organisation we have all of the accreditations that we need to trade. We are therefore ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 accredited, and are also accredited on Achilles RISQS and UVDB, CHAS, Construction Line, SMAS and CQMS. “Finally, in order to ensure that our staff are up to date with the latest industry developments we have a developed a structured training programme. The focus of this training programme is provided by our clients, who guide us concerning their needs and our membership of industry bodies such as the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE), Association for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS), Environmental Industries Commission (EIC), Institute for Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), Institute of Directors

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(IoD), Society of Brownfield Risk Assessment (SoBRA), Green Growth Platform (GGP) and CL:AIRE.” What else separates the company from the rest, is its ability to encourage and support all staff in planning their own self-improvement programmes, for example; achieving chartered status, improving their qualifications and gaining new skills, whilst also working within a budget for training purposes. As such, Glyn goes on to tell us what he would consider to be his most successful project to date, and what has the most important thing that he and the company has learnt from this. “Geo-Environmental undertook a comprehensive ground and structural investigation for a new bridge and viaduct structure, which forms part of the £5.5bn Thameslink Programme. The site works included intrusive investigations in busy public spaces, including Borough Market, Southwark Street and Railway Approach (leading to London Bridge Station). “One of the key difficulties encountered on the site, was how to take core samples areas with a high density of utilities. The complications of working in the area included a major carriageway, a subway, utilities, the need to work in a confined environment with a risk of elevated gas levels and the need to minimise disruption to local trade within an allotted two-week window. “Ultimately, the key lesson from the project was how important stakeholder engagement is in achieving investigations. With such a complex project Geo-Environmental had to work with a wide range of stakeholders which included: Network Rail, Skanska, Tfl, Atkins, Museum of London, Planning Authority, and Borough Market. Since this project we have put stakeholder engagement at the core of our project delivery strategies.” Furthermore, Glyn is excited to tell us how he ensures that the firm are constantly being innovative, creating solutions which will help Geo-Environmental maintain its reputation as a leader within the industry. “Here at Geo-Environmental, we guarantee innovation in a number of ways; we have fostered a culture of continuous improvement through using the appraisal process to incentivise staff to innovate. This is backed up by evolving policy to reflect industry best practice. “Moreover, our memberships play a key role in supporting the direction of our organisation, providing access to the latest developments in legislation, industry leading training and a vehicle to raise our views on issues affecting our industry.



Company: Geo-Environmental Services Ltd Contact: Glyn Evans, Managing Director Contact Email: Address: Unit 7 Danworth Farm, Cuckfield Rd, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, BN6 9GL, UK Phone: 01273 832972 Website:

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“In addition, we look to be actively involved in as many of these organisations as we can. Not only do we receive important information, but through these we also have the opportunity to influence the direction that the industry is taking.” Moving towards the future, there are interesting times ahead for the industry. There will also be many challenges which the firm will have to adapt in order to succeed, with Glyn mentioning the skills shortage within the sector, and also the lack of women and ethnic minorities involved in the industry. He talks about the firm venturing into new areas and encouraging others to get involved in the work of the company. “Regarding the future, we anticipate greater levels of development to meet the shortages in housing, and to facilitate improvement to key infrastructure. However, we also anticipate a greater future emphasis on development of brownfield land, greater investment in environmental protection and in renewable energy. There is a lot of uncertainty in the market at the moment and I think that in the short term, and perhaps extending to the medium term, we could see peaks and troughs in demand. However, this is a scenario that has not yet come to pass and if anything, demand is increasing. “One of the key challenges that the industry faces are skills shortages. The industry has chronically under invested, particularly in the last 10 years. We now face the crisis of an ageing workforce and a lack of new entrants to the industry. Also, we are still a heavily male dominated sector and we need to reach out to the female population and ethnic minorities, another part of society that we are critically under represented.” In his concluding comments, after discussing what the future holds for the build industry, Glyn signs off by predicting what the future holds for Geo-Environmental, detailing the new ventures that the firm will undertake, and how its IT services will continue to benefit the company in the future. “Ultimately, our aim is to continue the steady growth that that we have had over the last seven years, whilst still aiming to maintain the special ingredients that make Geo-Environmental a great place to work. Our aim is to increase the amount of work we win in the Rail, Utility, Highways and EU markets over the next five years. “In order to do that, we will have to continue becoming more flexible and productive. Many commentators believe that the industry is on the verge of a revolution in terms of how its services are delivered, which will be IT driven. We need to ensure that we remain at the forefront of this revolution. “Through harnessing IT, we now have 60% of the workforce working from home for some or all of the week, which helps immeasurably with worklife balance for our staff. Whilst this is an important benefit, flexible working has a much more fundamental role to play in the construction industry. It is my belief that efforts to drive greater diversity and inclusion within the workforce are not possible without it, and attracting all members of society into the industry will be essential for its long-term health and prosperity. Through harnessing IT, we have introduced cloud based project management systems, automated document templates and on-site applications, all of which have allowed us to increase our productivity so that we are delivering £800K more work with the same numbers of staff.”

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Looking to Transform the World Vectorworks, Inc. develops a line of design and BIM software solutions for both Mac and Windows that allows professionals to produce 3D models and generate 2D drawings for a variety of industries. The CEO at Vectorworks provided us with an in-depth overview of the company and the services that contribute to its success.

stablished in 1985, Vectorworks provides powerful tools that enable designers to build data-rich, visual models without sacrificing their creative design process, while still collaborating efficiently throughout the project life-cycle. The company operates and supports clients in an assortment of industries, including architecture, landscape architecture, landscape design, urban planning, garden design, set production, lighting design, lighting previsualization and more. Its products include Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Designer and Fundamentals, as well as Vision and its load-analysis add-on module, Braceworks. The CEO tells us about the changes that the company has seen since it was established within the industry.


“Originally, we developed a 3D design tool known as MiniCAD, the precursor to the Vectorworks line of products,” said Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. “With the growing need for BIM, we have prided ourselves as one of the industry’s top BIM software programs that is built around an architect’s design process. Vectorworks software’s design-oriented BIM capabilities allow users to conceptualize ideas, as well as edit and analyze a project, while simultaneously generating drawings and schedules and refining construction details. Through all of these changes, we have stayed true to one fundamental mission: serving the needs of our customers through regular communication and innovation. Our flexibility through all these changes is also a metaphor for how our software works.” As with most companies, Vectorworks is always looking to improve its services, and Sarkar outlines the corporation’s overall aims, as well as listing what strategies the company employs in order to set and reach these targets. “Like most software companies, or businesses for that matter, our overall aim is to increase revenue,” said Sarkar. “More revenue allows us to invest more in R&D for future innovation. From a global perspective, we closely evaluate what we need to ensure we have better products, services, customer support and so on. We emphasize a collaborative environment at work that is also flexible and welcoming of all ideas.” Operating within the design software industry, it is essential that Vectorworks stands out as the go-to option for its clients. Intricate details help differentiate it from other similar companies, as well as the fact that it was one of the first to implement a particular type of modelling programme.

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Vectorworks was one of the first developers to offer a 2D/3D modelling program that allowed users to attach data to objects and include non-graphic information to 2D and 3D objects. Vectorworks software was originally developed for Mac operating systems, which is where the intuitive interface stems from. Vectorworks was also one of the first developers to offer a solution for both Mac and Windows. From a cost standpoint, Vectorworks is competitively priced for all that the company offers. In addition to superior 2D/3D modelling tools that have continued to evolve year after year, Vectorworks offers the ability to design and document in the same workflow, while having the luxury of interoperability between other products. Its industry-leading and built-in rendering functionality in all software products reinforces this point. “Most importantly, we believe that software should not inhibit creativity or force a particular workflow,” explains Sarkar. “People choose Vectorworks software because it supports the creative process by offering flexibility to achieve a certain outcome. As a result, we have become an internationally respected leader in both design and BIM technologies over the years.” Sarkar also noted how the company guarantees it is able to be innovative in the solutions it creates and the design software it produces. This is important as it helps Vectorworks to maintain its success. “Crucial to our success, we are always pushing the boundaries of what our design software can accomplish,” explains Sarkar. “To this end, we have innovation events where people get together to actively pursue new ideas and unexpected solutions. Two-way communication between Vectorworks staff and users also helps with innovation. We have an active community forum where our beta testers review early versions of our software and users offer helpful feedback. Furthermore, we offer a specific place on our forum for users to share thoughts for Wish List items. Lastly, we offer training to employees to foster innovations, collaborative work, independent thinking and presentation skills.” Commenting on what the future holds for Vectorworks, Sarkar signs off by stating that the company will continue in its mission to create innovative solutions for the company and its clients. “Ultimately, a key part of our success moving forward is that we are always working toward innovative solutions for our company,” said Sarkar. “Our aspiration is that we are the go-to solution for designing anything.”



Company: Vectorworks Contact Email: Address: 7150 Riverwood Drive, Columbia, Maryland, 21046, USA Phone: 001-888-646-4223 Web Address:

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Detailed Design Established in 1995, Barnes Walker offers a full range of landscape consultancy services from landscape master planning to the detailed design of the landscape and its long-term maintenance. Nick Walker and Colin Barnes talk to us about their success, and give us an insight into the services that they offer.

t Barnes Walker, there are twelve talented professionals, including seven Chartered Members of the Landscape Institute, a qualified urban designer and a chartered town planner. Nick and Colin tell us more about the talented team and what they can offer to clients in order to meet and surpass their requirements.

“Basically, our mission is to deliver the specific requirements of each client, create inspirational award-winning landscapes and have fun along the way. Perhaps unusually, we do not want to grow our business but would rather it remain at a size where we are able to provide a high quality, friendly service and be attentive to the needs of each individual project.”

“Boasting a wealth of experience, our talented team is skilled in landscape architecture, garden design and horticulture, and create gardens of all sizes and styles from contemporary urban roof terraces to large traditional English gardens and estates. We offer clients a one-stop shop, design led service from the preparation of initial concept designs through to construction. Our expertise and fastidious attention to detail encompasses all elements of landscape construction where delightful planting combinations are complemented with high quality hard materials.”

Looking ahead, Nick and Colin are looking forward to building on their success and establishing themselves at the top of the architecture industry. The forward-thinking team aim to ensure their clients receive the best possible landscape architecture service, and will continue to approach each project with passion and dedication.


Concentrating on the company’s mission, the team describe how they tailor each project to each individual client, and how they focus on providing the best possible service, without dreams of expansion. This is because if Barnes Walker expanded then each client would not receive the attention and care that they deserve.

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“Ultimately, in the past Barnes Walker has created many award-winning landscapes and our aim is simply to continue to re-enforce our reputation as the go-to practice for clients looking for the absolute best in Landscape Architecture and garden design.”



Company: Barnes Walker Ltd Contact: Nick Walker and Colin Barnes Contact Email: Address: Unit 6 Wearlee Works, Longley Lane, Northenden, Manchester, M22 4WT, UK Phone: 0161 946 0808 Website:

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Fueling Success Naughton Energy Corporation was founded in Pennsylvania in 1976 as supplier of coal. The company gradually expanded its energy services and in 1985 incorporated. Taking time to profile the firm, is COO, J. Rory Naughton who reveals more about the company and highlights what it means to have been selected as part of BUILD’s DBE American Top 50.

stablished in Pennsylvania in 1976, Naughton Energy Corporation as a supplier of coal. Gradually, the company expanded its energy services and incorporated it in 1985. Naughton Energy is currently a supplier of distillate and residual, fuels, coal, lubricants and fuel tanks. The company’s primary market area ranges from Maine to Virginia with offices in Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania and New York City. Recently, our market focus was expanded with the opening of an office in Naples, Florida. Naughton Energy maintains a fleet of fuel trucks in the New York City metropolitan area.


Products and Services • Petroleum - Gasoline, Heating Oil, Diesel (On-Road & Off-Road), Marine, Kerosene, Jet, Residual, And Bio-Fuel (Bio Diesel & Bio Heat) • On Site Construction Fuel – Direct fuelling into equipment and fuel tanks, using state of the art fleet navigator bar code delivery equipment • Lubricants / Greases / Oils / Fluids - Military Specified, Commercial and Industrial, including Food Grade Products • Transcube Fuel Cells • Coal - Anthracite & Bituminous When managing staff, our company principle is to know the difference between skill and will. There are two main reasons for underperformance: a skill gap or a will gap. A skill gap is easy to close through coaching, training, and support that Naughton Energy provides to our staff. A will gap is more difficult to close. You need to take time to dig into your employee’s motivation. Do they understand how their work fits into the big picture? Also, we offer incentives and raises based on job performance and accuracy. When undertaking a new client or project, Naughton Energy uses a multi-faceted approach with a mix of planning, monitoring and controlling ownership of the product. When working with fuelling the construction companies’ sites, we take ownership over our fuel and assure that transportation and deliveries are on time and with safe high quality results. Our unique value sets us apart from other companies in this industry. Naughton Energy Corporation has a sound credit rating that allows the purchasing of products from a variety of refiners, and provides the ability to securely finance its contract obligations. A transportation network composed of truck, rail, barge and pipeline movements provide Naughton Energy with access to all regions of the country. We maintain a fleet of tank wagon fuel delivery trucks to deliver our fuel in a safe and timely manner. Overall, we are the best option for our clients because of our successful track record and customer service. There are many ways to look at energy and the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas provide the primary fuel for the daily energy requirements. The sources of energy come from coal, nuclear and hydroelectric power,

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renewables like wind, solar and tidal power, and biomass products such as firewood. When focusing on fuel energy people think of how it keeps us warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather, how we use it to cook our food and heat our water, how we generate our electricity and power our appliances and how it is used in building and construction. As a DBE small company supplier, we have faced our past challenges through divergent cultural and economic cycles. Throughout the years, we have successfully remained innovative and resilient in our business approach. We take pride in our work and as a safety oriented small DBE supplier and have created jobs by working well with our partners on multi-million-dollar bridge, airport and road construction projects, as well as, special event projects such as the United States Tennis Association US OPEN. We deliver our products on budget and on time enhancing our company’s reputation. Naughton Energy Corporation is proud to have earned the honor to be a part of the DBE American Top 50. Our company President, Mariette Naughton, is originally from the Philippines. Throughout the decades, both her and her team have made good decisions and have been able to stay focused and disciplined over the years to achieve economic success. For our small firm, as a Woman Owned Minority and Disadvantaged company (WMDBE company) being a part of the DBE Top 50 allows us to work in a diverse and inclusive environment where economic success is achieved for small business owners. We are happy to be a model for new WMDBE companies. NEC strives to keep up with the new projects and innovative energy plans and happenings. We participate in annual conferences nationwide as well as state, regional and local conventions and forum meetings to network and share our business experiences and successes and meet new potential clients. Most of all, we look forward to expanding our new products and services along the Eastern Seaboard as we grow as a DBE Top 50 company. We look forward to adding more products to our supply list and to supply more of what the need is in the construction industry. Here at Naughton Energy Corporation, we anticipate there will be more growth and opportunities with government infrastructure projects as we work closely with the Department of Transportation and Port Authorities. As for our future aspirations for Naughton Energy Corporation, we hope to expand our products and services and to be able to participate in more bridge and airport expansions along the East Coast. Alongside this, we hope to expand our products and services in the Northeast Tri-State area, as well as in the State of Florida. Naughton Energy Corporation is excited to look into new growth platforms in the industry - whether it comes to seeking new certificates, new regions and new clients, the changing economy of need and supply forces us to come up with a big insight, since sometimes a little one won’t do.



Company: Naughton Energy Corporation Contact: Rory Naughton Contact Email: Address: 1898 Route 940, Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania, 18350, USA Telephone: 001 212 566 5837 Web Address:

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Unmatched Commercial Roofing Services New Britain Roofing Co, Inc has provided quality roofing installations and repair work for all of its customers in the Northeast for just under 40 years. We spoke to Jeff and Travis Redner as we look to gain an insight into what makes the company so successful.

stablished in 1978, New Britain Roofing will be celebrating its 40th year conducting business next year. The firm is a family oriented company that puts an emphasis on investing in the personal growth of its employees; believing very strongly that the employees of this company are its most important resource. The company’s extremely low turnover rate speaks for itself- when a person works for New Britain Roofing, they are a part of the family. Always looking to improve, Travis summarizes the company’s mission and what it is looking to achieve.


“Providing only the best service, we are a family oriented business that sets the bar for superior craftsmanship, safe working environments, and complete customer satisfaction. We constantly strive to improve and grow, and always provide an unparalleled experience to those we serve.” Jeff clarifies what he believes makes the company so successful, emphasising the firm’s organization as a main attribute, meaning it meets deadlines and exceeds expectations on a regular basis. “Here at New Britain Roofing, we take pride in our ability to complete difficult projects and meet tight deadlines. We are a commercial roofing contractor that offers a variety of roofing systems including but not limited to EPDM, TPO, asphalt shingles, slate shingles, standing-seam metal panels, modified bitumen systems, built up roof systems, several types of roof coatings, and many accessories. Also, we have a sheet metal fabrication shop that features a computerized bender and hydraulic shear which allows us to custom fabricate trim metals for each unique project we undertake.” Placing their staff at the forefront of their priorities, New Britain Roofing operate with strict and simple management guidelines to ensure that employees are looked after. Jeff alludes to the five values of the firm which are embedded into the company culture, with staff being able to develop themselves personally and professionally. “Throughout the company, our management guidelines are very simple and straight forward; we practice and teach what we refer to as the ‘Five Non-negotiables of Leadership’. With a strong management structure, people must first be able lead themselves well, and must know their people, you must love your people, you must add value to your people, and then you must cast your vision. “Essentially, we believe that if staff are not moving forward then they are moving backward. We have a comprehensive safety program in

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place, with a designated safety inspector who visits all projects weekly to ensure company safety requirements are strictly adhered to. Our main priorities are to keep our employees safe, our clients safe, and their property protected.” Approaching new projects means getting to know new clients, and trying to understand exactly what each individual client wants. Possessing a wealth of experience, the team has adopted many new technologies and Jeff discusses the process which New Britain embraces when venturing into new and exciting areas of the roofing industry. “When undertaking new clients and projects, we are always sure to listen to our clients and gain a firm understanding of their unique priorities and needs. New Britain is a relationship based company; we understand the importance of establishing relationships with our clients in order to better meet their needs. We have done extensive work in many secure facilities around New York including multiple prisons and psychiatric facilities, and because of this we believe it is absolutely critical to have the capacity to adapt specifically to the needs each new project presents.” Discussing New Britain’s most recent projects, Travis Redner presents the Cayuga Correctional Facility, which he describes as the most successful project of 2017. Not only was the finished product beautiful and brimming with excellence, the care and organization that went into the project led to proven customer satisfaction. “Cayuga Correctional Facility has been our most successful project this year. We installed 360,000 square feet of standing seam metal roofing panels and 150,000 square feet of metal wall panels and soffits in this medium security prison 2.5 years ahead of schedule. An extreme amount of care and organization is required when conducting work inside a prison, however, we were able to do this by strategically managing labor and materials and by working closely with the Correctional Facility to accommodate all of the obvious security concerns presented while performing work in a prison. We left behind a beautiful product and an extremely happy client. This was truly a win-win.” It is these types of successful projects and results which led to New Britain Roofing being selected as the Roofing Firm of the Year for New York. Jeff mentions what it feels like to have been featured and what it means for the firm going forwards. “Firstly, we are very humbled and thankful to have been chosen as the Roofing Firm of the Year for New York State. We know that what we’ve



Company: New Britain Roofing Co., Inc Contact: Jeff Redner Contact Email: Address: 721 Fox Street, Horseheads, New York, 14845, USA Phone: (607) 271-9730 Website:

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built here is very special, and we’re appreciative of the opportunity to continue growing and satisfying new clients. “Secondly, being recognized as Roofing Firm of the Year confirms to us that we have been doing this right. Investing in our employees and consistently doing what’s best for our clients over the past 39 years, has been a very fulfilling journey that we are excited to continue.” With New Britain Roofing always looking to produce great results alongside excellent customer satisfaction, Jeff elaborates on the inner processes within the firm and attitude towards improvement. “Embedded in the company ethos, the staff is very passionate about what they do and because of this they always have their eyes and ears open looking for ways to improve upon themselves. We maintain an open line of communication with many manufacturers and vendors, and are always open to begin new relationships.” Subsequently, there are plenty of opportunities for New Britain Roofing to explore in the future, with avenues opening up in a variety of different areas. Despite the roofing industry being an unpredictable one, Travis Redner cites innovation in tools and materials as a key aspect of the company moving forward, while also constantly having to adapt to keep up with the ever changing regulations. Jeff signs off by confirming New Britain Roofing’s dedication to improvement, improving their services, products and client satisfaction, will see the firm cement itself as a leader within the industry. “Predicting the future is difficult, you never really know what can change in a year in this industry. I think it would be safe to say we will be encountering some new innovations in tools and materials, and possibly some more regulations with consideration to the environment. We are very excited to see where green roofing goes and have been keeping an eye on the “Tesla Tile”, it could be revolutionary for both the commercial and residential roofing industries. “Ultimately, we want to continue to be the best. We want to continue to learn and adapt. Most of all, we firmly believe that if we remain focused on what is best for our clients and employees that we will continue to grow and have success.”

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Best Approved Inspector for the UK – 2017 Wilkinson Construction Consultants are a specialist practice, based in London and the South East, advising clients on how to solve problems they may have complying with Building Regulations and Fire Safety. We explore how this dedicated firm came to win Best Approved Inspector for the UK – 2017 in our coveted Global Excellence Awards.

ilkinson Construction Consultants are a multi award-winning family-run business that believes in an ethical and sustainable future. Its professional, people-centric approach, helps the firm to achieve its aim of becoming the company of choice for both staff and customers.


The team work on a variety of projects, ranging in size from small domestic schemes such as loft conversions all the way up to Multi-Million pound developments. Although customers’ budgets and needs vary, what unites them is the exceptional level of service they are provided by Wilkinson Construction Consultants. Over the years the firm has worked hard to achieve the success it enjoys today, and it is now privileged to be the only Approved Inspector endorsed by Theo Paphitis’s SBS network. They have also appeared globally in the press, and on TV and radio as expert advisers in the field of Building Regulations & Fire Safety following the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. Building Regulations are standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the safety and health of the people who use those

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buildings. Traditionally, only inspectors from the local authority were authorised to undertake building control, however the Building Act 1984 opened up the market, allowing qualified companies in the private sector to fulfil this role in England and Wales. Wilkinson Construction Consultants are one of these companies known as Approved Inspectors and licensed by the Construction Industry Council. From inception through to completion, the team at Wilkinson Construction Consultants are on hand at all times to ensure that clients receive the support they need to create a project they can take pride in. Once appointed, the firm will work with the client help ensure that the building work complies with Building Regulations throughout the process. Additionally, they will advise them on how the Building Regulations apply to their work, check their plans and, if required, issue a plans certificate. Throughout the project they will inspect the work as it progresses, and finally, they will issue a final certificate, providing peace of mind for clients. It is this client focused approach, combined with its vast expertise in the market, that makes Wilkinson Construction Consultants the perfect partner for anyone undertaking a new-build or renovation project.


25 Company: Wilkinson Construction Consultants Phone: 01732523466 Email: Website:

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Transforming Lives Through Design Based in Farnham, Lewis Visuals offers an integrated approach to architectural design, combining all the elements required to produce a successful project. We profile the firm and invite Genevieve Wells to go into the detail about her and her firm’s success.

young, vibrant company, Lewis Visuals has won many awards since it was founded as Architectural Practice. The team provides expert services throughout Surrey and further afield, ranging from individual residential dwellings to entire developments. The company achieves an excellent success rate with planning applications.

“Honestly, I am only as good as my team. We are a tight knit family, we love coming to work, and training the team definitely pays off. Also, we all have to do a minimum of 35 hours per year of continuing professional development, and we are constantly training and keeping on top of the latest innovations, systems, materials and techniques, it is what keeps us fresh, young and trendy.”

Forward-thinking and innovative, Genevieve explains that homeowners who are looking to adapt and change with the times should work with Lewis Visuals who will help them see the potential in their new home. She talks about how listening and interpreting clients are vital factors in matching and exceeding client expectations.

In order to continue to grow, Genevieve comments on the key aspects which will see the firm establish itself as a leader in the architecture industry, aiming to grow more into the higher luxury end of the market. Additionally, not content with the firm’s current success, Genevieve outlines her future plans for the firm, detailing the expansion strategies for the main points of the business over the next 3-5 years.


“Through well thought out design, we can reinvent your space to produce a functional building that performs successfully and allows your home to change and grow with you. “All of our designs are customer centric, we listen and interpret client needs to translate into a development that meets the requirements of the building and the people using it. Our progressive designs are cost effective and achieve the code for sustainable homes and new developments. Also, projects are skilfully managed to ensure completion is within deadline and on budget.” Looking to transform lives through design, all staff work hard to follow the company vision and achieve its mission of making a difference to its customer’s lives. Genevieve tells us what steps the team take in order to reach their goals. “Essentially, aiming to provide our clients with new perspectives on design, we achieve this by gathering comprehensive briefs from our clients to understand their requirements, and give them design options to consider. Our cost-effective solutions are the result of our extensive technical knowledge to meet the latest building regulation standards, combined with the latest most innovative and sustainable products on the market.” Featuring in BUILD Magazine as the Most Innovative Residential Designer of the Year for the UK in 2017, Genevieve is quick to praise her team rather than herself. She notes that the staff develop themselves as well as the company, which means that they can stay on top of any developments in the industry and the outside world.

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“Moving forward, we will continue to work on projects which involve private clients, developer clients, off the shelf outbuildings and property development. Much of our work is the renovation and extensions of existing dwellings for the general public. These range from major extensions and refurbishments to large properties, the modest single storey extension, enlarging a kitchen or creating an ‘open living’ environment. We aim to grow more into the higher luxury end of the market. Marketing materials, SEO and networking is key to us moving into this next direction.” Crucial to its success, Lewis Visuals already receive a lot of repeat business from many well-renowned developers, which highlights the excellent customer satisfaction levels. Importantly, the firm will continue to nurture these relationships, build up trust and continue to uphold its sterling reputation. Genevieve signs off by stating that in the near future the firm wants to put its stamp on the architecture industry. “Ultimately, Lewis Visuals have designed a range of standardised selfbuild outbuildings. We are an affordable and eco-friendly approach to the market. Also, we want to put a mark on what we do in the industry. “Recently, we have launched other offices in Ascot, Guildford, Yeovil, Forest Row, Brighton, Dorset and Devon, and aim to develop these further and expand our mission and vision across the country. Moreover, we would like to continue improving our sustainable designs, 3D printing, and property developments, as well as grow the construction and build side of the business.”



Company: Lewis Visuals Contact: Genevieve Wells Contact Email: Address: Cambridge House, 8 East Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7RX, UK Phone: 01252 714 985 Website:

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Helping You Get There The new website has won the Property Portal of the Year 2017 award. To coincide with the award win we interviewed the Digital Project Manager, Colm Sharkey, to find out more about the new portal and the project itself.

i Colm, can you tell us about the new website project and why you felt you needed a new portal. first uploaded a property in September 2000. We have had several iterations of the portal since then, with the latest being launched in 2011. Around 18 months ago, we initiated an extensive research project to ascertain what sort of portal we needed; whether we needed a complete re-write or an update, and then at a granular level, what front-end features we should have.


We analysed the research and concluded that we could either update the site or take this opportunity to completely re-write and really raise the bar, setting a new standard amongst our peers. And when I say peers, I do mean worldwide property portals. We believe that we have achieved this, and our new portal will certainly raise a few eyebrows and ruffle a few feathers in the property portal industry. What were the design goals of In short, our main aim was speed. Speed of delivery of properties to users in both load times and searches, and speed of uploading and amending of properties in real-time. We have completely re-built our portal to be fully-responsive across device, and with our innovative caching, users can navigate, search and view high-res property imagery at a lightning-fast speed. From our research project, we determined that our users and indeed potential users have less and less tolerance for buffering and demand accurate, media-heavy information instantly. Users on the new will consume much more information in a much shorter time. We have designed the website from a mobile-first methodology, which will one day become the industry-norm. 80% of our current traffic comes from a mobile device, so we determined that we must build primarily with mobile in mind. Lots of website projects make the mistake of building and designing for desktop and then shoehorning the content and features into mobile as an afterthought. We were determined not to make that mistake. The design of the site centred on the latest CRO (Conversion-Rate-Optimisation) principles. The raison d’etre of is to assist home-movers finding a new home and helping Estate Agents sell and lease properties. Therefore, the design focused on keeping users engaged and ultimately calling or emailing agents.

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Can you tell us about the new features? Our search functionality is a real USP for us. Users can search areas, streets, postcodes, individual properties and keywords. No other portal that we researched can handle this diversity of search functionality. Users see a search box and expect it to function like Google. On our portal searching for “Swimming pool in Belfast” will deliver properties that have just that. We have many new innovative ways to keeps users engaged with our site, and we are particularly pleased with our smart-email system, tracking the home-buying/moving journey and pushing relevant and helpful content at the right times. My Important Places is a first in the property portal industry. Users can mark locations that are important to them, such as workplace, childminders, schools, etc and we auto-calculate the distance to them from every property. We know that these places impact on the buying decision and will certainly help users. Draw On Map is another feature we feel that has not only given us competitor parity, but it is a feature that we have significantly improved on. Users can search traditionally by area, street, property or keyword, or they can alternatively draw the area or areas they want to live in. Our intuitive map allows for the entire search process to take place on our map, even on mobile. This is a significant design and usability achievement and something we are immensely proud of. Overall, we are all genuinely really proud and excited of what we, and our digital partners, GCD, have achieved. I must mention GCD and everything they have helped us achieve. Simon Gough, the Project Manager at GCD did state that “The project has been exciting and the drive for innovation from Propertynews has helped us push the boundaries and deliver unique features that we are sure the users and agents will love”. Thank you for that Colm. We can tell you are excited about the new site. Do you have any future plans for the site? Yes, certainly. We know that we need to continually innovate and have many exciting plans in the pipeline. Also, we have a fully-scoped development and product roadmap running into 2019. Lastly, we aim to continue to develop our online offering and these are exciting times ahead for Thank you for your time Colm. We will be sure to keep an eye on the new and congratulations again for winning the Property Portal of the Year 2017 award.



Company: Ltd Contact: Colm Sharkey Contact Email: Address: Belfast Telegraph House, 33 Clarendon Road, Clarendon Dock, Belfast, BT1 3BG Phone: 0845 222 0066 Website:

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Digital Infrastructure:

Investing in the next generation Waldeck Consulting is a unique and technology focused, multi-disciplinary engineering and risk management consultancy. CEO and Founder, Paul Waldeck, along with his team discuss the techniques and capabilities the firm has employed to achieve the success and market leading positions it enjoys today. These techniques have seen the firm featured as Infrastructure Consultancy of the Year.

s we recently saw the UK government announce its latest update for the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline, seeing a budget of £600 billion investment over the next 10 years, the construction industry is reinventing itself once again, implementing significant changes in the way projects are delivered. The UK Government’s 2025 productivity challenges are the key drivers of this change and investment.


Paul comments on how Waldeck has made significant investments which has seen the company grow within the industry, and is now positioned to create added value solutions. “Infrastructure has the power to increase our living standards, drive economic growth and boost productivity, which is why we see this as a huge focus and the central pillar of the recent Industrial Strategy. “As a company, we are strategically positioned to create added value solutions for the government’s planned investments in infrastructure, by deploying our unique digital offering to deliver successful outcomes at all stages of the project lifecycle. “Furthermore, we have made significant investment over many years’ and our R&D advances and emerging service lines have been keeping us ahead of the market, in terms of digital and technology solutions, so we are able to identify and develop capital and operational investment solutions for our clients, which are both cost effective and resource smart.” Digital technology has, and continues to be an integral part of the way we do business and communicate with each other, as the amount of data being carried over networks grows. As the industry sees the digital revolution further unfold, Waldeck continues to promote its investment in its digital expertise. AI and machine learning could play a big part in making the UK’s infrastructure network more efficient. A focus on the theory of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is believed that all human thought could be reduced to a series of mathematical rules, and supporting machinery to replace human labour. Commenting on Artificial Intelligence, Paul discusses the concept and initial reaction to the term, stating that most people see it as a negative. However, Paul is keen to point out that Waldeck are looking to use AI as an aide rather than a replacement. “The term Artificial Intelligence seems to frighten people, and they assume this means that soon all humans will be replaced by robots, this will not happen overnight, if at all.

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“For Waldeck, AI is not about taking the jobs away, it’s about implementing such technology to enhance and expand an offering that already exists, in a better, data-centric way. This new approach provides benefits, such as; increased efficiency, safety and quality of construction projects.” Waldeck see the use of AI developing through many of its digital capabilities; such as creating smarter construction using drones surveying sites, creating 3D maps and extracting data to simulate construction plans. A process which typically took weeks, can now be completed in hours. In the UK’s infrastructure world, we have begun to see this concept come to surface through Smart Enterprises’, as we leverage Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies, to bolster customer experience, improve security and optimise operations. Paul shares the benefits he believes smart enterprises can add to the company. “Through our Smart Enterprise offering, we believe that new developments should be fitted with smart infrastructure to monitor the performance of the built environment through enhanced data collection.” An increase in national productivity, which is a key driver in the future pipeline investment and is why we see an emphasis on Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), such as off-site manufacturing, and modular construction. Paul comments on how Waldeck will embrace these developments and adapt to these requirements. “Off-site construction solutions are set to grow rapidly now, on the back of this Government investment commitment and recent directives on digital and MMC. With Waldeck being very early adopters of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for off-site construction solutions, we are already positioned and ready to support this pipeline of projects. “Embracing the government drive to off-site methods of construction by 2019, we offer clients market leading experience and expertise in the design and development of modular construction and component based off-site manufactured and site assembled solutions, such as precast structural and façade solutions, and mechanical and electrical building services systems, enhancing project delivery for schools, housing, student and key worker accommodation, hospitals, laboratories, prisons, hotels, car parks, and stadia.” Signing off, Paul concluded that for the UK to stay competitive globally, Waldeck must continue to be at the cutting edge of technology as it develops on a regular basis. “Digital is the future, and underpins the existence of todays’ construction industry. The developments in technology which happened hundreds of years ago, are the reason for where we are today, and with the team at Waldeck, we are able to keep this evolution alive, through our forward-thinking research and development.”



Company: Waldeck Contact Name: Paul Waldeck Contact Email: Address: The Kiln, Mather Road, Newark-on-Trent, NG24 1FB Telephone: 08450 990285 Web Address:

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New Directions in Design Practice V3 Studio Berzunza is a boutique design firm with a main focus on bringing cutting edge design solutions to their clients, whilst generating a positive impact for both the environment and community. Recently, we sat down with Principal/Designer, Vladimir Berzunza who reveals to us the secrets behind the company’s success and what it means to have received the accolade Best Environmental Design Consultancy Pacific Northwest USA.

3 Studio Berzunza interfaces between natural environments and design, providing their clients with an array of services to bring cutting edge solutions, while at the same time generating a positive impact of the environment and community. The innovative design firm addresses every client and every project through their diverse range of services, such as: Drafting, 3-D Visualization, Landscape and Interior Design, and Design Consulting. The design industry has become more encompassing and at V3 Studio Berzunza, they take pride in using every design aspect to surpass their clients’ expectations and ideas into a reality.


As for how V3 Studio Berzunza achieves their overall mission, Principal/ Designer, Vladimir Berzunza talks us through the steps the firm takes to achieve it and what sets them apart from their competitors. “How we achieve our mission, is by directly addressing the users’ needs and seeing them as potential sources of inspiration and strength. V3 Studio Berzunza seeks new directions in design practice – evoking common identities through the exploration of uncharted geometries that address questions of space, function, technology, materials related directly to geography, climate, and local urban experiences. The main step is connecting with the client and gain their trust so that they can trust the process. “V3 Studio Berzunza is classified as ‘boutique’ since we take a handful of projects at a time. This approach is something we’d love to keep as it means that our service is a bit more personalised. We allocate the necessary time for consultations and we are very transparent in our services. This has kept us in business, in fact all of our customers are from referrals and networking.” Recently, V3 Studio Berzunza were awarded AI’s Best Environmental Design Consultancy - Pacific Northwest USA award. Discussing the success, Vladimir reveals to us what it means to have won the awards, and highlights how industry awards help firms such as yours to thrive and prosper. “We feel extremely honoured to represents this year’s AI’s Best Environmental Design Consultancy award. Having industry awards helps firms like V3 Studio Berzunza to keep striving. Getting recognition is like getting praises when you are a little kid: it makes you feel acknowledged and appreciated. However more importantly, these awards are a great indicator that the reader is being influenced by our work. This award is the reader’s response to our hard work.”

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Bringing the interview to a close, Vladimir reflects on the current state of the design industry, noting on some of the specific challenges that it faces and how V3 Studio Berzunza adapts around them. “The design industry has had an exponential growth in the last few years, particularly in urban areas. Our great geographical location and beautiful sceneries create a perfect canvas for us to complement it. One of the main challenges is to find the suitable solution to meet the client’s needs and expectations. Many times, clients come to us with a design board that might not be ideal. Whether it is out of context, budget, or it might not meet certain safety requirement, it is then that we analyse and synthesize to discover the common denominator, finding the reason why the client is attracted to this(ese) style(s) and define the soul of the project.” Looking ahead, we ask Vladimir to share his thoughts on how he intends to make the most of the company’s success, and how the firm plans to grow further. “Following our win, we have gained awesome clients. They feel integrated to our design firm, since they are in fact part of it. Thanks to the opportunity they have given us, we now have come this far. It’s that sense of ownership that makes them feel as honoured as we feel to have received this award. Customers get a better appreciation of the services we offer. This is creating a great reputation for us, another asset to our list. “Overall, we intend to keep that close communication with customers. This allows us to sync and develop the type of product they need strictly personalised. By being in continuous study of the design industry and environment, we will better integrate all aspects of design when it comes to a new project.”



Contact: Vladimir Berzunza Contact Email: Company: V3 Studio Berzunza Address: P.O. BOX 4804, ORANGE CA 92863, USA Telephone: +1 714 795 8080 Web Address:

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Visionaries in Technology Chalkline, Inc. is the developer of VisiSpecsTM, a successful and innovative product. We profile the firm and its successful, innovative products, as we look to explore what makes them visionaries in technology.

s a New England based company, Chalkline provides next generation Cloud based construction document management solutions to the AECO market. Possessing over 30 years of experience in the respective market, the management team is focused on delivering the solutions which customers have been asking for.


Chalkline’s visionary product, VisiSpecs is the next generation suite of applications, designed by the team at the company to visually document, coordinate, and verify the Building Information Models (BIM) models and project specifications and other documents. Chalkline uses a collaborative development process with customer input, testing, plus providing continuous feedback on improvements and new functionality. VisiSpecs enables these higher levels of collaboration, coordination and verification whether the project team is entirely in-house or the use of subcontractors and outsourced specification writers are utilized. VisiSpecs is a hybrid cloud solution where its desktop and mobile applications store and access the data on Microsoft Azure cloud servers, providing easy access and collaboration among distributed team members. The product is built on familiar applications which are already in use resulting in minimal training and setup time, which is extremely beneficial to clients and staff. Users can easily integrate their own masters and project documents with the project BIM models, without a lengthy and resource intensive doc setup and integration process. VisiSpecs users accomplish true BIM integration without learning to use complicated 3rd party applications. For those already using the model applications, VisiSpecs provides direct access to the project specifications and documentation, which is a first in the industry. Maintaining an overall mission of becoming the world’s leading provider of construction documentation management solutions, the team at Chalkline work extremely hard to provide only the best service. Within the AECO market, the company’s solutions will be viewed as the highest quality, bringing the most value to their customers businesses. BIM is changing the way buildings are designed and built. VisiSpecs leverages the BIM model data, along with the familiar and already installed Microsoft Word editor, to ensure highly coordinated construction specifications are produced. AE design firms leverage better tools, processes, and coordination of construction documents for optimal design inefficiencies. VisiSpecs enables this level of integration without forcing changes to the BIM models which is visionary in itself.

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Contractors have access to the coordinated design documents for bidding, estimating, CM, As-builts, and commissioning. The entire process can start with the owner’s template of preferences and be delivered as a dynamically linked design for FM. Leveraging the power of the connected world, the product enables the highest level of project team collaboration available. VisiSpecs is customer driven, customer tested, and customer approved. This is important as it highlights that the firm values customer input and feedback ensure an easy to use and time saving application in delivered to the market. Again, looking to benefit the client in both terms of technology and finance, VisiSpecs Cloud servers mean customers save IT resources time and money, users can trial easily with their own projects, and deployment to multiple users can be accomplished in hours to days instead of months to years. This is what makes the product and the firm so attractive to clients. VisiSpecs is able to save clients the things people value most, time and money. It is also clear that this product receives ultimate customer satisfaction. The learning curve is very quick while functionality is increased. Visual design and integration improve quality while reducing RFIs, Addendums, and Change Orders. Project Team collaboration means that the right people can access the right information when and wherever they may be helping to make decisions faster. Ultimately, teamwork, client satisfaction, state-of-the-art technology are all key aspects in making Chalkline the visionary in technology that it is today. Staff are extremely driven, and all work hard to interact with the client and understand their requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction is at the highest level. Embedded in the company culture, innovation, creativity and working together is at the heart of everything the company does, which is one of the reasons that Chalkline is able to uphold its sterling reputation, as it catapults itself to the top of the industry. Testimonials “Installing VisiSpecs, importing my master documents, creating my first project, inserting and editing documents were “excellent” for me. Already onto my second, third, and fourth projects! Learning the software is easy. The support team is great and open to suggestions.” ~ S. Bliss, CSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP, LEED

“After just two projects using VisiSpecs, the BIM coordination between our models and specifications highlighted an issue we could easily fix. That alone pays for the monthly subscription!” ~D. Lauver, BRiC Partnership



Company: Chalkline, Inc. Contact Email: Address: Portland, ME, USA Phone: +1 207 221 7732 Website:

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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation & Stainless Steel Catering Fabrications Headquartered in Peterborough, CK Direct has established itself as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of kitchen ventilation and extraction systems to the catering industry. We profile the firm and speak to Tony Ricciardi and Carlo Cataldo as we look to find out more about the upcoming and ambitious company.


ounded in 2002, CK Direct have invested in state-of-the-art equipment which enables the team to design, manufacture and install high quality commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation systems at a competitive price with exceptional lead times.

Within the Commercial Kitchen Ventilation market, CK Direct works with an assortment of clients, ranging from small hotels and independent restaurants through to public sector clients, such as schools, colleges and care homes, as well as major high street food chains and blue chip companies. The team pride themselves on delivering an efficient, high quality and bespoke service to them all. Offering a variety of services, clients come to the firm with a range of requests. Whether they are designing a brand new ventilation system or updating an old one, the whole process can be quite complex. At CK Direct, the firm can guide them through the process to ensure they choose the right components that will work together to deliver a well-designed, safe and efficient system that will last for years. Furthermore, staff also work closely with regulatory bodies so they can provide clients with the latest advice and guidance on choosing and maintaining the extraction and ventilation system, meaning it is able to meet the requirements and best practices outlined by The British Standard and the Health and Safety Executive. Tony explains to us the firm’s approach when undertaking a new project and working with a new client, which he believes is vital to making the firm stand out within the industry, along with its excellent cost effective services. “CK Direct ensure with all clients that proposals and meetings are held at Director Level, ensuring the customer is fully aware of all regulations that may apply to their particular project. Once the project is undertaken, a Senior Project Manager will take over the project. This has proved successful on many past projects. “Additionally, the company offers a full Design-Manufacture-Installation & Maintenance Package. We believe our strengths come from offering a quality product at an extremely competitive price, as well as the product our installation and service promise is impeccable.” Currently, the industry is treating CK Direct well, having been quite buoyant which has kept the team extremely busy. Carlo puts this down to staff looking after existing customers and ensuring all projects and deadlines are met without fail, achieving a high customer retention by putting major efforts into building a partnership with our client. He is keen to tell us about his most successful project to date, which has provided the firm with experiences that they have been able to learn from. Build Q1 2018

“Although not our biggest project, the most successful project we carried out was last Winter for Pappas Cappuccino in Harlow. The original scheme was for a new Fast Food Restaurant in the Harvey Shopping Centre in Harlow. We were aware of the challenges that can arise when working in shopping centres. “The original scheme prior to site survey was quoted at £40k for Extract Hoods and ducting, after meeting on site with the Client, Construction company and the Centre Management team it was clear that no provision had been made for General Ventilation or Tempered Air, which is a building control requirement. The addition of this system caused quite a strain on the customer’s budget, and added approximately four weeks to the completion.” “From this, we learnt initial design and comprehensive site surveys are key in our industry to avoid nasty surprises. Making the most of these lessons, Carlo then goes on to explain how he guarantees that the firm create innovative solutions to maintain its success, referring us to the strict quality control measures that staff undertake. “At CK Direct, we are very critical of the units we manufacture and produce, we are always looking at different ways to manufacture any particular unit to see if we can save material and time without compromising quality. Criticism comes not only from within CK Direct but our customer’s views are extremely important to our success. “Essentially, we have introduced strict quality control measures to maintain uniform and great quality stainless steel fabricated Extract Hoods, Benches, and Sinks to name a few.” Lastly, related to the future aspirations for CK Direct, Tony outlines his plans and projects, which mainly consists of matching and exceeding customer expectations. There looks to be exciting times ahead, with Tony telling us about the high-profile celebrity clients that the firm is working with. “Moving forward, our future aspirations are much the same as the last few years, that is to make sure the customer understands and is satisfied with the works being undertaken, carry out the works to the best of our ability in a professional and friendly manner. “Future projects for next year are looking great so far, with January already full with two Gino D’Acampo restaurants being refurbished, and we have just won a major refurb of a three Michelin Star Restaurant in central London, the start of the year is very promising.”



Company: CK Direct Contact: Tony Ricciardi Contact Email: Address: Unit 15 Tresham Road, Orton Southgate, Peterborough, PE2 6SG, UK Phone: 01733 302704 Website:

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Providing Present-Day Solutions for Tomorrow’s Challenges Rondo-Pak is a Global Print and Packaging Specialist, who’s unique blend of capabilities and forward thinking enables the company to provide present-day solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

global print and packaging specialist, Rondo-Pak’s unique blend of capabilities and forward thinking expertise enables the company to provide present-day solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. Strategically aligned to address the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry, Rondo-Pak provides a comprehensive assortment of marketing print and packaging capabilities with the knowledge and understanding needed to ensure global brand management across the entire print and packaging supply chain. The company’s experienced team can expediently produce customized solutions both creatively and cost-effectively.


Carton Assembly & Branded Sampling Service for Convenience and Speed to Market Rondo-Pak’s Quick-to-Market carton assembly and branded sampling service can fulfil sudden needs or short-term opportunities identified by customers. Fully assembled market-ready-to-pack cartons and branded samples can be quickly assembled and delivered to customers for low-, medium-, and high-volume jobs. Advantages of the Quick-to-Market service include reduced labour costs, as no hand folding is required when cartons arrive; the ability to deliver custom-designed product, printed or unprinted, in both small and large quantities; short delivery time; and cGMP production. The cartons are produced at one of Rondo-Pak’s manufacturing facilities using equipment from premium machinery specialists, including Dividella. SafePack - Folding Carton with Built-in Protection Rondo-Pak now offers a shock- and vibration resistant folding carton ideal for steriles or liquids that require extra protection. Rondo Safepack is designed to naturally dissipate vibration, resulting in dramatically reduced breakage potential for glass or other contents. Rondo Safepack features double-walled construction and auto-actuating cushion flaps on its top and bottom that protect against severe impact and provide higher crush resistance than standard cartons. Continued Investment in Puerto Rico Manufacturing and Distribution Facility Rondo-Pak has continued investing in its Puerto Rico manufacturing facility by adding a high-speed Heidelberg packaging press, which brings increased speeds, expands capacity and broadens the range of products that can be manufactured directly on the island. The location also offers

Build Q1 2018

premium climate-controlled manufacturing and warehousing space, and makes Rondo-Pak an attractive option for pharma manufacturers seeking a reliable new supplier, as well as those looking for a strong secondary supplier to help minimize risk. Rondo-Pak also uses the facility to manufacture folding cartons and other printed packaging components. Rondo-Pak is a global print and packaging specialist providing effective solutions and comprehensive services to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. The company’s portfolio of sophisticated packaging solutions addresses precise requirements for compliance, child resistance, anti-counterfeiting, e-pedigree while also including an extended range of print marketing formats such as inserts, leaflets, medication guides and regulated marketing materials. Rondo-Pak has been a recognized leader in pharmaceutical folding cartons for over 70 years, and is a proud part of the Körber Medipak Systems network of companies.


39 Company: Rondo-Pak Address: 1200 Ferry Avenue Camden, NJ 08104 Phone: 800.575.4238 Fax: 610.666.9755 Email: Website:

Q1 2018 Build


Providing Unique Services CM3 Building Solutions provides several unique services to our market. CM3 is a systems integrator for Building Automation Systems, specializing in Schneider Electric and Tridium systems. Recently, we sat down with Michael Hanson to discover more about the innovative firm and secrets behind its success.

stablished in 2003, CM3 Building Solutions provides several unique services to our market. CM3 is a systems integrator for Building Automation Systems, specializing in Schneider Electric and Tridium systems. As a service organization, they support and service BAS systems and peripheral HVAC systems in each facility. CM3 provides design/build security solutions, deploys crisis management solutions, and provides cybersecurity services for facilities. As an ESCO, CM3 also implements performance contracts.


Beginning this interview, Michael begins by explaining the approach the company uses when undertaking a new client to ensure the best possible outcome. Also, Michael points out what sets CM3 apart from other companies in the industry. “Being able to identify a customer’s true needs and goals for a project is the only path toward ensuring the best possible outcome. The most important part of a successful project occurs in the first few meetings with a potential customer. These meetings prioritize open communication to ascertain exactly what outcome they desire from a project. It is our job to help our customer articulate what they would like to accomplish. “The best projects are those that take a design / build approach with the customer at the table each step of the way. This process ensures that the customer is in agreement of the path forward, and provides ongoing communication through each step of the project. “There are two key aspects of our business that set us apart in our industry, and marks us as the best option for our clients. “The first aspect that sets us apart is our relationship driven approach to servicing our customers. Of utmost importance on every project is trust between the customer and solutions provider, and trust is only possible with mutual investment and communication. “The second aspect that sets us apart is how we empower our employees to adjust to a customer’s needs throughout the life of project. We pride ourselves on our flexibility in working with the customer as we empower our employees to be able to adjust to a customer’s needs during the installation. Every project has changes along the way and our project management team is authorized to make those changes on the fly so long as they are equitable to both parties. We don’t require multiple teleconferences with a home office and / or a legal department to make changes to the scope of a contract. It is no secret that behind every successful company, is a passionate team of individuals, whose tireless efforts help to transform a business.

Build Q1 2018

At CM3, Michael praises the innovative employees who take ownership of their responsibilities. “Our management philosophy is built around employee empowerment. We encourage each employee to take ownership of their responsibilities, and provide them authority to make key decisions on behalf of CM3 when in the best interest of the customer.” Bringing the interview to a close, Michael touches on CM3’s most successful project to date, casting a light on how they make sure they create innovative solutions to maintain the success. “Our most successful project to-date was a second phase to a performance contract with a local school district in the Philadelphia area. The school district acquired a military facility left in disrepair and needed it converted to a working school building in a very short time period. The traditional bid and spec procurement model would not meet their project completion timeline, so the district contacted CM3 to discuss completing the renovation as a performance contract. CM3 provided a design that met the district specifications, organized and executed all renovation measures, and completed the project on time and on budget for the start of the school year. “Innovative solutions come through a willingness to learn new products and solutions, and work with partners willing to take a chance on new technology. Our engineers and sales professionals are encouraged to consider what new or different solution may help our organization better serve the needs of our customers.” Moving forward, we ask Michael to give his predictions of what the future holds for the industry, as well as the aspirations he has for the company. “CM3 is involved in several different industries simultaneously through our various divisions. As buildings become more complex in their efficient operation, the demand to be fluent in multiple disciplines (or at least have the in-house talent to cover these disciplines) and keep things simple in the eyes of the customer is the biggest challenge. Customers hold the viewpoint that things should become simpler to use and install and, in some cases, that’s true. But what they miss is the amount of technology behind that ‘plug and play’ device and the fact that it will be ‘obsolete’ within a few years. “Here at CM3, our future aspirations are to expand on our vertical markets. We have had great success at retaining our customer base, and driving repeat business through our current customers. Moving forward, we will continue to grow our customer base by offering them solutions that most effectively meet their needs and evolve with them over time.”



Company: CM3 Building Solutions Contact: Michael Hanson Address: 185 Commerce Drive, Fort Washington, PA 19034 Telephone: +1 215-322-8400 Web Address:

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Company: Pablo Millan Architects Contact: Pablo Millan Address: C/ Monsalves, 6, 2º A, 41001 Sevilla, Spain Phone: 0034 955 322 392 Email: Website:

Giving Heritage a Helping Hand Pablo Millan Architects is an innovative architecture firm based in Sevilla, Spain but serving a wide variety of clients from across Spain. We profile the firm to find out more about how it came to win the title of Best Heritage Restoration Firm – Spain in our coveted 2017 Architecture Awards.


ounded in 2008, Pablo Millan Architects draws on the vast experience and knowledge of its Founder and namesake, Pablo Millan.

The firm specialises in restoring historical buildings and monuments, and previous projects include the restoration, rehabilitation and enhancement of the Roman cistern of “La Calderona”; the rehabilitation and intervention in the Convent of San Antonio de Padua for the “Christ of Good End” Early Stimulation Center; as well as work on the Parish Center of Our Lady of the Assumption. In addition, the firm has also undertaken residential work, and therefore has a broad portfolio and vast experience, which it draws on to ensure that every project is completed to the very highest possible standard.

Build Q1 2018

Thanks to its vast knowledge and dedication to providing clients with the best possible support and service, the firm has many satisfied customers, all of whom have received exceptional support and an outcome they can truly be proud of. To support the wider architecture industry, Pablo often publishes articles in various journals, helping to share his vast knowledge and expertise with other members of the market. Over the years, Pablo Millan Architects has won a number of accolades, including the prestigious title bestowed on it by BUILD Magazine, and looking ahead the firm will be aiming to build upon its current success and continue to undertake many exciting and invigorating projects so that it can expand its knowledge and portfolio.


Triple Award Winning Structural Testing Business

With over 25 years of experience in structural testing and maintenance, we offer straight forward, no-nonsense, professional advice and solutions to those involved in the management of street lighting assets, other highway metal structures and more.

We use truly non-destructive methods, including the ColcheK test which measures any reduction in the thickness of the column wall using low-frequency electromagnetism Our fully qualified PCN Level 2 engineers are highly experienced and reliable We are committed to raising standards in our industry and are: - Certified to the National Highway Sector Scheme 8 through ISO9001 - Certified to ISO9001: 2015, well ahead of the curve for our industry - Certified to OHSAS 18001: 2007 for Occupational Health and Safety - Registered to Highway Electrical Registration Scheme Specialising in non-destructive testing, our tried and tested techniques give us the ability to test all types of metal structures in different industries We only use top-of-the-range testing equipment, including ‘A’ specification scanners to ensure results are meaningful and of a high standard We eliminate the pain of managing your lighting assets by monitoring re-test periods after the initial testing activity, thereby putting in place a proactive approach to your Asset Management Cycle that helps you to manage your budgets more effectively

5B Store & Secure House Yeomans Way Castlepoint Bournemouth Dorset, BH8 0BL BSI Cert No: FS60766 HERS Reg No: SSR539 OHSAS 18001 Cert No: OHS 660317

Our fees include a

at no extra cost, unlike many of our competitors


Global Excellence Awards Winners Best Asbestos Service Provider for the UK South-East – 2017 Firm: Southern Asbestos Solutions Email: Web Address: Telephone: 0845 302 1955 Architect of the Year for Belgium – 2017 Firm: Atelier ‘Architecture Bruno Erpicum Email: Web Address: Telephone: 0032 2687 2717 Architect of the Year for Spain – 2017 Firm: Amusement Logic Email: Web Address: Telephone: 0034 961 581 614 Architectural Designer of the Year for the UK – 2017 Firm: Guy Taylor Associates Email: Web Address: Telephone: 0161 826 1042 Interior Designer of the Year for California – 2017 Firm: Austin Design Email: Web Address: Telephone: 001 408 358 9663 Best in Green Building for Germany – 2017 Firm: BoB Immobilienkonzepte GmbH Email: Web Address: Telephone: 0049 305 169 584-0 Recruitment Firm of the Year for the UK – 2017 Firm: Search Consultancy Email: Web Address: Telephone: 0161 835 8777 Best Approved Inspector for the UK – 2017 Firm: Wilkinson Construction Consultants Email: Web Address: Telephone: 01732 523466 Most Innovative Designer of the Year – 2017 Firm: Yoshie Takeo Email: Telephone: 001 215 7229

Build Q1 2018


Most Innovative Residential Designer of the Year for the UK – 2017 Firm: Genevieve Wells Email: Web Address: Telephone: 01252 714 985 Property Developer of the Year for Scotland – 2017 Firm: MNM Developments Email: Web Address: Telephone: 0131 273 5257 Roofing Firm of the Year for New York - 2017 Firm: New Britain Roofing Co., Inc Email: Web Address: Telephone: 001 (607) 271-9730 Architect of the Year for Italy – 2017 Firm: Altro_Studio Email: Web Address: Telephone: 06 95226453 Environmental Engineers of the Year for the UK - 2017 Firm: Geo-Environmental Services Ltd Email: Web Address: Telephone: 01273 832972 Most Innovative Designer of the Year for Germany - 2017 Firm: KERN-DESIGN Email: Web Address: Telephone: 0049 069 789 54 33 Construction Contractor of the Year for Wisconsin – 2017 Firm: Friede & Associates Email: Web Address: Telephone: 001 608 524 4383 Property Portal of the Year – 2017 Firm: Ltd Email: Web Address: Telephone: 0845 222 0066 Transport Window Expert of the Year for Australia - 2017 Firm: TransGlaze Email: Web Address: Telephone: +61 3 97692966

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Global Excellence Awards Winners Online Product Supplier of the Year – 2017 Firm: Amazon EU Sarl Email: Telephone: +345 691 998 052 Infrastructure Consultancy of the Year for the UK – 2017 Firm: Waldeck Consulting Email: Web Address: Telephone: 08450 990285 Best in Green Building for Canada - 2017 Firm: Lanefab Design / Build Email: Web Address: Telephone: 604 728 0606 Design Innovator of the Year for Brazil – 2017 Firm: Rosa May Sampaio Email: Web Address: Telephone: 0055 3085 7100 Architectural Designer of the Year for the UK – 2017 Firm: PEEK Architecture + Design Email: Web Address: Telephone: 0207 7343094 Landscape Consultancy of the Year for the UK - 2017 Firm: Landscape Collective Email: Web Address: Telephone: 020 3282 8449 MEP Testing Firm of the Year for the UK - 2017 Firm: Intratest Ltd Email: Web Address: Telephone: 01202 530166 / 07795 903858 Insulation Installer of the Year for Colorado - 2017 Firm: Gray Insulation and Fabrication LLC Email: Web Address: Telephone: 001 970 686 7708 Mibawa Suppliers Ltd Firm: Borehole Supplier of the Year for Kenya - 2017 Email: Web Address: Telephone: 00254 772 707 800

Build Q1 2018


One Small Light Makes a Big Difference Mibawa Suppliers Ltd is an experienced player in borehole equipment supplies and installations. We have partnered with various organizations and government agencies to provide water solutions. Mibawa offers a one stop shop in providing water project solutions to serve the needs of its clients. Among the range of solutions we Offer: • Solar PV Water pumping Solutions • All other kinds of Borehole Equipment, • Sizing and Analysis of Borehole Equipment • Hydrological Surveys, • Installations of Borehole Equipment, • Pump Testing Services, • Specialized Borehole Services i.e. Pump Lifting, Camera Inspection and Borehole Cleaning



Offering sustainable landscape solutions Landscape Collective offers a personal and high quality service, meeting your requirements quickly, efficiently and professionally. We offer a cohesive approach to landscape planning, combining our expertise in landscape strategy, landscape design and arboriculture. Our expert knowledge and breadth of experience allows us to provide responsive, bespoke, effective and sustainable solutions to assist you through the planning process.

Landscape Planning Landscape Design Arboriculture 0203 282 8449


Things we love... West coast modern Passivhaus Mountains at the ocean Living in Vancouver Designing Building Working as a team

Best in Green Building Canada 2017 Poon-Li House, Vancouver BC

Photos - Two Column Marketing


Austin Design by Catherine Canfield Allied ASID, IDG Certified Interior Design #2497

Award Winning Interior Design - Residential & Commercial Los Gatos - 408.358.9663 -


Innovating Transport Window Quality Solutions for • • • • • •

Fully flush hopper windows Bonded frame & rubber fixed glass Bonded glass Sliders & porthole windows Emergency exit windscreens Drivers cabin door windows

Innovative Solutions For Your Business Needs VICTORIAN OFFICE

33-37 Deans Crt. Dand P: (03) 9769 2966 F:


6 Verna St, Shailer Par P: (07) 3208 0298 F:




denong South. 3175 (03) 9769 2688

rk. 4128 (07) 3808 9105


Over 150 years of collective experience in the design and manufacture of mass transit windows

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