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Architecture Awards 2015


The Cherry on the CAKE ÜberRaum Architects wins Most Eco-Friendly Single Dwelling

Raising the Bar Debbie Flevotomou Architects Ltd wins Best High-End Commercial Architect 2015

A Perfect Mix Campbell Luscombe Architects wins Award for Excellence in Aged Care Architecture – Australia

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Welcome to the 2015 Architecture Awards The architecture environment is currently experiencing a period of great change, which is affecting many areas and bringing with it new challenges and opportunities for both established firms and rising names. Despite increasing consumer interest in sustainability and environmentally-friendly designs, various governments, including the UK’s, are reducing the amount of funding and subsidies in this area, leaving the industry in a state of flux as it attempts to balance this increased consumer focus with funding problems. Sustainability is also affecting trends in the sector, with designers increasingly having to balance between style and functionality to accommodate eco-friendly aspects of their client’s project. New technology is also catching up with the industry, with BIM and the regulations surrounding it affecting the architects and the way they work as well as encouraging increased collaboration. Additionally, new design software and rapidly developing connectivity is providing exciting new opportunities for firms operating in the sector. Despite this, a number of innovative and exciting companies have managed to survive and thrive through this turmoil and provide their clients with stunning, unique constructions that enhance the environment which they occupy and inspire the people who inhabit it. It is these designers, artists and visionaries who we are celebrating in this award, showcasing their extraordinary talent and dedication to their work which has shaped the spaces in which we live.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

3 4. Anthony Hill 10. Danish Style meets British Functionality 14. Debbie Flevotomou Architects Ltd 18. Campbell Luscombe Architects Pty Ltd 22. ÜberRaum Architects 26. ARHI GRUP 28. Acres Architecture 29. AHP Architects & Surveyors Ltd 30. Align Architecture Ltd 31. AVA - Andrea Vattovani Architecture 32. Architectrues Chabenès & Scott 33. Arkitekturministeriet 34. Atelier Cachet 36. Banozic Architecture Scenography 37. Benoy 38. BF Architecture 39. Cadvis3d 40. CED Ltd 41. Christ.Christ. associated architects 42. CINEARCHITECTURE 43. Cliff Garten Studio 44. DeeDee Banks Designs 45. EP ARCHITECTS 46. Ernest Tsui Architects + Partners Ltd 47. First Penthouse 48. Fisher Tomlin 49. Fran Silvestre Arquitectos 50. Futureform Ltd 51. GABU Heindl Architektur 53. Ghazi Al Ali Architect 54. GOAStudio 56. Guy Morgan-Harris 57. Hariri & Hariri Architecture D.P.C 58. Hilton Barnfield Architects 59. HM Hospital Management 60. Interior Design Philosophy 61. IPT Architects 62. IRVINE NASH – Architecture & Interiors 63. James Darwent Architecture Ltd 64. Janus Architecture 65. Jean-Paul Jaccaud Architectes 66. John V. Mutlow Architects (JMA) 67. JPL Design and Construct 68. Lambert Kamps Art & Design 69. Luxury Homes by Brentnall 70. Mackay + Partners Llp 71. Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd 72. MODULAR arhitekti 73. Moneo Brock Studio 74. Morgan Harris Architects 75. Myefski Architects 76. Neshamkin French Architects 77. NFA Architects Ltd 78. Nick Baker Architects 80. Nick Baker Architects 82. Nieberg Architect, atelieraxelnieberg 83. Olga Kondratska Architecture Studio 84. opus ARCHITEKTEN BDA 86. Paddock Johnson Partnership 88. Pascoe Interiors Ltd 90. Peter A. Gabor Architects 91. Planworks Architects 92. Prisma Circle Architects 93. PTang Studio Ltd. 94. rbstudio limited 95. rePLACE Urban Studio’ 96. Rex Hawkesworth Architect & Planning Consultancy 97. Riach Architects 98. ROMERA Y RUIZ ARQUITECTOS 99. RustyBrick Designs 100. Smalley Marsey Rispin Architects Ltd 101. Stuart King Architecture & Design Ltd 102. Studio 13 Design Pvt. Ltd. 103. Studio Basheva 104. The American Society of Interior Designers 105. Turner & Hoskins Architects 106. UK UBER Interiors 108. Xabier Barrutieta Build Architecture Awards 2015


Anthony Hill Anthony Hill’s design journey began in earnest at the Royal College of Art in London. During those three years, not only did he gain a first class award in industrial design engineering, it was here that the philosophy that has shaped his work over the past five decades was formed. Anthony became – and remains to this day – a huge believer in the idea that designers and architects should seek the right balance between aesthetic design and functionality.

fter all,” he says, “there’s no point in designing a beautiful sports car if it’s got a lousy engine and doesn’t hold the road. This principle applies to buildings too: if it looks great from the outside but doesn’t work when you step inside, all you have on your hands is an extravagant waste of funds.”


Among the most significant things Anthony designed whilst a student at the RCA was a motorbike and, in-keeping with this motoring theme, from here, he worked for the Ford Motor Company for around three years, at which time he first started to think seriously about designing small city car. Soon after, Anthony was headhunted by an American company that specialised in producing computer peripheral equipment, three years after working for Hawker Siddeley Electric (the Brush Company) in Loughborough where he was responsible for the interior cab design of the prototype for the 4,000 horsepower diesel electric “Kestrel” locomotive. Whilst working on this project, Anthony was able to bring to bear for the first time the full range of skills and experience he had gained over the previous years. In this case, the problem he faced was that traditional locomotive cabs were often poorly designed, uncomfortable and not at all intuitive for those operating them. This was changed in the interests of making locomotives easier and more comfortable to operate - an important safety consideration.

Following this, he started a couple of companies of his own; one was involved in industrial design and the other was concerned with expanding the small cars project. Eventually, with the assistance of the automotive section of Loughborough University – and about five or six motor companies – Anthony and his team produced a prototype of the car, using a motorcycle engine, a 600cc Triumph motorcycle engine. However, this project atrophied due to changes in regulations brought about by Harold Wilson. During this time, Anthony was introduced to professional racing driver, Raymond Mays, whose BRM was owned by the Owen Organisation. This proved extremely helpful in helping to keep the project alive, supplying components and introducing him to a number of senior engineers. The project received a lot of publicity when it attracted the attention of Stirling Moss, who helped promote the vehicle - dubbed “the smallest car in the world” - nationally and internationally.

During the years that followed, Anthony’s career took a drastic turn away from the world of motoring (although he did, on a number of occasions, revisit the motorcycle project he started during his time at the Royal College of Art) when the Director of Education in Leicestershire took an interest in his design company and asked if they could come up with a design for a stage to be used by their touring dance company. Leicestershire had, until this point, been hiring stages from a local firm, which proved inadequate. Following Anthony’s acceptance of the brief, a full size prototype was made, using road transport section aluminium extrusions and it wasn’t long before people began to take

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Build Architecture Awards 2015


notice, with Loughborough University purchasing a large stage and then the NEC in Birmingham showing an interest during their search for a stage to be used in the newly-built Arena. This interest rapidly became more serious and, after a lengthy and in-depth pitching and decision process, the design was not only chosen but the chief engineer in charge of the project wrote Anthony a letter stating that, out of the six applications received, even though theirs was by far the most expensive – six times costlier than some – it was also “up-market and simply the best”.

Anthony says: “It wasn’t difficult to see that they had a point and so we set to work on creating a range of designs for stools, desks and chairs, which notable for their increased height and, in the case of the chairs, for having a waterfall front edge, which when released to the market, caught the eye of a number of companies – most notably ESA Macintosh in Scotland. In fact, when we decided to sell the company, one of the major factors in the deal was the success of this furniture.”

Following this major breakthrough, Anthony started making stages for schools and between 1978 and when he sold the company eight years ago, they had made close to 13,000 sales to schools in the country, 60 percent of the cathedrals in the UK and countless churches and leisure centres, halls and conference centres.

However, upon selling his company, it quickly became clear to Anthony that the new owners had little or no interest in continuing the work that he had started – namely combating bad posture and back pain caused by school furniture – so he set up another firm to remedy this, spending well over half of the £5m he received for selling the company on research and development and tools and so laying the foundations for the Aalborg range of postural furniture and stage equipment that is proving so popular.

During this time, Anthony visited hundreds of schools and heard many complaints relating to the exceedingly poor furniture.

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Today, although Anthony is not as deeply involved in the day-to-day running of his design company, he still keeps up to speed with education and the latest trends in school design- and isn’t completely happy with what he sees. “It must be pointed out,” says Anthony, “that these failings are not due solely to the architects working on these projects. They are able to work to only to the briefs and specifications that they are given, which is why these early planning stages are vital to ensure that these plans aren’t misjudged or poorly thought out. “Buildings should be designed from the inside out and function must come before appearance. There’s no point in designing something that looks pretty but doesn’t work.

“The furniture used is a strong case in point. With so much time and money being spent on the look and design of many modern school buildings, it’s not uncommon for contractors to run out of money by the time the school is finished. Needless to say, when it then comes time to select the furniture, they’re forced to buy the cheapest, which is also often the worst.” The thing that Anthony, that strikes him as being particularly sad is the enormous appreciation of the importance of good posture and good school design around the world – particularly from the Scandinavians – with people realising that good classroom design and comfortable furniture play a very big part in children achieving good grades. However, this is one particular area in which the UK, according to Anthony, lags far behind.

“Again, I go back to the philosophy that has served me so well throughout my career,” he says. “When approaching a new design project, whether it’s a knitting needle or a motor car, there are certain questions that must always be asked. What’s it for; who’s going to use it; how big are they; what funds are available for its acquisition; and how important is its appearance? Quite often, these issues are addressed in the wrong order. People often start with beautiful sketches of what they’d like to see rather than thinking about whether it will actually work.”

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Build Architecture Awards 2015


However, Anthony is also quick to point out that, whilst far from perfect, things are definitely showing signs of improvement. “People are coming to realise that, without performance and the ability to handle or control something properly, we are simply wasting our money, and as a result, more attention is now being paid to longevity and to ergonomic principles. “A great recent example would be Burntwood School in Wandsworth, which has recently won the Riba Stirling Prize. From what I’ve seen so far of the school on TV, it’s a huge step in the right direction and we’ll hopefully now see many more major projects that are designed ‘from the inside out’. The school will hopefully point the way for a new generation of buildings and design projects that place greater emphasis, not just on aesthetic merits, but on the ways in which they can actually make a difference.

“I hope to see this upward trend continue into the future because it will undoubtedly result in people living more enjoyable, fulfilling lives and with better furniture, unconstrained by back pain. It’s been shown that there is a huge and distressing growth in incidents of back pain due to a number of factors and it is now the biggest cause of adult absenteeism in the work place. You might expect that to be the consequence of heavy lifting or manual work but it is in fact largely as a result of people sitting incorrectly in offices. This needs to be drastically improved.

“I would also like to see a big improvement in the understanding of ergonomic principles rather than cost – or cheapness – being the main determinant of how a product looks or functions and I want architects and designers to think first and foremost about what a product will be about, what it should achieve and whether it can be extended or reduced without knocking down, smashing or pulverising. Of course, as a designer, I think elegance is also of great importance and this fine balance must be mastered if the next generation of designers and architects are to produce truly effective and life-changing work.”

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Danish Style meets British Functionality

Aalborg, the British furniture manufacturers, effortlessly combine a clean, stylish and modern Danish aesthetic with ergonomic function and a longevity that harks back to its UK roots.

The Aalborg brand offers a wide range of products for a number of different uses in myriad locations, including auditoria, healthcare facilities and offices. The primary function of every piece they create is always focused on the wellbeing of the user, and the firm puts particular emphasis on the long term postural benefits. The company’s unique approach and high standards have gained us international appreciation and worldwide interest, which has attracted a number of partners whose enthusiasms have already stimulated a flow of substantial orders for this fast growing range. Aalborg’s purpose as a business is centred on providing an understanding of issues related to education and the workplace, developing solutions for a fast moving world. As a company they specialise in both market and design issues, defining their business is ‘generalist’ rather than ‘specific’. This is because, through their vast experience in the industry, Aalborg have found that too many ‘specialists’ fail to engage with a developing marketplace. They aren’t able to communicate with other related ‘specialists’, let alone the general public, leading to them being alienating from their customers and mired in nonsensical industry jargon. The underlying issues relating to the concept of ‘posture’ are an important example of this phenomenon, with ergonomics and anthropometrics being key issues which need to be scrutinised in relation to design and architecture to ensure good posture and a proper care of spinal health, digestion and even – very importantly – maximising oxygen to the brain. All of these factors can improve the quality of life for the firm’s customers, as well as improving their ability to both concentrate and per-

Build Architecture Awards 2015

form. Too many designers of office and especially of school furniture appear to disregard such to the lasting detriment of both our own and of future generations, whereas at Aalborg the highly skilled design and concept team understand the health implications of the furniture which they all use on a daily basis, and strive to constantly ensure that all of our products, using their vast experience in the industry to ensure all of their products provide the ultimate in comfort and utility. The firm has a strong background in design and innovation. Aalborg DK Ltd was created by Anthony and Jayne Hill, following on from their success with their previous firm, Anthony Hill Designs Ltd, founded in 1966, which traded as Stage Systems until 2007 when Stage Systems was sold to a UK PLC. Under their guidance Stage Systems had established itself as the leading brand of demountable staging systems in the UK. As an Industrial Designer, Anthony Hill enjoyed a varied background before establishing his original design company, as he worked on developing the range of products for Stage Systems in the early years, between 1976 and 2006. This range was developed to especially serve the needs of dance, music, drama and display, incorporating a number of features designed to ensure ease of handling by the young and old alike, which led to the use of the products in a multitude of settings including education, of churches and cathedrals, town and village halls, in the UK and internationally. In fact, the range is so successful that a third of all UK schools and over half of the cathedrals in the UK use Stage Systems products for choral, concert and worship purposes.


Build Architecture Awards 2015


Build Architecture Awards 2015


One of the firm’s signature products is modular units which have a variety of uses for display and to produce ‘moving incremental walls’. Stainless steel versions were developed for removable swimming pool infills and outside use, as well as a unique modular floating stage. Dance floors and special floor modules were designed to serve large hotels and retail layouts. The Portable Stage has been developed into a unique product with the flexibility to be used for many different applications, from drama teaching and performances, to exhibitions and musical events. Flat stage blocks, split level stages and stage kits are simply specified, versatile and easy to build. The firm’s temporary stage can also create tiered layouts for audience or choral use in a range of heights, with the company providing legal step dimensions and interlocking handrails to ensure that every eventuality is catered for. The unique beauty of the Stages revolve around their simple construction and mobile storage, which means customers can make the most of space and time as temporary staging then re-use the product, making the stages not only safe and easy to use but also a sounds investment.

The firm’s educational furniture products are proven to have a positive effect on children’s mental and physical wellbeing, as an increasing number of long term trials have shown that students sitting correctly balanced at suitably adjusted work stations not only suffer less discomfort, helping concentration, but that a ‘horse riding’ posture with related height desks, preferably tilted, improves digestion as well as breathing and oxygen intake. In addition to this the seat has a ‘waterfall’ front which assists venous blood flow which encourages oxygen to the brain. The overall results have been better academic grades for students, and saddles such as those used in many of Aalborg’s products, whether on stools or seats, have a similar effect on student performance. They also do not require backrests since they encourage lordosis the correct and balanced upright posture, as opposed to kyphosis or rounded back syndrome which can cause serious problems in later life. It is these proven benefits which define the Aalborg brand- providing this generation and the next with quality, functional and stylish furniture which supports both their posture and their work.

In addition to the range of versatile staging facilities, Aalborg later expanded on the ‘moving walls’ innovation and now supply them as a separate product, comprising of stage units which are modular and extremely versatile. They are commonly used for making drama or display sets in schools, as well as being repurposed commercially for use as ‘shop in shop’ displays which can be re-configured for evening sales activities. This product is as versatile as the firm’s staging products, with another common use being for diving large rooms, which is particularly useful in the education sector. By incorporating additional aspects, constructing structures on standard storage ‘dollies’ and developing simple mouldings and related panels whole walls can be assembled swiftly as school room dividers, allowing classrooms to be divided to suit use or size, exposing panels for display, or spaces for storage to suit both sides. Aalborg later expanded into a new market by creating a range of adjustable classroom furniture, transferring the knowledge gathered from creating easy to handle folding staging equipment to develop a range of ergonomic education furniture designed to ensure both comfort and longevity.

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Best High-End Commercial Architect 2015

Debbie Flevotomou Architects Ltd The primary aim of Debbie Flevotomou Architects is to raise the profile of our clients and the value of their sites by creating architecture that corresponds to a place and a time. Every project is designed specifically for each site and accommodates its present and future needs. Our designs, inspired by natural forms and dance movements, are forms of art: They raise your spirit, induce emotion and stimulate one’s senses. We create elegant, creative and dynamic places which enhance the surrounded landscape and put forgotten sites back on the map.

ur clients, who are usually very wealthy individuals and successful developers, chose our services to provide them with a space which enhances their lifestyle. Our designs are high-end and combine luxury with perfectly curved lines.


During the design process, particularly for large schemes, we arrange workshops with clients and use value engineering to evaluate all the potential elements of a design and its potential cost. We provide the client with over twenty to thirty design options per meeting and they pick the best option through a well organised and quantified process, which prevents us from going over-budget. We offer a wide range of architectural services. This includes urban design, architectural design, interiors, furniture, and more. We produce 3D visuals of every space to help our clients understand and follow the design from start to finish. Additionally, we oversee the construction of a project from inception to completion, in accordance to the RIBA stages. Our service is personalised and tailored to our clients’ needs as they are heavily involved in the design process. During the design process the brief is always being evaluated and worked upon. This includes the project’s uses, the space, and context which we thoroughly investigate in order to produce the best options for the client. We meet weekly to show them reports and brochures that outline the design process with a great selection of options. We produce the maximum amount of

work for every project in order to give our clients the best choices. Some people may say having a wide range of options may confuse them, but truth be told they love it. At the end of each meeting, we have usually rounded it down to one or two, from which we can develop into a detailed design. If at any given time, a client decides to change the design, we are happy to incorporate any changes until we arrive at their ideal solution. An interesting story about the amount of work produced in the office is from a couple of years ago when we had our first meeting with our Libyan clients. At the time we only had two weeks to prepare design options for four projects. I am not sure exactly what they expected, but we arrived there with a 500 page brochure for each project. The aim was to explore four simultaneous projects in order to get one final design. When the presentation was over they decided to give us everything. We are not a typical commercial practice in that we are very design and concept orientated. It is our concepts that drive our designs and therefore make us unique. Furthermore, we have a flair for innovation, innovative design and technology. Our inspiration comes from natural forms and dance movements, in particular ballet choreographies.

Our architecture reflects the elegance, harmony and gracefulness of the dance and breaks the boundaries of conventional schemes. The building becomes a landmark where tourists and visitors share the same appreciation for the art of design. William Shakespeare said ‘the world is a stage’ and if the entire world is indeed a stage, then why can’t buildings be manifested by performance?

Build Architecture Awards 2015

15 Two towers Hotel & Residential, Libya

Company: Debbie Flevotomou Architects Name: Debbie Flevotomou Email: Web Address: Address: 1 Berkeley Street, Mayfair, London. W1J 8DJ Telephone: +44(0)20 3592 0537

Al Wahah Mixed Use Project, Libya

Yacht design

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Architecture is the art of choreographing spaces, just like dance is the art of choreographing movements, except we experience architecture through long-lasting buildings and spaces and not through short-lived performances. I have been using this method of design for a long time. It is rather interesting because sometimes concepts start in the dance studio rather than at the drawing board. A dance transforms into lines and these lines transform into architectural drawings. Essentially, architecture is metaphysical; it touches the heart. Great architecture will take you somewhere that words cannot describe; like watching a beautiful ballet performance. I am also a ballet dancer and choreographer and have been so from a very young age. From my experience, after watching a beautiful ballet performance, people will applaud and discuss the experience with their family and friends. This is what makes a performance a success due to the shared appreciation. The same happens with a beautiful design where the choreographic promenades of dancing reflect the same elegant curves, flowing movements and changes in tempo. This excites people and makes them want to share their appreciation of architecture with others.

Factors involving sustainability are also very important to us because of the strong correlation between the natural forms we use in our designs and the environment. For example our hotel in Abu Dhabi is a 5 tower hotel where you can find every use a visitor may dream about. The idea is to give the visitor no reason to leave the hotel, but what makes the design unique is the clever facade that looks like a honeycomb. The honeycomb can be compressed or stretched changing the shape of the building. This changes the temperature inside to increase or reduce the heat. The result is an extraordinary piece of engineering based on a very simple process from nature. Today there is a demand for good design and buildings have been too square for too long. Architects typically would design buildings that are too similar and fast to construct, and they would be essentially clones. Architecture across the centuries has not really evolved; there have been differences, but the shapes and materials have remained more or less the same.

It is only today that organic forms can be easily constructed. Now is the right time to move architecture forward. Is it not a coincidence that planes, phones, computers, cars, furniture, etc. are all becoming curvier

Private residency Build Architecture Awards 2015


and taking on interesting shapes? Additionally, is it not a coincidence that in nature there are barely any square shapes? So why do buildings have to be square? Buildings can be around for decades, so people need to look at what buildings will look like in 20 to 50 years’ time. More importantly, what will happen with larger developments which may stand for generations? One of our largest projects is the sea front hotel. The sea front hotel is a half kilometre-long site, a total of eleven hectares. Our aim from day one was to create a landmark for generations to come: something that will correspond to the natural curve of the site, has a concept, respects the culture of the area, responds to the brief but also stays timeless. We aim to not only re-invent design and make it more interesting and fun, but to deliver up-to-date and futureproof designs so the buildings may function for years to come. To put it simply, the ethos behind our practice is to be inspired, original and innovative. We produce as many design options as possible in order to amaze our clients. We believe that we must have a true understanding of our clients’ needs, lifestyle and personality and of the people who are to inhabit the space. For example, in the Religion Centre, the brief was asking for a building that could be used by all religions, which is quite a difficult task to be honest. However, our design was based on a connected, interchangeable area, which provides privacy but also flows into each of the religious spaces. Both the internal and external interaction areas for the guests are the atrium spaces. The design appears abstract, monumental and sculptural creating a liberal design that represents the freedom to follow your religion in a building shared by several religions. The result: we won the competition. Our aim is not to satisfy our clients, but to astonish them. Additionally, we are able to keep costs down with the value engineering technique – which is an added bonus.

However, if I really had to I would pick the renovation of the facade of Tower 42. Tower 42 is a 35 year old tower in the City of London and has recently been refused a listed status. The main challenges the Tower faces are the constrained floor space and the dated and bland facade. We believe that the tower should be renovated, but not necessarily demolished (for environmental reasons). With our proposal, the facade could be altered in a way that it can bear the load of the building. Therefore the floor plates can be expanded with the minimum cost increasing the floor space and resulting in a new aerodynamic design. Finally, in order to support the sustainability agenda, we would introduce horizontal gardens. These gardens would help with the air flow and natural ventilation of the tower. They would also act as a recreational space encouraging interaction between colleagues when taking their coffee or lunch breaks in these beautiful gardens. Unfortunately, the project stopped when the management changed. Interestingly enough, a lot of our clients abroad asked us to use the design for their sites. Looking further ahead, we have plans to open a second office in Dubai next year, but we are very interested to expand in to every continent. Our immediate aim is to expand to the US and Asia. We have grown very quickly as a practice since the time we started, from one person to twenty in a couple of years, so we can easily handle a large number of projects.

Tower 42 Facade Renovation, London

We design skyscrapers but we also design smaller residential projects. It is not the scale of the project, but the design that is important to us. Our clients should want to (and be willing to) have something different; something unique. It does not matter if the client cannot afford the design; we find alternative ways to get it built, whether it is with different materials or simpler construction techniques. Most of our clients are pioneers. The truth is that the world’s best fortunes have been made from opportunities that many people have seen but only a few have realised. This is an opportunity: to create a ground breaking building and increase the space’s value. From our perspective, good design is very important. It improves the quality of living, enhancing the status of the people living and working in it. How our designs affect the status of our clients is very important to us. In terms of projects I am proud of, I couldn’t really single one out over others.

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Award for Excellence in Aged Care Architecture – Australia

Campbell Luscombe Architects Pty Ltd Campbell Luscombe Architects was established by Leo Campbell and Desley Luscombe in 1977. Professor Luscombe is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Design Architecture & Building at the University of Technology, Sydney. The mix of the academic and the practitioner has enriched our architectural practice.

he practice has become one of Sydney’s leading small to medium sized architectural firms specialising in the architecture, urban design and interior architecture of institutional, residential, education, and aged care projects.


The practice has a broad client base encompassing a wide range of commercial clients as well as Sydney’s major seniors and aged care providers. The aged care and seniors housing projects of Campbell Luscombe Architects are informed by a strong appreciation of architectural culture, context and sustainable design. Every building and project reflects a distinctive resolution of these themes. Every new building, every adaptive reuse and every site must address and acknowledge a pre-existing context. At the same time, every structure and every intervention, whether radical or reverential, ultimately changes the context. The only question then, is whether the inevitable change will be for better or worse. We are sensitive to the nuances of place and precedent. We are deeply responsive to content, material and to a building’s cultural, historical and physical environment. We value the past as an inspiration to invent the future. We are committed to a philosophy that seeks to reinterpret the familiar and to explore the unfamiliar. We maintain that excellence is timeless and that the fundamentals of form and space transcend the bonds of fashion and style.

Perhaps the most important element in design for the aging resident is the need for greater attention to the residents’ quality of life. This need has had an impact on every level of care including architecture. In our designs the resident has been placed at the centre of the care giving community. The level and intensity of care adjusts as the health of the resident changes. This adjustment can now take place in a single facility which accommodates life changes without the resident needing to leave their existing situation. The drive to break down the institutional model in aged care is already common within “low care” accommodation. It is based on the “house” model with groups of private rooms opening onto or closely related to a small common domestic living and dining room area with an open attached domestic kitchen. This model is beginning to permeate into the thinking of higher care operators and conveniently accommodates the perception of “ageing-in-place” where all rooms are essentially the same. As one passes, subject to assessment, from one level of care to the next there is the possibility to remain within the same room. This retains a level of independence and individual identity for each resident’s space.

An alternative solution, with the shortage and cost of appropriately sized urban sites and the growing desire by seniors to maintain existing links within a community is the re-use of obsolescent buildings for new seniors’ communities. This is rare in Australia, and not easily achieved, because of the specific planning requirements of aged care buildings. Our particular knowledge base in this field has developed generally from experience and anecdotal reports on features that have succeeded in other facilities. We generally

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Company: CAMPBELL LUSCOMBE ARCHITECTS Name: LEO CAMPBELL Email: Web Address: Address: Studio 3 Level 3 35 Buckingham Street SURRY HILLS NSW 2025 AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9310 4211

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Build Architecture Awards 2015


learn from our clients and ultimately through their residents. We experience the various ways that different clients understand and implement strategies towards the provision of care and housing to their elderly residents. Fundamental to Campbell Luscombe Architect’s success has been our ability to respond to future market trends within the industry with a clear understanding of the current generation of seniors whose preferences are not necessarily to live in isolated aged communities. Within the residential aged care sector, the current ageing population and their families are demanding a quality of environment and care that offers a sense of community, familiarity, dignity and respect. Their relative affluence will create a demand to be securely integrated into the broader community in all tiers of seniors housing and care. It is imperative for contemporary aged care architecture to respond to the lifestyle expectations of the new senior’s population, while retaining efficient and practical design and management. The specificity of designing for a particular age group and their needs, coupled with the recognition of and sympathy for cultural memory has always been part of our practice’s thinking. Residential aged care projects can be programmatically complex and challenging, with the need to balance the specific healthcare and safety needs of statutory authorities, with the desire to create a less clinical, comfortable “homelike” environment that will be the residence of a very frail aged group in the later stage of their life.

There is a tendency in Europe and the UK for more urban senior developments. Australia has previously followed an older American pattern of putting seniors on the fringes of cities or in isolated “sun belt” communities. The majority of developers in Australia now realise the aged market desires a more cosmopolitan trend of ageing within ones established community, maintaining existing social and family connections. To be recognised by ones industry peers is a great honour, we have always found a great reward exploring the possibilities of an architecture that can improve people’s lives, and this is the case when we design for this particular demographic group, with specific cultural, physical and care needs. We utilise a dignified contemporary interpretation of the architecture of a period that evokes both a familiarity and substantial cultural recognition. It is possible to make places that can give a sense of grace and dignity to life. Our projects facilitate a positive life affirming narrative that accommodates the lives of the aged residents, their families and the staff.

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Most Eco-Friendly Single Dwelling (Cherry Blossom House, Black Forest) – UK

ÜberRaum Architects ÜberRaum architects are a practice focussing on the creation of innovative and exciting design projects. Director Markus Seifermann explains the firm’s ethos and what the future holds for the company.

berRaum Architects are a London-based international, interdisciplinary practice. Our work encompasses everything in the building process from design to project management and we often advice clients our foreign clients on the UK building market.


The office is currently 12 people strong and is made up of architects, art historians and film makers. Our clients are varied and our build projects range from the UK to Switzerland, Germany, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Our philosophy is to constantly strive to create spaces where human beings feel comfortable, inspired and at home. Our belief is that the better people feel, the more they can be themselves. So we measure success, not just in numbers, but in terms of did we make people happy. This ethos can be seen in our approach to design, which is always bold and colourful with playful twists. We pay attention to smart details and love exploring surprising combinations of material, form and colour. In order to keep pace in our fast moving industry, we firmly believe that collaboration is everything. We like to inspire and be inspired by people from other disciplines. For example, we invite people over from the film industry for discussions and design sessions. In turn we then work with them on their projects and the results are always great. It’s amazing what you can do when you get out of the ivory tower of architecture, it’s also a lot of fun too. This extends beyond industry collaborations to our clients as well. We like to help our clients understand everything from the first concept sketches to project hand-over which in our opinion makes us their ideal partners in the process. Some clients can be nervous of making the wrong decision in increasingly difficult industry where they can be left exposed. For everybody at ÜberRaum, open and transparent communication is essential. Only with a fully informed team, you can keep a clear view of the project ambitions.

builders. Therefore, we work together with all of these individuals to ensure the project is realised perfectly. We see our roles as conductors motivating everybody involved in the process to work towards the best possible outcome. It’s a great experience and very satisfactory when you look back at what you have achieved together. Location is everything in our industry, and we worked hard to choose the ideal location. We are based in Islington, a densely populated area in central London. Our team and the clients love the area around Upper Street including the cafes and our wonderful warehouse office. Obviously, being based in central London comes at a cost. We keep things in control by being smart with our space and resources including being almost paper free, which is a challenge for architects. We feel absolutely thrilled and also quite proud to have won this award. In our opinion the most successful projects are based on great teamwork between the client, the planners and the architect. In this case we were lucky enough to have a client who wanted to push the boundaries together with us. The planners supported the design from the beginning, which was extremely helpful and made the project really enjoyable to work on. One of our key focuses in the future is on expansion into new areas, and we have started to diversify our portfolio and to work in other markets. For example we have three projects in Baku, Azerbaijan. One of them is a large Masterplan, which allows us the opportunity to work at a larger scale and have more variety in our projects. We will also be looking to expand upon our business consultancy business, which has developed from our success in our field. We have named this division ÜberBusiness, and we advise international businesses, corporate clients, public sector customers and trades/crafts enterprises on all questions relating to the British building industry.

There would be no project without a client and a user and it usually takes very many people to realise a building: designers, consultants, specialists,

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Company: ÜberRaum Architects Name: Markus Seifermann Email: Web Address: Address: 1 Purley Place, London N1 1QA | UK Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7359 1793

Cherry Blossom House, Black Forest, Germany, 2014 Project details Year: 2014 Location: Black Forest, Germany Client: Private RIBA stages: 1-6 Awards: BUILD Magazine’s 2015 Architecture Awards: Most Eco-Friendly Single Dwelling; Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg: Beispielhaftes Bauen 2015 Project Description This award-winning family home is situated close to Strasbourg, in a village famous for its cherry trees and cherry schnapps. Presented with a naturally beautiful site, and constrained by a modest budget, we resolved to design a building that engaged with its natural environment. The house is highly methodical in its plan, and dramatically augmented by the selective framing of views. The building sits confidently in the landscape, jutting out like a ship in a sea of green. It allows the landscape to flow uninterrupted beneath it, elevating living spaces into the blossoms. At the heart of the house an ample open plan kitchen forms the family’s central hub. The top floor, including bedrooms, is level with the treetops, evoking the atmosphere of an exclusive tree house retreat. Designed as a low-carbon german Passivhaus, the timber frame construction has been prefabricated off-site and was erected in just a week. The building is insulated with eco-friendly cellulose and fitted with triple glazing. With its roof-integrated solar and photovoltaic system it is also almost entirely energy self-sufficient. The Cherry Blossom House has officially been awarded the prestigious prize for the 2014 Beispielhaftes Bauen (Exemplary Design) Award by the Architectural Chamber of Baden Württemberg. In 2015 it was awarded Most Eco-Friendly Single Dwelling at BUILD Magazine’s 2015 Architecture Awards.

Build Architecture Awards 2015


German Embassy, London Completion Date: 2014 Location: Belgravia West London Listing: Grade I Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berlin Construction Cost: ÂŁ 2,1 Mio. This Grade I listed residence forms part of four grand terraces facing Belgrave Square in West London. Built in 1825 by George Basevi in Graeco-Roman style, the five storey terrace features giant fluted Corinthian columns, projecting Doric porches and a continuous first floor balcony. The facade suffered heavily from weathering and poor levels of craftsmanship in previous renovations, therefore substantial works have been carried out to reinstate the historical grandeur of the building. This has involved detailed analysis and research of existing features, materials and structures. In close cooperation with authorities, consultants and specialised craftsmanship, materials befitting the historical character of the building have been used during the restoration process. During construction the building had to remain fully occupied and functional, while meeting high level security requirements.

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Royal Thai Embassy Completion Date: 2015 Location: South Kensington, London Client: Royal Thai Government, Bangkok RIBA stages: 1-6 Following a competition held by the Royal Thai Embassy, ÜberRaum Architects have re-designed the public sections of their building in South Kensington, London. The project included the consular and visa sections as well as the Embassy’s musical performance space, which is regularly used for high-profile receptions and cultural events. Thailand’s rich culture, art and character are represented in the design of this project for the Royal Thai Embassy in Kensington & Chelsea. The project is characterised by a bespoke joinery piece, which takes inspiration from traditional Thai colours, shapes and motifs. Made from walnut veneer, the joinery forms the counter desk and is the focus of the consulate rooms, with the design creating a beautiful setting in where Embassy visitors apply for visas and passports. This highly crafted and decorated element animates and enriches the space, whilst also providing high-tech multimedia and security services for the consular and visa section. The material and pattern cut into the joinery create echoes of Thai woodcarving techniques, and an opulent gold colour scheme reflects the warmth and richness of Thai interiors, hospitality and culture. Photography credits: Lyndon Douglas

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Best Architectural Services Company 2015 – Romania

ARHI GRUP ARHI GRUP is a Romanian based enterprise providing complete design services specialising in architectural, structural and electro-mechanical designs. George Mihalache talks us through the group’s ethos and how they have come so far as to win such a prestigious award.

egistered in 2004, ARHI GRUP is a company on the rise. We are a young and dynamic enterprise with extensive project experience, taking a limited number of jobs at one time in order to provide leadership continuity for each of them. This ensures our commitment to both excellence in design and technical integrity, which in turn are beneficial for each and every detail of our projects.


Our clients usually are mid-scale to up-scale developers that are looking for performance in design, commitment for deadlines and consciousness of construction budget. Since 2004, ARHI GRUP has been committed to a number of significant projects which challenged us and enriched our know-how and experience required for all major architectural programs, namely residential, office and retail segments. All the projects were successfully managed and developed by ARHI GRUP, while maintaining outstanding relationships with our clients. Our position on the market has enabled us not only to be highly competitive, but also cost effective. Nevertheless, the standard of our services – seen precisely through the above-mentioned corporate value of superior quality in design and planning – places us in a class of our own.

We aim to add value to each project we undertake by designing highly functional buildings which inspire beauty, while also demonstrating fiscal accountability and sustainability. Architecture as creative act it’s become as dynamic as the technology, which in fact determined this dynamism. There a lot of good –designed buildings today, in almost each corner of the world. But, of course, apart from being beautiful a building also has to satisfy many other criteria, and we believe that this might make a difference. The research, the story, the philosophy behind a building, could improve the final design and could also dramatically influence how a building is assimilated by the city. One of our latest projects, Hotel Mercure Bucharest City Center is such an example. Situated in a historic and eclectic neighbourhood, but very central, we’ve had several attempt to find means of stylistic expression, until we decided that the future building must contribute synergistically to the character of the area, which led to a contextual approach.

Architectural contextualism defines a set of values that once applied to a new building grafted on a historical tissue, makes it not an scratchy and foreign object, but a regenerative element that communicates harmoniously with the surroundings. The new hotel facades have taken and reinterpreted architectural and symbolic elements from the immediate vicinity, so as to emit a cultural message, both urban and stylistically consistent. We are talking about arched windows alternated with rectangular ones, a porch with arches ceded to public space and last but not least the collage on the main facade of

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Company: ARHI GRUP Name: George Mihalache Email: Web Address: Address: 4, C-tin Disescu street, 3rd fl 011089, 1st district Bucharest, Romania Telephone: 0040724222407

a detail of the coping of the Romanian Athenaeum and some muses “descended” from the ceiling of the music salon of the museum G. Enescu - double tribute to two great local symbols: Romanian Athenaeum (50m away from the hotel) and the great composer George Enescu, which gives the name of the street on which the hotel is located. The technical process by which this modern “fresco” it was accomplished is very architecturally trendy: we used CNC perforated panels, placed at a certain distance from the facade support, creating the look and feel of depth by alternating light and shade.

We believe that this kind of approach, in which the architecture is backed-up by a story behind, makes the future buildings more authentic and innovative, making them aesthetic and ultimately cultural landmarks in the city they will be part of. Romania is a country that has a tremendous potential for development in real estate field. Due to historical circumstances, our market is young and receptive, making it very attractive for investment in almost all aspects of economy. Of course, the key investors that we rely on, are the ones coming from abroad, as Romanians are by large, still end users. Looking to the future, we are looking forward to expanding our design experience, enriching ARHI GRUP’s portfolio of quality projects with future landmarks-buildings, which our clients, us, and the city will be proud of.

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Company: Acres Architecture LTD Name: Acres Architecture Email: Web Address: Address: Court Gardens, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7SN Telephone: 0115 8592784

Full Service Architecture Acres Architecture provide a wide variety of core and Firm of the Year - UK additional services to help their clients navigate through the exciting process of a construction project. We speak to Edward Acres, the firm’s founder, about the services they provide and how they came to win such a prestigious award.

Acres Architecture provides Architectural Design for a wide variety of project sectors including residential, domestic, commercial and retail, and we are constantly expanding into new sectors. In addition to this we also offer a wide variety of other services that can be added on to our Core scope to further enhance our service to clients in both private and commercial sectors. We offer services and products that others simply fail to see the benefit of including, simple things like bringing not only 2d CAD drawings to meetings to discuss with Clients, but also 3D Plans that can been handed to a Client on an iPad and spun around in front of their very eyes providing them with a much deeper understanding of the ideas behind the developing design. Based in Nottingham, in the centre of the UK we are able to cover the midlands region and further afield. The company was started back in 2008 by myself, utilising my training as an

Architect and my keen interest for Business and particularly Property Development. I am a RIBA and ARB registered Chartered Architect and is responsible for running the company on a day to day basis and maintains close connections with all Projects and Clients. The company was started to provide domestic clients with the service feel of a large practice and all its high skill sets, wide reach and good quality design expertise, but for a price that was still good value for money and accessible to all. After the first few projects I took on staff to assist with the large volumes of work (that was received from previous and existing client recommendations) and the company began to grow. Our overall aim is still the same as it was back when we started; to impress that same sense of high quality, efficient and clear speaking service into the domestic market whilst we have now expanded into the residential development, commercial and retail sectors. Our biggest inspiration is not other Architects or some typical world famous projects (as we already mentioned we do things differently), it is our clients. We are always inspired by the new challenges that our clients present to us, challenges are what we thrive on. This attitude serves us well in an industry that is constantly evolving and technologically driven. We are always on the lookout for new technologies within the construction industry that can improve our working lives, which will also improve our client’s service experience. Such technologies as virtual reality and augmented reality have all been made possible via the use of hardware such as tablet PC’s and Macs that

Build Architecture Awards 2015

can be taken to site or meetings, enhancing the construction process through design clash detection in 3D simulations and visual aids as well as and overall clearer understanding of the designs attributes. Our interest in technologies does not just stop with the Construction industry. Whenever we find a particular new piece of software or hardware, we often try and apply it to our current work streams and test if it improves the process. This by either efficiency or accuracy or simply making things easier. Some don’t, but just finding that one out of ten, improves things and makes the effort worthwhile. Overall we are fascinated by new and emerging technologies, its deep routed within our passion for an enhanced customer experience. In the future, we intend to grow and have no plans to restrict ourselves. With the procedures and mechanisms we have in place as operation policy, our client experience can only improve as we grow. With a wider reach of connections and knowledge to draw upon both here in the UK and internationally, we dream of one day becoming a major multidisciplinary practice offering not only Architectural Service and the relevant Additional Services but also, Engineering, Quantity Surveying and many other Professional Construction Project Team services. We intend to break into each discipline with the same vigour and enthusiasm as we have done and continue to do with architecture. We hope that one day our clients can turn to us as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all their professional service requirements on a multitude of construction projects.


Company: AHP Architects & Surveyors Ltd Name: Mark Lydall Email: Web Address: Address: 18 St John’s Hill, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 3NP Telephone: 01732 463916

Best Healthcare Architect 2015 - UK This established firm specialise in architecture for the healthcare industry, combining functionality and aesthetics. Mark Lydall talks us through the firm’s background and the philosophy that has helped them win this award.

AHP Architects & Surveyors Ltd

AHP Architects are delighted that we have been awarded Best Healthcare Architects 2015 for the Women and Children’s Building at North Middlesex University Hospital. We believe that our combination of sound technical knowledge and a focus on customer service is the key to AHP’s continued success. We were appointed in 2008 to develop the scheme for Outline and Full Business Case approval including the design of a new £22mn Maternity building and external works to support the additional obstetric activity. Established in 1988 as the Andrew Hoad Partnership, we are now a 20 strong team of construction industry professionals with experience in a wide variety of projects. Location is an important factor in our industry, and AHP are fortunate to operate from two locations both of which are conveniently placed for the UKs major cities. Sevenoaks has easy access to London and The South, while Lichfield has excellent transport links to The Midlands, Wales and The North. By having a strong team in both areas, we are able to offer our clients the service they require, regardless of their location.

always strive to design buildings with a combination of both creative flair and technical practicality. Naturally we have a number of factors to consider during the design process, namely environment, functional relationship and importantly, the client’s vision. However, we understand that it takes more than a good outlook to succeed in our constantly changing industry. In order to keep up to date with the latest trends in healthcare architecture, AHP attend regular CPD presentations and industry exhibitions and also subscribe to relevant literature and social media. By ensuring we are fully aware of every development in a variety of industry areas, our clients benefit from our knowledge of new technologies and products, regardless of sector. Our regular visits to areas of architectural interest provide the team with opportunities to appraise current and historical trends and draw inspiration for future projects.

Most of our experience lies within the following industry sectors: healthcare, commercial, residential, education and leisure. Our experience, knowledge and attitude are transportable across all commercial environments. Some of our recent clients include: The Royal Household, Glaxo Smith Kline and numerous NHS Trust’s including University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Staying at the forefront of industry developments is so important to our firm that we have made it our ethos is to strive to evolve in an ever evolving industry. We have worked hard to recruit, train and retain a highly competent team of construction industry professionals with a complementary range of in-depth skills that allow us to offer clients a significant range of services. Our team work hard, but receive job satisfaction and opportunities for professional development which in turn benefits AHP and our clients.

Our firm operates under the philosophy “architecture with knowledge” and our team

In addition to our extensive industry knowledge, our clients also benefit from our 27

Build Architecture Awards 2015

years of experience across a broad range of sectors. From our work on small specialist projects to major complex buildings, our clients receive an equal level of service and experience. We listen, we communicate, and we deliver. A testimony to our quality of service and cost effectiveness in the delivery of successful projects is that a number of our clients date back to our formation. AHP are constantly seeking new challenges across a wide spectrum of projects. We are currently involved in specialist gene therapy and stem cell projects at the forefront of technology and also in heritage projects for The Royal Household, providing our team with an extensive range of opportunities. Additionally we are continuing with our expansion of our Lichfield office and having provided work experience placements, we have recently appointed a post graduate to further strengthen the team. With BIM playing a major role in our industry, we have developed our BIM capability over the past two years and are currently working on schemes which adopt the BIM Level 2 principles, following the introduction by the UK Government of the BIM Level 2 Mandate.


Company: Align Architecture Ltd Name: Nick Clewer Email: Web Address: Address: Sixth Floor Lancaster House, 67 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 1NQ Telephone: 0121 233 1269

Align Architecture was formed in May 2014 with the primary aim to provide a multi-sector and design-led architectural service. From the outset our driving force has Best Multi-Sector Architectural Practice always been to offer a comprehensive design-led service 2015 – Midlands, UK and skillset across a wide range of sectors, covering domestic clients, public sector organisations and private sector businesses. Most of our work is through repeat business, but we continue to attract new clients through referrals and our solid values, approach and dependable reputation for going the extra mile.

Align Architecture Ltd

In terms of our philosophy we have a very open and friendly approach to our work by focusing on developing and strengthening the relationships we have. We are passionate about what we do and that is translated into the work we produce. To help achieve those aims Align realises just how essential it is to have the right personnel who believe in the approach and ethos of the practice. We recognise that our staff are our greatest asset and demonstrate this through regular social events, rewarding high performance, providing flexibility, support and offering individual structured personal development programmes. It’s for these reasons alone we have a very loyal and hardworking work force. To distinguish ourselves from our competitors we focus on the client, to bring a high level of service and the best solution to the table. We believe the client should always be at the heart of the process. The challenge is to try to get an understanding of what the client really wants. Whatever the size of a project, whether it’s domestic or a multi-million pound development, each one is likely to be a client’s primary focus. So our challenge is to provide all of our clients with the right support to ensure we realise their aspirations, embrace the opportunity and deliver a great end product. On a domestic scale, it’s a lot more personal to them because they typically live in the property. The main thing is relating to and understanding the client rather than the views and desires of a consultant taking precedence.

At Align we want people with the right balance in life because we know that reflects on their professional life. If they resent what they’re doing, then it’s extremely hard to portray enthusiasm to our clients. As well as having key abilities relevant to their role, it is important to have that overall balance to help achieve what they’re trying to deliver in their personal and professional life. We rely on the strength of partnerships formed over the years with associated disciplines in meeting the needs of our clients. It is paramount to the success of a project to have a design team that works closely together and can rely on each other throughout a projects delivery. Training and development for each staff member can take several years to complete depending on their chosen role. It is therefore important to understand people’s aspirations and to support them wherever possible in achieving those aims. That’s in combination with being mindful of the needs of the business so that, as staff abilities and knowledge increases the practice benefits. Although Align was formed after the worst of the economic downturn had passed, there were still residual effects that demanded realism in costings and a striving for maximum efficiency. This presented a challenge in establishing the practice. Building on existing relationships and developing new commissions was paramount to getting the practice off on the right footing. At the moment, we are working towards a

Build Architecture Awards 2015

number of new accreditations which will be an important part of the practice’s future. In terms of challenges we have faced, the changes to the CDM regulations in April stands out. To ensure we were well prepared for these changes we put both the time and effort in so our team understood what their responsibilities were which put us in a good place to advise our clients and the wider consultant teams We were delighted to have been nominated for this award in the first instance, so to have won is extra special. It would not have been possible without the support of our clients over the past eighteen months or without the dedication of the staff that make the practice what it is today. I firmly believe that at Align we go that extra mile for our clients, whilst providing the highest level of service and commitment across all of our projects. We have achieved our success by listening to our clients carefully through early engagement and briefing followed up by regular informal and formal client feedback sessions. As we look ahead to the future developing our business is the focus of our attention. We are looking to significantly grow our work load throughout the rest of the year and expand the teams with key appointments, which we hope will deliver a better service to our clients.


Company: AVA - Andrea Vattovani Architecture ZT Gmbh Name: Andrea Vattovani Email: Web Address: Address: Schubertstr. 66/3 Telephone: 0043316902926

We work from small scale concepts or research projects Recognised Leader in Timeless through to high scale urbanism. I also teach design and Architecture – Austria urbanism at the Technical university of Graz which for me is an important matter, as it gives me the opportunity to pass my knowledge to upcoming generations of architects as well as develop interesting concepts with them. We have a wide range of clients as well as some clients with whom we work regularly but in the last year we have been expanding and getting more clients from around the world.

AVA - Andrea Vattovani Architecture

Being an architect is a delicate and multifaceted task. One must not only be an excellent technician, but also have artistic, creative qualities, tied in with patience and amazing listening skills. Further, amazing organizational skills and an acute awareness of the influence one exudes on peoples’ lives are also of utter importance. That is why, at AVA we avoid formalistic and overly fashionable architecture, instead striving for clear communication of ideas through our projects. We aspire to create timeless architecture by reducing form, efficient and functional use of materials, whilst at the same time remaining conscientious of costs. We mostly find our inspiration in the context itself. Every location has a story to tell and we are here to shape that story. With the industry constantly evolving you need to keep your eyes open at all times. It’s about understanding how society is evolving and understanding the future direction before the mainstream does. I think this is one of the main tasks of architecture, to foresee the future and influence it in a better way. A lot of firms in the industry can offer similar services so for us distinguishing ourselves from our competitors is of huge importance. Ultimately I think what makes us unique is the feedback we receive from people and clients, especially new clients contacting us after they see new projects being published. We always strive to find the best possible solution, we carefully analyse our task and define our goal, our aim is not only to create merely good looking architecture but architecture which makes people happier too.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

In terms of the ethos behind the firm we developed a strategy behind the projects that we are doing called “the programmed glocalization”. We accept that there is a globalization going on but we do not accept projects or solutions that look the same for Miami as for China. Operating in Austria has meant that in terms of challenges we have faced very few, the country itself is very small and centrally located in Europe so this has given us an opportunity to work all around Europe. We were very pleased and honoured to receive the ‘Recognised Leader in Timeless Architecture’ award, it is very important for us that our work is being recognized. Part of our mission is to achieve timeless architecture and avoid fashionable solutions and this surely contributed to our work being selected for the award. Going forward to sustain our success we are looking to gain further trust from international developers and we are going to work on a book and exhibition to present our strategy the “programmed glocalization” to the public.


Company: Architectures Chabenès & Scott Name: Angus Scott Email: Web Address: Address: 29 Rue de Chateaubriand, 44000 Nantes Telephone: 02 40 20 25 00

ACS is a company employing 5 architects with a reputation for quality design spanning over 30 years. Our Best for Public Sector office is located in the centre of Nantes, a young dyRenovation Projects namic city on the west coast of France. Our clients are largely public sector and we offer a wide range of design solutions for clients all over the west of France. We specialise in the health and educational sectors, however we have extensive experience in other areas too. Our project portfolio includes education, health, justice, commercial, administration, culture and housing.

Architectrues Chabenès & Scott

We put the well being of those who are going to live or work in our buildings at the heart of the design process. Inventive use of materials, a sympathetic exploitation of space and light and the quest to create something unique are the hallmarks of our architectural solutions. Our bi-lingual structure (French and English) helps distinguish us from our competitors. Our expertise in medical imagery, CT scanning for example, enables our clients in the medical sector to make informed choices. Renovation projects and sustainable architecture are our particular areas of expertise. Whilst we are not explicitly ‘green architects’, we incorporate energy efficient choices into all of our projects. Our versatility enables us to take on both complex and unusual projects; indeed we seek them out, always keen to identify intriguing opportunities. Nantes is the largest city in the region of the Pays de la Loire, and its proximity to the sea and Saint Nazaire makes the region a particularly dynamic one. The construction industry is under mounting pressure to build more efficiently and consider the impact on the planet at all stages of the design and build process. In this respect, Nantes has been a pioneer. It was the first city in France to bring back the tram as a solution to congestion and environmentally damaging public and private transport. The combustion of local waste generates the required energy for a self-sufficient system. ACS is extremely proud to have won the ‘Best for Public Sector Renovation Projects’ award. Such recognition within the building industry is very gratifying and I believe our success is born out of the quantity and quality of

Build Architecture Awards 2015

renovation projects that ACS has undertaken in recent years. The challenge now is to retain our hard fought position in the industry, something that can never be taken for granted. As we look ahead to the future, the renovation of architecturally or civically important buildings is an absolute necessity. Today, it is socially and economically inconceivable to demolish vast tracts of our architectural landscape, a product of generations of heritage and creative vision, in pursuit of perceived modernity. Of course there is a place for the new, but we must also work together to improve existing structures; we need to increase the density of our cities, reduce energy wastage, and at the same time make our urban spaces more enjoyable places to live, work and prosper. At ACS these are the values and design principals we strive for and we hope to contribute to the evolution of our cities for many decades to come.


Company: Arkitekturministeriet - AMPD Name: Bo Benzon Email: Web Address: Address: Otto Busses Vej 5A, Building 020, 2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark

We are a multidisciplinary studio and do all kinds of creative activity within interiors, set-designs, festivals Most Innovative Architect 2015 and constructions. As long as the idea is right we are – Denmark willing to expand the horizon of our work field extensively. Our clients vary from private to commercial companies in Denmark and we are on the verge of expanding into other countries too.


Alongside doing as much as we can in an environmentally friendly way, we try to constantly think outside of the box. Our biggest task is to convince the clients what works and how people interact with their surroundings. We try to do everything in a new way rather than the ordinary. In general we are good at looking into the client’s sphere, making them be a part of the process instead of just applying our own designs directly. On top of that we have found a niche in being a onestop solution. From idea to finished product we do everything. With in-house production facilities and construction teams we are more flexible, faster and often more cost efficient than others. With the industry constantly evolving we have to keep up to speed with any emerging trends, this is paramount to our growth. We have a huge network and also more than 10 years of experience which backs us up and of course we therefor try to be on top of the industry. We are constantly evolving everyday as we do so many different kinds of projects at the same time. We like to class ourselves as the go to people for creative designs and with a good sense of how to construct and design we have an extra advantage in giving proposals and understand the different aspects of the whole process. We generally want to make the world a better place. In terms of our focus we are more into the creative part of the business rather than the financial. We strive to create fulfilled members of our organisation that are capable of being versatile. Our hierarchy is also very flat which makes our work relations better

Build Architecture Awards 2015

and creates more innovative and well thought out projects. Copenhagen, Denmark is a very challenging city to operate in with the budgets being so restricted. In addition the deadlines are often very unrealistic and so that is arguably our biggest challenge to overcome. In terms of opportunities for growth as we are quite unique in what we do we are encouraged about our future prospects. Winning the ‘Most Innovative Architect 2015’ award feels really good. It’s always nice to be rewarded for the time and effort you put into making the world a better place. We take a slightly different approach towards designing, combining both the creative and construction part of our projects. Right now the focus is on expanding our firm. We have recently moved into a new office and studio in Copenhagen which allows us to expand both our project and staff numbers. The next step will probably be to expand into Germany with an office in Hamburg. We are keen to take one step at a time for now, but things are looking good the next few years ahead.


Company: ATELIER CACHET Name: NATHALIE TREMBLAY Email: Web Address: Address: 45 Avocet drive, Vaughan, Ontario Telephone: 416-805-1573

Atelier Cachet is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary design firm that builds modern, luxe estate and designs Award for Excellence in Sustainable couture interiors. Founded in 2004 by husband and Design - Canada wife team Nathalie Tremblay and Dave Nicholas, the company’s edgy, sleek aesthetic and its use of simple forms and a balanced mix of materials during the design process have earned its reputation as a leader in the custom contemporary design/build category.

Atelier Cachet

We provide a full interior design and build service for new builds, renovation projects and custom interiors. We also offer a turnkey solution from start to finish and have a team of reputable and experienced trades’ people. Our clients are individuals that have a good sense of what they want; they want to work with us because they love my brand and want to bring their project to the next level by pushing the boundaries and exceeding everyone’s expectations. Our clients are professionals that understand the value of hiring a designer to complete their project. In terms of our philosophy to achieve exceptional results we create an interior design solution that works best for our client. Atelier Cachet believes that every project has its own unique set of challenges and solutions, worthy of a creative cutting edge contemporary design. We approach each project with a fresh vision, focused passion and a commitment to outstanding service. Working in an industry which is constantly evolving is tough so to ensure we are keeping up to speed with any emerging trends we regularly attend design, fashion, car and trade shows to be aware of new ideas to set our own trends. We have a constant desire to grow and learn. We always explore and develop new ideas. We are adventurous, creative and open-minded. Change is something we always look to embrace. Our mission is to inspire and enrich our client’s lives by creating a comfortable environment with a unique character. We aim to create timeless interior and

Build Architecture Awards 2015

architecture by achieving beauty through function and enhancing the client’s quality of life. Our greatest reward is the satisfaction of our clients. In terms of the company’s ethos we look to build strong relationships and create clients for life. We always find a team with a positive attitude creates a fun and enjoyable working environment. Operating in Toronto presents several opportunities and challenges but arguably the greatest thing about the city we live in is its multi-cultural diversity. The diversity of race, language, religion and lifestyle helps define and set Toronto apart from other world cities. To be given the ‘Award for Excellence in Sustainable Design – Canada’ was an honour, we are thrilled to have received this prestigious award. Dedication to environmental responsibility is fundamental to Atelier Cachet’s philosophy. We as a company are always trying to reduce the environmental and carbon impact on every job. A renovation tends to create a lot of garbage and debris; therefore if possible, we try to recycle items like old millwork and doors. In terms of our future prospects, we are quite optimistic about what lies ahead. We are passionate about interior design and modern architecture and how it can greatly change and impact your lifestyle. We have to keep striving for innovative and cutting-edge design concepts by offering the ultimate luxurious homes and lifestyles.


Company: Banozic Architecture Scenography Name: Boris Banozic Email: Web Address: Address: Frankenallee 74 60327 Frankfurt am Main Telephone: +49 (0)69 97322380

Best Commercial Architect & Interior Banozic Architecture Scenography is a design studio Designer 2015 offering all architectural services from concept to execution as well as furniture design, graphic design, exhibition and media design. Our clients range from the institutional and cultural area to the commercial sector. Among them are VW Financial Services and the Jewish Museum, Berlin. Currently we are realizing three TV Studios for the german broadcast ZDF.

Banozic Architecture Scenography

In finding new combinations of architecture and graphic surfaces we adapt technologies of the current zeitgeist and work in a close collaboration with clients, artisans, consultants and other professionals. This enables us to take experimental steps in the development of new hybrids of space, function and representation, unfolding new programmatic and spatial relations and qualities. We are not implicitly following current trends, but rather trying to be innovative in terms of ideas and concepts. Most of the time we develop the idea first and then we look for the appropriate means to realize it.

To present ourselves as the best option for our clients we focus on expressive architectural forms and the possibilities of integrating media technologies, graphics or messages. We want our architecture to be innovative in terms of how it communicates its function and content. By focusing on the contextual derivation of our designs we try to get to the core of the message that the client (or the content) wants to express. In terms of there being a culture which defines us as a company, as I studied in the class of Peter Cook and Enric Miralles at the Städel Architecture School in Frankfurt, my work is very much based on and relates to these architects and thinkers. So in a way Peter’s poetic ideas about architecture or the complex geometries of Enrics Buildings still follow my work and create a kind of maintenance. To gain the recognition we have from winning this award makes us proud and confident to keep with our ways of thinking and designing. Our aim is always to find new abstractions of architecture, not only into a communicating surface but making architecture that speaks for itself in terms of its content and function. To express the message or content through architecture and not just overlapping it is very important. As we look ahead to the future we will adapt our competences in the production process by starting a close collaboration with a furniture and media designer in order to build and test materials.

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Company: Benoy Name: Tom Cartledge Email: Web Address: Address: One Monkwell Square, London, EC2Y 5BL Telephone: 0207 726 8999

Best in Sector: Leisure & Tourism Architecture - UK

Benoy Benoy is a British design firm offering architectural, masterplanning, interior and graphic design services amongst others. We are nearing our 70th anniversary, having been founded in Nottinghamshire in 1947. Today, our global team works from 11 studios around the world creating and designing in over 60 countries.

We provide clients with an innovative, creative and commercially successful product that connects with the local culture whilst also resonating on the global stage. Our expertise is not limited to any one sector but instead continues to grow. We proudly offer retail, residential, mixed-use, hospitality, aviation, leisure and more. As a proud British firm, Benoy began working locally in the East Midlands. Organically, the practice has progressed to take on larger scale projects. Our seven decades of success have been based on the philosophy that creativity and commercial viability are not mutually exclusive. The team understand that clients want to see their developments embody their visions whilst also producing positive returns on their plans. The Benoy philosophy is to envision the line where design and functionality meet. The key to our success has been our global portfolio. We work around the world in over 60 countries, which allows the team to observe emerging trends wherever they may be. This grasp on the current and upcoming helps our designers to draw buildings that appeal to today’s and tomorrow’s consumer. Every sector we work in is evolving. There is a movement to more mixed-use consumer focused projects which speaks volumes of the growth of the social media age. It is important that we at Benoy understand global trends to introduce new and exciting features and components to our designs. What sets us aside from our competitors is how we have exported the Benoy brand around the world and embraced true globalisation whilst still retaining our founding spirit as a ‘Great’ British Design firm. We are a forward thinking group of people and are excited about the future, but a primary feature of our firm is that we are not controlled or diverted by a Board. We are a privately owned, family business where the only shareholders are the creative stakeholders – our clients. The direction of the company is driven by the designs and the exceptionally talented team around the world. At Benoy, we work as one global studio, designing both individually and collectively, but always working together under the guiding ethos of ‘One Benoy’.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

It has always been the tradition at Benoy as we grow to not become disparate components of the company. We maintain constant and regular communication throughout the team across all studios, from the executive level to the part ones. Benoy is built on this collaborative spirit, utilising market knowledge, business connections and design talent to provide our clients with quality, internationally renowned schemes regardless of where they want to develop. Benoy is proud to be based throughout the world. We have always maintained our Nottinghamshire home though as it is a major chapter in Benoy’s development. Working from Newark, Nottinghamshire, to Dubai to Hong Kong, the team is a mix of local and international talent and experts blending their ideas together to create something that will not only suit the client’s vision but will also enhance the city in which it is being built. It is always a great honour just to be considered in any category, but for our firm to have been chosen as Best in Sector is a true testament to the great work our team is doing not only here in the UK but in all our studios around the world. At the core of the Benoy philosophy is our work across markets and regions, learning key aspects from one sector and reinterpreting them to advance designs in other sectors. We are always looking to stay ahead of the curve to continue providing our clients with the highest quality designs. We have recently moved into the North American market and have been finding great success in South America as well. Taking our experience from Asia, the Middle East and Europe, Benoy is able to provide a fresh look at design in the Americas. Looking further down the road, we are working with developers and governments to ensure that today’s schemes are future-proof. The Benoy team is working on the next generation of design. Our natural growth has evolved from dedicated top quality schemes from our talented designers and measured business risks which have allowed Benoy to go from a small boutique practice in the East Midlands to one of the leading mixed-use design firms in the world.


Company: BF architecture Name: Bobby Fogel Email: Web Address: Address: Lange Winkelhaakstraat 26, 2060 Antwerpen Telephone: +32 477 935 000

The team of BF Architecture was founded in 2001 by Bobby Fogel. At BF Architecture we firmly believe Best Residential Architect 2015 every project deserves its own unique approach. Before & Award for Innovation in Museum calling on the creativity of our professionals we like to & Gallery Design - Belgium take a bird’s eye view of the project. We have found the best way of ensuring all of our client’s needs is to listen to their request and then form the research to get more information. From this point we can present different proposals and agree upon a suitable solution.

BF Architecture

We are big believers in an academic approach to architecture. Even in small projects it pays off to go beyond the basics of the drawing board to lift designs to a higher level. Our ambition is to deliver haut-architecture every single time. Experience all over the world we have designed and built projects in Europe, the USA and the Middle East. This experience in working with different sets of rules and regulations, and cultural sensitivities, helps us to deliver our projects on time and within the estimated budget. At BF Architecture we do try to implement simplicity, integrity, elegance and functionality into every project we do. In terms of there being an ethos behind the company our message is quite straight forward our

work environment should at all times remain pleasant, this in turn will motivate our team to achieve our goals. Whether it’s residential buildings, industrial buildings, offices, museums or design furniture we can deliver a service above and beyond what you may have experienced before. Keeping up to speed with the emerging trends in the industry can be difficult however by undertaking research on every project; we try to innovate and add value to any project we are doing. In addition by involving our clients in all aspects of the project we become more and more confident we can fulfil their request. Thinking outside the box is very important with a number of our competitors able to offer similar services. With Belgium being such a small country and very conservative on urbanism it has been really interesting to have been part of its development. Receiving the ‘Best Residential Architect 2015’ and ‘Innovation in Museum & Gallery Design’ awards is a great honour and makes us feel like our work is appreciated. But without our excellent and extremely dedicated team here winning this award wouldn’t have been possible. In terms of the company’s future prospects we are always looking to identify new clients with new challenges. In a sense these challenges give us an opportunity to showcase our innovate talents.

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Company: Cadvis3d Name: Paul Ibberson (Owner & Founder) Sarah Ibberson (Accounts & Administration) Email: Web Address: Address: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK Telephone: 01484 937123

Award for Excellence in Building Informational Modelling – UK and Best Newcomer in Sports Facility Design & Architecture – UK

We are a small, family run architectural design studio, working in all areas of design and development. We offer full architectural design services to all sectors. Projects range from domestic house extensions and housing developments, sporting facilities and factories and everything in between. We have now been trading for over seven years and we are busier than ever.

Everything from a single storey extension to a ten bed mansion can have a profound effect on its occupants and affects the world we live in and how we live. I still get a buzz and feel quite humbled when a client explains how their lives have been improved by a simple extension or refurbishment. We have no fixed style. I firmly believe that you cannot force a fixed idea, style or design of what you feel looks best on everyone. Sometimes what you feel is the best solution is not the best solution for that particular client, so you have to take a step back and let them make the decisions, whilst guiding them accordingly. If the client is happy, then we are happy, it’s that simple. We are constantly keeping up to date with new trends and styles and discover new techniques and building systems every day. As the market evolves we try to adapt and evolve with it, but we are always learning and pushing to do better.

Our goal is to provide affordable architectural services to all, cutting out the jargon, fuss and nonsense. Providing a straight talking and forward thinking approach to modern design. We work exclusively with BIM software and have a whole host of supporting high-end design software to provide an efficient service. Clients like the full 3d drawings as they portray an idea effectively and prevent confusion. Leading to a better end result and happy clients. This we feel has put us ahead of the competition and enabled us to grow over the past seven years. Our ethos is to work hard for our clients and always try to achieve what they envisage and that good Architecture is not just about the way a building looks, it’s about the way it makes you feel. We always endeavour to make our clients vision, become a reality and everyone is entitled to quality workmanship and design, no matter how big or small a job is. Huddersfield is my home town and is where I grew up. Being located centrally in the country, means I can travel to pretty much any location with ease. We do have projects all over the country and beyond, with projects all over the world, from Australia to Vietnam., Dubai to Germany. We feel very honoured and grateful to have received the ‘Award for Excellence in Building Informational Modelling – UK and Best Newcomer in Sports Facility Design & Architecture – UK’. It was totally unexpected and a great feeling. As for reasons behind our success, probably a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work. As for what lies ahead we will keep working hard and pushing ourselves to do better. With further investment in new hardware and software and plans to expand the team to meet new demands, things are looking good and we are excited about the future.

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Company: CED Ltd Email: Web Address: Address: 728 London Road‚ West Thurrock‚ Grays‚ Essex‚ RM20 3LU Telephone: 01708 867 237

Best for Natural Stone Products 2015 CED Ltd have been supplying natural stone for over 30 years, and have a huge range of products to suit any style.


Civil Engineering Developments Limited (CED ltd) was formed in 1959 to devise applications for calcined flint within resin technology, but it was soon clear that the venture was unfortunately beyond the resources of the family. It was in 1978 that Michael Heap recognised that the company had the basis to become a supplier of specialist aggregate and stone. The family’s involvement with stone, specifically flint, dates back to the middle of the 19th century, supplying raw flint from France to the ceramic industry by ship and canal boat. When similar flint became available in Essex as a by-product from chalk extractions for cement manufacture, Michael’s grandfather A.L Walley installed a small processing unit at West Thurrock in 1931. When his death soon after was followed almost immediately by both sons, Nora Walley, then a 23 year old budding tennis player, bravely took over the management. Flint supplies from France were cut off by the war and West Thurrock production became vital to the ceramic industry. Many other applications for calcined (cooked) flint were developed in the 1950s and 1960s and the business prospered but after the closure in the late 1970s of the last local cement works, the calcined flint production business was sold. From these incredibly humble beginnings, CED has grown by fulfilling market needs within the field of natural materials ranging from technical uses for fine dried aggregates to beautiful pebbles and huge boulders. By making the relatively unusual readily available, CED has enabled landscape architects to effect exciting designs for lakes, rivers and specialist water features. In the field of paving, first by buying and holding in stock large quantities of reclaimed granite setts, kerbs and York flags, these materials became practical for specifiers to consider, and secondly,

by actively marketing a whole variety of new stone. CED has prompted, encouraged and led the moves to improve the hard surfacing of public and private areas alike.

the same aim at best practice applies just as much to the choice of aggregate for precast concrete or pebbledash, footpath gravel or resin formulations for paths and drives.

Now with five depots spread nationwide, together with a broad exciting range of products, CED has the foundation prepared to deal with the growth in demand which it has itself done so much to foster and which is so welcome in the improvements being made to urban paving. At last it is again recognised that stone is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is often cheaper when compared on whole-life costing.

“Natural Stone paving is beautiful but to make a good choice much needs to be considered - we have to know if it is for private or public use, inside or out, traffic or pedestrians. Before even thinking about the colour, are there disabled requirements, problems of oil, fat, wine, coffee, skid resistance, frost and salt, deliverymen or skateboarders? And that is just a start. (Please ask for our checklist of such matters or see our considerations page.)

Michael Heap, the Company Chairman, outlines the firm’s dedication to providing their customers with the best quality stone products to suit all requirements. “All who create landscape have a great responsibility, for they form the space in which we live. Our function is to facilitate that task. For over 30 years, CED has developed and extended its range of natural stone products that has become the basis of good design with long-lasting results. We keep extensive stocks in all our depots, but we will arrange the manufacture of almost anything - as long as it is natural. Stone cannot be made - it exists. One designs in accordance with the qualities of a particular material. In CED, we have the responsibility of giving the right advice to assist all to achieve a good long term result. When it is beyond our capability, for we are not consultants, we will suggest where help may be found. Our desire and need is for stone to be used so successfully that good examples abound that can be followed. Looking at past practice, there is much excellent work that has survived in top condition for a hundred years or more. Delightfully for us all, these materials often look better the older they are and there exists still a lively market in reclaimed flags, setts and kerb. However,

Build Architecture Awards 2015

“How is a stream or a beach to look? To create a natural appearance is an art in itself. We look for the materials to make it possible, bringing them from throughout Britain and from faraway places. “We are now reaping the benefits that come with greater volumes. Many prices are down, often astonishingly. Not only is stone the winner on a whole life comparison, but it is often simply cheaper in the first place. We supply much British and European material but we also have the pleasure of importing from some of the developing countries that have great craft skills. Thus we add to their wealth and aid an improvement in their lives. “It matters not whether our clients are specifiers, contractors or suppliers in the builders merchant, D.I.Y. or garden centre trades, we seek correct and effective use of the products we sell and will assist whenever we can. “We aim to be reliable and honest and have many staff with years of experience. But nothing stays still and the pace gets quicker. We keep adapting to new opportunities and it is most rewarding to see that natural stone is now the first choice.”


Company: CHRIST.CHRIST. associated architects Name: Roger Christ Email: Web Address: Address: Parkstraße 75, 65191 Wiesbaden, Germany Telephone: 0049 (0)611 562018

Best for Specialist Housing Architecture & Design- Germany Roger Christ explains how the firm has built and maintained its reputation for excellence and gives us an insight into what the future holds for the firm.

Christ.Christ. associated architects

Established in 1898, CHRIST.CHRIST. Associated Architects are a midsize Wiesbaden based company for architecture, planning and design. The company’s projects are varied and range from administration and industrial buildings to residential buildings, exhibition stands, shop design, emergency housing, interior design and energy consultancy.

Technology develops at a startling rate and as such we always endeavour to stay at the forefront of technical innovation, keeping up to date with the latest technology, however we are not interested in being ahead of the game with regards to every trend as we are more focused in ensuring all of our designs are top quality and exactly tailored to our client’s needs.

Our office is the leading member of an interdisciplinary network of architects, structural engineers, electrical engineers, HVAC planners and landscape architects. We are available, together with these partners, as an experienced and competent contact for the client in the development and execution of projects.

We always ensure we are always a reliable and very experienced partner for all of our clients. With some of our clients we have already worked alongside them for over thirty years. This reliability in the development and execution of projects spreads in our industry and therefore we often obtain clients through word of mouth.

Our philosophy as a firm is based on the opinion that the quality of our built environment has an essential influence on the quality of our life. Within the limits of our social responsibility and the needs of our clients we try to find an adequate and coherent solution for each project. We have an open-end design approach unhindered by preconceived notions of form and aesthetics.

We also believe that understanding and identifying the task as well as questioning the given definition, the brief, of a project are essential conditions to come up with a perfect solution for what the client needs. In that way we very often find solutions which are perfectly fitting but are not that common. This characteristic makes our approach unique, and our customers often recognise this.

The inspiration and influences are coming from a wide range of things but most of the time the inspiration comes out of the given task or out of an obstacle or problem which we try to solve. For example, at our project House S the initial idea of heightening the bungalow with its wide cantilevered flat roof was an obstacle and in the end our design solution was developed directly from that point, ensuring that the project was structurally sound fulfilled the client’s wishes.

Ultimately, architecture is not just about creating a building, but about having a sense of social responsibility and ensuring that all of our projects fulfil both the client’s needs and contribute something to the environment which they occupy. The Rhine – Main area in which our firm operates has 5.5 million inhabitants. There are several large cities, and above all Frankfurt with Germany`s biggest Airport, two state

Build Architecture Awards 2015

capitals Wiesbaden and Mainz and further Darmstadt and Offenbach. This is why the area is perfect for our business, as there is a big potential for construction projects. One of our stand out projects was ‘house S’, an upgrade to a bungalow constructed in the 1960s by wilfried hilger in Wiesbaden, Germany. To add space to the single family residence, three separate boxes connected with a channel glass corridor were placed upon the flat cantilevered roof. The arrangement generates open-air terraces with diverse atmospheres including a stone-paved courtyard with a pine tree, a meadow with an apple tree and a wooden planked patio with a magnolia. With regards to the future, we are optimistic and hope for more exciting projects with which to enrich our portfolio and experience. We will stick to our credo “That the only constant is the change” and will constantly enhance our skills in all building fields.


Company: CINEARCHITECTURE Name: Agneta Kickan Eriksson Hilden Email: Web Address: Address: Skyttevägen 18 A 13336 Saltsjöbaden Stockholm Sweden Telephone: +46707521793

Female Designer of the Year 2015 CINEARCHITECTURE is an innovative architecture firm – global run by Agneta Kickan Eriksson Hilden. She gives us an insight into her firm, where she finds her inspiration and what winning this prestigious award means to her.


CINEARHITECTURE work across a number of sectors within the industry, with projects in architectural design, interior design, art, developing projects and other innovations.

of renowned books on art architecture and science philosophy and still write and explore the link between the varied disciplines that I work with.

It really is an honour that’s been awarded to this award. It feels that creativity from a female point of view has been awarded, as well as all my hard work over the last 20 years.

Our ultimate aim has always been customer satisfaction, with our experienced staff able to ensure that our clients always trust us with their vision. Keeping on time and budget is of course very important, and our dedication to this is also a factor in insuring our customers always have a good experience when they work with us. We always have a high level of involvement in any project we are dealing with to ensure every aspect goes according to plan.

Throughout history women have been as skilled as men, but have often not been recognised because of a societal constraint. Now that we are more free to express ourselves, particularly in traditionally male dominated industries such as mine, people are beginning to see our talent and it is a great honour to be recognised in that way. All of my work in art and architecture combine with inspiraion from how the female body and soul express itself. In addition there is also a kind of human sustainability, how we can understand each other’s reality from different gender, cultures, economic systems, etc, which is infused into every project I undertake. Computers basic geometry is also the inspiration for the design of the form and plays a big part in my work, as well as influences from early Modernism in Europe. My work has always been my Passion, and as I believe that curiosity always leads to knowledge I like to contribute to the wider resources on architecture alongside my work in the industry. I work in academia as well as editing books and I have publishing a number

As I have been working for many years in the industry I understand that intuition gives you most of the knowledge you need when it comes to inspiration, and as such I look for it everywhere, through creative thinking, exploring the world and taking a general interest in what is around me. My firm involves a number of staff who work remotely, so we work together using cloud technology, spontaneously Skyping or emailing each other several times every day, creating a discursive communication whilst at the same time allowing everyone to work in their own way, in their own space. We meet once a week or once a mounts to discuss aspects of the projects we work with. We have been working in this manner for the last eight years, and it has defined our company as it ensures that we all retain our passion and interest in the work we do.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Our office is based in the region of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, which brings with it its own exciting challenges for the firm. Stockholm is currently attempting to eliminate the housing shortage by building apartments and many largescale housing projects as well as renovation and new offices in the City centre. Our firm is working on projects in all of these areas to help to deal with this issue. In the future, we are hoping this award could give our firm the opportunity to do even more projects. Here at CINEARCHITECTURE we want to work on a more global scale, with different projects across the full spectrum of architectural design. We have an good organisation that could easy expand as we have a good philosophy and working method, so we are optimistic about the future overall.


Company: Cliff Garten Studio Email: Web Address: Telephone: 310 392 2060

This unique firm is dedicated to bringing art to public Award for Innovation in Public Sculptures spaces in order to enrich people’s lives. Cliff Garten talks us through the firm’s philosophy and how they have come to win this prestigious award.

Cliff Garten Studio

There is a latent potential in every public place and situation to become more than the specific functions it appears to perform, and it my personal belief that public and private experiences are never distinct, but exchange places throughout the day.

In addition to this, our methods of fabrication with a dedicated foundry help us to translate our concepts and drawings into the most accurate construction techniques, providing a finished product which is as near to the original concept as possible.

My search for a place where desire intersects with our everyday activity is the search for sculptural forms which engage us in the poetry of our own actions and define our personal and social histories.

We have worked on a number of exciting projects which we are extremely proud of, for example Luminous Crossings, in which we synced the light and train schedule in order to integrate the public sculpture as an active participant in the urban landscape.

The necessary facts of our public infrastructure are cause for the possibility of a public expression through the conscious design and integration of art. Sculpture defines our interaction and movement by creating energy between things, generating interest in public activity, reframing our private lives and creating a sense of place within public and private realms. It is this desire to enrich people’s everyday lives with extraordinary art that encompasses our studio’s philosophy. Winning the Award for Innovation in Public Sculpture highlights our efforts to increase the potential role of public art in our urban spaces and visualise our philosophy. Through pushing advancements in lighting technology, seamless digital fabrication techniques, and the interactive integration of sculptures into their environments, we are pushing the function of public sculpture from ornamentation to active participant in our urban spaces. We are constantly integrating technology into our early stages of concept design for each sculpture, which allow us to play with the interactivity the sculpture will have when it is on site.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Another of our projects which highlights our use of technical connectivity within our art is our work on the Los Angeles Opens Its Heart of Compassion. In this project we used the innovative and technical system of coordinating lighting for the undulating screens and the clean white illumination of the chandelier. The sculpture, which is located at the busy intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Vermont Avenue at the heart of Koreatown in Los Angeles, California, comprises of a suspended sculpture with a 75’ x 45’ diaphanous, undulating metallic screen behind a 20’ tall three dimensional sculpture made of 100 petal-like abstractions of a lotus flower made of laser cut aluminium. The sculpture is bathed in an intense white light while the screen and its corresponding line drawing move through a light show of rich changing colours. Our work on the sculpture Rhytons used an interactive sound aspect which reacts to the proximity of people to the sculpture in the plaza, activating a large space around the sculpture. Looking to the future we have a number of exciting projects lined up and will continue to explore unique innovations in technology and new techniques in sculpture, as well as constantly seeking new inspiration to ensure our work is current and individual.


Company: DeeDee Banks Designs Name: DeeDee Banks Email: Web Address: Address: Unit 25, 90 Lots Road Chelsea, London SW10 0QD Telephone: 020 3086 7879, Mob: 07950 295232

DeeDee Banks Designs are a group of individually Best for Full Property Refurbishments minded professionals with a collective vision, passion and responsibility towards all their projects, which drives them to excellence. The group’s Founder DeeDee Banks talks us through the group’s business philosophy and how they integrate this into every aspect of their work.

DeeDee Banks Designs

DeeDee Banks Designs is located in the heart of Chelsea design community. Our clients tend to be High Net Worth individuals looking for someone to trust with the refurbishment and design of their homes. DeeDee Banks interiors showcase signature designs that are understated yet sophisticated, straightforward, elegant and functional. Balance, light, space and colour factor into all of our designs, creating a timeless effect. Clean lines and simple but well-crafted furnishings, with an attention to texture and the highest quality materials are DeeDee Banks Designs essentials. We create environments that complement and suit the lifestyle and personality of the client. Whether the room is formal or casual, traditional or modern, accessibility and comfort are a must. DeeDee Banks Designs focus remains the client and the trust they placed on us. We take our time to understand and attend to their needs by keeping to the budget at all times whenever possible. We know that trust lies at the core of every client. To build long-lasting business relationships, we follow the law and treat
our clients the way we would want to be treated ourselves — in an open, honest and respectful manner. We empower our clients to make informed decisions about the services we offer and to select the ones that best meet their needs and circumstances. And in those circumstances where we fail to live up to our standards, we identify the problem and fix it as quickly as possible. It’s just the way we work.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

The Borough of Kensington and Chelsea remains the choice for most interior designers in the country, the competition is tough and it comes with the ever-increasing challenge for one to do their absolute best, something out of the ordinary to please their clients. Our location is also important to us as being positioned about 100 yards from the world famous Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour, which helps to ensure that we are always up to date with emerging trends in our industry. It is always a good thing to be recognised for doing ones absolute best to bring about joy and satisfaction to those who trust us with their homes. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us in this category, we very much appreciate the support. The future looks very promising for our firm, with the property market improving in most areas that we cover.


ADDRESS: 36, Lord Byron Avenue, 5th floor, office 502, Post code: 1096 Nicosia, Cyprus PHONE NUMBER: +357 – 99403437+357 – 99403437 FAX :+357 -22255909 E-MAILS:

Architectural Firm of the Year 2015 & Award for Innovation in Sustainable EP ARCHITECTS is a specialist architectural firm with a Architecture - Cyprus focus on sustainable designs which both enhance and support the environment in which they reside.


EP Architects is an internationally recognized architectural design firm that is working on a wide scope of projects inspired by the interest in advanced digital design and manufacturing techniques for the development of innovative avant-garde, sustainable and structurally efficient architectural designs. Each project is approached in a visionary way, as a territory transformed by the parameters of urban and physical environment, program and interior requirements, materiality and tectonics. Research is integral part of the firm’s methodology incorporating information from other engineering disciplines for the integration of innovative construction techniques and structural parameters in architectural design. The firm has received many awards in European architectural competitions, like in the two competitions for the Agion Anargiron and T. Papadopoulos Footbridge in Pafos (1st, 2nd&4th awards), and the competition for the Municipal Market & Parking in Larnaca (4th award). EP Architects gained considerable international attention when the T. Papadopoulos Footbridge in Pafos received the Special Judges’ Recognition at the International 2013 MIPIM Architectural Review Future Project Awards competition. The firm was also a Finalist in the Architizer A+ Awards for the Architecture +Modeling category. EP Architects’ projects were published in local and international architecture magazines like Architectural Review. Director Elina Pattichi holds BArch-MArch with Honors from the National Technical University of Athens (2009) and March from the Architectural Association, Design Research Laboratory (2011). She has worked in architectural firms in Greece and Cyprus for the design of all scales and types of projects. She is currently director and architect engineer at the internationally awarded architectural firm EP Architects.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Her professional experience includes a wide scope of projects, like housing, office buildings, entertainment and athletic facilities, private education facilities, footbridges, landscape and renovation. She has participated in many European architectural competitions since 2010 and received 4 awards including a 1st and 2nd place. These competitions include the Cooperative Bank of Cyprus, the Eptagonia Museum, the Footbridges in Tasos Papadopoulos and Agion Anargiron Avenues, the Municipal Market & Parking in Larnaca, the Municipal Offices in Limas­sol and the Cyprus News agency. In 2011, her proposal in the competition for the design of the T. Papadopoulos Footbridge (Pafos,Cyprus) received the 1st award. In 2013 this project received international honors at the MIPIM2013-Architectural Review Future Projects Awards competition (The special jury recognition). The project was published in several international magazines like Architectural Review and on the internet like BBC and Telegraph website. E. Pattichi received many distinctions during her apprenticeship at NTUA and awards in international academic competitions like the 1st award in the international student competition for SESAM-ITALY (Temporary pavilion in villa Borgeuse, Rome, designed and built in 2008 with E. Oze & N. Yiatros). She has extended research in the integration of mathematics in architecture with the use of Computer aided design-Computer aided manufacturing techniques, for the development of innovative, sustainable and structurally efficient designs. She exhibited her academic and professional work worldwide like in the London Metropolitan Gallery during the London Festival of Architecture, in universities in Cyprus and Greece and in conferences like Perspective (2014) and MIPIM-Architectural Review (2013). Additionally she has taught at the University of Nicosia and has given lectures at the University of Nicosia, Frederick University and the University in Cyprus.


Company: Ernest Tsui Architects Name: Ernest Tsui & Immanuel Gaskin Email: Web Address: Address: 25 Maidenshaw Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8HE Tel: +44 7957 650 451

We are an architecture and design firm specializMost Cost Effective High-End ing in the residential sector. Our clients range from Residential Architect domestic home owners to foreign investors. We often take a building project from inception through to completion. Our rigorous design approach and strategic thinking has been a key factor behind achieving high quality designs. We know a good and efficient design can be done on a limited budget. It isn’t always expensive to build.

Ernest Tsui Architects + Partners Ltd

In terms of the philosophy in place here at Ernest Tsui Architects every member of our team matters. In short every design team member, consultant and the client contribute to the finished project. They effectively shape the look and define the rules of each project. We have a team fully versed in architecture, from residential to infrastructure, and both interior and automotive design. Every project challenge we face can be resolved using these design perspectives. The latest trends and spirits in these disciplines are absorbed by our design team. This allows for an innovative and High end, on trend design process whilst still ensuring, a timeless and cost effective solution. Our clients look for the high quality product and therefore our research, reports, innovation and professionalism are key factors in the end result. We have a creative and global perspective that allows us to understand both the family looking for an extension, to a domestic or overseas investor looking to create a highly desirable development portfolio. Professionalism, innovative practice and collaboration are core elements behind the company’s ethos here at Ernest Tsui Architects. It is now implicit in all of the things we do, so it’s easy enough to maintain. Epsom has a strong sense of identity and character, the town and its surrounding areas have really allowed us to test our mettle as designers in a suburban context. Without the presence, of, and our close proximity, to, London our international portfolio wouldn’t be what it is today. In a vibrant market the

Build Architecture Awards 2015

investor now has a bigger choice than ever before. We help them to skilfully negotiate and hone in on the best way to realise a site or properties potential. As we look ahead to the future we are excited about what lies ahead. We will continue to look for, and help our clients to look for, opportunities we can actualise whilst aiming to pick up more awards and develop more exciting strategies and innovations for the future.


Company: First Penthouse Name: Patrick Brightman Email: Web Address: Address: St James House 13 Kensington Square London W8 5HD Telephone: 020 7100 6990

Best Rooftop Developers 2015 - UK First Penthouse is an innovative rooftop developer who have created exciting new technology designed to revitalise existing roof spaces. We speak to Patrick Brightman who explains what drives the company to such success and what the future has in store.

All projects we undertake are typically a joint venture partnership, ensuring that we can generate a significant capital sum, at no cost to the resident or freeholder. As a natural bi-product of the development, residents can benefit from a better-insulated roof, improve the common parts and upgrade the entrance hall. The property values are enhanced by up to 5% for all residents and there is typically a reduction to the long-term service charge costs for existing residents. The company was founded by H책kan and Annika Olsson, two highly qualified Swedish engineers with a background in developing advanced and innovative construction techniques. Having built their own penthouse using traditional construction methods, they encountered significant problems working with construction firms and soon realised that there must be a better way to develop your roof space. Growing from our Swedish heritage, we continue to encourage intelligent design that is linear, light, spacious and practical.

First Penthouse is a unique rooftop development company that turns underutilised or neglected roof spaces into valuable assets, with minimal disruption to existing occupiers. We have developed a unique system for designing the most advanced modular off-site construction there is, building all penthouses in our facility based in Sweden. Bespoke modules in any shape or form can be created off-site in factory controlled conditions and an entire penthouse can be installed on a roof in just one day.

As in any industry, finding the right partners and employees is crucial. We are fortunate to work with many talented and dedicated individuals whose energy and expertise are vital to the outcome of every project. These partnerships range from Architects to Structural Engineers, Building Surveyors to Property Advisers, all of which are very much part of the team and allow us to stay up to speed with a wide range of emerging trends. In this fast paced market and we need to stay one step ahead of our competitors. We have always ensured that no other company has more knowledge of off-site rooftop development. Our designers have detailed knowledge of the construction process and techniques; with our unique design documents not only do they describe what to build, but also how to build.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

The First Penthouse company ethos is Greener, Quicker, Smarter. The nature of the business model, using off-site construction allows us to deliver a high quality product in controlled factory environments. This effective level of workmanship ensures consistency at every stage of a development. As close to 100% of the penthouse is completed and tested in our facility before shipping to the rooftop site. One significant challenge we face working within the London market is planning permission. This can be a timely process and in some instances unpredictable, but over the last decade we have a successful track record of achieving permission in several central London locations. We are always on the look out for future projects and ways in which we can help landlords to unlock their rooftop potential. The coming months looks set to be innovative and exciting, with two Marylebone penthouse developments in the planning stages and future projects scheduled in Kensington and Chelsea. In order to sustain our success, the First Penthouse team will certainly grow as more projects will be undertaken. As current leaders in advanced off-site construction, we will use this opportunity to share our unique knowledge of this sector and further educate engineers, designers and architects in the specialist field of rooftop development.


Company: Fisher Tomlin & Bowyer Name: Andrew Fisher Tomlin Email: Web Address: Address: 74 Sydney Road, London SW20 8EF Telephone: 02085420683

Fisher Tomlin & Bowyer are specialists in the design Best for Garden Design 2015 and build of residential gardens and public spaces. – London, UK Established in London for 25 years they are known for prestigious private developments across the world but also excel at providing public gardens and landscapes for heritage settings, and residential care homes especially where there is a wide range of visitor needs.

Fisher Tomlin

Every garden tells a story and it’s this narrative that will focus both structural design and planting design to achieve gardens that are designed to last, using sustainable materials and long-lasting planting. Through sound horticultural knowledge and specialist landscape partnerships we achieve the best quality construction, planting and aftercare, built on time and on budget. This quality of work has been recognised in many awards, the majority of which are for real gardens created for real customers both in the UK and internationally.

and take advantages of new knowledge in dementia care.

Everywhere we work today we are challenged by the impact of climate change on plants and trees. The solutions are often complex in both species selection and in horticulture both planting and aftercare. Working internationally can also be influential in the development of ideas although we always aim to use indigenous materials and plants wherever we work.

To be given the ‘Best for Garden Design 2015 – London UK’ award is great for our team, we have always worked closely with architects and other build professionals particularly on prestigious residential developments and heritage houses. The latter are often sensitive locations with very specific requirements that need a clear understanding of the setting and site.

We are renowned for a wide-ranging portfolio with primarily private clients. Some of our most recognisable work though has been a result of working within wider teams such as our design for Liseberg Park in Gothenburg. It is important for us that we approach our discipline as a continual challenge rather than viewing it merely as a succession of completed projects thereby ensuring relevance to current conditions of climate, construction and needs. An example would be our work in creating landscapes for a new generation of residential care homes in the UK and Australia, designed for dementia care and active horticultural therapy. This is an area that is constantly changing and every new design is a new challenge to stay up to date

As for the future we will continue to develop our expertise in heritage and historic settings as this is often overlooked by younger practices focused on contemporary settings. Designing for dementia is also an area of growth that we have been recognised for by both the healthcare and design profession.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

As much as we are commissioned to provide individual solutions purely for gardens and landscapes, more often we work as part of wider construction design teams in conjunction with architect firms and interior designers on complete design and build projects. As a result we have won more New Homes Gardens Awards for our clients than any other office in the UK.


Company: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos Name: Fran Silvestre Email: Web Address: Address: c/San Vicente Mártir 160 · 1 Telephone: 963816561

Our architectural firm was born in 2005, it consists of Best Residential Architect 2015 a multidisciplinary group of architects who share the same project. The active participation of all components, the team work and passion for the work is the essence of a study that is slowly growing. Whole such projects are undertaken, from residential to commercial. We also develop our activities in the field of contests. However, we have customers of all kinds.

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

The general concept of our architecture emerges from a compromise between the willingness and desire. Each house, each project is realized depending on the client’s identity. This process seeks satisfaction, understood in its fullest sense, of all those actively involved in development. In terms of keeping up to speed with any emerging trends in the industry I have been very fortunate as I teach at two universities. Direct contact with the academic world is an endless source of knowledge. Moreover, contact with the industrial sector is equally fundamental. For us during project design, dialogue with customers is always present, since the work becomes part of the identity of its inhabitants. Through dialogue, the projects are a true reflection of the people who live there, a clear expression of their personality. We understand this dialogue as seeking comfort and utility, examining the joys and conflicts of everyday actions. In terms of the challenges and opportunities presented by operating in this area, it is a region that has been hit hard by the economic crisis, but has begun to emerge. It is an area with many resources, with many opportunities because there is a very strong industry. I think we need a stronger bond between the design professionals and industrial people. Whole award or nomination is very satisfactory because it is an acknowledgment of the work performed. This leads you to think there are a group of people who have reviewed your work very positively, and it pushes you to

Build Architecture Awards 2015

want to continue to evolve to improve in every project that comes in the future. In reality I do not believe as much a success case as a good job. From our study, we focus on a project approach that emerges from a dual commitment: the willingness to give a technical answer to a particular context (program needs, budget, legislation, environment ...) and the desire to seek beauty through built work. We identify with values that defend the continuity with the environment, spatial continuity and the use of few materials; the innovation of new materials and technologies; the precision at work striving for excellence; the dialogue with all actors involved, from the customer to the last worker; and teamwork, surrounding of professionals who agree pleasure for his work. All this often leads to a job well made, and it sometimes is recognized and so brings you success. We enjoy what we do every day. Each workday has its surprises and happiness. The time is built slowly but with rapid changes.


Company: Futureform Modular Ltd Email: Web Address: Address: 32 Chartwell Road, Lancing Business Park Lancing, West Sussex, BN15 8TY Telephone: +44(0)1903 755015

Innovation Award for Permanent Futureform has over ten years’ experience in producing Modular Building Design - Global offsite permanent modular buildings which are fully mortgageable and insurable and with a life span equal or greater than any form of conventional construction.

Futureform Ltd

All materials used in the firm’s assembly plants are responsibly sourced and fully compliant with the various audit schemes forming part of the current performance codes such as BREEAM. Even the steel the firm uses is largely re-cycled. Although the Futureform themselves do not make temporary buildings, their modules can be de-mounted and used again, making them both value for money and resourceful. In addition the firm are able to access a number of funding options which are specifically designed to meet their client’s needs. These factors combine to ensure every Futureform client receives the best possible service, tailored to suit their requirements. As well as top quality customer service, the firm also ensures that every building they produce uses sustainable, eco-friendly materials and techniques which are used in a number of permanent applications including housing, hotels and student accommodation. These are also demountable and can be taken down and re-used. The Futureform Building SystemTM has formal accreditations from a range of industry leaders in both the UK, Europe and overseas and the firm have over ten years’ worth of performance related data, which they utilise to ensure that every project fully meets industry standards. Futureform were responsible for the first “mortgageable” offsite assembled building at Barons Place, London in 2003 which was erected over a weekend and for the UK`s tallest light gauge offsite assembled building at Wembley, London in 2012.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

The System outperforms conventional construction in virtually every aspect including acoustic performance, air tightness, thermal performance and durability. It requires less maintenance and adheres to rigorous quality standards during assembly in the factory. The modules we produce can be made to any size or shape which is transportable. The firm have recently introduced a technology licensing option where customers can directly use the Futureform Building SystemTM with the benefit of its accreditations and proven performance for use in projects in the UK or overseas. Additionally they can also develop and manage any necessary technical adaptations required for local use anywhere in the world. In order to keep up with the increased demand following the introduction of this fully licensed option for their Design & Manufacturing Systems & Processes, Futureform has recently opened its new assembly facilities in West Sussex and is in the process of establishing other Licensed Assembly Plants within the UK and abroad. The new facilities give Futureform the ability to meet peak demand and still keep overhead costs low making their product efficient and cost effective for developers to use. Looking to the future, the firm will continue to expand in order to meet the increasing demand for their products.


Company: GABU Heindl Architektur Email: Web Address: Address: Schottenfeldgasse 72/2/8, 1070 Wien Telephone: +43.676.7725850

Award for Innovation in Temporary GABU Heindl Architektur works in architecture, urban Installations - Austria planning, activism, exhibition concepts & designs, public debates and theory. We speak to Gabu Heindl, the firm’s owner, about the work the firm does and how these projects helped the firm to win this highly regarded award.

GABU Heindl Architektur

GABU Heindl Architektur has a critical and political agenda of planning – by means of a theory-based, democratically engaged architectural practice and practice-oriented theory. What are your recent achievements? We have recently completed a number of projects, one of which for instance included a new urban planning instrument: the Non-Building Plan is the central element of the urban guidelines for the Viennese Donaukanal (together with Susan Kraupp), commissioned by the city of Vienna, MA 19. Also, I just won an international competition in Warsaw to commemorate Poles who rescued Jews during the German occupation, a monument I designed together with Eduard Freudmann. Another recent project we are particularly proud of in my architecture office is the positioning of a school as a neighborhood sports centre in Wr. Neustadt, for which we developed a participation model with 1000 school kids and 100 teachers.

GABU Heindl Architektur: Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus, Vienna and temporary sculpture for Wiener Festwochen

Gabu Heindl with Eduard Freudmann: The Monument May be a Forest, winning project for a monument to commemorate Poles who rescued Jews during the German occupation, Warsaw

GABU Heindl Architektur: BG Zehnergasse, school expansion in Wiener Neustadt

Overall our projects take their position in the urban cultural setting of film, art or theatre but also include kindergartens, schools and urban planning. Architecture is not merely a service rendered but rather the shaping of the environment, underpinned by analysis and extending to research projects undertaken on our own initiative, lectures and publications as well as to informal discussions, in public debates and teaching contexts. Could you describe your practice for us? Our work is dedicated to social justice, to understanding and challenging power relations in public space, to fight gentrification, racism or discrimination, and to actively work on a democratic culture of participation and planning, e.g. for public space without obligations for consumption a political agenda of planning – by means of a theory-based architectural practice and practice-based theory work.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

In order to ensure, that our projects are developed to meet our standards we up-hold our design philosophy with every design we create. GABU Heindl Architecture says “yes” and “no”: “yes” to the design of public buildings and cultural, educational and infrastructure facilities. “No” to chauvinist, racist or discriminating architecture, exploitative project proposals, suburbanizing single-family homes or speculation ventures. What is your relationship to sustainability? We regularly integrate high but also low cost sustainable design strategies into our projects as we believe that it would be unintelligent not to use up-to-date material and technology. We consider sustainable design as smart design: be it the positioning on the site, or contextor project-specific logics. For instance: We designed a sculpture in public space for the Wiener Festwochen to be used in various spatial sub-configurations, built from identical plates of raw spruce, connected by specific timber joints and screws without any glue. This sculpture is being dismantled into pieces and rebuilt every year, with recycling every single piece of it. But: Aside from the ecological crises there is the crises of justice, which I feel of at least the same importance in my architectural practice. This is why we are dedicated to building alliances between top-down and bottom-up initiatives and strategies against gentrification, discrimination or excessive commercialization of public space. We are actually working on connecting critical political science with the practice and pragmatics of architecture and urban design – with our clients being the Federal Real Estate Company, the Vienna city government, public cultural institutions (such as the Austrian Filmmuseum or Wiener Festwochen) but also research projects partner, e.g. dealing with migration issues, such as the festival Wienwoche, or the Right-to-the-City movement or other critical independent NGOs and grass roots movements.


Company: Ghazi Al Ali Architect Email: Web Address: Address: 9 Redmyre Road, Strathfield NSW 2135. Telephone: (02) 806 515 44

Award for Innovation in Cultural Design Ghazi Al Ali Architect uses a Middle Eastern influence to create stunning and unique designs.

Ghazi Al Ali Architect

Ghazi Al Ali Architect is a multi-disciplinary architectural and interior design based practice in Sydney with current mixed used developments, retirement villages, aged care, hotels, residential apartments and master planning for future living conditions that vary from villages to medium density developments. Ghazi Al Ali is actively involved in public discourse with the wider community, ensuring the design approach remains socially and culturally relevant. The time spent in the Middle East reinforces Ghazi’s ability to be tried in different social and professional circumstances and certainly pushing the boundaries to achieve clever solutions where ever the site or condition. The firm is overseen by founder Ghazi Al Ali, who was born in Sydney and graduated from the University of New South Wales, Sydney in 2002. As a final year student, he assisted John Dimopoulos of Geoform Design on various bespoke homes and medium density housing types. Ghazi led senior roles as a graduate with large companies like Scott Carver and Marchese Partners Architects here he directed award winning aged care/ seniors living developments namely ‘Oceangrove Dee Why’ and ‘Sea Side Links Wollongong’ his knowledge of retirement villages and aged care helps with his commitment to social, cultural and economical challenges that Sydney faces especially in Canterbury Bankstown. In 2006-2009 Ghazi ventured to Dubai and was an Associate at Bruce Henderson-Nassar Saeed and designed and completed major land mark buildings. 2009-2011 Ghazi Al Ali Architect collaborated on significant projects with Dale Jones-Evans on Sharif House, Lakemba Master Plan and Lakemba Primary School. Ghazi Al Ali is a registered Architect in NSW reg no. 7542, memeber of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects A+ member.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Working on projects across numerous sectors, both residential and community, provides the firm with exciting opportunities to gain invaluable experience. Recent projects the firm have completed include the Lakemba Primary School, which is located on Wangee Rd, Lakemba. It is adjacent to Australia’s Longest Serving Mosque, “Lakemba Mosque”. The primary school was approved by the JRPP and supported by Canterbury Council. The company has also worked on the Masjid Omar Mosque, located in Auburn, which is one of the largest mosques in Australia. It has a capacity to serve upto 4000 devotees. This mosque depicts traditional aspects of a Middle Eastern mosque, for example its domed structure along with its Minarets. Omar Mosque aims to extend its services inorder to cater to the growing needs of the Islamic community. Residential projects are also a key part of the firm’s portfolio, with recent successes including Myall Street, one of the avant-garde projects by Ghazi. What appears as a house with a classical heritage themed facade, in reality graduates to contemporary and picturesque exterior. In collaboration with Steven Davis, a heritage consultant from Urbis, this house bases its foundation on merging the concepts of old and new. Another residential project the firm are particularly proud of is the Sharif Residence. This Large Residence, situated in the UAE, was a large remembrance of Ghazi’s time spent in the UAE before the GFC. The client first commissioned Ghazi to design a home for his large family, live-in maids and service people. At 2800msq the house is a collaboration with Dale Jone Evans a National Award Winning Architect.


Company: GOAStudio Name: George Omalianakis Email: Web Address: Address: Clerkenwell Workshops, 27/31 Clerkenwell Close, EC1R 0AT, Islington Telephone: 020 313 70905

Best for Contemporary Residential Refurbishments London, UK

GOAStudio is a London based architectural team lead by George Omalianakis. After working for award winning practices and projects in London and the north of England he set up GOAStudio to focus on residential architecture. Since 2009 GOAStudio have designed more than 170 residential projects across London and developed working relationships with a team of other professionals, local authority officers, consultants and builders. GOAStudio offer full architectural services and the vast majority of their clients are private individuals and small-scale developers. In terms of our philosophy it always comes down to people and spaces. We deal with people, we design spaces, it is that simple. This is what we do. People and spaces inspire us. It is not all about match-making but creative match-making is at the heart of our approach. Our focus is the people who get in touch with us and their particular circumstances, lifestyles and requirements at the time. This is what informs our decision making and this is also the first thing we try to understand, appreciate and even creatively challenge before we start thinking about spaces, aesthetics, programmes and design solutions.

George Omalianakis | Chartered Architect

Umi Ishimoto | Architectural Designer

Materials, styles, trends and narratives are the tools we use however we never allow them to be the focus of our approach. Our projects appear visually diverse and this is something we rather enjoy achieving. Marshall McLuhan’s global village predated Twitter, social media and global / local architectural aesthetics; there has always been cross-fertilisation of culture and ideas through empires, sea trading routes, oral traditions and story-telling. What is different now is that the scale and intimacy of the information one can receive is of a completely different scale. Off-line publications do a good job trying to keep up with the speed and breadth of any design developments however there is always an editorial line that needs to be followed for every issue and there is a limit on the type of projects on. The opinion pieces can be

Build Architecture Awards 2015

enlightening. But it is a slow way to showcase emerging trends. Twitter is anarchic, random, immediate, intimate and instant. Twitter is your oyster if you want to have at your fingertips what is happening anywhere and at any time. In terms of making ourselves unique from our competitors it is the Alice in Wonderland effect we try to recreate when considering long views through spaces. It is the airport terminal effect we try to avoid when designing living areas. It is the cathedral effect that makes volumes special and creates a sense of lightness. The garden is always the stage when trying to decide on the internal lighting levels. Our clients listen and understand the metaphors and the way we describe things; they seem to enjoy the way we talk about architecture. It is through language and a bit of magic that we manage to communicate ideas, choices and experiences. Architectural design is an extremely complex process with a number of technical, legal and construction issues that need to be resolved along the duration of a project. What probably makes us different is the way we try to communicate all this while at the same time retaining the focus on the essence of what we do and why we do it is important to our clients. As for the culture in place here at GOAStudio it is very much nature versus nurture and it is nurture that defines and develops the culture and values of our studio. It takes particular


skill and experience being able to keep a firm eye on the whole process while at the same time translating specific ideas to a programme that delivers a project on time, within budget, and confidently beyond expectations. No two projects are the same. It is our job to break things down to manageable stages, assess priorities, put all the pieces together and lead a project to a successful completion. We are a small team which makes it easier to ensure that our design approach is consistent and that we all contribute and part-take in a common studio culture; this is something that happens rather organically, in a way of osmosis really, both formally through reviews and informally through discussions that can include matters of design, matters of life, matters of the universe and back to design again. London is home to a wide variety of architectural housing types and we get the opportunity to deal with a range of cultural contexts, ethnicities and architectural styles; at GOAStudio we see ourselves as creative problem solvers who will deal with any construction, planning, design and budget issues that might be relevant to a given project. In order to achieve this we need to have a good knowledge of the local context and being able to constantly respond to new challenges. We are often invited to consider projects in the same areas we have worked in before and we regularly deal with the same local authority offices for the projects we undertake. To have won “Best for Contemporary Residential Refurbishments London, UK� feels amazing and here at GOAStudio we would like to thank Build for the recognition of our work through this Award; for a young practice like ours this give us added confidence to continue doing what we love doing and it definitely helps to gain the trust of our clients when we present our work and we discuss our ideas with them. It is an achievement and a badge of honour especially since it comes from experts in the construction and property industry. As we look ahead to the future, we are now at the stage where we can be more selective about the work we take on and be more creative with regards to our design output. This Award will allow us to build on our previous work; one of the things we have had in the pipeline for a while now is a stand-alone interior design service that we believe will be very useful to our clients. Ever since we started GOAStudio we looked to listen to the specific needs of the residential sector in London and respond to an ever evolving market demands. In many ways survival is the ultimate success and we are proud to have come this far. And winning a few more awards like this one will be a sure sign we are heading in the right direction.

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Name: Morgan Harris Architects Ltd Email: Web Address: Address: Orleans Lodge, Richmond Road, Twickenham TW1 3BB Telephone: 020 8144 8337 or 07813 810 230

Best in Bespoke Private Residential Architecture – UK

Guy Morgan-Harris

Our design influences are incredibly broad and our inspiration can come from any aspect of life. We do focus very much on delivery of well-designed homes that work hard and look beautiful for our clients. We place initial emphasis on investigating plan options to ensure we realise a plan that delivers the best layout possible. We work through the design process from there assured we are delivering a comfortable and enjoyable home. This frees us to be more creative and adjust elements from there on. We do not have a set style and work in the context of each project to deliver the right aesthetic solution. We have designed very modern solutions that juxtapose the fabric of a heritage structure and equally we have designed in traditional and classical manner where appropriate. To keep up to date with any trends in the industry we keep an eye on press releases, visit shows and visit inspiring properties. We are unique in many ways, primarily as we have no intent to expand and offer a director level only input which gives great clarity and direction throughout a project’s time with us. Due to this focus we can take on more challenging projects than others and deliver them in a manner that others could not. Our specialist management service is unique and can’t be replicated by larger practices due to the necessity for complete link up between all project elements. This management service delivers greater project flexibility and importantly passes on great savings to our clients and reduces both their risk and that of main contractors. Each project is very important to us; we don’t take on too many and care

We are a boutique practice of two directors and no employees. This enables us to serve our clients at director only level throughout a project’s progression and allows us to tailor our service in an exact manner to suit individual project and client requirements. We are also able to offer a specialist management service that not only saves our clients a substantial amount of money but allows for greater flexibility on product specification and specialist sub-contracted items and ensures all is managed to site on a timely manner. This is a unique and boutique service that can only really work if an experienced practice director leads even the smallest project from beginning to end.

deeply about each one; this comes across and our clients appreciate our enthusiasm, dedication and drive. Our ethos is to accept and refine the client brief within the context of the property and then to deliver beyond this. We work largely within greater London and the challenge here is often making the most from a volume available yet ensuring there is the spatial requirements for relaxed and comfortable living. Many find this balance hard to meet and architect’s often put visual emphasis (i.e. their portfolio) before end user’s long term benefit. We strictly don’t do this and place the needs and desires of our clients as paramount and ensure that we can deliver these physical and practical needs hand in hand with the soul-uplift that can only be gained in a beautiful sequence of spaces. It is complex and it isn’t easy; this is what we specialise in. We have become specialists at working within the legal framework of the General Permitted Development Order and Planning Policy; this enables us to deliver where others can’t as we have a great understanding and experience in this field. We also work on larger scale projects (such as a Country Estate in Ireland that is coming to completion) and enjoy the greater freedom of space to give all of the elements that we often need to juggle when constrained by tighter London plots. Working in London refines you as an architect; we have to deliver on so many different levels. We are very excited to have won this award; it is recognition for the enthusiasm and hard

Build Architecture Awards 2015

work that we give to each and every project in this boutique practice and the wonderful clients we work for and with to create bespoke homes. We plan to remain as a small practice of two directors and simply improve our service to serve our clients to their best advantage. This is what we enjoy and what we are good at. We continuously seek new materials, technology and innovations and take on broader roles within the project framework; delivering each aspect seamlessly integrated with the others. We do work within larger teams on our larger projects and enjoy the variance of this; anyone whom we work for and within this way will confirm we are a good team player due to our holistic project experience. Our design ethos evolves with each project and after twelve years running this practice we enjoy what we do more than ever.


Name: Gisue Hariri, Mojgan Hariri - Founders Name: Markus Randler - Project Manager Name: Tara Bayati - Director, Marketing & PR Company: Hariri & Hariri Architecture D.P.C Address: 39 West 29th Street, 12th Floor New York, NY 10001

Hariri & Hariri Architecture is a visionary brand of conMost Significant Residential Project ceptual yet experiential, provocative yet poetic designs. - Jewels of Salzburg’ The firm’s integration of dynamic architectural forms, digital technology, inventive materials and a social agenda has defined their practice for over two decades. We spoke to Gisue Hariri, Co-founder and Principal Design Director, to find out about their truly unique design philosophy.

Hariri & Hariri Architecture D.P.C

Hariri & Hariri Architecture is a New Yorkbased multi-disciplinary architecture and design firm established by Iranian-born Cornell-educated sisters Gisue Hariri and Mojgan Hariri. They have focused on a holistic approach to design, offering a wide range of services including master planning, architecture, interior design, product design, one-ofa-kind furniture and lighting design. The firm is known for their research, experimentation, and creating visionary and original structures, through use of new concepts, materials, and technologies to produce innovative designs. Hariri & Hariri’s approach is rooted in a firm belief that design is fundamental to improving quality of life and with an integrated, unified approach it can become a total work of art that can be experienced by all.

Through being consistently creative and evocative, Hariri & Hariri are leaders in their field. Their innovative designs have been behind multi-family housing developments, commercial and institutional projects, as well as private residences of national and international significance. Due to their dedication to the research and construction of innovative ideas, the firm has been commissioned for a number of high profile projects, including the now iconic Sagaponac House. This particular project was the first of numerous homes by internationally acclaimed architects gathered by Richard Meier and the late Coco Brown for a development in Long Island, New York.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Furthermore, in August 2006 they were announced as the winners of an international competition for ʻSternbrauerei Salzburg,ʼ an $80M USD world-class residential and mixed-use development that was built near the historic centre of Salzburg, Austria. The complex includes 8 new apartment buildings with 100 apartments, an art gallery, a public garden and a promenade with a variety of other amenities for residents. Hariri & Hariri Architecture’s work with leading international corporations, developers, and fashion labels, along with cultural, institutional and high profile private clients demonstrates their multi-faceted practice. Other celebrated projects the firm has worked on include the Swarovski ‘Crystal Palace Collection’ chandelier; an acclaimed ‘Kryptonite’ couture jewellery collection; and the recent BEST of YEAR ‘Crystalline’ bath collection.


Company: Hilton Barnfield Architects Name: Rob Hilton Email: Web Address: Address: The Studio 158 Heavitree Road Exeter EX1 2LZ Telephone: 01392 349222

Cost Effective Architects of the Year & Best Residential Architect 2015 Hilton Barnfield Architects are dedicated to ensur- Exeter, UK ing their clients receive the very best service and get the most value. Rob Hilton outlines how the firm goes about this.

Hilton Barnfield Architects Here at Hilton Barnfield Architects we approach every project with dedication and enthusiasm and are committed to producing innovative solutions to every design challenge in order to maximise added value for our clients. We are therefore very proud to be awarded ‘Cost Effective Architects of the Year’ in recognition of our efforts. Our success is down to offering and delivering a highly personal, creative and professional service. Based in Exeter, our firm is committed to delivering high quality architecture to all our clients. Our team of talented designers and technicians offer the necessary skills to provide good value for our clients who range from private home owners to landowners and property developers. We offer a full architectural service guiding our clients through the whole process from inception to completion. As we consider ourselves to be a genuine local architecture practice this mentality defines our philosophy, which is driven by a desire to enhance and benefit from our local environment, making the most of what’s on our door step. We design buildings that have a strong relationship to their surrounding context: aesthetically, environmentally and spatially. As our practice has grown we have been able to take this ethos to projects further afield where careful study of the local vernacular has enabled us to deliver proposals that provide high quality spaces, places and buildings that are well rooted in their local environment. Our architecture style is not heavily influence by fashion, as it is instead driven by a problem solving approach responding to individual client briefs and site constraints.

Taking clues from the surrounding historic architecture and reinterpreting this to create modern architecture that pays reference to its immediate context helps us to avoid following architectural fads. In order to keep up to date with the latest developments in modern architecture and have a growing library of books, monographs and journals documenting the work of contemporary architects. As well as this we also follow a strict programme of professional development so that we ensure all our staff are up to date on all the latest developments in design, regulations and technology. Since the practice was established we have benefitted from strong connections with architectural education through teaching and reviewing student work. These connections help us to push our expectations for design quality and to become more critically aware of our own work. What makes us stand out from our competitors is that we invest time building strong relationships with our clients. This allows us to gain an understanding of how they live and work so that we can design buildings that meet their unique and individual requirements. Our design process is not about imposing an architectural style on a project but is instead driven by the constraints of the site and the lifestyles and attitudes of our clients. This approach allows us to create unique buildings which respond to their users and surroundings. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, genuine approachability and dedication to every project no matter what the brief or budget. We have a proven track record of delivering high quality, contemporary architecture for everyday budgets.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Our dedication to our clients, along with our commitment to good design and dedication to producing exciting and inspirational buildings are both driven by a passion for creativity, innovation and problem solving. We have a strong studio ethos where ideas are openly shared and constructively criticised in real time so that we are constantly pushing ourselves to achieve higher standards of design and technical resolution. We work in a range of media from hand drawn sketches to 3D computer images and physical models. This helps us to engage with our clients whilst allowing us to develop design concepts efficiently in order to guarantee a great value service. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality design service in order to create buildings which exceed the expectations of our clients. Our practice has grown significantly over the last two years and we are now in a strong position to move forwards into larger scale projects, which offers us an exciting outlook for the future. We are fortunate to have a very skilled team offering a diverse range of experience and expertise and we believe we are now well placed to develop our reputation further. We have recently successfully collaborated with other consultants including planning consultants and urban designers to deliver larger scale projects and this is something we expect to push further as our portfolio develops. We are an ambitious young practice and aim to be considered one of the leading architecture practices in the region over the next few years.


Company: HM Hospital Management International Consulting GmbH

Healthcare Architects of the Year 2015 HM Hospital Management International Consulting - Germany GmbH is a globally recognised group of companies who are dedicated in providing specialist architectural solutions for hospitals, rehabilitation centres and other healthcare facilities. In medical facilities such as hospitals, rehabilitation centres and clinics, the provision of good medical care and efficient working practices and is not exclusively down to endeavours of the staff alone. The construction, design and layout of the building can also have an impact, with the positive repercussions benefiting staff and patients alike. Factors such as the use of high quality medical devices, the creation of functional operations theatres and targeted support from powerful information and communication technologies as well as the consistent alignment of management structures on the operation purpose, determine in their entirety the quality and efficiency of services provided. All of these aspects are also involved in an architecture in the strictly functional and aesthetically pleasing are harmoniously coordinated. The HOSPITAL GROUP Munich, a group of companies with more than 35 years of planning and consulting experience in national and international projects offers their clients support as a priority, for users of both hospital and clinical facilities, helping to produce functional, practical buildings. Ultimately the group consider it their duty to contribute to human health by producing functional, organised hospitals and healthcare facilities. The group outlines the services they provide and how these contribute to fulfilling this duty. “We specialize in planning and consulting for health care institutions. Our main focuses are hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and practice clinics. The long experience of our architectural firms in the planning of research and production laboratories fertilized our work expands our field of vision and strengthens our creativity.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

“We are convinced that viable solutions can only be developed in close consultation with carers and users. We take into account the experiences of our customers and coordinate them with our experience gained from a wide variety of projects. We view our customers as a critical partner and constructively and creatively bring their technical contribution to the success of a project. We identify with the problems of our customers therefore our customers identify with us and our work. “The tasks of hospitals and other healthcare facilities may resemble each other, but our extensive consulting experience teaches us to consider the above tasks assigned to us individually, to edit and to develop project-specific, actionable solutions in live operation. Only visible in the daily operation success is our success. A report, which ends up in the drawer, we considered a personal failure.” The group’s interdisciplinary team of employees is all focused on these common goals, to advise our customers holistically and properly and ultimalty create the best possible facilities which benefit all users. The long-standing and diverse experience of the firm’s employees are always referred to in the firm’s work, even in narrowly defined task fields. The firm believes that teamwork is the basis of their success. “The success of the HOSPITAL GROUP MUNICH we owe to the special motivation and qualifications of our employees. We consider personal responsibility as just as important as creative teamwork within the group of companies. We are involved in prestigious professional societies and make us continue steadily to advise our customers on the latest findings.”


Company: INTERIOR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY Name: Jorge CANETE Email: Web Address: Address: Domaine de La Lance, CH-1426 Concise, Switzerland Telephone: 0041 78 710 2534

Residential Interior Designer of the Year 2015 Jorge Cante, the firm’s Founder, tells us how it feels to win such a prestigious award and gives us an insight into his dedication to his craft.

Interior Design Philosophy I would like to start by stating that I am very grateful and very honoured to have been awarded. Therefore, the first thing that I have done was to call my clients to share this great news with them and to say to them, thank you, because without them, there would have been no projects with which to win this award. We work on residential and institutional projects and we are also well connected with the contemporary art scene, which allow us to organise contemporary exhibitions in peculiar places. I entered this industry from a background in luxury products which sharpened my sense of items of beauty (Ungaro, Bvlgari, Mugler) as well as an MBA, which gave me the educational grounding to enter the industry. A diploma in “Interior Design” by the London Metropolitan University and several architectural projects at architecture studios in Rome and Geneva served as my launch pad allowing me to set up my own studio: Interior Design Philosophy.

While performing each project, our philosophy is to apply a personal formula that combines three sources of inspiration: the client’s personality, the place of the residence and, lastly, its surroundings. By combining these three variables, each “project equation” yields a unique, ultra-personalised and coherent result which gives the client a unique design tailored to them personally. We believe that interior design should be emotional. We design projects that reflect and materialize client’s emotions. Working within an ever evolving industry, it is important to work closely with contemporary artists, as this is a perfect way to have a glance of the future. Artists are always ahead miles away and this is always a great challenge and source of inspiration. It is all a matter of encounters. Recently I meet a Spanish artist, Laura Sebastianes and I was fascinated how she combines tradition and modernity. In addition to this, reading, travelling and visiting design fairs are part of the creative process. Nevertheless, the objective of my day-to-day job is not to follow the trend of interior designer, but, instead, to answer my clients’ needs by materializing their emotions.

Prestigious brands and my own private clientele have commissioned me to decorate their universe with my characteristic philosophy: to materialize an emotion that comes from within via a poetical vision of the world. This year my studio celebrates its ten anniversary My work has since been published in numerous magazines and in the prestigious book “International Interior Design Review” by Andrew Martin, over seven consecutive years, from 2009 to this year. Each year, this work brings together a selection of the leading designers and it is considered by the profession as being the international “bible” of interior architecture.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

All of our work is a unique collaboration between a representation of poetry/calligraphy and modern influence which is combined with a representation of our clients’ input to create a bespoke design which will stand the test of time and be truly individual. The region we operate in Switzerland, is in the centre of Europe, which is very convenient to travel. In a very short time you can go to Sevilla, Rome, Paris or London. This country offers an amazing peaceful atmosphere and this is really a privilege to live here. It also affords me access to culture and art which is vital inspiration for the design work I do. In the future, we will be kept busy: new exciting interior design projects, new collaborations (we will launch a carpet and a tile collection), a new exhibition (I am preparing with the British artist Philippa Smith one in 2016), as well as a new location for the studio. Our new location is particularly fascinating as it will be based in an old “carthusian monastery” built in the 15th century, but it will be treated with a contemporary twist and an Andalusian blend.


Company: IPT Architects Email: Web Address: Address: 5a/6a Iliffe Yard, Off Crampton Street, London, SE17 3QA Telephone: +44 (0)20 7703 0022

Award for Innovation in Interactive IPT Architects is an innovative, London based archiPublic Space - UK tects practise working across a number of market sectors to enhance the environment.

IPT Architects

This award-winning RIBA Chartered practice works at all scales from furniture design to multiple residential, commercial and public projects, and has a diverse portfolio of completed work. Established in 2003 by Amira Idris-Town and Lee-Anthony Town, the practice has grown to encompass private, commercial and public sector clients who have provided them with wide experience of working on projects in diverse locations. These range from tight urban place to controversial rural sites. Additionally, they are experienced in maximising development opportunities and in negotiating planning consents on sensitive sites. Each project is unique, and therefore IPTA endeavours to treat every project individually. The firm’s design style varies from project to project, and emerges from close studies of the individual site’s qualities and its context at the same time as creating modern and sustainable building embodying high quality design and craftsmanship.

The company’s aim is always to deliver projects on budget and on time without compromising on the quality of the design, which is achieved through ensuring a meticulous dialogue with their clients, stakeholders and collaborators. IPTA focus on creating architectural solutions that not only respond sensitively to the site and the environment, but also are innovative, practical and delightful. Ultimately, every building the firm creates is designed to make people’s life better. In order to do this, the firm works hard to retain their position at the top of their industry. IPTA’s open plan studio provides the infrastructure for creative and energetic thinking, which is imperative when working in such fast paced industry such as theirs. All of the firm’s projects are informed by a rigorous research into materials, construction techniques, sustainability and a sensitive approach to place. Additionally, having a workshop in-house allows the firm to test and experiment with diverse materials and modern method of construction by creating mock-ups of building fragments. This enables IPTA to maintain absolute control over the entire process and ensures that the integrity of their design and its execution are always met. Ultimately, IPT Architects were keen to state that they were honoured to have won this award and felt that it was a recognition of their hard work. Amira Idris Town, Director of IPT Architects said: “We are delighted to have been awarded ‘Award for Innovation in Interactive Public Space. It is vital and within our duty to create inspirational and interactive spaces for the general public to be able use and enjoy.”

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Company: IRVINE NASH – Architecture & Interiors Name: Caroline Irvine Email: Web Address: Telephone: +353 (0)87 2987401

Award for Innovation in Interior Design & Best for Client Support 2015 - Ireland

Architecture & Interior Solutions First of all, how does it feel to have been given the ‘Award for Innovation in Interior Design & Best for Client Support 2015 – Ireland’? We are proud to have been selected for this award and to be able to showcase Irvine Nash in ‘Build’ together with some of the most committed organisations in the construction sector. Please give us a brief overview of Irvine Nash - Architecture & Interiors, your clients and the services you offer. At Irvine Nash we provide full architectural, interior design and fit-out services across a variety of property types and scales. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring efficiencies to the construction process; from initial feasibility studies and innovative and sustainable design solutions through planning to the successful commissioning and handover of buildings. Our clients are diverse; large and small, private and corporate, which provides us with many exciting opportunities for projects. Please tell us about your philosophy. What is the inspiration behind your work and what factors influence your designs? How people live, work and spend their leisure time are the biggest influencers on how the practice responds to any project. Design can be transformative; working with clients to realise their goals by maximising a project’s potential in creating quality buildings and inspiring interiors that are reflective of people’s lifestyle requirements is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Historically, art, architecture and design have been richly intertwined, always providing inspiration and fuelling our imaginations when exploring ideas for our designs. Likewise, in the modern design environment, both artists and industrial design brands such as Pininfarina have expanded their work to include architecture, similarly fashion and

Irvine Nash is a small focused practice dedicated to the delivery of design excellence. We talk to Caroline Irvine who gives us an overview of the company and how they have reached this impressive level of success.

product designers to include interiors. Design is a fast moving industry and technological advances enables us to draw inspiration from international architects and interior designers working both independently and in collaboration across all fields of design. When working in an industry that is constantly evolving, how do you ensure that you are up to speed with the current zeitgeist as well as any emerging trends in your industry? Travel, CPD, exhibitions, constant research and our active interest in all matters relating to design keeps us up to date with trends in the industry. Liaising with peers across all design disciplines leads to a cross pollination of ideas that further informs our designs and the appropriate application of current building technologies, products and materials. What makes your firm unique? How do you distinguish yourselves from your competitors and present yourselves as the best option for your clients? We are passionate about design and take every project as a fresh challenge. The practice does not have a predetermined house style; buildings and interiors are designed in response to the brief with specific respect for environment, function, form, current legislation and building regulations to achieve design excellence and deliver maximum value for both the client and end user within individual project restraints. Our success and satisfaction in the achievement of design excellence is proportional to the fulfilment of client and end user requirements. What would you say is the ethos behind your firm? Is there a certain culture that defines your company and how to do you ensure that these values are maintained across all areas of your company?

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Our interior design services are enhanced by diverse industry knowledge. We carefully handpick suppliers for furniture, soft furnishings, artwork and accessories, enabling us to accommodate a diverse range of styles that make each project unique. Our suppliers work with us to develop our designs into bespoke one off pieces to further differentiate and enhance individual projects. Each project benefits from a holistic design approach and the collaboration of a highly qualified team of architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects and building contractors that are focused on the delivery of design excellence to satisfy client expectations. The practice is enriched through this cross practice collaboration drawing from both local knowledge and global experience. Working collaboratively has become essential to the digitally networked creative enterprise. What does the future hold for your firm? What plans do you have to sustain your success as well as further advance and innovate your services? Using our skills collaboratively we plan to continue delivering design excellence in the future and to focus on further developing our understanding of client issues and market requirements, which we believe will increase the quality and effectiveness of our services to deliver innovative and inspiring architectural and interior design solutions. We also plan to make the most of all opportunities; exploiting new tools for mobility, cross discipline collaboration and communication will open up further efficiencies, integration and cost reduction enabling us to compete in a wider market. The selection of projects that best match our skill set will allow us to grow while still operating a personalised service providing our clients with one point of contact which has been instrumental in our success.


Company: James Darwent Architecture Ltd Name: James Darwent Email: Web Address: Address: Trafalgar House, 5-7 High Lane, Chorlton-cum-hardy, Manchester, M21 9DJ Telephone: (0161) 8813031

Small Architectural Practice of the Year James Darwent Architecture Ltd, a small, friendly practice specialising in residential houses, commercial and arts related – UK

James Darwent Architecture Ltd James Darwent Architecture is an exciting, young practice that was set up in late 2010. James studied at the Mackintosh School of Art before working for multi-award winning Glasgow practice Gareth Hoskins Architects. Today, the practice has two bases, one in the trendy suburb of Chorlton-cum-Hardy in South Manchester and the other in Castleton, at the heart of the Peak District National Park, where James grew up. In Derbyshire the practice has grown a reputation for injecting sympathetic, contemporary solutions into projects such as listed buildings and chapel / barn conversions within the National Park. They also specialise in bar and restaurant design and have completed many innovative projects for Manchester’s most exciting new faces in the bar and restaurant scene. James explained the influences behind the firm’s work and how they ensure each project is seamlessly integrated into the landscape.

projects delivering design excellence and value for money to their clients. We speak to Founder James Darwent about what sets his firm apart from others and he gives us a tantalising insight into what the future has in store for the business.

“We aim to offer inspiring contemporary ideas that strive to deliver beyond expectations; maximising available space whilst respecting historic architectural traditions. Our firm takes influence from a wide range of sources such as magazines and travelling, but especially focus on the local area of each project and distil what character, materiality and style make a place what it is. Then we take that and inject it into our proposals so that any scheme will sit harmoniously within its surroundings.”

The design development is a collaborative process with the client and usually results in cohesive overall concepts that can be carried right through the design.

James added that the firm liked to keep up to date with trends in the industry, in order to ensure the firm was always providing clients with the best possible service.

In addition to this, the business relies heavily on word of mouth and reputation both in the residential and leisure industries and they tend to get more interesting jobs through these connections. James explains how this reputation has been built on a foundation of quality designs and ensuring client satisfaction.

“We like to think we are on the pulse with current trends in our field, especially when it comes to interiors, which is always the most fluid trend wise. In order to do this we draw inspiration from everything around us: from magazines, to social media, to everyday life. We feel that in doing this we are always on the cutting edge of new influences. A great example of this is the speakeasy bar in London, Evans&Peel, we worked on 4 years ago - we were using filament bulbs and herringbone scaffold boards on walls. The market is now saturated with this style but it was great to be one of the first faces using it. We are always on the hunt for the next great look for our clients and we always achieve it. “Overall though, we are keen to provide spaces and buildings that are timeless and will not date over time. Dressings can change but a good space or a well-balanced exterior elevation with considered use of materials is critical.” The firm are very keen to really get to know a client and gain an understanding of how they live or want to operate their business; what styles they are into or which customer base they are aiming their project at.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

With planners too, the firm like to think that they are good story tellers. Guiding planners slowly through the theory behind a scheme in a concise coherent manor is an art form learnt from James’ time at Gareth Hoskins and one that the firm instils in all proposals.

“At the practice we are keen to maintain a high standard in all work we do. Good design needn’t be too rigorously defined by industry standards or mass produced goods. We tend to prefer natural materials used in both traditional forms and contemporary interpretations. We also look for opportunities of how a product might be used in an alternate situation from which it is necessarily designed for. For instance we used galvanised electrical cable trays as cladding support rails for a temporary bar in Manchester that was then clad in ivy. This provided a weather resistant, eye catching finish at a fraction of the price of bespoke options.” In the future, James states that the firm is keen to expand into new areas and take on new projects. “We aim to grow the firm organically in the future, but at the same time we don’t want to get too large that the standard suffers and becomes too corporate. We enjoy the process of working with independent companies and ambitious residential clients as it is most rewarding and achieves the best results.


Company: Janus Architecture Email: Web Address: Address: Gateway Studio 83 Bradford Road, Idle, Bradford West Yorkshire, BD10 9JL Telephone: +44 01274 424 884

Janus Architecture is an architectural practice which specialises in working in the transport sector with exBest for Transportation Facility perience also in commercial, education and residential Design 2015 markets. The company talks us through their work and how they came to be recognised for such a prestigious award, with particular reference to their work with FirstGroup on their Glasgow bus maintenance facility.

Janus Architecture

At Janus we understand that developing a close relationship with our client is paramount to the success of any project. We have a proven track record within a broad selection of work sectors and specialisation in transport projects. Our ability to provide the highest quality design service is demonstrated through the high level of repeat commissions received. We constantly strive to deliver the highest quality of design to meet our clients budgets and expectations. Since 2000 Janus Architecture have seen continual growth through constant repeat business and have exceeded expectation of established targets from inception of the Practice. Growing from a local client base, our professional team have successfully delivered projects throughout the UK and are now providing specialist design services for our clients on international projects. Our organisational structure allows for Director level involvement from inception to completion and this, together with our dedicated professional management team, guarantees the quality of our designs and services to ensure all projects meet the client’s requirements and budgets. Janus Architecture is a RIBA Chartered Practice, corporate members of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists and The Association of Project Safety. Our management systems are assessed to meet ISO 9001 standard. Our services include Architectural Design, CDM services including Principal Designer, Quantity Surveying, 3D Graphics and BIM, Interiors / Space Planning and Project Management.

Janus Architecture have vast experience of co-ordinating sustainable technologies in many of our projects including Ground Source Heat Pumps, Biomass Heating Systems, Rainwater Harvesting Tanks, Hydrogen Fuel Cell installations, Photovoltaics and Solar Panels. One project we are exceptionally proud of is FirstGroup’s ‘Caledonia’ bus depot. Caledonia Depot is the latest addition to FirstGroup’s maintenance facilities to be built in the UK. The facility houses a fleet of 450 buses. The site is located on Cathcart Road, Glasgow and is intersected by the M74. The fuelling and wash buildings are located on one side of the M74 with a connecting tunnel underneath the motorway to the specialist coach building facility. Knowledge and experience of the vehicle movement requirements for such a facility were key to ensure maximum parking provision with minimum manoeuvring and ‘dead mileage’. Facilities at the depot include three service lanes with wash, valet and fuel facilities, MOT bays, repair centre with 10 bays and specialist paint and body repair equipment, maintenance area with 20 prefabricated pits, accommodation for office staff, drivers and depot employees, and parking areas for the entire fleet. The depot is currently the largest in Britain and incorporates PV cells on the roof (capable of generating 185,000 Kilowatts per Hour of electricity per year), intelligent fuel monitoring, rainwater harvesting, intelligent lighting and building management systems.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

The phasing of works during this project was critical to enable the service lane and parking facilities to be operational for the first time during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, six months prior to the intended practical completion date. Accommodating the driver and engineering facilities under one roof was fundamental to continuing and boosting the success of the client’s organisation, which we managed to achieve with the maintenance facilities workshop adjacent to the driver allocations on the ground floor of the main building and other ancillary offices and staff training centre on the upper floors. In addition to the Caledonia Project, Janus Architecture have provided a variety of specialist services for many other transport companies including Transport for London, National Express, Abellio, Tower Transit and have recently started working with Arriva. We have worked on bus facilities in Aberdeen, London, Southampton, Swansea, Norwich, Essex, Manchester, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Bahrain and Singapore just to name a few. Examples of this work include new build depots, alterations and/or extensions to existing depots, modification of existing buildings to form new garages, travel information buildings with staff amenities, installation of a call centre for “Dial a Ride”, external bus wash and fuelling installations, improvement of bus parking to provide safe traffic management plans, site drainage and security and lighting.


Company: Jaccaud Spicher Architectes Associés Email: Web Address: Address: 11, Avenue Sainte-Clotilde CH - 1205 Geneva Telephone: +41 (0) 22 321 80 35

Award for Excellence in Large Scale Social Housing – Switzerland Jaccaud Spicher Architectes Associés, formerly JeanPaul Jaccaud Architectes, is an innovative architects practice based in Switzerland which specialises in high quality social housing projects.

Jean-Paul Jaccaud Architectes

Jaccaud Spicher Architectes Associés was established in Geneva in 2004. The practice’s work is sustained by a long-term interest in interventions in complex built environments with strong specific identities. Through projects of varying scale and nature in Switzerland, Europe and the Middle

East, the practice has been confronting the material wear, the gaps and the functional obsolescence of these environments in different ways, attempting with every project to establish renewed meaning with specific, precise and sustainable responses. The firm’s founder, Jean-Paul Jaccaud, graduated from the EPF Lausanne in 1995 and collaborated with Bernard Huet, David Chipperfield Architects and Herzog & de Meuron prior to establishing his practice. He was visiting professor at EPF Lausanne from 2006 to 2010 and has been visiting critic at numerous universities since 2004. In response to the increasing scale of their projects, at the beginning of this year the firm announced a number of important changes to their practice structure as well as the adaptation of their company name to Jaccaud Spicher Associated Architects (Jaccaud Spicher Architectes Associés) as of January 2015. In addition, the firm welcomed Stephan Gratzer as an associate architect. Prior to that Stephan had been working as an architect for the firm for five years, working closely with the firm on design projects. These important changes have paved the way for exciting new projects for the firm, including creating two award winning social housing complexes, Les Adrets, Geneva which was created in association with Sergison Bates Architekten and Sentier des Saules, Geneva. Increases in work for the firm highlight their importance within the industry and that their dedication to quality is being noticed. In the future the firm plans to continue to expand and work on new projects which will provide them with fresh new challenges.

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Company: John V. Mutlow Architects (JMA) Email: Web Address: Address: 2536 N. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027 Telephone: +1 323.664.4373

Award for Innovation in Quality John V. Mutlow Architects Inc. is a multi-disciplinary architectural firm committed to the design of buildings that will endure the test Affordable Housing - USA of time. The firm is constantly searching for an architecture that

John V. Mutlow Architects (JMA)

provides a sense of inspiration to its inhabitants. Underlying each project is the basic philosophy of searching for a timeless solution whilst encouraging a synthesis of human values and aspirations. The common occurrence is elevated to a special occasion. To accomplish this transformation, a delicate balance between a set of performance criteria, a mixture of appropriate aesthetics, efficient space utilization and social interaction is obtained. As the priorities of these issues are re-distributed from one program and context to the next, the solutions achieve a uniqueness.

John V. Mutlow Architects Inc. is a multi-disciplinary architectural firm committed to the design of buildings that will endure the test of time. The firm is constantly searching for an architecture that provides a sense of inspiration to its inhabitants. Underlying each project is the basic philosophy of searching for a timeless solution whilst encouraging a synthesis of human values and aspirations. The common occurrence is elevated to a special occasion. To accomplish this transformation, a delicate balance between a set of performance criteria, a mixture of appropriate aesthetics, efficient space utilization and social interaction is obtained. As the priorities of these issues are re-distributed from one program and context to the next, the solutions achieve a uniqueness. John V. Mutlow FAIA, AA Dip. (TP), M.Arch (UD) UCLA, practices architecture in Los Angeles and is a Professor of Architecture at the University of Southern California (USC), where he is currently the Chair of the Graduate School and was the Director of the Advanced Program from 1991- 94. Professor Mutlow was a Borchard Foundation Faculty in Residence Research Scholar in France, 2002. He is the author of the American House, Design for Living 1991; Ricardo Legorreta Architects 1997; and The New Architecture of Mexico 2005. In addition to these prestigious accolades, John V. Mutlow is nationally known for his work, leadership and lectures on housing.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

For the past thirty years his architectural practice has focused on the design of affordable senior and family housing, with an emphasis on social considerations. The company has worked on numerous housing projects which include senior, special-needs, workforce, farm worker and family housing. Projects also include adult (senior) centers, childcare centers, community centers, private schools, historic renovations and single-family residences. More recently he has broadened his experience to include schools, as a member of the LAUSD Design Advisory Council, and projects which include Woodland Hills Elementary Private School and MTA Transit Tots East. Projects of note include, the design of two residential communities that include community, childcare, kindergarten buildings and recreational facilities (soccer and baseball field). The firm has also done extensive work in Asia, where their projects include the development of a series of prototypical designs for Daito Trust, a Japanese development consortium, a mixed use project in the Philippines and an office building in South Korea. Notable projects in the Hispanic and Latino communities of Los Angeles have led to professional exchanges with architects in Mexico. Continuing relationships with clients on several projects is the direct result of client satisfaction with the professional services provided. The firm also has extensive experience working with governmental agencies at the state and local level.


Company: JPL Design and Construct Name: J. Petersen Email: Web Address: Address: 12, Ormskirk Close, Bury, BL8 2JG Telephone: 0161 272 0643

Best for Residential Adaptations for the Disabled - Greater Manchester, UK We get an overview of this exciting design and construction firm from the firm’s owner, John Petersen.

I have 35 years’ experience in the private and public sectors and started my career as a time served and fully qualified joiner, progressing after a few years to a qualified architectural technician and then as a qualified building and asbestos surveyor (winning various awards over the years). This places myself in the unique position of being able to approach my work with an understanding of the intricacies of practical building in any design and construction work. I have gained extensive experience in the following areas: • •

• • •

Housing - extensions, conversions, refurbishments and new builds. Adaptations for the disabled including working with legal firms specialising in medical / legal cases. Hospitals and health centres. Social housing. Urban regeneration.

• • • • • • • • • • •

Our firm aims to offer our clients a professional and personal service and to act in our clients’ best interests at all times. We strive to provide aesthetically pleasing buildings to meet our clients’ needs and desires and within budget. We provide evening and weekend appointments together with free one consultations. From the outset we listen carefully to their needs and requirements, endeavouring to provide a clear and concise outline of the services they will require in order to achieve their end goal. This approach ensures that we are able to advise our customers accurately of the cost of the service we will provide for them. In addition it ensures continually that the service we provide includes well researched, high quality architectural design solutions. From gaining an understanding of these issues we are able to provide our clients with a number of bespoke services, including:

Initial design development advice. Liaison with the various health and social services professionals. Liaison with the various specialist equipment providers / suppliers. Feasibility schemes to explore potential development. Fully measured, accurate surveys. Planning advice prior to submission. Submission of planning permission packages. Submission of Building Regulation packages. Highly detailed drawings throughout. Coordination with Local Authorities, Contractors and Consultants. Structural calculations for beams and columns.

Working in such a fast paced and ever changing field, it is important to ensure that we are always at the forefront of emerging developments. Our staff are proactive in this and subscribe to email alerts on relevant topics, even going so far as to request press releases from the relevant suppliers and service providers. Additionally, we work closely with these suppliers and service providers to ensure we are always fully up to date with the latest technology and products they are working with. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing and demonstrating professional services coupled with a fair fees structure taking into account our disabled clients’ financial standing. In addition to this, we work closely with our clients to ensure that our construction and designs are adapted around their individual needs. By having an in depth understanding of the specialist needs of our clients we make sure that they are never disappointed with the finished product we provide. I am extremely pleased and humbled

Build Architecture Awards 2015

about being voted for the award. Taking into account my disability, being profoundly deaf from birth, it’s an achievement through putting in a huge effort and time in achieving the high standards required. By having a deep understanding of and empathy with the Clients, and having extensive construction and professional experience gleaned over the years this has contributed to the success in being presented with the award. Looking to the future, we are keen to be involved more with disabled people agencies such as local authorities’ and social services, as well as the private sector health professionals. By working with these bodies we would be able to gain further insight into providing professional services for the construction and adaptation works, as this is an evolving field and there is always more to learn. With the ageing and disabled population increasing year on year it is becoming increasingly imperative that they are assisted in every way possible to remain in their homes, making this an exciting time to be working in this field.


Company: Lambert Kamps Art & Design Name: Lambert Kamps Email: Web Address: Address: Grote Beerstraat 390 9742SM Groningen The Netherlands Telephone: 0031 648273316

Best for Art & Design 2015 & Award for Innovation in Pop-Up Architecture Founder Lambert Kamps discusses his firm’s unique approach to architecture and how this has contributed to their success.

Lambert Kamps Art & Design is a creative studio with production facilities where ideas can be directly produced and tested.

There are also travel advantages to living in Holland, as the country is very small so it is easy to travel across it in a day.

The service that we offer the most is trouble shooting, working with customers to realise their projects potential despite any obstacles that might be in the way. I personally enjoy this aspect of my job and see it as a challenge to work with these problems and come up with a smart and interesting and beautiful design.

I have no plans to move in the foreseeable future, as it is not possible to find a studio in the same price level as the one currently use, and I do not want to have to pass an increase in price on to my clients.

In my opinion, there is already a lot of stuff in this world and therefore there is no need to produce more unless it is different, smarter and overall better than what we already have. This methodology pervades throughout our work, and we do not incorporate any element into our designs unless we see a true need for it. Our firm is small, which gives us the advantage as we can be extremely flexible, which is beneficial to our clients. This flexibility means that it is possible for us to work fast and keep the costs low so it is possible to create an affordable custom made design. In addition, being a small firm enables us to be innovative at all levels, which is why we are enthusiast about what we create. This makes every day satisfying, even if the workload is heavy or it is not my favourite aspect of the job, being so dedicated to our work means we always enjoy whatever we are doing, which is visible to the client in the quality of the end result. Another advantage to being a small business is that I have the overall choice over key aspects of the business, including where we are located. As such I chose to run my business in the North of Holland, the region where I was born, studied and started the company, as I feel most at home here.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

When I first started my company I worked a lot in the field of art. I loved that aspect of my work as it gave me a lot of inspiration, which I incorporated into my design work. I studied fashion and design before attending the school of fine arts in Groningen, which exposed me to a variety of different styles and forms of art, allowing me to see that there is ultimately no constraint on what you can create, a theory which I infuse into all of my work. In the future I would like to return to my art roots and work with galleries and art exhibitions, as I feel that this will provide me with more inspiration, which in turn will help me to produce more innovative ideas.


Company: LUXURY HOMES BY BRENTNALL Name: Siobhan Pearson Email: Web Address: Address: 62 Boykambil Esplanade, Hope Island Queensland, Australia, 4214 Telephone: (61) 400 420 392

Best for Bespoke Luxury Homes & Award for Innovation in Contemporary Luxury Homes by Brentnall is a luxury home design Design - Australia brand which aims to provide sumptuous bespoke designs tailored to their client’s needs. Siobhan Pearson talks us through how the firm has come to win these two highly regarded awards.

Luxury Homes by Brentnall

Luxury Homes by Brentnall design and build to create legacy – a home that will live through generations. With quality, innovation and precision at the forefront of our company philosophy, we aim to make the build experience efficient an enjoyable for our clients. We offer custom material packages that enables us to build luxury homes cost effectively. Our suppliers have been tried and tested over 30 years to ensure we offer the very best in every design. From Geothermal technology through to energy efficient solar and water sustainability, we are aiming to create the luxury homes of tomorrow, and the generations to follow. Our philosophy is based around sustainability from a functional, cost effective and lifestyle point of view. We want our clients to have a financial, social and emotional investment in the build – whether it is for home or investment purposes. Every build needs purpose and our aim is to create a space that is both functional and beautiful, fulfilling both the needs and wants of every client. In order to adapt in an ever changing industry we strive to regularly research and are constantly seeking the very best from both the team and our suppliers, who are all innovative and forward thinking in their own right. Business success is about ensuring all aspects of the supply chain are striving towards a common goal – quality, efficiency and innovation are imperative in our supply chain, right from the major suppliers down to the guy who paints the walls. People want an experience, not just a finished product. You give them a bad experience and the end product doesn’t mean a thing.

Luxury Homes by Brentnall are unique in that we offer a complete service, concept to completion and we supply multimillion dollar home material packages (kit form), the larger the project the more our clients can save with our guidance. However unlike competitors, we customise the design to meet their functional requirements. We are able to offer luxury but by having them in a package arrangement, we can buy materials at a wholesale rate, creating a cost effectively build for every client. With our team of architects, designers, Engineers, Town Planners, builders and suppliers and award winning Interior designers – we can offer a complete package where the process is project managed by Owner/Director Siobhan Pearson. This means the process is effective and low stress from our clients as they are dealing with a single person throughout the entire project. Ethos comes from the top and I genuinely believe that as business owners, if you set the standard, the team will follow. Management, staff and all involved need to look for guidance and feel valued and Luxury Homes by Brentnall is exactly that, a team. Every member is valued the same, no matter their contribution. Over the decades we have had the privilege of designing and supplying individual homes both here in Australia but also overseas for example in the Virgin Islands. We are Australia wide, so our region covers different demographics and different areas. For instance, one of our projects is in the middle of the Australian Outback on a property the size of France – the challenges we face in a region such as this are very different to say a project

Build Architecture Awards 2015

in the middle of Sydney. Each build is unique therefore creates a new set of challenges and opportunities, but adapting is all part of staying relevant in the industry. Meeting the challenges and learning is all part developing as a business. In the future, our communication, integrity, quality and ensuring clients remain our inspiration, and they are what will determine our business success. As the industry demands more, we will continue to offer more, striving to be at the forefront of innovative unique design, sustainable energy efficient luxury lifestyle sanctuaries individually crafted to exceed our clients expectations. Our clients are the reason that we won this award and we intend to endeavour to continue to provide them with the best quality designs. With over 2500 luxury builds in 30 years, our clients have shaped our success, provided us with inspiration and allowed us to creative and innovative. With every build, there is an element of trust and respect and in that process, a relationship is defined. Many of our clients have returned for a second, even third build which is testament to our quality designs, our efficient team and the suppliers we use. Winning this award really is just as much acknowledgement to everyone involved, including our loyal clientele.


Company: Mackay + Partners llp Name: Ken Mackay Email: Web Address: Address: Florin Studios, Florin Court, 6-9 Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6EY Telephone: 020 7608 1177

Best Category B Fit Out Mackay + Partners llp specialise in commercial pro- St Swithins Wine Shippers jects, with their recent work on the St Swithins Wine Shippers store being a particular example of their dedication to both quality and their clients. Ken Mackay gives us an exclusive insight into the firm and how they came to such success.

Mackay + Partners Llp

M+P: St Swithins Wine Shippers was a concept developed from a prototype store in Hong Kong. The concept is to offer fine wine to a wider audience and expand the international wine on a glass by glass basis. The fit out reflects and enhances this tasting experience. We are very proud that the project has received this prestigious award. At Mackay + Partners, we combine a keen commercial awareness with a quest for quality and design integrity. Thirty years of experience, at the forefront of contemporary design has enriched our team with the talent, skill and confidence to challenge the usual. As a small practice, we work on a variety of project types and scales and always ensure our client’s objectives are exceeded. Mackay + Partners are a progressive team and we aim to learn and evolve our ideas and knowledge through projects. In coordination with our client, we examine the brief to expand the potential outcomes, pushing the boundaries of architecture and interior design to find the best solution. To each project we bring a fresh perspective and plenty of enthusiasm, because ultimately we enjoy what we do. Our firm’s overall philosophy is that all of our projects are the result of team work and that our job is to be clear communicators of our client’s image. The range and scale of our projects is varied, but our ability to challenge perceptions of design and our dedication to the needs of our clients remains our mission.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

In order to stay ahead in an ever evolving industry we seek innovative solutions and continually do international research into all of our work sectors. In addition, we speak at international conferences, judge sector wards and ensuring that we keep fresh and ahead of the game, in a very competitive market. Because M+P do not have a house style, we ensure that we do not repeat or mimic past projects which ensures that all of our designs are unique. We always seek to find the best original solution to a client’s brief. To achieve this, we at Mackay + Partners always work as an effective team that collaborates with other designers architects and our client’s to deliver confident and mature projects. Our firm is London based, but have international JV collaborations with offices in NYC, Milano and Sydney. This allows us to offer and work with clients on an international platform. London is the world’s leading finance and design hub, it is central to our client’s needs. Moving forward, we are keen to strengthen our current collaborations with international design houses that will allow us to continue to produce quality sustainable projects with integrity.


Company: Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd Name: Maurizio Pellizzoni Email: Web Address: Address: 75-81 Burnaby Street, Fairbank Studio (Studio 8), London SW10 0NS Telephone: 020.7352.3887

Best Home Stylist 2015 – UK Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd applies an Italian appreciation of style and design on to a range of residential and commercial projects. Founder Maurizio Pellizzoni explains the firm’s unique position in the market and gives us a tantalising glimpse into the future of the firm.

Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd There are many good interior designers in the world; many of these are based in London. When it comes to making a decision it can be difficult finding the right person, marrying this with the right style and trusting in the service that company offers is even more difficult. What makes Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd stand out from the vast percentage of interior design services is my rare ability to create something enviably stylish from the taste and personality of each and every client. No single project is the same but look carefully and they are all bound together by a common thread. Whether it be a historic home in the Highlands of Scotland or a state-of-the-art loft apartment conversion in Shoreditch, each project is crafted into a home that bears the stamp of its owner and brings together the personal belongings of the client, presenting them in their best possible light. At Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd we offer a boutique service built on close relationships with our clients, from architecture to styling. In order to ensure each of our clients receives the best possible service, Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd takes the hand of the client and guides them seamlessly through the process, whether accompanying them to buy new furniture and accessories in person or selecting the best objects from their own collection and presenting them in a new way. Having spent many years as Home Collection’s Coordinator at Ralph Lauren, my final dressing skills are amongst the most desirable in the industry, and it is this practice of layering and working with an eclectic collection of pieces, which distinguishes Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd projects from the rest. Fashion based industries such as ours change frequently, making it imperative for us to keep ahead of the game in terms of new trends. For me, the best way to evolve and

keep up with new trends is taking inspiration from fashion, movies and whatever is happening around us. London is an ever-changing and cosmopolitan environment and it feeds my creativity naturally. Travelling to a different city is always a good way to explore a new culture and see something new that can be used for the next design; my luggage is always packed with memorabilia from the places I visit, and my mind registers the different trends that I consolidate into my work. Another issue within our industry is that it is highly competitive, meaning firms such as ours have to work hard to diversify ourselves from our competitors. In order to do this we guarantee that each interior will not be a version of many that have come before and we promise to create a home that fits the client, and only the client, perfectly. This is our number one priority. A lot of our competitors have a very strong style or visual footprint, a signature style of their own, which they replicate throughout their projects. Clients come to them because they want ‘exactly that’ – I cannot work this way, I try to be true to the individuality of my clients, and this is simply a different conception of this business. What works for some, will not work for others. My firm is very much grounded into my Italian heritage. I grew up near Lake Como and I come from a family who work in the business. Since founding my consultancy about eight years ago, I have applied my Italian appreciation of style and design to a range of residential and commercial projects. My interest for novelty and trends is always counter-balanced by my roots in classical Italian design and this is the skill and the eye I like to teach to my staff. The timelessness of our work lays in this classicism, while the trendy touches will make it current. Finding the balance is a difficult craft.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

There are many exciting changes to our firm as we look towards the future. We are currently working on several projects in London; each one of them is exciting, unique and different from each other. I have also just returned from a trip to the USA, where I went for a holiday, but also to photograph my first USA project in Portland Oregon - a stunning riverside view family home. Unfortunately we cannot disclose the images yet, but after seeing the final selection, I can clearly say that it will be another style to add to my portfolio. I am also working on an exciting project in my hometown in Italy at the moment. So, for the next few year I will be working in the three most incredible cities in the world in my eyes: London, New York, Milan.


Company: MODULAR arhitekti Name: Mojca Gregorski, Miha Kajzelj, Matic Lašič Email: Web Address: Address: Grudnovo nabrezje 23, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Telephone: 00386 41 523 333

This innovative firm combine contemporary style with a sense of social responsibility to create functional and Architectural Firm of the Year spacious architecture. The firm is run by three independent architects, Mojca Gregorski, Miha Kajzelj and Matic Lašič who give us an insight into their unique business.

MODULAR arhitekti Our business names, MODULAR arhitekti, comes from a combination of the words “Module” and “Architecture”. It is the perfect name for our business as it describes the structure of our team and our way three independent architects from three different generations (Mojca Gregorski, Miha Kajzelj, Matic Lašič) are connected. A module (architecture team) functions as an independent self-sufficient unit within a bigger system (project team). The diversity of our firm’s projects causes the module to have the ability to develop by reconfiguring, adding to and/or removing other units (modules). The functioning characteristics of a module - joining together standardized units to form larger complex compositions - is typical for both an architectural team and the architectural planning process. This unique approach to our work means we our teams can share ideas and designs whilst at the same time working efficiently on their own projects. Our work consists of realisations on different architecture scales - ranging from very small designs, houses, building complexes, landscape projects to more complex urbanistic designs. Most of our realised works are in the field of public projects (landscape projects, educational buildings, sport halls and complexes, homes for elderly, castle renovations and others) and are contributing to the culture of the local communities. Besides architecture realisations we are also involved in urbanism, theory and researches; outside of modular architect Mojca Gregorski works as associate assistant professor at the Faculty for architecture, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Recently we were involved in many designs for educational buildings. We believe that the space (building) is, as Malaguzzi said, the “third teacher” and as a result we developed innovative functional and architectural forms of educational buildings. Spaces where children grow up influence their awareness of quality surrounding and help develop relations towards the built environment. We received several national and international awards for realised educational buildings and won WAN2013 award for Educational Future project. We are the first Slovene company to have won WAN award. As a firm we are interested in realisations of contemporary architecture in response to contextual parameters as much as their social influence. The results are based on constant search of new functional and spatial solutions. Our buildings are interweaving with the surrounding environment and not trying to dominate it. Our buildings and interventions do not occupying empty territory or take away land, but rather contribute to better living and better, nicer and more organised space. They are simple in the design but contain very complex programmes, with significant influence on the surrounding and the people in the local communities. Ultimately it is our goal to make timeless architecture, and our work is influenced by modernism which keeps our designs current but at the same time ensuring they retain their individuality. As a result, we do not strictly follow emerging trends; however, we do not shy away from using emerging materials and innovative solutions. Form is not an expression, but rather a result of balance between volumes, materials and colours. It is important to be honest in the detail and in the use of materials.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Therefore we always ensure that our buildings are functional, friendly for users, but at the same time innovative, with higher level of cultural awareness and careful relation towards their surroundings. They are aesthetic and preserve harmony – maintain proportions while keeping volumes, materials and colours in balance. We always ensure we do not have unsatisfied clients, because we work as a team of which a client is always a member. Only team work, dialog and clear goal can lead to such results. We are not focused only on making of paper documentation, but rather on realised building with architectural quality and a satisfied user. Each project is unique, influenced by intuition, inspired by location and context. Our work process utilizes different methods – from freehand sketching, model making and computer graphics to conversations. We believe that each project needs to go through certain process, to be shaped and developed. As a company we firmly believe that architecture is the way of life and not just a job. It is every architect’s responsibility to help shaping the cities and other public places which will ultimately make an integral difference to the life in these spaces. We are privileged to create buildings, spaces and places that influence people’s lives. Whilst we feel that the biggest awards are happy and satisfied users/clients, professional awards confirm our professional skills and mark our position among other architects at home and abroad, which is why we were honoured to receive such a prestigious title.


Company: Moneo Brock Studio Email: Web Address: Address: C/ BENIGNO SOTO 14, Bajo 28002 MADRID, MADRID Telephone: +34-91-563-8056

Best Healthcare Design Project Moneo Brock Studio is an architecture firm character- Playspace 12 de Octubre ized by the intensity of its design focus. We profile this unique design firm and examine their award winning project, Playspace 12 de Octubre.

Moneo Brock Studio

The Studio’s principals, Belén Moneo (Harvard, 1988) and Jeff Brock (Princeton, 1985), formed their professional partnership in 1993 in New York City after receiving their Masters of Architecture from Columbia University’s GSAPP in 1991. One particular project that the firm is proud of is their work at the Playspace 12 de Octubre, where they worked pro bono with Juegaterapia foundation, focusing on the children’s play area and garden. The project transforms the 800 m2 pre-existing rooftop at the 12 de Octubre Hospital in Madrid, Spain (where 7,000 children are hospitalized every year) into a playspace surrounded by ornamental trees and plants. Belén Moneo says of the project: ”The design was inspired by the children’s drawings, which illustrated their ideal playspace. Thinking as children we realized that every element in the garden becomes a potential object of play. We felt that the space had to be more than just a playspace – it had to feel unique for the children, their own, a secret place, a landscape able to empower their imagination, a place where they could dream, where their senses would delight in contact with nature. And, on top of that, it should bear no resemblance to the hospital, but instead create a variety of atmospheres through landscape design” . The project, which was completed and officially inaugurated in May 2015, enables the children inpatients to perform not just a physical activity, but to find entertainment, social interaction, escape and joy, providing them with therapeutic benefits during treatment and recovery.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Photo: Ángel Alvarez Studio


Name: Morgan Harris Architects Ltd Email: Web Address: Address: Orleans Lodge, Richmond Road, Twickenham TW1 3BB Telephone: 020 8144 8337 or 07813 810 230

Best in Bespoke Private Residential Architecture – UK

Morgan Harris Architects

Our design influences are incredibly broad and our inspiration can come from any aspect of life. We do focus very much on delivery of well-designed homes that work hard and look beautiful for our clients. We place initial emphasis on investigating plan options to ensure we realise a plan that delivers the best layout possible. We work through the design process from there assured we are delivering a comfortable and enjoyable home. This frees us to be more creative and adjust elements from there on. We do not have a set style and work in the context of each project to deliver the right aesthetic solution. We have designed very modern solutions that juxtapose the fabric of a heritage structure and equally we have designed in traditional and classical manner where appropriate. To keep up to date with any trends in the industry we keep an eye on press releases, visit shows and visit inspiring properties. We are unique in many ways, primarily as we have no intent to expand and offer a director level only input which gives great clarity and direction throughout a project’s time with us. Due to this focus we can take on more challenging projects and deliver them in a manner that others could not. Our specialist management service is unique and can’t be replicated by larger practices due to the necessity for complete link up between all project elements. This management service delivers greater project flexibility and importantly passes on great savings to our clients and reduces both their risk and that of main contractors. Each project is very important to us; we don’t take

We are a boutique practice of two directors and no employees. This enables us to serve our clients at director only level throughout a project’s progression and allows us to tailor our service in an exact manner to suit individual project and client requirements. We are also able to offer a specialist management service that not only saves our clients a substantial amount of money but allows for greater flexibility on product specification and specialist sub-contracted items and ensures all is managed to site in a timely manner. This boutique service can only be achieved if an experienced practice director leads even the smallest project from beginning to end.

on too many and care deeply about each one; this comes across and our clients appreciate our enthusiasm, dedication and drive. Our ethos is to accept and refine the client brief within the context of the property and then to deliver beyond this. We work largely within greater London and the challenge here is often making the most from a volume available to ensure spatial requirements for relaxed and comfortable living are met. We place the needs and desires of our clients as paramount and ensure that we can deliver these physical and practical needs hand in hand with the soul-uplift that can only be gained in a beautiful sequence of spaces. It is complex to achieve but we find the challenge rewarding; so this is what we specialise in. We have become very proficient at working within the legal framework of the General Permitted Development Order and Planning Policy (Local & National); this enables us to deliver where others may struggle as we have a great understanding and specific experience in this field. We also work on larger scale projects, such as a country estate in Ireland that is coming to completion, and enjoy the greater freedom of space to give all of the elements that we often need to juggle when constrained by tighter London plots. Working in London refines you as an architect; we have to deliver on so many different levels. Our experience of smaller projects, that we still take into the practice, is a great reference when we deliver larger scale

Build Architecture Awards 2015

new build projects that we are adept at taking through the planning process and are able to give more detail and consideration to due to our complex small project experience. We are very excited to have won this award; it is recognition for the enthusiasm and hard work that we give to each and every project in our practice and the wonderful clients we work for and with to create bespoke homes. We plan to remain as a small practice of two directors and further refine our service to serve our clients to their best advantage. This is what we enjoy and what we are good at. We continuously seek new materials, technology and innovations and take on broader roles within the project framework; delivering each aspect seamlessly integrated with the others. We do work within larger teams on our larger projects and enjoy the variance of this; anyone whom we work for and within this way will confirm we are good team players due to our holistic project experience. Our design ethos evolves with each project and after twelve years running this practice we are enthused by our work more than ever.


Company: Myefski Architects, Inc. Name: John Myefski Web Address: Address: 630 Davis Street, 5th Floor, Evanston, IL 60201 Telephone: 847.440.8294

Myefski Architects, Inc. is a world renowned architecture firm based in Chicago which offers services that Most Innovative Architecture Firm 2015 include Sustainable Design, Schematic Design for Commercial and Residential Architecture, Interior Design, and Urban Planning. John Myefski explains how the firm came to win this prestigious award and gives us an insight into the company’s future.

Myefski Architects

We are an international architecture firm which specialises in innovative and unique designs. The team at Myefski Architects is motivated by the catalyst that innovative architecture with a purpose can pervade the structures we inhabit to transform our attitudes and shape our relationships. From initial inspiration to final implementation, Myefski Architects are passionate about telling a story with their work. This means developing spaces that are multi-faceted, yet inherently simple; architecture that is highly functional, environmentally sensitive, aesthetically pleasing and meaningful to its occupants. Our design thinking is as pure as its promise – simplify, simplify, simplify. Our team works together to create seamless layouts that reflect the design philosophy: keep it clean and keep it simple, but never forget to have a little fun. We know from experience – architecture is a process. But we also know that any preconceived method of design inhibits creativity and will only result in a temporary solution. While the way we design may vary from client to client, our approach remains the same. We begin every project with a reflection on the client’s needs and aspirations. This creative discussion is a collaborative effort, and an essential part of our design approach. Our team operates on the idea that whatever the question, design is the answer. Working in an ever evolving industry makes being innovative vitally important to a business such as ours. From technology

advances in design software and building products, to inventing new means and methods for standard design deliverables, our team is relentless in the pursuit of innovation. By engaging with the design community and participating as leaders, our designers are present as emerging trends transition into current zeitgeist.

At Myefski Architects we don’t believe in cubicles. We also don’t believe in isolating yourself from your co-workers. We embrace our open, studio environment because it truly allows us to use a team approach on every project. We recognize that every member of our firm contributes their own unique talent and perspective.

For us, architecture is not just about buildings. It involves creating a better place for life through beautiful forms, inspiring environments, and brilliantly executed solutions. Identifying and harnessing innovative solutions is paramount to creating better places.

Looking to the future, it is my personal belief that we are headed for even greater prospects. We have designers who embrace change and never stop learning. That kind of approach allows us to work with purpose and discover innovative ideas that exceed expectations. In order to sustain our success, I think we just need to keep encouraging big ideas and indulge our curiosities.

Our firm strives to differentiate itself from others in the industry by constantly thinking differently. We are architects but we prefer to think of ourselves as problem-solvers, dreamers, investigators and visionaries. We are here to create buildings that will contribute to communities and foster the local economy. Myefski Architects is committed to excellence in design and innovation. Our goal is to create simple, yet unique and appealing designs for a wide range of clients and project scopes. Every project is unique but they all share one commonality – combining client service with creative solutions to create timeless designs. We are visual thinkers with a serious reliance on the right side of the brain. This pushes us to use our imagination in order to process information and see the bigger picture. As a design firm, we are dedicated to changing the way our clients live, work, play and learn. Our team takes risks and presents endless possibilities in order to make this happen.

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Company: Neshamkin French Architects, Inc. Name: Linda Neshamkin, AIA Email: Web Address: Address: 5 Monument Square, Charlestown, MA 02129, USA Telephone: 617 242 7422

Client Choice Award: Best for Design Administration - USA This innovative design firm seek to ensure that the natural scope of a project drives the design. Linda Neshamkin explains the firm’s philosophy and how they came to win such a prestigious award.

Neshamkin French Architects

Neshamkin French Architects provides architectural design and construction administration, focused on carrying a project through the whole journey to realization. Originally founded by award-winning architects, Linda C. Neshamkin and John W. French in 1985, Neshamkin French Architects is one of the most respected architectural and planning firms in New England. Currently, we provide services in the field of Design and Construction Administration where our first-hand knowledge of methods, materials and costing can assist our clients in fulfilling their program goals within very tight budgets. We also offer programming and planning services. Development consulting is an essential part of our work. Of course in our architecture contracts we integrate the services of all our engineering and landscape services. We have a 30 year expertise in multifamily, mixed-use and commercial projects.

Interior view - The Batch Yard

Our approach to design focuses on efficiently delivering an environment that is pleasing and right, both in terms of function and perception. In terms of working with our clients, we emphasize and use sensitivity to connect with Gatehouse 75 - Charlestown, MA.

our clients and understand exactly what it is they are looking for in a project. In order to ensure each project fulfills its potential, we avoid a doctrinaire approach and strive to enhance or uncover the character, volume, light and colour of a site, while letting the functions and experience of the interior space unfold, informing the relation between the exterior and interior. Insuring this approach is carried through the firm only happens by being vigilant about the people we have working for us, making sure that they share enthusiasm for and dedication to solving design problems in a felicitous way. As with any region, Boston offers a number of challenges for a company such as ours, notably the tremendous proliferation of architectural firms in the area. Boston is an attractor for so many professionals, particularly architects, because New England and the Northeast as a whole have many building and development opportunities, including a strong local belief in investment in the environment. However, we differentiate ourselves from these competitors by always offering our clients a top quality service and endeavouring to ensure they receive the best value for money, whilst also considering the social and environmental factors related to the project. We are delighted to have been awarded the honour. I personally think success has come to us from being driven to do well what we enjoy doing, while remaining resilient and learning how to operate in a lean fashion.

The Batch Yard Everett, MA.

Looking towards the future, we are expanding our work in multifamily and adaptive reuse, while continuing to develop expertise in academic and commercial work. We keep our design teams continuously involved in development of new materials and representation.

44 Prince Street Boston, MA.

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Company: NFA Architects Ltd Email: Web Address: Address: The Brick Barn, Court Road, St Nicholas-at-Wade, Kent, CT7 0PT Telephone: 01227 668125

Most Contemporary Residential Architect 2015 NFA Architects Ltd is a small, dynamic practise offering a wide range of services across a number of industries.

NFA Architects Ltd

NFA architects, established 2003, is a small practice ideally positioned to respond to fast paced design processes, discerning clients and tight programmes. The firm works in several sectors, predominantly residential but also commercial and education. The company specialises in designing wining schemes in sensitive locations, for example working on Grade I listed buildings in some of the most prestigious locations across London and further afield. Because of their high level of experience the firm is able to cover all work stages, enabling them to guide their clients seamlessly from concept to completion on site. In addition to this the firm also offer a range of services to aid developers. Often commercially sensitive decisions are time critical and NFA are able to assist in developing a commercial case for a site or project to establish the feasibility and can then take on the project when it goes forward to completion. The firm takes its inspiration from a variety of sources, as this process begins with the client and their aspirations for their project. NFA are contemporary designers and look to architects such as Carlo Scarpa and Tom Kundig for their play between new and old. However, the firm’s methods are fluid enough to tailor to the client not impose a style or ideal on a person, ensuring that ultimately client satisfaction is achieved on every project. In order to achieve this, the firm also looks to the context for inspiration, which sometimes means working sympathetically with the context and sometimes working in contrast. It is this fluidity that produces sometimes unexpected but always beautiful designs appropriate to the individual constraints.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Working within such a fast paced industry means keeping up to date of current trends is vital to the firm’s clients, who have high standards and expect the best from them. However the firm’s view is that great design does not necessarily come from being ‘on trend’ rather from an appreciation of space, light, place, time and people. Often it is the constraints that lead ultimately to the best designs as finding solutions rather than compromise challenges the designer to create better more considered architecture. Ultimately, it is the firm’s commitment to each and every client to deliver the best possible solution within the limits they chose to impose. NFA crafts their designs and nurture the initial concept to develop well considered projects that leave their clients delighted. By the firm’s nature they lead clients through the process making it as enjoyable as possible. Often the company finds that clients chose to return or introduce friends as they have enjoyed the process so much and the working relationship developed through it. Enthusiasm and positivity drive NFA’s office. The love of creating and the appreciation of the clients helps to sustain the high levels of energy and determination to get the project through the many stages. A close knit team is essential to delivering the high standard of work required and being part of an encouraging, creative and busy team means all aspects of the firm’s work benefits. The company’s work is predominantly in London as the firm is able to benefit from good transport links as well as an established client base. The firm is based in Kent and in that area the firm are seeing a rise of development opportunities which is exciting and will hopefully lead to many more opportunities to demonstrate our approach to contemporary residential architecture.


Name: Nick Baker Email: Company: NICK BAKER ARCHITECTS Address: 2nd Floor, Lindsey House 40-42 Charterhouse Street London, EC1M 6JN Telephone: 020 7490 0644 Fax: 020 7490 0595 Website:

Best Newly Constructed Residential Development - Delancy Street Nick Baker takes us through how it feels to win this – London, UK award and what the future has in store for his firm.

Nick Baker Architects

We are thrilled and honoured for our work to be recognized with the award for Best Newly Constructed Residential Development. With Nick Baker Architects approaching their 10th year, and the project at Delancey Street having been part of the office for eight of these, the completion of the project and this recognition come at a poignant time for the practice. This award, and the completed building are the culmination of years of dedication to the principles of sustainable architecture, quality of detailing and commitment to the pursuit of high quality contemporary design within the historic context. Working in close collaboration with the engineering consultants and solar specialists we were able to deliver a project worth more than the sum of its parts. We were able to respond creatively and innovatively to what initially appeared to be urban constraints, creating a dynamic and sustainable architectural feature in this challenging corner of Camden Town, London. Our firm is a well-established architectural practice based in central London, with a workforce of ten. We work in a variety of sectors with a particular focus on residential, education and conservation. Much of our work comes as a result of repeat business; we have a number of established clients including private individuals, bespoke developers, and UK Diocesan Boards of Education for Schools as well as London Boroughs. As an architectural practice we are always focused on the pursuit of quality, from the initial concept design through to the delivery of the completed building. Architecture is a blend of complex forces, from the needs dictated by individuals to the performance of building materials

Build Architecture Awards 2015

We believe there is design opportunity in every project and at every stage in the process. Understanding the culture, climate and identity of a place is key to a projects success. Every project is subject to ongoing in house design reviews, this process of demanding design selection ensures that the quality is maintained across all of our work. Solstice Point, our most recent and innovative project, is a design inspired by solar power. Analysis of the characteristics of the site identified a series of unique parameters. The south/ south west aspect and the fact that nothing could be built above the neighbouring railway line ensured a protected path to the power of the sun. Coupled with an aspiration to produce a new typology for sustainably supplying effective renewable energy to a residential development in a charismatic way, the project portrays the practice’s belief in working with its inherent environmental surroundings whilst pushing the boundaries of architectural design. Nick Baker Architects have coined the term ‘Eco-Functionalism’, a principle of evaluating environmental contextualism and producing architecture that performs to provide design solutions that inherently absorb energy to enable their functionality. Solstice Point is a typical example of Eco-Functionalism, exhibiting its solar absorbing powers as a key element of its form and identity. We apply the principle of Eco-Functionalism to all project sizes and opportunities. The firm annually produces design projects in a process of architectural research. These self-initiated projects investigate locations/ opportunities within London that address existing but unidentified opportunities for enhancement. The Urban River Pockets and


Urban Sports Pockets projects, both exhibited in London, are typical examples of identifying innovative solutions to provide unique additional architectural and urban realm solutions.

London, Europe’s most densely populated architectural hub, provides great opportunities to keep up to date with the latest creative and technical developments.

with schools to create strategic development plans, or with the Austrian Government to upgrade the thermal performance and energy efficiency of their Grade I listed Embassy.

The quality, aspiration and investigative thought that NBA applies to each project that gives the practice its identity.

Although operating as a small business can have its disadvantages, by maintaining a modest office size we are able to provide a responsive, personalized service for all of our clients, and strict quality control of all of our work. This also allows us to maintain an overview of office resourcing and staff levels across all projects, ensuring that the skills of staff members are always put to best use and deadlines are consistently met.

Our future success will, we believe, come as a product of the principles which have sustained us to date. We intend to allow the practice to grow organically, maintaining the same quality bespoke service for our clients as our involvement in larger projects increases, maintaining our emphasis on design quality and detailing through design review and maintaining our focus on residential, education and conservation sections. The completion of Solstice Point provides a foundation for the practice to develop our portfolio of medium sized residential projects in the future.

In order to ensure all of our staff are always fully aware of current industry trends and practises our firm operates a strict schedule of in office internal design reviews, continuous professional development seminars, with staff regularly attending local and national design and technical expos, RIBA CPDs and courses specific to particular projects as well as conservation workshops. Our central London location in Clerkenwell,

Being based in Clerkenwell, the design hub of the largest city in Europe, provides a motivating and stimulating environment with a great deal of both opportunity and competition. Within this environment small to medium sized practices have the opportunity to establish themselves in niche markets, providing bespoke services to clients such as our work

Build Architecture Awards 2015

In the near term we intend to fully embrace the opportunities for further innovation and closer collaboration with consultants from the rollout and development of BIM technologies. This will be crucial in maintaining our public sector work.


Name: Nick Baker Email: Company: NICK BAKER ARCHITECTS Address: 2nd Floor, Lindsey House 40-42 Charterhouse Street London, EC1M 6JN Telephone: 020 7490 0644 Fax: 020 7490 0595 Website:

Best Government Architecture Projects 2015 Nick Baker Architectures talk us through how they came to win this prestigious award.

Nick Baker Architects

Being awarded a prize for a single building is satisfying. Being honoured for a body of work is significantly satisfying. This makes us especially proud of our recent award for Best Government Architecture Projects 2015. Our work in London’s Embassy sector has come via a combination of the quality of our work and the reputation that it builds and a set of language skills in our team, who collectively speak English, German, Spanish and French. This award is the culmination of nearly a decades work in the Government Sector where we have been selected to work on Embassy Buildings, Ambassadorial Residences, Consulate Buildings, Cultural Forums and Trade Commissions along with additional supplementary buildings. Nick Baker was also part of the team that worked on the ‘Rebuilding of the Reichstag’ the new German Parliament Building in Berlin, during his years at Foster and Partners. Few Government Buildings are new build constructions and consist mostly of fit out or extension work to existing structures. Many of these are also historic buildings with protected status whereby the process of installing new functions, new services and sustainable technologies even more difficult. We need to respond innovatively and sensitively in such circumstances to both the design and the approvals process to achieve the best results. Our London based workforce has developed a significant level of experience in the particular requirements of working in the historic building sector and specialist conservation skills as well as an informed understanding as to how Embassy projects need statutory sign off in both host and parent countries. London has the highest representation of foreign diplomatic missions of any city in the world.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Designing for Government projects requires an important level of flexibility as the number of stakeholders involved typically represents the multifunctional character of the final use of spaces and places that are created. Added to this are the varying levels of security that need to be included in protecting government buildings. These design criteria typically require sophisticated technologies and methods of working to provide a successful project. As designers we acknowledge that it is critical to take a collaborative approach to the design solutions that we provide. Our co-ordination with other consultants in the design team is fundamental and our method of working epitomises this. Whilst working on the refurbishment of the Austrian Embassy, a Grade I protected building in London, into what has been classified as a ‘Green Embassy’ we worked very closely with the mechanical and electrical engineers to identify and install new energy efficient and renewable energy technologies to make a 30% reduction in the energy usage of the buildings. This provided significant financial and CO2 savings for all stakeholders in the project By building on their strengths and experience in this field Nick Baker Architects will be able to consolidate their position as a team of specialist designers who are able to work with the core values of many clients to make special places to work and reside in that are representative of their home institutions in a safe and sustainable environment.


Build Architecture Awards 2015


Company: Nieberg Architect - atelieraxelnieberg Name: Axel Nieberg Email: Web Address: Address: Waterloo 1, 30169 Hannover Telephone: 0511 1696601

Interior Architect of the year – Germany:

Nieberg Architect, atelieraxelnieberg

Nieberg Architect offers the entire scope of architectural work stages continuing in interior and lightning design. While high-quality residential buildings are our main line of action we also participate in competitions and realize refurbishments, public and commercial objects. Our architecture distinguishes itself by a traditional simplicity. We create architecture with a sublime, natural strength which doesn’t require lavish actions to radiate quality. The selection of materials is therefore always a crucial step in the early design stage. We use solid and simple materials with a tactile quality and a highly expressive radiance. This particular choice of materials combined with artisanal handling bestows our buildings with a timeless, strong appearance. Time and permanence is also a facet of this choice: the process of ageing and accumulation of patina is for us, in the sense of the Japanese Wabi-teaching, an increase of quality. The patina of the materials intensifies their natural aura and gives us the expression to the power of resistance to the ordinariness. In spite of their abstract and minimalist aesthetics, the rooms convey in their traditional simplicity a warm atmosphere. The visual effect and the experience of our rooms are defined by the light, proportions and materials. To experience the development and appearance during intraday and seasonal influence, it is necessary to take some time and let the atmosphere seep in.

Founder Axel Nieberg explains the firm’s secret to success.

The industry we work in fast paced, but in architecture you have to distinguish technological and legal innovations from popular stylistic trends. While we always work according to the current state of the art to provide our clients with the topmost technical quality, Nieberg Architect has developed its own unique style, which makes us so successful. We see architecture as a very traditional line of work. Unlike other industries it does take a certain amount of time to construct a building; the process cannot be sped up beyond a critical level which may result in minor quality. Deceleration and tranquillity are a main quality in our architecture and therefore the drafting and construction process should not be hasted in favour of transient fashion. Architects have a high responsibility for a sustainable design - in a technological as well as perceptual manner. Especially in residential architecture, when creating a future home for clients and their families it is important to incorporate a long-lasting sensuous quality rather than elusive trends. Ageless design, sublime aesthetics and tailor-made solutions for every new project are what makes our firm stand out in the market. Clients know and appreciate Nieberg Architect for the consistently high quality of both the drafts and subsequent realization. We perceive architecture as more than just the construction; since our office does also offer interior, product and lightning design, our buildings are total works of art. We are very aware of the responsibility towards out clients and their confidence in our work.

Northern Germany has a very distinctive kind of traditional architecture, which makes it the ideal location for a design firm such as ours. The traditional materials and solid building constructions convey an aura of strength and durability, which gives our projects a recognizable quality. Axel Nieberg was born in Hildesheim, a traditional Romanesque town and therefore has a strong connection this kind of architectural appearance. His style developed from the research and exploration of traditional materials and constructions, their unique qualities and mutual enhancement. As a firm we approach every new project with great enthusiasm, no matter which scale, complexity or repute it may have. Since the philosophy of our office and work ethic is based on quality and craftsmanship, we put great effort and care in the design and realization of small-scale projects like furniture design to large-scale civil-works. We always strive for premium results for each and every one of our clients. Looking ahead to the future, we are keen to strive to continue our work in the tradition of architectural craftsmanship. Comparable to the procedure of a manufactory we prefer to further enhance the quality rather than the quantity of our projects. Nieberg Architect is a design studio, and even though we are excited about new fields of work, our main range of activity will remain small one-of-akind projects.


Company: Olga Kondratska Architecture Studio Name: Olga Kondratska Email: Web Address: Address: 01034, Ukraine, Kiev Khreshchatik str., 32 Telephone: +38 044 278 12 88

Award for Innovation in Interior Architecture & Aesthetics Architectural studio “Olga Kondratska” provides a full range of solutions for the implementation of private and investment projects in the field of real estate.

Olga Kondratska Architecture Studio

Olga Kondratska is a creative architect with a prominent conceptual approach. As an architect and designer Olga has been working successfully in the sphere of design and architecture services since 1998. In 2006 Olga Kondratska Architecture Studio was created. Its main principle is to realise customer’s ideas, using various designer solutions. Olga Kondratska Architecture Studio is a design-studio providing a wide range of design and architecture services, satisfying the highest requirements and using the latest innovative trends. The Studio is a project company which provides a wide range of design and architecture services, satisfying the highest requirements and using the latest innovative trends. The firm engages in a number of architectural designing projects for residential houses such as single family homes, cottages, country houses, tailoring each project to suit

the client to ensure the end result exactly meets their requirements. In addition to this they provide interior design for residential and public houses, premises and accommodations (offices, restaurants, coffee houses, show rooms etc), specialising in the creation of the spaces that make people feel themselves more comfortable and free. Their professional background and experience of the studio’s specialists allows them to cover all the range of services in the field of architecture and design and to meet all the requirements and wishes of both their corporate and individual clients. Additional and consultative services related to basic directions are included in the spectrum of activity the design studio, including projects management and funding. Working with leading manufacturers of furniture, plumbing, lighting, decoration materials and textiles means that the studio always works with top quality products, giving clients the best possible range of solutions. The professional experience of the studio’s specialists allows them to cover the full spectrum of services in architecture and design, to satisfy the customers’ need both in corporate and private sector with identically high quality of work. Olga’s mantra highlights the importance the studio places on its work. “Architecture shapes the world in the way that evokes our feelings, creates the atmosphere and dictates the line of action” To find out more information about the studio is on

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Company: opus Architekten BDA Email: Web Address: Address: Ploenniesstraße 14- 16 64289 Darmstadt Germany Telephone: +49 6151 96490 +49 6151 964930

Sustainable & Eco Friendly Architect of the Year – Germany opus Architekten BDA is a specialist architecture firm working specifically within the sustainable and green architecture, solar architecture and energy efficient reconstructions sectors.


This Germany based firm specialises in being ahead of the game and leads the way in innovative projects, with recent examples including their work with solar architecture, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and building-integrated solar heating (BISH). Additionally the firm has recently worked on a number of exciting projects including; opusHouse in Darmstadt, completed in 2010; the nursery in Marburg which was finished this year and finally the residential building in Frankfurt which will be completed in 2016. Services provided by the firm include architecture, interior design, urban planning (for public and private clients) new buildings, energy-efficient reconstructions and interior fittings, which provides the firm with a broad spectrum of experience from a wide variety of different clients with unique specifications.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Managers Andreas Sedler and Prof. Anke Mensing explain the firm’s philosophy and their unique approach to their work. “Designed surroundings are our field of work and we are very dedicated to them. After all, they are highly responsible for our well-being, and the function and quality of our society. “Architectural projects and urban planning is what we primarily work on. From time to time we shape our look on things by the artistic involvement with our surroundings. “Green and sustainable design is always a strong parameter in our work, for example we are pioneers in the field of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).”

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Company: Paddock Johnson Partnership Name: Mike Paddock / Eric Johnson / Phil Emslie / Carl Page Email: Web Address: Address: Studio 2, The Lyceum, Bath St, Port Sunlight, Merseyside, CH62 4UJ Telephone:0151 643 1234

Best Full Service Architecture Firm 2015 & Award for Innovation in High-Rise Paddock Johnson Partnership is an exciting and innoRefurbishments – Merseyside, UK vative firm comprising a number of experienced architects, who tell us in their own words what they think has led helped the firm to win these two prestigious awards.

Our Practice was first established 1976, becoming Paddock Johnson Partnership in 2009. Since its formation the practice has widened its client base and has provided both public and private sector clients with a broad based architectural service, as well as becoming IIP, ISO9001, 14001 & 18001 accredited. In addition to architectural work, a range of other stand-alone services are offered including registered building surveying and registered CDM Co-ordinator services. The practice undertakes surveys and investigations, energy ratings, space-planning, project management and provides 3D imaging and architectural illustration. Our overall mission is to create affordable, sustainable and enjoyable buildings extends from small infill Brownfield developments to full scale master planning exercises. In terms of architectural ambition it is important to adopt a holistic approach. Not just in terms of building regulations, DPA, BRE,

lifetime homes, SBD, CDM, etc, but also to ask the more ethical questions:• Are we enhancing the local environment? • Does the design lift the spirit? • Would people want to live/work here? • Are we promoting a high quality product? • Is the completed scheme a pleasure to use? • Have we improved our knowledge of the process?

RIBA Chartered Practice, Constructionline, ACN, Liverpool Best Practice and Green Register. This ensures that we are always up to date and enables us to provide the best possible service to our clients.

PJP ensure that teamwork, mutual co-operation, flexibility, responsiveness and effective communication are maintained at all times, both in-house and in our dealings with our clients, co-consultants and contractors. We believe our track record in this respect is exemplary and proves our dedication to the principal.

All our staff embark on programmes of continuous development. This includes not just the RIBA mandatory CPD for qualified architects but also a practice wide strategy that includes in-house presentations and attendance at various events from a variety of approved sources. Staff are able to generate their own CPD programmes; these are supported by the practice in terms of time/ cost. As part of our IIP, we have a specific policy regarding staff training and individual CPD forms part of the periodic staff review procedures.

At Paddock Johnson Partnership we take a pro-active approach with regards to best practice and innovation within our field and are active members of several professional training and accreditation bodies, including;

It is this positive attitude to project team working, BIM and lean construction techniques which forms the central working methodology of PJP and we strive to work with similarly minded organisations:

Build Architecture Awards 2015


• •

Appreciation of the financial implications of time/buildability and specific factors affecting the organisations with whom we work. Development of a pro-active response to risk management and the incentive to eliminate or manage the risks. Responsibility of providing our service on time and on cost. Acknowledgement of the role MMC has to play in improving quality, reducing time, improving safety and addressing our obligations for continuous improvement. Appreciation of need to produce efficient designs to maintain a tight control on ‘best value’.

Ultimately the ethos that defines Paddock Johnson Partnership is centred on team working and effective communication, drawing together different fields of expertise, both in house and as part of a wider and fully engaged design team.

We are now fully BIM and Government Soft Landings (GSL) compliant, and achieved the necessary skills to implement BIM Level 2 (PAS 1192) through adoption and training in Revit practice wide. Internally, our procedures and outputs are managed by our QMS system for document filing, retrieval, storage and recording. All items from drawings, e-mail, minutes, certification and staff profiles, timesheets, job costing and contract database are logged into and accessed via Cubeitect. This system helps with our information sharing/communication both in-house and externally. We also utilise on-line cloud storage to enable full integrated I.T. sharing with our clients and other consultants/contractors. We successfully completed a £27m high rise tower block refurbishment project, successfully utilising these information sharing techniques

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Looking towards the future, our ambitions are to grow our strengths and to expand on our architectural, surveying, 3D Imaging, Visualisation, CDM and other emerging services, whilst ensuring we provide a ‘Value Added’ service to our clients. As an award winning architectural practice we strive to create elegant and best value buildings. We are committed to ensuring our clients’ aspirations are met while relentlessly seeking to provide a high quality service which we measure and strive to continuously improve. We will continue to keep a keen eye on emerging technologies, processes and ways of working as well as wider influences such as materials development and improving methods of construction to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve with regards innovation within the industry.


Company: PASCOE INTERIORS LTD Name: CLARE PASCOE Email: Web Address: Address: Pascoe Interiors Ltd, Unit 4 Woodhorn Business Centre, Woodhorn Lane, Oving, West Sussex, PO20 2BX Telephone: 01243 781118

Pascoe Interiors is dedicated to proving sustainable Recognised Leader in Interior Design interior design solutions in their signature mid-centu- UK ry contemporary style. Clare Pascoe talks us through what has driven the firm to win this highly prized award, giving us an insight into the firm’s ethos and where they take their inspiration.

Pascoe Interiors Ltd

clear communication and offering a practical human contact for the clients throughout what can be a stressful time. Our aim is to engage our clients so they enjoy the project while ensuring that the onsite team have all the information and support from us that they also require.

First of all, how does it feel to have been awarded ‘Recognised Leader in Interior Design - West Sussex, UK’? What do you believe are the reasons behind your success? It feels great to be awarded such a prestigious title. We’ve been shortlisted or finalist in awards before, so it feels amazing to have won. It seems clear to me that Build shares our drive for sustainability, as Sustainable Design is one of our key USPs, so while we hope our design style and ability is also part of the reason, perhaps our self-imposed Sustainable Design policy sealed our victory.

What is the inspiration behind your work and what factors influence your designs? Ethically we feel very strongly that we should protect resources, respect our environment and focus on a better future; and believe we can achieve this wholesome living while still surrounding ourselves with inspiring, beautiful Interiors. We focus on responsible sourcing, which is not simply about buying eco or fair trade – that’s a good start, but it won’t deliver all a project needs for fine balance. We ask clients to separate their needs from their wants, so we can be sure we deliver their needs without fail, then focus on sourcing the items they love without compromise; compromising would lead to a temporary fix which ultimately increases waste and cost. By delaying some purchases, we can ensure clients have what they really want. It may take longer, but the end result is more than worth it!

Please give us a brief overview of Pascoe Interiors Ltd, your clients and the services you offer. Pascoe Interiors delivers Sustainable interior design solutions in our signature mid-century contemporary style. While we have amassed most experience working on private homes, we have also been lucky enough to work on various commercial projects including pubs, investment properties, offices and a café.

Aesthetically - a love for mid-century furniture is what drives us, in addition to other influences such as the Scandinavian way of life and design ethos; the qualities of Nordic light and simple luxuries. These aspects are what Pascoe Interiors mid-century contemporary style is all about. We see nothing wrong with buying something outrageous for a clients’ home if we know they will love it, and get happiness from it, for many years to come. Delivering happiness makes us thrive – in this way we ‘sustain’ our clients wellbeing.

We adapt our style to suit the people and their environment, giving each project a distinct character. Attention to detail is key, as is

Technically, I draw upon my design engineering degree and familial links to emerging technologies to understand and adopt new

Build Architecture Awards 2015

technologies into client homes. Smart Home technology and low energy solutions are two excellent ways that clients can control and reduce their power consumption. Pascoe Interiors also champion the best of British manufacturing, as we are conscious that the UK has lost so many industries and seen skills move abroad, that we are all too aware that if you don’t use it, you lose it. We still have historical mills weaving wonderful fabrics and a wealth of home grown talent in a wide array of British Designer Makers, and we love reaching out to all these people and including them in our designs. When working in an industry that is constantly evolving, how do you ensure that you are up to speed with the current zeitgeist as well as any emerging trends in your industry? It is not our aim to design interiors that meet current trends, but by nature of being exposed to the industry you naturally stay aware of what is currently en vogue. I personally have been invited to write articles on Interiors Trend Predictions in the Interiors trade press for a number of years, so as a company we are able to design interiors that are ahead of trends, or trend setting. Equally we work in classic elements from design eras which have proven their design kudos and credentials by lasting the test of time – a typical example is our use of mid-century furniture. If you use beautiful pieces from any era, and get the colour palettes and lighting right, then the interior will look beautiful no matter what is currently in trend. It’s all about being timeless. What makes your firm unique? How do you distinguish yourselves from your competitors and present yourselves as the best option for your clients? It takes some years of experience for clients to come to a firm for their ‘style’. New designers have to adapt to deliver the style a client wants or whatever is de rigour at the time. I


have been designing interiors for over 15 years, so now clients seek me out primarily for my signature style, which is very different to other interior design firms. We are a very approachable firm. We are professional, practical, and down to earth. We design for our clients – a space for them to live and work in, bringing our expertise and skill sets to the table to help guide our clients through the myriad of decisions they will have to make – often in quick succession. We offer clients full clarity over details and information, so they feel fully informed & they have access to our trade discounts, stretching budgets further. We help clients feel confident, supported and in control. Some projects are years in the planning and making, so client, architect, designer and even contractor have a long professional relationship. It is therefore important to have a meeting of minds on the key issues and to be able to get on well and to offer valid reason why something should be approached differently, without negative confrontation. Pascoe Interiors realise the important of positive people management, maintaining trust and good relations and clear communication in all projects – we respect our clients, suppliers and selves on an equal basis.

What would you say is the ethos behind your firm? Is there a certain culture that defines your company and how to do you ensure that these values are maintained across all areas of your company The ethos is very much about sustainability coupled with our signature Mid Century Contemporary style; and rather than a ‘same style fits all’, designing specifically for each individual project. Tell us about your region. What would say are the key challenges and opportunities of being based in this area? We don’t cover simply a region – we travel to where the projects are. Currently we have projects spanning Norfolk, Wales, Cotswolds, London and West Sussex. The company moved from London to West Sussex in 2009. During the financial crisis was a difficult time to break into a new area – we were used to the thrust of London where those who were competitively driven strive. In West Sussex core values were of more importance – reputation; quality; trust, things that take time and patience to prove. Now we have a great network of suppliers and traders – and are thrilled that we can produce many of the products we need for projects right here in Sussex – from handmade sofas; to fine joinery; to bespoke metal work.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

What does the future hold for your firm? What plans do you have to sustain your success as well as further advance and innovate your services? In my first job after university, I was told ‘you have two ears and one mouth; use them in that ratio’. This has been a great mantra to live by, and as such I am going to continue listening (and watching) so I know what clients want and traders need to deliver an ever-improving design service. Style wise, Pascoe Interiors grows stronger and stronger aesthetically – we hope to continue to push the boundaries of design with exciting projects; so we humbly hope we will continue to be fortunate enough to attract clients who believe in us as well. Since 2004, I have been importing a range of high quality kitchens directly from the factory in Italy. This became te core of the business during our London days, but was put on the back burner in favour of design projects after our move to Sussex. I am now reigniting this side of the business under our old ethos Molten Kitchens, as they provide such superb design & quality at competitive rates. We now have a display in Waterloo at the Office Blueprint showroom. While we will be offering sales to home owners, our primary focus will be business to business orders directly to builders, developers, architects and other specifiers. The combination of Molten Kitchens with Pascoe Interiors’ design projects promises a busy, varied future, which I look forward to embracing.


Company: Peter A. Gabor Architects Email: Web Address: Address: 173 St Clair Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4T IN9 Telephone: 416-488-9115

Best for Custom Homes & Interiors – Canada

Peter A. Gabor Architects

This experienced team of dedicated designers work diligently to transform spaces.

At Gabor Associates: Architecture, Urban Design, and Interiors, the principal, Peter A. Gabor, Architect MRAIC and his longstanding professional support staff are dedicated to understanding the client’s needs, and fulfilling the functional design within a framework of design excellence in, style, finish, and contextual response. At Peter Gabor Associates a project is not truly satisfying unless the client is as proud of the design as they are. The firm was established in February 2003 and is a successor firm to Gabor + Popper Architects, where Peter Gabor was the Senior Principal for over twenty five years. The firm was rewarded with numerous Canadian and American Design Awards for which Peter Gabor was project architect, including the Governor General’ Award, and the International Project of the Year from the American Home Builders Association.

What distinguishes an award winning architect in a crowded design marketplace is the ability to listen to clients and effectively turn their dreams into reality. It has to be a given that the architect has to have a good sense of vision, proportion, and design, and have the skill and experience to capture the clients’ ideas and take them beyond their wildest dreams. Only through a thorough understanding the of the client’s goals, and achieving high design standards within the real world context of fiscal constraint, complex approvals, and existing urban and/or building fabrics, can an architect add the maximum value through his or her involvement.

The firm is headed up by Peter A. Gabor, Architect with over thirty years of experience. Peter is the first person you will meet and shake hands with at the beginning of any project, and will be your primary contact throughout the project. Peter will undertake all design work personally. He currently directs all permanent and part time staff in the preparation of supporting documentation. Peter is assisted by very talented students from Carleton University and the University of Waterloo, and key staff retained on an as required basis, many of whom have worked with Peter for almost twenty years. He and his dedicated staff provides the top quality design services clients expect in our complex and competitive environment.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Peter has over thirty years of architectural, urban design, and interior design experience, both locally and internationally, for both public and private clients. Projects range from residential additions, renovations, and new homes, to town housing and condominium projects, to commercial, mixed use, and seniors developments of every scale. In addition, the firm has large scale urban design experience in and around Toronto, Ontario, and New York and Michigan in the United States. Peter Gabor’s experience as a Charter Member of the Congress for New Urbanism has also taken him to exciting complex urban design assignments in Central and South America, and Eastern Europe. His team has experience in leading or participating in large multidisciplinary teams to accomplish urban restoration or expansion projects The firm have worked on a number of exciting projects, for example Ridgewood, a stone house located seemingly in a forest setting. Critical design issues were height, sun orientation, and interior flow, but the firm responded by carefully inserting the second floor into the roof area, using a variety of dormers to carve spectacular spaces, at times interconnected with main floor areas. An exceptional high level of construction, with interior design by Anna Smith Designs made this a tremendously appreciated home design for their clients. Looking to the future, the firm are establishing a full service Interior Design Division to offer seamless design services to existing and potential clients.


Company: Planworks Architects Name: Clive Ducker Email: Web Address: Address: 6 Somerset Drive, Dromana, Victoria, 3936, Australia. Telephone: 061 3 59873311

Planworks Architects specialises in designs which comBest for Contemporary Sustainable bine functionality and style with sustainability to proDesign 2015 - Australia duce constructions which both enhance the area they inhabit and sustain it. We speak to Clive Ducker for his comments on sustainable architecture practice on the Mornington Peninsula.

Planworks Architects Planworks Architects is a sole practitioner Architect practice, with occasional drafting staff when required by the project. This practice provides architectural services to an area which is known as a holiday destination for Melbourne residents. Residential projects therefore are the staple for this practice, as larger projects are usually awarded to Melbourne architecture practices, which are seen to have staff to handle these projects. Therefore, potential clients have been either seeking to relocate from Melbourne to a permanent home on the Peninsula, or upgrading existing holiday homes to suit changing circumstances. This area has a population with a changing demographic: previously one in four were permanent residents, but this has since changed to a population of one in three permanent residents. A new freeway has also provided commuters with easy access directly to Melbourne, allowing more permanent residents to live in an area without the usual big city problems. Planworks Architects offers a number of services which include: Feasibility studies; Preliminary and Approved Design; Town Planning Application; Project Documentation; Building Permit Application; and Project

Tender to selected Builders. We also offer Contract Administration upon request. The philosophy of our office is to satisfy both a client brief and budget, which is not an easy task but one which we take very seriously. As building prices rise every year, the cost of building a new house or altering an existing one, places constraints on the budget of many clients. Every potential client has a different wish list and a different budget with which to achieve their goal. This wish list covers how they see their future home in appearance, how it will work for their family, and how much they can afford to spend to satisfy their wishes. If the wish list and the budget cannot be satisfied, it is imperative to let the client know as quickly and inexpensively as possible, in order to avoid disappointment and potential litigation. The building industry commonly has stories of clients outlaying both time and money, only to find themselves in serious trouble because projects fail to meet expectations because of poor budget and planning advice. It is therefore an imperative of this office to provide budget advice which is sincere, logical and truthful. The Mornington Peninsula has a harsh climate – hot summers where temperatures can reach 40 degree Celsius and cool winters where day temperatures average around 10 degrees Celsius. As a consequence of this environment, advice on materials selection, energy efficiency within the home, and ongoing consumer costs forms an important part of the advice this office provides. Ensuring comfort without high energy costs requires careful consideration and selection of external and internal materials and fixtures, and every client is guided in making these choices for their home. The design influences of this Practice is 21st century contemporary, energy efficient homes to fit a budget.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

As a small practice, we ensure that we keep up to date with the latest building information by ensuring it is seen and filed by the person making the materials selection for projects, so new materials information can readily be evaluated for their potential. For this Practice, new materials and emerging trends in the housing industry must satisfy not only the conditions to which they will be utilised but also the cost of the product compared to existing products on the market. Future maintenance costs in a harsh environment are not usually considered by home owners, but if a new product offers superior future maintenance characteristics, it should be considered and brought to the attention of clients. This approach means our clients always receive the best value and quality. As a firm we see integrity and honesty of advice as a key to our Practice on the peninsula. Because most potential clients are not sure of the difference between what an Architect offers and what a drafting service offers, we must compete by offering and delivering more than our competitors, at a price which is also competitive to theirs. Advertising for Planworks is now limited to a website and word of mouth referrals, other methods have been tried in the past but found to be unsuccessful and a waste of money. In that regard the best reference is always a project well done, and one on which a client will pass our name on to others. With regard to the future, we intend to fulfil the desires and wishes of a client while delivering a project within the agreed budget, to offer practical advice and solutions for a project so that a client is more than satisfied with the outcome is a reward when the project is completed.


Company: Prisma Circle Architects Web Address: Address: Olaya main Str. - Sirccon Bldg. 14 - Office. 401 P.O.Box: 10403, Riyadh 11433, Saudi Arabia Telephone: +966 1 293 8221

Best for Architectural Consultancy 2015 - Saudi Arabia

Prisma Circle Architects

Prisma Circle Architects is a leading architectural consultancy firm working across a wide range of markets.

The firm’s mission is to become the leading Architectural and Consultancy firm with representative offices in several Arab countries. PrismaCircle offers its clients a complete creative solution portfolio that consists of Architectural, Engineering and Project Management services. PrismaCircle’s distinctive approach and inspiring concepts are the result of the creative minds of its team members who strive to provide its clients with concepts that will fit their vision rather than being copies of what they might have seen. This ambitious company are determined to become the epitome of architectural creation and uniqueness in the region, with a signature portfolio of works that encompasses all ranges of architectural design. Values are important to the firm, and the firm has four main values which govern every aspect of the work they do. “Excellence: Every project will be studied with its smallest details based on deep analysis of the client’s needs and aspirations while reflecting his/her personal character, philosophical views and expectations. Quality is never compromised and is maintained throughout the project development and execution. “Creativity: We thrive to be creative, distinct and original in our approach and concepts. Our team does not imitate but innovates based on the client’s needs and the company’s signature, culture and know-how.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

“Partnership: Creativity is sometimes relative and not absolute. To ensure that our clients are fully satisfied, we approach them as partners so that the cooperation and coordination is maintained, in order to guarantee gratifying results. “Integrity: Our business ethics are engraved at the core of our work and in the relations we maintain with our clients. Integrity, transparency, honesty and professionalism make up who we are and what we do on a day to day basis.” Overall the firm works to the mantra: “The spirit of an era has always been difficult to define when it is not yet part of history. Innovation is generated by the spirit of a group living in an era”


Company: PTang Studio Ltd. Name: Philip Tang & Brian Ip Email: Web Address: Address: Flat 5-6, 4/F, Hopeful Factory Centre, 10-16 Wo Shing Street, Fo Tan, Shatin, NT, Hong Kong Telephone: +852 2669 1577

Residential Architects of the Year - China Directors Philip Tang and Brian Ip talk us through this dynamic and flexible modern design studio.

PTang Studio Ltd. is an architectural and interior design firm. The firm is internationally renowned for its flexible, modern design. Having set up as a sole practitioner, founder and Principal Designer Philip Tang joined forces with business partner and Chief Designer Brian Ip in 2002. Since then, our Hong Kong-based practice has expanded its focus from small residential projects to significant commercial and residential work across Asia, the USA and the Middle East. The studio itself was established in 1997 and engages in diverse scope of projects: ranging from small scale residential, show flat design to large scale commercial works like corporate headquarters and movie launching functions. As a professional consultancy, we engage a wide range of projects in Hong Kong, China, Japan and The UK. Our philosophy is modest and is about ensuring quality and comfort in the designs we provide for our clients. We create spaces bringing out clients the most comfortable atmosphere by understanding their individual preferences.

reputation for quality which we have worked hard to establish. Philip is keen to emphasise that the firm differentiates itself from its competitors by always being aware of the individual needs of the client. Where many design practices commit themselves to a look that is singular and distinct, PTang Studio has mastered a multitude of styles. Whether creating sleek modern interiors or putting a clever spin on a classical Oriental design, the studio’s designers are comfortable working on any interior. This enables a design approach that is resolutely client-led. “We are unique because we look at each project from a different perspective, we don’t have a fixed style. We believe that interior design is for the client, not for us. Individual clients have their own needs and preferences, so we endeavour to enhance what they want, rather than design something that suits our own style. That’s how we work.”

Our company is organized around a series of teams, each of which is managed by experienced designer. We believe our aggressive and energetic designers with professional experiences are able to provide the best services for our clients, as they are always striving for perfection and are dedicated to their craft.

Working within a constantly evolving industry means that we need to be ahead of the ever changing trends and fashions. All of the staff at our firm do this by constantly viewing art and keeping up to date with other projects by our competitors, and although we all have different opinions when it comes to style, we feel that this is good as it shows our dedication to our work and it makes for a good combination of opinions.

Seeking for the finest quality and innovations, developing a fresh and unique style that transcends existing boundaries and widens the horizon of design in the visionary future is our aim. Our excellence and quality of work can be reflected from the well-deserved

Hong Kong is a stunning city, full of great design and architecture which makes for an exciting environment to work. We have a number of competitors in the region but this only spurs us on and provides us with more opportunities to grow as a business.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

We feel it is our great honour to receive this award. It is because the firm’s partners and designers work together on all projects, and the input our clients provide based on their own individual needs and priorities, which dictate who should take the principal role on each project and it is this flexibility, along with a talent for a host of design styles, which lies at the heart of the studio’s success. By always ensuring our clients receive the very best our studio can offer, we guarantee that they will always be happy with the service they get from us, which is what makes our studio so successful. In the future, we would be looking to expand our business and grow our knowledge and experience by taking on exciting new projects and working with new clients.


Company: rbstudio limited Name: Laurence Bowen, Paul Robinson and Jen Morrison Email: Web Address: Address: 21A Haven Road, Poole BH13 7LE Telephone: 01202 700032

rbstudio limited are making a difference in the archiMost Contemporary Residential tecture market with projects such as the award winning Development - Blakehill Crescent – UK Blakehill Crescent. Laurence Bowen and Paul Robinson talk us through how the firm’s work so far and look ahead to the future.

rbstudio limited

rbstudio is based in Dorset and specialises in contemporary residential design, completing projects across the south coast and in central London. As a small and upcoming practice it is great to be recognised for what is fundamentally our passion, contemporary residential design. When Paul and I set the practice up eight years ago our dream was to work on projects such as Blakehill Crescent and I believe the success of the project is due to the passion of the entire team from start to finish. We worked closely with Portus Homes who share a mutual appreciation of contemporary design. It was there attention to detail and commitment to the original concept that resulted in such a stunning development. Our own personal philosophy revolves around making a positive difference to the way people live, as we strongly believe that good design should be accessible to everyone. Our goal is to create innovative, functional and aesthetically pleasing designs which enhance the environment and the lifestyle of the people who use the building. We pride ourselves on fully engaging and understanding the way our clients want to live their lives and creating environments and spaces that respond and enhance this. In order to achieve this we present our ideas through easy to understand 3D images and models and believe the design process is two way and fluid. As a practice we love all things design, and it is this passion which drives our work and leads us to constantly look for influence from all aspects of modern culture, be it in music, fashion, media or art. Coupled with this we love innovation in how things are put together and new approaches for

Build Architecture Awards 2015

achieving great contemporary architecture. As an example we have completed a number of designs that have been fabricated in factories in Europe and then assembled on site in a matter of days. Ultimately, the key to the success of our practice is that we are relatively small. This allows us to be flexible and creative but it also means that our clients have the opportunity to build a relationship with us as individuals which we believe is fundamental to a successful design process. Working at this scale also allows us to be fully immersed in the design process and therefore taking ownership of the design from concept to completion. We are a design studio in the true sense of the word and our proud of this. We aren’t big on hierarchy or titles and promote an open, welcoming design environment where we work off each other’s strengths and work as team to achieve the best results. Our small size means that we are able to have overall control and make many of the decisions ourselves, and it is no accident that we have located in the stunning Dorset town of Poole. The area has a thriving contemporary architectural scene and it is exciting to be a major part of this as it provides us with vital inspiration and exciting new opportunities. As we look towards the future, we intend to build on our current success by continuing exactly as we are. It is easy to evolve and grow as you become more successful however we truly believe our strength is maintaining the tight and passionate team we have right now.


Company: rePLACE Urban Studio Name: Philip Palmgren and Peter Syrett, Founding Partners Email: Web Address: Address: 12-16 Vestry Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10013 Telephone: 212.380.1079

Most Innovative Urban Architecture Firm 2015 - USA rePLACE Urban Studio has a collective vision to build a practice based on the tenets of smart design. Founding Partners Philip Palmgren and Peter Syrett explain the firm’s philosophy and give us a glimpse into the future.

rePLACE Urban Studio’

We are honoured to receive the Most Innovative Urban Architecture Firm 2015 – USA in recognition of rePLACE’s contribution to improving the places we live. This award is recognition of rePLACE’s expansive, creative, and forward-looking work. Our success would not be possible without having clients and collaborators that share our passion to make cities better places. Our success arises out of a single question we ask at the beginning of every project, “How will this work make a difference?” rePLACE is an urban design lab committed to shaping a healthier urban future. Tailored to address the unique challenges of each project, our approach is built upon a foundation of data, research, collaboration, exploration, and creativity. This, along with our cross-discipline expertise, positions our team to conceptualize a full range of urban design services from small-scale cost effective urban interventions that build early momentum ranging up to large-scale sustainable visions for the future. We have worked with a wide range of private and public sector clients such as: • New York City Economic Development Corporation; • Empire State Development (Urban Development Corporation of New York State); • The City of Shanghai; • The Village of Mamaroneck, New York; • Trinity Real Estate; • Columbia University in the City of New York; • North Shore LIJ Health System; • The World-Wide Group; and • The Durst Organization We believe that every project should have a positive footprint. To that end, we endeavour to create rich urban environments that build

social, cultural, economic, and ecological capital. In addition, we believe in boundless exploration. The result of this pushes our work beyond that of a conventional practice. An example of this work is our proprietary suite of digital apps that we have created to curate big data into focus for cities and their residents. The goal for each of these apps,, the Community Dashboard and the Innovation District Creator, is to make publicly accessible information we use in practice, transparent, and digestible for everyone. Our hope is that these tools will inform a dialogue about how the physical characteristics of our world directly impact a community’s health. Research and action is a fundamental part of our process. We recognize that disruptive change – true innovation – doesn’t come from traditional practices, but rather from exploration. Therefore during both project based and independent research we are constantly exploring and seeking out collaborative opportunities. To further assist us in this journey we have started a creative business incubator, 2PLefty Inc., in which we curate membership to inspire interdisciplinary collaboration. We believe this gives us the ability to identify and understand the ideas and spirit of our time, and to also see how emergent concepts may be adapted to inform the physical future of cities. We see ourselves as a part of the continuum of urban thinkers who understand that PLACE matters. Unlike our predecessors, we have access to the rich bounty of data of our information age. An essential part of practice is developing new data driven tools to find hidden patterns, show unrealized potential, and see emerging trends. One key way we use technology is to hear the many voices that shape the urban environment from the private and public sectors. We use technolo-

Build Architecture Awards 2015

gy to gain an understanding of stakeholders’ distinct points of view, concerns, and drivers. For example, The Community Dashboard is an interactive application that links stakeholder input to location. This allows rePLACE to have real time input on a design as it evolves. Our practice is dedicated to doing smart, creative, forward-looking work. For this to happen, we have carefully recruited highly skilled and inquisitive design talent who are acting at a scale that can make positive physical impacts in the world. The key to our success is simply that we challenge ourselves every day to make the world a better place. The region we operate in, North America, is in the early days of an urban renaissance. People are moving back into cities and enjoying the benefits of urban life. According to the US Census Bureau, in 2013 2.3 million more people were living in urban areas than in 2012 and between 2012 and 2013, only 92 out of the country’s 381 metropolitan areas lost population. This renaissance isn’t without its challenges such as: climate change, resource constraints, economic inequality, social justice, and demographic shifts. Addressing these challenges is an opportunity to ensure that this renaissance endures well into the future. By 2050 it is expected that 70% of the world’s population will be urban dwellers. This reality means mankind must seek out new ideas, evolve, and adapt to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. We believe by researching our collective past, smartly utilizing technology, forging new tools for tomorrow, and questioning the boundaries of the future, we will evolve as urbanists. We hope to shape our future selves as implementers of responsive public realm and definers of regenerative cities.


Company: Rex Hawkesworth Architect & Planning Consultancy Email: Address: 4 Rampart Gardens, Hilsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO3 5LR Telephone: 023 9266 2330

Best for Neo Vernacular Speculative Housing 2015

Rex Hawkesworth Architect & Planning Consultancy

Rex Hawkesworth Architect & Planning Consultancy is an innovative private housing specialist working primarily in the Hampshire and Sussex regions.

Exciting and innovative projects are vital for the firm, which has recently worked on a scheme for prefabricated housing. In addition the firm is currently working on a book which will provide information to other industry members on the exciting and unique work they do, which is due to be finished soon. The firm’s principal consultant, Rex Hawkesworth has always been keen to enhance industry knowledge, and used to teach design and economics at the local Technical Collage, and also lectured by invitation at the Portsmouth School of Architecture and provided out of school tuition. He provided his services at Portsmouth School of Architecture unpaid, proving his dedication to learning within the industry. Rex is now nearing retirement, but the firm has worked extensively on a wide range of projects over the years including residential estates up to 150 units. Individual housing, flats, extensions, surveys and even some specialist industrial work. The firm are pioneers of Neo Vernacular work in speculative housing and work primarily for within this industry, creating housing that is simple and original and popular with the public. Rex explains how his work in this area and others has gained him significant exposure within the industry. “In 2005 the V&A Museum took my drawings as a token of late 20th. century private housing, & last year articles appeared in the 20 century mag. and Zurich Architectural

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Univ. I had considerable design work in the Architects Handbook 2002 and I have produced three books of my housing work under the titles Housing In The Private Sector .My housing work was very prominent in the Daily Mail Book of Home Plans, via articles and photos.”


Company: Riach Architects Ltd Email: Web Address: Address: 65 Banbury Road, Oxford, Oxon, OX2 6PE Telephone: 01865 553772

Best Large Scale Construction Project - Grantham House – Oxfordshire, UK Riach Architects give us an insight into their stunning, award winning project, Grantham House in Oxford.

Riach Architects Riach Architects is an experienced, dynamic and creative practice with extensive knowledge of Oxford and its surroundings, including conservation areas and listed buildings. Our expertise is coupled with the priority to understand and fulfil each client’s brief, bringing imaginative solutions that add value to their property and its surroundings. We specialise in the design of high quality residential work for private and developer clients and manage each project’s execution from inception to completion. Key to our practice is the close working relationships we maintain with our clients as well as positive connections with local authorities and contractors. The success of this is seen in our broad portfolio of work across a diverse range of sectors. Grantham House was a fantastic project to work on, within our local vicinity it was a site and location that we understand well. Its situation within a conservation area gave it a particular set of constraints that we embraced throughout the design process, wanting to set a precedent for further regeneration in the area. The building’s transformation was long awaited and to have the end result received with such positivity gives us a real sense of satisfaction as Architects.

Oxford is a unique and beautiful city. To work here, Architects are required to have an appreciation of what exists and a vision of what can be added in a complementary, yet distinct way. We create bespoke designs that respond to their surroundings, take account of the client’s needs and offer a refined spatial quality. We take nothing for granted. Aspects of natural light, careful detail specification and a keen understanding of the use of space shape the buildings that we design.

Because of the areas rich heritage and active residential community, local planning policies do well to protect its unique built environment; which means that as Architects we need to have a keen understanding of how contemporary design can add value to its surroundings as well as a working methodology that integrates local residents and authority consultations. Although this is a challenge, it is also a chance for design professionals to explore and realise inventive solutions, particularly when working on additions to traditional buildings. We have the opportunity to create buildings that showcase the best of cutting edge design and stand to become a part of the regions historic skyline. Working within such a competitive industry means that we constantly have to adapt and diversify in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. Our architects have an acute understanding of early stage planning, allowing us to quickly gauge feasibility and push the boundaries of what is achievable in any given context. We often work on difficult and constrained sites, each time finding innovative solutions to create noteworthy schemes without compromising spatial quality. Value is important to us; whether it is an economic return or a vastly improved lifestyle, we want to add value to our clients’ lives that will contribute positively to the wider area. Another challenge we face is that working with clients who want to achieve the highest build quality requires us to constantly be looking into new products and processes that will add value to our designs. We often work with consultants from early stages in the design process, particularly where sustainability codes are involved, and look for innovative ways to fulfil or go beyond traditional building regulations requirements.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

In order to maintain our high standards we ensure that everyone at our firm remains passionate and dedicated to design. We enjoy our work, which means that each project receives the attention it needs to result in a successful building. This entails maintaining a process with clear communication and well managed time/cost/quality controls. Our open plan office lends itself to in house collaboration and the cross-pollination of expertise with fresh ideas, allowing us to work on a diverse range of projects with the same benchmark quality and design. We enjoy ongoing relationships with many of our clients and would like this, along with our positive local reputation, to continue. In order to achieve this we will continue seeking out innovative and exciting new projects in the future. We are always to looking to add to our portfolio of work and following the success of Grantham House, as well as other large projects recently completed, will be looking to expand in the area of residential developments. We believe the quality of our team is the key to the work that we produce and will continue to employ the best practitioners and encourage professional development in our office.


Company: ROMERA Y RUIZ ARCHITECTS Web Address: Address: Calle Ángel Guerra, 14, 35003 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, Spain

Public Building Architect of the Year 2015 ROMERA Y RUIZ ARCHITECTS specialises in unique, bespoke public building which enhance the space they occupy.


The firm is headed by Pedro Romera García, phD architect who has been Professor of Architectural Design at the School of Architecture of Las Palmas since 1999. He is also a member of the Research Heritage and Landscape Project. He is joined by Ángela Ruiz Martínez, who was Professor of Landscape Architecture from 2004 to 2008, and Architectural Projects (academic years 2009/2010, 2011/2012) at the School of Architecture of Las Palmas. General coordinator of the Second Biennial of Art, Architecture and Landscape of the Canary Islands, and member of the Island Historical Heritage Commissions of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, from 2001 to 2005. Togehther they founded in 1999 the architecture office ROMERA Y RUIZ ARCHITECTS SLP in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria after having worked separetly in professional offices at both national and local level. They have developed different projects, planning documents, and participated in numerous cultural activities. Since inception the company has added to its team, with architects Rocío Narbona Flores and Paula Cabrera Fry. Together this team of experienced and skilled architects have designed a number of public buildings, including the service building and terrace for the match cup; the infant School “El Caracol” in Telde and the “El Lasso” Community Centre in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Moving forward the firm is keen to work on more public building projects and expand their team further in order to achieve this.

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Company: RustyBrick Designs Name: Matt Hull E-mail: Web Address:

RustyBrick Designs are a small firm which offer a wide Best Architectural Drawing & Design range of architectural design services. We speak to Matt Services Company - Northern Ireland Hull who talks us through how the firm came to such success and provides us with an exciting look at what the future has in store for the firm.

RustyBrick Designs RustyBrick Designs was founded in 2010 as an architectural services practice. We bring in-depth knowledge and expertise to a wide range of architectural design and construction projects. Our practice specialises in residential and commercial projects of all sizes, providing tailored services to individual client specifications. We pride ourselves in providing genuine solutions for architectural needs in a professional and friendly environment.

Our clients range from individuals requiring services for home extensions to those building new apartments. We also undertake work for other architectural firms requiring overflow or to take their planning concepts through building control to construction. We offer a variety of services to individuals including feasibility studies, planning and concept design, building control approval and construction drawings. For other architectural and design practices we offer services ranging from the manufacture of high quality CAD drawings from survey data to production of detailed building control and construction drawings and specifications. As a small company it was an unexpected surprise to be even nominated for this award. It is an honour to win the award and we view this as a strong indicator that we are working in the right direction to develop and expand our company. I believe that the main reason for our growing success is our ability to adapt to meet the needs of the client. We endeavour to find a balance between the desires of the client and what is achievable within the given context and constraints. Where others may see difficulties or problems we see challenges. We work to find creative solutions to meet both the technical and aesthetic requirements and client’s needs. Whether a project is big or small we tailor our services to meet every need at affordable rates.

While most clients are from across the UK, we have also worked for international clients. Although there are clients who we never meet face to face, their feedback is that our communication is first rate. This is key to success in any company. Our philosophy is that from first click to final brick we are committed to providing a professional service, producing architectural design and drawings to the highest standard. We believe that this quality comes from fostering good working relationships. We strive to understand the needs and ambitions of the client and incorporate these into their individual design. Our aim is to bring to life the client’s vision, whilst using our experience and knowledge to achieve an end result that is both satisfactory and feasible. Knowledge is constantly expanding and evolving within the industry. We are in a unique situation because we work in collaboration with a number of different architectural and design practices. This allows us to exchange knowledge and share good practice freely throughout project lifecycles.

of the construction process. This has enabled us to produce designs which are suitable for follow-on trades without disruption to the overall architectural design. We are based locally in Coleraine, County Londonderry. From this base we have carried out projects within the Coleraine area and further afield. Our location affords us easy access to all areas within Northern Ireland. Within the local area there are apartments and costal properties with outstanding architectural design. There is a continuing need for architectural design and services within our local area. One challenge that we face is that there are larger more established practices in the area. We have however found that with offering competitive rates and our continued commitment to forging strong relationships with clients and other architectural companies, we have a good balance of local high quality jobs.

When researching solutions for design requirements we not only access existing knowledge, but also look at new technologies or innovations to find the best solution for design requirements. Our research informs our practice therefore this is a continuous process throughout our projects.

As with every company the evolution of the Internet has opened up endless possibilities for our company. The majority of our projects now are for other architectural or design companies based in Scotland, England and Wales. We have also carried out projects for companies in Spain and America. Our ability to remain flexible and work on other architects’ projects has enabled us to work within the architectural services sector, without the need for face - to - face meetings.

We view a building as a whole package from start to finish. This means that right from concept we try to ensure that all the components fit together - architectural design, structure requirements and mechanical and electrical systems.

Looking at the short term future we plan to maintain our work - flow at a constant sustainable level. This will allow us to work on high quality projects, developing knowledge and innovations and building on our growing reputation.

Coming from a multi-disciplinary background in architecture, structural, mechanical and electrical with first-hand experience in several of the trades, we are in a unique position to understand the requirements for each stage

In the longer term we plan to expand our business through raising our profile locally and across the UK. We are keen to forge new links with architectural practices with a view to providing further services alongside expanding our own client base.

Build Architecture Awards 2015


Company: Smalley Marsey Rispin Architects Ltd Email: Web Address: Address: The Exchange, Station Parade, Harrogate, HG1 1TS Telephone: 01423 707 757

Best for Retail & Logistics Architecture - UK Smalley Marsey Rispin Architects is a fresh, bold and dynamic team committed to using creativity and innovation to design high-quality buildings with optimum functionality.

One of the primary focuses of the practice is working collaboratively with clients, contractors and consultants in a responsive way, which is how SMR manages to facilitate a smooth project journey, from concept to completion. The principles of “form follows function” set out by Louis Sullivan, and later Frank Lloyd Wright, also sum up SMR’s ethos perfectly as the firm produces built environments that reflect their purpose. Every project relies upon the principle that good design should be stimulating, welcoming and give a sense of wellbeing. SMR ensures where possible, that projects use resources effectively, create space imaginatively, and facilitate the required function; whilst being aesthetically pleasing, respectful of context and providing value for money in both capital and lifecycle costs. Additionally, the practice believes that progressive architecture, founded on the principles of modernism, has a positive influence on the social and environmental aspects of everyone’s lives. Clients of the firm include national retailers such as Waitrose, John Lewis and Lidl, along with both national and regional commercial developers across a number of fields. SMR offers a full architectural service along with BIM coordination and Principal Designer

roles, aiding the design process where they can to ensure that each customer receives a complete service which meets their needs fully. SMR works hard to stay ahead of the game. The practice constantly follows the markets in which it is active, regularly attending conferences, seminars and exhibitions to see how the company needs to adapt to an ever changing market. Through any design process they hold regular internal reviews and workshops, looking both at historic solutions, those tried and tested, along with new technologies which will add value over the long term. The practice is not a standard product or image architects with a pre-prepared prescription for all project types: their preoccupation is with architecture that is coherent, both intellectually and emotionally, from concept through to detail. This influences the firm’s core aim, which is to nurture its team, allowing each individual to develop in a way that maximizes their potential. SMR’s values include; positivity and collaboration, practicality and creativity, responsiveness and integrity. Collaboration is a key part of the firm’s success and SMR has a great team who openly work with both design and construction teams in a fully integrated way, leading to optimised designs and smooth project delivery. The practice utilises BIM and other technologies that maximise output, help to deliver strong designs, evolve best practice procedures and improve team working – delivering the highest quality service to the property and construction markets. Their employees are the heart and soul of SMR and as such the firm has adopted a people centric management style to enhance ongoing development which ensures the whole team is involved in all aspects of day to day business and growth strategy. This ensures that the firm is forward-thinking,

Build Architecture Awards 2015

cooperative and proactive. Although SMR is a relative newcomer in the market, the firm benefits from an historic proven track record. Brand recognition is key to the firm’s success and longevity, and forms an ongoing focus as the company looks towards the future. SMR Architects has people at the helm who are passionate about the sectors in which they work and who are keen to expand the firm’s portfolio into new sectors. Awards such as this all help to spread the word and increase the firm’s brand awareness and company visibility. Whilst Yorkshire based, SMR operates nationally with both clients and projects spanning the full UK regions. The firm has found that the buoyancy of the markets in the retail and logistics sectors across the UK is very positive - considering the struggles these markets have faced over recent years. The firm has found that positive, speculative spaces are being built within the logistics sectors and are working with developers and end users to help deliver this. Retail is more challenging, as food retailers take stock of evolving consumer spending habits. The large box space race is over, however SMR is reacting to this with instructions from ‘the discounters’ and convenience operators reviewing unit sizes to meet retailer demands. SMR utilisation of BIM methodologies on a range of scales for projects, has led to a mature understanding of its benefits and also a number of collaboration based awards. BIM helps to ensure that model deliverables and client requirements at key work stages throughout the project are being met; as such SMR Architects offers a full BIM coordination service. SMR believes this additional service helps set the firm apart from other practices who simply work in Revit, something they believe will be a key service going forwards as owners and operators look for better methods of tracking a building’s life cycle.


Company: Stuart King Architecture & Design Email: Web Address: Telephone: 01383 435996

Recognised Leader in Building Compliance & Sustainability – UK Stuart King Architecture & Design is a full service sustainability and building compliance firm which aims to provide the ultimate in client satisfaction by always being aware of the commercial considerations and opportunities for any project.

Stuart King Architecture & Design Ltd

Stuart King Architecture & Design are Approved Certifiers of Design, and the firm’s energy services begin at design and specification review stage, encompassing value-engineering. The firm’s services carry through to SAP assessments for domestic properties and SBEMs for non-domestic buildings, plus U-value calculations, condensation risk analysis and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). In addition the firm also offer a complete range of on-site testing, including airtightness (building fabric permeability), sound testing (e.g. separating walls, floors, etc.), and mechanical ventilation commissioning (including intermittent fans, dMEV and MVHR). Through their integration in the design and construction process, the company ensures that their clients, who range from private householder and self-builders to national house-builders and contractors, are best informed so as to achieve Building Standards compliance by the most cost-effective means. Stuart King are committed to delivering best value and providing a professional but personal approach to their clients, and are driven to ensure that their clients receive the very best and most up-to-date industry advice, so that they can make informed decisions regarding compliance, specification and design. In order to achieve this the firm has to stay ahead of an ever evolving industry. The majority of the company’s work relates to construction projects within Scotland, and through the Building Standards regulations, and driven by the recommendations of The

Sullivan Report, the Scottish Government is continually working towards ever-lower carbon emissions from buildings, with the eventual goal of “zero-carbon” properties; it is those regulations that drive the firm’s processes so they endeavour to ensure they are always up to date. The firm also share this knowledge through toolbox talks and CPD presentations, including regular talks for construction and architectural students and their tutors, to ensure that other companies in the industry benefit. Though the firm has an enviable programme of investing in staff training and IT, they are always seeking to improve and also attends a lot of presentations and talks to enable this. The firm’s full service approach differentiates them from their competitors and allows the firm to engage with and best advise their clients throughout the whole design and construction process. Since the firm’s staff all have architectural backgrounds, most having worked with house-builders and developers, they understand the needs and high-pressure demands of the sector, which provides the firm with the ability to provide quick turnarounds coupled with professional, unbiased, cost-effective advice. Additionally, the firm has many years’ experience providing their clients with guidance for cost-effective compliance with Silver Standards (beyond purely Aspects 1 and 2), so are best-placed to offer advice regarding the upcoming Scottish regulations changes which came into effect in October of this year, and are therefore still relatively new to many in the industry.

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Location is important for a firm such as Stuart King, as they have to conduct a lot of on-site testing which requires good transport links. The firm ideally placed in the central belt, and provide coverage for the whole of Scotland, with recent tests including the Western Isles and Orkney, and from their Rosyth base, and the firm also caters for the north of England. Because they provide multi-disciplinary testing and commissioning, the firm can offer lower fees to clients through reduced transport and staff costs. Stuart King’s plans for the medium and longterm are to continue to grow the company at a sustainable rate. They plan to continue to invest in increasing staff numbers and ensuring they are fully trained. This increase in staff numbers will include apprentices and trainees, as both site testers and on the energy and design side. Through improvements in software the firm also hopes to offer more and improved services to their clients.


Company: Studio 13 Design Pvt. Ltd. Email: Web Address: Address: STUDIO 13 DESIGN PVT. LTD. T-36,3rd Floor, Manish Global Mall, Sector 22, Dwarka, New Delhi 110077. Mob: +91-9810679965 Tel : +9111 45108222

Interior Design Firm of the Year 2015 – India & Best for High-End We profile this New Delhi interior design firm, winner of Commercial Interiors - India both our Interior Design Firm of the Year 2015 – India and Best for High-End Commercial Interiors – India.

Studio 13 Design Pvt. Ltd.

project to achieve high desirable end result and achieve client’s satisfaction as well.

Studio 13 Design Pvt. Ltd., an interior design firm in New Delhi , has been providing quality interior design solutions for their clients since 2005. The firm’s resume of work includes corporate, retail, hospitality, residential, institutional and semi-public sector projects. Relationships with clients are essential to Studio 13 Design group’s process and the firm is committed to design integrity and client service, with a hands on approach to design and project management. It is not just client relationships that are important to the company, as they have developed working relationships with an extensive list of artists and craftspeople that help them realize their design solutions. Studio 13 Design realizes inventive solutions that turn the very constraints of each project into the design trajectory, exploring opportunities overlaps between space, program, form, budget and materials. The firm is comprised of a core of architects, designers, detailers, code experts, drafters and administrative personnel. All staff approach their work with the philosophy is based on three aspects i.e. space, environment to be built and client’s personality. All these three parameters are combined with an approach to design a unique offering. They provide superior design and services. The initial proposals are all conceptualized as per client’s needs and the design team work closely with the client over the course of

In order to stay ahead in an ever developing market, all staff at Studio 13 Design are provided with weekly discussions on new building materials and its technology, as well as vendor meetings individually as well as group discussions on various products. Workshops are also organized for employees on various new visions of software been used in the organizations to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest developments in technology. The firm also makes a social contribution by providing internship training to the young upcoming architects and educate them for a better future which they may not have been able to fund without the firm’s assistance. Studio 13 Design is recognized as a full service provider interior designer firm specializing in interior detailing and space planning. Clients who want a highly differentiated product choose Studio 13 Design for artistic and high end designs to create client’s desire and ultimately drive sales. This through understanding of high end buyer’s needs and desire is critical to all in house design disciplines and projects and is what sets Studio 13 Design apart. As well as working on bespoke interior spaces, the firm work on architectural projects, with a vision for green infrastructure while securing the grey infrastructure. Incorporation of new ideas and technologies is the firm’s overarching mission, with their designs set to forge a path to tomorrow’s innovation for a safer and much greener environment. Studio 13 Design is based in New Delhi, the capital of India. Delhi is growing fast and this is the reason the firm choose to set up our firm in Delhi, as there are many major opportunities in the region, as Delhi is a hub of multinational market which gives the firm the chance to interact with them as well as local clients.

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Delhi provides a wide client base which ranges from mid-sized client to multinational firms, which gives the firm exposure to a range of clients. The major challenge that the firm encounters in the region is that there are a number of other interior design firms operating in the area, offering Studio 13 Design a number of competitors. In order to combat this the firm have prepared a strong back end team which is well educated and aware of the market requirements in order to ensure the level of service is always well above that of their competitors. The firm were excited about winning the awards, and stated: “It’s an amazing feeling to win these awards. Winning an award can be a great source of credibility to partners, clients and investors. It’s a big motivation and makes us and our team feel proud to be a part of this business. “Winning an award is after all our team effort and we believe that our staff is equally a part of making us win this award.” Looking to the future, expansion and growth both internationally and in regional areas of West India and South India are on the cards for the frim. They are focusing on diversifying into providing clients with other, related services such as master planning and sustainable architecture to cement their position in the interior design market. Studio 13 Design are looking forward to grow naturally within the capacity of well-trained employees and close relationship with our supply chain, aiming to be in the market for the long term. Long term, the firm’s goal is to become a leading Architectural firm in Creative Design Solutions that resolve their client’s social, environmental and economic needs.


Company: Studio Basheva Name: Kathy Basheva Email: Web Address: Address: 39 Fairfax Road Telephone: 0208 133 7125

Best for Bespoke Design Services This internationally renowned architecture studio - London has a focus on quality, ensuring that every design is innovative and unique. Kathy Basheva explains what drives her and how the studio is developing.

Studio Basheva I established my award winning London studio in 2013 following a background in environmental studies as well as international experience in the design and architecture environment.

resources. Bespoke detail design has its own flair and ongoing challenges. Our practice will mix art, graphic and other creative solutions to support architectural design to answer the clients’ brief.

Having been established for a relatively short time, we feel we have achieved significant success. With a background in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East in a diverse variety of projects we laid the foundation for a multi-lingual and multi-skilled studio in London.

The overall result of this is that we achieve a built environment which is conceptualised, visualised and verbalised by, and for our clients.

Ensuring client satisfaction has always been paramount in our portfolio and resources. Extensive projects range from urban master planning, regeneration, educational remits, high-end residential and mixed-use refurbishment. We love creating light spaces, with original interpretations of space, use and environment, and three dimensional spatial qualities. We concentrate on solid thought-provoking client briefs. Promoting dialogue and clear thinking, unique detail and open communication where complications and difficulties will be seen as challenges to create solutions, our aim is to confront barriers but not to be restrained by them. Our business involves client participation at all levels, stages and outcomes. Our philosophy revolves around simple, transparent and elegant designs. Other factors which we always incorporate into our work are commercial viability, practicality, value and creativity. This dynamic combination of style and functionality proves that our philosophy is unique to us. We serve to compare every project with a number of these corner stones, which offer a solid foundation and ensure client satisfaction. We place a huge importance on originality mixed with intriguing environments, modern features and emerging finishes, materials and

Our approach to staying ahead of our competitors is a simple one: we are passionate about design and architecture. Elegance and timelessness through refined choice of materials is at the heart of our design. Context of the project is paramount and is part of client’s brief - the response may be complimentary or contrasting. In addition we surround ourselves with the best people in the industry, which enables us to take inspiration from their creativity to infuse novelty and originality in to our projects. We understand our market, market trends and create value where none exists, which is what customers look for in an architect. We count ourselves lucky to be based in London, the centre of the country and a developing and growing market which is brimming with international clientele and interesting projects. We see a huge opportunity to increase the residential capacity of London. The capital has suffered in the recent years to meet the rising housing demand. We see this as a huge opportunity to get involved with large scale housing projects for private developers meeting the market demand. The key challenge in terms of design is always communication. We use a variety of communication platforms with our clients, contractors and external suppliers as the bespoke nature of our design services requires a very intensive work relationship with the clients and everyone else who assists us with the project.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

We firmly believe that our work impacts on the lives of everyone living in the vicinity of the project, and as such we take our social responsibility very seriously. As well as our innovative architectural work, Studio Basheva supports two charities: Norwood and Women and Manual Trades Charity. We are vocal regarding general gender inequality issues, predominantly in the construction industry. Studio Basheva is looking to design a centre for terminally ill children and support women in the construction industry. The studio has a number of exciting projects coming up, including a refurbishment and re-branding of formal council housing in London and further afield. Longer term we are looking to grow as a business, expanding both our London studio and looking at moving into other, international markets.


Company: The American Society of Interior Designers Email: Web Address: Address: 718 7th St. NW, 4th Floor Washington, DC 20001 Telephone: 202-546-3480

Recognised Leader in Government/ Institutional Architecture - New York, USA The American Society of Interior Designers is a community of designers and other industry insiders who work tirelessly to promote better standards of interior design.

The American Society of Interior Designers The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) is a community of people — designers, industry representatives, educators and students — committed to interior design. Through education, knowledge sharing, advocacy, community building and outreach, we strive to advance the interior design profession and, in the process, to demonstrate and celebrate the power of design to positively change people’s lives. More than 24,000 members engage in a variety of professional programs and activities through a network of 48 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. You can learn more about our latest initiatives by reviewing our strategic plan.

Founded in 1975, ASID is the oldest, largest and leading professional organization for interior designers. The rich, vibrant history of the organization goes back much further, to the founding of its predecessor organizations, the American Institute of Interior Designers (AID) and the National Society of Interior Designers (NSID). The History of ASID: 30 Years of Advancing the Interior Design Profession was published in 2005 to commemorate the achievements of the Society’s first three decades. ASID inspires and enriches our members by promoting the value of interior design, while providing indispensable knowledge and experiences that build relationships. The Society’s nearly 13,500 practicing interior designers work in all areas of commercial and residential design. Professional members of ASID must pass rigorous acceptance standards, including a combination of accredited design education and/or full-time work experience and passage of a two-day accreditation examination administered by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). ASID Industry Partners include more than 2,000 Industry Partner member companies with 6,000 individual representatives, uniting the professional designer with manufacturers of design-related products and services. The Society’s membership also includes nearly 5,000 students of interior design. ASID has more than 280 student chapters at colleges,

universities and design schools with 2-year and 4-year programs throughout the U.S. as well as several “virtual” chapters through online institutions. The society runs a number of awards, events and education workshops as well as offering services by which members of the public can locate local, top quality designers. Current projects the society are working on include the newly launched ASID Academy, an online learning management system that provides continuing education and professional development courses for interior design professionals. ASID Academy includes a curated, peer-reviewed course catalog with content focusing on the Society’s four key themes that cut across all practice areas of interior design: business of design, leadership, practice of design, and impact of design. Both member and non-member industry professionals are invited to take advantage of the Academy’s online CEU offerings. “Whether you are an emerging designer or seasoned professional, ASID has the resources to help you create your own curriculum and fuel your own success,” said ASID CEO Randy Fiser. “Content providers are world-renowned thought leaders who act as catalysts in building the communities of the future. They understand the true impact of design and how the interior design profession has a responsibility to empower those who live, work, and play in created spaces.” Looking to the future, the ASID will host 100 of the nation’s top emerging design professionals at GO PRO in Brooklyn, N.Y., October 15 – 16, 2015. During the two-day annual event, attendees will learn from industry thought leaders and connect with peer design professionals in order to inspire their work and launch their careers. “Since its inception, the purpose of GO PRO has been to mentor emerging interior design-

Build Architecture Awards 2015

ers and ensure they have the resources and training opportunities they need to succeed,” said Randy Fiser, ASID CEO. “The energy and passion we feel from those who attend GO PRO is palpable – and contagious. This year, we’re changing the way we approach the program’s agenda and we look forward to a dynamic two days.” GO PRO will focus on a central project – the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and each program area will feature a different aspect of the design, development, and construction of the arena. The teams involved with the project, including SHoP Architects and its principal, Gregg Pasquarelli, AIA, will play an integral role in discussions. Pasquarelli is a leading voice in the architecture community and has taught at Yale, Columbia, Syracuse, and the University of Virginia. His commitment as an educator demonstrates his dedication to impacting his field and challenging a new generation to understand that technological proficiency and the pursuit of beauty are not mutually exclusive. ASID requires an application to attend GO PRO, and submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Those accepted to the program will be notified by Thursday, September 17, 2015 so that they may purchase tickets and arrange travel plans. Tickets will include meals and up to 0.6 IDCEC-approved continuing education units (pending approval). Tickets for ASID and Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) members are $195; tickets for non-members, $295. Established by the ASID Emerging Professionals Advisory Council in 2011, GO PRO seeks to educate, inspire, and groom interior designers in their first five years of practice and students in their final two years of education. The annual program focuses on the fundamentals of building a successful interior design career and provides invaluable opportunities to meet respected design leaders, learn about the newest products and trends, and get a behind the scenes look at some of the most innovative design businesses in the industry.


Company name: Turner & Hoskins Architects Ltd. Web: Address: 77A High Street, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 5AU Telephone: 01732 866064

Best Residential Transformation 2015 The transformation of the locally known ‘Ugly House’ (the ‘Ugly House’, Kent) - UK into a thing of beauty is vast feat for Turner & Hoskins Architects Ltd., a small firm with big ambitions. They tell us how they went about the project and the challenges they overcame along the way.

Turner & Hoskins Architects

It is a genuine honour have been awarded ‘Best Residential Transformation 2015’ for The White House. The house was originally known locally as the ‘Ugly house. We can only speculate, but we believe that the house was originally a modernist design that succumbed to the addition of overbearing and top heavy mansard roofs in the 1970’s. Indeed, the roofs were so overbearing that they blocked clear views from some of the first floor windows. A large part of the success of a project of this nature must be attributed to a client, whose vision we adapted. As architects, we are trained to have vision for what is possible, and we often have to articulate that vision to clients through sketches and models. To have a client with clear vision and the passion to carry out substantial alterations and improvements means that a large part of the process has already begun. A particular challenge we faced on this project was the Greenbelt land within which the house is sited, which limits the amount an existing house can be extended. Despite demonstrating a significant overall reduction in the building mass, primarily due to the redesign and the removal of the mansard roofs, a modest increase above the permissible floor area was not supported by the local planning authority. This subsequently resulted in the garage being removed from the house to create the floor space required, and the planning legislation being exploited to create a potential garage far in excess of the modest increase previously sought – the joys of planning law.

Our firm has was established in 2002 by Vicki Turner and Tim Hoskins, and have since gained significant experience in working on projects such as this, which is what gave us the confidence to start work on the White House. We are what the RIBA term a ‘micro practice’, being less than five full time members of staff. There are actually six of us; three full-time, and three part-time, however despite this we are able to punch well above our weight, with our largest completed project to date being a new Church with attached apartments. Due to the size of the practice we are able to offer a very personal level of attention and contact with all projects, giving clients a personalised service specifically designed with their needs in mind. We believe that excellent service and attention to detail are paramount to the way we run. Our work brings us into contact with a variety of clients and on a range of building types. A large part of our work is with private clients who are seeking to alter, extend, adapt or refurbish their home. However, we are also involved with other types of work, and recent and current projects include the conversion of a dairy, extending a Village Hall to provide a new community room and library, works to a nursing home, extension of an infant and nursery school, works to Churches including new-build, a mews development, and conversion of a water tower. It is this eclectic range of project types that ensures we are stimulated, but which also allows us to benefit from a range of experience to address the needs of our clients.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

From drawing up plans, putting together a planning application through to total project management and delivering the end product, we help our clients realise what they want from a building, giving them a full and comprehensive service in order to ensure every aspect of the project meets our exacting criteria. We believe in listening well and working hard. Through innovation and creative suggestions, we aim to make buildings work for our clients. Drawing out hidden depths, seeing the untapped potential of a building together with understanding your lifestyle and needs we aim to bring lasting and effective solutions. From our Edenbridge base, we work throughout south-east England, regularly completing projects in London, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex. We look forward to working with Clients who will provide us with more experience working with different styles of building and provide us with new and invigorating challenges.


Company: UK UBER Interiors Email: Web Address: Address: Chelford Road, Ollerton, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8SB Telephone: +44 (0)333 2205 550

Best Luxury Interior Furniture Company UBER Interiors combines a host of stunning hand – UK picked brands in order to showcase a range of interior products to suit almost every taste.

UK UBER Interiors

The firm’s online shop is believed to be the largest collection of hand-picked furniture and lighting products from the world’s most respected brands. UBER Interiors specialise in Luxury Italian Furniture and the very best of contemporary furniture and lighting and now wall and floor coverings. It has rapidly risen to become the go-to resource centre for leading interior design trade professionals to source their furniture and lighting procurement for projects for discerning clientele far and wide. In addition they also have a 6000sq ft design centre crammed with inspirational showpiece furniture aimed at inspiring the interior design trade and showcasing a fraction of what they can supply.

The company is dedicated to ensuring all customers receive the best possible quality products and customer service. They cater to both trade and public clients with services like dedicated account managers to ensure each bespoke made item is exactly to your specification and interior design experts are on hand to offer guidance for suitable options should you need advice. UBER Interiors are dedicated to ensuring customers are inspired by the products they sell, which is why they provide a variety of ways to view them.

Whilst quality and style are of prime importance to all public and trade customers, they do not neglect value, and they guarantee that they will maintain the same level of discount and therefore best prices that their trade clients can or could achieve by going direct to suppliers.

“Our vision is to create the ultimate design resource. It is both real - with a vast physical showroom to explore in a rural Cheshire location - and an ever expanding online oracle of all that is exciting in design. Both combine to create UBER Interiors: a resource of inspiration, knowledge and extraordinary creativity with facilities including a presentation for interior design professionals, specifiers, architects, developers to impress your customers.

What’s possibly even more impressive than their opulent North UK showroom is their online store which claims to carry some 9,000 products all carefully selected. A host of brands are offered on both the firm’s online store and their design centre, including Arketipo, Giorgio Collection, Terzani, Porta Romano, JNL and Swan Italia. By working with the world’s leading contemporary furniture brands they ensure only the highest quality, yet prices remain reflective of the materials and man hours used which in many cases are surprisingly affordable. They scour the best trade shows around the world for new concepts and designers, nothing escapes the firm’s attention and new talent even seeks them out.

“At UBER Interiors we take great pride in sourcing beautiful furniture, lighting, accessories and textiles. We love discovering designers and brands that the mainstream design press often miss. But one of the main reasons we’ve caused such a stir in the industry is because we don’t do things like anybody else: “The joy of having your own 6,000 sq.ft showroom is that you can give full rein to the world’s greatest and most sumptuous ideas. Unlike many of our contemporaries the full space has been given over to flowing room-sets approach allowing inspirational furniture lighting, floor and wall coverings to blend and layer seamlessly. It allows combinations of brands to complement each other as you would in any natural home environment and hopefully inspiring possibilities and ideas.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

“More than a showroom, it’s a Design Centre housing everything you could require to furnish a residential project along with design expert advise, account managers, technical staff, AV demonstration rooms, presentation suits, refreshments and free parking.” As well as the ultimate design resource, the firm also offer a range of services to ensure all their customer’s needs are catered for whether you’ve come for inspiration and maybe just a candle (make that a world leading Baobab Collection candle) or have outline planning for a grand residence and need their help. “For anyone with more requirements for a project than simply furniture and lighting we have an exciting array of services to help you should you need whether that’s need of a full turnkey home design solution or pointing an interior designer in the direction of a trusted specialist. “On the open plan first floor their sister Interior Design company The Design Practice by UBER are always happy to talk through the latest plans of the residential projects they have on and anyone can peruse the reference books for ideas with complementary gourmet coffee to hand. Our award-wining home cinema room is a terrific example of multi-room purpose. It exhibits an incredible array of home audio & video delights (including a hidden 12 foot cinema screen and bespoke wall of speakers) via superyacht specialists Sensory International yet is the epitome of discretion cleverly hiding the technology within a stylish and completely unsuspecting drawing room environment. The only sign that it can be changed into a James Bond-style super media room at the touch of a button is the control panel on the beautifully lacquered coffee table.”


Build Architecture Awards 2015


Name: Xabier Barrutieta architects Email: Web Address: Address: Carlos I avenue, 28 – 20011 San Sebastian (Spain) Telephone: +34 658 739 901

Xabier Barrutieta architects is an Architecture, Recognised Leader in Urban Design Urbanism and Design firm specialising in innovative & Masterplanning - Spain solutions and integrated projects. The firm provides us with a unique insight into the stunning designs they produce.

Xabier Barrutieta

Our work philosophy rests on the premise that best design comes from a completely integrated approach from the project conception to completion, and we make ourselves stand out offering tailored solutions that are not common to traditional architecture firms. Xabier Barrutieta architects focuses on three different fields that mainly correspond to three scales of action. Each of these scales has quite different positions according to clients and services we offer. On the bigger scale Urban Design and Masterplanning projects usually have to find a dialogue with existing urban reality and need to apply strategic thinking methodologies and complex management tools. We act as an urban think-tank for clients that are usually public and we offer them a research methodology with an out-of-the-box approach, proposing proactive ideas on the situations that we identify to have an outstanding potential.

On the building scale we mainly focus on NZEB buildings and green architecture solutions. In the last years we worked with clients of companies that needed new and fresh working environments for their innovative companies. We work hand in hand from the beginning to choose the right plot, study their brand culture and DNA with the aim of designing a tailored project that sums a new asset for the business strategy and brand culture of the companies. Finally, the smallest scale corresponds to the interiors of any kind, workplace consultancy, industrial design and design of temporary spaces. We love working with artists and sculptors to give us new insights and help create spaces with a soul. At this scale we have more freedom to test new materials, technologies and be open to peripheral disciplines that enrich our practice.

But at complex projects the limits between scales usually blur, which does not mean it is bad news. One interesting aspect of our professional research comes at the scale between the building and the neighbourhood, which we name as ‘Urban Cells’. This approach embraces the building and its close urban surrounding, which together open interesting paths of the design and implementation of integrated sustainable design solutions that take into account the effective mix of uses, the centralized energy management, creating dense and healthy urban developments, the use of road space and parking, optimization of centralized facilities, etc. As you can imagine, this is an especially interesting field for interdisciplinary projects that we can lead and drive applying LEAN management for instance. One particular example of this was Orona Ideo, a milestone Project in our evolution where we implemented many of the ideas on Urban Cell design and we applied innovative management tools borrowed from the industrial processes. Orona Ideo is a Campus size development of several buildings that integrate business, research and university for a lift manufacturing company near San Sebastian. We managed an integrated process that started from the Master planning and the urban and landscape design of the campus, and went down to the design of each building and the conception of the inner spaces. The architectural design is particularly sensitive to bioclimatic issues and this approach has shaped most of the architectural solutions. This approach has led to build a Net Zero Energy Campus, where four buildings are connected to a common District Heating-Cooling system powered on 100% renewable energy sources: geothermal, thermal solar and biomass. This was also the first project in Spain that has been

Build Architecture Awards 2015


certified simultaneously both in LEED Gold and BREEAM Excellent, and we were awarded the First Extraordinary Point for Innovation ever granted by Breeam Spain. But our role does not stop here, we are still learning from the in use real data of the urban spaces and the buildings’ performance, because we want to keep improving our future designs. The fact that Orona Ideo was benchmarked in the Health, Wellbeing & Productivity in Offices report of the World Green Building Council highlighted many quality aspects of the design perceived by the occupants beyond the rational efficiency of the building, and that is a very valuable aspect that strengthens our philosophy. The natural light, the views, the acoustic comfort, the connection with nature and vegetation, these are some of the most appreciated aspects, which we made note of and will endeavour to integrate into our other projects in the future.

When working in a technology driven world we think we have to be active on the frontlines, ensuring we integrate the right technology into our projects. There are many new possibilities to do lots of new things in our cities and buildings: smart components, internet of things, data management, although we also understand that we have to listen to our customers and clients, because they tell us which are the problems we need to solve by means of our best design solutions. By combining these approaches we ensure that we are working as efficiently as possible whilst simultaneously meeting the customer’s needs. The integrated sustainability design approach we take is much more complex to manage than achieving good energy efficiency, and therefore we face early in the design the issues regarding health and wellbeing of the occupants and the building facility management requirements during its lifetime. This may change the general mindset in the industry in the future and currently it opens the debate of need to evaluate not only the measurable quantitative aspects, but also the quality of our architectural and urban designs.

Build Architecture Awards 2015

Looking to the future, we will work on strengthening our position on integrated projects because we know that it is the way to ensure that our clients receive the highest added value of every project we complete, and at the same time we would like to increase the participation on international projects.

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