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Entity Control Board


! W O N N OPE December 2018 - July 2019

? B C E e h t s i t a h W Every country has an Entity Control Board, which is an internal control board that focuses on the regulations of AIESEC (The XPP). As soon as the XPP is broken during an exchange, the ECB will be the last decision-making body to decide how to solve the case with the Exchange Participant. In this way the ECB ensures that we deliver high-quality experiences and make our promises come true.


Future career development

International negotiation skills

Customer service orientation

Quality management

Our struct ure Chair Standards manager Case solving specialist 1

Case solving specialist 2

CHAIR Hannah Weisz 22 years old 2nd year in AIESEC LCVP OGV in UUUUU

"Hey guys! I'm really excited to become the new ECB Chair. It's been a really good experience so far talking with other ECB's from all over the world. This year I really want to focus on the quality of the projects that we offer, so that our EP's only have great experiences. Also I believe that communication is key in solving matters with EP's and I'm really excited in coaching the LC's on this. "

Case solving specialist Description The case solving specialist focuses on providing guidance to LC's on the solving of cases. As soon as one of the regulations (XPP) has been broken, the case solving specialist will look at the possibilities of solving the case amicably.

Main functions Provide guidance to LC's on case solving Creating international relations with other ECB's Expert on XPP Continuous collaboration with other ECB's

What are we looking for? A commitment of 5 hours a week Analytical/ critical skills Negotiation skills Interest in other cultures Understanding of customer experience management


Please answer how you think you can deal with this case based on your instinct: An EP from LC Utrecht is on a teaching project in Egypt. However when he arrived they told him that the project will start next week. They were very vague and he didn't hear anything for 3 days now. Now he wants to go home. What do you do as ECB?

r e g a n a m s d r a d n a t S Description The standards manager analyses the LC's on the standards of their EP's. Hereby he tracks whether the EP's receive the beforehand promised standards and which LC's could improve on which aspects.

Main functions Provide guidance to LC's on standards Creating international relations with other ECB's Give trainings about EP management

What are we looking for? A commitment of 3 hours a week Analytical/ critical skills Knowledge of the standards Understanding of the organization Interest in consultancy

QUESTION FOR APPLICATION Make an analysis of 1 LC in the Netherlands. Analyse how they perform and on which standards they could improve. Which standard do you find most important and why? How does the LC score on this standard?

DEADLINE November 17th 2018

! w o n Apply 17 november 2018 23:59

Send the following to Your resume with a small motivation (half A4) The answer to the question of the function stated above

17 - 21 november

Small interview to talk the function through

22 november 2018

New ECB announced!!!

Do you have questions? Please contact Hannah on or 06 48395604

ECB Team Member Application Package  
ECB Team Member Application Package