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AIA Honolulu 2016 Annual Report

AIA Honolulu


“2016 was a year of exciting changes and brought new energy to AIA Honolulu, Center for Architecture. It was my honor and privilege to serve as your president. I look forward to sharing this past year’s accomplishments with the participation and enthusiasm offered by all of you through this Annual Report. I would gladly serve as your president again.” Ben Lee, FAIA, LEED AP 2016 AIA Honolulu President

Letter from Our 2017 President Aloha, We are almost one quarter of the way into the new year and your AIA Honolulu board has been hard at work in our efforts to continue to serve our members and our community. It was my honor to serve as Vice President under Ben Lee, FAIA, as he lay a solid foundation and vision for the organization in 2016. This year, we plan on continuing those efforts, building on established connections, mentoring and educational programs, and successful events, as we also prepare to host the AIA Northwest and Pacific Region conference/design symposium in Fall 2018. Geoff Lewis, AIA, 2017 Vice President and I have a very exciting and promising year planned including a diverse and engaging Architecture Month, a themed Design Awards to celebrate Ossipoff’s 110th Birthday, and strong professional development programs, just to name a few. In our attempt to improve our communication, we are publishing this 2016 Annual Report that both recaps the previous year and provides information on our committees, programs, and events. Please let us know if there is any other information you would like included in future annual reports. On behalf of your 2017 Board of Directors, I would like to thank you for your membership. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events and look forward to serving you. Sincerely, Chris Hong, AIA 2017 AIA Honolulu President


American Institute of Architects, Honolulu Chapter Center for Architecture


828 Fort Street Mall, Suite 100 Honolulu, HI 96813

AIA Honolulu empowers architects to excel and impact their practice, profession and their community through design.

phone: 808.628.7243


email: web:

AIA members work together to build a better world for all people—through architecture.

GOALS Elevate Public Awareness Communicate the value of architects and design through community and industry outreach Advocate for the Profession Elevate the role and influence of architects in our community; take a stand on important issues Create/Expand Sharing of Knowledge & Expertise Empower members for relevancy and success

STAFF Abigail Spencer Mundell Executive Vice President Camilla Nicholas Assistant Director Pat Nohara Ho Administrative Specialist Shirley Cruthers 2016 Temporary EVP

Special thanks to Shirley for keeping the lights on and doors open during our team transition!

Background Photo Credits: Front and back covers, pgs. 2, 3-4, 13-14, 17-18 – Andrea Brizzi Photography Pgs 5-6 – Augie Salbosa Photography Pgs 7-8 – Andrew Hara Pgs 9-10 – Franzen Photography Pgs 11-12, bottom – Jim Doyle, Pgs 15-16, top – Joe Fletcher Photography Pgs 15-16, bottom – INK Architects Pg. 20 – Baan Lae Suan; Poikai Studio


2016 MEMBERSHIP AIA Honolulu’s Membership remained steady in 2016 Compared to member counts from the last five years, our membership numbers remained relatively steady in 2016. However, our events and programs saw more participation than ever before. AIA Honolulu will continue to strengthen our programs and leverage the creativity and talents of our members to develop a truly relevant and responsive organization. Together we will build a better world for all people through architecture.

2016 AIA Honolulu Members 478 Architects

448 Architect Members in 2015

143 Associates

106 Associates Members in 2015

808 AIA Honolulu Members

95 Members Emeritus 93 Members Emeritus in 2015

92 Local Allied Members 85 Local Allied Members in 2015

“As an Allied member, I find the relationships that I have built both personally and professionally through AIA Honolulu are invaluable. AIA is an organization that just keeps moving in the right direction!” Larry Heim, Hon. Affiliate President, HONBLUE

While 2016 saw a slight increase in overall membership, particularly with Architects and Associates, there is still work to be done in order to bring more local architects into our AIA family. In 2016, the State of Hawaii recognized 1012 Licensed Architects who consider Hawaii as their primarly location. AIA Honolulu and AIA Maui need your assistance to encourage more of our local architects to join AIA and take advantage of the many benefits membership has to offer.

AIA COLLEGE OF FELLOWS AIA Fellows in Hawaii (by year elevated)

Glenn E. Mason, FAIA Bettina Mehnert, FAIA Peter N. Vincent, FAIA Clark E. Llewellyn, FAIA Joseph James Ferraro, FAIA Joyce M. Noe, FAIA Francis S. Oda, FAIA Randall K. Fujiki, FAIA Daniel G. Chun, FAIA Theodore E. Garduque, FAIA Virginia B. Macdonald, FAIA Benjamin B. Lee, FAIA Penny Hamilton Posedly, FAIA John M. Hara, FAIA Anne Spencer Leineweber, FAIA Evan D. Cruthers, FAIA Carol S. Sakata, FAIA A. Bruce Etherington, FAIA Christopher J. Smith, FAIA Donald W.Y. Goo, FAIA Arthur M. Weber, FAIA Paul Duane Jones, FAIA Kenneth F. Brown, FAIA Hans Riecke, FAIA Donald Douglas Chapman, FAIA George V. Whisenand, FAIA Dennis T. Toyomura, FAIA Charles Richard Sutton, FAIA Leo S. Wou, FAIA Geoffrey W. Fairfax, FAIA Frank Slavsky, FAIA Francis S. Haines, FAIA Ernest H. Hara, FAIA Edward Sullam, FAIA Gerald Lou Allison, FAIA Kenneth W. Roehrig, FAIA Cyril W. Lemmon, FAIA Harry W. Seckel, FAIA William Dickey Merrill, FAIA Alfred Preis, FAIA George James Wimberly, FAIA Vladimir Ossipoff, FAIA William Charles Furer, FAIA Hart Wood, FAIA

2015 2015 2014 2011 2008 2006 2004 2003 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1996 1994 1993 1990 1990 1988 1988 1986 1985 1985 1984 1984 1983 1980 1975 1974 1974 1972 1972 1972 1971 1969 1968 1967 1966 1965 1957 1956 1953 1948

Fellows currently living in Hawaii, but not at the time of their elevation Elmer Botsai, FAIA Lawrence Chaffin, FAIA Daniel Friedman, FAIA Susan Lin, FAIA Dean Sakamoto, FAIA Jack Sidener, FAIA Raymond Yeh, FAIA

Glenn Mason, FAIA Mason Architects, Inc.

Bettina Mehnert, FAIA ahl.

Two AIA Honolulu Members Elevated to Fellowship in 2016 The 2016 Jury of Fellows elevated two AIA Honolulu members to its prestigious College of Fellows. The Fellowship program was developed to elevate architects who have made a significant contribution to architecture and society, and achieved a standard of excellence in the profession. Election to fellowship recognizes the achievements of architects as individuals, as well as their significant contribution to architecture and society on a national level.

“There isn’t anything better than being recognized by fellow architects for work done during my career” Glenn Mason, FAIA Mason Architects, Inc.



2016 EVENTS With more than 50 events held throughout the year, across Hawaii, AIA Honolulu members had a lot of opportunities to network, socialize, learn and share with one another in 2016.

2016 Kickoff Party


Architecture Month 4.16

12 Events • 500+ Participants Multiple Partnership Opportunities


9 Teams 6 TV Placements 4 newspaper hits 22,725 pounds of food collected for the Hawaii Foodbank

10.1.16 10.16.16

Pacific Building Trade Expo and Annual Business Meeting 10.25.16

200+ Exhibit Booths 1100+ Attendees 24 CEU Seminars 161 AIA Annual Meeting Attendees Inaugural Keynote Address


37 Submissions 4 Project Categories 10 Winning Entries 10 Submissions to Inaugural Student Awards

9.17.16 NOAA Inouye Regional Center 280+ attendees




AWARD OF MERIT Harirak Residence

FIRMS: Tadpole Studio; Natee Supavilai, Design and Construction Administrator; Sirirut Ketphol, Interior Design/Build CLIENT: Panupong and Busakorn Harirak CONTRACTOR: Neighborhood Builders LOCATION: Bangkok, Thailand PHOTOS: Baan Lae Suan; Poikai Studio


FIRM: Wanderlust Plus CLIENT: Pier Thirty USA, Inc CONTRACTOR: Arita-Paulson General Contracting, LLC LOCATION: Honolulu, Oahu, HI



Tempura Ichidai

Ka‘upulehu Residence

PHOTOS: Wanderlust Plus

PHOTO: Joe Fletcher Photography

FIRM: Wanderlust Plus CLIENT: Pier Thirty USA, Inc CONTRACTOR: KPRS Hawaii Construction, Inc. LOCATION: Honolulu, Oahu, HI

FIRMS de Reus Architects; The Wiseman Group, Interior Design; Vita, Landscape Architect CONTRACTOR Ryan Associates LOCATION South Kohala Coast, Big Island, HI

PHOTOS: Wanderlust Plus




3470 Waialae

Hale‘iwa Store Lots

IBEW Local 1186 Office / HI Electricians Training Cntr., Kahului

FIRMS Geoffrey Lewis Architect, Inc; Philpotts & Associates - Interiors Collaboration CONTRACTOR Constructors Hawaii, Inc. LOCATION Kaimuki, Oahu, HI PHOTO: Franzen Photography

FIRM Group 70 International, Inc. CLIENT Kamehameha Schools CONTRACTOR Allied Builders System LOCATION Haleiwa, Oahu, HI PHOTO: Franzen Photography

FIRM Architects Hawaii Ltd. CLIENT IBEW 1186 / Hawaii Electricians Administrative Office CONTRACTOR Arisumi Brothers Inc. LOCATION Kahului, Maui, HI PHOTO: Bad Moon Saloon


Univ. of Hawaii Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head FIRM Ferraro Choi And Associates Ltd. CLIENT University of Hawaii and Kapiolani Community College LOCATION Honolulu, Oahu, HI

PHOTO: Ferraro Choi And Associates Ltd.; Ki Concepts



143 Hekili

Hale Kilo I‘a

PHOTO: Franzen Photography

PHOTO: Chibi Moku, Hawkins Biggens Photography, F+N

FIRM WhiteSpace Architects CLIENT Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. CONTRACTOR Constructors Hawaii, Inc. LOCATION Kailua, Oahu, HI

FIRM Fujita + Netski Architecture CLIENT Enrique Carrazana CONTRACTOR H-1 Construction LOCATION Kailua, Oahu, HI


General Membership Meetings 10 Meetings in 2016 35-50 Attendees/Mtg Variety of speakers and topics Networking, socializing, and learning together

2 New Fellows in 2016 51 Fellows in Hawaii

AIA Hawaii College of Fellows


...and more from 2016!


COMMITTEES & TASK FORCES The Committees and Task Forces of AIA Honolulu are the foundations from which the Chapter positions itself in the field of architecture, whether through discussion, advocacy, policy making and development, event and exhibition planning, or other endeavors. Our Committees initiate the majority of the programs held at the Center for Architecture, and are the main avenue for direct involvement with the Chapter and the Center for Architecture. AIA Members, Associate Members and Local Allied Members are all welcome to participate in committees. For more information or to join a committee, contact AIA Honolulu 808.628.7243



The programs committee is responsible for strategic planning with regard to AIA Honolulu events, and geared toward leadership currently inovlved in our event–oriented committees, i.e.: Architecture Month, General Membership Meetings, Design Awards, and CANstruction. The group also serves to generate committee leadership, and as a training area for future board leadership.

The Architect Registration Exam (ARE) Prep Committee serves as a resource, meeting place, and training forum for professionals taking the ARE. Monthly events rotate through the exams. Ideal for emerging professionals interested in more information about, have registered for, or are in the process of taking the ARE.

Committee Roles/Goals: • Overseeing general strategies for AIA Honolulu programs and event committees in order to maintain consistency and prevent overlap and conflict • Ensuring events tie into the AIA Honolulu Strategic Plan • Approving marketing and promotional materials for events (in conjunction with staff) • Ensuring committee leadership is in abidance with AIA Honolulu guidelines Membership: One representative from each AIA committee that holds events. Leadership of program and event committees not specifically focused around events are encouraged to participate in the Programs Committee when their committee is considering the development of an event.

“ARE Prep serves as the transition in a young professional’s career from study as a student to licensure and acceptance into the profession of Architecture. It continues to be my privilege assisting these young professionals navigate the examination processes.” Jason DeMarco, AIA, LEED AP BD+C 2016 Chair, ARE Prep Committee

Committee Roles/Goals: • Facilitate a greater connection between Emerging Professionals and AIA Honolulu • Provide study materials, lectures, and study sessions to use as preparation for the ARE • Create a supportive community of peers encouraging one another as they progress toward licensure • Encourage regular contact and accountability to help Emerging Professionals reach their goals




AIA Honolulu’s Architecture Month committees, led by the President-elect, organize our free and low-cost activities planned during the month of April. This annual celebration was created to highlight the power of good design in making our communities better places to live, work and play, as well as generate a discussion of design in Hawaii. The hope is that, by elevating awareness of architecture, the public will be inspired by their surroundings on a daily basis. Staple events offered each year include the architectural walking tour, firm crawl and film night. Each event has its own sub-committee.

The Architecture Month Walking Tour committee is responsible for organizing the walking tour held every April during Architecture Month. The tour, led by architects and other design-minded professionals, is open to the community and visitors. The intention is to offer insights into local historical and contemporary architecture. The Architecture Month Walking Tour committee has led tours of Downtown Honolulu, Waikiki, and Chinatown, and is developing a tour of University of Hawaii at Manoa. The goal is to develop a total of 5 or 6 walking tours, rotating the annual tours. The Walking Tour depends on AIA Honolulu membership and other design-minded professionals to volunteer as Docents and Tour guides.

Committee Roles/Goals: • Organize logistics for each event • Communicate with sister organizations for cross-event planning • Each committee recruits volunteers, creates fliers, handles graphic and print coordination, and any other aspects necessary for their particular event(s)

Committee Roles/Goals: • Walk the sites, establish the route, and coordinate the tour • Creating a flyer and graphics related to event promotion, coordinating permission for site visits, recruiting volunteers, etc.

“In practice, I have found the challenges of our profession relate often to being in the service of others. Volunteering for our organization at any level is in fact “giving back” to our colleagues, our craft, our clients, and to the profession that has offered a way for us to be relevant/prosperous within Hawaii, our personal communities, and society in general.” Reid T. Mizue, AIA OMIZU architecture inc


CANstruction® is a unique charity art exhibition and event featuring structures made by teams of AIA members and community partners. Design, architecture, and the built environment intersect with the event based upon an on-going need in Hawaii to feed the hungry. Structures are made entirely out of full cans of food. At the end of the exhibition, all cans are donated to the Hawaii Foodbank. Over the past 11 years 351,130 pounds of food have been raised to help feed the hungry in Hawaii, providing 276,480 meals. CANstruction is a friendly design competition focusing on internal teamwork amongst the participating teams. It showcases AIA member’s talents and efforts, as well as providing an outlet for AIA Honolulu to work positively with the general public. Committee Roles/Goals: • Develop a theme for the event • Reach out to firms, vendors or other organizations to participate • Seek sponsors for the Keiki Corner, developed to encourage ‘STEM’ education and an interest in architecture, engineering and building • Facilitate design for team banners, fliers and Keiki Corner DGN





The Design Awards Committee administers the annual Design Awards which recognizes exceptional design work of AIA Honolulu members. In addition to the professional juried and popular choice awards categories, the program also includes the Student Design Awards. The Design Awards encourage public recognition of design excellence through publicizing award winners in Hawaii Business Magazine each year. The People’s Choice Award engages the public as they vote for their favorite entry. The program serves as one of the larger networking events of the year for the Chapter.

Also known as the Department of Defense Liaison Committee, this group acts as liaisons between AIA, NAVFAC, and the Corps of Engineers. The committee is a means to address concerns the federal government may have with architects (and engineers), or any design/construction issues the government requests input on from the Architect/Engineer community.

The Film Committee aims to present films related to design, architecture, and the built environment on a regular basis on Oahu and the Island of Hawaii. In addition to one to three films shown throughout the year, Architecture Month includes a Film Night. Films are typically followed by thought-provoking panel discussions with selected community members. The intent of these events is to raise public awareness of the value of architects, and provide a forum to discuss design related issues.

Committee Roles/Goals: • Determine paramaters surrounding project awards • Assemble a panel of jurors for judging of the professional and student categories • Plan the awards banquet to recognize award winners • Assist in obtaining sponsorship for the Awards

Committee Roles/Goals: • Resolve and address concerns of the federal government with meaningful input and insights from the architectural and engineering (A-E) community • Ensure the federal government sees concerns from the standpoint of the A-E community in hopes that any government policy decisions are a win-win • Act as communication vehicle between the architectural community and the government

Committee Roles/Goals: • Reaching out to firms, vendors or other organizations to sponsor the Film Nights • Select and preview the film, prepare for the event including ticketing, refreshments, staffing, and determining panelists • Produce promotional materials for each film

HAWAII STATE COUNCIL The Hawaii State Council represents AIA members in Hawaii, which includes members of both AIA   Honolulu and AIA Maui, on matters of statewide interest, and provides assistance and advice to state, governmental and regulatory bodies regarding issues affecting the architecture profession in Hawaii and our built environment. To get involved with the Hawaii State Council, contact the AIA Honolulu office.





The AIA/GCA Committee was developed to strengthen the relationship between AIA and the General Contractors Association of Hawaii (GCA). This is achieved through networking events that provide education and open discussion on topics of common interest. It is the hope of the committee that, through these events, a better understanding of roles, responsibilities, industry trends and opportunities will improve the collaboration and delivery of projects.

General Membership Meetings (GMM) provide an opportunity to bring members together at a regularly scheduled event once a month for fellowship, networking and learning. The meetings provide an avenue to introduce sponsors and new members, recognize Board members, and announce upcoming events. GMM’s generally provide AIA/CES learning units.

The newly formed AIA Honolulu Housing Committee was created to promote the development of safe, attractive, accessible, and affordable housing. It will provide leadership, advocacy, and education to the profession and the public in matters related to housing design.

Committee Roles/Goals: • Determine specific topics and or speakers of interest to AIA & GCA members • Hold three to five events per year, including site tours, lunch sessions on project sites, presentations, and more

“The General Membership Meetings were recently restarted to encourage fellowship, stimulate discussion on current topics, and provide professional development opportunities for our members. The Task Force is pleased with our accomplishments in 2016 and look forward to another successful year of GMMs in 2017!” Jennifer Harada Okino, AIA, ASID, CSI, CDT, 2016 Chair, GMM Task Force

Possible Committee Roles/Goals: • Government: Participate in planning and zoning issues related to Housing; develop new affordable housing regulations; create an e-permitting process • Education: Outreach to schools with classroom presentations; coordinating home tours of market rate and affordable houses; create competitions for students • Professional: Hold lectures and seminars; coordinate exhibits; develop position statements

Tak Force Roles/Goals: • Create programs to serve the needs of all members, adding value to their membership • Develop a calendar of meeting topics for long-term promotion • Determine and contact presenters for each meeting

HAWAII STATE COUNCIL COMMITTEES CODES This Committee works closely with the City and County, making recommendations and keeping both chapters informed of important Code-related issues. This committee has a number of subcommittees which take on specific areas of concern.

LICENSING & CONSUMER PROTECTION This committee is responsible for defending the state’s architect licensing law, liaising with the Hawaii Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs EASLA, and other items associated with licensing and consumer protection related to architects in Hawaii.

PRACTICE & PROSPERITY This committee is responsible for issues that affect public procurement, taxation, civil justice and similar issues in the State of Hawaii. The committee also prepares the architect labor rate survey every three years.



The mentorship program was created to provide an organized platform of career and leadership development for the rising generation in the architecture profession. The focus will be on the transition from graduation to professional practice and ultimately licensure, with guidance from a wide range of industry leaders. 5x5x5 Format: • Five learning groups, each consisting of five mentees • Five mentors • Five group coordinators • Five meetings per year Committee Roles/Goals: • Establish a continuum of professional relationships and learning among young practitioners and industry leaders • Allow participants to understand and utilize the services and benefits that AIA provides • Provide mentors the opportunity to influence an upcoming generation of future leaders • Institute an ongoing annual mentorship program as a benefit for AIA members



The Pacific Building Trade Expo (PBT EXPO) Committee handles the planning, coordination and execution of the annual Expo. This one-day event is held at the Hawai’i Convention Center in late October or early November. The expo sees around 1500+ attendees each year.

The Pacific Building Trade Expo seminar subcommittee develops and facilitates seminars presented at the Annual AIA/CSI PBT EXPO. Expo seminars provide free charge CEU’s to expo attendees. The inclusion of presenters specializing in subject matter congruent with architectural-based continuing education increases overall event attendance and value to AIA members. The subcommittee develops approximately 20 seminars and assists with facilitating four additional seminars provided by select exhibitors, for a total of 24 highly-developed CEU seminars each year.

“The PBTE is truly a unique event because it solely targets the architects, engineers and contractors in the design and construction industry. The trade show and seminars work well with each other and where else can you meet with so many manufacturers’ representatives in one place.” Rodney Lee, AIA, CSI Associate, G70

Committee Roles/Goals: • Conduct a successful Expo where attendees and exhibitors are satisfied with the experience • Work to ensure exhibitors realize a fairly constant flow of design professionals & contractors throughout the exhibit floor for all hours of the event

Committee Roles/Goals: • Brainstorming seminar topics • Reaching out to firms, vendors, building industry organizations or entities, engineering, planning, and economic development organizations to secure speakers • Coordination and commitment of speakers • Day of A/V coordination and attendance tracking




The Regional & Urban Design Committee (RUDC) reviews and discusses current urban design and planning issues in Honolulu, and advocates for solutions that benefit all members of the community.

The Walking Tour Committee was developed to create an ongoing program of Downtown Architectural Walking Tours. The intention is to create a larger base of qualified docents so the AIA can offer more tours to locals and visitors. The committee enables AIA Honolulu to offer the tours consistently throughout the year, and works to expand the tours offered beyond downtown Honolulu.

Committee Roles/Goals: • Draft position statements on issues based on existing AIA Honolulu Public Policies • Promote public discussion and education on an issue through presentations to AIA members, written reports, public forums, educational videos or photo simulations • Draft written or spoken testimony on behalf of AIA Honolulu at public hearings • Draft new AIA Honolulu Public Policy on a design or planning issues as needed

“Being part of the AIA Walking Tour Committee nurtures my passion for architecture, history and Hawaii, and allows me the opportunity to share it with our community and visitors - and perhaps igniting similar passion in the process.” Purnima McCutcheon, AIA, LEED AP BD+C Walking Tour Committee Member

Committee Roles/Goals: • Lead the walking tours • Create and update a working narrative document of talking points for docents • Regularly seek out and train additional docents • Maintain and update the Downtown Architectural Walking Tour Booklet


The Young Architects Forum (YAF) addresses and advocates issues of architects licensed 10 years or less. YAF is the voice of recently licensed architects and the catalyst for future leadership and fellowship in the profession. Committee Roles/Goals: • Leadership: Engage recently licensed Architects in leadership to become agents of change and progress within the Institute, profession, and our communities • Professional Development: Inspire professional growth through fellowship, training, and leadership • Fellowship: Serve to make AIA membership meaningful to recently licensed architects through programs, services and events that effectively anticipate and address their needs. Promote mentorship at all career stages to enhance personal growth, community involvement, and professional development • Advocacy: Advocate for issues of particular relevance to recently licensed architects


2016 FINANCIALS 2016 was a transitional year for AIA Honolulu, with new staffing, changes in programming and a shift in revenue stream focus. Despite a 2016 red budget, through carefully monitoring of expenses and increasing non-dues revenue throughout the year, we are proud to announce that we closed out 2016 well in the black. A great way to kick off 2017!

2016 Member Dues

Professional Members - $140,248

(2015 professional members - $152,454)

Associate Members - $9,703 (2015 associate members - $12,195)


Allied Members - $27,600

(2015 allied members - $25,500)

Member Dues - $173,428

2016 Revenue

Event Revenue - $51,986


Pacific Building Trade Expo - $50,000 Hawaii State Council Contract - $33,499 Other Income - $92,464

(sponsorships, center rentals, other misc. income)

2015 Total Revenue - $376,684

Operations & Personnel - $192,522

2016 Expenses

Event Expenses - $23,638


Occupancy - $61,678 Member Services - $39,403 Management & Other Expenses - $65,320 2015 Total Expenses - $356,602

CENTER FOR ARCHITECTURE The AIA Honolulu Center for Architecture is centrally located in the historic Fort Street Mall business district of downtown Honolulu. The Center presents an opportunity for member architects to connect and engage with professional affiliates, industry partners and the public, in a dialogue, and give them a better understanding how design affects our lives everyday. “The Center for Architecture is the ideal location for my class. It’s convenient, comfortable, has wonderful amenities, and the price fits well within my budget. My students often comment to me about how much they enjoy their time there, and I would recommend it highly” Pam Chambers Pam Chambers Consulting, Public Speaking Coach

Leadership Engagement Collaboration

The Center for Architecture is designed for flexibility and openness, is conveniently located and outfitted with the latest in audiovisual presentation equipment...all included in one value-added price. Our space is open to members and the public and we welcome rentals! For more information about the Center for Architecture: Pat Nohara Ho Administrative Specialist I 808.628.7243



MAHALO 2016 SPONSORS Without our sponsors, we would be unable to present high quality programs and initiatives, and expand AIA Honolulu’s impact on the built community in Hawaii. PLATINUM $2000+


$1,000 - $1,999


$500 - $999


$250 - $499

Redmont Group

Geoffrey Lewis Architect, Inc.


2016 Board of Directors President Benjamin Lee, FAIA

Clifford Planning and Architecture

President-Elect Christopher Hong, AIA The Redmont Group

Secretary Mayumi Dao, AIA

John Hara Associates Inc.

Treasurer Kurt Mitchell, AIA RIM Architects

PROGRAMS COMMITTEE Mayumi Dao, AIA Jason DeMarco, AIA Joe Ferraro, FAIA Jennifer Harado-Okino, AIA Christopher Hong, AIA Bob Lazo, AIA Geoff Lewis, AIA Glenn Mason, FAIA Purnima McCutcheon, AIA Kurt Mitchell, AIA Troy Miyasato, AIA Reid Mizue, AIA Glenn Murata, AIA Kristin Nakagawa, AIA Jim Reinhardt, AIA ME Shaun Roth, AIA Jason Takeuchi, Assoc. AIA Mark Tawara, Hon. Affiliate Scott Wilson, AIA Lorena Yamamoto, AIA

Directors Emile Alano, AIA

ARE PREP COMMITTEE Chair Jason DeMarco, AIA Todd Hassler, AIA

Jason DeMarco, AIA



Ferraro Choi And Associates, Ltd.

Purnima McCutcheon, AIA G70

Rick Myers, AIA G70

Kris Powers, AIA

Mason Architects, Inc.

Ming-Yi Wong, AIA

Mason Architects, Inc.

Lorena Yamamoto, AIA

Roy K. Yamamoto Architect, Inc.

ARCHITECTURE MONTH WALKING TOUR Brenda Lowrey, AIA Purnima McCutcheon, AIA Tonia Moy, AIA Jason Takeuchi, Assoc. AIA Ming-Yi Wong, AIA Ann Yoklavich, Assoc. AIA CANSTRUCTION COMMITTEE Chair Reid Mizue, AIA Kristin Nakagawa, AIA Leigh Ishida, AIA Jeff & Debra Pompadur, Allied Members CODES COMMITTEE Chair Jim Reinhardt, AIA ME Rick Myers, AIA

Ferraro Choi And Associates, Ltd.

DESIGN AWARDS COMMITTEE Chair Lorena Yamamoto, AIA Chair Jason Takeuchi, Assoc. AIA Mayumi Dao, AIA John Fullmer, AIA Christopher Hong, AIA Steven Hong, AIA Benjamin Lee, FAIA Janice Li, AIA Lorrin Matsunaga, AIA Kurt Mitchell, AIA Camilla Nicholas, Hon. Affiliate Cathi Ho Schar, AIA

Public Director Robbie Dingeman


Gary Yee, AIA Director - Hawaii Island Section Shaun Roth, AIA Roth Kimura, LLP

Associate Director Jason Takeuchi, Assoc. AIA

Honolulu Magazine

Ex Officio Abigail S pencer Mundell EVP, AIA Honolulu



FILM COMMITEE, BIG ISLAND Terry Cisco, AIA Clem Lam, AIA Shaun Roth, AIA FILM COMMITTEE, OAHU Brian Chappel, AIA Mayumi Dao, AIA Jonathan Lee, AIA Geoff Lewis, AIA Lorrin Matsunaga, AIA Mariel Moriwake, AIA Jonathan Sim, AIA Aki Yoshida, AIA FIRM CRAWL Gary Yee, AIA GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS TASK FORCE Co-Chair Jennifer Harado-Okino, AIA Co-Chair Mark Tawara, Hon. Affiliate Lorena Yamamoto, AIA Jason Takeuchi, Assoc. AIA Julie Lam, Assoc. AIA Kevin Nakamoto, Allied Member MENTORSHIP PROGRAM COMMITTEE Jason Takeuchi, Assoc. AIA PACIFIC BUILDING TRADE EXPO COMMITTEE (AIA Honolulu members) Co-Chair Rick Myers, AIA Co-Chair Bob Lazo, AIA John Fullmer, AIA Stephen Nash, AIA PBT EXPO SEMINAR SUBCOMMITTEE Chair Reid Mizue, AIA Jason DeMarco, AIA John Fullmer, AIA Christopher Hong, AIA David Kaahaaina, AIA, CSI Bob Lazo, AIA Mariel Moriwake, AIA Glenn Murata, AIA Stephen Nash, AIA Barbie Rosario Cathi Ho Schar, AIA Gail Suzuki-Jones, Assoc. AIA Mark Tawara, Hon. Affiliate REGIONAL & URBAN DESIGN COMMITTEE Chair Scott Wilson, AIA

SCHOLARSHIPS Chair Jennifer Harado-Okino, AIA WALKING TOURS COMMITTEE Chair Glenn Mason, FAIA Ernie Endrina, AIA Brenda Lowrey, AIA Purnima McCutcheon, AIA Ann Yoklavich, Assoc. AIA Special Thank You to our Long-time Downtown Honolulu Walking Tour Guide: Frank Haines, FAIA YOUNG ARCHITECTS FORUM COMMITTEE Jason DeMarco, AIA Kris Powers, AIA


YOU design, build, and create the places and communities that this organization represents. Thank you for being part of AIA Honolulu!

AIA Honolulu

AIA Honolulu 2016 Annual Report  
AIA Honolulu 2016 Annual Report