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7.500 m²

The rate of dispatch of orders the same day

Indoor manufacturing area


200.000 mt/month

Patented designs

Production capacity

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We proceed our way with fabric lovers, adding soul to fabrics with our designs.

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Executive Team

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“Our company tradition involves innovative designs, uniqueness, service quality and always aiming at the best in our product.”

“Designing and Developing Together„

Ahsen Tekstil’s founders started their works in textile sector

The company’s tradition that has formed over years

Ahsen family forms its aspects in production with the

in 1974 in İstanbul. After a long period of experiences, the

involves innovation, being the best in quality and

valuable opinions of its customers. Bringing the ideas of

company started its activities as Ahsen Tekstil in 1984. The


consumers together with the best materials, the vision of

company carries out its production in its two facilities in

Ahsen is to constantly enrich information and become a

Bursa and carries out its management, sales, finance and

As a manufacturer, Ahsen Tekstil’s collections are located

administrative functions in its headquarter in Istanbul.

in sales network of many textile companies and collections

world brand.

of editors. Providing more than half of its production to As a family business, Ahsen Tekstil reflects the

exports, the company also gives swatch card franchise in

interpretation of today’s third generation on its fabrics by


blending with over 40 years of experience.

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Ahsen Tekstil

Ahsen Tekstil has undertaken delivering you fashionable products in high quality and in a timely manner as a duty.


countries, more than 1600 sales points Our Services + Fabric Cutting Service + Wholesale

+ Project-based Work

Countries we export Ukraine, Russia, Moldova,

Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan,

Kuwait, Pakistan, Latvia,

Romania, Poland, Lithuanian,

Georgia, Jordan, Iraq, Belarus,

Kazakhistan, Qatar, Bulgaria,

Britain, Hungary, Kosovo,

Bosna Herzegovina, Italy,


Greece, Iranian, Syria,

Serbia, Albenia, Macedonia,

Albert Einstein

Ahsen Tekstil Production Bursa, TR

AHSEN TEKSTİL in a Nutshell Establishment 1974 Centre İstanbul, TR Number of Employees 130

Founder Abdullah Kış Factory Bursa, TR Company Partners Ömer Lütfi Kış Ömer Faruk Kış

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”


Our Story

Our Vision

The unique designs created in our

As a family company, we have

To be a brand that determines the fashion by

pattern workshop are rendered ready

been serving in all areas of design,

enriching the information continuously and

for sale in our production facilities

production and sales since 1974.


by working with precision in special colour laboratories.

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Story of Ahsen Tekstil

Milestones reached one by one over the years...

Abdullah Kış




The Beginning of the

Establishment of


Establishment of the Factory


The partners of the

Ömer Faruk Kış established the

Telamor, the world-

Production Facilities


Ahsen Tekstil


Ömer Lütfi Kış


2012 Enlargement of



We Moved

The Golden Age of Export

Ahsen Tekstil moved from

Ahsen Tekstil got acquainted

Abdullah Kış and

It registered its

company established

first production facility of the

renowned brand of Ahsen

The gates of second

the European Side to the

with fabric lovers in many

Ömer Lütfi Kış started

commercial existence

the brand Nenis upon

company in Bursa.

Tekstil, was established.

production facilities

Anatolian Side to its new

points of the world with its

activities in textile

with the name of

deciding on gathering

of Ahsen Tekstil was

plaza with an area of 3.500

long years of high quality

sector in İstanbul.

Ahsen Tekstil Ticaret

the process of franchising

Importance of Production

Third Generation


m² for the purpose of

commercial stance in the

ve Sanayi Limited

under a brand name.

The facility is established with

Upon establishment of

uniting its head office and

sector and its self-renewing

the motto of “manufacturing

the brand Telamor, Ahsen

warehouse under a single

unique collections.

Successes of the Brand

New Factory

the most beautiful fabrics” and

Kış Sarıtaş, the third

Ahsen Tekstil began to


Nenis brand became

started producing the unique

generation of the family

dominate the sector

The reason for

the leading brand in

designs in those years.

undertook the process of

with new techniques

choosing the name

its period and reached

branding management.


Ahsen, which means

over 700 sales points in

the most beautiful,

Turkey. Export sales have

Name of Telamor

is the love for

also started with Nenis

Tela: Fabric

manufacturing the

for the first time.

Amor: Love

Şirketi. Name of Ahsen

most beautiful fabrics

Telamor : Love of Fabric

Ahsen Plaza;

Fairs Attended Evteks Turkey

Şerifali Mahallesi Türker

Heimtextil Frankfurt


Heimtextil Moscow

Miras Sokak No: 37-39 Pk:

Decorex England

34775 Ümraniye | İstanbul

Pitak Expo Poland Design Forum Poland Proposte Italy

in those years. www.ahsentekstil.com / 11

All designs are produced in the production facilities of Ahsen Tekstil.

For providing our customers with the highest quality service, we are protecting our brands and designs with design patent in Turkey and abroad. Thus, the points selling our fabrics always remain special.

Our Products

Our Services




Plain Tulle

Plain Fabric

Scaly Border

Striped Tulle

Patterned Fabric

Embroidered Border

Embroidered Tulle

Pano Fabric

Brode Tulle

Printed Fabric

Wrinkled Tulle

Velvet Fabric

Printed Tulle

Blackout Fabric

Woven Tulle

Online Product Catalogues www.issuu.com/ahsentekstil

Fabric Cutting Wholesale Project-Based Special Production

FABRIC CUTTING SERVICES Swatch Card Sets Telamor | Nenis Numbers of Swatch Cards Telamor : ~ 200 pieces Nenis : ~ 150 pieces Types of Business Whole swatch card set franchising Selective swatch card set franchising Terms of Business Advance Payment: It refers to the advance payment determined according to the selected swatch card set and number. Orders are set off from this advance payment.

WHOLESALE The minimum order quantities determined for each product are taken as basis and special discount is made. PROJECT-BASED WORK If the products you need within the scope of your project are not in your swatch cards, we do projectbased production for you. SPECIAL PRODUCTION The products you dream of are not limited with the swatch card sets. Special product design is made and manufactured for your market.

Swatch Card Sales: Swatch cards are sent upon the payment of the prices of selected swatch cards.

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Subject The first step of each collection is taken by determining the subject. The decision of subject is taken observing the period when the collection is to be released and the interior decoration fashion in the world.


Design For having comprehension over all components of the determined subject, knowledge regarding the art works of previous periods, the artistic trends of the period and all materials used in the period is collected, and the fabric patterns are designed according to the spaces that we envisage.


Production The appropriate weaving model for the designed patterns is chosen and the suitable yarns are specially dyed and




Every collection has a story!

Tissue and colour selection is in the leading role!

Our design team is distinguished with closely following the interior

Each pattern is respectively evaluated

decoration fashion and trends in the

and the suitable weaving techniques

world and adapting those trends into

are discussed.

fabric for the first time for being the

The yarns suitable for that technique

fashion-setting brand in its sector.

are specially procured from the most

After deciding on the subject to be

qualified international companies. The

processed in the respective collection,

uniqueness of our weaving techniques

the reflections of the floor covering,

is a great power of Ahsen Tekstil.

wall colour and furniture colour are

Colouring comes after procuring

examined in details. As the result of


the researches, everyone puts their

The design team, which has the

knowledge on paper with different

competence of distinguishing whether

patterns and the story begins at this

the colour combination displays a


pattern good or bad, specially shades the yarn colours working in the best dye-shops. Proper colouring is an element that is greatly valued despite the time it takes.

Process of Delivering our Products to our Customers

production process is stepped into.

+ Identifying the subject + Researching

+ Identifying the story of the collection

+ Drawing works

+ Selecting the patterns

+ Deciding on the production techniques of patterns

+ Adapting the patterns according to the determined production technique

+ Selecting colours

+ Procuring yarns suitable with the colours

Nature is our source of inspiration. Though we look in the same direction, we each capture different sights and have dreams of our own.Then different patterns and colors flow from our minds. They all turn out to be unique and are woven with love.

+ Yarn-specific dying process + Sample manufacturing + Test sewing

+ Photographing

+ Serial production

+ Swatch card production www.ahsentekstil.com / 15

Production Equipment 30 weaving machines, 6 embroidery machines 4 quality control machines, 2 brode machines (25 mt), 1 warping machine,

Ömer Faruk Kış

1 bobbin winding machine, 1 folding machine

Process of Production


+ Drawing of patterns Registered Designs

Patented Inventions

+ Reporting of drawings

Designing pattern requires artistic

Ahsen Tekstil and İstanbul Technical


taste, drawing skill as well as knowing

University joint study, the ‘Curtain

weaving techniques and in-depth

Preventing Electromagnetic Radiation’

braiding knowledge.

is a TÜBİTAK approved invention that draws a big media interest. In

+ Deciding on the production + Compatible drawing of the

production technique to the machine + Sample testing

+ Sample improvement process + Identifying the yarn type

The companies bearing all of

our day, radiation emitted by rapidly

these properties always take place

spreading means of communication is

among the unique and outstanding

a threat for human health. The social

companies. The excited factory team

benefit provided with this invention is

in the leadership of Ömer Faruk Kış,

a source of pride for us.

+ Production

from form to form but also change the

Another invention of Ahsen Tekstil is a

+ Dyeing process

operation principles of the machines

weaving machine apparatus increasing

and put their signatures on leading

the mechanical performance by 35%


and the design is exported with

not only changes the tissue of a fabric


+ Laboratory studies of yarns

+ Adjustment of warp and weft arrays of machines + Quality control + Quality control

+ Folding of the product

Textile follows fashion. The fashion of drapery fabric goes in parallel with the other components of decoration. The important thing for us is the message given by those components and that message refers to an era of art history. Therefore, it is an art work to manufacture the drapery fabrics that determine the fashion.

+ Packaging and barcoding of the product

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Ahsen Kış Sarıtaş



Success is a team work!

The lexical meaning of synergy is

To organize a good team takes years

‘added power’, ‘sharing the same

for a company. Company loyalty and

task’ and ‘the common will to carry

overspecialising in own job are not

out a work’. Rather than knowing the

learned in schools but in carrying out

meaning of the work, sometimes it is

business. In particular, textiles sector

an action performed unwittingly.

requires a high level of experience.

The head office under the

Redounding this experience to the

management of Ömer Lütfi Kış is

team passes through trust first,

a place where this word is put into

then being able to entrust. Ahsen

action and the pleasure of completing

Tekstil has achieved conveying its

a work together is felt every day. A

experiences observing all these

good executive team brings a good

from its first founder to the third

working environment and a good

generation, and constituted its team

working environment brings the

with competent people who do their


jobs with love.

Head Office Departments + Management


+ Accounting


+ Design Office


+ Swatch Card Warehouse + Swatch Card Production


+ Warehouse


+ Packaging


+ Finance

+ Administrative Works + Photograph Studio

+ Showroom

+ Cutting Service + Shipping

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Ömer Lütfi Kış Chairman

+90 (216) 466 99 99 omer.kis@ahsentekstil.com

Ömer Faruk Kış Deputy Chairman

+90 (216) 466 99 99 faruk.kis@ahsentekstil.com

1984 Ayhan Bölükbaşı General Manager

+90 (216) 466 99 99 -130 +90 (538) 041 86 76 ayhan.bolukbasi@ahsentekstil.com

Ahsen Kış Sarıtaş Brand & Sales Director

+90 (216) 466 99 99 -121 +90 (530) 317 08 65 ahsen.kis@ahsentekstil.com

Ahmet Cemil Manzak Director of Finance

+90 (216) 466 99 99 -114 ahmet.manzak@ahsentekstil.com

Ahmet Yüce Export Manager

+90 (216) 466 99 99 -127 +90 (538) 394 26 25 export@ahsentekstil.com

Mehmet Sarıtaş Marketing Manager

Social MEDIA facebook.com/telamor instagram.com/telamor youtube.com/telamor instagram.com/neniskumas

+90 (216) 466 99 99 +90 (530) 656 20 53 mehmet.saritas@ahsentekstil.com

Even though we state that our story began in 1974, it would not be enough for you to know about us if we did not tell about earlier. Abdullah Kış started his business life at the age of 8 and while he was retiring at the age of 80, he bequeathed us the most essential thing about our job. Golden rules that we cannot give up whatever happens. The rules whose value increase day by day like gold, which we pass down emphasising from generation to generation; “You shall be straightforward. Your word is your bond. You shall know your customer well and value them. You shall know the work you do well. Disputes are jointly resolved. You shall never fear cooperating.” ABDULLAH KIŞ

Adress Şerifali Mahallesi Türker Caddesi, Miras Sokak No: 37-39 Pk: 34775, Ümraniye | İstanbul, TR

www.ahsentekstil.com / 23

Ahsen Tekstil Şerifali Mahallesi Türker Caddesi, Miras Sokak No: 37-39 Pk: 34775, Ümraniye | İstanbul, TR +90 (216) 466 99 99 +90 (216) 939 69 00 info@ahsentekstil.com


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