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The Voice of the AHLC Another example of building our core is Raquel Welch. Three brands already exist in our Raquel line and this year comes a fourth brand. Transformations: Top Pieces by Raquel Welch offers a full range of stunning Top-Of-Head pieces for the woman experiencing various degrees of hair loss; everything from minor thinning to severe hair loss. The brand includes high quality synthetic top pieces, pieces expertly made from 100% human hair, and some luxuriously hand crafted from certified 100% Remy human hair. We believe every consumer deserves a quality, fashionable on-trend solution for their hair loss or beauty need at a price they can afford. This portfolio is so successful because of the resources that we have, and we have really great ones. HairUWear has the most brilliant people; amazing executives, managers and staff who are just great at what they do, love what they do, and have passion for what they do. I think that’s the most important ingredient to any organization’s success. It’s mind-blowing to me that I started 40 years ago in this business, but it is true nonetheless, and we’re still here. This is my life. It’s kind of like when you see them interview Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, or guys like that. “Why are you still on tour?” “It’s because I love it and what else am I going to do? This is my life.” What I do – what we do – is an amazing thing. We touch people in ways that a lot of others can’t say they do. Whether it’s hair replacement,



Together with his wife Denise and his mother Eleanor, Michael Napolitano establishes American Hairlines, offering non-surgical, hair replacement stock and custom systems.

Michael Napolitano, president and CEO of American Hairlines, assumed controlling interest in Eva Gabor International and merged the two companies.

36  Issue 29, Spring 2019 

extensions, or a designer wig, we really make a big difference in people’s lives, which is enormously satisfying.

I think the hair replacement centers that understand and embrace the new realities and changes in this marketplace, both from a technological standpoint as well as understanding the new, younger client and their expectations – and deliver on those expectations – will flourish and do well.

And I love the people. I love the people that are members of our corporate family, our accounts, and collaborators. It’s in my DNA. This is what I do. That’s why I keep on doing it.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR CORPORATE CULTURE. MN: I think anybody you ask would say that we have a really good corporate culture that embraces the people within the organization. We certainly have policies and practices and operational functions like a big business, because you have to. But at the same


The Virtual Reality (VR) brand launches. An innovative and aggressive marketing campaign of in-salon VR Live events showcases Trend systems and upgrades clients from 1-4 systems yearly to 12-17 per year.

time, we operate like a family here. No matter who it is, we are teammates and we operate as such. Our corporate culture is that everybody has to have respect for what everyone in the building does, because every single one of them in our Kansas City corporate headquarters to our South Florida sales and marketing office, to our facilities in China and Indonesia – no matter who the player is within any of those facilities, they are all vital and important. The person packing the box, the person cleaning the warehouse, they are all critical and they are treated as such. And importantly, everyone serves as each other’s safety net. One thing that I’ve always realized and lived by is that your greatest assets are the people inside your company. They are number one and I look at and appreciate them as being number one. We want to make sure that everyone who works at HairUWear goes in there because they want to. They don’t dread Monday morning. We don’t want that. We want people who are going to feel the same passion, the same love, the same dedication for what we do. We have a lot of longevity in our company. The majority of employees have been with us at least 5 years and many are here 25 years or more. That’s almost unheard of today and there is a reason for it. Because of everything I just said, they love the culture, and because they know that they’re a partner, they feel like it’s their business. They treat it as though it’s their business, and they love it like it’s



The Natural Advantage brand is launched, offering high-quality non-surgical systems designed for extended wear with new modern styling, lighter materials, less density and an advanced front hairline.

The women’s version of the Virtual Reality brand is introduced. Virtuesse by American Hairlines launches with in-salon Virtuesse Live events.


Celebrity Signatures International, Inc. and Eva Gabor International divisions are merged. The company name is changed to HairUWear Inc. and is reinvented into a multibranded, fashion focused company.


‘Ultima’ by American Hairlines is introduced and offers men a unique system with a special 1.5g polyurethane base that provides a onemonth solution.

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The Link, Issue 29  

The Link Magazine is a quarterly trade publication for the Hair Restoration Industry, published by the American Hair Loss Council, www.AHLC....

The Link, Issue 29  

The Link Magazine is a quarterly trade publication for the Hair Restoration Industry, published by the American Hair Loss Council, www.AHLC....

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