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Dimples is a family business that manufactures Top Extensions and Wigs in three different hair qualities.

With passion for innovation, a dedication to finding solutions for every stage of hair loss and a commitment to unparalleled education support to the hair community, we welcome you to discover all we have to offer. This year Jon Renau is giving the spotlight to an underserved market: the young, topper client who is in the beginning to mid-progressive hair loss stage.

Our primary focus at the conference is to educate attendees on the art of high quality integrations and hair extensions. Women want hair but do not want to have to shave their head. Revive “Hair extensions for the top of the head “ is changing the way we treat Womens hair loss. We will also be doing

Hairskeen is a collection of thinner, finer more natural Hair replacement allowing for innovative design giving men with hair loss the style they have been looking for!

Our primary focus at the conference is to connect and reconnect with all members. We plan to unveil something spectacular while balancing on one chair leg.

quality Remy Hair and Virgin European Hair. We will also be showing our natural eyebrows. We will have a limited amount of our most valuable stock on hand, offered at our show special.

We will be featuring our ready to wear Top Extensions and our most comfortable wigs in the best

We are most excited about catching up with everyone and giving a taste of where Dimples is heading.

Our goal is to bring attention to this segment, breakdown their needs, and explain how to craft a client experience that will create true, lasting loyalty.

pieces that we have been designed with the highest standards and unique demands of the hair replacement client.

We will be showcasing our extensive topper collection and new European human hair pieces. Our topper products support our main message for the conference: how are the hair replacement professionals servicing a younger demographic that is in the beginning or mid-progressive hair loss journey? Our European human hair products are unique

We are excited about Friday’s pre-conference education classes. This is a new opportunity for hair professionals to acquire more knowledge and it adds value to the conference overall. Jon Renau is also leading one of these sessions with a full hands-on class to warm up the audience for everything else we’re bringing for the rest of the weekend.

Womens cut in demonstrations for hair extensions and replacement in our class on Sunday and Monday.. Learn some new skills to change your cut ins forever. On Friday we will be doing a full day Revive certification class. At this special show price its not to be missed.

live models at our vender booth tall weekend.

We will be demonstrating the application of the Revive system and easihairpro hair extensions on

We are so excited about participating in this year conference. The opportunity it gives us an to connect with our industry on a personal level. We all bring so much education and knowledge to this conference. It make me so happy to be in the presence of such amazing talented people. To learn from them as well as share our knowledge.

Hairskeen serves the men’s grooming industry with the highest quality product, and innovative training to help retailers meet the demands of today’s men’s market!

We encourage you to check out our Hairskeen men’s hair replacement designs including our Chopperhead men’s styling line you will be amazed at the highquality, and the innovative designs!

The Primary focus of Hairskeen coming to the AHLC Conference is to connect with studios that are looking to meet the demands of today’s men’s grooming market, and introduce the Hairskeen innovative product and services!

Our Hairskeen and Chopperhead brands have been traveling the world with amazing reviews, we are excited to be sharing our successful marketing and hair products with the members of the AHLC.


  Issue 29, Spring 2019 


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The Link, Issue 29  

The Link Magazine is a quarterly trade publication for the Hair Restoration Industry, published by the American Hair Loss Council, www.AHLC....

The Link, Issue 29  

The Link Magazine is a quarterly trade publication for the Hair Restoration Industry, published by the American Hair Loss Council, www.AHLC....

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