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Children With Hair Loss is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that provides human hair replacements at no cost to children and young adults facing medically-related hair loss.

leading business professionals and educators in the hair replacement industry. We have a good base of volunteer hair replacement specialists across the US that help our CWHL recipients by fitting, cutting, and styling their wigs we provide at no cost to the families. We are always looking for more volunteers to add to our program!

The focus of CWHL being at the AHLC Conference is to continue to build old and new relationships with

At the CWHL booth you will find information about our charity and how children can apply for a human

For 40 years, American Hairlines has offered the ultimate in non-surgical hair replacement systems to men and women. Our passionate commitment to unsurpassed quality, style and innovation knows no boundaries. Our team of experts has developed a comprehensive presentation outlining a new approach to the ever-

changing men’s market that specifically targets the millennial and his unique needs. Hair restoration specialists will not want to miss this year’s American Hairlines breakout class! The American Hairlines / HairUWear booth will proudly present our newest campaign: “Innovation To Admire” highlighting the latest constructions in men’s top of head systems and featuring the patentpending technology behind our new women’s integration pieces.

Zifam Pinnacle brings the world’s first supplement program to be clinically proven to be more effective than prescription medication.

Zifam Pinnacle will be offering a 3 hour training session on Friday afternoon the 3rd of May. “Here and now, unearth contemporary research for managing hair loss. Don’t pass up this opportunity to better understand the functions of the human body and explore compelling evidence surrounding the effective hair loss treatments, both conventional and natural.” Contact us for further details.

Due to popular demand and longer requirements,

Come talk to leading experts on natural therapies

GROH is about creating and mastering a healthy daily routine to fulfill nutritional needs that a simple diet often fails to provide. Our all-natural, 100% vegan, mushroom-based dietary supplement and hair-care treatments provide stronger, thicker, healthier hair, and healthier, stronger scalp, skin, nails, lashes and eyebrows—and help stop and prevent hair loss for both women and men. All GROH products are powered by ErgoD2®, a potent natural master antioxidant that helps maximize the positive effects of our products. At GROH, our mission is to help stop hair loss,

prevent future hair loss and grow stronger hair via a rejuvenated scalp, using nature’s most powerful superfood. Marvin S. Hausman, MD, will share his research and insights into mushrooms, the all-natural superfood that can help you create a more optimized lifestyle. Dr. Hausman is founder, chairman of the board, and chief science & technology officer of Entia Biosciences, Inc., a global biotechnology leader in the research and development of mushroom-based health and wellness solutions. GROH will feature natural, mushroom-based wellness solutions to hair loss, which also help grow fuller, thicker, more youthful hair. Additional benefits include more youthful skin and scalp, and stronger, longer, nails, lashes and brows. GROH’s proprietary blend of six specialty mushrooms is rich

hair replacement and care kit for free. Learn more about the kids we help, the products we provide, and the ways you can get involved and help! Every time we attend the AHLC conference, we learn something new in the hair replacement industry! We look forward to educating ourselves and broadening our level of reach for the kids we service. And we are always exciting to reunite with friendly faces!

The annual Conference is a wonderful opportunity to connect one-on-one with many of our amazing studios and stylists. It is always exciting to hear about their successes and learn from their feedback. We especially value the chance to demonstrate and educate in an up-close setting – at the booth and in the classroom. The intimate education venue allows our experts to easily share their professional techniques and lets attendees feel comfortable engaging in Q&A sessions.

for hair growth now available. Expand your business opportunities and capabilities but embracing true science that is changing lives around the world. Helping to expand the opportunities available to those who are diligently trying to improve the lives of people with alopecia. After 3 years, Zifam continues to be a proud sponsor of the American Hair Loss Council to jointly educate technicians on leading clinical therapies.

in the antioxidant ergothioneine, vitamin D2 and bio-nutrients, which work to replenish the body’s essential building- blocks and support a healthy immune system. Please stop by, have Dr. Hausman answer your questions and learn more. With daily use, GROH’s mushroom-based solutions can help stop your hair loss and help you grow stronger, longer hair naturally—without side effects. We love to share these solutions and give hope to men and women who have been searching for a solution that works with their healthy lifestyle. Last year, we were honored to meet your dedicated, educated and motivated attendees and look forward to helping them discover new solutions for their clients’ biggest challenges.

  Issue 29, Spring 2019 


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The Link, Issue 29  

The Link Magazine is a quarterly trade publication for the Hair Restoration Industry, published by the American Hair Loss Council, www.AHLC....

The Link, Issue 29  

The Link Magazine is a quarterly trade publication for the Hair Restoration Industry, published by the American Hair Loss Council, www.AHLC....

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