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Undergraduate Enrollment Data Ruth Davis,

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

While we have still not received confirmation that the target has changed, we now have two years in a row with an appropriate number of freshmen enrolling in engineering. The target used by the Admissions office for several years has been 180 freshmen engineers. We have requested many times that the target be changed to 215�220 freshmen in engineering, anticipating that we lose more students than we gain from transfers within the university. In fact, as described below, since we have required that freshmen wanting to change majors into the engineering school from A&S or Business must wait until spring of their freshman year to file an application, we have witnessed more transfers into engineering than out. We do not know if the target for engineering freshmen has officially been changed from 180 to 220. Whether or not it was the intent, we have enrolled 216 freshmen this year (after 219 last year), which we believe to be a good sustainable number in terms of our capacity, and we hope we are able to enroll a similar number in 2014. The total number of freshmen enrolled in each of the past 6 years: 2008: 216 2009: 173 2010: 278 2011: 178 2012: 219 2013: 216

Freshman Enrollment


Total number of undergraduate engineering students in fall of the past 6 years: 2008: 651 2009: 695 2010: 851 2011: 804 2012: 867 (note: this includes 8 visiting students in Brazil’s Science Without Borders program) 2013: 934 (note: this includes 1 exchange student and 4 from Brazil’s Science Without Borders) The major breakdown is reported by percentage rather than raw numbers. The 2013 freshman class has a similar split among majors as we saw the last couple of years. It is early to call this a trend, but it does seem consistent with national data showing a renewed interest in computing, and still growing interest in bioengineering. Engineering Majors Freshmen – Fall 2013

The following chart gives an estimate of the number of engineering students in each year in each major. The year is determined by the “expected graduation date” in Peoplesoft – an imperfect measure but good for approximation. Those expected to graduate between summer 2013 and fall 2014 are considered seniors, Juniors are expected to graduate between spring 2015 and fall 2015, sophomores are expected to graduate in spring 2016. The number each class had as entering freshmen is given as well. ALL new degree students this fall are listed 2

(even though there are 16 transfer students). We also have 4 Brazilian students and one exchange student from Spain visiting just this year. 2013‐14 Enrollment (by expected graduation date): Major BIOE CENG CSEN ELEN ENGR MECH WEB Undeclared Total dbl majors

As frosh

New students* 39 20 48 13 3 55 0 54 232

216Fr + 16Tr





55 26 49 16 3 54 4 24 231 1

36 29 48 18 1 45 11 2 190 1 (48 have > 131 units 15 > 150) 173*

51 53 42 31 1 104 17 0 299 5

181 128 187 78 8 258 32 80 952


7 grad sum 10 grad fall 278

* internal transfer applications required to change schools One can easily see that we are straining our resources for the current senior class. This has a particularly strong impact on our resources for senior design projects. We have limited funds to support the projects, and we will need more time and space for the senior design conference. We plan to start the conference an hour earlier this year (at 1:00) and we have reserved more rooms. We will also require more judges. Interestingly, since we started restricting the change of school to an application process that could not happen before spring of the freshman year, we have had more students transferring into engineering than out of engineering. We also have transfer students coming in to add to the number of current students. 2012‐13 Internal Transfers: Major applications Deferred/Pending Re‐applied Denied Approved BIOE 15 4 4 4 11 CENG 11 11 CSEN 9 1 1 8 ELEN 7 2 5 MECH 3 3 WEB 2 1 1 totals 47 6 5 6 39 2012‐13 transfers out of engineering = 23 3

The total undergraduate population is split among majors as follows: Engineering Majors (all classes) – Fall 2013

Admissions and Discount Rate: As of September 24, 2013, the 2013�14 academic year undergraduate tuition discount rate for new enrolled freshmen across the University was 28.6%, and for new enrolled freshmen in the School of Engineering it was 28.1%, for the College of Arts & Sciences it was 33.4%, for the School of Business it was 16.6%.


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