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The Ultimate Fishing Experience Nash has an unrivalled heritage for producing innovative tackle for carp anglers and specimen hunters. Now, with over 30 years experience, Nash is proud to introduce Peg One, the angling world’s first dedicated range of tackle for the commercial, lake and river angler. No longer do you have to compromise with your tackle selection, the Peg One range is dedicated to you, offering you innovative, high quality tackle to optimise your fishing effectiveness.


‘Nash has worked long and hard to fuse the best in design from both the match and carp/specialist worlds to create a truly innovative range that we are convinced will help you catch more fish.’ Kevin Nash

All product measurements and specifications are correct at time of publication but are subject to revision at any time. All weights and measurements are approximate.


Transformer Chairs Nash Indulgence chairs have long been renowned for their comfort and strength, having gained a massive following amongst anglers over the last decade. Now, after a year in development, Nash have used their legendary experience to design the most innovative Accessory Chair ever!

Transformer Armchair T4700

The flagship Transformer Armchair is the ultimate in luxury. From its extended high back that gives full support to the head and eliminates drafts, to the luxurious padding and extra strong arms, this is probably the ultimate in chair performance. The arms have been lowered by 4cm compared to most other chairs to make casting/striking when seated much easier, and to

The unique D-tube system which houses the fully adjustable accessory arms within

improve comfort. The leg length has been carefully considered

the front cross brace is a super-simple design that means there are no complex

to give maximum stability, even on steep banks and to be high

arms to add, no heavy frame, just the best chair on the market with a simple to use

enough to give the perfect fishing position. Compatible with all

system that adds a mere four ounces to the overall weight! The whole system is

Transformer Chair accessories.

really so simple that we believe it is a major step forward in chair design.

• Super-comfortable wide frame with full padding • High back with adjustable seating position • Ergonomic extra strong arms, providing the ultimate in chair performance


• Fitted with two Transformer accessory arms built into the front cross-bar



• Fully compatible with all Transformer chair accessories, including the Trolley Kit • Oversized self-levelling mud feet • Infinitely adjustable leg height for uneven banks • Unique easy-action hand wheels


Transformer Recliner Chair T4701

The Transformer Recliner has been designed for the active angler, particularly those float or feeder fishing. The design of the chair puts you in the perfect position for more active styles of fishing with all of your accessories close to hand. Of course, with the fully reclining back, you also have the option of taking it easy! From method feeder fishing on Commercials, to pole fishing, the Transformer Recliner Chair can be customised to give the perfect


fishing station. Compatible with all Transformer Chair accessories.




Transformer Trolley Kit

Adjustable Rod Pod Arm

The Transformer Trolley Wheel Kit is a major advance in tackle

Adjustable for height, reach and angle, the Rod Pod Arm creates

transportation. Easily added to either of the Transformer Chairs

a stable rod rest that is perfect for both feeder and float fishing.

without the need for tools, the wheel kit gives a large capacity

Add a pair of Sky Stiks (available separately) to fish with the tips

trolley capable of holding two of our Large Kit Bags, or numerous

high when tackling large rivers and the two-rod buzzer bars

smaller bags. The wheels and handle do not need to be removed

(available separately) when fishing with two rods.



when you want to use the chair - simply unfold the legs and drop the handle into the back of the chair frame and you are ready to

• Dedicated rod pod arm for use with Transformer chairs


• Fully adjustable for height, reach and angle • One touch removal from Transformer chair

pocket on the chair when not in use, the Trolley Wheel Kit really is

• Supplied with single rod uprights

the ultimate solution to transporting your tackle.

• Supplied with standard front stiks



• Anti-twist design with heavy-duty cams Supplied with a water resistant cover that stows into a front

156cm 82cm



Sky Stiks T4712

The Sky Stiks have been designed to add to our innovative Adjustable Rod Pod Arm for those occasions when you need to get the rod tips really high, such as when fishing big rivers for

65 - 110cm



Two Rod Buzzer Bars

Double Bait Tray

A pair of high quality buzzer bars that convert the Adjustable Rod

The Double Bait Tray keeps essential tackle and bait neatly laid

Pod Arm to take two rods. Can also be used on their own with

out and close to hand in the perfect position when fishing from

bank sticks for a free-standing set-up.

the chair. We have even incorporated holders for baiting needles



at the front so that these small but essential items are always close to hand. For those who need more space the Groundbait Tray simply dove-tails to the Bait Tray doubling the capacity.



4cm 20cm


Groundbait Tray T4712

The Groundbait Tray has been specifically designed for anglers fishing the Method with either soft pellet or groundbait feed. Supplied with a fold-flat groundbait bowl that can hold up to two kilos of mixed groundbait and which sits in a custom designed recess in the tray. Alternatively, two large bait tubs will fit securely in the recess when using other baits. The front of the Groundbait Tray also has a


recess for terminal tackle and a mobile phone.

12cm 22cm



Roll Mat

The Multimat is a superb ‘safety’ mat, thanks to its raised sides

An essential piece of kit for every angler. Our roll mat offers

and heavy padding that cradle the fish securely. The carry handles

sufficient protection for carp up to twenty pounds, as well as

also mean that it can be used as a weigh sling without having to

double figure barbel, large tench and bream. Filled with 3cm

transfer the fish. When moving between swims the Multimat also

thick medium density foam for excellent fish protection, the wipe

makes an excellent carry bag for awkward items such as bait

clean surface of the mat reduces loss of the fish’s protective slime

tubs and bags of bait. Supplied with storage bag

coating. Supplied with storage bag.





18cm 80cm

3cm 75cm


Roversack T4733

If you want to reach distant pegs well off the beaten path then our fantastic Roversack is for you. The narrow profile and fully padded rucksack harness of the Roversack greatly increases comfort as the load is held close to the body with minimal movement. The cavernous main compartment of the Roversack has been designed to easily swallow a large Nash Box Logic Tackle Box, bait tubs and reels, whilst the seven outer pockets have been neatly designed to hold a vast array of tackle essentials that need to be easily accessible. Side pockets have been specifically designed to hold a flask and float tube, whilst the top accessory pocket is ideal for holding a compact digital camera. The front pockets are ideal for housing scales, a weigh sling and permits. The waterproof wipe-clean base has been designed to keep the bag looking in tip-top condition and with all stress points box-stitched to significantly increase longevity. All pockets and the main compartment feature over-laying zips to reduce the ingress of rain water in


extreme conditions.




The multi-functional Kit bags have been designed to hold the maximum amount of gear with the minimal fuss. With a rugged box stitched construction, over-laying zips to reduce rain ingress, waterproof wipe-clean base, the Kit Bags have been designed with rugged reliability in mind. The large capacity external pockets have three-sided zips to make access exceptionally easy. Supplied with a well padded shoulder strap and carry handles.

Kit Bag Mini T4730

The Kit Bag Mini is ideal for everything from storing tackle boxes, to using as a roving bag on a river, we even use ours to house expensive cameras! The Mini Kit Bag is ideal when travelling light is your main priority.


Kit Bags



Peg One Kit Bags and Tackle & Bait Bag are compatible with Nash Box Logic Tackle Boxes (not supplied).


Kit Bag Large T4731

The Large Kit Bag is ideal for storing a huge amount of tackle, including tackle boxes, bait tubs, reels and other bulky items. The ideal accompaniment to a seat box or Transformer chair when


you need a cavernous bag that can carry it all.




Tackle ‘n’ Bait Caddy

12’ Single Rod Skin

For the angler who likes to be prepared, the Tackle ‘n’ Bait caddy

Designed to accommodate one

is the ideal storage solution, carrying all of your terminal tackle

ready-to-go two-piece 12 foot rod

and bait in one logically organised carryall. With the usual Nash

the luxuriously padded Single Rod

attention to detail the bag has a dedicated rear pocket designed

Skin keeps your rods in perfect

for a large Nash Box Logic tackle box, which perfectly balances

condition and ready for action at a

the main front bait pocket.

moment’s notice. With a full length



rear zip positioned to eliminate any The spacious insulated front section of the bag is large enough

chance of the line catching and

to accommodate more than ten kilos of groundbait, pellets or

becoming damaged. The padded

boilies, or six large bait tubs.

extra-comfy neoprene handles have been carefully positioned to give the


perfect balance point when carrying.







12’ Double Rod Skin T4756

Designed to accommodate two readto-go two-piece 12 foot rods the luxuriously padded Double Rod Skin keeps your rods in perfect condition and ready to use. Full length rear zips are positioned to eliminate any chance of the line catching and becoming damaged. On the outside an umbrella and landing net can be secured via a base pocket and quick-release strap. Fitted with an adjustable padded shoulder strap and neoprene carry handles, the Double Rod Skin is perfect for the angler who likes to travel light yet still demands total rod






Rod Tip Protectors

12’ Two - Rod Holdall

Supplied in pairs (one for the tip and one for the butt), the

The two-rod holdall has been

sculptured shape and padded design hold the rod sections

designed to securely accommodate

together securely protecting the delicate tip.

two ready-rigged twelve-foot two



piece, or longer three-piece rods and two spare rods either with or without

Rod Holdall

rod tubes. Alternatively, the holdall can accommodate a long pole as

For the ultimate in rod protection our fully-padded rod

well as made up rods.

holdalls have few equals. With twin layers of medium-density foam surrounding each rod and fleece lined reel pouches

Supplied with a super-strong spine

wicking water away from expensive reels, the holdall has

for added protection. Fully padded

been cleverly designed to provide maximum protection.

extra strong webbing shoulder strap and carry handle.

On the outside two large volume pockets hold an umbrella, landing net handle and bank sticks that have been specially strengthened to give

All handles and shoulder straps have been specially strengthened and padded to evenly



distribute the weight of the fully loaded holdall even when fully loaded. To make long treks much easier.






12’ Three - Rod Holdall T4751

The three-rod holdall has been designed to securely accommodate three ready-rigged twelve-foot two piece, or longer three-piece rods and three spare rods either with or without rod tubes. Alternatively, the holdall can accommodate a long pole as well as made up rods. Supplied with a super-strong spine for added protection. Fully padded extra strong webbing shoulder strap and carry








The Peg One Barrow features all of the rugged design that you

The extra large Peg One Umbrella has been designed to give

would expect to find on a Nash barrow, but in a more compact

maximum protection from the elements no matter what the

size that is ideal for day sessions, however much gear you need

conditions. The heavy duty cover with taped seams provides

to take!

exceptional protection and is married with a super-strong steel



frame that can be pegged down in windy conditions. A screw The extra strong all steel frame has been designed to

pole is provided as standard for hard banks and the pole can be

accommodate most models of seat box, or alternatively load it

repositioned to give more internal space.

up with a Transformer Chair and two of our Large Kit Bags and Another innovation is the rear vents that allow easy shipping

the perfect balance the weight is centred just behind the large

back of landing nets handles and poles, yet these can be zipped

pneumatic front wheel giving the ideal weight distribution on both

closed when not required. A truly outstanding umbrella specifically

flat and steep banks.

designed for the Modern Pleasure Angler.



a rod holdall on top. The gear capacity is huge, but thanks to

220cm 120cm



Day Shelter T4795

For the angler who likes to fish in comfort, but who is still looking for a lightweight shelter that erects quickly, the Peg One Day Shelter is for you. Thanks to its ingenious central hub the shelter can be erected in less than a minute, yet is large enough for two anglers with more head height than traditional umbrellas or shelters. Supplied with a half-sized lightweight groundsheet to keep tackle off of the muddy banks, the Day Shelter really is the ultimate in on the bank comfort in a package that fits into most holdalls and


weighs less than three kilos.




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Nash has an unrivalled heritage for producing innovative tackle for carp anglers and specimen hunters. Now, with over 30 years experience, N...