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530 West 25th Street, New York, NY

Reflecting on her Mexican roots, Nora Pineda transforms clay into a vessel for narrative. The forms are etched as stories in the round and fused with colors and shapes that exude a sense of magic. The figures appear as faces joined, ultimately connected to their medium, the earth. Invoking inspiration from goddesses, Pineda connects to feminine energy and speaks to the resilience and strength of women. She seeks to render healing through ideas of both celebration and suffering that mark a cultural bond. Using organic forms like flower petals, she cultivates their shape to resemble frequencies of auras she has encountered. Interested in the depths of emotion, working as a spiritual counselor, and massage therapist, her thoughts on these processes carry over into her creative process. Dealing with the unseen energies of the body, Pineda transfers her experience into each sculpture. The ceramic forms allow her to take on the freedom to express her personal sensibilities. The eyes of the figures gaze back at the viewer and evoke the trace of her presence.


Chica in Swirls, 2017 Ceramic 3.5” x 6” x 6” please inquire B U Y O N A RT- M I N E . C O M

Earthquake, 1991 Ceramic 5” x 7.5” x 9” $6500 B U Y O N A RT- M I N E . C O M

Gemini, 1994 Ceramic 13” x 10” x 7” $30000 B U Y O N A RT- M I N E . C O M

In the Garden, 2019 Ceramic 8” x 7.5” x 8” $5000 B U Y O N A RT- M I N E . C O M

Kaleidoscope, 2018 Ceramic 5.5” x 5.5” x 5” $4800 B U Y O N A RT- M I N E . C O M

Red Goddess, 2018 Ceramic 13” x 10” x 8” $6500 B U Y O N A RT- M I N E . C O M

Southern Kiss, 2018 Ceramic 5.5” x 6” x 5” $6000 B U Y O N A RT- M I N E . C O M

Sun Burst, 2018 Ceramic 13” x 10” x 13” $7200 B U Y O N A RT- M I N E . C O M

Women in Rhythm, 2017 Ceramic 4.5” x 6” x 6” $3500 B U Y O N A RT- M I N E . C O M

My work passionately reflects my Mexican cultural roots. The art forms appear and are created as stories in the round as I transform and mutate a magic fusion of colors, shapes and a way of life into them. I often use faces joined by zigzag or curved lines. Flower petals characteristically fashion the idea of dealing with one’s aura. Some of the vessel forms I use (the goddess series) are used to symbolically connect earth to women… a container used for nutrients of survival. My work also speaks of healing. Pieces are created to capture great depth of emotion, celebration, suffering, and cultural bonding. Slip cast ceramic forms are often fired to cone 01. Glaze fired to cone 07. Finished with acrylics and oils. Stoneware clay sculptures are typically handbuilt utilizing coil and drape techniques. They are then carved and fired to cone 5. The second firing is at cone 07 using low fire glazes. The pieces are then finished in acrylics and oils.


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530 West 25th Street, Ne w York , NY 2 1 2 - 2 2 6 - 4 1 5 1 Fa x : 2 1 2 - 9 6 6 - 4 3 8 0 W W W. A G O R A - G A L L E R Y . C O M W W W . A R T M I N E . C O M

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