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Themed Bags of Tattoos

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3-D Boxes of Tattoos


Kits and Deluxe Tattoos


Tattoos for Everyone!

Impulse Tattoos

Children’s Activities & Inspirational Products Holiday Tattoos

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SAVVi Nitefall

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SAVVi Nitefall

Licensed Products

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SAVVi produces unique craft, novelty and toy products. As one of the fastest growing toy-novelty companies in the world, we manufacture products that are innovative, creative and unrivaled in the market. All SAVVi products are made in the USA using FD&C approved ingredients. Our SAVVi representatives will be happy to answer any questions and suggest products that will maximize your sales. Toll free 1.866.297.2884 • Local 1.520.239.5149 • Fax 1.520.584.0002 • 3761 E. Technical Drive | Tucson, AZ 85713 •

Themed Bags of Tattoos Clip Strip Boys TL99028.AC Girls TL99029.AC

Themed Bags of Tattoos Power Panel Boys DM1009.AP Girls DM1012.AP

Themed Bags of Tattoos Counter Display Boys TL99065.AD Girls TL99066.AD

Product is subject to change.

Themed Bags of Tattoos


3-D Impulse Box Assortment NK13120.AA

Tattoo Take Out

Assortment TO3000.AD

Butterfly Boxes

Assortment TO3773.A

Wave Surf

Tiki Surf



Ship of Dreams TO3767.A


3-D Boxes of Tattoos



Fantasy Castle TO3769.A

Fantasy Garden NK13045.AA

Princess Castle TO3771.A

Tattoo Mania and Glitter4Girls Tattoo Kits Each kit includes 200 tattoos, sponge and spray bottle. Assortment NK13111.AA

Girls Bucket

Assortment 100 piece tattoo kits NK13040.AA

Boys Bucket

Assortment 100 piece tattoo kits NK13039.AA

Skin Sugar and Neon Tattoos Deluxe Box Assortment NK13057.AA

Product is subject to change.

Kits and Deluxe Tattoos


Mega Tattoos Assortment

Reward Tattoos Assortment

Includes Glo, Glitter and Biker Tattoos TL1011.A

Gross Out Tattoos Assortment TL3858.A

Skull Nation

Bag of Tattoos TB11131.AA


Bag of Tattoos


Tattoos for Everyone!


Kidz Pillow Packs

Assortment TE2224.KA

Wicked Midnight

Bag of Tattoos TB11133.AA


Bag of Tattoos

Glitter Pillow Packs Assortment TE2227.MA

Tribal Pillow Packs Assortment TE2230.MA


Bag of Tattoos TB11162.AA

Wild Wings Bag of Tattoos

Pretty n’ Punk IP10040.AD

Glitter4Girls IP10087.AD

Dino IP10083.AD

Fantasy Garden IP10085.AD

Sparkle IP10111.AA

Starlet IP10113.AA

Wicked IP10117.AA

Noel IP10119.AA

Sweetheart IP10123.AA

Peace & Love IP10042.AD

Tribal IP10081.AD

Lucky IP10121.AA

Firecracker IP10115.AA

Ed Hardy

Assortment IP10061.AA

Product is subject to change.

Impulse Tattoos


Ed Hardy Nail Tattoos

Ed Hardy Bucket 50 piece Tattoo Kit NK13024.AA

Assortment IP10061.AA

Ed Hardy Bag of Tattoos Assortment TL3906.A

Ed Hardy Impulse Tattoos & Collector Cards Impulse Packs Series II Counter Display TS3904.A

Pink Celebrity Tattoo Kit LP14158.AA

Pink Bags of Tattoos Assortment

Pink 3-D Impulse Boxes Assortment

Pink Bucket

50 piece Tattoo Kit

Ed Hardy is a registered trademark of Hardy Life LLC. Copyright to all images owned by Hardy Life LLC.

Skelanimals Kit & Caboodle Activity Set


Skelanimals Bags of Tattoos Skelanimals Sticker Impulse


Skelanimals Buckets


Licensed Products

Š Skelanimals, LLC

Marvel Heroes Bag of Stickers

Marvel Heroes Bag of Tattoos

Heroes & Villains Assortment

Heroes & Villains Assortment LP14101.AA

Marvel Heroes 3-D Impulse Box

Marvel Heroes Buckets

50 piece Heroes & Villains Tattoo Kits Assortment LP14069.AA

TM & © 2009 MARVEL.


Coloring Posters with Texture!

© 2010 MVLFFLLC.TM & © 2009 Marvel.

Product is subject to change.

Licensed Products


© 2009 Mirage Studios, Inc.

TMNT Bag of Tattoos

TMNT ColorUps

Monster Jam Bag of Tattoos

Monster Jam ColorUps

© 2009 Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

™ and © Rosemary Wells. Nelvana ™ Corus All Rights Reserved.

© 2009. CBS Broadcasting. TM Torand Prods. All Rights Reserved.

90210 Bag of Tattoos

Licensed ColorUps Posters Counter Display TCG3899.AD


Licensed Products

Max & Ruby ColorUps

Licensed Bags of Tattoos Counter Display TCG3300.AD

© 2010 Hidden City Games, Inc. © 2005-2010 conceptcard. All rights reserved.

™ & © Cartoon Network. (s09)

Ben10 Bucket

50 piece Tattoo Kit TCG37004.AA

Ben10 ColorUps

Ben10 Bag of Tattoos

© Sega Toys/Spin Master. Bakugan™ is a trademark of Spin Master Ltd.

Bakugan Bucket 50 piece Tattoo Kit TCG37001.AA

Bakugan Bag of Tattoos

© 2009 4Kids and Chaotic USA. Chaotic® Home Focus. All Rights Reserved.

Chaotic Bag of Tattoos

© 1996 Kazuki Takahashi © 2008 NAS • TV TOKYO

Yu-Gi-Oh! ColorUps

Yu-Gi-Oh! Bag of Tattoos

Product is subject to change.

Licensed Products


ColorUps Jumbo Assortment in Counter Display 14”x 20” CA18055.AD

ColorUps Large Assortment in Counter Display 10”x 14” CA18038.AD

ColorUps Small Assortment in Counter Display 7”x 10” CA18021.AD



ColorUps Mega Art Pack

Varieties include Dino, Safari, Fairy and Snuggle Buddies CA18312.AD

ColorUps Seasonal 10”x 14” Assortments

Valentine . . . . . CA18066.AD

Patriotic . . . . . . CA18211.AD

St. Patrick’s . . . .CA18090.AD

Halloween . . . . CA18212.AD

Easter . . . . . . . .CA18210.AD

Christmas . . . . . CA18213.AD Product is subject to change.



Small Paint Poster Books Assortment PS1005.FD

Seasonal Paint Placemats

Inspirational Paint Poster Books Large Assortment PL1013.AD Small Assortment PS1013.FD


Holy Trinity

Bag of Tattoos TB11027.AA

Children’s Activities & Inspirational Products

Large Paint Poster Books with Tattoos Assortment CA18272.AD

Party Paint Placemats

Holy Trinity

Impulse IP10019.AD

ColorUps Large Inspirational Posters Assortment CA18216.AD


Mega Tattoos SH16000.AA


Bag of Tattoos TL1025.AA


Impulse DS1004.AD

St. Patrick’s

Mega Tattoos SH16029.AA

St. Patrick’s

Bag of Tattoos 99017.AA

St. Patrick’s

Impulse TS1040.AD


Mega Tattoos SH16030.AA


Bag of Tattoos TL99020.A


Impulse TS1041.AD


Mega Tattoos SH16031.AA


Bag of Tattoos TB11021.AA


Impulse TS1042.AD


Mega Tattoos SH16032.AA


Bag of Tattoos 99001.AA


Impulse TS1045.AD Product is subject to change.

Holiday Tattoos


Nitefall Costume Tattoos Assortment TL3871.A

Nitefall Kidz Bags of Tattoos Assortment TL3870.A Power Panel TL3868.AP



Power Panel TL3866.AP

Nitefall Pumpkin Box of Tattoos NF15000.A Nitefall Pumpkin Bags of Tattoos

Assortment NF15022.AA

Halloween Mega Tattoo Sheets Halloween SH16066.AA Glitter SH16066.AA

Trick or Treat Tattoos

30 piece Box NF15034.AA

Halloween 3-D Boxes Assortment NF15006.AA

Nitefall 3-D Boxes

Spooky Tattoos NF15026.AA Haunted Tattoos NF15028.AA

Product is subject to change.



Tribal Impulse Counter Display IP10081.AD

Glitter4Girls Impulse

ColorUps Jumbo

Counter Display IP10087.AD

Counter Display CA18055.AD

Boys Themed Clip Strip TL99028.AC

Boys Themed Power Panel DM1009.AP


Product Display Options

Girls Themed Power Panel DM1012.AP

ColorUps Large Counter Display CA18038.AD

Girls Themed Clip Strip TL99029.AC

Ed Hardy Power Panel TL3912.AP

ColorUps Small Clip Strip CA18021.AC

Boys Themed

Counter Display TL99066.AD

Nitefall Costume

Tattooz Glitter Power Panel TL2250.AP

Girls Themed

Counter Display TL99065.AD

Clip Strip TL3883.AC

Ed Hardy Clip Strip TL3911.AC

Tattooz Tribal Power Panel TL2254.AP

Removeable, Reusable Peel & Stick Style Change Your Mood, Change Your Style! • Personalize your shirts, jeans & shoes! • Decorate Skinz with jewels & glitter stickers, or color your own. • Mini Skinz are perfect for electronics and accessories! • Three hot collections to suit your style:

Personalize Any Room with Life-Sized Wall Graphics! • Easy on, easy off. • Safe on all surfaces. • Fun for walls!


17 Toll Free 1.866.297.2884 Local 1.520.239.5149 Fax 1.520.584.0002 3761 E. Technical Drive Tucson, Arizona 85713

All SAVVi products are made in the USA using FD&C approved ingredients. Š SAVVi, Tucson, AZ USA. All Rights Reserved.

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SAVVi Catalog  

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