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0 Commanded by high authority a transcription of the present study is to be performed into a nearly universal medium. Spread over blue planet it should allow a wider access for all, personally or professionally interested in or fascinated by the subject of: A SELF-COMMANDED UNDERLYING PARTICULAR SUBJACENT MEMORY

The action is part of the global project of experimentation initiated by MINDSCAPE the quantic agents.

Part I: The unreal real - transcribed Part II: Fragments of thoughts by an intermediary - transcribed Part III: Activities in region „T” - under transcription

1 PART I: The unreal real -

beyond all categories of sapiens’ reflection preceeding space, preceeding time transcends all universes an extent, a scope: both immense real an entity: both conceptual unreal a global conciousness: both subtle subjacent composed of mathematical concepts a gigantic thought an active constituant principle


shall planets be born shall they be extinguished shall there be life or death, murder or love, joy, atrocious suffering, pain by the fate of mutant sapiens „mindscape” remains wholly unaffected except a conceptual interest for its own project conceived in mathematical codes, the project with potentialities has benn getting concretised through a generator principle: the global general LAW whose variants could or do exist on yet unknown worlds all part of the same project those variants of the global general LAW are aimed at turning into reality the possibilities mathematician - lawmaker as elusive, intrangible as are NUMBERS “MINDSCAPE” IS EVERYWHERE & NOWHERE





incomplete experts

over the entirity of worlds matter of all forms cosmic rays included is covered by a global general „gold law” universal fundamental it is the underlying law of quantum physics to which on the sub-atomic level are submitted all quantum phenomena invisible, they are physical objects of very few atoms (dimension o fan atom: one millionth of a millimetre) with an indeterminate behaviour, sign of openness allowing contingent events to happen and unlikely to become likely though always remains unchanged ont he sub-atomic level The underlying „GOLD” LAW shall nevertheless (seemingly) undergo a change in its appearance when & if a sufficient number of atoms assembles into mass which is then to acquire other characters for the mass shall obey a derivative law of „gold” law, of which the above transmutation results int he derivative „silver” law, - that of classic physics with determined – simple to complex – evolution pathes However it’s still the same universal global „gold” law that remains underlying the derivative „silver” law on the sub-atomic level Fundamental The „gold” law shall prevail over the entirety of all worlds of which supposedly 70% correspond to dark matter 25% to dark energy 5 % to so-called „ordinary matter” (such as assa…. on blue planet, etc.) and out of these 5% is now obeservable 0,5%




BLUE PALENT & OTHER WORLDS in the entirety of universes a hundred billions of galaxies hundreds of billions of stars int he sole galaxy of blue planet yet the latter might (or could) only be of all this immensity but a tiny 3 dimensional slice with fixed evolution rules and without defined details A SUBTLE GAME OF NECESSITY & CHANCE However in the immensity of galaxies & stars there might (or could) be far-off space-lands hardly or not at all resembling the slice

3 of blue planet supposedly - derivative laws of the universal „gold” law would there be different - also, some of those worlds would host diverse existences with or without consciousness while on others would evolve intelligent mathematical objects but all, blue planet included, shall be part of a colossal network for “mindscape’s” gigantic cosmo-quantic experiment REAL-UNREAL VISIONS

4 -







bridges, tunnels, bulbs, black holes planet, galaxies, stars lands wiht no earth no sun places of chaos those with radiation spaces destroyed by war lands with diverse forms of existence those with utopic societies others colonised by unkown communities spaces with conscious mutants such as sapiens on blue planet on those already beyond on still below the intelligence of mutants a giant cosmo-quantic system: the colossal universal network enlaces the entirety of these various worlds collecting, processing information will be of the networks major task to be carried out via the correlated quantic system of multiple regions assigned to this on that world the regions special services will be controlled by acting mathematical objects, endowed with intelligence near to consciousness unless to that of differend kind the quantic agents will use a special mathematico-arithmetic implement for grasping encoded information carried by “messenger” particules from a world assigned to this or that region decyphering, decoring, processing, filing, studying and preserving in the archives the grecious “messengers” will be the various aspects in expoiting information, intended in five for the giant memory of “mindscape”; all result will be transmitted to the supervision located in the come of the region supervising services & agents it takes care of the management and ensures the connection with the high authority coordinating the gigantic experimentation nuclear forces, light speed, forms of reflection, perception – all strage all unknown – could (ord might) have other values in those regions ruled by different yet still derivative laws from the fundamental quantic “gold law” the supervisor may enjoin the agents to exchange with other regions the results of their experimentations these parallel activies will be performed in a space set up by high authority for “closed thoughts communication” the exchange will often be focused on information of quality – complex & organised – opposed to any other sort of information therefore the formula with codes & figures of mutant sapiens containing information of quality & carried by the wave-particule “messenger” will be stowed in a separate category: blue planet mutating conscious beings for the theoretic comprehension of phenomena,- if capacity to link them into a conceptual, abstract scheme has made acquire to the consciousness of these sapiens a plaece of choice; that of thinking mutants with a special self-commended underlying subjacent memory REGION “T” (.........)

5 -

assigned to blue planet region “T” will welcome each of mutant sapiens “messenger” carrying cosmo-quantic information in their “formula” - the information is a resultant of mutat sapiens deep sub-atomic, subjacent memory with coded figures cyclically recorded on superimposed slices - at intervals they are regularly converted into equations to be preserved, compressed in a “formula” - all “messenger” formulae will have their own colour spectrum; sub-atomic “basic notes”, the “colours” are like their fingertips - the photon “messengers” are all distinguishable according to frequency; more a “messenger” is rich in information higher is the frequency - in the shadowy world of region “T” quantic agents bustle around - thanks to the arithmatical – quantic implement they participate in the giant experimentation of “mindscape” - the main activity consists in exploiting deep memory compressed in “messenger” formulae - from each will be drawn several copies for conservatory chains while sole the original formula will be preserved in the archives according to studies here are - some of the chains for copies: chain: evolution from animals to mutat sapiens chain: awakening of mutants’ consciousness: the subject,- and the sense of mortality chain: questioning of the world by sapiens chain: spirituality (religious legends) chain: real-unreal reproduction of the world; arts chain: sciences, discoveries chain: from squeal to language chain: from fire to nuclear special chain: mutants’ deep sub-atomic subjacent memory with particular interest for sensations related to a) joy, happiness, ... of ....., degrees of love b) pain of all forms c) physical suffering, genial, psychic suffering d) handicapped from birth on by accident (also the deaf, blind, autistics) e) survival; a choice between to kill or be killed -

the quantic agents will call for a formula copy according their study the call will be performed through a projection of the targeted coded figures extracted, the information is scrutanized, compared, analysed it will either be used in region “T” or exchanged with other regions members to the “space communication of thoughts” Example Exchange & comparison of information on mutant sapiens evolution with those having passed beyond or not yet started their mutation contrary to a call

6 -

a recall of a formula will be accomplished through projection of sub-atomic “music notes”-, upon the agents induction aiming music notes, the stimulated coded figures start vibrating & get transfigured into sub-atomic music scores with reflecting colours - the agents will also proceed to detect links between thematic chains “messengers” or between “messengers” disclosing respectively a specific and/or personal presence in each other deep memory - in view of a more genuine music, the original formulae with detected links are revailed from the archives - the exchange in music notes will not enter into the originals; yet, preserved separately, they will be used for particular studies, such as analysing variants of deep memory composition whether in form motion is originated from eminent scientists, young children, adolescents, murderers, malefactors, sick or suffering persons, from discoverers, visionary artists, assasins, benefactors, etc. all formulae in region “T” will be dealt with the same indifference, with the same curiosity, with the same distance requirers by the sole interest in a pure cosmo-quantic giant experimentation for “mindscape”s project encompassing the entirety of worlds



mutant sapiens & animals share the knowledge of some phenomena espacially those of survival value - contrary to animals, mutants will also have a theoretic understanding meant for linking all a conceptual, abstract scheme that won’t alsways or not at all have survival value EXAMPLE: A FALLING APPLE a) animals & mutants see it falling they share a knowledge with survival value: the apple may be eaten b) the mutants will wonder: why does the apple fall? Apparently, there is no survival value in that questioning - it can also be supposed that animals thought they do have a sensation of existing, are not conscious of it the same way the mutants are for - the latters also share with animals the fear of danger (aprimordial insticts) the mutants becoming aware of their mortality have through evolution gradually developed a particular consciousness distinguishing them from animals EMERGENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS -





it can be assumed that describing the world by means of mathematics may have been a dominant attitude in the mutant sapiens’ consciousness until their decoding the laws of nature; actually those same laws that lead to self-organisation of matter & energy, to the point when in a given physical system it has attained the level of complexity ending at the emergence of consciousness on mutants’ blue planet this emergence will be parallel to that of a figure-coded deep memory, supposed to be in connexion with subjacent laws of nature exploration of this nearly unknown subjacent deep memory remains entrusted to the agents of region “T” QUERIES it seems that progressively the mutants acquire consciousness of their selves, their acts, their mortality progressively their queries will bear on the objective world around but also on cosmic order and their own place in the universe the queries will be imprinted with spirituality but also with questioning and exploration of observed phenomenae YET it’s far from being clear how qualities such as capacity for advanced mathematics for composing complex music or developing rich structure of languages could (or might) have evolved through natural selection, all the more as these high levelled intellectual functions of mutants are (often) far from jungle survival values thus it may be assumed that the emergence of consciousness parallel to a subjacent deep memory could have had a decisive ....... part

8 CONSCIOSNESS OF BLUE PLANET It may lead to think that - being both a mutant but also a keen observer, the sapiens would have their consciousness parallel to subjacent memory with characteristics typical of a speciment evolving on blue planet - there science has succeeded in discovering a hidden order of nature on a more profound level – a rational subjacent order – embodied in the laws of physics The fact that Inspite their belonging to animal species - the mathematical description of the world can be part of mutant sapiens’ reasoning capacity is a “miraculous event” - this very capacity is called to suggest a cosmic connexion between mutants’ consciousness with subjacent deep memory leading to a mathematical aptitude and nature’s subjacent laws of which the discovery could (or might) have been accomplished by the same aptitude YET - the mutant observer shall observe but one universe, that with in range without knowing of other observed or observable universes whose existence they can, at best, only suppose - as mutant observer and the observed reality are linked, the physical reality of the world is getting concretised by their acts of obeservation - the latters lead to information exploited also by region “T” agents however - some mutant obeservers seem to believe that consciousness may be fundamental to nature, generated in fine by the laws of physics consequently - might have arisen at very different places under utterly various forms (or aspects) its emergence may more or less be guaranteed but the details of the accomplishment would depend on accidental specificities occuring in the evolution of history - the link between sapiens and their subjacent deep memora is being established as experiences, perceptions, impressions, etc. in the mind get recorded in figure codes while simultaneously become reflected in parts of the deep memory - compressed the figure codes will compose that deep memory formula intended for region “T” - real, this region (as deep memory) will stil remain unreal for the mutants in fact - it seems to include some other aspects of reality which for the moment are beyond the barriers of blue planet sapiens’ reflection BEYOND MUTANT SAPIENS’ REFLECTION -


and yet perceive other aspects of reality may be within the range of other existences with different consciousness evolving on other worlds and whose reflection may be ruled by some purely mathematical communication system’s specific principles uknown to mutants actually access to it is banned by sapiens’ own reasoning rules





in fact a totally new concept of “understanding” should be embrace, invented: a concept different from that of rational explanation used on blue planet where physics can yet neither explain how mutants’ consciousness is combined with matter nor the way of its actual functioning for example, among closed doors is also the one not allowing to grasp how some mutants – be they scholars, artists, prodigeous calculating persons, high level autistic ones or, sometimes, simple individuals with no training – can briskly perceive, grasp concepts, ideas, solutions in entering, so to say directly, “mindscape’s” unknow regions Would the genes be already in all mutants but only some might be connected? Would then be these latter who succeed in making a direct mental contact with those regions? Only receptive minds with their gene “on” could enter? HOW does this contact work? On blue planet for both connected mutants & not connected mutants this HOW stays as unexplainable as remains elusive, imperceptible the existence of “MINDSCAPE”


apart from the existence of deep subjacent memory witnessed by all “messenger” formulae welcomed in region “T”, it’s the very first time that information extracted from a “messenger” formula also discloses a conception of both the structure and functioning of a deep subjacent memory within a subject’s mind - in this astonishing representation – being also one of the memorable acts of the subject - are mostly found figures, illustrations, plates used on blue planet or those available there at the mutants - it goes without saying that these limited means are far from the advanced ones used by us, the quantic agents - nevertheless, for the sake of authenticity it’s been decided to reproduce in its entirety this conception to be further conveyed to “mindscape” high authority - we’ll thus proceed to a recall from the archives of the original formula in question but, beforehand, start with a preamble - the deep subjacent memory (hereafter also D.S.M.) is supposed to be a particular system linked to mutant sapiens’ consciousness - present in the mind the system will have and autonomous activity - it’s main task consists in gathering information on acts of diverse nature, in relation with the subject - contrary to a chronologic order, D.S.M., in its functioning, will follow a double cadence - the cadence of luminous lines’ display (hereinafter also lum-lines) on the one hand and - also, on the other, the cadence of the compositionof a “messenger” formula with compressed equations, preserving the software of inscriptions related to the gathered information - in both cases, the double cadence will result in a specific double “spatical tempo” with no relation with an original chronological order - D.S.M’s full functioning is qualified as a diversified and simultaneous activity - D.S.M’s main constitutive elements will be represented as a minuscule spatial spheric “globe” with “energene grains” (or: atom-particles) of which - the extensions are called luminous-lines (lum-lines) REMARK: in supposing that the grains may resemble particles, the extensions may evoke waves THE QUANTIC AGENTS DEEP SUBJACENT MEMORY


INFORMATION ON CONSTITUTIVE ELEMENTS core of the spheric globe; a nucleous the structure is composed of 2x2 double double parts of energene “grains” each spatially structured grain has “front” “rear” “interior” portions



for each “grain”,

“front” “ext” “int” “rear” “int” “ext”

16 16 32 portions

thus, for 4 double double parts of energene “grain”, composing the core, nucleous of the globe, there’ll be 32x4 128 portions The structure of the extensions of the grains shall correspond to that of the core


the minuscule nucleous, core of the globe

the lodge of the globe

rolling up of grains’ extensions within the lodge and all around

the extensions, called lum-lines

the globe’s sphere,- “surface”




D.S.M. operations are commanded by the nucleous with energene grains, core of the globe. It also acts as a block and dictates a double cadence. To that latter is submitted the unfolding of slices with spatially superimposed inscriptions collected by the extensions – lum-lines, as well as the composition of a “messenger” formula, with the inscriptions’ software converted in equation. As in intervals an alternate coming-out occurs on the “surface” of each of the 4 a) b) c) d)- divisions’ lum-lines, it’s through reflexion that shall get there registered figure coded inscriptions for forming slices. Both the coming-out on the “surface” of the globe and the return into the lodge of the divisions are commanded by the clock. It’s always under the clock’s command that one of the divisions shall evolve on the “surface” while those of the 3 others which are then within the lodge shall also deploy a diversified, simultaneous activity leading progressively to the composition of the “messenger” formula with the inscrptions’ software equations REFLECTION OF THE QUANTIC AGENTS; This double cadence will result in a double spatial tempo; a) b)

forming of superimposed slices’ spatial tempo composition of a “messenger” formula with compressed equations’ spatial tempo


rolled up in the lodge and around it, the tubular lum-lines are the 4 division activits, extensions of the energene grains - similar to a wave, the activists, commanded by the grains, will bet stretched when coming out, in turn, on the “surface” of the globe”s sphere - acting then as the clock’s “dial-plate”, each of the 4 will stay there an interval of spatical distance (for a symbolic representation see division a) as an example on next page) – which converted in a measure of time used on blue planet – will correspond to 4 planetary years (p.y.) - extensions of the grains each of the 4 divisions is also structured of double double parts with “exterior” “interior” vice sides as well on their “upper” as on their “lower” slopes and the same goes for versa sides (remark: denominations are but symbolic ones)

For a symbolic representation, see division a) as an example on next page

14 “Upper” slope & “lower” slope are but a symbolic illustration all the more so that this is a spheric spatial globe and those two may be reversed. The same goes for an also symbolic “position” “up” “down” of evolution traces, source of figure codes registered by reflexion on lum-line

Example: Division a) vice slide (...) “ext” “int” “int” “ext” lum-lines structure “upper” slope

2 & 2 and 2 & 2 ext/int/int/ext of vice sides double double parts on “upper” slope as well as 2&2 and 2&2 ext/int/int/ext of vice sides double double parts on “lower slope corresponding to 8 and 8 = 16 portions of vice/vice/vice/vice on “upper” + on “lower” slopes and still for division APS versa sides the same number of portions is to be computed, that is to say 16 which will altogether make 16+16 = 32 portions -


in consequence, the lum-lines of the 4 a) b) c) d) divisions will be structured of 4x32 = 128 portions corresponding to a competion of the 4 divisions’ unfolding REFLECTION OF THE QUANTIC AGENTS’ whether they are called extensions activists divisions slices or “spatial neighbours”

15 All names are for the same lum-lines with a wave-like behaviour






it’s in the course of lum-lines’ cyclic unwinding that on the unfolded part on the “surface of one of the 4 divisions will get registered, by reflexion, the inscriptions though chronologically far from each other, the inscriptions will progressively compose a spatial tempo of spatially superimposed slices returning into the lodge after a 4 year planetary time, a same division will leave it to gather again inscriptions only 12 years later each return of a division into the lodge is followed by a coming out of another as one of them is always on the “surface”, three others will thus successively stay in the lodge as “spatial neighbours” consequently spatial proximity of these “neighbours” towards each other will change according to the return – at the end of 4 p.y. - of a division from the “surface” and the coming out almost simultaneously on the “surface” of another this periodic change of site and proximity between “spatial neighbours’” partners will also result – but only periodically and temporarily – in a change as to the connections with regard to the inscriptions collected prealably on the respective slices for a certain decoding of connections – as well as other activities – of D.S.M. will usually take place within the lodge parallel to lum-lines’ sequence of events nonetheless, the already registered inscriptions shall stay there on the slices in a stable “spatial tempo” the list that follows shows the order of coming-out on the “surface” of the minuscule globe of the 4 divisions, in turn, and the order of those becoming periodically “spatial neighbours” within the lodge there is also a schematic illustration of the date on the attached plate

17 1


Order of coming-out on the minuscule globe’s “surface” of the 4 divisions in turn and that of those becoming periodically “spatial neighbours”

Order of coming out on the “surface”; division as dialplate of the clock

1 S.D. interval corresponding to 4 p.y.

Periodic proximity of “spatial neighbours” & change of site within the lodge

Division a) “Surface”

1 S.D. 4 p.y. a first 4 p.y.

Divisions d)c)b) “spatial neighbours”

Division b) “Surface”

1 S.D. 4 p.y. a second 4 p.y.

Division a)d)c) “spatial neighbours”

Division c) “Surface”

1 S.D. 4 p.y. a third 4 p.y.

Divisions b)a)d) “spatial neighbours”

Division d) “Surface”

4 p.y. a fourth 4 p.y.

Divisions c)d)a) “spatial neighbours”

It’s alway in this cyclic order that the 4 divisions shall come out of the lodge and shall return there. Also it’s accordingly to the same order that shall take place the change of partners & site of “spatial neighbours” within the lodge.

18 SOME PARTICULARS FOR READING PLATES I & II PLATE I: Schematic illustration of the successive coming out of each division on the “surface” (as well as the retun into the lodge) and of those divisions becoming “spatial neighbours” with a change of site and partners during a cycle. Each lum-line division acting as a dial-plate on the “surface” for 4 p.y. i.e. 1 – spatial distance interval, - and as each cycle needs 4x4 =16 p.y., the latter corresponds to 1111 4 spatial distance intervals. PLATE II: A first cycle and second cycle for ment together such double cycle of 16&16=32 p.y. corresponding to 4 & 4 = 8 spatial distance intervals At the end of such a double cycle, the 4 lum-line divisions will have accomplished their rotation of revolution, during which will have been formed 8 units of double slice, 2 by each division. On each double slice of each division the superimposed inscriptions – spatially close, but chronologically far from each other, should be read vertically.

19 PLATE I At the beginning of a cycle the 4 divisions are within the lodge for a fragment of an instant “OH” – corresponds to the beginning of each cycle on this plate; successive coming out from the lodge of the 4 divisions & their return into it after 4 p.y. 1 – spatial Dist.Cs.Ds become “spatial neighbours”

Here: the end of a cycle 4&4&4&4 0.4 1 p.y.4 = “ON” S.D. Interval

4 S.D. interval

20 PLATE II: Slices gradually by divisions a) b) c) d) Duration: double cycle from “OH” to 16 p.y. & from 16.P.Y

4&4=8 spatial distance intervals

By Division a)

By Division b)

By Division C)

By Division d)

1st cycle i.e. “OH” to 4 p.y. 1 S.D. 2nd cycle i.e. 1 Gp.y. to 20 p.y. l S.D. 1st & 2nd cycle = a double cycle 2 units of slice= double slice by Div.a)

1st cycle 4 p.y. to 8 p.y. 1 S.D. 2nd cycle i.e. 20 p.y. to 24 p.y. S.D. 1st & 2nd cycle = a double cycle 2 units of slice = double slice by Div.b)

1st cycle i.e. 8 p.y. to 128 p.y. 1 S.D. 2nd cycle i.e. 24 p.y. 1 S.D. 1st & 2nd cycle = a double cycle 2 units of slice double slice by Div. c)

1st cycle i.e. 12 p.y. to 16 p.y. D.S.D 2nd cycle i.e. 28 p.y. to 32 py.y 1 S.D. 1st & 2nd cycle = a double cycle 2 units of slice = double slice by Div. d)

Each of the divisions has formed 2 units, i.e. a double slice; on each double slice superimposed inscriptions are chronologically far from each other, showing a 16 p.y. gap. Arrows indicate how to read superimposed inscriptions

An example: division a) “OH” to 4 p.y. 16 p.y. to 20 p.y.

The same goes for reading Div.b) & Div.c) Div.d)

21 DEEP SUBJACENT MEMORY: THE INSCRIPTIONS ON THE SLICES as the enumeration of a too great number of inscriptions would go beyond the present study’s framework, it’s their sources as well as the essence of their nature that will be summed up by ourselves the quantic agents of region “T” Periods of the entire evolution (progressive, regressive, biologic, psychologic, moral, mental, etc.) of the subject describe, (in a chronologic order) traces on the traces of the passage get imprinted figure codes, related also to peakpoints of major notes of the evolution. The same figure codes which (always during the length of a 4. p.y. interval) will get reflected and inscribed on lum-lines on this or that part of one of the 4 divisions to form there slices in a spatial tempo. It’s upon the return into the lodge of the given division that out of the gathered inscriptions on its slice shall get filtered memorable acts which also include related peakpoints of major notes. Memorable acts are acts either of the subject oneself or those of other persons, of the surrounding, etc. – but all of a paramount importance for the evolution, poistive, negative, both or of some other kind. All these acts may be of diverse nature. Nonetheless, the filtering of memorable acts shall not alter the inscriptions already registered on the superimposed slices in a stable spatial tempo. Out of the filtered memorable acts (which, in fine, shall not be affected by the periodic & temporary decoding of connections either) will be extracted their quintessence-software. Processed, this latter will be converted in equation, for composing the “messenger” formula, substance of the subject’s deep subjacent memory It’s in that figure coded formula that progressively will be preserved, compressed, the equations in their own spatial tempo the operations leading to the composition (progressive) of a formula and consisting in filtering the memorable acts, the extraction of their quintessence-software, the latter’s conversion in equation, to be preserved in the formula are called A TRANSMUTATION ACTIVITY To be always carried out within the core of the globe the 1st equation concerning the subject’s period of evolution, from “OH” to 4 p.y. will enter into the formula towards the end of the very 1st cycle only, i.e. at 16 p.y. then shall start a full simultaneous & diversified activity to be presented by the original “messenger”. D.S.M. A SIMULTANEOUS & DIVERSIFIED ACTIVITY shall but actually start towards the end of the very 1st cycle of the subject’s evolution;i.e. when division d) will (still) be gathering inscriptions on the “surface” while inscriptions have been prealably gathered, in turn, by divisions a) b) c) and which have already returned into the

22 lodge. Thus, at the starting point, division d) will be on the “surface”, while within the lodge, divisions a) b) c) will be carrying out simultaneously but each of them a different task. From that starting point on the 4 phases will be: on the “surface”:



1 of the 4 divisions is gathering inscriptions on its slice 1 of the 4 divisions if filtering memorable acts from inscriptions gathered prealably on its slice 1 of the 4 divisions is extracting the quintessence software from memorable acts related to inscriptions already gathered & filtered on its slice 1 of the 4 divisions is converting into equation the quintessence software extracted from memorable acts already filtered, related to prealably gathered inscriptions on its slice

Within the lodge THUS, -

these 4 phases to be accomplished simultaneously need the full engagement of each of the 4 divisions into a diversified task for each; - the nature of the task will always depend on the order of succession regulating the alternate coming out on the “surface” and the return into the lodge of each of them. AN EXAMPLE -



can be seen on PLATE I where, for the very first time, each of the divisions will simultaneously be carrying out one of the 4 phases of a diversified task. It’s also toward the end of this very first cycle that will take place a conversion of quintessence-software in equation, followed by acts entering into the subject’s “messenger formula. PLATE I confirms that the appearing of the 1st conversion in equation of the subject’s D.S.M. “messenger” formula has needed 16 p.y. Nevertheless, PLATE II shows that as soon as the activity both simultaneous & diversified of all the 4 divisions starts, there’ll be a kind of speeding up of the quintessence-software conversion in equation & its entering into the formula. That is to say this full activity will have as a result that between a successive appearing of quintessence-software produced & converted, in turn by each of the divisions, there’ll be but a 4 p.s. interval; i.e. it’s by the end of each 4 p.y. interval that’ll take place nearly simultaneously a new coming out on the “surface” of a given division and that of the entering of the equation in the “formula”.

See Plates

23 PLATE I Gathering inscriptions on surface


Filtering; Extract; Software; Equation


Lodge; L


EXPLANATION Div. a) G.S. “OH” to Div. b) G.S. to

4 p.y. Div. b) c) d)

Div. c) G.S. 8 to

12 p.y. Div. a) extract within lodge Div. b) filtering within lodge Div. d) within lodge with no activity

Div. d) G.S. 12 to

16 p.y. Div. a) within lodge software, equation Div. b) extract within lodge Div. c) filtering withing lodge

8 p.y. Div. a) Div. c) d)

the three within lodge with no activity filtering within lodge these two within lodge with no activity

Division d) on “surface” Division a) software, equation within lodge Division b) extract Division c) filtering The very first software equation 1+3 divisions are engaged in full corresponding to the period of evolution simultaneous & diversified activity from “OH” to 4 p.y. appears at the subject’s 16 p.y. chronological age

24 PLATE II; As soon as full simultaneous & diversified activity has started of all 4 division, there’ll be a successive & speeded up apparition of software. Interval cadence; 1 spatial distance – 4 planetary years (a schematic illustration) EXPLANATION: Successive & speeded up apparition of software & division coming out on the “surface” nearly simultaneously, - there are but 4 p.y. between each software converted, in turn, by such or such division.

GATHERING SURFACE: the division that has just finished converting software will come out on the “surface” for a 4.p.y. stay to gather there inscriptions. These newly gathered inscriptions related to a given chronological evolution of a 4 p.y. period will, however, need 4 gathering on surface + 3x4 = 12 p.y. in the lodge until their software enters the formula LODGE:

diversified & simultaneous activity of the other divisions, returning, in turn, into the lodge

25 PLATE II/a: Software successive and speeded up appearing produced and converted, in turn, by such or such division – p.y. – planetary years Inscriptions related to the subject’s chronological evolution period From “OH” From 4 p.y. From 8 p.y. From 12 p.y. From 16 p.y. From 20 p.y. From 24 p.y. From 28 p.y.

End of inscriptions’ gathering on the “surface”

to to to to to to to to

4 p.y. 8 p.y. 12 p.y. 16 p.y. 20 p.y. 24 p.y. 28 p.y. 32 p.y.

Subject’s chronological age when – related to the previous period – the software appears 16 p.y. 20 p.y. 24 p.y. 28 p.y. 32 p.y. 36 p.y. 40 p.y. 44 p.y.

Such division

By division a) By division b) By division c) By division d) By division a) By division b) By division c) By division d) Explanation on p.

EXPLANATION: A 4 p.y. shift: between software successive & speeded up appearing on each of the divisions Example: Div. a) at 16 p.y. Div. b) at 20 p.y., etc. A 12 p.y.shift: between the end of gathering inscriptions on the “surface” & the appearing of software related to the previous chronological evolution period Example: Div. d) end of gathering: 16 p.y. – software 28 p.y.


28 16 12 p.y.

These 12 p.y. have been neede for filtering 4 p.y., extract 4 p.y., & conversion into software, equation 4 p.y., - within the lodge A 16 p.y. shift: between software appearing and that of the following one on a same division Example:

Div. a) at 16 p.y. Div. a) at 32 p.y.


32 16 16 p.y.

26 A supplementary information extracted from the original “messenger” formula, reads as follows: -






In case someone is interested in making acquaintance with his or her D.S.M the very first “OH” of the very first cycle is to be replaced by one’s arrival date on blue planet. Then from that very first “OH” on & by a cadence of a 4 p.y. interval the come out on the “surface & the return into the lodge of the 4 divisions in turn should successively follow while making correspond each 4 p.y. interval to such or such chronological period of one’s evolution with the inscriptions on the slice; there, each time, should be noted the beginning of the p.y. & the end of the given period. end 1952 Div. a) For instance: very 1st “OH” 1952 end 1956 Div. b) 1956 end 1960 Div. c) 1960 end 1964 Div. d) Arriving progressively at the current year of one’s researches the slice being just on the “surface” will have been found; in the meantime, it will have been noted on each of the divisions the superimposed inscriptions drawn together in spatial tempo. On following the full simultaneous & diversified activity of the 4 divisions, it will also have been found softwares already entered (or to enter) one’s own “messenger” formula of which the equations composent their spatial tempo. In order to succeed, all the steps presented in this 3rd part – descriptions, illustrations, plates included – should be both respected & followed. As to major notes’ peak points and the memorable acts, they have to be detected & defined as they come through the subject’s digging, searching, scanning in his or her own D.S.M. offered here are some key–words supposed to evoke make come back, make up diverse memorable acts of the subject’s own or not their own but of capital importance for one’s evolution. Re-appearing behind the key-words, the memorable acts might, in turn, make resonate major notes’ peark-point having led to such or such act. THE QUANTIC AGENTS

REMARK: for key-words see the following page

27 Of course, anybody could also add to this list other key-words; -

Birth or delivery Death, compassion Love, vengeance Hate Faith Assasination Murder Suicide Torture, war Discrimination Persecution (Persecutor/persecuted) Prison


Revolt Justice Unjustice Criminal Diseases (physical, mental, etc.) Mental torturing Studies


Happiness Unhappiness Friendship Treachery Parents Family, children Work Success Failure Sexuality Couple


Power, money & a changing system of values according to the subject’s own value

End of the extracted supplementary information THE QUANTIC AGENTS

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