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VOL.3. Autumn Edition 2013

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atislava Collection Kiev Colors Bucharest – Paris Contra Koper CT Bratislava Cypriána Majerníka Contemporary Art Guide of the CEE Region by Radar

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scow Kálmán Makláry Budapest Kapelica Ljubljana Kapsula Ljubljana Karas Kiev Karas Zagreb

auno Langas Kaunas Kárai Budapest Khankhalaev Moscow KIBLA Maribor Kisterem Budapest Oradea Kontseptsiya Minsk Kontura Zagreb Korners Kiev Kournikova Moscow Kranjcar Zagreb

rague La Femme Prague Laboratoria Moscow Laboratorio Prague Langhans Prague LaSandr-

gue Léna & Roselli Budapest Leonid Lerner Moscow Leonid Shishkin Moscow Lessedra Sofia

ers Moscow Luxfer Prague M Kharkov M17 Kiev Madl’ Belgrade Magma Sf. Gheorghe Magnum

ner Prague Melenia Bucharest Meno Nisa Vilnius Menu Tiltas Vilnius Mihai Nicodim Bucharest

slava Kubíka Litomyšl Mission Art Budapest Mono Budapest Nadja Brykina Moscow – Zurich Ústí nad Labem Nova Bratislava Open Moscow Open Bratislava Ostoya Warsaw P74 Ljubljana

Pecka Prague Peles Empire Cluj Peron Prague Photon Ljubljana Piekary Poznan Pies Poznan

Pobeda Moscow Polina Lobachevskaya Moscow Polswiss Warsaw Pop/off/art Moscow – Berlin

brika Moscow Profile Warsaw Promenade Vlore Propaganda Warsaw Prospekto Vilnius Proun

oscow – London Remont Belgrade Rempex Warsaw - Cracow – Sopot Rigas Riga Ring Zagreb

div Satelit Bratislava Semamiescio Menininku Vilnius Simultan Timisoara SIZ Rijeka Školská 28

PZ Prague Starmach Cracow Starter Warsaw Stella Art Moscow Stereo Poznan SVIT Prague T


Tobacco 001 Ljubljana TR3 Ljubljana Trafačka Prague Triumph Moscow Tsekh Kiev Új Kriterion

Art Prague Victoria Samara Viltin Budapest Vintage Budapest Virág Judit Budapest Visconti

a XL Moscow XX Panevėžys XXL Louny „Y” Minsk Ya Dnipropetrovsk Ya Kiev Zacheta Warsaw

rno Zlati Ajngel Varazdin Zona Zagreb Zorzini Bucharest ZPAF i S-ka Cracow Zvono Belgrade


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ARON DEMETZ - Nord - Sud, 2012 Wood sculpture, 210 cm Courtesy of Galleria Ghetta




Vita Zaman and Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt, artistic directors of VIENNAFAIR, photo: Markus Kloiber

New geographies and lessons of happiness – VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary 2013 After the debut edition of the relaunched VIENNAFAIR with the new team, the 2013 edition is standing on familiar grounds and will surely further strengthen its role as the western springboard for all the CEE galleries and artists. ArtGuideEast asked Christina SteinbrecherPfandt and Vita Zaman artistic directors and executive editors of the VIENNAFAIR New Contemporary blog and also Kristina Kulakova the managing editor of the VIENNAFAIR New Contemporary blog. ArtGuideEast: How do you see VIENNAFAIR’s role in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe now ? VIENNAFAIR: We see it as a unique fair that brings cutting edge art from the region and juxtaposes it with more established Austrian galleries and a small group of international galleries.

AGE: How do you define happiness? VF: We left it to the artists and viewers, but happiness for us is creating an event that facilitates connectivity and forms a community and exchange between art lovers and people in general. Attracting new audiences to contemporary art makes us happy. AGE: Is happiness in CEE different than in other parts of the world? VF: Yes. Because people are still less individualistic and community based, not so overwhelmed by the promises of consumerism. They still have, or had until recently very idealistic beliefs with regards to changing ideologies and the promise of democracy. AGE: What have been the highlights for you since the last VIENNAFAIR? VF: More in-depth knowledge of the regional art scenes and enthusiasm about dynamic Austrian young artist scene.

AGE: Christina&Vita, This year you had a record number of applicants to the fair, which clearly indicates that you are on the right track and there are many new contributors and partners, too . It seems you have become integrated not only to Vienna but to the whole region. Have you met this positive attitude everywhere ? VF: Yes, everywhere. AGE: Christina & Vita, if someone followed your posts throughout this year they could see that you were always on the move, have you managed to explore all the new geographies? VF: Yes, although these days art can never be fully explored. The art world is globalized, sometimes we find out more about Austria in Tehran than in Krems. AGE: Christina & Vita, you also launched VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary blog with a special attention not only to the Viennese art scene but that of the CEE region. Has it enhanced communication within the region? VF: We believe so... We have very positive responses and growing reader numbers. AGE: Kristina, you became the managing editor of the blog this summer after Antje Mayer who successfully introduced it, but

you had worked on it before as a contributor, what does the CEE audience like to read most about? VF: They like reading about themselves! There is no other international blog that communicates with this region. AGE: There are so many events this year that it is simply impossible to attend even half of it, what are the must sees for each of you? VF: Highlights are our sculpture park dedicated to Austrian sculpture and the Duet exhibit. We are showing a curated show from Poland and Georgia in order to familiarize our visitors with the two scenes. Our collectors’ talks 24/7 will introduce different models of collecting by well known collectors. Also, we prepared special projects for different audiences; art lovers, collectors, students, seniors, and those visiting the fair with your children. AGE: Finally, what have you learnt so far from the School of Happiness, the main theme of the fair and of the blog this year? VF: Never to stop searching and to enjoy every moment, be grateful even when it seems that things are not going that well. Celebrate life as it is very short! Get close to art! Tina Kaplår

Kristina Kulakova, VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary blog, managing director

gallery guide

QUICK GALLERY POLL / CEE / VIENNAFAIR ArtGuideEast made a quick gallery poll among selected galleries participating at VIENNAFAIR 2013 about the role of VIENNAFAIR in the region, how the galleries relate to the main theme of the fair and about the most recent success of the galleries.

questions 1. How do you see VIENNAFAIR’s role in Central, Eastern and Southeaster Europe ? 2. How do you define happiness? 3. Is happiness in CEE different than in other parts of the world? 4. What have been the highlights for your gallery since the last Viennafair?

Replies BWA Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland 1. From the Polish art scene perspective VIENNAFAIR is the first step towards the international recognition. For several years now Vienna has been a link between ex East block countries and the West. The focus on CEE art makes VIENNAFAIR unique among other fairs. 2. From the professional point of view happiness is for us the situation when our audience and artists get along well, when they understand and appreciate each other. 3. Not really. Maybe people from CEE are not that much spoiled by the welfare so we can reach the state of happiness easier. 4. For three years now we’ve been trying to bring to Vienna the best pieces by the artists from our programme. From our experience we see that Viennese audience appreciate the most works by Agnieszka Kalinowska who exposed in MUMOK and in other prestigious institutions in Austria.

The Gardens, Vilnius, Lithuania Tomasz Plata, Justyn Kowalska, Michał Suchora, BWA Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland

1. VIENNAFAIR could serve as an educational platform for collectors interested in to these regions and topical concerns happening in art field there.

2. Whatever it is, it would slightly change tomorrow. 3. It is dubious. 4. International gallery programme, Venice Biennial, and all the success of our artists.

Gerda Paliušytė and Inesa Pavlovskaitė, The Gardens, Vilnius, Lithuania

2. Happiness is the goal of all us. 3. Generalizing doesn’t make sense today, it is hard trying think in such a way and not to relate yourself to statistics. 4. International collaborations such as a yearlong curatorial residency of The Gardens at Art in General in NY.

Viltin Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Dessi Petrova, 0 gms, Sofia, Bulgaria

1. VIENNAFAIR can be considered as a meeting point and a melting pot of these regions’ art. 0gms, Sofia, Bulgaria 1. As an Artist-run-space from Bulgaria, Vienna is for us the most natural foreign place to visit. Several Bulgarian artists live there and Austria is an important partner for our scene. Concerning the fair, it is a big chance to get the support of Erste Bank for our booth. 2. Happiness is maybe having fun with friends. 3. Happiness is a universal feeling.

Kriszta Dián, Viltin Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

gallery guide

4. We have had a great development. We went to Contemporary Istambul, ArtRotterdam, Scope Miami, we invited 2 international curators Walter Seidl and Victoria Dejaco. We organized a solo show for the young Bulgarian artist Zlatin Orlov, and an another one for the Croatian Nemanja Zvijanovic. We also collaborate on a project organized by Camera Austria with two others: Off Space Beirut based in Cairo and Kontekst Collective based in Belgrade.


INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR From the 3rd to the 6th of October 2013 Italian Pavilion

[+] info

CEE guide country by country Albania




Gallery On the Move

Belart Gallery

Tirana Rruga e Elbasanit, P.2, Sh.1/2. Tirana, Albania

The Promenade Gallery

Minsk Belarusian Union of Artists Marks Str. 4. 220030Minsk, Belarus

Vlore L. Pavarësia Skelë Rruga, çamëria 9400 Vlore, Albania

Kontseptsiya Gallery

Zeta Gallery

Minsk Romanovskaya Sloboda Str. 24. 220004 Minsk, Belarus

Tirana Zeta Center Abdyl Frashëri, Nr. 31. A4, Hekla Center Tirana, Albania

Minsk Karla Marxa Str. 20. 220030 Minsk, Belarus

LaSandr-art Gallery

Mastatstva Gallery

Nonprofit / Institutes

Minsk Nezavisimosti Ave. 12. 220030 Minsk, Belarus

National Gallery of Arts

Upper Town Gallery

Tirana Galeria Kombëtare e Arteve Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit 1001 Tirana, Albania

Minsk Ploschad Svobody 5 Minsk, Belarus

„Y” Gallery

What’s on: Henry Moore: Prints and Sculptures When: 13 September – 23 October 2013

Minsk Nezavisimosti 37A 220005 Minsk, Belarus

Opening hours: Wed – Sun 10 am 6 pm

Nonprofit / Institutes


Berlin Tirana Art Center Choriner Str. 56. 10435 Berlin, Germany

Tirana Art Lab

Tirana Center for Contemporary Art gallery guide

Museum of Modern Fine Art Minsk Nezavisimosti Avenue 47. Minsk, Belarus

World of Photography Museums Minsk Pritytskogo Str. 10. 220051 Minsk, Belarus


Bosnia and Herzegovina


Sarajevo Obala Kulina Bana 22. 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Art Depot

Sarajevo Permanent display of the Ars Aevi Collection Terezije bb, Centar Skenderija 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

What’s on: Baptiste Debombourg: Retrovision When: 12 September – 31 October 2013

ASA Art Gallery

Opening hours: Tue–Sat 2 pm – 7 pm and anytime by appointment.

Sarajevo Bulevar Meše Selimovića 16 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina


Sarajevo Vrazova br. 5. 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina

Boris Smoje Gallery

Sarajevo Radiceva 11. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ćarlama Depot

Sarajevo KSC Skenderija, Terezije bb 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Java Gallery

Sarajevo M. Tita 21 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Public Room / Evergreen Gallery

Sarajevo Avdage Sahinagica 6. 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Roman Petrovic Gallery

Sarajevo Maršala Tita 54. 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Danko Stjepanovic: I was in Kosovo © Duplex10m2 14


Nonprofit / Institutes

Akademija Likovnih Umjetnosti

Sarajevo Obala Maka Dizdara 3. 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ars Aevi

Sarajevo Museum of Contemporary Art Terezije bb, Centar Skenderija 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Art Gallery of B&H

Sarajevo Zelenih beretki 8. 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Collegium Artisticum

Sarajevo Terezije bb, Skenderija 71000 Sarajevo, Bosna and Hercegovina

Museum of Contemporary Art


0 gms

Sofia Lyuben Karavelov Str. 12. 1142 Sofia, Bulgaria What’s on: Maximilian Pramatarov: lost tiger and “improved” works The exhibition deals with a broad range of subjects and patterns – from profound personal experiences of the everyday, through conceptual staging and abstract results from experimenting with the photographic process. The focal point is not determined, the narrative is not scripted. The viewers are encouraged to enter the works through their own eyes and their own life.( Renée Gadsden) When: 11 September – 1 November 2013 YICCA 2013 Exhibition When: 8–29 November 2013

Banja Luka Trg srpskih junaka 2. 78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Opening hours:Thu and Fri 3 pm – 7 pm, or anytime by appointment


Bulart Gallery

Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art Obala Kulina bana 22. 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo SCCA/ Ćumurija 3. 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Vizura Magazine

Sarajevo Terezija bb 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Varna Shipka st. 22. 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

Lessedra Gallery Sofia Milin Kamak Str. 25. 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria

Sariev Contemporary Otets Paisiy Str. 40. 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

What’s on: Daniela Georgieva: ROOMS AND KNOTS (Background: Young Artists 2013) When: 6 September – 28 October 2013 Opening hours: Tue–Sat 12–7 pm

gallery guide



Nonprofit / Institutes


Plovdiv Otets Paisiy Str. 38. 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Art Today Association

Plovdiv Center for Contemporary Art Konstantin Stoilov Str. 36. 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria What’s on: „Disturbances in the Structure” / Week of Contemporary Art 2013 The exhibition presents artists whose works are concerned with structures. In concrete terms, „structures” are understood as the configuration and interrelation of different elements which, taken together, form a whole, in one of the following ways: – the composition of form, material, composition, light, in a work of art – the basic and component parts of an architectonic ensemble (in an exhibition room or urban space) or – on a larger scale, the relationships between the individual and the institutions of a society. (Curated by Ilina Koralova) Participating artists: Nicolai Angelov (BG/ DE), Yohannes Artinyan (BG), Vasilena Gankovska (BG/A), Stefan Fischer (DE), Kerstin Flake (DE), Oliver Kossack (DE), Ahmet Öğüt (TR), Isa Rosenberger (A), Tilo Schulz (DE), Jun Yang (CN/A) When: 4 September – 6 October 2013

Institute of Contemporary Art Vasil Levski Blvd. 134. 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria

Open Arts Foundation Plovdiv Otets Paisii Str. 36. 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art Cherni vryh Blvd. 2. 1421 Sofia, Bulgaria



Alvona Gallery

Labin G. Martinuzzi 15 52220 Labin, Croatia

Barrel Gallery

Zagreb HDLU – Croatian Association of Visual Artists Trg žrtava fašizma bb 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Foto Galerije Lang

Samobor Langova 15 10430 Samobor, Croatia

Karas Gallery

Zagreb HDLU – Croatian Association of Visual Artists Praška 4 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Kontura Auktion Haus

Zagreb Nova cesta 83. Zagreb, Croatia

Kontura Gallery

Zagreb Nova cesta 83. Zagreb, Croatia

Kranjcar Gallery

Zagreb Kaptol 26. 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Marisall Gallery

Zagreb Mesnicka 5. 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Milotic Gallery

Pula 43. Istarske Divizije 10. 52100 Pula, Croatia

Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery Zagreb Subiceva 29. 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

What’s on: Levy Orta and Nuria Güell: You and whose army The project You and whose army presents the work of dissidence of two young artists, Levy Orta (La Habana, 1984) and Nuria Güells (Barcelona, 1981), that go a step beyond allowing the visualization of the structures and strategies of exploitation and subjugation of the individual in the current state of things. Whether it is in a communist or a capitalist context , the documentation of their actions presented in the gallery opens this horizon of visibility of the abuses of power allowed by the established “legality” and the dominant morals but they are always the second stage of an active and subversive infiltration into the system. When: 17 October – 9 November 2013

Miroslav Sutej: Chaos 1998, © MSU

Opening hours: Tue–Fri 12–7 pm, Sat 11 am – 1 pm

PM Gallery & Ring Gallery

Zagreb HDLU – Croatian Association of Visual Artists Trg žrtava fašizma bb. 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

SIZ Gallery

Rijeka Strossmayerova 7c. 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

Zlati Ajngel Gallery

Varaždin Gajeva 15 42000 Varaždin,Croatia

Zona Gallery

Zagreb Siemens Arts Program Hebrangova 4. 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

gallery guide

Nonprofit / Institutes

Klovićevi dvori Gallery Zagreb Jezuitski Sqr. 4. 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

What’s on: Sven Stilinović: Snapshot When: 18 September – 29 September 2013


Rijeka Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Dolac 1/II 51 000 Rijeka, Croatia

MMSU – Mali salon

Rijeka Korzo 24. 51 000 Rijeka, Croatia

Modern Gallery

Zagreb Andrije Hebranga 1. 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia 17

Zagreb museum of Contemporary art Zagreb Av. Dubrovnik 17. 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

what’s on: Miroslav Šutej – Retrospective Miroslav Šutej’s oeuvre is rich, variegated, versatile in terms of craft, playful, visually memorable, always aiming at some now experiment and examination of the possibilities of visual art expression. The exhibition that comprises more than four hundred works attempts to encompass all phases of Šutej’s oeuvre. when: 30 June – 3 November 2013 opening hours: Tue–Sun 11 am – 6 pm, Sat 11 am – 8 pm


fraKCiJa – performing arts magazine Zagreb Centre for Drama Art & Academy of Drama Art Andrijevićeva 28. 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Kontura art magazin Zagreb Nova cesta 83. 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia



Zagreb Kušlanova 2 / 1. 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia


Zagreb Magazine for Architecture and Culture Klaićeva 44. 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

CZeCh repuBliC galleries

35m2 gallery

Prague Víta Nejedlého 23. 130 00 Prague 3 – Žižkov, Czech Republic what’s on: Pavla Sceránková, Dušan Zahoranský: Annyversary when: 6 September – 6 October 2013 opening hours: Mon–Fri 10 am – 7 pm, Sat – Sun 12–7 pm

a.m.1 0 gallery

Prague Belehradska 45. 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic

art Consulting

Prague Narodni trida 9. Topicuv salon 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

art Consulting

Brno Lerchova 7. 603 00 Brno, Czech Republic

artpro gallery

Prague Revolucní 20. 110 00 Prague 1 – Nové Město, Czech Republic


Brno Hvězdová 4/303 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic

artinbox gallery

Prague Perlova 3, Dům v Kisně 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

ad astra gallery

Kuřim Křížkovského 48 – zámek 664 34 Kuřim, Czech Republic gallery guide


Caesar Gallery

Dvorak Sec Gallery

Cargo Gallery

What’s on: Jakub Matuška aka Masker: Řeknu vám proč mi otéká hlava When: 11 September – 11 October 2013 Opening hours: Mon–Fri 10 am – 6 pm or by appointment

Olomouc Horní náměstí-radnice 772 00 Olomouc

Děčín K. Čapka 211/1 405 91 Děčín I, Czech Republic

CZD Gallery

Prague Vojtesska 3. 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic

Dea Orh Gallery

Prague Kozí 3. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Drdova Gallery

Prague Krizkovskeho 10 Prague 3, Czech Republic What’s on: Václav Stratil & Panáčik: Mrdat/Fuck In the course of a little less than a year, Brno-based painter and performer Václav Stratil and Slovak musician Panáčik would meet in a recording studio. Besides Stratil’s guest performance at Panáčik’s Mrakodrap album and a recording of Stratil’s songwriting production, their sessions also resulted in a 9-minute composition to be introduced in Drdova Gallery. In the composition, Václav Stratil employs the emotionally charged expression of a “patient” whose insistent berating now and then issues in prayer, lunatic soliloquoy or associative language play. At the same time, Stratil’s disrupted meta-paranoid discourse hits the neuralgic points of our culture, entering the forbidden space of knowledge and disparaging the untouchable.(Jiří Ptáček, curator) When: 7 September – 19 October 2013 Opening hours: Tue–Fri. 1–6 pm, Sat 2–6 pm or by appointment

Prague Dlouhá 5. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Dvorak Sec art factory

Prague Wenceslas Square 15. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Entrance Gallery

Prague Markétská 28/1 169 01 Prague 6 , Czech Republic What’s on: Daniel Vlček:SprávnýVzorec/Correct Formula „The exhibition of Daniel Vlček’s paintings in Entrance Gallery shows only a segment of what the artist focuses on within the arts, another of his specializations being music production. And because everything is interconnected, also these two fields are closely linked. In fact, they need to be perceived simultaneously.”( Tereza Velíková) When: 11 September – 4 October 2013 Opening hours: Thu–Fri 12–6 pm

etc. Gallery

Prague Kateřinská 20. 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic

Fotograf Gallery

Prague Školská 28. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic What’s on: Barbora Kleinhamplová: Kružnice splývání “The language we speak, our opinions, our ability to turn on the lights and flush the toilet, even the way we express opposition


and rise up against social conventions: we all learned this from others.” So do we owe them? And do others owe us? Barbora Kleinhamplová focuses on “debt” as a feeling constituted of the relationship between society and the individual. She traces the irrational background into an exemplary study of aggressive debt collection, where instead of payment instalments she finds unscrupulous revenge. When: 18 September – 18 October 2013 Petr Strouhal: Bez názvu 2 Contemplative games with the photographic image are Petr Strouhal’s starting point for the anatomic study of obscurity. In his photos formal refinement is gnawed at by a besmirched do-it-yourself approach. Not only is humour speechless, but also for the most part with no point or message that would allow the public to laugh in relief. The photographer’s studio is a place where one can conduct experiments with hairy abstractions and the gestures of a dead hand. Afterwards in the gallery a collection of images and objects forms, from which the language of art gets tangled up in a new form that we cannot satisfactorily identify with a specific emotion. When: 18 September – 18 October 2013

Fotografic Gallery

Prague Stribrna 2. 118 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic What’s on: Martin Kámen – Smrtihlav / Death’s Head Martin Kámen has been working with photographic media since 15 years. At 2008 he was at the foundation of The Chemistry Gallery in Prague. He has been participating in many solo and group exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad. The Death’s Head exhibition is a series of photographic portraits of masked identity in fetishist imaging of deceased. When: 18 September – 21 October 2013

Geert Goiris: Fool’s Gold 2007, © Hunt Kastner

Hunt Kastner

Prague Bořivojova 85 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic What’s on: Basim Magdy: A Future of Mundane Miracles When: 7 September – 19 October 2013 Geert Goiris & Viktor Kopasz: Dead Language When: 8 November – 22 December 2013 Opening hours: Tue–Fri 1–6 pm, Sat 2–6 pm

Jaroslava Fragnera Gallery

Prague Betlémské náměstí 5a. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Jeleni Gallery

Opening hours: Mon–Sun 1–7 pm

Prague Drtinova 15. 150 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic

Gate Gallery

Jiri Svestka Gallery

Prague Husova 21. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic gallery guide

Prague Biskupsky dvur 6. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic 21

Jiri Svestka Gallery

Berlin Potsdamer Str. 81c. D-10 785 Berlin, Germany What’s on: Based on paper Participating artists: David Böhm | Jiri Franta, Nadine Fecht, Roey Heifetz, Dora Eszter Molnar, Christian Pilz When: 21 September – 2 November 2013 Opening times: Tue – Sat 11 am – 6 pm and by appointment

Kodl Gallery

Prague Vítězná 11. Malá Strana 150 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic

Kytka Gallery

Prague Rokycanova 136/33 130 00 Prague 3-Žižkov, Czech Republic

La Femme Gallery

Prague Bílkova 2. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic What’s on: Praha-Villars-Konstanz When: 13 September – 6 October 2013 Opening hours: daily 10 am – 6 pm

Langhans Gallery

Prague Vodičkova 37. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Leica Gallery

Prague Školská 28. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic What’s on: Jan Malý: Torso I A Retrospective Jan Malý, who was born in 1954, is a member of the first generation of photography students to graduate from the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU), Prague. While still at FAMU, he attracted attention with his talent as a docu22

mentary photographer (with his series The U Nováků Gambling Room and The Reduta Jazz Club) and his bold approach to form. He is known for, among other things, his documentation of pre-war Czech architecture, his work on the Czech People portrait series, his photos of Brittany (made after travel restrictions on Czechs were lifted with the changes of late 1989), and his On the Road series. His previous solo exhibition was organized by Anna Fárová in 1980. With the current retrospective, Jan Malý is thus presenting his works to the public for the first time in 33 years. Opening hours: Mon–Fri 9 am – 9 pm, Sat–Sun 2 pm – 8 pm

Luxfer Gallery

Česka Skalice Riegrova 585 552 03 Česka Skalice, Czech Republic What’s on: Jiří Kovanda: It´s Up To You Jiří Kovanda (*1953) is one of the most famous Czech contemporary artist. His inconspicuous performances, objects and installations deal with common, everyday life and materials. The exhibition „It´s up to you“ is a special installation based on the happening during the opening. Kovanda asked the visitors to bring anything they wanted and could miss. The exhibition is thus consisting of these different things, creating an exceptional assemblage based on the principle of coincidence. When: 13 September – 10 November 2013 Opening hours: By appiontment (+420 734 260 618)

MeetFactory Gallery

Prague Ke Sklárně 3213/15 150 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic What’s on: Robert Šalanda, Dušan Zahoranský: Word for Word The inspiration to present these two artists at a collaborative exhibition was their mutual interest in words, signs and linguistic phenomena, which both Zahoranský and Šalanda, each in their own way, transfer to visual creations. The exhibition becomes a library of shifted meanings and unpronounced words, derived both from the structure of language,

Robert Šalanda: Passenger 2013, © MeetFactory Gallery phrases and the everyday environment filled with verbal and visual signs, the messages of which can often be rather ambiguous. When: 12 September – 27 October 2013 Opening hours: daily 1–8 pm

Meissner – Neumann Auction House Prague Jugoslávských partyzánů 20. 160 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic

Millennium Gallery

Prague Tržiště 5/370 118 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Miroslava Kubíka Gallery

Litomyšl Smetanovo náměstí 71. 570 01 Litomyšl, Czech Republic

Navrátil Gallery

Prague Vítkova 15. 186 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic gallery guide

NF Gallery

Ústí nad Labem Resslova 1717/8. 400 01 Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic

Peron Gallery

Prague U Lužického semináře 12. 118 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Pecka Gallery

Prague Vratislavova 24. 128 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic

Polansky Gallery

Prague Stefanikova 43a (1st floor) 15000 Prague, Czech Republic What’s on: Tillman Kaiser: Proposal for an Altar „Tillman Kaiser’s objects and sculptures expand the field of what can still be viewed as a photographic image. Mirrored forms emit 23

fragmented signals from the distant past of photography, from Wedgwood and Niépce all the way to Schad and Ray. Above all, however, Kaiser is a painter characterised by his toying with the legacy of modernity and with elements of pop-culture. He intermingles them into a universal abstract language containing disruptive elements – fragments of black and white photographs.” (Jiri Havlicek) When: 31 August – 12 October 2013

What’s on: Magda Stanová: The Lady with Two Heads

Adam Hoy When: 18 October – 23 November 2013

Opening times: Tue 1–7 pm, Wed–Fri 1–6 pm

Opening hours: Wed–Sat, 2–7 pm or by appointment

Prague Pstrossova 8. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Prague Auctions

Prague Voršilská 3. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Prinz Prager Gallery

Prague Osadní 35. 170 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic

S Gallery

Prague Nad Hradním potokem 15. 162 00 Prague, Czech Republic

Sam83 Gallery

Třemošná Česká Bříza 83. 330 11 Třemošná, Czech Republic What’s on: Darina Alster: Lactational Art Darina Alster will in the exhibition reflect pregnancy and maternity caused by he own recent experience. Theme will be articulated in three videoperformances, body prints and also in object influenced by dream she had during her pregnancy. When: 20 October 2013 – 10 Janary 2014 Opening hours: Thu–Sat 10 am – 6 pm

Školská 28 Gallery

Prague Školská 28. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic


Magda Stanová seeks and subsequently applies theories from neuroscience, artificial intelligence and other branches of cognitive science that have the potential to bring insight into art theory and the analysis of the creative process. Curated by: Pavel Vančát When: 3–31 October 2013

SPZ Gallery

SVIT Gallery

Prague Štefánikova 43a. 150 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic

The Chemistry Gallery

Prague Bubenská 1. 170 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic

Trafačka Gallery

Prague Kurta Konráda 1. 190 00 Prague 9, Czech Republic

Václava Špály Gallery

Prague Národní 30. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic What’s on: Stanislav Diviš: With Colour in the Leading Role „For artists of Stanislav Diviš’s the generation, an important reason, if not the main one, for the acceptance of postmodern premises was to free themselves from the Modernist obligation to be Avant-garde and to open up the wide field of human ideas and art to the depths of time and a wide variety of styles. In his work, Diviš set out in this open space of the Postmodern on a search for the things that would resist chaos, while exploring what a work of art whose task is to endure can say about many of the things of this world.” Curated by Ivan Neumann

When: 6 September – 31 October 2013

When: 15 October – 31 October 2013

Opening hours: daily 11 am – 7 pm

Opening hours: Wed, Thu, Sat 1–6.30 pm, or by appointment

Vernon Gallery

Prague U Průhonu 22. 170 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic What’s on: KIT REISCH – In the Thick of Thin Systems The exhibition by Kit Reisch, the American artist living in Prague presents light and kinetic sculptures as well as drawings on paper. Subtle and mysterious lighting conditions of the installation were required to fully appreciate Reisch`s clever and carefully constructed objects. When: 12 September – 10 October 2013

VIA Art Gallery

Prague Resslova 6. 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic

Vltavin Auction Hall & Gallery Prague Masarykovo nábřeží 36. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Wannieck Gallery

Brno Ve Vaňkovce 2. 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic

XXL Gallery

Louny Říční 756. 440 01 Louny, Czech Republic

Zezula Auktion Haus

Brno Hlinky 142. 603 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery

Prague Smetanovo nábřeží 334/4. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery

Litomyšli Mariánská 1097. 570 01 Litomyšl, Czech Republic

Kit Reisch: Cleansing light © Vernon Gallery MOVING UP exhibition

3×3 Gallery

Liberec Šaldy Zhořelecká 344/5 460 01 Liberec, Czech Republic

The project led by the Italian artist living in London, Antonio Pillade presents eleven young artists of Moving Up collective that come from different nationalities and express themselves through different medias, such as video-art, performance, photography. gallery guide


Nonprofit / Institutes

AMG – Czech Association of Museums and Galleries Prague Jindřišská 901/5, II. schodiště 110 00 Prague 1 – Nové Město


collective Pode Bal. Shoe Christ is made of approximately 1444 used (and mostly single) shoes. The sculpture is more than 6m high, weights over 500kg and was originally created for the public space of Prague’s riverside, where it was shown from August 2010 till January 2011. Subsequently it was modified for the specific space of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art.”

Prague Poupětova 1. 170 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic

Opening hours: Mon 10 am – 6 pm, Wed, Fri 11 am – 7 pm, Thu 11 am – 9 pm, Sat, Sun 10 am – 6 pm

What’s on: Radim Labuda – Aspects of The Great Man

Prague Holečkova 49. 150 00 Prgue 5, Czech Republic

„The second exhibition of project p.s., the newly created exhibition space at center DOX, is devoted to the Slovak artist Radim Labuda. Labuda came to prominence in 2008, when he won the Jindřich Chalupecký Award. His current exhibition Aspects of The Great Man represents the artist’s return in a new guise and the culmination of a two-year long project, at the core of which is the myth of Mr Greatman, an archetype of the contemporary individual.” Curated by Markéta Stará When: 6 September – 17 October 2013 StartPoint: Prize for Emerging Artists 2013 „During its eleven years of existence, StartPoint has evolved from a national exhibition of graduation projects to an extensive project that follows young artistic talents throughout Europe. This year the team of curators looked at 35 art schools from 16 European countries in order to select the most interesting graduation projects, which will be presented at the exhibition. On the day of the exhibition’s opening, the international jury will award the main prize and several honorary mentions. This year, the exhibition of StartPoint finalists will for the second time bring to DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague the most interesting members of the coming generation of European artists.” When: 6 September – 28 October 2013 PETR MOTYČKA: Shoe Christ „Shoe Christ (Compulsion to Refuse Something that Has Been Used) is a sculpture made by visual artist Petr Motyčka, who is mainly known in connection with the artist 26

Futura Centre

What’s on: Stars have their moment and then they die Milovan Farronato the art director of ViaFarini in Milan, one of the most important nonprofit Italian institution, will bring his running project to Prague. The exhibition deal with a motif of consolidation. Curated by Milovan Farronato Participating artists: Crystal Z Campbell (US), Adam Christensen (DK/UK), Anna Franceschini (IT/NL), Katharina Fritsch (DE), Christian Holstad (US), Václav Litvan (CZ), Danny McDonald (US), Liliana Moro (IT), Christodolous Panayiotou (CY), David Renggli (CH) When: 8 October – 29 December 2013 Audun Mortensen: Arrested Development Audun Mortensen is a Norwegian author and artist. Language becomes a tool in his interrogation into how an object can function as a work of art. His poems investigate the materiality of language and the physical space of the page.Curated by Hana Buddeus. When: 8 October – 10 November 2013 Opening hours: Wed – Sun 11 am – 6 pm You have to buy when there is blood on the street For his first exhibition in central Europe the famous painter Ivo Burokvic will question the commercialisation of the art world and our life in general by collaborating with two alter egos. This new body of his work will focus on melancholia, excess and grief and the desire

Andrzej Pawłowski: And God Set Them in the Firmament of the Heavens… From the cycle Genesis, I–17, 1967. © Museum of Modern Art for endless pleasure through infinite wealth. In a world of greed nothing is worth more than something, which can not be sold. Participating artists: Ivo Burokvic (DE), Wieland Schönfelder (DE), Paul Wiersbinski (DE) When: 26 September – 20 October 2013

Relations (IFA) in Stuttgart, features 25 German artists and their work, including objects, sculptures, installations and videos. For the Czech part of the exhibition, GASK collaborated with the design SUPERMARKET creative team responsible for the contemporary design festival of the same name in Prague. When: 15 September – 1 December 2013

Venue: Karlin Studios(Křižíkova 34, 180 00 Prague 8 - Karlín)

Opening hours: Mon–Sun 10 am – 6 pm,

Opening hours: Wed–Sun 12–6 pm

Museum Kampa

GASK – Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region

Kutná Hora Barborská 53 28401 Kutná Hora, Czech Republic www.gask.cz What’s on: COME-IN /Over the Threshold The ‘Come-in’ exhibition and its direct counterpart, the Czech exhibition ‘Over the Threshold’ has been opened at 5 pm on Saturday 14th September 2013. Those who love contemporary art and design will have the chance to see the exhibited works from the 15th September to the 1st December 2013. The German part of the exhibition, ‘Come-in’, a project by the Institute for Foreign Cultural gallery guide

Prague Nadace Jana a Medy Mládkových U Sovových mlýnů 2. 118 00 Prague 1 – Malá Strana

Moravian Gallery

Brno Husova 18. 662 26 Brno, Czech Republic What’s on: Daniel Balabán: Report 2013 (Laureate of the Michal Ranný Award) The Michal Ranný Award is announced biannually for the original contribution to visual art has been given since 1999 and is intended for artists (with no condition regarding age 27

or nationality) resident in the Czech republic. The prize is awarded following a decision made by the jury consisting of seven members, two of which are appointed by the Friends Council from the ranks of visual art experts; four members are nominated by the director of the Moravian Gallery, who is, due to his function, another member of the jury. Curated by Yvona Ferencová When: 26 July – 27 October 2013

Fotograf Magazine

Prague Školská 28. 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

PIŽMO Magazine

Třemošná Česká Bříza 83. 330 11 Třemošná, Czech Republic

Opening hours: Wed–Sun 10 am – 6 pm, Thu 10 am – 7 pm


Museum of Modern Art

Olomouc Denisova 74. 771 11 Olomouc, Czech Repulic What’s on: Andrzej Pawłowski: Genesis / Cineforms One of the most significant events in the Polish photography of the second half of the 20th century – such is the reputation of the cycle Genesis by Andrzej Pawłowski (1925– 1986), a photographer, who also worked as a painter, sculptor and film maker. His key works are characterised by a combination of traditional themes and modern forms. The exhibition held in the Cabinet will also include the presentation of his two experimental films, There and Here and Cineforms from 1957, where Pawłowski professes the tradition of European avant-garde. When: 9 October 2013 – 5 January 2014

Rudolfinum Gallery

Prague Alšovo nábřeží 12. 110 01 Prague 1, Czech Republic



Prague Americká 2. 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic


Prague Londýnská 81. 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic



Baltic Auction

Tallinn Liivalaia 33. EE-10118 Tallinn, Estonia

ArtDepoo Project

Tallinn Uus Str. 17. EE-10111 Tallinn, Estonia

Haus Gallery

Tallinn Uus Str. 17. EE-10111 Tallinn, Estonia

Temnikova & Kasela Gallery Tallinn Müürivahe 22. EE-10146 Tallinn, Estonia

Temnikova & Kasela Gallery

Tallinn Lastekodu 1. (Tartu mnt 26/Liivalaia 44) EE-10115 Tallinn, Estonia What’s on: Fred Kotkas When: September – October 2013 Kaido Ole When: November – December 2013 Opening hours: Thu–Fri 3–7 pm or by appointment (+372 640 5770)


Nonprofit / Institutes

Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia Tallinn Pőhja Puiestee 35. EE-10412 Tallinn, Estonia

What’s on: & SO ON & SO FORTH Participating Artists: Ivars Gravlejs, David Horvitz, Takahiro Iwasaki, Krõõt Juurak, San Keller, Camille Laurelli, Ursula Nistrup, Olof Olsson, Pind, Julien Prévieux, Annika Ström, The Collection of Marianne and Fritz Keller, Triin Tamm, Toomas Thetloff, Fischli/Weiss ja Patrick Frey, Doria Garcia

Foto Muuseum

Tallinn Raekoja 4/6. EE-10146 Tallinn, Estonia

Kumu – Art Museum of Estonia Tallinn Weizenbergi 34 / Valge 1. 10127 Tallinn, Estonia

What’s on: Critique and Crises. Art in Europe Since 1945 „The Cold War, which followed World War II, fundamentally impacted Europe’s political and social landscape and it continues to do so until the present day. Yet many of the attitudes that remain from the Cold War are anachronistic and this exhibition proves this. For the first time, Critique and Crises examines the art from that period as an integral whole, without categorising it ideologically, geographically or politically into two separate camps: the East and the West. The exhibition includes works by the Estonian artists Raul Meel and Kaljo Põllu, alongside such artists as Damien Hirst, Christian Boltanski, Anselm Kiefer, Jean Tinguely, Alberto Giacometti, Niki de Saint Phalle, Henry Moore, Volf Vostell, Christo, Ilja Kabakov, Gerhard Richter, Lucio Fontana and many others.” When: 28 June – 3 November 2013 Monumental Painting in Estonia. Paul Kuimet’s Photos

100 monumental paintings in public spaces throughout Estonia. This was the first time that the history of Estonian monumental works of art was recorded. Kuimet’s photos frame the works in their urban and spatial context, while also highlighting the rise and fall of Estonian public space during the 20th century. The exhibition is comprised of selected photos. When: 9 October 2013 – 5 Januray 2014 Opening hours: Wed 11 am – 8 pm, Thu–Sun 11 am – 6 pm

The Museum of New Art Pärnu 10 Esplanaadi Str. EE-80010 Pärnu, Estonia

What’s on: Salvador Dali: Materialization of the surreal The aim of the exhibition is to help the public to see and understand how Dali materializes his views thanks to his special artistic language in the form of images, which often take an intangible aspect, but clearly are felt by spectator . Beyond what the eye sees is always a wide range of something unspeakable, but much more important than what we see. This puzzle and mystery attracts and forces them to think about the fundamental questions of life. Creativity of Dali is more to „think”, „imaginate” rather than „see.” When: 5 September – 7 October 2013 Resa Tiitsmaa: Let’s play When: 4 September – 7 October 2013 Opening hours: daily 9 am – 7 pm


Tallinn Vabaduse väljak 6. EE-10146 Tallinn, Estonia


Tallinn Voorimehe 9. EE-10146 Tallinn, Estonia

During the spring, summer and autumn of 2012 Paul Kuimet photographed more than 30


Ari Kupsus Gallery

Budapest Német Str. 2 I/7 1084 Budapest, Hungary


2B Gallery

Budapest Ráday Str. 47. 1092 Budapest, Hungary

A38 Gallery

What’s on: Maria B. Raunio When: 16 October – 8 November 2013 (opening 16 October)

Budapest A38 Ship, Petőfi Bridge, Buda Side 1507 Budapest, Pf. 19. Hungary

Nadya Hadun When: 13 November – 6 December 2013 Opening hours: Tue–Fri 12–6 pm, Wed–Thu 1–6.30 pm, Sat 11 am – 2 pm

acb Gallery

Ari Kupsus Gallery – Iszkaszentgyörgy,

Budapest Király Str 76. 1068 Budapest, Hungary

Amadé–Bajzáth–Pappenheim castle 8043 Iszkaszentgyörgy, Hungary (open only during the summer months, June–August)

Anett Hámori: Politically Correct aquarel, paper 100 × 100 cm, 2013 © Faur Zsófi Gallery gallery guide


Ernst Gallery

Budapest Irányi Str. 27. 1056 Budapest, Hungary

Ernst Gallery

Budapest Zrínyi Str. 14. 1051 Budapest, Hungary

Faur Zsófi Gallery

Budapest Bartók Béla Str. 25. 1114 Budapest, Hungary What’s on: Refuge When: 13 October – 26 September Anett Hámori: Politically Correct

Francois Fiedler: Composition 1964, oil on canvas 130 × 89 cm © Kálmán Makláry Fine Arts Gallery

Ágens Fotó Gallery

Budapest Fő Str. 73. 1027 Budapest, Hungary

Belvedere Salon, Gallery and Auction House Budapest Szent István Sqr. 12. 1051 Budapest, Hungary

Chimera Project

Budapest Klauzál Sqr. 5. 1072 Budapest

Dovin Gallery

Budapest Galamb Str. 6. 1052 Budapest, Hungary

Erdész Gallery

Working from an extensive collection of found images of politicians and ideological leaders that were mostly taken at typical situations of the political scene (discussions, conferences, official meetings, signings of treaties), Hámori decomposes the existing photographs. She highlights the prevailing motifs and visual narratives of formal political situations while adding a seemingly unfitting element to the picture, making the set and the composition absurd or even incomprehensible. Therefore, by the unfamiliar components creating a bizarre atmosphere the viewer is exposed to the question: what are the birds of Hitchcock doing on an office desk or a little deer at a hearing? When: 17 October – 16 November Anna FABRICIUS When: 19 November – 13 December 213 BOLDI When: 16 December 2013 – 10 January 2014 Opening hours: Mon–Fri 12–6 pm, Sat 10 am – 1 pm

Godot Gallery

Budapest Bartók Béla Str. 11. 1114 Budapest, Hungary

Szentendre Bercsényi Str. 4. 2000 Szentendre, Hungary 32

Inda Gallery

Budapest Király Str. 34. II/4. 1061 Budapest, Hungary

Kálmán Makláry Fine Arts Gallery Budapest Falk Miksa Str. 10. 1055 Budapest, Hungary

What’s on: François Fiedler François Fiedler (1921, Kassa, Hungary – 2001, Paris, France) was a French lyrical abstract painter of Hungarian origin. After his arrival in Paris he became the artist of the Gallery Maeght and he became close to Miro, Giacometti, Chagall, Cesar and so many other artists of this era. His stable technical knowledge, passionate, innovative spirit and playful usage of different matters led to a very rich oeuvre. The Kálmán Makláry Fine Arts would like to invite its guests to an exploration of this oeuvre since Fiedler demands a new approach from the beholder. „Not just reading out something from the painting, but rather to look into the composition. To archieve this you need fantasy, concentration, introspection and intensification.” During a career that lasted six decades, he created a new and impassioned form of abstract painting. When: 16 October – 15 November 2013

Kárai Gallery

Budapest Wesselényi Str. 9. 1077 Budapest, Hungary

kArton Gallery

Budapest Alkotmány Str.18. 1054 Budapest, Hungary

Kieselbach Gallery & Auction House Budapest Szt. István Av. 5. 1055 Budapest, Hungary

Kisterem Gallery

Budapest Képíró Str. 5. 1053 Budapest, Hungary gallery guide

Brener & Shurz: Claim against Fame/Missis X was… ink on paper, 21 × 28,3 cm © Knoll Gallery

Knoll Gallery

Budapest Liszt Ferenc Sqr. 10. 1061 Budapest, Hungary What’s on: Alexander Brener & Barbara Schurz: Claim Against Fame Alexander Brener&Barbara Schurz, the famous and notorious artcouple published during their stay in Portugal a new book: Claim Against Fame. In the exhibition we present three of the seven chapters of the book as original drawings. „Claim against Fame” deals with apparently failed characters, who do not find a place inside a society ruled by compliances. The protagonists of the book serve as venues of exclusion- and forcestrategies, which Brener&Schurz criticise relating to the arts system, but also to the predominanting values and morale conceptions within society. Confronted with dubious inherents to the system, the figures remain true to their fictive or real drives that Brener&Schurz once again banned on paper with an unashamedly explicity. When: 12 September – 9 November 2013


Kogart House

Budapest Andrássy Str. 112. 1062 Budapest, Hungary

Léna Roselli Gallery

Budapest Galamb Str. 10. 1052 Budapest, Hungary

Mission Art Gallery

Budapest Falk Miksa Str. 30. 1055 Budapest, Hungary

Nagyházi Gallery & Auction House Budapest Balaton Str. 8. 1055 Budapest, Hungary

Nemes Gallery

Budapest Falk Miksa Str. 28. 1055 Budapest, Hungary

Nessim Gallery

Budapest Szentkirályi Str. 32/B 1088 Budapest, Hungary

PANEL contemporary

Budapest Bartók Béla Str. 25. 1114 Budapest, Hungary

Pintér Sonja Gallery

Budapest Falk Miksa Str. 10. 1055 Budapest, Hungary

Viltin Gallery

Budapest Széchenyi Str. 3. 1054 Budapest, Hungary What’s on: Imre BUKTA, Teodor GRAUR: urban-suburban The issues of Europeanness or the question of core and periphery are often mentioned in 34

Urban-Suburban © Viltin Gallery the last decade’s cultural discourse, but the latter has become pointless by now from a particular aspect. The political censorship and limits given by the Iron Curtain are over, the global political situation of Eastern Europe has changed, but the harsh, emblematic discrimination of the region, particularly in Europe is still present. The works and reflections of people, artists experiencing the great deficiency of democracy, has become part of the processing of this determining period of universal history. Imre Bukta and Teodor Graur – both born in the 1950’s – created critical artworks yet in the communist era and observed intensely the system’s operational mechanism, thus their works, approach have become the emblematic part of the area’s cultural self-identity. Since the second half of the 1970’s, Imre Bukta has been reflecting with his artworks and performances on the socialist, rural way of living, the absurd situations of people turning from the status of a peasant to workers of co-operatives. In the artworks, realized with brave irony, his focus on the tools and labours of ordinary rural life and on people’s everyday or festive moments. When: 25 October – 7 December 2013 Opening hours: Tue–Fri 12–6 pm, Sat 11 am – 5 pm and by appointment

Vintage Gallery

Budapest Magyar Str. 26. 1053 Budapest, Hungary What’s on: Dezső Szabó: Saint Elmo’s Fire St Elmo’s Fire is a form of the appearance of static electricity, which was observed in earlier centuries by sailors, in the form of a dancing bluish light at the top of the mast in stormy weather. Today it is also an observable phenomenon, if a plane flies in certain atmospheric conditions. Pilots often experience this. I generated this phenomenon in laboratory conditions. In order to generate the electric force-field, just as previously in my series, entitled “High Voltage”, in which I induced lightning (Trafó Gallery Budapest, 2012), I built a TESLA apparatus. This device is, however, a different type, functioning on a lower level of energy, in accordance with the objectives. The photos made of this phenomenon amalgamate the aesthetic and scientific features

of fine art and scientific photography.Thus, the apparatus I have chosen for this is a medium-format (6×7) analogue camera, which is high resolution, and its image ratio is also suited to the chosen objective. The final result is a 120x144 cm C-print, as photographic panel picture.(Dezső Szabó) When: 11 September – 25 October 2013 Opening hours: Tue–Fri 2–6 pm

Virág Judit Gallery & Auction House Budapest Falk Miksa Str. 30. 1055 Budapest, Hungary

Nonprofit / Institutes

FUGA Center of Architecture Budapest Petőfi Sándor Str. 5. 1052 Budapest, Hungary

Dezső Szabó: Saint Elmo’s Fire 2013, 120 × 144 cm, C-print, © Vintage Gallery gallery guide


Hungarian Jewish Museum

In Mai Manó House Budapest Nagymező Str. 20. 1065 Budapest, Hungary

everything and everyone, and Ámos, the martyr who died young. Their genuine art is deeply rooted in the traditions and history of Eastern Europe, as much as the stories of their lives. One a Russian émigré, the other a martyred Hungarian Jew. The life and art of these two men were shared, despite the fact that they personally only had the chance to meet once, in Paris, on 4th October in 1937, for a few inspired hours. Venue: Hungarian National Gallery, Building A When: 13 September 2013 – 5 January 2014

Hungarian National Gallery

Opening hours: Tue–Sun 10 am – 6 pm

Budapest Dohány Str.2. 1072 Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian House of Photography

Budapest Budavári Palota A–B–C–D buildigs Szent György Sqr. 2. What’s on: Chagall : Between War and Peace Ámos Imre, the „Hungarian Chagall” – In the Vortex of War 1937–1944 An exhibition displaying works by Marc Chagall and Imre Ámos runs at the Hungarian National Gallery from 13 September 2013. Marc Chagall and Imre Ámos are artists whose personal histories, religion and Jewish identity played a central role in their oeuvres. Chagall, the old master who survived

Hungarian National Museum Budapest Múzeum Sqr. 14–16. 1088 Budapest, Hungary

ICA Budapest

Instutute of Contemporary Art Budapest Daróczi Str. 80–82 1113 Budapest,Hungary


Dunaújváros Vasmű Sqr. 12. 2400 Dunaújváros, Hungary

Kassák Museum

Budapest Fő Sqr 1. 1033 Budapest, Hungary

Ludwig Museum

Budapest MűPa, Komor Marcell Str. 1. 1095 Budapest, Hungary What’s on: Gábor Ősz: Three by Three

Marc Chagall: The Dance 1950–1952 Oil on canvas;238×176 cm Paris,Centre George Pompidou, Musée national d’art moderne 36

The solo exhibition of Gábor Ősz, living and working in Amsterdam, is part of a series of exhibitions at the Ludwig Museum presenting Hungarian and foreign artists whose life and works are less known in Hungary. In the early stages of his career, Gábor Ősz painted monochrome paintings – of paintings, among other things. Now, using the devices of photography, he is practically creating abstract spaces far removed from reality, and these photographically bared spaces

Gábor Ősz-Three times three interior ©Tamás Bujnovszky Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Archives

make it possible for the spectator to meditate on the nature of the image. His photographs require attention and absorption the way monochrome or colour field paintings do. In the at once conceptual and sensual field created as a result of the viewer’s concentration, his works support or deny the possibility of visual perception. When: 26 July – 3 November 2013 Opening hours: Tue 10 am – 8 pm, Wed–Sun 10 am – 6 pm

Miskolci Gallery

Miskolc Rákóczi Str. 2. 3530 Miskolc, Hungary

MODEM – Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts Debrecen Baltazár Dezső Sqr. 1. 4026 Debrecen, Hungary

Municipal Gallery / Museum Kiscell Budapest Kiscelli Str. 108. 1037 Budapest, Hungary gallery guide

Műcsarnok / Kunsthalle Budapest Dózsa György Str. 37. 1146 Budapest, Hungary

Museum of Fine Arts

Budapest Dózsa György Str. 41. 1146 Budapest, Hungary

Paksi Képtár

Paks Tolnai Str. 2. 7030 Paks, Hungary

Platán Gallery

Budapest Andrássy Str. 32. 1061 Budapest, Hungary

Raiffeisen Gallery

Budapest Akadémia Str. 6. 1054 Budapest, Hungary


Stúdió Gallery

Budapest Rottenbiller Str. 35. Budapest 1077, Hungary What’s on: Budapest Jam Participating artists: Anita Kroó, Péter Mátyási, Zsolt Varga When: 10 September – 20 October 2013 Opening hours: Tue, Thu, Fri 10 am – 6 pm, Wed 12–6 pm

The Foundation for a Complex Cultural Research Eger Széchenyi István Str. 16. 3300 Eger, Hungary

Trafó Gallery

Budapest Liliom Str. 41. 1094 Budapest, Hungary

Vasarely Museum

Budapest Szentlélek Sqr. 6. 1033 Budapest, Hungary



Budapest Pauley Ede Str. 55. LOFFICE 1061 Budapest, Hungary

Balkon – Contemporary Art Magazine Budapest Fény Str. 2. 1024 Budapest, Hungary


Budapest Montevideo Str 14. 1037 Budapest, Hungary


Szépvölgyi Str. 146. 1025 Budapest, Hungary


Új Művészet

Budapest Nagymező Str. 49. II/2 1065 Budapest, Hungary

Latvia Galleries

Alma Gallery

Riga Rūpniecības Str. 1. LV-1050 Riga, Latvia What’s on: Ivars Poikāns: Weekday afternoon in wonderland “I wish to present serious things with lightness, without wailing or tension.”(Ivars Poikāns) In 2010 the Latvian National Museum of Art held a retrospective show of works by Ivars Poikāns. New works by the artist can be seen at the Alma Gallery from 9 September till 8 November in the exhibition “Weekday afternoon in wonderland”. The unique style of this master of irony is characterised by powerful imagery and intellect that go hand in hand with a brilliant baroque form of painterly expression and well-aimed ideas. When: 9 September – 8 November 2013 Opening hours: Mon–Fri 12–6 pm or by appointment

kim? Contemporary Art Centre Riga 2/1 Maskavas Str. LV-1050, Riga Latvia

What’s on: Marija Kurševa: Save as Topics of the conference from the perspective of maintenance of the media art will be explored in the festival’s exhibition SAVE AS. The SAVE AS exhibition doesn’t give the instructions – rather asks questions – how to save the contemporary digital media art for the future. Participating artists: JODI (NL), Alexei Shulgin & Aristarkh Chernishev (RU), Olia Lialina (RU / DE), Cécile Babiole (FR), Heath Bunting (UK), Evan Roth (UK/USA/

FR), Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits & Xchange / E-Lab / RIXC (LV), Aram Bartholl (DE), Dragan Espenschied (DE), Lamberto Teotino (IT), Benjamin Gaulon, Karl Klomp, Gijs Gieskes & Tom Verbruggen / ReFunct Media (FR/NL), Parag Kumar Mital (IN/UK), Robert Sakrowski & Constant Dullaart / net. (DE/NL), Andris Vetra, Artis Kuprish (LV). When: 9 October – 17 November 2013 Opening hours: Tue 12–8 pm, Wed–Fri 12–6 pm

Rigas Gallery

Riga Aspazijas blvd. 20. LV-1050, Riga, Latvia

Tifana Gallery

Riga Jana Str. 16. LV-1050 Riga, Latvia

Nonprofit / Institutes

Latvian Museum of Photography Riga Mārstaļu Str. 8. LV-1050 Riga, Latvia

The exhibition “Theme 011” featuring the works of Gvido Kajons will be presented at the Latvian Museum of Photography from 3rd October till 3rd November. The black and white photographs were taken during the period of Soviet Latvia; the title of the exhibition is a witty remark to the tendency to use numbers in titles at the time. The author tells that his creative work can be divided into the “human period” and the “un-human period” during which “Theme 011” was made as a satirical characterization of socialist environment. In these documentary photographs people are merely an element of urban environment. Symbols, ideological inscriptions, processions and rituals, everyday life – it all seems as if it were captured by chance; however, this is a testimony of the photographer’s patience when waiting for the “right moment”. Journalist Ērika Šmeļkova once told about Gvido Kajons that “His almost idiotically perfect photo technique creates a feeling that the particular place is captured outside time and lives a life of its own, excluding people.” When: 3 October – 3 November 2013 (Opening: 3 October, 6 pm) Opening hours: Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10 am – 5 pm, Tue 12–7 pm

The Latvian National Museum of Art

What’s on: Gvido Kajons: “Theme 011”

Riga K.Valdemara Str. 10 a. LV-1010 Riga, Latvia

Oswald Oberhuber: Picture of Digits 1966. Oil on canvas. Collection of Thomas Eichler © Latvian National Museum of Art gallery guide


What’s on: Zane Veldre. 1.5 kg of life Young painter in her exhibition talks about the balance in the world and it’s searching process. The title of the exhibition inspired by the idea of the representative of the Russian surreal literature Daniil Kharms who sees no equilibrium in the world – it’s just an error of some kilogram and a half over the universe as a whole. Also in artworks by Zane Veldre the coincidence has determinant role. Ginters Krumholcs: Why didn’t you wake me up? When: 15. November – 15. December 2013 Sculptures of Ginters Krumholcs always have made an interactive real life and visual art interaction, around themselves directing a public attention, showing that none of us live outside the context of world culture, world political events and a feeling of era breath. New exhibition is like epic message about love, disappearance of time and sense of moment Venue: Arsenāls Exhibition Hall (1 Torņa Str.,Riga) Opening hours: Tue, Wed, Fri 12–6 pm, Thu 12–8, Sat, Sun 12–5 pm What’s on: Love Quadrangle Exhibition is not just the story of Romans Suta’s and Aleksandra Beļcova’s personal life and their affairs with other people – Latvian actress Benita Ozoliņa or Spanish architect Roberto Fernández Balbuena, it also provides an opportunity to get to know both artist’s creative works related to their love lifes. When: 16 October 2013 – 12 January 2014 Venue: The Museum of Romans Suta and Aleksandra Beļcova (57a Elizabetes Street, Apt. 26.Riga, LV-1050, Latvia) Opening hours: Tue–Wed, Fri–Sat 11 am – 6 pm, Thu 11 am – 7 pm


Dizaina Studija Magazin Riga Tērbatas Str. 49/51–8. LV-1011 Riga, Latvia

Foto Kvartáls Magazin Riga Tērbatas Str. 49/51–8. LV-1011 Riga, Latvia 40

Studija Magazin

Riga Tērbatas Str. 49/51–8. LV-1011 Riga, Latvia

Lithuania Galleries

A Gallery

Panevėžys Respublikos Str. 33. LT-35170 Panevėžys, Lithuania

Akademija VDA Gallery Vilnius Pilies Str. 44/2. LT-01123 Vilnius, Lithuania

Arka Gallery

Vilnius Aušros Vartų Str. 7. LT-01129 Vilnius, Lithuania

Art Market – Vilniaus Aukcionas Vilnius Ligoninės Str. 4. LT-01134 Vilnius, Lithuania

Aukso Pjüvis Gallery

Kaunas K. Donelaičio Str. 62 / V. Putvinskio g. 53. LT-44248 Kaunas, Lithuania


Vilnius Aušros Vartų Str. 17. LT-01304 Vilnius, Lithuania What’s on: Urmas-Ott: “Silence Between the Fall and Rise of Mankind” At the exhibition the grouping Urmas-Ott tries to mix different medias into one big living organism, where jewellery forms the heart. The jewellery they create is for a fictional postapocalyptic world, where it has to keep the carrier alive. It is a practical piece of jewellery, without any discount on visual aesthetics. When: 10 October – 11 November 2013

Edvardas Racevicius exhibition pieces courtesy of AV17 Edvardas Racevicius’ sculptures exhibition At the exhibition wooden sculptural compositions by Lithuanian artist based in Germany will be presented. Human figures, treated realistically but with a hint of irony, are deliberately left incomplete. This creates uncertainty and abstraction options. When: 19 November – 8 December 2013

Juskus Gallery

Vilnius Barboros Radvilaitės Str. 6B LT-01124 Vilnius, Lithuania

Kauno Fotografijos Gallery

Opening hours: Mon–Sun 10 am – 7 pm

Kaunas Rotušės a. 1. LT-44280 Kaunas, Lithuania

Baroti Gallery

Kauno Langas Gallery

Dailininku mené Gallery

Lietuvos Aido Gallery

Klaipėda Aukštoji Str. 1. LT-91246 Klaipėda, Lithuania

Šeimyniškių Str. 23 LT-09200 Vilnius, Lithuania

XX Gallery

Panevėžys Laisvės a. 7 LT-35200 Panevėžys, Lithuania

gallery guide

Kaunas M. Valančiaus Str. 5. LT-44279 Kaunas, Lithuania

Vilnius Trakų Str. 13. LT-01132 Vilnius, Lithuania

Meno Nisa Gallery

Vilnius J. Basanavičiaus Str. 1/13. LT-01118 Vilnius, Lithuania


Menu Tiltas Gallery

Vilnius Užupio g. 16. LT-01203 Vilnius, Lithuania

Prospekto Gallery

Vilnius Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers Gedimino pr. 43. LT-01109 Vilnius, Lithuania

Senamiesčio Menininkų Gallery Vilnius Totorių Str. 22/4. LT-01001 Vilnius, Lithuania

Sofa Gallery

Druskininkai Vilniaus al. 10 LT-66119 Druskininkai, Lithuania

Terra Recognita Gallery

Vilnius Stiklių Str. 7. LT-01131 Vilnius, Lithuania What’s on: Saulius Vaitiekūnas: „Just a line… basalt and silver.” When: 1 September – 30 November 2013 Opening times: Mon–Sun 11 am – 10 pm

The Gardens

Vilnius Konstitucijos pr. 12A LT-09308 Vilnius, Lithuania What’s on: Solo Show by Antanas Gerlikas The Picnic at Art in General (NYC) The Picnic stems from a double source – modernist imagination and labor. Gerlikas employs the most traditional materials of modern sculpture, wood and brass, which require specific knowledge and meticulous hand production even if the three pieces obdurately resemble found objects, either from nature or distant cultures. The artworks in the exhibition travel through time, encompassing Brancusi-like forms and futuristic velocity of thought and movement that only a sculptor can dream. The Gardens are in a yearlong curatorial resi42

dency at Art in General, and The Picnic (a current show of The Gardens in Art in General) marks the beginning of it. When: 21 September – 19 October 2013 Opening hours: by appointment

Galerija Vartai

Vilnius Vilniaus Str. 39. LT-01119 Vilnius, Lithuania

Nonprofit / Institutes

Art Vilnius

Lithuanian Art Gallerists’ Association J. Basanavičiaus Str. 1/13. LT-01118 Vilnius, Lithuania

Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius Vokieciu 2. LT-01130 Vilnius, Lithuania

What’s on: Illusionists. On stage design and contemporary art Contemporary stage design is one of the elements of the language of theatre that help to create an illusion. And this illusion tries, in every way, to conceal the fact that it is not real. In the exhibition “Illusionists”, theatre is regarded as one of the “power plants of imagination” that operate in our daily lives. The exhibition presents artists’ projects, photos, excerpts and fragments of performances and stage designs created in Lithuania during the past two decades, all woven into a story in the centre of which is the question – who, or what, creates stage design, and how. Curated by Julija Fomina and Virginija Januškevičiūtė When: 6 September – 16 October 2013 Summertime Readings. Selected works from Cesis Art Festival exhibition 2013.IX.13–2013.X.16 The exhibition Summertime Readings presents manifestations of fiction and documentary in the work of contemporary artists and explores contemporary art’s interaction with the time-based arts such as literature, theater, and cinema. The exhibition pays special attention to original and powerful

Vadim Fishkin: Miss Christmas (2012) IMAGE for the exhibition Summertime Readings. Selected works from Cesis Art Festival exhibition © Contemporary Art Centre tives and an artist or art work’s storytelling capacity. Curator by Kęstutis Kuizinas When: 13 September – 16 October 2013 David Maljkovič (Solo exhibition) When: 19 November 2013 – 19 January 2014 Opening hours: Tue–Sun 12–8 pm

Lithuanian Art Museum Vilnius Bokšto Str. 5. LT-01126 Vilnius, Lithuania

Poland Galleries

Agra Art Auction House Warsaw Wilcza 55/63 00-679 Warsaw, Poland gallery guide

Aleksander Bruno Gallery Warsaw Bracka Str. 3/1a 00-501 Warsaw, Poland

What’s on: Agnieszka Brzeżańska, Elisabeth Smolarz, Alina Szapocznikow: Fifth Force The fifth force is a notion derived from the contemporary cosmological researches. It describes the problem of dark energy and help to understand and to redefine the acceleration of the universe expansion. The exhibition focuses on three artists: Agnieszka Brzeżańska, Elizabeth Smolarz and Alina Szapocznikow. In Brzeżańska’s works one can see the searching for alternative systems of understanding, peering at that what is almost impossible to see. The cycle of photographs called “Tatetawari” represents the flame as a pure, instantaneous transformation inscribed in a cyclical system of nature. Elizabeth Smolarz reconstructs the act of transformation of non-artistic object into the work of art (“In saecula saeculorum”) that re43

Bochenska Gallery

Warsaw Ząbkowska 27/31 03-736 Warsaw, Poland

BWA WARSZAWA Gallery Warsaw Jakubowska 16/3 03-902 Warsaw, Poland

What’s on: Agnieszka Kalinowska „The Eastern Wall”

Agnieszka Brzeżańska: Rarog 2012, Photography © Aleksander Bruno Gallery sembles alchemical searching for Philosophical Stone. Last, but not least, Alina Szapocznikow’s drawings signalize the quest to find the formal key to represent tension between that which is organic, changeable, whimsical and that which is closed shut and stopped in the permanently defined shape. When: 27 September – 29 November 2013

This exhibition presents the artist’s most recent work, created in 2012 and 2013. Using paper, she recreates motifs taken from her surrounding environment: flaking paint, prefabricated metal pieces and dust. Her work is not, however, a documentary representation of previously seen objects, but rather an intuitional attempt at recalling them from memory. The title The Eastern Wall is not solely a geopolitical notion, but above all a mental one. The East is generally understood in a specific way: the arena of the fall of the Soviet version of a modernist utopia. With less focus on precision, here classic modernism was filtered through the specific mentality of people from the East. Agnieszka Kalinowska focuses attention on the formal anomalies that resulted from human activity, which introduced slight shifts to the ideally designed geometric forms. When: 27 September – 26 November 2013

Opening hours: Wed–Sat 12–6 pm

Asymetria Gallery

Warsaw Jakubowska Str. 16 03-902 Warsaw, Poland

BB Gallery

Krakow Garbarska Str. 24. 31-131 Krakow, Poland

BB Gallery

Wroclaw Jatki 3–6 50-111 Wroclaw, Poland


Agnieszka Kalinowska: Untitled 2013, paper,32 x 30 x 1 cm © BWA Warszawa Gallery

Opening hours: Wed–Sat 3–7 pm (August, September only by appointment)

Czarna Gallery

Warsaw Henryk Sienkiewicza Str.4 door 2. 00-015 Warsaw, Poland

Galeria Czułość

Warsaw Koszykowa Str. 63 00-667 Warsaw, Poland

Desa Modern Gallery Warsaw Bartycka 116. 00-716 Warsaw, Poland

Desa Unicum

Warsaw Marszałkowska 34/50 00-554 Warsaw, Poland

DOM – The Functional House

Gen. Andersa 13 lok. 6. 00-159 Warsaw, Poland

Heppen Transfer

Warsaw Wilcza 29a m. 12 , (4th floor) 00-544 Warsaw, Poland

Karol Winiarczyk Gallery

Vienna Nibelungengasse 8. / Eschenbachgasse 7 A-1010 Vienna, Austria

Kolonie Gallery

Warsaw Bracka 23 m. 52 00-028 Warsaw, Poland

Le Guern Gallery

Warsaw Widok 8. 00-023 Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw Jakubowska 16. 03-902 Warsaw, Poland

Freta Gallery

Warsaw Freta 25. 00-227 Warsaw, Poland

Foksal Gallery

Warsaw Foksal 1/4. 00-950 Warsaw, Poland

Foksal Gallery Foundation Warsaw Górskiego 1A 00-033 Warsaw, Poland

FF Gallery

Lódz Traugutta 18. 90-113 Lódz, Poland

FPSW Gallery Warsaw

gallery guide

Natalia LL: Lustro 1964, Photography © Lokal30 Gallery 45

Leto Gallery

Warsaw Mińska 25. 03-808 Warsaw, Poland

Lokal30 Gallery

Warsaw Wilcza Str. 29 a /12 00-544 Warszawa What’s on: Natalia LL: Doing gender Natalia LL is a living legend of the Polish avant-garde. In the 1960s and 70s she pioneered Polish performance art, experimental film and installation work, while also making important contributions to sculpture and photography. We will show for the first time Natalia LL’s photographic works made with Andrzej Lachowicz in Wroclaw in the mid 1960s. These are her first attempts to objectively capture an image of the human body. When: 27 September – 9 November 2013 Opening hours: Wed–Fri 12–6 pm, Sat 11 am – 3 pm


Warsaw Puławska Str. 41/22 02-508 Warsaw, Poland

m2 gallery

Warsaw Oleandrów Str. 6. 00-629 Warsaw, Poland

Nautilus Gallery & Auction House Krakow Pijarska 5/2A 31-015 Krakow, Poland

Ostoya Auction House Warsaw Gen. J. Zajączka 8. 01-522 Warsaw, Poland

Piekary Gallery

Poznan Marcin Str. 80/82 61-809 Poznan, Poland Culture Centre ’Zamek’ 46

Andrzej Wasilewski: Les fleurs du mal 2013, © Piekary Gallery What’s on: Andrzej Wasilewski Les fleurs du mal The Piekary Gallery presents a new exhibition Les fleurs du mal by Andrzej Wasilewski. The multimedia art project consists of lightboxes, videos and installations that are constantly updated with online data. As a result, animated title-flowers appear on the walls, they bloom and fade according to statistical data derived from the Internet, they fascinate, but also haunt viewers overwhelming with excess information. The project is partially financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. When: 4 October – 15 November 2013 Opening hours: Mon–Fri 10 am – 6 pm

Pies Gallery

Poznan Dąbrowskiego 25a 60-840 Poznan, Poland

Pola Magnetyczne

Warsaw Londyńska 13 03-921 Warsaw, Poland

What’s on: Grzegorz Kowalski: American Stills American Stills is an exhibition of photographs, collages, serigraphies and notes from Grzegorz Kowalski’s time in the USA in 1970/71. Drawn into the saturated iconosphere, he carried out actions on images of popular culture. The practice of intervening in the image is not a celebration of American culture, but a reflection of the mobility and tumult of a world that Kowalski had the opportunity to observe during his stay beyond the Iron Curtain.Grzegorz Kowalski – born in 1942, Warsaw, Poland. Sculptor, performance artist, creator of installations, educator,essayist and art critic. When: 27 September – 16 November 2013 Opening hours: Wed–Fri 3–8 pm, Sat 1–5 pm

Polswiss Art Auction House Warsaw Wiejska 20. 00-490 Warsaw, Poland

Profile Fundation

Warsaw Hoża 41/22 00-681 Warsaw, Poland

Propaganda Gallery

Preview of Oskar Dawicki’s exhibition 2013, © Raster Gallery and recreation, between a work of art and its profanation. The artist refers to one of the most significant figures of modern art in Poland – the victims in Andrzej Wróblewski’s Executions. A series of photographs by Dawicki accompanies a site-specific installation. When: 27 September – 09 November 2013

Warsaw Foksal 11 lok. 1 00-372 Warsaw, Poland

Opening hours: Tue–Sat 12–6 pm

Galeria Dawid Radziszewski

Rempex Auction House

Raster Gallery

Rempex Auction House

What’s on: One Piece to Little

Rempex Auction House

Warsaw Krochmalna Str. 3. Warsaw Poland

Warsaw Wspólna 63. 00-687 Warsaw, Poland

In Oskar Dawicki’s latest works, the artist raises the question of where the limits of spectacle are set with regard to art and to life – of the difference between a show and one’s destiny, between representation gallery guide

Warsaw Karowa St. 31. 00-324 Warsaw, Poland

Krakow Jagiellońska Str. 6a. 31-010 Krakow, Poland

Sopot Niepodległosci Str. 734. 81-840 Sopot, Poland



Jurry: Holiday Hat oil, canvas, 62 × 95 cm, 1975 © Zderzak Gallery

Starmach Gallery

Zacheta Project Room

Starter Gallery

Zderzak Gallery

Stereo Gallery

What’s on: The Minister Disapproves of Such Statements or: Metapolitics

Krakow Węgierska 5. 30-535 Krakow, Poland

Warsaw Andersa 13. 00-159 Warsaw, Poland

Poznan Słowackiego 36/1 60-825 Poznan, Poland

Zak Branicka Gallery

Berlin Lindenstraße 35. D-10969 Berlin, Germany

Zacheta Gallery

Warsaw Małachowskiego 3. 00-916 Warsaw, Poland gallery guide

Warsaw Gałczyńskiego 3. 00-362 Warsaw, Poland

Krakow Florinska 3. 31-019 Krakow, Poland

The Metapolitics exhibition gathers works which take an oblique look at politics, whether metaphorically or otherwise, as art will do when it does not take on the heavy task of propaganda. Participating artists: Jaap Blonk, Rafał Bujnowski, Jurry, Zbigniew Libera, Jarosław Modzelewski, Danuta Urbanowicz When: 23 August – 26 October 2013 Opening hours: Tue–Sat 12–5 pm


ZPAF i S-ka Gallery

Krakow Tomasza sw 24. 31-027 Krakow, Poland

Nonprofit / Institutes

Centrala – Central Europe Comics Art Poznan Fredry 7/3 61-701 Poznan, Poland

Centrum Sztuki

Warsaw Jazdów 2. 00-467 Warsaw, Poland

Fundacja Arton

Warsaw Mińska 25, Soho Factory 03-808 Warsaw, Poland


Warsaw Andersa 13, klatka VII (skwer Tekli Bądarzewskiej) 00-159 Warszawa, Poland

Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art Gdansk Jaskółcza 1. 80-767 Gdansk, Poland

Museum of History of Photography Krakow Józefitów Str. 16. 30-045 Krakow, Poland

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAK) Krakow Lipowa 4. 30-702 Krakow, Poland


Lódz Więckowskiego Str. 36. 90-734 Lódz, Poland 50


Lódz Ogrodowa Srt. 19. 91-065 Lódz, Poland

National Museum

Gdansk Toruńska 1. 80-822 Gdansk, Poland

National Museum

Poznan Aleje Marcinkowskiego 9. 61-745 Poznan, Poland

National Museum

Szczecinie Staromłyńska 27. 70-561 Szczecin, Poland

National Museum

Warsaw Jerozolimskie 3. 00-495 Warsaw, Poland

Karykatury Muzeum/Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art Warsaw Kozia 11. 00-070 Warsaw, Poland

Poster Museum in Wilanow Warsaw St Kostki Potockiego Str. 10/16. 02-958 Warsaw, Poland


2+3D Magazin

Krakow Kochanowskiego 19/1 31-127 Krakow, Poland

Arteon Magazin

Poznan Grunwaldzka 104. 60-307 Poznan, Poland

Artluk Magazin

Torun Wały gen. Sikorskiego 13. 87-100 Torun, Poland

Exit Art Magazin

Warsaw Rynek Starego Miasta 2 00-272 Warsaw, Poland

Piktogram Magazin

Warsaw Ogrodowa 32/96 00-896 Warsaw, Poland

Romania Galleries

26 Gallery

Bucharest Dr. Staicovici 26. Sector 5 Bucharest, Romania

418 Gallery

Bucharest Intrarea Armasului 12, Et.2. Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania What’s on: Structure & Energy. The Need for Abstraction Participating artists: Diet Sayler, Romul Nutiu, Vincentiu Grigorescu Both as an idea and artistic practice, abstraction managed to find its proper language in the Romanian art. Vincenţiu Grigorescu, Romul Nuţiu and Diet Sayler have determinedly opted for abstractionism. The political context forced them to cut the identification with a comfortable composition of lines, forms and colors. Aggressively visual, the three artists had great revolutionary and/ or utopian ambitions. The repertory of forms revealed them the only certain thing: the only way to control a system is to take a reasonable distance from it. (Liviana Dan) Curated by Joana Grevers & Liviana Dan When: 13 June – 31 October 2013

Diet Sayler: Giocco 2005, acrylic on canvas and wood, 99 × 136 × 5,5 cm © 418 Gallery gallery guide


Alexandru Radvan: The Pigs acrylic on canvas, 146,5 × 216 cm, 2012, © Anaid Art Gallery

Aiurart Gallery

Anca Poterasu Gallery

Ana Cristea Gallery

Andreiana Mihail Gallery

Anaid Art Gallery

AnnArt Gallery & Auction House

What’s on: Alexandru Rădvan: „Epic”

Alis Auction House

The exhibition “Epic” depicts the total identification of the artist Alexandru Rădvan with the Ulysses character that generates an ample series of drawings, cement reliefs, paintings and large size sculptures that underline a personal odyssey which reflects the moral and physical portrait, their deeds and relations regarding the environment in a relative objectivity. When: 19 June – 31 October 2013

Arhipelag Gallery

Bucharest Lirei Str. 21 Bucharest

Cluj–New York 521 West 26th Street NY 10001 New York, USA

Bucharest Strada Slobozia Str. 34. 040524 Sector 4 Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest 56 Plantelor Str. 56 023975 Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest Vasile Alecsandri Str. 16. 10639 Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest Mahatma Gandhi Str. 1. 11407 Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest Bd. Iancu de Hunedoara 8., Bl. H3, Sector 1 Bucharest, Romania

Cluj-Napoca Buna Ziua Str. 34–36. 400495 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Opening hours: Mon–Fri 11 am – 7 pm, Sat 10 am – 6 pm 52

Artmark Gallery & Auction House

Club Electroputere Bucharest

ArtXpert – Concept Store

Club Electroputere Craiova

Bucharest CA Rosetti Str. 5. 010281 Bucharest, Romania

Putul lui Zamfir Str. 45–47 Sector 1 Bucharest, Romania

ArtXpert – Art Depot

Armeneasca Str. 18 a. Sector 2 Bucharest, Romania

Art Yourself Gallery

Bucharest Nicolae Ionescu Str. 11. 011371 Sector 1 Bucharest, Romania

Atelier35 Gallery

Bucharest Șelari Str. 13. Sector 3 Bucharest, Romania


Cluj Fabrica de Pensule Henri Barbusse 59–61, 3rd floor Cluj Napoca, 400616, Romania

Bazis Gallery

Bucharest Str. Biserica Enei 16 010019 Bucharest, Romania

Craiova Calea Bucuresti 56 Craiova 200515 Craiova, Romania

Galateea Gallery

Bucharest Calea Victoriei 132. 010094 Bucharest, Romania

Goldart Action House

Bucharest Ioan Voda Caragea Str. 27. Sector 1 Bucharest, Romania

H’art Gallery

Bucharest C.A. Rosetti Str. 25. Bucuresti, Romania

Ivan Gallery

Bucharest Dr. Dimitrie Grecescu 13. 050598 Bucharest, Romania

Cluj H. Barbusse Str. 59–61. Fabrica de Pensule Cluj Napoca, Romania

Jecza Gallery

BAZIS contemporary art space

Karousel Gallery

Moosdorfstrasse 7–9. Berlin, Germany

Calina Gallery

Timisoara Strada Marasesti nr. 1–3. Timisoara, Romania

Colors Art Gallery

Bucharest–Paris SWAN Office & Technology Park 15–23. North Road – Pipera 077190 Voluntari Ilfov

Timisoara Calea Martilior 51/52–53. 300774 Timisoara, Romania

Bucharest Strada George Calinescu 5A Sector 1 Bucharest, Romania

Konstant Gallery

Oradea Piata Tineretului no. 1. Oradea, Romania What’s on: Adrian Chirila: „Forced Boundary” Konstant Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of the artist Adrian CHIRILA

gallery guide


Adrian Chirila: Dinner oil on canvas 97 × 77 cm, © Konstant Gallery b. 1985, who lives and works in Oradea / RO. The latest works made by the young artist present themselves with a surprising initiative, regarding the plastic expression.The exhibition contains paintings accomplished in the oil on canvas technique. Figurative paintings impoverished in strong colors, representing obsessive characters arranged or depicted in crossing boundaries... timeless borders. Curated by Constantin Costea. When: 3 October – 15 November 2013 Opening hours: Mon–Fri 11 am – 5 pm

Lateral Gallery

Cluj-Napoca Henri Barbusse 59–6. Fabrica de pensule 400616 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Little Yellow Gallery

Bucharest 56 Plantelor Str. 56 023975 Bucharest, Romania


Magma Contemporary Art Space Sf. Gheorghe Piaţa Libertăţii 2. 520008 Sf. Gheorghe, Romania

What’s on: Stimulated Vibrations Stimulated Vibrations is a collective show including interactive installations, sound based works, live acts and some archive stuff from the early 2000s till today from few relatively young & subversive, Hungarian artists living in Hungary and Romania. Participating artists: : Csaba Csiki (allergische platze, Raphael Lostak, OVEKK_ FINN, Cicalley), Szilárd Miklós, Péter Szabó (allergische platze, OVEKK_FINN, Jackie Triste), Szabolcs Veres (Cicalley) When: 11 October – 10 November 2013 WAITING SPACES [2012] Project by Asociatia Simultan and H.arta Group At the beginning of 2010, Simultan Association and h.arta group initiated in Timişoara a

series of reunions bringing together local artists. These reunions, which were also open to the public, started off from questions such as: What are the chances of developing a system that would make it possible for us to work together, in the current context in which it is often difficult to find the time and space for long-term collaborative work? What is the potential of real collaborative work, beyond the rhetoric of grant proposals, in this current context in which the increasing shortage of funding for culture and financial crisis dystopias create an atmosphere of uncertaintywhile-waiting? How can we use the practical example of work based on friendship as a model to counter the general tendency towards individualism and competition that the artistic scene and society in general seem to adopt – a model countering the panic generated by the crisis and the frantic struggle to save yourself and not think about the others? When: 16 November – 8 December 2013 Opening times: Tue–Sun 11 am – 7 pm

Melenia Art Gallery

Bucharest Constantin Daniel 3. Sector 1 Bucharest, Romania

Mihai Nicodim Gallery

Los Angeles 3143 S. La Cienega Blvd, Unit B CA 90016 Los Angeles, USA

Mihai Nicodim Gallery

Bucharest Strada Academiei 15. Etaj 2, Apartament 4, Sector 1 Bucharest, Romania

Új Kriterion Gallery

Miercurea Ciuc Petőfi Str. 4. 530210 Miercurea Ciuc, Romania

Pál Auction House and Gallery Miercurea Ciuc Szász Endre Str. 28. 530120 Miercurea Ciuc, Romania

What’s on: Hiltrud Schäfer – Wilfried Bohne: Slowly growing dialogues With the installation „Menschenbilder” the artist Hiltrud Schäfer builds up very diverse space

HiltrudSchafer: Menschenbielder installation detail 2, © Pál Auction House and Gallery gallery guide


situations. The interplay of space – loaded up with the previous and historical know­ledge of the viewer and with his expectations resulting from this very knowledge, leads to a vast variety of messages and interpretations. About the gouaches of Wilfried Bohne: „…it is a composition, where everything seems to crumble, though its purpose is to create a whole on the painting surface and thus to produce stability...” (Martin Ebbers) When: 16 September – 16 October 2013

Recyclenest Gallery

Enéh Veress and Lehel Gál: Day of Hungarian Painting

Zorzini Gallery

A celebration of the dialogue between artists and visitors. Exhibition organized with our partner, Levendula Gallery (Gödöllő, HU) on the occasion of the Day of Hungarian Painting. When: 18 October – 16 November 2013 Opening hours: Mon–Fri 10 am – 4 pm

Peles Empire

Fabrica de Pensule, etaj 1 59–61 Henri Barbusse Str. 400616 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Plan B Gallery

Berlin Potsdamer Str. 77–87 10785 Berlin, Germany What’s on: Adrian Ghenie and Navid Nuur: On the Road to ... Tarascon When: 20 September – 14 December 2013 Opening hours: Tue–Sat 12–6 pm

Plan B Gallery

Cluj Str. Henri Barbusse 59–61 Fabrica de Pensule 400616 Cluj, Romania

Posibilă Gallery

Bucharest Popa Petre Str. 6. Sector 2 Bucharest, Romania

Quadro Gallery

Bucharest Icoanei Str. 17. Sector 2 Bucharest, Romania

Sabot Gallery

Cluj-Napoca Horea Str 12. 400038, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Bucharest Thomas Masaryk Str. 31. 020984 Bucharest, Romania

Nonprofit / Institutes

Center for Visual Introspection Bucharest

Contemporary Art Museum

Sangeorz-Bai Republici Str. 68. 425300 Sangeorz-Bai, Romania

Lateral Art Space

Cluj-Napoca Henri Barbusse 59–6. 400616 Cluj-Napoca, Romania What’s on: Lucian Bran: BACK TO WELLHEAD „In my hometown, where the city meets the forest, people meet themselves in an almost ritually circumstance.The wellheads at the edge of the city offer to community the opportunity to relive this sacred gesture of going towards the water. As common as it seems for the ones that go there regularly, as strange it looks for the unfamiliar eye. Together with the sources, the water devotees became part of the peripheral scenery of the city. ”– the artist When: 4 October – 4 November 2013 Opening hours: Mon–Fri 11–17 (appointment recommended)

Cluj Napoca Str. 2–4. Ist floor, 64 400009 Cluj, Romania 56

Lucian Bran: Back to Wellhead Project 2013, © Lateral Gallery

Romanian Cultural Institute

Bucharest Puţul lui Zamfir Str. 39. Sector 1, 011242, Bucharest, Romania

Simultan Association

Timisoara Dimitrie Cantemir Str. 1/B/4 300001 Timisoara, Romania

The Art Museum

Cluj-Napoca Banffy Palace, Piaţa Unirii 30 400098 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The Contemporary Art Gallery of the National Brukenthal Museum Tribunei Str. 6 Sibiu, 550163, Romania

gallery guide

The National Museum of Art of Romania Bucharest Calea Victoriei 49–53. 70101 Bucharest, Romania

Visual Art Museum

Galati Strada Domneasca nr 141 800163 Galati, Romania


IDEA arts + society

Cluj-Napoca Dorobanţilor Str. 12 400117 Cluj-Napoca, Romania



Russia Galleries

16th Line Gallery

Rostov-on-Don 7a 16th Line 344019 Rostov-on-Don Russia

Aidan Gallery

Moscow Winzavod 4th Syromyatnicheskiy lane 1/6 150120 Moscow, Russia

Agency Art Gallery

Moscow Ozerkovskaya emb. 26. 115184 Moscow, Russia

AL Gallery

Saint-Petersburg Bolshaya Morskaya 3–5. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Anna Nova Art Gallery

Saint-Petersburg Zhukovskogo Str. 28. 191014 Saint-Petersburg, Russia What’s on: Uldus Bakhtiozina:Desperate romantics When: 27 September – 26 October 2013 Opening hours: Tue–Sat 12–7 pm

Arka Gallery

Vladivostok Svetlanskaya Str. 5. 690091 Vladivostok, Russia

Art re.Flex Gallery

Saint-Petersburg Bld. 5, Bakunina pr., 191024 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Barbarian Art Gallery

Zurich Limmatstrasse 275. 8005 Zurich, Switzerland

D137 Art Club gallery guide

Saint-Petersburg Rubinshtein st. 15–17. 191002 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Diehl Gallery

Berlin–Moscow Niebuhrstrasse 2. 10629 Berlin Charlottenburg, Germany What’s on: Olga Chernysheva: Person protected by drawing When: 8 September – 9 November 2013 Opening hours: Tue–Fri 11 am – 6 pm, Sat 11 am – 2 pm

Elena Vrublevskaya Gallery Moscow Rozhdestvensky Blvrd. 19.

Fine Art Gallery

Moscow Bolshaya Sadovaya Str, 3 bld. 10, 123001 Moscow, Russia

Fotoloft Gallery

Moscow 4-th Syromyatnicheskiy lane, 1, bld. 6, 105120 Moscow, Russia

Frolov Gallery

Moscow 16/7 Derbenevskaya Naberegnaya 1 Building 16 Moscow, Russia

Garage Center for Contemporary Culture Moscow 9/45 Krymsky Val Str.. 199049 Moscow, Russia

What’s on: John Baldessari: 1+1=1 The first exhibition of John Baldessari’s work in Russia, 1+1=1, presents the artist’s most recent completed series of paintings that offer a playful ‘double take’ on the canon of art history and continue his longstanding investigation into the tensions between text and image in art. Produced in 2011 and 2012, the works were created in four interconnected 59

parts — Double Vision, Double Feature, Double Bill (Part 1 and 2) and Double Play. The exhibition at Garage will be the first time a selection from all the Double series are seen together. When: 21 September – 24 November 2013

Kabinet Auction House

Opneing hours: Daily 10 am – 10 pm

Moscow Krymsky Val 10 Kartina Art Centre 119049 Moscow, Russia

Gary Tatintsian Gallery

Moscow Iljinka 3/8 Bld. 5., office 306. 109012 Moscow, Russia

Gelos Auction House

Moscow Botkinsky Proezd 2/6 1st 125284 Moscow, Russia

Marina Gisich Gallery

Saint Petersburg Fontanka emb., 121 190068 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Glaz Gallery

Moscow Malaya ordinka 23. 119017 Moscow, Russia

GMG Gallery

Moscow Leont’evskiy pereulok 2–a/1 125009 Moscow, Russia

Guelman Gallery

Moscow 4-th Syromyatnicheskiy pereulok, 1. Str. 6, Contemporary Art Centre Winzavod 105120 Moscow, Russia

Grinberg Gallery

Moscow Krimsky Val. 10 119049 Moscow, Russia

Khankhalaev Gallery

Kournikova Gallery

Moscow 36 Borki, 19th Kilometre, RublevoUspenskoe Highway Moscow, Russia

Krokin Gallery

Moscow Bolshaya Polyanka Str. 15 119180 Moscow, Russia


Moscow 3 Obukha per, 105064 Moscow, Russia

Lazarev Gallery

Saint Petersburg 5/5, 6th line, Vasilievsky island 199034 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Leonid Lerner Gallery

Moscow 11 Vorotnikovsky per 11 Bld. 3 Moscow, Russia

Leonid Shishkin Gallery

Moscow Kutuzovsky prospect, 2/1, build.1

Moscow 4-th Syromyatnicheskiy pereulok, 1. Str. 6, Contemporary Art Centre Winzavod 105120 Moscow, Russia

Magnum Ars Auction House

Iragui Gallery

Nadja Brykina Gallery

Moscow 7/7–5, Malaya Polyanka 119180 Moscow, Russia 60

Moscow Lavrushinsky lane 11/a 119017 Moscow, Russia

Moscow Myasnitskaja 24. 101000 Moscow

Eva Stenram: Drape (Colour I) from the Drape series, 2011, C-type Lambda Print, 60x60 cm, edition of 5+2AP © Eva Stenram, Pobeda Gallery

Nadja Brykina Gallery Zürich Sihlstrasse 91. 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Open Gallery

Moscow Trubnikovskiy lane, 22 building 2 121069 Moscow, Russia

Paperworks Gallery

Moscow 4th Syromyatnichesky lane, 1, bld.6 Moscow, Russia

Pobeda Gallery

Moscow Red Sqr. 3. GUM, the third line, third floor Moscow, Russia What’s on: Eva Stenram: Drape Eva Stenram brings together analogical archival material and digital manipulation, creating scenarios where the uncanny takes centre stage. Stenram often uses found images, such as negatives, magazines and images from the Internet, as her source of inspiration and working material. The square images all derive from original medium format negatives; the rest of the (rectangular)

gallery guide 61

Fedor Markushevich: F from the series Still Life with Danaya 2011, C-print, 110 × 155 cm, © Pop/off/art Gallery images are derived from the 1960s men’s magazine Cavalcade and retain their original size and layout in relation to the magazine page, with blank areas standing in for excised text. These are scanned or downloaded to digital files that the artist manipulates, reinterpreting at each time the image anew. Drape uses vintage pin-up photographs as its source material. When: 21 September – 17 November 2013 Opening hours: Mon–Sun 10 am – 10 pm

Polina Lobachevskaya Gallery Moscow Dimitrovskoe shosse 29. 127550 Moscow, Russia

Pop/off/art Gallery

Berlin Mommsenstr. 35 10629 Berlin, Germany What’s on: Fedor Markushevich:Collection“ In the seria „Collection” Fedor Markushevich confronts us with 15 photographs of women in different erotic poses. These images are looking very provocative and remind with 62

the special positions of the bodies to insects or butterflies. In his second seria „Still Life with Danaya”, he presents us six photographic works in a very poetic ambience. The interior consists mostly of items that he has taken from his own home or from the dacha of his father. So all of these things, he knows very well since his childhood. The viewer can discover in Markushevichs body arrangements also some references to the recent art history, such as to Michelangelo Pistolettos „Venus of rags” or to others. When: 7 September – 19 October 2013 Olga Tobreluts „Neue Mythologie” When: 26 October – 7 December 2013 Opening hours: Tue–Fri 10 am – 7 pm, Sat 11 am – 3 pm

Pop/off/art Gallery

Moscow 4th Syromyatnicheskiy Lane 1 105120 Moscow, Russia

Proekt Fabrika

Moscow 18, Perevedenovsky side 105082 Moscow, Russia

Proun Gallery

Ural Vision Gallery

Regina Gallery

Victoria Gallery

Regina Gallery

Vostochnaya Gallery

RuArts Gallery

XL Gallery

Moscow 4 Syromiatnichesky per 1/7 105120 Moscow, Russia

London 22 Eastcastle Str. London, W1W 8DE, UK

Moscow 1, 4th Syromyatnichesky pereulok 105120 Moscow, Russia

Moscow 1 Zachatievskiy Str. 10. 119034 Moscow, Russia

Sovcom Auction House Moscow Schepkina Str. 28. 129090 Moscow, Russia

Stella Art Fundation

Moscow Skaryatinsky pereulok, 7 121069 Moscow, Russia

The Auction House of the Russian Federation Saint-Petersburg Grivtsova lane 5. 190000 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography Moscow Bolotnaya naberezhnaya 3 Str. 1 119072 Moscow, Russia

Triumph Gallery

Moscow 3/8, Ilyinka Str, building 5 109012 Moscow, Russia

Yekaterinburg Sheinkmana Str 10. 2 floor Yekaterinburg, Russia

Samara 2 Nekrasovskaya \ 125 M. Gor’kogo 443099 Samara, Russia

Moscow Pushkarev pereulok 10. 107045 Moscow, Russia

Moscow Siromiatnichesky per. 1 Str. 6 Winzavod Art Center 105120 Moscow, Russia

Nonprofit / Institutes

Contemporary Art Museum Moscow Hlinovsky tupik, 4. 125009 Moscow, Russia

Erarta – The Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art Saint Petersburg 2, Vasilevsky Island 199106 Saint Petersburg, Russia


Saint Petersburg 2, Dvortsovaya Ploshchad 190000 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Moscow Museum of Modern Art Moscow Petrovka Str. 25. 107031 Moscow, Russia

Multimedia Art Museum Moscow Ostozhenka Str., 16, Moscow, Russia

gallery guide 63

NCCA – National Centre for Contemporary Arts

Moscow Zoologicheskaya st. 13, build. 2., 123342 Moscow, Russia

Novy Museum

Saint Petersburg 29, Vasilevsky Island 199004 Saint Petersburg, Russia

PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art Perm Ordzhonikidze, 2 614000 Perm, Russia

The Russian Museum

Saint Petersburg Inzhenernaya Str., 4 191186 Saint Petersburg, Russia

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Art Moscow Volkhonka Str. 12. 119019 Moscow, Russia

Tretyakov Gallery

Moscow 10, Lavrushinsky Lane 119017 Moscow, Russia

Winzavod Centre For Contemporary Art

Moscow 4th Syromyatnicheskiy lane, 1, Bld. 6 107120 Moscow, Russia



Moscow Neglinnaya str 15. bld. 1, Office 37 127051 Moscow, Russia

Russian Art Magazine

Moscow Lavrushinsky Str., 3/8, 2. 119017 Moscow, Russia 64

Serbia Galleries

Madl’Art Auction House Belgrade Kralja Milana 21. 11000 Belgrad, Serbia

Remont Gallery

Belgrade Maršala Birjuzova 7. 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Ideas Gallery

Belgrade Hilandarska 14. 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Sales Art Gallery Beograd Belgrade Kosančićev Venac 19. 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

What’s on: Jarmila Vesovic (Paintings) When: 3–21 October 2013 (opening 3 October 7 pm) Bosiljka Zirojevic Lecic (Paintings and drawings) When: 24 October – 11 November 2013 (opening: 24 October 7 pm) Serbian Watercolor – 70 years (Watercolors 1940–2013) When: 14 November – 2 December 2013 (opening: 14 November, 7 pm)

Zvono Gallery

Belgrade Visnjiceva 5. 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Nonprofit / Institutes

Kuda – New Media Center Novi Sad Braće Mogin 2. 21113 Novi Sad, Serbia

WU Tien-Chang: The Blind Men and the Street 2008, New media art, 239 × 478 × 3 cm © Museum of Contemporary Art of Voivodina

Museum of Contemporary Art of Voivodina Novi Sad Dunavska 37 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Chao-Liang, YAO Ruei-Chung, YEH Yi-Li, SU Hu-Yu, TSENG Yu-Chin, CHEN Agi,CHANG Keng-Hau, LIU Wen-Hsuan, WU Chi-Tsung When: 6 September – 27 October 2013 Opening hours: Tue–Fri 10 am – 6 pm, Sat–Sun 10 am – 2 pm

What’s on: CARGO EAST_Gazing into Freedom: Taiwan Contemporary Art Exhibition (Republic of China) „A central place within the project has been given to authors who, in their works of art, through contemporary media language, explore different contexts of their social environment and the specificities of cultures in which they create, with an active critical approach towards their own history and tradition. This is also confirmed by the works of fifteen Taiwanese artists gathered for the Gazing Into Freedom: Taiwan Contemporary Art Exhibition, presented as part of the Cargo East project at the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad. The selection of authors and the characteristics of presented works, along with a strong orientation towards the specifics of local context in the choice of themes and motifs, as well as the use of materials and media, point to a very diverse and productive art scene of Taiwan, which with its universally comprehensible language is becoming increasingly present in the international cultural space,and for good reason.” (Sanja Kojić Mladenov) Participating artists: GUO Jen-Chang, WU Tien-Chang, WALIS Labai, HOU Chun-Ming, CHANG Nai-Wen, PENG Hsien-Hsiang, SHEN

Slovakia Galleries

19 Gallery

Bratislava Lazaretska 2402/19 811 09 Bratislava, Slovakia

AMT Project

Bratislava Stetinova 1. 81106 Bratislava, Slovakia

Cin Cin Gallery

Bratislava Podjavorinskej 4. 811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia

CT Gallery

Bratislava Pánska 17. 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

gallery guide 65

Cypriána Majerníka Gallery Bratislava Ventúrska 9. 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

Enter Gallery

Bratislava Panska 245/13 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

Faica Gallery

levich Black Square and Yves Klein nude-model-brush-works on canvas. This series followed her earlier painting series, titled Lipstick Painting A’la Fontana, from which four pieces were exhibited in 2004 group show, in the gallery. With the methodology of using painting routines – and attached artistic heroism –, modernist theory, she transforms the modernists’ paintings into the colors of baby blue and baby pink. Referring to the mandatory gender history of the artists, they productions, and they visibility and art historical representations. When: 2 October – 27 November 2013

Bratislava Františkánske námestie 7. 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

Opening hours: Thu–Fri: 2 pm – 6.30 pm, Sat 11 am – 4 pm and by appointment

Gandy Gallery

Roman Fecik Gallery

What’s on: ORSHI DRODZIK: It’s All Over Now Baby Blue

HIT Gallery

Bratislava Sienkiewiczova 4. 811 09 Bratislava, Slovaki

Drozdik’s work series titled, It’s All Over Now Baby Blue, refers to the modernist work of Ma-

Bratislava Zámočnícka 8, 811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava Hviezdoslavovo námestie 18. 811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia

Orshi Drozdik: Individual mythology, Jalta 1976, 21 × 29 cm, silver gelatin, ed 5, © Gandy Gallery 66

Kressling Gallery


Krokus Gallery

What’s on: Štefan Papčo All good things aim at the same point

Bratislava Ventúrska 18. 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava Námestie 1. Mája 3. 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia

Medium Gallery

Bratislava Hviezdoslav Sqr. 18. 814 37 Bratislava, Slovakia

Nova Gallery

Bratislava Bastová 2. 811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia

Open Gallery

Bratislava Baštová 5. 811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia


Bratislava Dobrovičova 3 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia

Soga Auction House

Bratislava Panská 4. 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia


Bratislava Velehradská 7/A 821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia

T Gallery

Bratislava Panská 24. 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

X Gallery

Bratislava Zámočnícka 5. 811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava Štúrova 10 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia

Štefan Papčo’s work is closely connected to his main interest in a nature and land. He transformed own boyish adoration of rockclimbers’ heroic performance into a reality, in which the obsession with a climbing became a natural part of his life and work, and we are able to recognize it in topics and visual side of his works. They tend to be aesthetic and even romantic at the first sight, but usually they are hiding a serious topic inside, which relatively increase the artist’s quality. Rockclimbers’ world is risky and directly subjected to the laws of a nature. Solitude of individuals and drawing inspiration from empty valleys contrasts to the strong bound of the climbing team, fighting humbly but bravely againsts the power and unpredictability of the mountain environment, freed from any political influences. By having a physical objects in a gallery, Papčo emphasizes and highlights real experience with a land and he tries to discover and newly define the internal world. When: 19 September – 18 October 2013 Opening hours: Mon–Fri 2–6 pm Opening hours: Tue–Sat 3 pm – 7 pm

Nonprofit / Institutes

Andy Warhol Museum

Medzilaborce Andyho Warhola 749/26 068 01 Medzilaborce, Slovakia

Central European House of Photography Bratislava Prepostsk•4. 814 99 Bratislava, Slovakia

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum Bratislava Čunovo vodné dielaratislava 810 00 Bratislava, Slovakia

gallery guide 67

The Gallery of Slovak Union of Visual Arts Dostojevskeho rad 2. 811 09 Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava Studená 12. 82104 Bratislava, Slovakia


Slovak Art Magazin

Slovenia Mlenek Hannes: Rot markiert 2007, 200 × 150 © Mlenek Hannes, Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum What’s on: Hannes Mlenek:Impact. In the titles of his exhibitions, Mlenek again and again addresses the theme of the line. The names associate the line with spirit, space, dynamic, the architecture of gestures, the function of the drawing, the intelligence of the hand, linear dynamism, etc. When: 15 September – 30 December 2013 Opening hours: daily 10 am – 6 pm

Foundation – Center for Contemporary Arts Bratislava Kozia 11. 811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovak National Gallery Bratislava Riečna 1. Esterházy Palace 815 13 Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovenské centrum dizajnu Bratislava Jakubovo nám. 12. 814 99 Bratislava, Slovakia



Alkatraz Gallery

Ljubljana Masarykova 24. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Contra Gallery

Koper Kidričeva 10 SI-6000 Koper-Capodistria Slovenia

Equrna Gallery

Ljubljana Gregorčičeva 3. SI-1000 Ljubljana,Slovenia Director: Jadranka Ljubicic

Galerija Fotografija

Ljubljana Mestni trg. 11/1 SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Gregor Podnar Gallery Berlin Lindenstrasse 35. D-10969 Berlin, Germany

What’s on: Attila Csörgő: Shapes in Transistion

Clock Work 2011, metal, wood, light projections, engine, variable dimension © Gregor Podnar Gallery „Combining the media of photography, sculpture, and drawing, the works of Hungarian-born artist Attila Csörgő offer viewers an intelligent and playful introduction to questions of science and technology. The results are often unexpected, amusing, or even poetic. In long-term experiments the artist explores branches of science such as kinetics, optics, or geometry to examine questions of perception; and on this basis he develops his theories about the construction of reality.” When: 21 September – 26 October 2013

Kapelica Gallery

Opening hours: Tue–Sat 11 am 6 pm

Ljubljana Trg prekomorskih brigad 1. SI-1107 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Gregor Podnar Gallery

Ljubljana Kolodvorska 6. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hest Gallery

Ljubljana Židovska Str. 8. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hest Gallery

Maribor Židovska Str. 1. SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenia

Ljubljana Kersnikova 4. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Passage Gallery

Ljubljana Štefanova 2. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Photon Gallery

Plevnik Kronkowska Gallery Celje Kozjanskega odreda Str. 5. 3000 Celje, Slovenia

P74 Gallery

Ljubljana Trg prekomorskih brigad 1 SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

gallery guide 69

Škuc Gallery

Ljubljana Stari Str. 21. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

TR3 Gallery

Ljubljana Republike Sqr. 3. SI 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Visconti Fine Art

Ljubljana Mestni trg 18. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Nonprofit / Institutes

Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Arts

Ljubljana Neubergerjeva 25. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia What’s on: Bengt Sjölén: TEMPEST Aura (Installation) As artist in residence in Ljubljana, at Ljudmila and Aksioma, intermedia artist and hacker Bengt Sjölén is furthermore developing TEMPEST Aura, a device that takes picture of information leaking from devices or images of the electromagnetic fields around the device by scanning a 2-dimensional area with an electromagnetic transducer. The project is co-produced by Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, Ljubljana and Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, 2013. When: 2–18 October 2013 Josef Seppo Gründler: Asynchronous Memory (Multichannel Audio and Video installation) In 2013, the artist scanned photographs and recorded interviews with relatives, friends and colleagues in Slovenia, Carinthia and the Slovenian – Austrian border regions. The time span of the interviews’ topics ranged from World War II up to contemporary events. All the material was indexed, fed into a database and equipped with a keyword register. According to this, the material is transformed and recomposed in real time by a computer 70

Asynchronous Memory Josef Seppo Gründler © Aksioma Project Space

programme. Different stories are created during the exhibition, following semantic, linguistic and aesthetic rules. The audio material is in German and Slovenian simultaneously, but it is not in synchrony. The languages’ immanent melodies and rhythms are cross-synthesised forming a new hybrid languages. Due to the multichannel projections, the visitors experience different aspects in different spots; due to the real-time reconstruction, they experience different stories every time they visit. When: 27 November – 6 December 2013 Opening hours: Tue–Fri: 12–6 pm

Aksioma Project Space

Ljubljana Komenskega 18 SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

City Art Gallery

Ljubljana Mestni Sqr. 5. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Jakopič Gallery

Ljubljana Slovenska Str. 9. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Anatomy Lesson exhibition Photo by Matevž Paternostercourtesy of MGML

Kapelica Gallery

Media Nox Gallery


The Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

Ljubljana Kersnikova 4. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana Prekomorskih brigad Sqr. 1. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

KIBLA – Association for Culture and Education KIBLA Maribor Ulica kneza Koclja 9. 2000 Maribor, Slovenia

Kolektiva Institute

Ljubljana Teslova 24. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Maribor Art Gallery

Maribor Strossmayerjeva Str. 6. 2000 Maribor, Slovenia

Maribor Zidovska Str. 12. SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenia

Ljubljana Gosposka 15 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

MG+MSUM – Museum of Modern Art Moderna Galerija (Museum of Modern Art) + MSUM (the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova) Ljubljana Tomšičeva 14. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

National Gallery of Slovenia Ljubljana Prešernova 24. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

What’s on: The 6th Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications The Biennial is organised by the Brumen Foundation for a periodic review of national

gallery guide 71

accomplishments in different fields of visual communications design. The 6th exhibition of visual communications is Slovenia’s largest event of its kind. When: 22 October – 24 November 2013 Opening hours: Tue–Sun, 10 am to 6 pm

Plevnik-Kronkowska Gallery Celje Razlogova 9. SI-3000 Celje, Slovenia


Center for Contemporary Arts Ljubljana Metelkova 6. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tobacco 001 Cultural Centre Ljubljana Tobacna Str. 1. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Vžigalica Gallery

Ljubljana Trg francoske revolucije 7. SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

LINE STROKE THE LETTER Tensions between the linguistic and pictorial enable experimentation with the literary and visual artistic expression. The works exhibited (illustration, typography, video, animation, installation, electronic book, web art) are establishing different approaches to the image and letter – partly to encourage a critical “reading” of the visual as well as “looking” at the literary and narrative in a world of the technocratic use of language. Exhibited artists: Vesna Bukovec, Zvonko Čoh and Milan Erič, Tomaž Furlan, Marko A. Kovačič, Damijan Kracina, Amir Muratović, Alenka Pirman, Petra Varl, Zoran Srdič Janežič, Nataša Prosenc Stearns, Rajko Vidrih, Jaka Železnikar and Dejan Habicht. When: until 13 October 2013 30th Biennial of Graphic Arts REGINA JOSÉ GALINDO – THE ANATOMY LESSON The exhibition entitled The Anatomy Lesson in the Jakopič Gallery, curated by Yasmín Martín Vodopivec, will present an overview of the artist’s work, within which, despite the expanding subject areas and altered mechanisms, the poetic component remains constant. The Anatomy Lesson raises ques-

Line stroke the letter © Vžigalica Gallery 72

tions of allocation of gender, cultural and social identities. Regina José Galindo operates in a constant oscillation between the two poles – between poetic language and physical action, individuality and collectivity, between the local and the global. In this way, she highlights the diversification of identities that speak of existential conflict through the metaphorization of historicity. When: until 24 November 2013. ACCOMPANYING THE EXHIBITION IN JAKOPIČ GALLERY Performance workshops: 18 October and 14 November 2013, at 16.00. The performance workshops are conducted by theatre actor Uroš Kaurin. They are suitable for persons over the age of 15. The workshop on 14 November is dedicated to KUL abonma card holders. Public tours of the exhibition: 13 October and 17 November 2013, at 16.30. Opening hours: Tue–Sun 10 am – 6 pm

Ukraine Galleries

Ann Gallery

Kiev Basseynaya Str. 21-B 0 1025 Kiev, Ukraine

AVS-art Gallery

Kiev Vozdvyzenska Str., 10-b 01 025 Kiev, Ukraine

Bottega Gallery

Kiev Mikhaylovskaya Str. 22/b 01 001 Kiev, Ukraine What’s on: Valeriya Trubina:”Open Spaces” Exhibition by Valeriya Trubina is the result of artist’s research of subtle categories of inside and outside space, natural and spiritual, emotional and rational. This immersion in the world of „fascinating existence”, in the world of all-absorbing, but alluring element which

is capable of opening new dimensions of reality perception. When: 17 October – 2 November 2013 Petro Bevza:“Play” An orange elephant is wandering carefree through the milky haze. A boy and a tiger are walking carefully in the curry color water. Another tiger is luxuriating in silver-gray lagoon. The boy is racing with a white horse. Huge birds like white flashes break the silence of the pond’s glassy surface, which remind us a rural rug. To understand what unites these different characters in these series of paintings by Peter Bevza we have to recall the thesis by Johan Huizinga from his important for the cultural anthropology work “Homo ludens”, which tells us that human culture appears and develops as a play. It’s a matter of the “play”, which unlike to the “game” can not be restricted by lined fields and codified rules. It takes place in an open Universe where the rules change with each new member. And the artist is mostly interested in the distinction between these two states. When: 7 November – 23 November 2013 Taras Kovach:”Noise” People have always been interested in the question „where?”, a place where the action is performed. The place is the scenery, the environment that surrounds us, which we fix in memory. Every day we experience a lot of such fixations, one by one they accumulate and settle inside us. The landscapes which are familiar to us, for others can seem just abstract and general, not a place of action but its conditional background. Everything changes dynamically, but here’s a flash-fixation – and then just flickering background. The exhibition „Noise” shows how actual landscapes at a distance form the abstract background. It consists of small images, each of which – self-sufficient. Another part of the exhibition – wallpaper where the landscape casual at first glance becomes place of action.(Taras Kovach) Venue: Shcherbenko Art Centre (Mykhaylivska Str., 22b, Kiev, Ukraine) When: 7 September 7 – November 2013

Brucie Collections Gallery Kiev Artema Str. 55-b 04 053 Kiev, Ukraine

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Petro Bevza: Play Š Bottega Gallery

Collection Gallery

Korners Auction House

Karas Gallery

M Gallery

Kyiv Fine Art Gallery

Mironova Gallery

Kiev Pankivska Str. 8. 01 034 Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev Andreevsky spusk 22-a 01 025 Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev Darwin Str. 5. Kiev, Ukraine 74

Kiev Desyatinnaya Str. 12. 0 4053 Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Kharkov Chernyshevskaya Str. 15. 61 057 Kharkov, Ukraine

Kiev A. Tarasova Str. 5. 01 001 Kiev, Ukraine www.mironova

Tsekh Gallery

Kiev Frunze Str. 69. 04 080 Kiev, Ukraine What’s on: Mykola Bilous: „My Name Is Rosetta” The project is made based on the Belgian Dardenne brothers’ film „Rosetta”1999. Bilous is the famous postmedia artist with his original color decision. He always works on the basis of already existing works of art in other genres and media: movies, photos, paintings and sculpture sometimes. When: 19 October – 7 December 2013 Opening hours: Tue–Sat 2–8 pm

Ya Gallery

Dnipropetrovsk Husenka Str. 17. 49 005 Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Ya Gallery

Kiev Khoryva Str. 49/b. Kiev, Ukraine

Nonprofit / Institutes


Platform for Cultural Initiatives Donetsk Svitlogo Puti 3. 83 029 Donetsk, Ukraine

M17 Contemporary Art Center

Kiev Gorkogo (Antonovycha) Str. 102–104. 0-2000 Kiev, Ukraine


Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine Kiev Hlybochutska Str. 17. 04 050 Kiev, Ukraine


Museum Of Modern Art Odessa Odessa Sabanskyy per.4-A 65 014 Odessa, Ukraine

National Art Museum of Ukraine Kiev Hrushevskogo Str. 6. 01 001 Kiev, Ukraine

Pinchuk Art Centre

Kiev Velyka Vasylkivska / Baseyna vul., 1/3–2, „A Block, 01 004 Kiev, Ukraine

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International Art Fairs SEPTEMBER



Affordable Art Fair

The London Photograph Fair


Rio de Janeiro (BR) 5–8 September 2013

London (UK) Dates for 2013: September 8th, November 10th

Art Moscow

New York (US) 3–6 October

Seoul (KR) 3–7 October 2013

Swab Barcelona

Moscow (RU) 18–22 September 2013

International Contemporary Art Fair Barcelona (ES) 3–6 October 2013

Preview Berlin


Berliner LISTE

VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary

SUMMA Art Fair



Frieze Art Fair

ABC Berlin

MIA Fair

ROMA Contemporary


UNSEEN Photography Fair

Art Toronto

Berlin (DE) 19–22 September 2013

Berlin (DE) 18–22 September 2013

Madrid (ES) 19–22 September 2013

Beirut (LB) 19–22 September 2013

Berlin 19–22 September 2013

Rome (IT) 27–29 September 2013

Amsterdam (NL) 26–29 September 2013

Brussels (BE) 4–6 October 2013

Vienna (AT) 10–13 October 2013

Verona (IT) 10–14 October 2014

London (UK) 17–20 October 2013

Singapore (SG) 23 – 26 October 2014

Paris (FR) 24–27 Octobre 2013

Toronto (CA) 25–28 October 2013

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Cologne (DE) 31 October – 3 November 2013

Abu Dhabi Art Fair

Abu Dhabi (AE) 20–23 November 2013


NOVEMBER Contemporary Istanbul

Istanbul (TR) 7–10 Novembre 2013


Torino (IT) 8–10 November 2013

Strasbourg (FR) 22–25 November 2013

Moscow Contemporary (ESTET) Moscow (RU) 28 November – 1 December 2013


Art Taipei


Paris Photo


Shanghai Art Fair

Art Basel Miami Beach

Arte Lisboa

NADA Art Fair Miami

Taipei (TW) 8–11 November 2013

Paris (FR) 14–17 November 2013

Shanghai (CN) 14–17 November 2013

Lisbon (PT) 14–17 November 2013

Miami (US) 3–8 December 2013

Miami (US) 5–8 December 2013

Miami (US) 5–8 December 2013

Miami (US) 5–8 December 2013

Festivals and biennals SEPTEMBER Venice Biennale

Venice (IT) 1 June – 24 November 2013

Prague Biennale 6 / Prague Biennale Photo 3 Prague (CZ) 6 June – 15 September 2013 78

12th Triennial of Small-scale Sculpture Fellbach (DE) 22 June – 29 September 2013

LIAF 2013 Lofoten International Art Festival Lofoten Islands (NO) 6 September – 26 September 2013

7th GIBCA Göteborg International Biennial of Contemporary Art Göteborg (SE) 7 September – 17 November 2013

12th Lyon Biennial

Lyon (FR) 12 September – 29 December 2013

4th Singapore Biennale

Singapore (SGP) 26 October 2013 – 16 February 2014

New York Photo Festival New York (US) Autumn 2013

13th Istanbul Biennial

Istanbul (TR) 14 September – 20 October 2013

30th Biennial of Graphic Arts

Ljubljana (SLO) 14 September – 24 November 2013

5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

BOLSHE SVETA / MORE LIGHT Moscow (RU) 20 Sep – 20 Oct 2013

Photoquai Biennial

Paris (FR) 17 September – 17 November 2013

BLAF/ Bratislava Art Festival

Bratislava (SK) 26 September – 29 September 2013

Warsaw Gallery Weekend

Warsaw (PL) 27 September – 29 September 2013



New York (US) 1 November – 24 November 2013-09-23

Vienna Art Week

Vienna (AT) 18 November – 24 November 2013

Month of Photography Festival – Central European House of Photography Bratislava (SK) November 2013

18th SESC Videobrasil

Sao Paolo (BR) 5 November 2013 – 2 February 2014

Lens Culture FotoFest Paris Paris (FR) 11–13 November 2013

Florence Biennale – Biennale di Firenze

Florence (IT) 30 November- 8 December 2013-09-23

Danube Video Art Festival

Grein (AT) 18–20 October 2013

OZON International Video Art Festival Katowice (PL) 24–26 October 2013

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ALBANIA / Gallery On The Move, Tirana // AUSTRIA / Galerie Altnöder, Salzburg / Artelier Contemporary, Graz / Projektraum Viktor Bucher, Vienna / Charim Galerie, Vienna / Galerie Chobot, Vienna / Galerie Heike Curtze, Vienna / Kerstin Engholm Galerie, Vienna / Galerie Frey, Vienna/ Salzburg / Lukas Feichtner Galerie, Vienna / Galerie 422 Margund Lössl, Gmunden / Raum mit Licht, Vienna / Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna / Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna / Galerie Lisi Hämmerle, Bregenz / Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna / Christine König Galerie, Vienna / Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna / Knoll Galerie, Vienna/Budapest / KOnzETT Galerie e.U., Vienna / KROBATH, Vienna/ Berlin / Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna / Galerie Eugen Lendl, Graz / Galerie Lindner, Vienna / Galerie Lang Wien, Vienna / Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Salzburg/Vienna / Galerie nächst St. Stephan - Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna / OstLicht. Galerie für Fotografie, Vienna / Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna / Galerie nikolaus Ruzicska, Salzburg / Gabriele Senn Galerie, Vienna / Galerie Schmidt, Reith i. A. / Galerie Silvia Steinek, Vienna / Kunsthandel Heinrich Steinek, Vienna / Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Innsbruck/Vienna / Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna / Galerie zimmermann Kratochwill, Graz // BELGIUM / Galerie Valérie Bach, Brussels // BULGARIA / 0gms Gallery, Sofia / SARIEV Contemporary, Plovdiv // CZECH REPUBLIC / Drdova Gallery, Prague / POLAnSKY GALLERY, Prague / SVIT, Prague // ESTONIA / Temnikova & Kasela Gallery, Tallinn // FINLAND / Gallery Taik Persons, Helsinki // FRANCE / Galerie Christophe Gaillard, Paris // GERMANY / AAnDO FInE ART, Berlin / Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich / Galerie Crone, Berlin / COLLECTIVA, Poznań/Berlin / Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover / Galerie Christian Ehrentraut, Berlin / Galerija Gregor Podnar, Berlin / Galerie Hollenbach, Stuttgart / Galerie Jochen Hempel, Leipzig / Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin / Galerie MaxWeberSixFriedrich, Munich / Kai Middendorff Galerie, Frankfurt / Galerie nordenhake, Berlin / Galerie Sherin najjar, Berlin / ph-projects, Berlin / Galeria Plan B, Berlin/Cluj / Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin / taubert contemporary, Berlin / TEAPOT, Cologne / ŻAK | BRAnICKA, Berlin/Krakow // HUNGARY / acb Galeria, Budapest / Erika Déak Gallery, Budapest / InDA Gallery, Budapest / Kisterem, Budapest / Ani Molnár Gallery, Budapest / TRAPÉz, Budapest / VILTIn Galéria, Budapest // IRAN / Shirin Art Center, Teheran // ITALY / Galleria Goethe, Bolzano // LATVIA / ALMA Gallery, Riga / kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga // LITHUANIA / The Gardens, Vilnius / Galerija Vartai, Vilnius // KAZAKHSTAN / IADA, Almaty/Paris // POLAND / BWA Warszawa, Warsaw / Czułość, Warsaw / Galeria Stereo, Poznań / Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw / lokal_30, Warsaw / Dawid Radziszewski Gallery, Warsaw / Raster, Warsaw / Starter Gallery, Warsaw // ROMANIA / Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest / :BARIL, Cluj–napoca / Club Electroputere, Bucharest / Experimental Project, Bucharest /Ivan Gallery, Bucharest / JECzA Gallery, Timisoara / KILOBASE, Bucharest / Salonul de Projecte, Bucharest // RUSSIA / 16thLInE Gallery, Rostov-on-Don / Gallery 21, Moscow / nadja Brykina Gallery, Moscow / Glaz Gallery, Moscow / Marina Gisich Gallery, Saint Petersburg / Galerie Iragui, Moscow / Pop/off/art gallery Moscow/Berlin / Regina Gallery, Moscow/London / RuArts, Moscow / Triumph Gallery, Moscow / Ural Vision Gallery, Yekaterinburg // SLOVAKIA / Gandy Gallery, Bratislava / Krokus, Bratislava / Roman Fecik Gallery, Bratislava // SLOVENIA / P74, Ljubljana // SOUTH KOREA / Gallery H.A.n., Seoul // SWITZERLAND / Galerie Clemens Gunzer, zurich / ribordy contemporary, Geneva / Scheublein Fine Art, zurich // TURKEY / Cda-Projects, İstanbul / Galeri nev, Istanbul / Sanatorium, Istanbul / Galeri zilberman, Istanbul // UAE / Carbon12, Dubai // UKRAINE / MIROnOVA Gallery, Kiev // UNITED KINGDOM / Division of Labour, Worcester / Gazelli Art House, London/Baku / Hada Contemporary, London / Ibid, London // USA / Marc Jancou Contemporary, new York/Geneva / Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, new York / Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles

Vienna International Art Fair 10—13 October 2013 blog:

19 Bratislava 2B Budapest 21 Riga 26 Bucharest 418 Bucharest 0 gms Sofia 35m2 Prague 3x3 L

Moscow Agra Art Warsaw Aidan Moscow Aiurart Bucharest Akademija VDA Vilnius AL Saint-

Ana Cristea Cluj – New York Anaid Bucharest Anca Poterasu Bucharest Andreiana Mihail Bu

Arka Vladivostok Ars Aevi Sarajevo Alvona Labin Ari Kupsus Budapest ARSkontakt Brno Art D

Bucharest Moscow ArtConsulting Prague – Brno ArtDepoo Tallin Artinbox Prague A

Asymetria Warsaw Atelier35 Bucharest Aukso Pjüvis Kaunas AV17 Vilnius AVS Kiev Ágens Fot

Kraków – Wroclaw Belart Minsk Belvedere Budapest BlackBOX Sarajevo Bochenska Warsaw B

Olomouc Calina Timisoara Cargo Děčín Ćarlama Depot Sarajevo Chimera Budapest Cin Cin Bra

Bratislava Czarna Warsaw CZD Prague D137 Saint-Petersburg Dailininku mené Vilnius Dea Orh P

Budapest DOX Prague Duplex/10m2 Sarajevo Dvorak Sec Prague Elena Vrublevskaya Moscow

etc. Prague Faica Bratislava Faur Zsófi Budapest FF Lódz Fine Art Moscow Foksal Warsaw Fo

FPSW Warsaw Freta Warsaw Frolov Moscow Futura Centre Prague Galateea Bucharest Gandy

Saint Petersburg Glaz Moscow GMG Moscow Godot Budapest Goldart Bucharest Gregor Podn

Transfer Warsaw Hest Ljubljana – Maribor HIT Bratislava Hunt Kastner Prague Ideas Belgrade Ind

Sarajevo Jecza Timisoara Jeleni Prague Jiri Svestka Prague – Berlin Juskus Vilnius Kabinet Mos

Karol Winiarczyk Vienna kArton Budapest Karousel Bucharest Kauno Fotografijos Kaunas Ka Kieselbach Budapest Knoll Budapest Kodl Prague Kogart Budapest Kolonie Warsaw Konstant

Kressling Bratislava Krokin Moscow Krokus Bratislava Kuda Novi Sad Kyiv Fine Kiev Kytka Pra

art Minsk Lateral Cluj Lazarev Saint Petersburg Laznia Gdansk Le Guern Warsaw Leica Prag

Leto Warsaw Lietuvos Aido Vilnius Little Yellow Bucharest Lokal30 Warsaw Lumiere Brothe

Ars Moscow Marisall Zagreb Mastatstva Minsk Medium Bratislava MeetFactory Prague Meissn

- Los Angeles Millennium Prague Milotic Pula Mironova Kiev Miroslav Kraljevic Zagreb Miros Nagyházi Budapest Nautilus Krakow Navrátil Prague Nemes Budapest Next Art Budapest NF

Pál Miercurea Ciuc PANEL contemporary Budapest Paperworks Moscow Passage Ljubljana P

Pinchuk Kiev Pintér Sonja Budapest Plan B Cluj – Berlin Plevnik-Kronkowska Celje PM Zagreb P

Posibila Bucharest Prague Auctions Prague Prinz Prager Prague Prodajna Belgrade Proekt Fab

Moscow Public Room Sarajevo Quadro Cluj Raster Warsaw Recyclenest Bucharest Regina Mo

Roman Petrovic Sarajevo RuArts Moscow S Prague Sabot Cluj Sam83 Třemošná Sariev Plovd

Prague Škuc Ljubljana Sofa Druskininkai Soga Bratislava Sovcom Moscow Space Bratislava SP

Bratislava Temnikova & Kasela Tallin Terra ecognita Vilnius The Chemistry Prague Tifana Riga T

Miercurea Ciuc Upper Town Minsk Václava Špály Prague Vartai Vilnius Vernon Prague VIA A

Ljubljana Vltavin Prague Vostochnaya Moscow Wannieck Brno Winzavod Moscow X Bratislava

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