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What makes us different?

ONE INTEGRATION, ALL SERVICES We understand that technology teams are always busy and dedicating the time to integrate new systems is hard to come by. That’s why we have simplified this process by allowing clients to integrate all our services via just two APIs. If you need to add services to enter new markets or to accommodate regulatory changes, your team won’t need to do any additional work. WE DON’T HOLD CLIENT DATA AgeChecked is an anonymised platform, meaning that all identities remain anonymous. We log and audit each verification without retaining any personal data on the customer. Our technology complies with the British Standard Code of Practice PAS:1296. You can be sure that your customers’ data is not retained by third parties in an environment beyond their control. WE PROVIDE A SERVICE, NOT JUST TECHNOLOGY We don’t just provide software: we know that great customer service is also key. We work together with you to ensure that your service is continuously optimised for maximum customer acquisition in all the territories where you operate. Plus, we’ll help you adapt or act quickly in response to any regulatory changes.