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that all-in type of experience. Products will get much more interactive and more virtual reality style,” commented Jolly. Tech advances “There is definitely a shift to utilizing more technology in gaming,” added Joji. “Technology such as 3D [can] already be seen in the market. These technological advancements will definitely attract new players from the mass market. It will be interesting to see if VR can be integrated into gaming technology, although it seems better suited for social and online gaming at this point.” There is also opportunity in blending the off-casino experience with that of the on-floor experience, say our experts.

It’s the whole package, and it’s not just about gaming, says Joji. “The mass gaming market is not only looking for the casino experience, but also other facets such as dining, sight-seeing, and resort hotels. However, integration of mobile and social services with casino gaming is growing as well. We have already seen player award campaigns utilize mobile devices,” he said. Mobile games Scientific Games recently released an app that allows a customer to play real money games from their device when they are detected to be on the casino floor, and switches to a free-to-play social game once they move off.

“There is an emergence between oncasino-floor and off-casino-floor by using mobile technology,” said Jolly. However, while the mass gambler appears to be spoilt for choice, the real key to success is down to the maths, concludes Jolly. “Slots are getting more complicated all the time in the way the mathematics works, it’s an art. If you look at the top 4 or 5 companies putting a total of 100 different games a year, you can probably count in the last five years the best games that are still in the market. The equation to make an outstanding game is not easy. Pretty graphics and sound is not the main driver of a good game.” As manufacturers update and tweak their product line, we can be sure that the non-premium customer is here to stay.

Asia Gaming Briefings | November 2016

AGBriefings November 2016  

AGB brings you extensive coverage across all types of gaming, across 22 Asia jurisdictions.

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