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february 2012

founder & Editor - in - chief christina engell andersen editor bukonola ngobi EDITORIAL CO-ORDINATOR fawzia jamal PHOTOGRAPHERS anastasia nas, billie rihal, faraaz charania, jim chuchu, marius van graan, neil thomas, philippa ndisi-herrmann, priyanka shah, sebastian wanzalla, tatiana karanja cover photographer: philippa ndisi-herrmann model: alia herrmann make up & styling: evolve body art location: the bertolli house, kitisuru WEBSITE

this online magazine features the work of submissions received by the after5 magazine team. after5’s contributors retain sole copyright to their featured work. If you would like to see your work featured in this publication, find out more on our website.

Tatiana Alexandra Wanjiru Karanja student / photographer Suited For Success


ABOUT after5 is an online magazine for photographers, illustrators and graphic designers who reside in kenya. this publication focuses on giving space to creative people to share their point of view and promote their work. it features different artists with a diverse range of interests and perspectives within the visual arts. after5 hopes to create a space that inspires people to contribute their work and engage with others’ work. we live in a world plagued with troubles and challenges, a world where many are lost in the monotony of their nine-to-fives, this place in cyberspace is about escapism and reclamation. It’s about what you do when the day is over. it’s about the time you give to the passions you bury under a pile of chores and the dreams you are getting around to but never cross off your to-do-list. so the question is this; what is your after5 and do you want to share it with the rest of the world? the time is now and the space is here!

JIM CHUCHU photographer Would You Like Ketchup on That?

BILLIE RIHAL student / photographer Untitled

PRIYANKA SHAH music and poetry of the lens For the General



Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann



Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann

INTERVIEW tell us what its like being philippa ndisi-herrmann? Its warm but sometimes cold. how would you explain your photographic style? I am very curious about the really small things that to me matter the most. The small things that tell a story, they can even tell a lifetime. I am also interested in creating images that we the viewer feel we have lived, though we haven’t. I am curious in documenting a moment or feeling that never happened. Such as an image of a hand limply resting on a pillow that reminds of the lover you had last night.

Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann Q&A so much by conforming. So I would say being a great artist is being true to yourself and trusting yourself. how do you see the world? I see the world through Purple and Green LOVE Goggles. what can we expect to see from you in the near future? A documentary, We Want Development, a feature film, Two Princes, an exhibition and a short film and much much more.

In general I am an aesthete – so I am fascinated by beauty and most of the time that is an overarching element in my work.

what advice can you give creative minds like yourself? Work very, very hard.

tell us a bit about your featured “SHE series” ? The “She” series is ongoing, it has no spine yet except that I felt the desire to begin to capture images of friends of mine.

Get things going, get started and get your stuff out there.

I am very interested in women – and I am fascinated by the small things that make them beautiful. I love stretch marks for instance and cellulite too. These to me are the things that we intimately know and love about women. This is what makes them beautiful. This is what I believe. I am interested in beginning a body of work around this. what else do you do apart from photography? I am also a filmmaker – I am just finishing up a music video for Jahawi & Kevin, and I will begin work on a documentary, We Want Development, as I am looking for funding for Two Princes, a feature film. where do you get your inspiration from ? My feelings, my gut. Regarding photographers – I like Helmut Newton, Kwesi Abbensettes, Jessica Hilltout, Guy Tillim, Seydou Keita, Malick Sidibe and Nabil. I also met Ananais Leki whose photography I quite like. what do you think makes a great artist? We all have a unique vision of the world, it is just that many of us are scared to share it. We lose

Trust yourself and get over the fear and the pain of rejection and criticism. Also seek out mentors in the industry – I have met some incredible people just through emailing them. Listen, many don’t reply – but I have met some wonderful filmmakers and photographers whom I have forged friendships with and whom I can email and call for advice. Network. And in the beginning work everywhere for nothing because that’s how you get to know the industry. Oh and did I say work very hard? one final question - what do you do “after 5” (after 5pm) I keep working. Now I try to finish work at 6 or 7pm no later. So lets say after 5 I’m either at home or with friends telling stories or making jokes. I would like to spend more time at the ocean. This would be the most perfect place to be after 5. In the water with the waves, or on the beach gazing out into space.

MARIUS VAN GRAAN filmmaker / photographer Sollitude at Lake Magadi

JIM CHUCHU photographer Untitled Portrait

ANAstasia KRUMKACHEVA photographer / photo editor Untitled

NEIL THOMAS photographer Magadi Maasai Silhouette

Sebastian Wanzalla graphic designer / photographer

Sebastian Wanzalla graphic designer / photographer

FARAAZ CHARANIA photographer/ web designer Storm Over London

ANAstasia KRUMKACHEVA photographer / photo editor billie rihal student / photographer faraaz charania photographer / web designer jim chuchu photographer marius van graan filmmaker / photographer neil thomas photographer philippa ndisi-heRrmann photographer / filmmaker priyanka shah music and poetry of the lens sebastian wanzalla graphic designer / photographer Tatiana Alexandra Wanjiru Karanja student / photographer





after5 magazine - issue 01  
after5 magazine - issue 01  

after5 is an online magazine for photographers, illustrators and graphical designers who reside in Kenya. at after5, our goal is to create s...