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November, 2016 • Afrika Wa Yesu Magazine • Page 1

Afrika wa Yesu Afrika Wa Yesu Ministries©2016 EDITOR Ellie Hein DESIGNER Deborah Hein Maas CONTACT US CHANGES Please notif y us should you have an address change. CONTRIBUTIONS Should you wish to partner financially with Afrika Wa Yesu, please make your check payable to: “Resurrection Fellowship” MEMO: Afrika Wa Yesu (NOT Rod & Ellie Hein) *If specifically designated for person or project, attach a separate note. MAIL TO: Afrika Wa Yesu C/O Resurrection Fellowship 6502 East Crossroads Blvd Loveland CO 80538

Board of Directors: Rodney Hein (Founder and President) Armando Nicolao Jó (Vice President) Jeffrey Reetz (Member) Lino Gravata (Member) Aaron Rissler (Member) Mariano Nota (Member)

Mozambique w w w. a f r ik awaye s

teach and disciple others to do the same, how to raise up strong leaders, how to release the Sound of Heaven through worship, drama and dance. ‘How to’ plant, grow and establish a work that will prourrounded by a team of lion-heart- duce fruit that remains... there is no limit ed pathfinders, we the Board of in learning how to flow and move in all Directors are pushed between Jesus declared in Luke 4:18: strengthening the stakes to secure the work and lengthening the cords to en- “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, becompass the new territory being taken. cause He has anointed me to preach the


New Generation Leaders We are extending the vision to bring in selected graduates who already have the strong foundation we built in them while they were in Bible School. Leaders who are already active on the field and in our churches, and who are ready for the equipping needed to launch and lead New Generation Churches and Ministries. For this we need visionaries who will bring fresh oil, Word and power to fill new wine skins for Mozambique. We are looking beyond good teaching and good preaching to a practical impartation of ‘How To.’ How to

Cover: Images of the restults of civil conflict in the central regions.

Page 2 • Afrika Wa Yesu Magazine • November, 2016

gospel to the poor; He has sent me to heal the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed.” If you are a ‘How To’ minister called to raise up harvesters, come over into Mozambique and help us!

“The Captains trusted one another, therefore the men followed them.”



from Rod and Ellie to you...

Dear Friends and Readers, e are delighted to secure for you in writing that which you have an inheritance in. We hope you enjoy the read, recognising you have a reward in it also, having imparted your prayers and support. Just as there is yet so much to discover on earth, above and beneath the earth, we have much to discover about God and about missions. It takes a pioneering spirit to break through to the unknown. According to the Collins dictionary, a pioneering spirit is ‘a willingness to endure hardship in order to explore new places or try out new things.’ The disciples and early apostles were pioneers in spreading the gospel. Nobody had done it before. They pioneered the way and laid the foundation of the church along with laying down their own lives also. They followed in the footsteps of Jesus, the greatest pioneer of all time. The Apostle Paul recorded not only the events of pioneering and persecutions, but wrote also of the personal experience, how he and those with him personally felt. It is important to know not only what people do but what they feel inside. He said, “We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed – always carrying around in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in us.” (2 Corinthians 4:8 – 11) He also admonishes us as he did Timothy, “Endure hardship as a good soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ.” (2 Timothy 2:3) These verses are to encourage us and to prepare us to not be astonished or overcome by hard times; and to show us that though salvation is free, there is a price to pay in fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ. We are both born of pioneering stock. Our grandparents, and even our parents when they were small, travelled in ox drawn wagons across Africa. In those days even the aged climbed on the wagon for the ride, determined not to be left behind; while the young, like Ellie’s grandfather, went ahead of the ox wagons as scouts, to make a way for the pioneers. He was a pathfinding pioneer. The pioneering fire in our bones continues from our early years of missions in the 1980’s till now in 2016, proving spiritual pioneering is not just for the young, but for the young at heart. We never need to be the old bones in the back of the wagon. The smile lines notched around our eyes signify we qualify to lead the next expedition forward and onward. Our children have the same spirit, and we have three grandchildren pioneering in Mozambique with us. We all have Discovery Channel and adventure running through our bones. We continue on this African Quest together


Pioneering Leaders: Rodney and Ellie Hein.

with a Team that are of the same pioneering spirit, willing to break through new territory. Men, women and children ready to go the extra mile, making a way for others where there seems to be no way; willing to lay down their lives for those they do not even know. It is enough that God knows them and has sent us to find them. As one of our heroes, David Livingstone said;

“Anywhere, as long as it be forward.”

David Livingstone was a Scottish missionary doctor who helped open the heart of Africa to missions and enterprise. His travels covered one third of the continent, from the Cape to near the Equator, and from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. He came to Africa as a missionary explorer at the age of 27. Shocked at the horrors of slavery he was compelled to take up the cause against slavery. I love the word compelled, in the sense of having to do something because you are so convinced of the necessity of it, you dare not argue or push it out of your life, for fear of part of your life going out with it. Facing daily danger and hardships, Livingstone traversed the continent for 33 years where he died in 1873. “Death alone will put a stop to my efforts!” was the exclamation of the man who did indeed only stop when he died upon his knees in the heart of Africa, praying for… “the open sore of the Lord.” His body was opened and his heart taken out. His men buried it beneath a tree upon which his name was carved. These faithful men, Susi and Chumba, prepared and embalmed his body and carried it for nine difficult and dangerous months to the coast where they delivered it to the British consul. Today Livingstone’s body lies in Westminster Abbey. Famous now, but often despised by the British during his endeavours, he was and still is, loved by Africa. To many missionaries, the great Zambezi river and Livingstone are synonymous. We have crossed this river countless times; in dug out canoes, via pontoon

November, 2015 • Afrika Wa Yesu Magazine • Page 3

ferry, and now over a beautiful bridge spanning three kilometres at Caia. When crossing, I often think of Livingstone, who through courage and determination and risk to his own life, fought to bring an end to slavery. The price he paid can also be seen in the grave of his wife Mary, not far downriver at Chupanga. Years ago, we cut back the bush that had overgrown Mary Moffat Livingstone’ grave during 16 years of civil war. Our mission too, is to end slavery, to open the spiritual prisons that hold people captive through witchcraft, poverty, famine and disease. Even now, the open sore bleeds through the deaths and tears of yet another war that has started in the Central provinces of Mozambique. Our Inhaminga Bible School and ministry base being right in the middle of it, we feel the pain of this sore deeply. May heaven’s blessing come down on every missionary, pastor and person who will help heal this open sore of the world!


David Livingstone pushed through the impossibilities of Africa. I love the fact that he was so ‘real.’ He was both stubborn as well as patient; tough as well as gentle, proud as well as humble, reckless as well as courageous. He was an ordinary person who accomplished extraordinary things. It is said that Livingstone drove himself beyond reason and expected others to do the same. This is one of the marks of a true pioneer. He said things many things that echo in our own hearts: “Cannot the love of Christ carry the missionary where the slave-trade carries the trader? I shall open up a path to the interior or perish.” Livingstone travelled not in a Toyota 4X4, but by ox wagon when his family was with him, and on horseback or

by foot when he was alone with his guides. He also said… “If you have men who will only come if they know there is a good road, I don’t want them. I want men who will come if there is no road at all.” We thank God for the Men and Women of Courage God has brought into this ministry. Men and women who are not afraid to sacrifice and pay the price, not afraid to give what it takes and gain the prize. Something else I think about when crossing the Zambezi river, is how in spite of modern day progress, so much of Mozambique continues in abject poverty and illiterate darkness. When corruption and oppression reigns, the people will eventually rise up against oppressive rule and take action. Thus the tragedy of the present fighting between the Renamo (Resistance) opposition and government forces. Ambushes on the roads, death squads that knock on the door and shoot the person who opens it, burning of villages, terrors of running through field and forest, sleeping in the bush at night, false accusations and betrayal, refugee camps. All these have come upon those that survived the last civil war that ended in the early 90’s, and upon the new generation that was born in peace. Sadly, as in every civil war, atrocities are committed by both sides and it’s the innocent caught in-between that suffer. Thank you for standing with us as we believe for a resolution to the revolution. Honoured to serve in Mozambique.

An etching of Livingstone’s steamboat ‘MaRobert’ on the Zambezi

Page 4 • Afrika Wa Yesu Magazine • November, 2016

Rod & Ellie Hein

on behalf of all at Afrika wa Yesu.

This is who we are...

Te am Fam i l y - R oo ted and G rounded

Pedro teaching in the Vocational Centre

Patricia participates in pre-school teacher training

Agostinho (left) on evangelism with students

Aaron (cab) and Mariano (blue shirt) distribute food

Álvaro in the WoodShop n order to build a work that is not only growing but multiplying; a work that will remain rooted and grounded; there needs to be continuous investment, cultivation and harvest. Leadership training is key to this ministry and as a ministry family, it is wonderful to see young people growing up, becoming leaders that train others also. We have members that came as raw students of the Bible School who are now Directors. These have gotten married and remained with us, some becoming Nicky ministering during a women’s conference board members and key leaders. Their children are in our pre school, some old enough to be active in the churches and various areas of ministry.


All this takes time. It takes endurance, perseverance and sticking together through the hard times. It is a wonderful gift, when your team becomes your family also. We are rooted and grounded in the love of God. It is a hall mark of Afrika wa Yesu that we are there for one another, not matter what happens. Thus we especially treasure the words that embrace the entire Body of Christ Lucas loves the youth! throughout the world, and keep it very close to our hearts:

Pastor Lurdes preaches

“For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named, that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man, that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height—to know the love of Christ which passes knowl- Simona lives to bless these little ones edge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” ~Ephesians 3:14 – 21

a i r g le





ozambique is one of the poorest nations in the world and we are surrounded by heart breaking needs. This is especially so during the present time of drought and famine, and a time of war in the Central provinces. People are hungry and getting visibly thinner, some are eating only every few days. Some schools are empty as the children are out in the bush with their parents digging for wild roots from which to survive. There is some food in the market but people have little or no money to buy with. Food has to be brought in from a long way through ambush areas. A long, hard and dangerous trip for a truck loaded with food. Once the food arrives, the difficult task of distribution begins. There is never enough for everyone. Our Team works hard on getting the food to the neediest people. A great way to distribute food is through the church. People come to the church and sit outside while a group sings and shares the Word of God. The food is placed in the church and the people come in lines to receive a portion. Project Alegria (JOY!) is one of Afrika Wa Yesu’s solutions to meeting the physical needs of the church. Not limited to food relief, team members are encouraged to make known the needs of the people to whom they minister. Helping with visits to the hospital, constructing houses for widows, enabling the education of orphans and the alimentation of babies whose mothers have died, or supplying essentials for those whose houses have burned down or been robbed, are all avenues with which Project Algeria (JOY!) impacts the communities for Christ.

Page 6 • Afrika Wa Yesu Magazine • November, 2016

Hundreds gather at Inhaminga Wa Yesu, patiently waiting for their share of the food relief.

The joy of a mother, knowing she can feed her family. > Ancha Basilio is a widow living with her four small children, whose home was accidentaly set alight when embers from her cooking fire flew up to the roof. The family lost all their material possessions, but no one was hurt. Project Alegria was able to help by providing cornmeal, rice, cooking oil, blankets and sleeping mats. The Afrika Wa Yesu church in her village grouped together and found her a house to rent while they help her to reconstruct her hut. We praise God for those who support Project Alegria and bring JOY! to so many.

Trinity Church of Hot Springs

We love receiving Missions Teams!

Workman’’s Brigade Trinity Church of Hot Springs, Arkansas, has been supporting Afrika Wa Yesu Ministries since 1991. It was a joy and an honour to receive a group of their finest, hard working men for ten days. We thank Trinity for providing both the finances and the manpower required to construct our new meeting place – the Matchessa!

ix courageous men left their precious families and all that was familiar to them, embarking on a surprise-laden journey to the other side of the world, for the sake of the Gospel. Dylan, Ken, Ron, Daniel, LeRoy and Jason gave of their time, energy and resources to spend themselves physically and spiritually in the hot, humid, African sun. They were a tremendous blessing as they worked ceaselessly and tire- A day full of first-time experiences for the children of lessly, took each curveball with incredible grace, and responded to every Bairro Salinas... face-painting, puppet shows, songs, need that arose with the courage of lions. They shared each morning at games, gifts, and lots of love in the Name of Jesus. devotions with the students, participated in Sunday church in Nacala and Nampula, and hosted a brilliant kids day in a nearby village, where over 300 kids heard the gospel and were shown the love of Jesus!


What is a Matchessa? A matchessa is a thatch covered gathering place. It is a Sena word of the root ‘tchedza’ which means to converse – the original application for the word ‘matchessa’ is ‘place of conversation’, or meeting place for the big chief of the village. A man with many wives would also build a matchessa for himself as a place for meals, counselling his children, and family matters. At Inhaminga we have several matchessas, they are used for cell group meetings, planning and strategising, individual quiet time, and for sharing meals together. It is much cooler outside in the matchessa with a breeze than inside a home, and more spacious and traditional as well. How fitting it is then, too, that the doorways to the Afrika Wa Yesu Churches are covered with a matchessa! Come, let us visit with the Lord in His meeting place, He will counsel us and console us and we will converse together!

Left and Below Left: Working on the Nacala Matchessa. Below Right: A team meeting in ‘Joseph’s Matchessa’ at Inhaminga.

November, 2016 • Afrika Wa Yesu Magazine • Page 7

Novas Fronteiras I

n 2003 we ran our first Novas Fronteiras (New Frontiers) School of Missions. Twelve students came from Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, El Salvador, Romania and the USA. We reconnected with some of the graduates received the following testimonies: Adriana Menjivar Drika - It was such and incredible time that is hard to describe in my broken English Meeting Rod and Ellie and their wonderful team has change my life... Ed. Adriana returned to work with us in Inhaminga as a missionary dentist for five years before leaving to get married. Christa Hyde Muanica - It was a wonderful and life changing experience. The program was well planned, organized and very well rounded. We learned and grew so much, both practically and spiritu-

New Frontiers for Pioneers! ally. We learned how to work as a team and the importance of spiritual as well as physical preparation. Ed: Christa returned to work with us in Inhaminga for five more years before leaving to get married.

Simona Caba Vasconcelos - God turned my life upside down and I knew that things would never be the same. I fell in love with the children of this nation, their beautiful eyes and smiles conquered my heart forever. We had mentors and leaders that prayed with us and taught us how to hear God’s heartbeat close. We had an amazing adventure on the Zambezi River, traveling by canoe, stopping along the edge of the river in a different villages, carrying the Gospel. Pastors Mariano, Lino, Rodgers and our daughter Deborah were also among the group, they too continue with us in ministry, living testimonies of God’s goodness.

~ Ellie Hein

Novas Fronteiras Survivors 2003

We were given access to ‘Inhaminga Safaris’ hunting concession for some of our training exercises. Our hosts opened the gates to a true wilderness experience. We organized a great combination of fun, education and evangelism. We started with building thatch and pole shelters to sleep under. We learned to make fire by rubbing two sticks together. This was hard work and what joy when a spark lit up the little bundle of grass, and then what careful nurturing of the spark to make it a candle flame and then a big fire. Too much blowing and out it goes. It was hilarious with the two teams competing to make fire. How does one find water in the bush when there is no surface or underground water? We were shown the special vines hanging from trees, the type Tarzan swings on. You hack off a vine with your machete, hold it to your mouth and drops of deli-

NF Training in 2003 included practical training in children’s evangelism, vehicle maintenance and bush survival!

Page 8 • Afrika Wa Yesu Magazine • November, 2016

The Mozambique N.F. Team, pioneering Mozambique! Traveling across the Zambezi and sharing the Word in the great beyond ~ Capece, Sabâo, Faustino, Agostinho, Dalton, Paulo, Nelito, Joachim, David and Nilton with Ellie.

cious, mineral rich water falls into your parched mouth. Nectar from heaven! At night we gathered around the cooking fire where our roots were roasting and praised God under the trees and stars. Bed time meant huddling under the shelters on the ground trying to find a comfortable spot for weary bones. Bush pigs, (Phumba type) snorted and dug for roots nearby. Everyone was hungry boasted about killing them for dinner with their sticks and machetes. Nobody did! All the time we were hearing comments like, “How can we ever thank you for this incredible experience!” “This is the best thing I’ve done in my life!”

13 Years Later... Novas Fronteiras 2016!

In a growing ministry there is always the need to raise up the next level in leadership. This year has seen a renewal of the Novas Fronteiras vision. The group consisted of 10 students from Mozambique

only. During five months of intensive training, these students have exceeded our expectations and we are encouraged at the level they attained and the place they are finding in the ministry. We have harvested labourers. All Glory to the Lord of the Harvest and thanks to the many team members who have actively participated in making this both an enjoyable and profitable. It has taken a lot of strategizing, working together and the nation has been blessed as well as team and students.

blocks, painted buildings, walked long distances preaching the gospel with signs and wonders following, with all their hearts did whatever was necessary to do the work of the ministry. They have greatly encouraged us about the future of this ministry and of the nation.

Some are returning home to help their pastor, others have been designated to specific ministries in a new capacity. This includes teachers to be trained for the Bible Schools, pre school teachers for our Kids Clubs, Working with these young men was Praise and Worship leaders, Pastors a privilege. We had a lot of fun as and construction workers on team. well as amazing times in the classroom, on the road and on the field. Well done Capece, Sabâo, Faustino, We travelled long distances, enter- Agostinho, Dalton, Paulo, Nelito, ing different tribes, cultures and Joachim, David and Nilton. We are language groups. Some of the men proud of you! had never crossed the Zambezi river nor seen the ocean. It was a great adventure. These men, built with their hands as they helped buildings and Racine wa Yesu church with cement

Going the distance and enjoying all on offer along the way - bush evangelism by bicycle, roasted corn, and seeing the ocean for the first time!

November, 2016 • Afrika Wa Yesu Magazine • Page 9

Family Dynamics A Legacy of Faith is to be Celebrated and Reproduced ~ Deborah Hein Maas

Vocational Centre down roots in a country that has impassioned His heart and continuing the legacy of faith which was put in motion by Rod and Ellie Hein, 35 years ago. A country in desperate need of chances. With low literacy rates, minimal investment opportunities and most NGO’s not dot has been said, that to know what you should do ing much beyond what looked good on paper, Mozamwith your life, reflect on the situations where you bique needed to know that they could do something... think, “somebody ought to do something about be something... more... for God. that.” And then do it. This is how the seed was planted In His perfect timing, God created a niche for for the vision of the Vocational Centre. We were living us in Nacala, on the northern coast of Mozambique, in Zimbabwe, and experiencing the pull of that earnest where we moved with Gabriel when he was two. With desire to do something... be something... more for God. it’s beautiful beaches and muggy climate, it has become But what, Lord? There had to be a passion in His heart home, as Ashira and Mikayla were added to our famithat was created just for us to work towards. ly; and our destiny, as the Vocational Centre has grown Looking around in that desperate economic en- and developed with the help of an incredible team and vironment of 2004 in Zimbabwe, what guidance of wise leaders, Rodney and “Out of a meld of captured our attention, was the heart of Ellie and Jeff and Nicky. the individual who was longing to prove compassion and Our school terms last between himself, to work hard at anything, but four and five months, depending on the on whom no-one would take a chance. necessity, a vision time of the year. We accept students who “That’s it.” Chris told me one day, “I have been through either of our two was born.” want to give people, people who no-one Bible Schools, and we keep our classes else wants to take a chance on, I want to give them a small to maintain a close-knit discipleship atmosphere. chance.” Although our main emphasis is carpentry, teaching a And so, out of a meld of compassion and neces- trade which can generate an income for one’s family, we sity, a vision was born. To equip believers in a practi- also add in as much as we can in the areas of basic busical and physical way, with knowledge – business skills, ness skills, sustainable agriculture, life skills, and, more and power – carpentry ability, to uplift themselves, recently, natural medicine. their families, and their communities to the Glory of As the realities of dealing with Malaria and God – extending the Kingdom in the marketplace, and HIV/AIDS have alerted us to the health needs of the supporting their own, local church. Legalities and such Mozambicans, we realise these issues stem from lack of in Zimbabwe prevented us from carrying out the vi- education. Even basic health concerns such as staying sion there, but God wanted us in Mozambique, putting hydrated and keeping clean, need to be taught at grassPage 10 • Afrika Wa Yesu Magazine • November, 2016 It is with great joy that we feature this month the Maas Family and the Vocational Centre. They are not only ministry family, but Deborah is our daughter, born soon after we were called to leave our regular job and enter into the ministry. We thank God for our son-inlaw Chris, and our three grandchildren, Gabriel, Ashira and Mikayla. ~ Ellie Hein


Chris Maas with Gabriel (3) positioning the stakes to start digging the foundations of the Vocational Centre in 2007.

Students learning from the Ministry of Finance what the Mozambican law says in regard to taxes, and understanding the benefits of being a tax-contributing member of society.

roots level. The students are all encouraged to participate in local church ministry while they are at the centre, and are involved in all manner of evangelism, kids ministry, and outreaches. It is our goal to send them home, not only physically equipped for work, but also to be a blessing to their pastor and an asset to their church. Each year our national team does what we call, ‘Follow Up’. We select an area of the nation to travel to, and we contact the alumni and see them in their home environment. Their churches and pastors are visited, and time is spent counselling, encouraging and reminding the individual of all that they are in Christ. Where we can help with advice, we do. Where we can learn from the students, we do, and it is a truly enriching time on both sides. Growing up in the ministry is a tremendous privilege, one we are thrilled to be passing on to our own children. Gabriel (12), Ashira (9) and Mikayla (7) Students work in teams of two in the Carpentry Workshop

Varnishing a chair ~ the students are taught exclusively the art of using hand tools, as in their villages there are little to no power points, and power tools are very expensive.

are all homeschooled, and already have a sense of ownership in the ministry. It is our prayer that they grow up to be effective for God in any setting they choose, as we set the foundations for an apostolic lifestyle that will encourage others around the world. We are coming up on ten years, soon, at the Vocational Centre. The development which has accrued in the country as a whole since we arrived in 2007 has been phenomenal. Smartphones have arrived, making the internet accessible to almost everyone, setting off an information revolution. Foreign investment has peaked and subsided, and is said to peak again, politics have wavered between stable and dangerous, and in the midst of all, God establishes His kingdom on the earth. We have grown as individuals, as a couple, as a family, and as a department and team, but most importantly we have grown into Afrika Wa Yesu, and it has grown deep into us.

Receiving the tools which they will learn how to use and then take home.

The Maas Family: Mikayla, Ashira, Chris, Deborah and Gabriel.

November, 2016 • Afrika Wa Yesu Magazine • Page 11

Y Team W A

~ Nicky Reetz


The month of July annually is when the Afrika Wa Yesu Team is on the move, whether it be to the Inhaminga base or to the Nacala base, the purpose is to gather together to receive and share spiritual food and to increase team and personal vision. For the Inhaminga contingent, this year, it meant traveling through dangerous zones as war in central Sofala continues. Every team member looks forward to this time of year and the plans for this great ‘coming together’. As if a shofar was blown, the theme was announced prior to conference; “Enlarge the location of your tent, let the curtains of your dwellings be stretched wide and don’t hold back. Lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.” Isaiah 54:2. There was a spiritual explosion as praise and worship opened the conference with grateful hearts for God’s protection and His love that has melded us all together from different cultures to be one for Him and for His glory! It was time to lift off any limits and enlarge, stretch and secure what we have established. Throughout the conference each teaching session resonated with this theme. Rodney Hein shared wisdom about resolving problems: “If two people know of a problem, then it’s a problem. Take care of it when it is small, it hurts less people.” Ellie Hein imparted the Holy Spirit as a person and revealer; “You can run to Jesus, but if you leave out the Holy Spirit you are leaving out the one who reveals Jesus.” Pastor Lino Gravata reminded us; “We carry the Kingdom of heaven to show the way. We are the message of the new generation living in Him.” Pastor Telvina Gravata challenged us; “The church in general is resting. Release the programs of the Holy Spirit. Let’s change our way of doing things.” Pastor Armando Jo; “God doesn’t call the prepared, He prepares the calling for you.” Pastor Lurdes Jo spoke about courage; “Courage in intercession for the church. In our own strength we cannot do it.” Pastor Mariano Nota imparted his heart about intercession; “Take authority through intercession in your area of jurisdiction. Do not be in fear, but bring change through intercession.” Jeff & Nicky Reetz taught “Recognize opportunities and move on them. Every problem is an opportunity.” Every topic moved us forward to equip present and potential leaders to become the future legacy of Afrika Wa Yesu.

Pastor Lino ministering the Word.

Personal prayer and impartation.

Celebrating the Lord’s Supper.

AWYesu Team Kids Conference: Team members assisted throughout the week with the Kids Conference for team children, under the leadership of Simona Caba Vasconcelos. During their presentation they quoted scripture verses and invited the adults who had needs to come forward for prayer. Adults knelt as children stood tall in faith. “Let the little children come to me, and stop keeping them away, because the kingdom from heaven belongs to people like these.” Matthew 19:4

Page Page 12 12 •• Afrika Afrika Wa Wa Yesu Yesu Magazine Magazine •• November, November, 2016 2016

Afrika Wa Yesu Family stays together because we definitely know how to play together. Fun, challenges, abundant laughter and incredible food all open opportunities for our team, 60 plus strong, (including the children) to have new experiences. Playing stretched our personal tent stakes that released the spirit of courage within every team member to be applied in our individual areas of leadership. On one day, a “Pula Pula!” (“Jump, Jump!” ~ a jumping castle) where team kids and adults (who released their inner ‘kid’) raced to climb to the top to slide down the other side only to Pula Pula again. All this while others kayaked, swam or hopped aboard a boat tour of the Nacala Bay to view container ships and the new Nacala coal terminal up close and personal. Fondly known as the day of “Pula, Pula!” it was voted the most favorite out of three days of fun organized by Chris and Deborah Maas. Others included a beach picnic and a trip to the historic Ilha de Moçambique.

BOARD MEETING: Six mighty men annually come together headed up by Founder/President Rodney Hein to recount, reset, refresh and release vision. Giving all glory to God in the spirit of gratefulness for all our ministry partners hallmarked the meeting as growth in every area of the ministry was reported. New Business launches new vision and this year Ellie presented the beginning of a Holy Spirit inspired idea entitled ‘New Generation Leadership’ school to begin in 2017. This school will grow up new leaders for future placement in all areas of the ministry. There was no hesitancy to vote YES on this one!

“Experience the Living Word and know you are eating from the bakery of heaven...”

Conference time closed with an incredible outpouring of God’s love as a seal over the team through Holy Communion. Rodney and Ellie reminded us to, “Experience the Living Word and know you are eating from the bakery of heaven. This bread doesn’t run out, it sustains and nourishes. His body, broken for YOU.” We each broke off a portion of the broken bread to partake and share with team members, speaking blessing over one another. The room filled with His tangible presence. We drank from the cup of unity. ‘Til next year when we all shall meet together again.

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~ Ellie Hein

he Youth conference at Inhaminga which was them all and of the Mozambican Team who did all the cancelled due to the dangers on the road and In- ministry and work, no foreign missionary on the prophaminga took place after all. As the days drew erty. They experienced an outpouring of Holy Spirit as near, the youth from the places surrounding Inhaminga never before seen at any of our Youth Conferences. This within Cheringoma district began to fast and pray. They is the true fruit Jesus was talking about when He said we started sending messages to tell us all they believed are to bear fruit that remains. When things continue on the conference should go ahead, they were not afraid, better without us, we have greater reason to rejoice! they would walk the distance if there was “How could we no transport and please, please would we Patricia: In these last days God is raisallow the conference to continue. How say no? Their ing up an army, of men, women, youth, could we say no? Their passion and deterpassion and children ... An army that is anointed, and mination stirred our hearts. Initially they powerful! Deliverance, anointing, training determination had said they were afraid to come but now and a call to advance. They experienced they could not be stopped. This in spite stirred our tremendous times with God. A great move of the beating up people walking on the of the Spirit was breathed in those days! hearts.” roads and the ‘death squad’ having driven past our bible school, disembarking and shooting an Vina: During this conference the move of the Spirit was opposition member dead at his house just a few hun- so great that for two mornings, there was no preachdred metres away from the Bible School. In front of his ing, just worship and the overpowering Presence of the wife and eight children. Lord. There was a fire burning and purifying the lives of Into this atmosphere the youth came and God these young people as He ministered to them. moved mightily in their lives. We are very proud of

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A chance to be water-baptised does not come by very often in the dry areas surrounding Inhaminga. 65 youth were baptised at the youth conference, first in water, and then with fire! Lives have been changed forevermore, and are setting about impacting others.

Graça: A girl I know very well was Abdul: God made us taste Penalways very closed, sad and with- tecost! The Holy Spirit came and drawn. But all that changed in filled the whole house and bapthis conference. On receiving the tized the youth in the Spirit. It was baptism of the Holy Spirit, Lidia a time of total transformation in received the anointing of laughter, the lives of these young people. and the result They received “...I will pour out was a big change the power of in her life. my Spirit on all God and have taken this fire to Inês: This con- people. Your sons their area of ​​inference was very and daughters will fluence. We have remarkable. In received testimoprophesy...” the afternoon we nies from their gathered in small leaders of the ~ Acts 2:17 groups of young continued fire men and women. It was a time of God. Commitments made to a of great deliverance, they were life of purity, repenting of impure open and talked about things that lives. The hand of God is powerkept their hearts in bondage and ful! I was surprised by the Holy had hurt them. After this time of Spirit! 65 of these 162 young peobringing everything into the open, ple who had not been baptized we prayed together and minis- received water baptism. During tered in their lives. They received the baptism there was manifestagreat joy and freedom. tion of demons by some and many young people were set free.

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“So built we the wall, and the entire wall was built up to half its height, for the people had a mind to work.� Nehemiah 4:6

Come over into Mozambique and help us! The Founder and President of Afrika Wa Yesu Ministries on a tractor, under the car and up the ladder encourages team members to not only walk around with a Bible under their arm, but to also get their hands dirty. We welcome visiting teams to join us as we build churches and bring improvements to our campuses.

Afrika Wa Yesu Ministries

THANK YOU for your continued prayer and support toward the work in Mozambique.

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