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A UNIQUE APPROACH: The best investment we make


When people come first everything else falls into place


A Note From Jack single best way we keep clients happy is

Welcome to AFN! We




through consistent, positive communication. to

work with you. Sales success at AFN

“I am committed to loan our

requires you to think like a top producer,

originators success, and the success

maintain the mindset of success, and to

of each loan for all of our customers,

differentiate yourself from the competition.

by a commitment to refining all

It’s important to build your credibility with the foundation of a strong company that provides great operational support. AFN can help you with that! It’s just as important that your customers have a great experience as well. AFN surveys all of our borrowers and the results show a successful customer experience almost 100% of the time. Some of the feedback we’ve received has indicated that AFN generates ideas and approaches that get loans done! When all is said and done, the

aspects of communication.“ Real





AFN has not only remarkable Sales and Operations support, but also a systematic plan for future growth. This includes a concierge-style Branch Relations Team and a homegrown Customer Resource Management





Marketing Team. AFN is here to make your experience a success! We welcome the opportunity to work with successful teams that will become the future of AFN!

Chairman and CEO Jack Sherman brought his Midwestern, Wisconsin roots and values to Southern California in 1978, setting his sights high in the mortgage industry.

After successfully running various departments within

the mortgage industry, such as sales, operations, credit and servicing, Jack started American Financial Network, Inc. with his son, John, in 2001. Jack has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin. He met his wife Evie, AFN EVP/Corporate Secretary, in Wisconsin during his college years.

Jack Sherman CEO

About American Financial Network, Inc. National Strength. Local Presence.


is one of the nation’s largest privately held mortgage companies with the resources to compete on a national level with the largest publicly held


AFN Founded by Jack Sherman in Chino Hills, CA

banks. Based in Brea, California and founded in 2001, AFN is an agency-direct lender with delegated authority to underwrite, fund, and service Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, USDA,


VA, and Jumbo loans products in-house. AFN is licensed in over 48 states, with nearly 140 branches supporting hundreds of Loan Officers across the nation.

AFN Receives its FHA Full Eagle


Growth & Expansion

Sales Focused Strategy



o sustain such growth across all geographic markets, as well as



constantly changing

ur branching strategy reflects a culture that is both flexible and


empowering; one that rewards leadership

and economic environment requires a

and provides the necessary support to

commitment to core values. Our values

ensure success. Our role is to simplify

stress the importance of streamlined

processes and remove obstacles to allow

operations, a flat management model

Branch Managers and their teams to focus

focused on production support and a

on production, exceed their goals and

customer service approach designed to

enjoy the benefits of our shared success.

exceed expectations every time.


understands that our industry is built on relationships and strengthened

AFN Funds > $1B and is Licensed in 17 States


AFN Becomes FNMA Seller/Servicer and Ginnie Mae Issuer


AFN Funds > $3B, is Ranked Top 50 in the Nation and Licensed in Over 40 States.


through personal and professional loyalties. The AFN family is comprised

of talented, loyal and committed individuals who truly support one another. Our sales team knows they can trust in this family spirit. They trust that corporate will provide the leadership, cutting edge technology, and full range of products and services they need to

AFN Funds > $4.5B, is Ranked Top Mortgage Employer and Licensed in 45 States.

reach their goals. After all, AFN’s CEO, a producer himself for the greater part of his career, prides himself on having established a culture built on the idea that the producer is our


true customer.


AFN Funds > $4.2B, is Ranked Top Mortgage Employer and Licensed in 48 States.


hen AFN was first founded by Jack and John Sherman in 2001, their goal was to create a modest, family run, regional lender to support the local California community.

As other lenders began growing beyond capacity along with the housing bubble, AFN remained small, focusing on manageable organic growth. After the market crash in 2007, we continued to be a strong presence in the mortgage industry, steadily expanding our licensing. By selecting the right partners, our growth has continued to be both steady and successful with AFN now licensed in 48 states and funding over $4 Billion per year in markets across the country. Unlike other companies’ whose volume levels are tied to the interest rate environment, AFN’s volume is primarily tied to successful partnering with new branches in new markets. By starting small and growing organically - even through the housing bubble - in just the past few years, we have more than tripled our number of employees.

AFN is a continually evolving


lender that combines the platform, technology, product offering and pricing of a large banker with the family atmosphere feel of a small lender. We nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in our branch managers and help them to meet their business aspirations. Their income is only capped by their motivation level.

Most of our executives came up through origination at one point, so we appreciate the importance of performing for our clients and referral partners. We deliver on service by utilizing a great team of operations personnel and a very efficient use of technology. We focus on eliminating redundancies, automating tasks and streamlining the movement of data to the many people that need to work on each file. We always have a pipeline of new improvements that will continue to set us apart from our competition. In an industry that has become increasingly commoditized over the years with less to differentiate competitors, our focus on support and service

, President


American Financial Network, Inc. (AFN) is a

unique force in the mortgage market.



e are one of the nation’s largest privately held mortgage companies with the resources necessary to compete on a national level with the largest publicly held banks. AFN maintains speed to decision, responsive communication and flexibility through its private ownership and flat organizational structure.


e are a team of dynamic, visionary and opportunistic professionals that thrive on the utilization of teamwork and technology to outperform our competition. We are driven by a vision of being a market leader through creating the ultimate in customer service and being consistently better by always seeking new ways to improve.



The customer’s experience is the end result of all our efforts. No matter what we do, how hard we work, or how much time we spend doing it, we always strive to optimize the client experience. Clients and referral partners are at the top of our org chart.

Whether it is our clients, our business partners or our employees, people are our priority. We are a family that takes care of one another.

INTEGRITY We take pride in what we do. We treat others with dignity and respect. We always hold ourselves to the highest standards and make our word our bond.



No one person can support our entire effort. We rely on one another as a synergistic group, where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

No matter what our interests, to succeed in a competitive field, we are willing to work harder than our peers..



Hard work alone will not ensure success. We also strive to work smarter than our competition consistently seek out new and better ways to accomplish our goals.

Great efficiencies and service levels can be created through the use of technology. This allows our people to build systems that work best for their branch.

FUN It is said, “If you love what you do for a living, you will never have to work a day in your life.” We want to work hard, but never feel like it’s hard work.

Lending Excellence


t AFN, we know that having the best products isn’t enough. In order to close, you need support you can count on right from the start.

Nothing is more critical than a smooth transition. Our onboarding process will ensure you and your employees don’t miss a beat. Our fully staffed Scenario Desk provides the answers you need to place quality loans quickly. Your borrowers and referral partners will appreciate instant pre-qualification, fully underwritten preapprovals and quick turn times. With so many products and programs, we want to make sure every loan that can get done gets done. By consistently combining sound lending practices with a can-do, on time, every time approach, together, we can deliver a better lending experience.

Branch Relations Department

40+ Investors

Advance Wires

Scenario Desk

Agency Direct

Decentralized Underwriting

Typical 24-48 Hour Turn Times

Purchase Prioritized Underwriting

Paperless Process

On Time, Every Time Closing

Easy Closing/Funding

Speed. Scale. Simplicity. It’s simply... the AFN way.





We deliver uncomplicated and timely closings.

Our balance sheet and paperless processes provide tremendous scalability to meet your market demands.

We believe in keeping things simple and straightforward. You won’t find overcomplicated or convoluted processes here.

Our Loan Products


is a Fannie Mae Seller/Servicer, Ginnie Mae Issuer, USDA and VA LAPP approved with Freddie Mac approval pending. We have it all, from the basics like FHA, USDA, VA, Conventional, and Jumbo, to the hard to find, like Jumbo loans up to 5 million dollars, 203(k), asset based lending, construction to perm, manufactured, modular and more. AFN services include typically 24 - 48 hour turn times for fully underwritten pre-approvals, extended rate locks for new construction and closings in as little as 21 days*. In recognition that we can’t always be everything to everyone, we allow our Loan Originators to broker whenever necessary. Having such a wide and varied product offering gives us a unique advantage. We have delegated underwriting on nearly all our loans.

All the tools you need WITHOUT ANY OF


The Products you need to get the customers you want. •


FHA 203k Rehab



Ginnie Mae Direct


Delegated Non-Conforming


State Bond Programs

Delegated to $5 million


USDA (Rural)

Fannie Mae Direct

Manufactured Housing


*Limited to loan being ready for closing. Numerous factors outside of lender’s control may lengthen or cause significant delays to closing. Restrictions and Conditions Apply.

AFN Marketing


he AFN Marketing offering is one of the very best in the industry. Our team of award-winning and seasoned Marketing, Creative and Social Media professionals are 100% focused on Branch Marketing Support. We are dedicated to providing our originators with the very best solutions and support possible. We know your Referral Sources are the lifeblood of our business. AFN Marketing provides turnkey solutions that create opportunities to compliantly and continually develop new and existing referral source relationships!

AFN has all the Marketing tools you need to succeed •

Lead-to-Loan Automated Marketing and Borrower

Realtor, Builder and Borrower Presentations

Education & Communication Series

Brochures, Flyers and Booklets

In-House Marketing Agency and Design Team

Email & Multi-Media Campaigns

Automated Post-Closing Loyalty Campaign

Referral Partner Marketing

On-Demand Marketing Library of over 1,000 pieces •

Custom Advertising

Co-Brandable Marketing

Full Social Media Support

Social Media is a brave new world. You have a guide!


he AFN Social Media offering includes weekly content, image & content library, hours of live and recorded training, one on one assistance, local SEO support, and automatic blog posting. Our full-time Social Media Manager can guide you through the ever-changing landscape of social media and help you make the most of it.


Keeping referral relationships strong.

Brand building made easy.

Individual websites for Loan Officers.

We provide our Loan Officers a 3-year loyalty campaign on every closed loan, free of charge. These 48 unique communications will keep you in touch with your customers in a fun, interesting, and easy way.

From promo to apparel, you’ll find it all online at the AFN Store. We pre-stock many items for fast shipping and also feature many customer choices. Event rentals are easily ordered as well.

Every Loan Officer is provided a free website that is fully integrated with Encompass and features an easy way for borrowers to complete their applications online. Websites include full 1003.




hen it comes to technology, at AFN we pride ourselves on ease-of-use. Our job is to make the complicated simple, to always find the easiest path from point A to point B, to do it as quickly and as efficiently as possible and to ensure our platform is highly scalable to support your growth. You will have the high-tech automation you need to get the job done. From desktop to laptop to mobile, AFN’s web-based loan origination system and automated pricing engine are readily accessible, while our state-of-the-art telecom system keeps your branch closely connected to corporate.


t AFN, we know the more states you are licensed in, the more business you are able to close. But, with industry requirements, and ongoing changes to regulations to protect consumers, making sure your staff is fully trained, knowledgeable and authorized to sell can be a challenge. At AFN, we take licensing seriously. We know that providing you with the support you need is crucial to your success and an important part of our expansion efforts. You can count on us to: •

Assist Loan Officers with maintaining active

Encompass 360 Bankers Edition LOS

licenses, providing insight to license inquiries,

NYLX – Pricing Engine Online. Anytime, Anywhere!

and assistance with new license applications. •

Provide discounted savings to NMLS approved

Fully Paperless Operations

pre-licensing and continuing education

Expense Reimbursement Smart Phone App

vendors as well as state exam prep material.

Fully-Staffed IT Help Desk at Your Service!

Human Resources


e are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. We offer a full benefits package to fit both your current and future needs. With our online benefits access, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to manage all your AFN employee benefits.

Benefits include: •


Direct Deposit

Flexible Spending Account

Medical Insurance

401(k) Retirement

Dependent Care

Dental Insurance

Life Insurance

Vision Coverage

Disability Insurance

Medical Out-of-Pocket Expense

For more information contact your Branch Development Executive or email us at info@afncorp.com or call 888-636-7573.


Corp NMLS: 237341 | Equal Opportunity Employer | For Industry Professionals Only Corporate: 10 Pointe Dr, Suite 330, Brea, CA 92821

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